Bayern Munich revenge | Petr Cech instills a bit of pride

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You go through all sorts of emotions watching preseason friendlies.

You start getting tanked:

It’s just preseason fam, don’t read into it

You pull a goal back:


The reality is there’s a middle ground here.

Sure, we were kept in the game in the first half. But it has to be noted that we pulled a brilliant goal back, then we went on to win.

We have a history of doing well in preseason, and it doesn’t translate. But whatever, I’ll take a win over Bayern Munich any day of the week.

I’ll also take Petr Cech instilling a bit of pride into the players by ensuring they don’t celebrate winning preseason trophies like we’ve just knocked out back to back Premier Leagues.

I’ll also take Martinez saving a penalty.

I’ll also take Iwobes looking like a hero powering through the middle of Bayern like peak Ryan Giggs.


So onto the important thing, the kit. I really liked the pink and black and I don’t care what the traditionalists think. Really good look, we looked extra professional, and I think it’s going to be good luck for the year.

As for the squad? I still think we’re in stasis mode. I love having a Lacazette, but the nagging feeling for me is that we’re going to suffer badly if we lose the personality and flair of Alexis Sanchez. If you’re clapping his possible departure because you think he loses the ball too much, you’re an absolute f*cking idiot.

There’s a handbook to getting started as a Twitter expert of every player in every league. Go to an Italian football glossary, find a word that looks nice, add a little number to it, and say some seriously aggressive things about Kieran Gibbs interspatial micro aggressions bar chart, and there you are.

You are a god of football.

This is my new account.


… and I stand my statement that Oleg Luzhny had a better career than Danny Alves if you look at my interactive tableau graphs.



Jokes aside, there’s some great accounts (Here, here, here, here), with more insights into the game than I can give, but some of the steady flow of attention seeking tripe by others making statements for the sake of it helps swell stupid opinions… like selling your best player, or voting Donald Trump.

We need to keep Alexis at all costs, because simply put, we don’t have the resource of appeal to replace him.

RIGHT, that’s all I have today. SEE YA’LL TOMORROW x



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  1. Redtruth

    “If a player wants to leave…fuck them and sell to the highest bidder, there are plenty of players that would walk to Arsenal and wear the shirt with pride. Same goes for some of the miserable cunt fans….fuck you we don’t need you armchair dickheads.”
    “We are The Arsenal.”

    What a loser…lol

  2. Ozy

    “The best ever for me too. I’m listening linkin park in a loop.”
    The best ever at what exactly? Lmao. Sad news but trash band.

    Also, you guys must be on something if you think Wenger is going to sign another CB, two CMs, and a winger.. best case scenario, we get one more signing – most likely a winger to replace Sanchez. Wake up.

  3. Sanmi

    Bamford10July 21, 2017 12:38:05
    Season starts in three weeks. Please tell me there are more quality additions coming in.

    Nope. We don’t need it

  4. Leftsidesanch

    So as the squad is, you think we can at a minimum be competitive in the PL? Cos most people at the bare minimum would accept that – To Sanmi.

  5. Carts

    I think, as things stand, (on the basis that we lose Sanchez and keep Ozil) I don’t think our fortunes will change much. Yes – we’ll win some game, beat a rival in the cup but there’s nothing else there.

    There are 3 weeks left before the season starts. We’re struggling to shift on certain players, as well as sort out the futures of others: Wilshere, Gibbs, Elneny, Chambers, Ospina and Jenkinson, Ozil, Sanchez, Ox and Giroud.

    We’re still quite weak centrally, also.

  6. gonsterous

    people think pace is needed In the premier league. it’s just an attribute that compliments a player… theo has all the pace in the world but is shit. elneny having no pace shouldn’t belittle the fact that he is a good player.

  7. graham62


    Do they bother you that much? Maybe you got a ‘wee’ bit aggitated, because you still hold a season ticket.

  8. Joe

    No one has won more trophies than us in the last 4 years

    So you think our 3 fa cups are worth more than Chelsea’s 2 league titles

    Than leicester’s pl title?

    Why don’t you ask their fans if they would trade them for our 3 fa cups

    What an absolute fucking stupid comment.

    Why don’t you add all the pre season cups we’ve won too. I’ll bet you’ll include the Emirates Cup as well.

    City have won the league and 2 league cups since 13/15

    Chelsea have won 2 leagues and a league cup since 14/15

    United have won Europa/pl/ fa cup since 12/13

    The amount of crap that comes from wenger’s supporters Is mind boggling

  9. Joe


    Arsenal Obsessed @ArsenalObsessed

    Let’s not forget Wenger thinks he’s not far off a league winning squad, he’s just forgot to factor in the fact that he’s the reason it’s not
    1:57 AM · Jul 21, 2017


    What’s your predicton for the season. Where will we finish and how many points off the top?

  10. HighburyLegend

    “Where will we finish and how many points off the top?”
    Stupid question, we will be champs.

  11. Joe


    How have we done in the PL the last 13 years.

    How have we done in the CL in the last decade?

    You know. The only competitions big teams with proper managers care about. FA cup is a nice secondary trophy for big teams to win after they’ve competed for league and CL

    But a big trophy for wenger fans like you and teams like Wigan and Portsmouth

  12. Joe


    I’m sure Pierre adds those to his totals of ”
    Most trophies won”.

    Don’t forget the “most days on top of the league” trophy

    “We went Undefeated from April to November” trophy

    “We beat Leicester twice” trophy

    The worst part about wenger at Arsenal has been that he has produced fans like Pierre etc

  13. Carts

    Lukaku’s finish was spot top quality last night as was Pogba’s ball. Utd’s starting 11 was close to their first team and I think they’ll be much more polished and clinical next season. Not pretty, but clinical.

    Ederson must’ve heard the lunch bell cos I don’t have a clue where matey was off to. Not judging, just saying.

    Their team wasn’t as strong strong though the likes of Foden and Roberts (who I like) won’t start in any capacity.

  14. Daz

    How have we done in the PL the last 13 years.

    How have we done in the CL in the last decade?

    Joe i told you yesterday about your selective time frames, saying 13years for the PL but changing it to 10years for CL to avoid including the final appearance makes you look like the bellend you are well done

  15. Champagne charlie


    Nice spin. Patently you turn a blind eye to previous encounters or simply ignore the fact it’s the same posters that chirp up and argue. I don’t present an agenda, I’m far more reasoned than those that can’t get past the Wenger out bollocks. That’s enough to ruffle feathers here

  16. Champagne charlie

    Spot on re:Joe. Classic presentation of his bias, he’s boring mate I’d not bother.

    Luiz told Standard Sport: “Lacazette is a top player, top striker. I had many opportunities to play against him in France and he was always difficult. Arsenal did well to take him.

    “What makes him so good? He has the timing to go into the space, he finishes well, he can score many goals, he can assist. So he is a top-level player.”

    So the best CB in the Prem last season states that Lacazette is a top-level player that essentially does it all.

    Makes the downplaying of him look a tad foolish by some on here. ‘Ok signing’ and ‘not better than Giroud’ according to many..

  17. Daz


    Ha ha really, you just stated the same thing you always do and bringing GG as usual i couldn’t be bothered to school you on him again so left it

  18. Joe


    How far back do you want to go.

    Would you be happy with your fiancé guy who made you a 1m pounds 13 years ago but has lost you 1m pounds a year since. But hey he made almost made you 100m pounds that one year but he lost the deal at the last minute.


  19. Daz

    “We made the final? Did we win?”

    You’re the one who felt the need to reduce your time frame to not include it

  20. Joe

    Yeah Daz.

    You really are the one to school anyone on here

    I bring up GG because it’s the truth. His record in 8 seasons shits on wenger’s. 2 league titles and a European cup in 8 years.

    Compare to wenger’s 3 leagues in 20.


  21. raptora

    “Arsenal have been offered the chance to sign Barcelona midfielder Rafinha.
    Sources close to the player have told us they believe Barcelona would listen to offers of more than £27m.”

  22. Joe


    We don’t even need to go back 13 years or 20

    How about 10-2 in the CL. And 18 points back in the PL

    That was last year Daz.

  23. Daz

    “How far back do you want to go.”


    Just be consistent would help not adapting everything to fit your argument which is what you have been doing for years, dont like it pointed out to you then stop doing it

  24. Rambo Ramsey

    Emiratesstroller, a Bundesliga player in his final year of contract intending to run it down can only mean one thing. Surely you don’t need me to tell you what that is?

  25. Joe


    This is wenger’s big chance to shut up us GG fan boys.

    He can win the “crap” Europa and show us he is king

    I mean if an overrated crap Jose can win it with a shit united team, the legend myth greatest Arsenal manager and one
    Of the top managers ever and definitely better than Jose should be able to walk the Europa

    Right bellend?

  26. Champagne charlie

    “Hazard said gervhino was the best player he ever played with”

    You mean 21 year old Hazard who’d only ever played at Lille said that? Makes sense at the time, name a better player he’d have played with at that time….

    Meanwhile David Luiz is 30 and has played for Benfica, Chelsea, PSG and Brazil..

    Unlike you to present a spit through argument to serve an agenda. Hilarious

  27. Joe


    Just went back 20 years. His whole Arsenal career.

    Doesn’t make good for good reading compared to GGs 8 years.



    Have all made the CL finals too. All much much smaller clubs than Arsenal.

  28. Bamford10

    Luiz’s comments are a good sign. They do not somehow end the discussion. We will need to wait to see how Lacazette plays in the PL, how he plays within our system, whom he is paired with, what understanding they develop, etc.

    It’s good to hear, though. Luis has played against all of the world’s best.

  29. TR7

    ESPN – Leicester City manager Craig Shakespeare offered no comment on Friday when asked about reports that Arsenal midfielder Mohamed Elneny had rejected a move to the club after a £10 million transfer fee had been agreed.

    So the story is indeed true. Arsenal accepted Leicester’s offer but Elneny decided against the move.

  30. Bamford10


    Valiant work you’re doing. But I woud leave off the battle, if only for one day. Yes, I know, I am one to talk, but all the same …

    Don’t worry; be happy. We have been right all along; we remain right today. We know this. It’s as certain as day.

  31. Joe

    Hilarious is you bigging up players

    How quickly you forget last summer bigging up all our signings. Cumming yourself that we are going to compete for the league

    You think you’d learn

    If laca is as good as luiz and you think he is, why did no other big club, or a CL club go after him? After all, he did say he wanted CL football. He was free to sign with anyone after atletico couldnt sign him

    Chelsea. Man U Both needed strikers.

    PSG is looking at strikers.

    Real is looking at strikers.

    Atletico is willing to let Costa sit after signing him. Why didn’t they do the same for laca. Or loan him back to Lyon for 6 months. If they wanted him so badly

    Why didn’t wenger fight for him when atletico was after him and had pretty much signed him. Especially if he is ao good and he was the one wenger wanted so badly.

  32. Joe

    It actually hurts your arguement Daz as we didn’t win the final.

    But I guess it’s the ” we made the final” trophy in your eyes

  33. Carts

    Barcelona can chill the fuck out with that asking price for Rafinha. He’s a squad player at best.

    Enrique gave zero fucks about Rafinha now Barcelona think he’s an anal hair short of £30m. jog on.

    As for Elneny, sadly, his level is Leicester. Wenger signed him with no real idea in mind except for the fact he’s just a body. And a very limited on at that.

  34. Rambo Ramsey

    TR7, I don’t know. How can Arsenal ‘accept’ any bid without consulting with the player first?

  35. Daz


    God you are so dumb i haven’t made an argument, i have only pointed out your selective time frames ive had enough of you already so will leave it at that

  36. Champagne charlie


    I said we had the squad to compete, which we did. We didn’t compete, Wenger though wasn’t held accountable by Stan the great. Rest is history. Only one jizzing themselves here is you at the frequency of your posts.

    Same twat who bigged up Morata yesterday and claimed Conte knows more etc. Well Luiz has played against the best in the world and states Lacazette is top-level. But he’s not because you say so? Hahaha brilliant.

    You’re probably dumb enough to think that Ivanovic clip is actually real.

  37. TR7

    RR, it has been suggested Elneny did sit with Leicester to discuss the move but it didn’t materialize for some reason. What could it be ? I am guessing it could be wages on offer. Surely Arsenal must have informed him of the bid and proposed move.

  38. Champagne charlie


    Elneny rejected the move because he likes London and him and his family are content here. Nothing to do with wages or the improved game time on offer.

  39. Joe

    Luis the best defender in the PL

    I’m sure you laughed at chelsea for signing him and went on and on about how mustafi was a much better signing.

    Now we should take his word as gospel

    Krusty the clown I’m sure you said

  40. Champagne charlie


    Can’t help but make shit up ehh…

    I didn’t think Luiz would perform as well as he did whatsoever. He’s fantastic with the ball but suspect for pace. Absolutely no denying through that he was brilliant for them last season. Not sure your Mustafi link, just another mudsling because you can’t actually debate anything.

  41. Carts

    “TR7, I don’t know. How can Arsenal ‘accept’ any bid without consulting with the player first?”

    Let’s say they didn’t consult with the player FIRST, it isn’t unreasonable to suggest that when the bid landed, Arsenal told Leicester that they’re happy to deal at that price, however whether Elneny wants to leave is entirely up to him.

    Which in turn would be the next stage for Leicester to entice Elneny.

    In all honesty, Wenger probably doesn’t want to hurt anyone feels so where he should’ve said to Elneny that his playing time will not differ from last season – if anything worse he probably packaged it with the door slightly ajar

  42. Rambo Ramsey

    I always felt Joe wasn’t the brightest. This video link he provided confirms it. How dumb do you have to be to not realize its edited? Poor guy.

  43. Do one gambon

    To be fair Wenger COULD win tbecleahue again…

    If city, chelsea, Liverpool, sp*rs, manyoo, Everton all get caught out doing something really bad and get 25point deductions.

  44. TR7

    yes, CC and Carts’ versions could be true as well. The real story is Arsenal did accept the bid made by Leicester but eventually the player declined the move.

  45. Champagne charlie


    Part of me thinks it was a tactic for Mahrez, i.e. Let’s play nice and get the reciprocal treatment of Mahrez is sought later

  46. Bamford10


    I pretty much remember everything certain people say.

    Some people here are very dishonest, though — dishonest about what they believe, dishonest about what they have said, and dishonest about what others have said.

    I would leave it. It’s not that important.

    The proof will be in the pudding. We are not good enough at moment; if Wenger doesn’t improve us significantly in coming weeks, it will all be in him. Again.

    Enjoy your Friday.

  47. Carts


    I agree that the market is severely warped but there’s a rationality to the majority of transfers when you look at it.

    The caveat is how said team equates said player’s IMPROVED ability financially. The only thing I think is acceptable to consider is a prem- to-prem team transfer premium. We saw this in Serie A all those years back. Now it’s happening in the EPL

    Now are we honestly suggesting that Elneny, who has done sweet fuck all since arriving from Basel, is worth twice as much? based on what? cos let’s face it, in reality his value should’ve dipped and just cos Sky and BT have gone loco it doesn’t mean Elneny is a £20m chap

  48. OleGunner

    Damn so sad to read we couldn’t shift Elneny to Leicester.
    Imo he’s absolutely rank average. Always felt something was distinctly mediocre about him, he’s far below the Arsenal standard.

    At the same time, Wenger doesn’t seem interested in buying a high quality CM so might as well keep his simple passing ass around *shrugs*

  49. Dissenter

    The amount of abuse that gets hurled around here is getting slightly annoying.
    Cant we all just get along, disagree and just move on…

  50. Do one gambon


    Probably right


    Oh I don’t think el neny is worth that. My point was more that bloody kyle walker isn’t worth 50m. The whole football world’s gone mental really.

  51. Carts


    Ok fair enough and sorry if that came across a lecture. Tad carried away.

    But i agree, Walker isn’t a £50m player, but the context has to be explored.

    City and Spurs are genuine title rivals; City are frivolous; City now own the the best RB in the league. but yeah, I see your point.

  52. Champagne charlie

    “I pretty much remember everything certain people say”

    We all know your idea of ‘remembering’.. reciting what someone says however YOU see fit to apply it.

    Best to just clam up sometimes.

  53. China

    Daz does it really matter if joe chooses a selective number of years?

    The last time your team won the league, our goal scorer yesterday iwobi was 8 years old

    Who honestly cares if he was 10 that one time he got to see Arsenal make a cl final

    What do these semantics matter?

    Joe doesn’t need to be selective with his dates, sure, but t does nothing to undermine his point.

    If you think us making a CL final in 06 somehow undoes his point then I really don’t understand where you’re coming from

  54. China

    The transfer valuations being put around by English clubs these days reminds me of that episode of South Park where they explain how family guy jokes are formulated

    Manitees swim in a big fish tank and randomly push balls that have various random words on. When these randomly selected balls fall through a shaft it forms the basis of the next family guy joke

    There’s no other way that these numbers make any fucking sense right now I’m telling you

  55. China

    Lukaku just cost almost as much as peak c.Ronaldo….

    Despite the fact that actual monetary inflation probably only accounts for a 5-10% increase in cost over the years since Ronaldo went to Madrid

    If Madrid signed peak Ronaldo now from utd you’d have to be looking at 200m in today’s market………..

  56. raptora

    Didn’t really know that Rafinha is actually Thiago Alcantara’s little bro. He has 18 games this season in La Liga with 6 goals, same amount of games Arda Turan played for Barca in La Liga this season. In all competitions Rafinha has 28 games which is a decent number for a squad player. I must admit I haven’t really notice the player at all since I don’t really follow this disgusting team.

  57. Karl

    I thought Rafinha did his ACL last two seasons, I’m no longer sure but if so, no one should expect him to play a lot of games last season.

    Before his injury, he played quite a few more games than last season. He’d be an improvement on what we already have but I don’t know where he fits in – on the RW or LW or beside Xhaka.

  58. Do one gambon


    No worries man, footy is a game of opinions. It’s the ‘you don’t agree with me so I’ll act like a toddler’ crowd that get me.

    You think walker best rb in the league?
    Not so sure about that, maybe going forward but he’s always seemed defensively lapse to me.

    Would have fit in well at arsenal, lol.

  59. Dissenter

    Tabloid rumor; “Recent reports indicate that the Gunners had accepted a £10m bid for Mohamed Elneny only to have Elneny refuse the deal, citing his love for London”

    What the eff. Is Arsenal a lengthy vacation?
    Wenger is too much of a nice guy
    ……that is if the rumor is true, which is unlikely.