Arsenal should be selling dross to fund Alexis mega deal + An Aaron Ramsey overstudy

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Things are seemingly clanging along, we’re shifting some of the deadwood on and it feels great.


Chezzer: £10m

Gibbs: Maybe something

Debuchy: Nothing

Perez: Something

The papers are claiming we’re doing all these things to fund Lemar to Arsenal, but here’s the thing, we have the money to buy Lemar regardless.

My big concern is what we’re doing to fund keeping Alexis.

Would you go to £350k p/w? I fucking would. We’re getting to that stage in the summer where we really do need to know. I think Sanchez is a greedy fucker who only cares about getting big dollars before he retires. If that’s not coming from City, he’ll have to face the worry of heading into his 29th year and hitting a free next year. Then he’ll be on the cusp of getting old in football terms, he might pick up the injury he’s certainly due, or he might not fit the plans of Europe’s elite (Aguero).

Arsenal need to pay Alexis that money because the simple reality here is that we absolutely won’t find anyone better than him in our current state as a club.

  • M’Bappe was always an embarrassing pipe dream cooked up by PR (Shifting deadwood now to fund Lemar, but we’d tabled a bid for the best young kid on the planet? Bitch please)
  • I really don’t think there’s a price Monaco have in mind for Lemar, because let’s be real, they have a bit of cash set aside now and they’ll need to be wary of dropping out of all competitions next year the rate their squad is being decimated
  • Aubameyang might be a target worth pursuing if Wenger switches out Lacazette to the left. But we’re super cool on him for some reason. IMAGINE THAT HAPPENING THOUGH.

We are in a world of fucked if we lose Sanchez.

As it stands now, I’d be thinking about this.

  • How do we keep Alexis (’cause we know Ozil has to sign on)
  • How do we upgrade the right-hand side of midfield and ditch Theo (I’m not keen on Mahrez, but…)
  • How do we solve the Santi Cazorla problem?

I know the spreadsheet football fans crow over Aaron Ramsey, but sadly, we don’t play in a sub-reality where stats win you trophies.

Aaron Ramsey is and has been a liability for a majority of his Arsenal career.

He suffered a terrible injury for us, I accept that. But he’s been clear of that a while. You cannot trust him to stay in form, to stay fit, or deliver big game performances when you need them.

The only time he plays well it seems is when he’s given a free role to do what the hell he wants (Wales).

Does he have potential? Of course. But come on everyone, this is a player who is 26 years old. In 5 months time, he’ll be 27. He’s a man now. He’s no longer that baby from Cardiff. He should be delivering at the peak of his powers every single game, and he’s not done that since 2013 where he had what now looks like an accident of good form.

He cannot be the Santi solution. You need to find someone who can step in and do that role at a higher level. It can be a Santi style player, or it can be a new breed style Keita looking name. We just need a proper plan on hand because history tells you we’re going to suffer in midfield if we just hit the hope button on Ramsey form or a Santi 47 game season.

Let’s be straight here. Our season has folded two years running because of an injured Santi. We need to make the right this year. It cannot be an internal suggestion.

Right, that’s me done, I’m in Barcelona today acting like and adult (hanging outside Pique’s house hoping he’ll sign my chest).


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  1. Cesc Appeal


    No idea how we get rid of Walcott. Just keeping my fingers crossed that the Everton interest is genuine.

    Though Moshiri is Usmanov’s business partner so if he thinks £30 Million for Walcott is a decent deal I have to question my support for Usmanov if they share business ideals.

    I would blow the deal, because I would blow my load and then piss myself while still on the phone to Everton if I was Arsenal’s DoF and that offer came in. ‘Tell you what, I will buy you a KFC on my way to drop him off because, I mean, I feel that you should at least buy a meal for someone after you f**k them’.

  2. Mcdon

    Just read that sp**s are willing to pay-off sisoko cos nobody wants him and his hig wages (85k). Why can’t we do the same with all the dross we have?

  3. Elmo

    Jordan Pickford £25m (+£5m) (great future potential, but no top level experience)
    Wojciech Szczesny £8m (relatively young, CL experience, one of best keepers in Serie A last season)

    Michael Keane £25m (Burnley -> Everton)
    Marko Arnautovic £24m (Stoke -> West Ham)
    Nathan Ake £20m (Chelsea -> Bournemouth)
    Harry Maguire £17m (Hull -> Leicester)
    Jay Rodriguez £12m (Southampton -> West Brom)
    Jack Cork £8m (Swansea -> Burnley)
    Jack Wilshere £6m (Arsenal -> Sampdoria)

    Our whole front office / player management operation is a complete farce. Mismanage contracts; don’t move on surplus players at the right time (>1 yr on contract); routinely overpay for recruits while being completely unable to recover reasonable returns on players sold.

    Why was no one sacked for this coming to a head this summer?

    If Sanchez, Ozil and Oxlade (+ others from the group of 10) all walk on free transfers at the end of this season, should Gazidis resign as being ultimately responsible? It goes without saying that most here know that Wenger should be long gone, but why aren’t others being held accountable? If there was a DoF and the current contracts / player management situation was playing out, he would be sacked as he would be so clearly failing at his brief that to keep him on would be beyond laughable.

  4. Champagne charlie


    I’m very similar to be fair, pretty diverse taste when it comes to films. Ex machina was a good watch, nothing’s really blown me away of late though.

    The Revenant was good for the natural shots, incredibly beautiful. Thinking about it the best film I’ve seen recently was a French film called ‘Tell No one’ that’s about 15 years old, maybe more. Brilliant film

  5. Relieable Sauce

    Pulp Fiction is one of my favourite films, the dialogue alone makes it special but then you have the unique storytelling, terrific cast and characters with great on screen chemistry (Travolta and Jackson genius casting), black comedy, the multitude of memorable quotations…and then there’s the soundtrack !

    Modern classic and Tarrantino’s finest imho.

  6. Elmo

    “Wenger dismissed the link, telling reporters: “Every case is different, van Persie was going from 30 to 31, when he left he had one year on his contract. Sanchez is younger.”

    On face value it seems a valid point. It would make more sense to extend the Chilean’s contract over van Persie’s, given he is just 28. However, his words don’t quite ring as true as they would first appear… and here’s why.

    The Holland international was 29 when he left Arsenal for Manchester United – the same age as when he lifted the trophy for them that season.

    Sanchez is indeed younger, but not by nearly three years as Wenger claimed, by just 163 days. ”

    Wenger pushing fake news in order to manipulate the narrative.

  7. Carts

    Andrew Robertson, Hull City left back, is available for £10m. 23 years old; imho, very solid with pace and delivery.

    Yet City are looking at Mendy for between €40m-€50m.

    Shit be crazy!

  8. Relieable Sauce

    Arsenal will try to sign Real Madrid striker Karim Benzema, 29, if Alexis Sanchez leaves the club this summer. (Don Balon via Daily Star)

    Gunners boss Arsene Wenger has said Manchester City target Sanchez, 28, is not for sale. (Sky Sports)

    But Paris St-Germain have renewed their interest in the forward and are now emerging as favourites to sign the Chile international. (Telegraph)

    Lol. How do theses fuckers manage to earn a living?

    Which of you are subscribing and clicking on this BS?

    Stop! Stop it now!

  9. Relieable Sauce

    Gunners boss Arsene Wenger has said Manchester City target Sanchez, 28, is not for sale. (Sky Sports)


    Not for sale…but can be bought.

    I maintain what I said months ago, Sanchez will be sold late in the window to the highest/most appropriate bidder.
    Foreign team £40-50m.
    Domestic team – £50-60m.

  10. Carts


    Without doubt it will go down to the 11th hour.

    Sanchez just needs to price himself out of a deal with Arsenal; have his agents forward his terms to whomever; sit pretty till Arsenal fold.

    No way we lose a £50m asset for £0


    I see PSG throwing in Lucas. Basically Walcott with a slightly more tweaked engine and directness

  11. Emiratesstroller

    I think that it is now highly unlikely that Sanchez will be sold this summer UNLESS we are buying a similar calibre player in this transfer window or Sanchez himself forces the issue.

    Wenger has made it very clear on several occasions that the player is not for sale and the commentary come out of the club is that they will not sell to EPL club.

    Arsenal’s credibility will be substantially diminished if that decision is reversed.

    What seems more likely as I and many others have suggested is that the club
    will focus more on clearing out the dross this summer and then replace them
    with one or perhaps two additional signings.

    At the moment I am beginning to think that Arsenal may have to look for a new CB if Gabriel is still injured considering that Koscielny will be out of
    the first two games of season. We do not want to have a repeat of what occurred last season with a defeat at home by Liverpool in first game, because
    we landed up playing fifth and sixth choice Centre Backs.

  12. Black Hei


    Apart from the winger type (Lemar, Mahrez), I think we are still looking at the middle. We were linked with plenty of CMs early of the transfer window, but like Barca, all the links are now cold.

    But, I think it is just waiting for things to heat back up.

    I doubt we will go for a CB. Mustafi, Holding and Monreal can easily do the job with Chambers on the bench for the first game against Leicester.

  13. Emiratesstroller

    Black Hei

    Koscielny has apparently a long term injury and is not getting any younger.
    Gabriel is not of required standard to replace him and Holding although a
    great prospect is relatively inexperienced.

    Chambers is probably on his way out of the club this summer.

  14. Leedsgunner

    Ironically the club that could ensure Alexis’s stay at Arsenal next season could be Barca.

    If Barcelona sells Neymar to PSG, their interest in Alexis will end. In my mind Alexis is second choice if they can’t capture Neymar. (Tim Vickery, normally a reliable journalist is carrying it so I think there is something in it.)

    If PSG buys Neymar, I can see them looking to recover some of that fee by selling players.

    If it was me I would go hard for Draxler. With Neymar coming in he might be open to a move to us especially with Özil at the club… as he would be fighting him for his place at PSG. Or perhaps Rabiot would be available?

    IMO, Draxler would be an able replacement for Sanchez should he decide to leave on a free. Perhaps with Draxler coming in, Sanchez could be convinced to stay?

    Of course the dream would be either Marquinhos or Veratti but even with Neymar coming in I think those two players are not for sale.

  15. Leedsgunner

    If it was up to me I would sell Gabriel and not Chambers. He deserves a chance to show us what he can do, just like he did for Middlesbrough.

  16. Black Hei


    I think it will be better to get that top class CB in next season. Personally feel that Chambers can do well in the middle of a 3 man defense.


    Yah, I agree, if we should let go of someone, it will be Gabriel. We should be getting a left footed CB if that is so. But would give Gabriel another season. It is a bi too early to release him PLUS he is currently injured which means knocked down values if you try to sell.

    But no to Draxler. He has one good season. But prior to that he has 4 injury hit seasons. I think not.

  17. Leedsgunner

    Jon Toral now off, despite having good loans at Rangers and Birmingham. Mixed on whether this is a good move from the club.

    Crowley, Kamara, Chris Willock and Hinds all now sold or let go from our reserve sides.

    Why can’t we exercise some of this ruthlessness when it comes to our first team?

  18. Leedsgunner

    Black Hei

    I think Lemar is a departed ship though… at least for this season. Monaco don’t have to sell now since they’ve sold who they have for a premium… unlike us 😉

  19. Rhys Jaggar

    I do hope you are better at selling marketing campaigns thsn you are at selling football players, Mr Wood. Putting the world on notice that you have dross to sell is hardly likely to generate a great deal of revenue…….

    Saying we have good professionals to sell who are no longer core to Arsenal’s future is more realistic, would you not agree?

  20. Leedsgunner

    If players are going to be as ridiculously priced as they are now (Kyle Walker for £50m!?!?) it is going to be important to revamp our player academies and player scouting as soon as possible.

    Surely these sky high, nay, astronomical

  21. ughelligunner

    wallace, any player that is been watched by football fans regularly are easily disected and their errors laid bare while the players hardly watched are better from highlights pov. Just go onto different teams fan blog Giroud and Ox are both linked to and you would see raving complimentarys about these guys while we on legrove hardly get our eyebrows raised. This is all due to careful everday watching analysis vs youtube and highlights analysis. fans will always be fans

  22. Samir

    Why are people wanting Draxler? Rabiot would do a lot more for this team than him.
    I’d go straight swap Rabiot for Sanchez.

  23. Emiratesstroller

    I think that there is growing evidence that Arsenal are offloading unwanted players.

    Every player in first team squad who was out on loan last season did not go on the Far East trip. Also you can add in those players in squad who were left behind e.g. Debuchy, Jenkinson and Gibbs.

    Two of the players Campbell and Wilshire are injured and for this reason may
    not depart this summer without a clean bill of health.

    What is also clear is that Arsenal are struggling to sell players at current market values. That is perhaps due to the inflated cost of these players wages and
    also the unexpired length of contract.

    Arsenal brought in recently a lawyer who worked previously for Sky Cycling
    and Herbert Smith. My guess is that he may well be employed to improve the
    club’s contractural arrangements in future, which seem to be rather a mess.

  24. TR7

    I believe Chambers is better than Gabriel but it seems Wenger prefers Gabriel. Perez is a good player as well but again not in Wenger’s plan. Campbell should be released on a bosman.

  25. Vintage Gun

    Im all for improving the heart of defence but due to the fact i cant see us buying any more than two more senior players i think CM and a wide attacker is of greater importance tbh.

    I’d keep Chambers (unless e receive an offer of around £20m) and use him in the Europa/Coca Cola/FA Cups as well as PL cover,

    As Black Hei said i’d revisit the CB department in the summer after BFG retires and we’d have a better insight on the ability of Chambers and the fitness of Kos and Gabriel.

  26. raptora

    In a random theory that we lose Sanchez but get Rabiot and Lemar in addition to Lacazette and Kolasinac we could challenge for the league despite Wenga. We get 4 starters and lose 1 even if Sanchez has been great for us. It could be one of our best summers ever. If we compare the influence of just the chilean to what Rabiot and Lemar can both give us I think it’s a no brainer if Arsenal’s officials can seal them deals.

  27. TR7

    Le Perisian reports Alexis has agreed terms with PSG. I hope if we indeed sell Alexis, we sell him to PSG than to City or Chelsea. And if we get Rabiot in return,it will be terrific.

  28. Emiratesstroller

    Obviously it might be a game changer if PSG came in with offer to buy Sanchez
    and are prepared to pay a decent transfer fee.

    At the moment the only thing we hear is wild media speculation possibly fuelled by Sanchez agent and really nothing else. Neither PSG or for that matter Man City have actually made an offer for the player.

    Frankly the idea that we would “exchange” Sanchez for Rabiot is plain daft.
    Sanchez is a goal scorer and match winner. Rabiot is a decent player but not

  29. Ishola70

    EmiratesstrollerJuly 19, 2017 09:56:20
    “Frankly the idea that we would “exchange” Sanchez for Rabiot is plain daft.
    Sanchez is a goal scorer and match winner. Rabiot is a decent player but not

    Is Rabiot down the pecking order at PSG or something?

    If not however the player is rated or not by observers from a purely sporting perspective Rabiot going to Arsenal would not seem the best move for him at this time. He will be genuinely challenging for league titles with PSG for the foreseeable future as well as participating in the Champions League season upon season. This is something on the football front that Arsenal cannot guarantee at this time. Of course a nice big wage could convince him otherwise.

  30. bacaryisgod

    Just a quick suggestion for those of you not sure which rumours are crap and which ones might have some truth to them. This might not be foolproof but for me it’s the easiest way to stay sane.

    Just go to a betting site (I use because it’s the most complete but there may be others I’m not aware of).

    Just to understand what I’m saying, let’s look at a few players.

    1) Alexis: PSG (11/4) are ahead of Man City (3/1) but behind Arsenal (8/11). This fits with the current thinking that Arsenal are keeping Alexis but if they sell it won’t be to City. Maybe the Guardian article explaining the financial reasons for not selling Alexis is accurate.

    2) Olivier Giroud: Everton (5/6) are ahead of Arsenal (6/4). No-one else is even close. This again seems to tie in with the more reputable stories about Giroud considering an offer to move to Goodison Park.

    3) Sergio Aguero: This one is pure clickbait. Arsenal are 16/1 to sign him which in betting terms is close to fantasy.

    4) Virgil Van Dijk: I’ve avoided these stories because we have a surplus of CBs right now. The odds have us at 25-1 (6th favourite). Don’t even go near this transfer gossip.

    5) Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain: This is an interesting one because it’s bounced back and forth between us and Liverpool. Right now he’s heavily favoured to stay (1/3) with only Liverpool (9/4) having a shot. This doesn’t mean he’ll extend his contract but just that he’ll stay next season. I’m guessing he extends at the last minute though.

    6) Calum Chambers: This one surprised me. I honestly thought that we would either keep him and loan him out again but it looks likely he’s leaving. We’re just 3-1 to keep him whereas Palace are 8/11 and Newcastle are 7/2. Maybe Arsene has decided that he’s destined for a solid Premier League career but isn’t the elite defender we need in the long-term. Think today’s Matthew Upson.

    7) Carl Jenkinson: This one’s just flat out depressing. He’s 1/1 to stay with us as it looks unlikely that anyone else wants him. Let’s hope Palace, Brighton or Swansea decide to take a chance on him.

    8) Hector Bellerin: The smart money is on him staying (1/6). Clearly we’re holding firm on this one.

    9) Jack Wilshere: This one is a toss-up. Arsenal are at 11/8, with West Ham (7/4) ahead of Sampdoria (7/2)

    10) Kieran Gibbs: A few of you might be celebrating because he’s a big 9/2 to stay at Arsenal which means he’s likely gone to West Brom (1/2). Not sure he’s a Pulis type of player but I’ve always thought he’s tougher than people give him credit for.

    11) Kylian Mbappe: Leaning towards another year at Monaco (8/11) but if he leaves it will be to Real Madrid (11/4) and not Arsenal (5/1).

    12) Mest Ozil: At 1/20, there’s not even a shadow of a doubt that Mesut will be an Arsenal player next season. It’s interesting that there’s such little talk of him renewing his deal, whereas it’s all about Alexis right now.

    13) Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang: Just like the recent nonsense about Benzema, there’s no chance of us getting him. He’s 28/1 to join us and 5 other teams are more likely to sign him than us. Even more guaranteed is that he’s staying at Dortmund next season (1/4). Glad they’ve worked something out with him because it would be sad to see him go to China around his prime.

    14) Riyad Mahrez: Only two teams are in the running for him and right now it’s Roma (5/6) ahead of us (7/4). He’s a long shot at 4/1 to stay at Leicester. This seems to support the idea that we’re keeping him hanging on until we’ve given up hope on Lemar or if we get a respectable offer from PSG or Bayern for Alexis.

    15) Ross Barkley: This one is looking like it will happen. Tottenham are at 2/7 to sign him and I guess they’ll want him to be the new Gascoigne without the headaches. I’m hoping he’ll be the new Sissoko.

    16) Theo Walcott: Sorry Grovers, but he’s set to stay with Arsenal (2/7) over Everton (3/1).

    and finally some good news…..

    17) Thomas Lemar: We’re not as nailed on as we once were, but at 2/7, the bookies still believe that Monaco (5/2) will reluctantly let him go to us.

    Finally, when it comes down to a straight choice between our players staying or leaving, here’s what the bookies think:

    Alexis Sanchez: Toss up (Leave 5/6, Stay 5/6)

    Jack Wilshere: Lean Leave (Leave 8/15, Stay 11/8)

    Olivier Giroud: Lean Leave (Leave 1/2, Stay 6/4)

  31. Ishola70


    ” Thomas Lemar: We’re not as nailed on as we once were, but at 2/7, the bookies still believe that Monaco (5/2) will reluctantly let him go to us. ”

    This one makes no sense. So Arsenal are odds on to sign him but the price for Monaco to let him go are 5/2.

    That’s what is called trap odds that don’t equate and only the most foolish would put money on Monaco to sell him at 5/2. lol

  32. Samir


    How is it daft if we desperately need a strong CM?
    We have funds to buy a Sanchez replacement. I would much rather swap Sanchez for Rabiot than get £40M from PSG. But yes, PSG are unlikely to let Rabiot leave as he’s one of their best players.

  33. Champagne charlie

    Jon Toral is pony. Whoever mentioned him having a good loan at Rangers must’ve been told that by his mother or father, he was a total passenger.

  34. Ishola70

    “Sorry, that was a typo. He’s 5/2 to stay at Monaco.”

    Really? 5/2 to stay at Monaco this summer? Have you got a link to those odds?

    I would have thought whichever bookie put that price up would have been taken completely out by now.

  35. Ishola70

    I’ve seen what bookies have those odds of 5/2 for Lemar to stay at Monaco and unsurprisingly it is only one bookie that puts up a price on him staying at Monaco let alone talking abot prices.

    Sky Bet.

    All I can say is lucky those that have a Sky Bet account.

    Very telling that no other bookie apart from them even prices up Lemar staying at Monaco.

  36. Ishola70

    The prices on Arsenal signing Lemar this summer are covered by all the bookies. Surprise, surprise.

    The prices are odds on but not short odds on. They are what is termed as nothing prices put up by the bookies. Short enough to get some punters believing he will sign and having a punt which would have to be pretty big to get a return but short enough for the bookies if he did sign to not get canned too badly.

    Ah don’t you just love these bookies.

  37. Emiratesstroller


    I am not suggesting that we could not bring in Rabiot as a part exchange, but the
    idea that we would do a deal based on parity is ridiculous.

  38. HighburyLegend

    Bayern will not be able to trash us in the CL this season, but still we found a way to play them, life is beautiful for Bayern fans lol

  39. Emiratesstroller


    I think that your post is brilliant and probably the best analysis of what is actually going on in the transfer market at moment rather the media speculation which is more often than not figment of imagination.

    Betting odds are more often than not closer to the truth and one suspects they
    do get some inside knowledge of what is going on in the market.

    The odds on Sanchez are interesting and reflect to some degree what I wrote this morning. I think that Arsenal have decided not to sell, because they cannot afford two seasons without Champions League Football. The odds of us qualifying without Sanchez will be stacked heavily against us.

    Looking at some of the players we would wish to sell the odds reflect to
    some degree the difficulty we will have in offloading players who are either
    injury prone or simply not good enough and are being paid grossly inflated

    In case of Gibbs, Jenkinson and Wilshire I think that Arsenal will land up cutting their losses and run this summer. It would not surprise me that since all
    three are in final year of contract we could land up receiving no more than £10-12 million for the three at best. However when you factor in saving in their
    wages the figure of not far short of £10 million in our wage bill is saved.

    What this tells you is that Arsenal’s contract negotiations and wage structure
    have been appalling in the past.

  40. Ishola70

    Was a nice post from Bacary but we must remember that the bookies main aim is to entice punters to part with their money.

    The odds on Sanchez leaving or staying are pretty even tbh with staying slight favourite. One bookie has prices of Sanchez staying at 19/20, going to Man City 17/10, going to PSG 2/1. Not much difference in those prices. Up in the air really.

  41. Royale with nacho cheese

    “The prices are odds on but not short odds on. They are what is termed as nothing prices put up by the bookies.”

    Have to say ive never heard anyone describe odds on as “not short” before, surely if they have it as odds on they expect it to happen?

  42. Ishola70

    Royale with nacho cheese:

    .”Have to say ive never heard anyone describe odds on as “not short” before, surely if they have it as odds on they expect it to happen?

    Sanchez is 19/20 as said before to stay at Arsenal with a bookie and that is just under evens. That is odds on but weak odds on.

    In this particular market you want to see really short odds on before you even start to believe that the outcome is guaranteed.

  43. Emiratesstroller

    Bayern are putting out an almost first choice team against us. Arsenal’s team looks “experimental” by comparison with a rather weak defence and midfield.

  44. Rambo Ramsey

    Arsenal FC‏@Arsenal
    Our team to play @FCBayern: Cech, Bielik, Mertesacker, Monreal, Maitland-Niles, Coquelin, Xhaka, Kolasinac, Ozil, Welbeck, Lacazette

  45. raptora

    Bayern fielding most of their starting 11s while we are around 50/50. No Giroud in the starters or reserves listed in . Lacazette will start with Welbeck and Ozil.

  46. Rambo Ramsey

    What are you guys on about? We are close to full strength ourselves, which is why its scary. That gulf in class…

  47. Ishola70

    “Lemar 5/2 to stay at Monaco?£25 returns £87.50”

    You would probably get real big hitters punting on this one putting on big money but wouldn’t be surprised if this only bookmaker to price this up Lemar staying at Monaco which is Sky Bet have restrictions on this certain bet as in only allowing a certain amount to be put on. Also could be put in as a promotional bet. Like when you first join a betting account.

  48. Emiratesstroller

    Rambo Ramsey

    I would hardly describe the starting lineup as our likely first choice X1 next season.

    For a start I doubt that our defence will be anything like what we are putting out today. I would expect Mustafi, Koscielny and Bellerin to be playing.

    I cannot visualise Coquelin, Maitland-Niles and Welbeck in our starting line-up.

  49. Rambo Ramsey

    Mertesaker drops out due to illness! Maybe he got shit scared looking at that Bayern attack?

    So Elneny steps in. LOL. Another drubbing in the making.

  50. WrightIsGod


    Because Gibbs, Jenkinson are Arsenal starters? what happened to Assou-Ekotto? Did the Spuds sell him for 54m Pounds too?

    No but they got rid of Assou-Ekotto 4 years ago you pleb. He was a starter and as soon as they could they got rid of him.

    Also Gibbs was 100% starter for before Monreal solidified his spot at LB, which didn’t happen straight away must I add.

    The point that your ignorance is failing to understand is we still have these deadweights, Gibbs and jenkinson, on our books and you know why? Because we keep offering them overpaid contracts that no one else wants to pay for them. That is a reflection of most of our mediocre team and has been in the last decade.

    You goon.

  51. Ishola70

    lol what’s wrong with you guys with streams.

    Anyone would think you are not aware of Russian web players that stream directly off betting web sites meaning very good quality.

  52. Pierre

    “Bayern fielding a strong starting 11 for the friendly in 30 mins. Could get ugly pretty quickly.”

    Yep.. It’s that time of year when Le grovellers start getting desperate for the Arsenal to lose… Desperate for injuries… Desperate for lacazette to mess up…..

  53. Jamie

    Pierre –

    I don’t count myself among those who want any of those things, although Arsenal losing, suffering injuries, and our strikers not scoring are utterly predictable imo.

  54. Rambo Ramsey

    I know its a friendly and all but dear God does it make for an embarrassing viewing Arsenal’s performance. Already behind as I type.

    Also if you’re really gonna play a mid in your back three, that’s gotta be Coquelin? Not the weak Egyptian who can’t tackle to save his life.

  55. Jamie

    I’m much more interested in how we do in the Europa League, which is significantly closer to our level than the Champs League.

  56. Champagne charlie

    Kolasinac can be judged here, so far he looks composed, confident, and he’s basically a bully. Nice

  57. Champagne charlie

    Bielik just doesn’t do it for me, not sure what’s prosperous about him. Big frame, lacks personality.

    With Chambers being sold (potentially), and Debuchy off… you’d imagine there’s a right sided defender to be added

  58. Cesc Appeal

    Cech is having a mighty game. This could have been embarrassing by now, though Munich’s finishing is a little bit below par I would say.

    Kolasinac getting a bollocking with that?

  59. raptora

    Stupid commentators think that the chance James got and Kolasinac wasn’t there to cover his flank on time, followed by Kolasinac sub half a minute later is Wenger scolding him. The dude had some injury problem in Bayern’s half. Looked like nothing so a precautionary sub is my guess.