Arsenal stink out Beijing with familiar performance

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via @arsenal

You can’t read too much into preseason friendly results. However, you can’t brush off the purpose of them. To build fitness, to test new systems, to hone your style. It’s a preparation test bed. So when you watch Arsenal disappoint in the same way they did the whole season before, it’s hard not to worry that there’s a significance to what you’re seeing.

Cheslea playing their first preseason friendly looked stronger, fitter and far more interested than Arsenal. They pretty much dominated proceedings from start to finish. They dealt with us in the same clinical fashion that saw them dominate the league with such ease last season.

Arsenal looked weak. We looked tired. Worst of all, we looked distinctly uninterested in the game. The players were mailing it in. Now, you could cite the stomach bug of midweek being a problem. You could cite the issues we’re having getting our best players back into the squad. Or you could just look at the reality of the situation > we haven’t really moved the needle this summer.

We were very shaky at the back, letting Chelsea blitz us through the middle with ease. We were slow at transitioning in attack, hardly causing Chelsea a problem all game. Alarmingly, Lacazette looked distinctively average, struggling to free up any space in the first half at all. We had to resort to bringing on Giroud to shake things up. My big fear with our new Frenchman is he’s not as fast as Ligue 1 would have you believe, couple that with his lack of physical presence… and, well, you’ve got the case for a converting a £56m striker to a winger.

My big fear at the back of last season was the success of our ‘new’ formation was in fact, a bit of a red herring. We mostly played a collection of teams who had nothing to play for and we beat them. We had a superb cup final, but it’s always hard to read too much into a one off on such a grand stage. Do we really think stealing a formation is going to make us world beaters?

Today, our setup looked unorganised and lacking in purpose. The players really didn’t understand what they were doing in the same way Chelsea players did. That’s to be expected, because Conte is a different type of coach (a good one), but if we take a tanking in the Community Shield, it’ll set a poor tone for the start of the season.

Wenger hasn’t invested properly this summer. Chelsea is bulking up in areas they were already strong in. We’re sprinkling in a back up left back – who really is struggling – with an expensive striker who at best, will take a number of months to get up to speed.

There really has been very little change. It’s just same old Wenger, over and over again.

We’ll see though. It is preseason. There is still time to make additions to the squad. There’s still time to address system problems. We can still purchase players.

I just don’t see it happening.

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  1. China

    Wallace thanks for your input

    You’re a supporter of censorship of thoughts and comments against the status quo however ultimately harmless they may be

    You’d have a fine career in government out here with your mind set

  2. Marko

    I think the top end of the league is quite weak and that if we can beat the top teams, which we have shown we can then

    This is actually untrue a alternative fact if you will. Our record against the top 6 the last few years has been embarrassing. We can’t win at United, we can’t win at Spurs and we regularly get hammered at Chelsea. And those teams have over the years beaten us at home

  3. Johnsgiles

    To be competative /challenging would need a new manager and 4 really good new players which isn’t going to happen. Wenger stated several times he though we only needed 2 . If we’re counting Lazza as 1 he’s only going to bring in 1 more to keep the books balanced

    So depressing so see the same every summer ‘we only need a couple’ and stutter and come no where near having a consistent title push.

    What is even more depressing is that pretty much everyone here can see the glaring issues and it amazes me that wenger/board/kroenke can’t. It can only lead me to the conclusion that they can but either choose to ignore it or even worse are happy with where the club is (status quo)

  4. Samir

    We should be going hard for:
    Van Dijk
    Leon Goretzka (1 year left on contract)
    Lemar (Or similar winger)

    That would really move us to contenders, even with a poor manager. Play the kids in the Europa League and League Cup, first team concentrate on the league and FA cup.

  5. Don

    That is so annoying
    I just typed out a really big response and for some poxy reason it didn’t seem to land in the comment section


  6. Wallace


    “Wallace thanks for your input. You’re a supporter of censorship of thoughts and comments against the status quo however ultimately harmless they may be.”

    yes, that’s it 🙂

  7. N5

    Don there are some strange words on the banned list. Ni.el without the dot. Any word with r@pe in it like Gr@pe but an a not an at etc!

  8. arsene's used sock

    we are always 2 players short until arsene decided he didn’t need to sign an outfield player

    now I’m gonna be frank, I still supported arsene’s decision making that season because it is a huge statement of trust and faith to buy no one

    his decision turned out to be wrong though

    that’s not any of our faults, I’m not the one making that decision to sign no outfield players, that’s the manager
    he failed outright in believing that the squad needed no adjustments

    ever since that season the narrative stopped being that we’re 1 or 2 players short, we’re now definitively 3 or 4 players short
    this isn’t sensationalism this is just reporting what your eyes are seeing

    the manager needs to go, he’s out of ideas and world class players don’t want to play for him

  9. arsene's used sock

    the simple fact that you can hand pick any arsenal fans and ask them what the problems are at the club and then get different answers from all of them points to shambolic management

    the worst part is that none of those fans will be wrong in the problems they point out

  10. Don

    Jose was fuming when we got him. He tried to make a late play for him and got shut out over bad blood with florentino

    His stats were up there wth the best and he was one of the most sought after players in Europe.
    You think Real Madrid are mugs that just buy anyone?

  11. Marko

    Goretska is such a no brainer. One year left highly rated a major improvement on Ramsey and Wilshere and his club finished 10th so there’s an inclination to sell. Makes so much sense that you know we’re likely to not do it cause that’s what this club does

  12. Wallace


    “Wenger stated several times he though we only needed 2 . If we’re counting Lazza as 1 he’s only going to bring in 1 more to keep the books balanced.”

    if you’re counting Kolasinac – I know he was a free, but we should probably count him – that’s two already. we might well be done for the summer.

  13. China

    And some next level idiocy there from whomever was dumb enough to just imply that all Asian women (that’s about 1/4 of the entire world’s population) have one culture and behavioral style

    If you think my wife must be shy because she’s Chinese you haven’t got a fucking clue about Asia

    Whilst we’re at it let’s discuss how all English men are gentlemen wearing top hats and canes

    Jesus where do you guys crawl out from?

  14. Don


    Yeah don’t know what I said but either way….I’ll have to keep things relatively short and sweet.

    I think defence is well stocked this year but would be looking at mf and Sanchez replacement this year
    If we get lemar now then he should be more capable of taking a step up next year
    Can’t just sign a 21 year old and expect him to be a world beater instantly

    I think holding and mustafi are more than capable of playing alongside koscielny. Especially holding
    Behind them we have mertesacker chambers monreal and Gabriel.
    Gabriel is literally last resor for me as I don’t rate him but did look more at ease in a back 3

    I think we really need to be looking at letting bould work with that unit and look at signing players that can win matches at the other end
    Ramsey is the biggest liability in our first team if you ask me.
    I’d rather JW or AOC any day in there
    Both more dynamic. Neither are solid defensively but they offer more than Ramsey all round

  15. arsene's used sock


    real madrid are in fact mugs who buy anyone

    what did kaka do at Madrid?
    what did Rodriguez do at Madrid?

    I’m just scratching the surface there with 2 names cause I cba to go get research ready for this, it’s a well established fact that the galacticos philosophy has ruined good footballers, the only difference here is that ozil got game time

  16. N5

    China, don’t rise to it mate, there is zero excusing it regardless of sex, age, religion or culture.

    Ignorance is ignorance.

  17. China

    Well i have to say I appreciate those of you who’ve been outspoken about violence against people for having a different opinion and being willing to say it

    Cheers to those of you with a spine. Your comments are well received

    For those who can’t bring themselves to condemn violence and threats about football I wish you all the best if you’re religious because I gather your god might not be all too impressed

  18. ThePuma9


    No else is to blame for the situation except you.

    Take responsibility for your actions.

    If you were the person that shouted ‘Wenger Out’ why was your wife targeted?

    Why potentially put your wife in any sort danger at a meanless friendly in China?
    Risk antagonising a supporter that will maybe never see the team live again?

    Remember that person paid £100 for the ticket and they actually support the team and wanted to enjoy the experience, without some entitled gobshite piping up….in a meanless bullshit friendly.

    Why did you even bother going and pay £100 for a ticket when you’ve said numerous times you’ve stopped supporting The Arsenal.

    All talk and as the incident in the stadium has proved…no trousers.

  19. Ishola70

    “It can only lead me to the conclusion that they can but either choose to ignore it or even worse are happy with where the club is (status quo)”

    That’s the thing though it is not a case of the status quo now.

    The status quo was qualifying for the CL every season.

    Now the club find themselves as a Europa League team.

    Under those circumstances you would think a shake-up of the club and playing staff was in order.

    But Wenger doesn’t do shake-ups.

    Aways the same. Both the manager and more than enough fans still believe that Arsenal are on the cusp of greatness. Even when falling out of the Champions League.

  20. Sukky

    You guys don’t get it, do you? No matter who we buy. No matter how many world class players we have in our squad, we will never win anything great under wenger, not ever again.

  21. arsene's used sock

    what’s all this about threatening violence?
    I’m here to vent about a club I love going backwards
    neanderthal’s who threaten women with violence should simply be ignored, don’t stress yourself out with that noise brothers

  22. Ishola70

    China ignore the trolls.

    Disgusting that they think it was what was deserved or you had it coming to you because you voiced an opinion and that the threat of violence to your wife is seen as your fault.

    And that is regardless of whether it was a friendly or not.

    Wallace should be ashamed of himself.

  23. China

    Yes puma yes

    We shouldn’t ever say anything in public for fear of offending anyone. That’s one hell of a spine you have

    Unfortunately neither me nor my wife care whether or not a random guy at a football match agrees with what I (or she) say

    Neither of us are frightened of speaking out so if that’s your game I’ll leave that for you to stress about

    As for why I attended, my wife has never been to an English football game before and has been dying to ever since we met. It was this or nothing and she (for some reason) was super excited to see ozil

    Now my wife is clever enough to notice that ozil was nowhere to be found on the football pitch and herself was getting pissed off at how shit Arsenal were (despite the fact I’ve been warning her for years)

    Now I find it amusing that my wife can have more balls and be more outspoken about how shit we are as a club in about 35 minutes of her first match than you are right now

    But hey ho, you’re fears aren’t for me to worry about

  24. Joe


    We will be out of the title race by end of November this season. With or without Sanchez

    Er, we beat them twice last year mate so I don’t think they’ve exactly got the better of us have they

    They finished 18 points ahead of us. Who cares if we beat them.

    We beat Leicester twice the year before and finished 10 behind them.

    The season is 38 matches Don. And we have a useless manager who doesn’t know how to prepare train motivate or tactically prepare for a full season

    Any team in the pL can beat another team on any given day.

    That’s the story of Arsenal under wenger. One off wins.

    We were lucky to face Preston Sutton Lincoln city and soton reserves leading up to the semis and an wrongly ruled offside goal and a bar kept us from collapsing v city.

  25. Wallace

    Just to clarify, I’m not saying it’s fine for this other guy to have a go at China’s wife. my point is why would China risk putting her in that situation in the first place.

  26. Joe


    Don’t worry about the wenger apologists.

    Of course it would be different to them if you had sang one arSene wenger and some one abused you

    But god forbid you yell wenger out How dare you talk about the loser Cunt of a Wanker we have as a manger in that way.

    You should be ashamed China for using such vile language about a god like wenger

  27. Joe

    my point is why would China risk putting her in that situation in the first place.

    What the fuck is the risk of yelling Wenger out you muppet?

  28. N5

    Because China wants change!! He’s got every right to say Wenger Out!! Like those protesting at Arsenal do.

    Respect to him!

    Stand up for what you believe or be a sheep following the heard!

  29. S Asoa

    An intelligent person your wife . Top class perspicacity. The problem is a few thick planks – opaque, also called AKB .
    Several thousand squishy , squeamish fence sitters a la Humpty Dumpties who provide these morons respectability.
    You are a lucky couple. Wish you enduring happiness.

  30. China

    Whilst I’m sure she’ll appreciate your concern Wallace, my wife is not a soft petal and doesn’t need shielding from the world

    its normally her sharing the controversial opinions in public rather than me

    Neither of us are scared of people disagreeing with us and if they want to start something it’s on them as neither of us ever starts it

  31. Marko

    Hey Puma you idiot he paid 100 quid to watch his team lose 3-0 he’s well within his right to chant Wenger out. The funny thing about this whole situation is people justifying another person’s aggressiveness towards someone shouting Wenger out like it’s something disgusting or profane. Like cop on

  32. Don

    Used sock
    They won titles and champions league medals…..
    That was not the best example really was it?
    And the point is that they signed elite footballers that were extremely talented
    Hardly mugs are they?

  33. Marko

    my point is why would China risk putting her in that situation in the first place.

    Are you for real. Are you suggesting that saying Wenger out in situations can put a person’s life in danger? Is that how fanatical you lot have become? There’s parts of north London where saying Wenger out is the equivalent of saying the N word in parts of Compton in the 90’s. Come on now. One’s a mild opinion on an individual and the other is a legitimate slur

  34. China

    Asoa and co sticking up for me and my wife, thank you all massively for being straight up people

    The ironic thing is that if the guy just said ‘no wenger in’ and left it at that I wouldn’t have had anything to say to him (frankly I wouldn’t have cared)

    The anger and outrage all came from him. A guy who probably couldn’t even name 4 players

  35. China

    Ironically I shouted t from the stairs about 5m away from my wife. The only reason she even knew I had any trouble about it was because the guy never let it go and was going on at me about it and trying to get his friends involved after I ignored him for a bit he left and seemed to be the end of it so a minute or so later I went back to my wife and sat down and he came back 5 minutes on asking for a fight outside

  36. arsene's used sock

    don actually defending real Madrid buying starters that they promptly don’t use

    Don changing his tact from his initial narrative of the club being mugs to the players being mugs

    I’m not interested in your moving goal post to push your akb narrative, I have better things to do than have a cyclical debate over sports history

  37. loyika

    Guys this is a footie blogs ffs? Why is someone’s wife now the point of discussion as concerns Arsenal?

    What the fcuk is this “Pity Party!” shyte all about?

    @ China

    Sorry mate, you were the one that decide to put it out there of the day out wity your Missus and now the point of discussion is decending into what happened to you and her? Is this what you intended by bringing it up here!

    Mate have the last word on this and die the issue please so folks can get back to other discussions, rather than silly attacks on posters we don’t know (on their views on women and violence)

  38. ughelligunner

    china, i know you got all the support in here, but the story doesnt wash. That is how you said you only see one or two persons with Arsenal Jersey in china but when we played Bayern and Chelsea half the stadium was covered in red and white, are those guys wearing the Arsenal shirt tourist too? P.S. Also assuming your story holds any water, you dont expect to be in whiteheart lane while sitting among tottenham fans and you shout coyg without getting a negative reaction. Overall, it shows the support for wenger is still larger than what we have hoped for here on legrove.

  39. steve

    The Wenger disease had spread all over the world. Akbs are everywhere. China you should’ve smacked that akb cunt.

  40. Rambo Ramsey

    ‘A guy who probably couldn’t even name 4 players’

    So you go all high and mighty about ‘ridiculous stereotyping’ and then write the above. He was an Asian so what would that guy know about Arsenal players, is that what you’re implying?

  41. loyika

    We all know these “Wenger in!” and “Wenger Out!” statements causes some silly rukus amongst Araenal fans. We see it at Away games and home games..

    Outside stadiums before and after games and so on. So nothing sceintific or new is being discussed here. It is wrong and should not be condoned in whatever form, but it will hardly stop will it?

    So why are we making a Phd thesis out of it now.

  42. ughelligunner

    it is only natural to get a negative reaction when something is said against anything that has a majority present in view. All those already against the so called Akbs pretend that it doestnt happen here on this blog right? right?

  43. ughelligunner

    Rambo, imagine that i will pay over a 100 dollars to watch a team i dont know the names of their players and fight an unknown fellow fan’s wife (rather than fighting the accused, i am guessing that the wife said nothing)? Hmm, like i said the story isnt complete

  44. Rainman

    Guys this is a footie blogs ffs? Why is someone’s wife now the point of discussion as concerns Arsenal?What the fcuk is this “Pity Party!” shyte all about?

    people are free to talk about whatever they want to talk about, either you contribute meaningfully or jog on.
    I guess its okay with you if someone tried to beat up your wife but for normal humans it is NOT okay, so once again, jog on.

  45. loyika

    @ Rainman

    Yeah… lets all spend hours on end talking about China’s wife shall we.

    @ Karim

    One only wonders.

  46. Don


    No narrative. I’m not a sports journo. And if you had better things to do then why are you on here debating?
    Anyway the goal posts were not moved. Just saying that buying Ozil for £43m was not a mourinho master stroke even if he isn’t with the amount we paid, we thought we were getting a player that could apply himself
    Maybe what he needs is a rocket up his arse as I know I wouldn’t put up with his inept performances if I put that amount up for him. Looking like earthwork jim

  47. Marko

    Unsurprisingly there’s a divide on opinions about whether or China should have said what he said. Pretty easy to distinguish what category of fan they fall under. I would if they’d feel the same way if someone threatened them for singing one arsene Wenger

  48. arsene's used sock

    the church of wenger has indoctrinated so many fans that they fail to question the management when the team fails

    they can’t approach this club with any critical eye and if you do so you’re given some type of label

    sure you can say the reverse is true but one of these beliefs is grounded in logic while the other is a show of faith where there really shouldn’t be any anymore

  49. loyika

    Anyways, its Pedder’s blog, so if he is ok for folks to spend hours on end talking about our wifes and daughters then so be it. Who am i to complain.

    Moving on.

    @ Karim

    What the deal with PSG? Are the owners doing a City? Thinking that going “Galactico!” will get them the UCL (Cause o don’t think all these purchases are for the league)

    Also if they get Neymar and Sanchez, what happens to Cavani? Won’t he want a pay rise or something?

  50. Samesong

    Sorry but he wouldn’t of got to finish his sentence do you want a fight o…………he’s getting smacked in the choppers.

    And the wife thing would of got me mad.

    Call me what you want for that but I don’t think I would of started shouting shit and drawing attention to myself in the first place anyway.

  51. Samesong

    I’m concerned about out ball retention as yesterday was an example as soon as we got forwarded Chelsea would get the ball back and counter with pace.

  52. Rainman

    Plenty of times people start talking about Tennis here, which I don’t have a bloody clue about, but I don’t then come on here and start telling people what to talk about, I simply scroll on, why you gotta cuntish about it

  53. ThePuma9


    ‘so later I went back to my wife and sat down and he came back 5 minutes on asking for a fight outside’

    So if you feel so strongly and you have so much of a spine why didn’t you level this akb cunt?

    Or let me guess you lack the balls and the spine that your Mrs apparently possesses and it’s only the big mouth you both share?

    Maybe you’re just desperate for attention and made the whole thing up.

  54. Marko

    Wasn’t there stories from last season of people chanting Arsene Out and being met with verbal and physical abuse at times last season? Emotional bunch

  55. arsene's used sock

    why should a guy who has done nothing wrong get into a fist fight?
    the fuck kinda mental gymnastics is puma doing

  56. Rambo Ramsey

    ‘Im sorry but your story is clearly bullshit trying to score points’

    How dare you, Daz? How dare you not put on your social justice warrior hat? How dare you not type in the usual mock outrage? As China put it above, God will judge you now mate.

  57. Bamford10

    Spot on, Rainman.

    Not to mention that one of the nice things about Le Grove is that the talk occasionally turns to music, or other sports, or politics. One always learns something. IMO.

  58. loyika

    @ Rainman

    Tennis is a sport mate. Even Political discussions are something i know Pedro and most frown upon (even if we are all guilty of doing it regardless, I included)

    There was a big rukus on here when religion became the point of discussion and i think folks agreed to pipe things down.

    Like i evetually said, it ain’t my blog, so in the end folks can talk about what ever the fvuk they want. Makes no difference to me.

    What irates is the attack on other posters (on their views as concerns violence and women) for doing the exact same thing (expressing a differing viewpoint) when in reality we don’t know what their views really are besides what they expressed based on someone’s story of a day out.

  59. Don


    Anyone that supports Wenger on this site is abused badly.
    Like i said. The modern fan seems to be sucking the joy out of football

  60. karim


    Yeah, they’re looking very aggressive this year. The remontada and the fact Verratti asked to leave have been a ” catalyst for change “, it seems.

    Definitely not for the league, lol.

  61. ThePuma9

    ‘Why is someone’s wife now the point of discussion as concerns Arsenal?’

    Cos the wife has a big mouth and the husband has no balls.

    Shouldn’t have put them both in the situation to start with.

  62. Joe

    Akbs always ready to fight to defend their loser messiah wenger

    Why not let his actions on the field do the talking …

    Oh right….

  63. ThePuma9


    ‘Call me what you want for that but I don’t think I would of started shouting shit and drawing attention to myself in the first place anyway’

    100% agree.

  64. Rainman

    And it’s a pretty damning indictment that those who seem to making light of what happened to China and his wife are mostly pro Wenger blokes.
    You guys are so pro Wenger that violence against a fellow fan is not a big deal, your love for Wenger is actually clouding your sense of right and wrong, you simply cannot bring yourselves to be totally objective about a bad situation, simply because your idol is involved. Wow, some hard core Wenger fanatics on here.

  65. Bamford10


    You are probably right, but a few more top quality players in would still be nice. I want to watch a decent side, even if I know Wenger isn’t going to contend.


    I don’t know about Madrid being “mugs”. It’s not like Kaka or James Rodriguez are/were bad players. Both are/were great players.

    Maybe one or the other doesn’t work out as hoped, but signing Kaka doesn’t make you a “mug,” signing James Rodriguez doesn’t make you a “mug”.

  66. karim

    Cavani’s fine with his wages methinks and the only rise I can think of if they get Neymar and Alexis will be in his shorts !

  67. loyika

    @ Bam

    Are you dcuking kidding me!?

    You of all people get your panties in a bunch when the discussion degenerates into a topic you clearly feel is unwarrented here and yet now your all “Ring around the rosey!” on this?

    Please do tell what we can learn fron this discussion that we already didn’t know?

    That Chinese fans are just as passionate as other fans around the world? And like those fans, can sometimes let things get out of hand?

    That tickets for a once in a lifetime friendly for some cost as much as 100 bucks?

    That violence exists amongst footie fans?(and some other sports)

    What exactly have you learnt that you already didn’t know?

  68. Bamford10

    I’m a little shocked that this much time and energy has been given over to arguing about this incident. Plenty of people were threatened with physical violence last season when they said anything “Wenger out”. This is a thing. Indeed there are defend-Wenger voices here that have threatened others with physical violence in their misguided attempt to defend the old twat.

    It seems a bit implausible that China would simply invent the story. He has never struck me as a ridiculous human being, and one would have to be a ridiculous human being to invent such a story.

    Maybe the defend-Wenger crowd should … I don’t know … relax? Accept that Wenger is garbage and is going to be insulted until he leaves? Accept that some section of the defend-Wenger crowd gets very nasty and a bit violent if their idol is questioned?

    That’s the course I recommend.

  69. Marko

    Or let me guess you lack the balls and the spine that your Mrs apparently possesses and it’s only the big mouth you both share?

    Sounds like he was reasonable and did what most people would do. Not you though I presume that you’re hard as fuck and don’t mind getting into scraps in front of your wife and presumably children cause you love fighting dickheads so much. You’re what they call a man’s man Puma. Good for you

  70. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    I think wenger should be sacked for spending 52 m on lack of goals
    He will make crespo Torres an the schevenko look like wonder buys for Chelsea

  71. karim

    Friday : Neymar very close to psg
    Saturday : Barça players have convinced him to stay
    Today : Meeting Neymar Sr / Barça went wrong and the player is very close again to psg
    ( source : RAC 1, Catalunya Radio )

    See you tomorrow !

  72. Bamford10


    I’ve said what I have to say about the incident. The defend-Wenger crowd has a habit of turning to violence or threats of violence in order to silence or intimidate those who would criticize Wenger. This is a thing, and we saw a good deal of it last season.

    Do we need to spend a day discussing it? No. We’ve already spent too long on it. But neither does China deserve to get shit from lame people here because he shared this experience with Le Grove.

  73. Marko

    Anyone that supports Wenger on this site is abused badly.

    Don abuse on a blog is nothing but altercations at matches is unacceptable and that’s what a few of us were saying. It’s totally unacceptable but Wallace was like you should have expected it like shouting Arsene out is such profanity. It’s not

  74. Bamford10

    Yeah, I’m starting to worry about Lacazette. Again, if he is surrounded by quality and chance-creation, he’ll be productive. But if too much is left up to him, he will badly disappoint, I think.

    He needs to have pace, dribbling and creativity wide right, wide left and behind him to succeed in the PL. IMO.

  75. arsene's used sock

    Bamford, we’ll have to agree to disagree on how to describe real Madrid transfer business over the last decade

    I firmly believe that Rodriguez had no business being at Madrid
    and like I’ve said I cba to go find a list of players that Madrid paid over the odds for but it’s definitely more than the two I mentioned

    even some spurs players in there who have straight up been forgotten by history that aren’t named modric or bale

  76. Don

    Sounds like the dude didn’t actually attack anyone
    He just disagreed in a belligerent manner.
    And china seems to be making a mountain out of a mole hill.
    These things happen. People have a go at each other.

  77. Marko

    Cos the wife has a big mouth and the husband has no balls.Shouldn’t have put them both in the situation to start with.

    For anyone asking why it’s still being discussed here you have it. A thick cunt acting like a thick cunt and being argued against being a thick cunt.

  78. Bamford10


    No offense, but anyone who still defends Wenger at this point deserves abuse. Verbal abuse, of course, not physical.

  79. Don


    Really mate nobody should be abused because of their belief system. Unless that belief system causes physical harm to others of course.

    I don’t think Wenger should stay but I don’t think that backing the manager warrants abuse either. Just as I don’t believe anyone shouting Wenger out warrants abuse
    Maybe disagreement, but not abuse

  80. Marko

    Don if I shout Wenger out at a match should I expect to get an ass kicking? Yes or no. No exactly so why are people trying to argue that it’s something he should expect and he should have kept his mouth shut. They lost 3-0 ffs

  81. Don


    Buying kaka and James and winning the league and champions league in the process would hardly make you a mug.
    In fact you’re making yourself look a mug by calling Madrid mugs!!!

  82. Rambo Ramsey

    Apparently Arsenal are considering sending Perez off on loan to Fenerbahce. Would be typical no? Sending off a surplus player on pointless loans instead of selling him and recoup some of the money spent on him.

  83. Don


    No of course not. As I just said in my previous comment
    I wouldn’t be shouting things like that out though if I had my wife and kids in tow though. Kinda asking for some negative attention

  84. Don

    That said I wouldn’t be crying on a website to strangers over it though.
    Had loads of different fans give me shit down the years. It’s football. I wouldn’t do it myself but….

  85. Cesc Appeal

    ‘Whilst we’re at it let’s discuss how all English men are gentlemen wearing top hats and canes’

    You rang?

  86. ThePuma9


    Think it’s been mentioned on here previously that you have trouble with reading and comprehension. China was the one stating he has balls and a spine cos he was such a big man speaking out but then when there was repercussions he retreated back into his shell….conveniently behind his Mrs.

    ‘ThePuma9July 23, 2017 15:29:11

    ‘Call me what you want for that but I don’t think I would of started shouting shit and drawing attention to myself in the first place anyway’

    100% agree.”

    Learn to read.

  87. Bamford10


    No, I can’t agree with that either. Certain opinions really are so asinine that they deserve abuse. If a person turns up on a science blog and spouts evolution-denial nonsense, this person deserves abuse. Now, I’m not saying this abuse will be effective in any way, nor am I saying that verbal abuse is the ideal response, but let’s be serious: such a pov deserves the verbal abuse it gets.

    As does continuing support for Wenger.

  88. Ishola70

    Some good news.

    Reports from France just in that Arsenal have rejected the offer from PSG for Alexis Sanchez.

    Not just the offer though.

    It is reported as well that PSG found it difficult to get on with Sanchez in regards to his wage demands.

    It is said that PSG even offered player(s) in exchange as well as their bidding offer but this has been firmly rejected by Arsenal.

    As far as this French source is concerned the Sanchez to Arsenal speculation is now over. He will not be leaving Arsenal to join PSG this summer.

    Still not completely over yet though.

    We will see if Man City make a move.

  89. Cesc Appeal

    Is that not what football fans do, shout things and draw attention themselves?

    The fact you do not like what someone is shouting does not give you cause to psychically intimidate someone else, and the person wanting to voice ‘Wenger Out’ should not have to hold it in for fear of one of those fucking deluded cultists coming at him.

    If someone shouted ‘one Wenger’ near me, I might say something tongue in cheek to them like ‘yeah thank fuck there is only one of him’ or ‘who is Juan Wenger his Mexican cousin?’ But my first thought as an ardent anti-Wenger fan would not be ‘right him and his missus are getting a slap’.

    Basically bunch of pathetic small dicked losers who know they have lost the merit argument and have no riposte aside from knuckle dragging violence. Might want to ask themselves though what is it in their pathetic lives that makes them so angry, frothing with rage at the sound of a total stranger voicing their dislike for a 68 year old multi-millionaire football manager?

    You can disagree with Wenger Out chants, chant ‘one Wenger’ in response, but to argue you only have yourself to blame for shouting ‘Wenger Out’ is absurd and the fact that supposedly ‘reasonable’ pro-Wenger posters on here are trying to justify it just as they tried a few days back to justify very questionable barbs at someone with racial connotations speaks volumes.

  90. loyika

    @ Karim

    Me thinks Neymar’s move is about the “Mullah!” (and probably getting away from Messi’s shadow) I doubt he honestly believes he has a better chance of winning the UCL with PSG than he has with Barca.

    He might be termed a “Traitor!” by Barca fans (doubt he gives a @$#* though)

  91. Cesc Appeal

    Loaning Perez is frustrating because that is a source of income we could utilise and it also smacks of same old from us. Perez will have endless loans until he is quietly disposed of.

    No doubt Wenger will want to keep hold of Sanchez, he basically needs him to carry this team this season.

    I still think he will go though.

  92. Rambo Ramsey

    PSG struggling to agree to Sanchez’s wage demands? So the 350-400k a week that he’s supposedly after at Arsenal might not be a ploy to force Arsenal’s hands? The guy genuinely believes he deserves it.

  93. Redtruth


    Our record against the top teams was appalling last season. The bottom teams is where we did the most damage picking up the majority points..
    you silly ****

  94. gonsterous

    wow… Don believing wenger can win the league in his next 2 years has to be the biggest delusion. I want what he’s smoking…

  95. Rambo Ramsey

    Bamford,Cesc- makes it all the worse when you read Deportivo were supposedly interested to take Perez back. But Arsenal demanded the same money we paid for him last season. What is this, a supermarket to demand a complete refund? I doubt even those give you complete refund on a depreciating product that too one year after purchase.

  96. loyika

    @ Cesc!?

    People have also been attacked for pro wenger chants at matches… The key thing is violence in footie under whatever guise is totally wrong, be it Club footie or national footie.

    I would have expected you to make this point and not jump on the band wagon of making assumptions about other poster’s views about someones personal experience.

    Wenger in and outs got into fights last season and it should be condemned regardlezs of who or whom started it.

    What we have is almost the same thing happening on here, only difference is its online and so folks can’t get into a fist cuff on a blog.

    I mean now some are almost saying its justified to get verbal abuse? While over in England parties are fighting to stop abuse on social media (goodluck with that)

    Frankily i have no issues with verbals on SM, doesn’t mean shyte to me and i can give as good as i get (even if in the long run it achieves fcuk all)

  97. loyika

    I think as the days go by it will become obvious that Alexis wants to leave due to money (as much as he puts winning trophies in the front burner)

    Lets see if Citeh are willing to pay him what he wants as well (i.e. if they feel he is worth that amount of dosh)

  98. Wallace


    “Don abuse on a blog is nothing but altercations at matches is unacceptable and that’s what a few of us were saying. It’s totally unacceptable but Wallace was like you should have expected it like shouting Arsene out is such profanity. It’s not.”

    – it’s a pre-season friendly in China
    – he’s taken his wife along
    – he’s shouted something provocative and then faced some comeback
    – he’s then come on to le grove and whined about it

    …he’s pulled a ‘Bamford’ basically.

  99. Cesc Appeal


    But the topic was with regards to one posters experience and the response from some pro-Wenger fans to it, so your comment does not really make sense.

    You went straight to ‘yeah well the anti-Wenger crowd are just as bad’ in terms of violence basically, not disputing, not defeding, hence why I said those that resort straight to violence in the face of a opinion they do not like are basically knuckle draggers.

    But this was about a specific event.


    Again, I feel like this is where you need someone with some balls to put Wenger up a wall (figuratively) and ask him if he wants Perez, are you going to use him, really, is he in your future plans, if not sell him. If Wenger says he is and then proceeds to Joel Campbell him that executive should then hold him to account at a later date or regarding similar discussion with a different player.

    Always try not to just buy what the press are saying, but the whole Gibbs thing of not wanting to sell for the sake of £2 Million. Come on, just get rid of him.

    What did you make of the game yesterday?

  100. Ishola70

    Please who knows how credible Tancredi Palmeri is?

    He’s not very good. Gets loads wrong.

    You on about Carvalho?

    Arsenal should be going in for him because he is a player that is obtainable even with Europa League football but how does he fit when there is a certain Xhaka to be pandered to?

  101. TR7

    Sanchez is truly deluded if he thinks he deserves 350K-400K /wages. I don’t think even City will offer him the wages he is demanding. Nobody except Messi deserves that kind of wages,

  102. Cesc Appeal


    The Carvalho one keeps surfacing this summer, but like you I do not see how Xhaka and Carvalho can ever work unless Xhaka is being dumped already which seems highly unlikely.

  103. Redtruth

    Arsenal points tally for last season was 75 points with 25 points coming against the top 10 sides and 50 points coming against the bottom 10 sides..

  104. Carts

    If Sanchez is asking for that kind of coin then wow. He’s a top player but his demand is wild.

    If he and PSG can’t come to a compromise then I’m a bit weary about how that will leave us fans feeling if towards Sanchez.

    I give little fucks about a next man salary but projecting yourself as an undiluted mercenary doesn’t usually bode well

  105. Rambo Ramsey

    ‘What did you make of the game yesterday?’

    Same old, same old.

    Defense get exposed and struggle due to a lack of support.
    Every one of our mids have one too many weakness.
    I doubt Lacazette will be hitting the ground from the off in the new season. Best to keep hold of Giroud.

  106. Ishola70

    Cesc Appeal:
    “The Carvalho one keeps surfacing this summer, but like you I do not see how Xhaka and Carvalho can ever work unless Xhaka is being dumped already which seems highly unlikely.”

    He’s a fvcking pain in the arse this Xhaka lol.

    I’d happily kick Sanchez back to Germany to see Carvalho replace him in the side.

  107. Guns of Hackney

    You’ll find that Sanchez wage demands aren’t as bad as they look. In a year he’s a free agent, therefore the ‘buying’ team only pays a wage and not the transfer fee. Most free agents move for big wages.

    I think the wage thing is bullshit from his agent. If Arsenal get a stupid bid, they’ll sell. The more likely scenario is an unmotivated Sanchez, wallowing around the pitch for nine months.

    Good player, not great. Sell now and make a few quid.

  108. TR7

    I hope the Carvalho rumors are true. Let’s face it whoever we sign to play with Xhaka will be handicapped by the slow pace and lack of defensive nous of the Swiss. But that can’t be an excuse to not upgrade our central midfield which is bog standard really.

  109. Cesc Appeal



    I have watched all the pre-season so far and the team is performing in the way I sort of feel about the side, flat is the word I would use. The performances were flat, lifeless, nothing really exciting, no drive. Which I suppose you would say is to be expected given that it is as you were basically.

    The central midfield and Ozil are the problem areas for me, why Wenger cannot see that central midfield needs serious addressing is beyond me. With Ozil, we desperately need to add more creation to the side as well because he simply cannot carry out creative game.


    Did you mean Xhaka back to Germany?

    I still hold out for Xhaka, he does do some bone things but I feel he would be better in a different set up, or with a better partner.

    But surely there can be nothing in the Carvalho rumours because we know Wenger will carry on with Xhaka for years now having spent £35 Million on him.

  110. ThePuma9


    ‘Is that not what football fans do, shout things and draw attention themselves?’

    Yes they do but not normally with their wife and/or family in tow.

  111. Carts

    £10m for Gibbs and we’re playing hardball. Madness! Wenger operates with full autonomy to the point where logic defies him.

    Like Cesc said, I wonder what would’ve happened had we brought in a DoF. Monchi wouldn’t have stood for this shite.

    I said this before and I’ll repeat it: a player like Perez, considering how under used he was last season, doesn’t justify an increase on the £17m we paid, especially if you’ve got suitors outside of the EPL.

    We’d have to accept about £12m give or take a couple mill extra. Just fucking get rid

  112. TR7

    Gibbs for 10M, Chambers for 16M and 12M for Perez were all decent offers in my opinion and we should have accepted them.

  113. Ishola70

    “I hope the Carvalho rumors are true. Let’s face it whoever we sign to play with Xhaka will be handicapped by the slow pace and lack of defensive nous of the Swiss. But that can’t be an excuse to not upgrade our central midfield which is bog standard really.”

    Carvalho will not fit though will he with Xhaka.

    Carvalho is a proper DM who would want to sit in front of the defence. He’s not a box to boxer at all.

    And if you sit Carvalho deep that means you have to bring Xhaka up and the guy would just not hack it being in the thick of things bang in the middle of the park.

    Pain in arse is Xhaka.

  114. karim

    Psg have included a couple of players ( Lucas, Matuidi ? ) in the operation but Wenger won’t listen ( Le Parisien ).

  115. TR7


    We should be then getting rid of “the pain in the arse” Xhaka instead of not signing a player who is as you said a non nonsense player- can tackle, has got discipline and when on song can totally run the game. 27M fee muted is a very attractive price as well given the current market scenario. Wouldn’t mind taking a hit of 8-10 M on Xhaka if he is not what we need. I couldn’t hate Ramsey more but even he is more handy than Xhaka.

  116. Cesc Appeal


    How has Matuidi performed this season? Was always a fan of his but lots of people saying he is not really the player he once was.

    I think Wenger won’t listen because he knows he is basically f****d without Sanchez, think how bad last year would have been. Maybe in Wenger’s mind he would rather have him for twelve months saving his arse and then keep his fingers crossed he can buy or someone like Iwobi, Lacazette etc takes a massive step up by next season.

    Still say though, if PSG or another side offer enough he is gone.

  117. Redtruth

    Arsenal collected a paltry 12 points from a possible 36 points against last seasons top 7 teams.
    Arsenal failed to beat either Spurs, Liverpool and Man City during the whole campaign and rescued a last minute draw against Man Utd after being comprehensively outplayed. We were also handed 3 points when Man Utd gave up the ghost to concentrate on winning the Europa league…
    Flat track bulliy kings is what we are..

  118. Don


    No, someone does not deserve abuse because of his belief system.
    If someone doesn’t believe in the theory of evolution then that’s up to them. It’s not for you to decide to abuse them
    And say they think it’s ok to physically defend themselves if they feel this abuse is threatening and punch you in the jaw?? Would you deserve that? You are the one who took things to the next level right?
    Or do you only believe this because you’re good at abusing people but no good at the physical stuff?

  119. Carts


    Arsene is uberjelly that chelsea are making £10m on Traore; £10m on Begovic and £20m on Ake while a player like Chambers hasn’t demonstrated that he can make us a profit while Gibbs is struggling to fetch anything past £10m with his “prem experience’ and “England caps” lol

  120. Ishola70

    Matuidi was excellent against Barcelona when PSG routed them in Paris.

    Absolutely dominated the midfield. The drive and determination from him in that match was top class.

    But he won’t be going to Arsenal.

    Very decent signing for some other club.