Lacazette on the left?

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I don’t need or seek those powers.


Because I am the art of persuasion.

I’ve been forcing the concept of Theo to Everton for weeks, and it seems Ronald Koeman is taking the insincere bait.

At £30m. 

If only you could caps numbers, because that sort of figure needs to be LOUD and followed by lolololollllookool.

Imagine that?

I mean, the way they’re bulking up this summer they are certainly top 4 contenders. Koeman is a solid manager (BORING), but he’s made some good additions this year. Giroud and Theo might be interesting.

INTERESTING FOR US. Lolololljollol.

In other news, the little boy in Sanchez always wanted to win the Champions League.

Or earn £400k a week.

Either will do.

It’s getting to the point now where we need a decision. If he goes, Lacazette on the left (a move Alfred predicted), with Giroud through the middle simply won’t cut it as anything other than miserable.

Our summer is being held hostage at the moment, and it’s difficult to feel like we’re making progress with a new left back and a striker that’s split the fan base.

A big week for Arsenal. Teams around us are shaping up. We need to push the boat out and make sure this threat of a good summer is delivered upon.

Right, see you in the comments!

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  1. Samesong


    P will have to address alot of issues. I know P will come with something then the pendulum will swing again. any who we buying or sellling?

  2. Samesong


    P will have to address alot of issues. I know P will come with something then the pendulum will swing again. Anyway who we buying or sellling?

  3. Marko

    People actually think Alexis wants out to win the CL? Hahaha

    Think it’s more about actually competing for titles Charlie. Which let’s be honest isn’t Arsenal

  4. Leftsidesanch

    Carts, Samesong

    I think Dots 8 min dub got him just edging infront. P’s brought his A game so far but i think im sidin with Dot.

  5. Marko

    7.5 million for Wilshere. My how the not so mighty have fallen. Says a lot about the player that I’d seriously consider accepting it. What other choice is there? Giving him a new contract with improved terms? For what? Absolutely no way

  6. champagne charlie


    Yea that’s why he’s priced himself out of a move to Bayern, a team exponentially better placed than any English side to win the CL. Also something like 70% more likely to win domestic titles there too vs a Man City.

    You keep going with the ‘ambition’ line mate, the rest of us see what it’s actually about. Money.

  7. champagne charlie

    Hearing murmurs of Theo being free to leave which is maybe the most significant thing so far this window. Put that alongside Jack being free to go and it would appear the club are finallyyyyy getting sensible with maintaining a group of players that can actually contribute and play the way we want.

    Expecting some outward movement these next 10 days, Szczesny, Gibbs, Chambers, Debuchy, Giroud, maybe Jack and Theo. Would free up some room to recruit a Lemar and Mahrez on top of locking Alexis down. Hoping for some swift departures.

  8. Marko

    You keep going with the ‘ambition’ line mate, the rest of us see what it’s actually about. Money.

    I think Bayern being priced out of a move for him is more the transfer fee than anything. But they’re can be no mistaking he wants to leave to compete for titles and once again that’s not Arsenal. Trying to turn it into a money thing is a cheap excuse really. He’s 28 with a winners mentality and ambitions of competing for titles…i don’t blame him for wanting to leave he was sold on a ambitious project but rather than kicking on and signing more quality players like himself we signed up/kept wank players. He was hoodwinked simple as

  9. Guernsey gun

    It seems to be falling into place perfectly with a bbc article saying that arsenal fear missing out on Lemarrr but expect Sanchez to stay. Un spun that means clueless is finished with summer and Sanchez s gone, unless the first 2 games go tits up then clueless will reveal top top qualidee like santos and kallstrom. What a cunt he is and some people think this season will be different.

  10. tonyd

    It appears that one blog says Monaco has accepted 48 million plus add ons for Lemar.

    However, Monaco has slapped a 80 million price on Lemar as reported in several of the papers this morning.

    Quite a bit on the papers about the much needed clear out with Newcastle wanting Jenks and Gibbs, while Palace are looking at Wilshire (loan) and Chambers.

    Who knows what’s real or not and it’s most likely Wenger’s PR behind most of it.

    Supposedly Wenger wants a clear out to buy Lemar.

  11. TallestTiz

    Sampdoria offering £6m plus 1.5m add ons for Wilshere.

    Tale the money, insert a buy back clause(very hopeful clause- guy’s a crook).
    And insert a 50% sell on clause coz of the low transfer fee.

  12. TallestTiz

    Palace looking at Chambers on the cheap… Lol

    Make it a loan deal (Merts and Kosc aren’t getting younger). But make him extend his contract before leaving. Loan fee of nothing less than £2million.

  13. TallestTiz

    Sell out one of Welbeck, Walcott, and Perez.

    But keep Giroud and Alexis (tell them both to sort their heads out. The former, should embrace competition).

  14. kristoman

    Sometimes I wonder how you people think, bayern pull out of sanchez deal because of high transfer fee demanded by arsenal and not wage demand. How can player agree personal terms another club when its current club has not agree on transfer fees? Or I my missing something

  15. raptora

    And a bunch of other sources with similar content. Alexis wants mega money and BayernM cannot afford that. If he was so much into winning the UCL he would take a pay cut just to achieve his boyhood dream. He could have stayed in Barca before, or he could have joined Bayern this summer with pay cut just so he can get the trophy that apparently he wants so bad. Instead Munich went for James. And Alexis wants to go to City who never ever won UCL, they overcame the 1/16 final phase once in their history, a team that barely got in top 4, who’s manager is going to be under extreme pressure this season to deliver something, a team that has won one league cup in 3 years time. He wants to go there so he can win the UCL?! L O fkin L. Yes, Man City have higher chances of winning it than Arsenal, but do they have a higher chance than 5 time winners Bayern who got undeservedly out by a referee axing vs RealM?! Then you realize that Man City is in England and a competitor of his current team and you start to wonder of his values. For me no doubt that if Alexis is indeed leaning towards Man City he is doing it for money. Since it’s not widely accepted a top footballer to go to another continent in good age City are the highest bidders so he would go there. If Arsenal offers a similar wage I see him staying with us.

  16. graham62


    The thing is, would you, if you were Sanchez, want to continue your career under AW or PG? Forget CL, money etc, purely from a footballing perspective, do you think he would stand a greater chance of fulfilling his goals and dreams at Arsenal, or Man City?

  17. Emiratesstroller

    I think that there are a lot of inconsistencies in the Sanchez story.

    1. He has indicated that he would prefer to stay in England and preferably in London.

    2. That he wants to play in Champions League

    3. That he is demanding a stratospheric pay rise.

    So when you analyse these matters you see that there are in reality very limited choices apart from Arsenal who this year fail to meet the CL criteria.

    The reality is there are only three options beside Arsenal and they are two
    Manchester clubs and Chelsea. Spurs and Liverpool cannot afford him even
    if they don’t have to pay transfer fee.

    My view is that Arsenal should hold onto him this season, which is a huge gamble because of potential loss of transfer fee.

    However, it is imperative that the club are ensuring that we have a good season and qualify next season for CL. If we do so there is absolutely no reason for Sanchez to leave.

    Looking at the current situation in EPL I think that both Manchester clubs and
    Chelsea will qualify for CL next season. Arsenal will be competing with Spurs
    and Liverpool for a place in top 4. That is not to say that we will finish fourth.
    We could just as easily finish first or second as I don’t think that there is a huge difference at moment.

    However, I do think that there are still some shortcomings in our squad primarily a Central Midfielder and additional Centre Back. The absence of
    Koscielny in first two games and in particular against Stoke highlights the

    Arsenal had very poor results whenever Gabriel played and whilst Holding
    is an excellent prospect in a back three I don’t think that he is experienced enough to play against physical sides in a conventional back four.

  18. Ishola70

    Bro Bayern Munich are old news in relation to Sanchez.

    They made it plain quite a while ago that the player was out of their scope in the financial terms.

    Their latest statement is just further confirmation what they had already indicated before.

  19. qna

    TT. Good call on Wilshere. Take a low offer and have a buy back fee. He wont appreciate in value at Arsenal but he could sky rocket at another club. I think he suits the Italian and Spanish leagues very well.

  20. Ishola70

    ES Sanchez agent has been a busy fellow since a ball was last kicked from the previous.

    French reports now that PSG have rekindled their interest in him and no it wasn’t due to the recent Sanchez statement.

    Was reported that the agent was meeting with PSG last week. This in addition to reports of an earlier meeting over a month ago.

  21. Black Hei


    Here are the quotes extracted from Raptora’s article.

    “The salaries being talked about up front of over €20 million [a year] are definitely an amount that isn’t feasible for FC Bayern.”

  22. kristoman

    this is all media talk. Eh the same media said that bayern will not pay astronomical fee for sanchez. Is this fee wages or transfer fees? Black heights

  23. Marko

    If the reason Sanchez didn’t go to bayern was wages wouldn’t he stay cause apparently we’re willing to pay him upwards of 300,000 a week. Look Bayern’s transfer record is 35 million and they’re not about to pay 50-60 million for a player with one year left on his contract. That’s it. We could match his wages at City but he still wants to go. That’s because he wants to compete for trophies and he won’t do that at Arsenal under Wenger. Anyone saying he’s leaving for the money are being disingenuous he can make money here he’s leaving cause we’re not ambitious enough anymore

  24. raptora

    “all media talk”? It’s a video of the president of Bayern Munchen, talking in deutsch, translated word by word, saying that his club cannot afford to pay Sanchez’ salary demands. Does it even get more credible than that? lol

  25. raptora

    “Arsenal goalkeeper Wojciech Szczesny arrives in Turin for Juventus medical.”

    Juve twitter posting a pic of Szczesny ahead of his medical. It’s a done deal I guess. Now time for Debuchy, Wilshere and possibly Gibbs.

  26. Ozrus

    Lol Marco clutching at straws. If you believe 300k offer from us then you must believe 400k demand from the Sanchez camp. Both were ‘reported’ by the media. Arsenal matching the latter? Jokes?

  27. China

    Emirates Troller what gives you the impression that we could just as easily finish 1st as 4th next year?

    Our squad is nothing special at all if we’re honest. With no other ins and outs we still have only a single worldie in our entire squad

    Our manager can’t get the team to over achieve. Conversely we usually underachieve

    More capable managers have finished bedding in at our rivals

    The gap between us and Chelsea isn’t that big at the moment? We were how many points back last season? Not far off 20!!!

    Only a couple of our players would walk straight into their first team and even some of their bench options are better than some of our first teamers

    I am so far off understanding how you think we’re close to them

  28. China

    ET I’ll put it this way, kante is more useful as a player than our entire midfield combined

    Our one worldie is relatively matched by hazard who is also younger.

    Costa was better than any of our strikers and seems likely he’ll be replaced by aguero, again better

    We can’t out do them in any position whatsoever on the pitch and they even have more depth to boot

    They barely turned up for the cup final and played like they were already on holiday and still celebrating their league win. We win ans believe we’re really on their level?

    38 games tells us they were miles better than us last year and apart from a modest upgrade upfront (they’ve made signings too…) we’ve done nothing remarkable to show we’re gonna match them any time soon