Arsenal are having a really weird summer

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'We play with the handbrake off, Boro'

‘We play with the handbrake off, Boro’

I know, I know… you all come here because of how integrated I am into the fabric of the game. Raiola dinner parties, Mendes poker games, beers with Vik Akers… sure, that’s my life,  but did I tell you about the time I was on the plane with an agent who reckoned he knew Elneney and he told me the Egyptian was possibly leaving?

No, I didn’t. But I am telling you now because Leicester has been linked with him for £10m. I really like the Egyptian. No nonsense, no fuss. Just a great engine, some neat passing and a good frame for getting in the mix of the physical challenge that is the Premier League. I think he’s the sort of squad player you want to keep on the books, but that’s just me.

In other news, David Luiz has perked up Arsenal fans by lavishing praise juice all over our new SUPER STAR STRIKER SIGNING.

“Lacazette is a top player, top striker. I had many opportunities to play against him in France and he was always difficult. Arsenal did well to take him.

“What makes him so good? He has the timing to go into the space, he finishes well, he can score many goals, he can assist. So he is a top-level player.”


That’s high praise from one of the most successful defenders of the last ten years. Especially considering he didn’t need to make those comments. He could have just said, ‘he’ll have to adapt to a tougher league, and stop crying all the time’, which would have suffice.

I do have to say, in general, I’ve been kind of flatlined by how poorly the Premier League seems to have spent money this summer. I mean, some good players, but for a league so loaded and stupid, we really are lacking blockbuster names. PSG are raiding Barcelona for Neymar to the tune of £220m, and we’re clapping away at the Premiership making marquee signings of Lacazette, Moratta, and Lukaku. All good players, but if this were a sexual escapade, it’d be dry and very apologetic.

Remember the summer of Ruud Van Nistelrooy and Francis Jeffers? Those were the days…

Jokes aside, I’m sure they’ll all score goals. But where’s the flair of Thierry, Aguero in his pomp, Didier Drogba?

We’ll see though. Three very different strikers. Someone is going to win and someone is going to lose.

I really wish Arsenal would move a bit harder on the squad. Wenger looks like he’s taking another marginal gains summer, instead of being brutally honest about what he needs and making moves. I mean, West Ham are going all out, and you cannot knock their moves. Joe Hart, Marco Arnautovic, Zabaleta, Hernandez, and Lazio’s Keita (who looks a real gem in the making).

That’s a seriously aggressive summer. It’s the sort that takes you from shite to competing in for the top 6 if you’re lucky.

Where are our heavy moves? What takes us from 5th to 1st? A back up left back and a striker won’t solve our problems. Goals were not really our issue last season. Where are the upgrades? Where are the players that are going to fundamentally change how we play? Where are the leaders that we lacked last year? Where is the forward planning so we don’t end up in the dumpster next summer?

I really feel it’s arrogant. I mean, things could change very quickly. Just have my doubts. You look at our summer and you can’t help but think Wenger will think it’s job done because he had a go at doing big signing… and we know, because we’ve seen time and time again, that he’ll be more than happy to park signing a left winger and a major striker because he’ll be looking at maybe next season (Waiting 3 seasons for Santi / 2 for Chamakh / 2 for Baptista).

Wenger, always pining for tomorrow… which is why we’ll never be a serious club under his watch. No impetus to kick on because he’s essentially invincible.

I feel next season is basically going to be about 3 at the back and whether that can shake us into a title winning team, versus accepting we’re rotten, and carving out the nasty bits.

On the upswing of things, because life isn’t all DOOM DOOM DOOM. I am excited about the season.

I think there are some things to be positive about.

I DO like our new formation, even if it is copied. It allows us to play a free flowing style of football I’ve not seen in a while, it also seemed to energise our playing staff.

I AM excited to have a striker in the side that David Luiz is fearful of. That’s fucking massive. Having someone who is explosive and clinical, regardless of whether he is Thierry, is very important. We’ll have to deal with the lack of physicality, and I do worry he’s a bit of a Wiltord, but hey, he looks an improvement.

I am very excited about Iwobi maybe coming good. I’m hoping Hector plays a stronger role in the new setup. I think this could be a breakthrough year for Chambo. I also think Holding could be an immense figure this season. Call me crazy, but I really, really, really like Emi Martinez. That penalty save was superb. I think his frame and growing maturity could be interesting.

I’m also super interested to see what our season looks like if we squash the contracts into shape so we don’t have collective what-the-fuck is-going-on-itis rampaging through the squad like the shits after an rotten Italian lasagna party.

That’s me done.




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  1. Paulinho

    Wenger just can’t help bloating the squad with average youngsters. No sooner has he got rid of one set of crap youngsters, he’s bringing another load through.

    Chelsea don’t bother wasting time with such a pointless policy.

  2. useroz

    1 down

    have we not played against willian before? always tries to cut in and shoot and we oliged

    chelsea had most of the attack anyway

  3. Jeff

    Oh dear. That old terrible feeling of vulnerability against a decent team has engulfed me once again. Prepare for more in the season to come.

  4. Confidentgoner

    Wenger only knows how to set up his team to attack, which is fine if you have players who retain the ball, a good midfield.

    We do not retain the ball, we do not defend well, we end up shipping goals.

    Check out: the first goal was 3v3, second goal similar.

  5. Rambo Ramsey

    Paulinho, completely agree. I wrote the same yesterday. What are we doing wasting our time with likes of Iwobi? We should be dispatching them to a midtable PL club and see if they can tick there, then make a decision on whether to keep them or sell.

  6. Bamford10

    Anyone noticed that Arsenal seem to approach both the summer window and the pre-season differently than do pretty much every other club?

    For Wenger it’s a chance to give his children and fringe players a run-out; for everyone else it’s preparation for the season.

  7. Jeff

    It’s only a pre-season friendly and I realise it doesn’t matter but you can’t help thinking we don’t really have a great deal more to offer than what we can see.

  8. raptora

    I have no problem with AMN even if he’s been terrible he is a prospect, but AOC looks like he doesn’t want to be in here. Barely moved all half, not even the slightest of trying, hides on purpose. Sell him already what a twat.

  9. Paulinho

    Jeff – Gotta admit though, it will be funny watching the arrogant old goat trying to explain away failure once again, despite all the backroom staff additions.

    The longer he stays here the more it becomes a case of blind leading the blind, so we will see even more bizarre lack of direction/ apathy displayed by the squad, and just bewilderment from the likes of Lehmann, as if to say “what have I just walked into?”

  10. Samir

    Bramall and Niles are absolute garbage. Send them back to the U23s.
    The whole team has been very poor.
    Not looking forward to the new season at all if this is what we’ve got in store.

  11. raptora

    Real managers play their core team so they get this good feeling of playing together. We always start our first PL game with a team that hasn’t have a game together for 3 months…

  12. Bamford10

    I wouldn’t be surprised if Oxlade has no interest in playing wingback. Not an excuse for not putting in effort, but I bet he doesn’t want to be playing there.

  13. Rambo Ramsey

    ‘Laca hasn;t touched the ball for a long while tbh’

    That’s because he’s standing around lazily.

  14. DaleDaGooner

    Laca will not touch the ball much when you have Ramsey the hero rather than rack up assists, he wants the glory

  15. Cesc Appeal

    Ramsey does those overloading runs well, but the defensive and stability side of his CM game is so poor.

    Really, for Ramsey to work he needs the free role of a RAM/LAM in that 3-4-2-1 which he obviously is not going to get because Ozil has it.

    I saw an Arsenal player down and thought it was the number eight and sort of wanted it to be a little niggle for Ramsey to maybe force Wenger’s hand in the market, but it was Monreal, number eighteen.

    Essential we get a CM or the talking about Arsenal as any sort of credible force is moot.

  16. useroz

    “…we don’t really have a great deal more to offer than what we can see.” says it all

    other than sanchez and a crocked cazorla, what’s more do we have really? giroud? Walcott? welbeck? Elneny? Omfg…

    No problem to plays some kids but these not are even close to the bench let alone first team… waste of pre season

  17. Bamford10

    As much as I long ago recognized Wenger’s hopelessness, I think I still thought that he’d be a bit more motivated, serious and goal-oriented this summer. Nope. He’s still a fucking joke.

  18. Jeff


    I think the hype over Lacazette was a tad overdone. It’s not based on just this game. He isn’t really what you would call a game changer. It’s not his fault just like it isn’t Giroud’s fault when he keeps missing sitters. But it did make me wonder why Giroud often gets into the French international team ahead of Lacazette. It’s early days but the signs are there for all to see.

    As for Wenger, he’ll be doing his usual box of tricks in the press interviews telling us to judge him in May and how we were unlucky and how we gave absolutely everything etc. But of course the bottom line is that he’s still irrevocably incompetent and will simply drag Arsenal through the quagmire much like he’s been doing for the last 13 years.

  19. Dissenter

    It’s a pre-season game on a bad pitch against Chelseas who are fielding a very strong side.
    We still don’t have a creative central midfielder, Ramsey isn’t that type of player.
    Brammal can’t beat one man with the ball, he needs to be dispatched on loan this season.
    Iwobi has plateaued. I’m not sure any premier league side will ever start him.
    Maitland-Niles is being played out of position so I wouldn’t be too harsh on him.
    Walcott stink even from the sick-bed.

  20. Paulinho

    Rambo – And now Iwobi, along with Xhaka, is one of our ‘leaders’.

    Absolutely painful having a midfielder like Xhaka in the side. Literally can only influence a game if the opposition stand off him. Cannot get into a game by accelerating with one-twos or making an off the ball run, and of course gets bypassed defensively by anyone with some pace.

  21. Bamford10

    As I said a while back, Lacazette will only succeed if he has top quality all around him, top quality attacking players to his right, left and behind him. He is not good enough to create on his own. And Ozil isn’t near enough. Even Ozil and Alexis wouldn’t be enough.

  22. WestLondonGoon

    Friendlies mean nothing as far as results in themselves go, but they do tell you a bit about the team as a whole; i.e. we lack streucture and creativity in our midfield, but that’s nothing new.

    Bringing all 10 outfield players back to defend corners is really basic stuff; it just invites pressure. I remember when Mourinho first came over to Chelsea, he used to keep 3 players upfield to provide both attacking threat on the break and to stop opposition teams from sending 8 or 9 players forward to attack the corner. We are obsessed with having bodies in the box as our only defence.

    There has been no change, we will witness exactly the same problems this season as previous ones under Wenger.

  23. Paulinho

    Jeff – Lacazette is probably wondering what he walked into as well.

    He needs technical players close to him and he can spin off into space once they’ve combined. He hasn’t got the power or pace to do it himself. Too much space between him and the rest of dreary providers behind him. At Lyon he had Fekir to dovetail with.

  24. China

    Chanted wenger out at 2-0 down and the guy next to me freaked out and tried to fight my wife

    It’s official. Wenger is god to some people.

  25. Jeff


    That’s as maybe but it’s up to the manager to recognize and solve those problems with the players at his disposal. You can still make a team play better than they are playing by deploying the right player at the right position at the right time and injecting some proper tactics. I have no reason to believe Wenger is capable of doing that. It’s the usual one-dimensional, pass, pass, pass and hope for the best. It won’t work.

  26. Boomslang

    “It’s quite clear Wenger does not give a shit about challenging for the title.”

    What else is new?

  27. WestLondonGoon

    Ha Ha, only Wenger could argue with the officials during a friendly. At least we now know what Vic Akers does for his obscene wages.

  28. Doublethink

    Why hasn’t Kevin Campbell been given more time to educate viewers with his profound insight.

    Wenger showing his class, and embodying our apparent club values there.

  29. Bamford10

    Wenger trying to bring Giroud on apparently, but he’s not on the team sheet. Senile fuck. We are the laughing stock of world football.

  30. DaleDaGooner

    Ramsey will be an issue for us to contend with as long as he is available. He just isn’t what we need for a CM

  31. WestLondonGoon

    Fabregas would walk into our team and still be head and shoulders the best player in it by some margin.

  32. raptora

    Costa has been one of the standout performers for Chelsea. He’s won them more points than Kane won for Spurs and Kane scored like 9 goals more than the brazilian. No way that either Michy or Morata fill the gap he is leaving. Even together they cannot give the same outcome. It’s like expecting Mahrez instead of Alexis to make us better. No way.

  33. useroz

    Iwobi couldn;t be a leader at U23 less alone here

    we dont seem to be able to make room and shoot at all, friendly or not

    poor mid field

  34. DaleDaGooner

    He’s more frustrating, Ramsey or Ozil?

    Ramsey of course, and Wenger won’t sub him out even if it’s obvious he’s not helping us in any way

  35. Arsene's Nurse

    Team selection all over the shop plus the usual lacklustre play. 3 at the back requires consistency and the squad drilled to play that way. Shoving Maitland-Niles in is stupid as is playing Iwobi as a wing-back.

    We’ve been cut to pieces on too many occasions.

  36. Dissenter

    Wenger elevated this game by suggesting that it is more than a friendly.
    He really should be using his much vaunted experience to manage res conferences.

  37. DaleDaGooner

    Not sure what Wenger is on about. Arsene’s Nurse spot on! The old square peg round hole routine

  38. Arsene's Nurse

    Our back 3 at the moment:

    Koscielny Elneny Kolasinac

    Roflmao. What a fucking clown. Even if some players were ill you’d never do that.

  39. Samesong

    All over the place this team no structure you have the ball then we’ll have it then lose it again.

  40. Ishola70

    Why the back four?

    If you are going to play a system in the coming season. stick to it always even in friendlies.

    Chelsea went back three/five even in a friendly.

    Chelsea had the stronger team out though.

  41. Jeff

    We’re not playing our “revolutionary” formation of always 3 at the back are we. This is Wenger going all out and getting wacked over and over.

  42. Arsene's Nurse

    July 22, 2017 14:22:38

    There is a bloke walking his dog round The Stadium. Why not bring him on too
    He’s got a Chinese takeaway. 😉

  43. raptora

    Almost all of our problems in the first half came through mistakes by the rookies in our team – AMN and Bramall so score doesn’t really matter. Chelsea were firing with all of their guns. What is weird is why isn’t Wenger playing his players in their natural positions and why does he keep mixing starters with players who aren’t even going to be among the subs?! It’s so weird.

  44. sanmi

    the early preseason games are where you test out various experiments (we found out monreal can play CB in it). The last 2 preseason games are where you work on gelling! (that is your emirates cup)

    What is the noise about? He could try cech in CF, who cares. as long as they get a run out and are not injured.
    When we have reasons to have a proper moan we will, like y’all did last season

  45. Bamford10

    “More concerning than what’s happening on the pitch is the fairly absurd amount of business we still have to get done.” – @YankeeGunner

  46. sanmi

    raptoraJuly 22, 2017 14:20:18
    I’d prefer to have Willian, a squad player for Chelsea, than our “star” player Ozil. Says it all really

    Exactly! says you have no idea about football

  47. Bamford10


    I notice you’re rarely here to discuss Arsenal during the season. You show up in the summer to tell us how excellent Arsenal and Wenger are, how we don’t need new players, etc., then you disappear for months on end while we here are proven right.

    Where do you see Arsenal finishing this season? What business if any remains to be done in the window?

  48. Bamford10


    Says the guy who believes in Arsene Wenger, a manager who hasn’t contended for a title in more than a decade, a managers whose teams often look like the most poorly-organized in all of Europe.

  49. Dissenter

    Sanmi wouldn’t care if Wenger plays Cech as a CF in a pre-season friendly????

    Is this dude high on something?

  50. Cesc Appeal

    Wenger said this would be a good test of where we are for the season.

    Well, we are well short. Chelsea were by far the better team, by far.

    Our midfield needs sorting out right away, and we need to add creativity because Ozil will never be the creative hub of this team.

  51. TR7

    Lol why would Ox give a shit playing a friendly when he is moving over to Chelsea in a week?

    Meanwhile it’s absolutely clear we have a car crash of a season coming up.we will be competing with Everton for 6th position if Ramsey-Xhaka-Ozil is what we are relying on.

  52. Dissenter

    “What is the noise about? He could try cech in CF, who cares. as long as they get a run out and are not injured”

    You are aware that we are playing the first competitive game against Chelsea in two weeks, right?
    You just come across as a Wenger-cultist or something with the above statement.

  53. Ishola70

    Not only is Xhaka slow I have question marks about his character.

    Awful signing from Wenger that could set the club back years because of his fee and being a relative newcomer meaning he will be indulged in for a few seasons yet.

  54. TR7

    So West Brom bid £10M for Gibbs, Arsenal rejected it and now Pulis says he will move on to other targets. Couldn’t make this shit up.

  55. Cesc Appeal

    This Neymar deal could actually be on then, lots of journalists seem to actually be giving it some validity.

  56. Sky

    Without the right additions to the midfield, we won’t make top 4 again. To be candid, I don’t see Wenger lasting through his 2 years contract with the level of fan disarray and backlash that will come with next seasons failure.

    By December, our only hope of making the top 4 will be to win the Europa league. How can an ambitious manager plan a season with Ramsey, Elneny and Coquelin in midfield. We have needed a right wing update for more than 4 seasons, yet he persists with Walcot.

    Chelsea won the league and they have brought in Bakayoko, Rudiger and Morata. Players that will walk in straight to our first 11, but according to Wenger, there is no quality in the market. Wenger’s end is marked to be the end of next season and bet me, it will be disastrous.

  57. Bamford10


    He is a Wenger cultist. He came on here a few days back to say how happy he was to have two more years of Arsene Wenger, how happy he was that his sort (AKBs) got their way.

  58. Confidentgoner

    I see folks making excuses already for Wenger. I am sorry, no serious team gets humiliated like Arsenal. We do not have the personnel. The spine is weak. Ramsey is a player who we should not play as CM. We should sell him. Xakha is not a DM. Niles is not a right back, Iwobi is still developing. Ox is not a wing back, so many things exposed today by Chelsea.

    To beat Arsenal, is simple. Play compact, and counterattack, full stop. Conte did it well today. They literally had six players in their box when we were in their box. They made their box too compact for us. Plus we do not stretch play to the wings.

    We need to buy at least 3 players if we keep Sanchez. A winger, a CM, a defender who can play across the back and midfield.

    Get shot of a lot of dross.

  59. graham62

    Has already got players playing out of position. I’ve been around coaches in non league football who could do better!! I’m sorry but the guys a joke. As they said on TV, at least the shirt sales are up. It’s not just the game……..IT’S EVERYTHING.” Taxi for Mr Wenger”

  60. graham62


    are you new to foofball? Most of your comments show a great deal of ignorance. Willian v Ozil……………………really!! I would take Willian every day of the week.Let me guess, you started supporting Arsenal post 1996 and you have a season ticket on the lower level, just behind the dugout.

  61. James

    Arsenal cannot buy any players now unless players are sold and cannot afford to give anyone a salary increase unless players are sold.

    Arsenal’s wage bill cannot rise by more than £11m this summer due to PL wage cap rules. That figure is made up of £7m (wage cap increase) + £4m (profit from commercial income last season).

    Lacazette and Kolasinac wages = £16.6m.
    Sanogo, Asano and Szczesny wage saving is £5.46m

    There’s your £11m wage increase right there.