Political doublespeak is BACK

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Arsene Wenger – fresh off a new deal he didn’t deserve – is already talking like the seasoned slippery politician he is.

“To do well of course means to win the Premier League, hopefully to win the Champions League as well, but I think I have stayed at Arsenal for such a long time because for me a club is firstly about values, the values I hold dear.

“One is to win trophies but more important is to know who we are, and what is important to us.

“I will always try to defend what I think is important in our sport, that means the values of our game. Football is a very popular sport now all over the world and there is a big responsibility.

“I think one of the ways to face up to the responsibility is to defend the values. That is important”

I’m really sorry, all I’ve done is read up on this prezzer, but can someone please explain how this values thing works? Sounds like empty words used to explain out how being a bit shit serves some sort of higher spiritual purpose. I can’t for the life of me work out how Wenger is defending values everyday?

The values of keeping average players at the club?
Giving extended deals to crocks?
The values of having such tight control of your boss you write your own deal despite clearly not deserving it?

It’s cute when you read it, but it’s just a play on words to make you feel proud of underachievement.

He went on to say as much when pushed on winning trophies.

“One is to win trophies but more important is to know who we are, and what is important to us.”

Makes no sense. It’s weak. It tells the players they can fail providing they call their grandma and drop money in the Salvation Army charity pot.

Then he pulls us down another familiar rabbit hole. The players who failed to make top 4. The names who tanked 10-2 to an ok Bayern. The superstars who gave up for the first 3months of 2017. Are, errr, tough to replace?

Excuse me?

“I am open to getting some more signings, but it’s not easy to find the players who can strengthen our squad as we have top-quality players.

“There are two ways to improve. First, we analyse what we did well and not so well and we improve on that. The second way is to bring some new players in.”

Then my fave words.

“We’ll test many systems in pre-season. In some games we will play four at the back and some with three and at the start of the season certainly with three.”

We’ll test many systems but we are definitely playing 3 at the back.

Way to combat the ‘Arsenal are predictable’ issue.


I know, I know. I am cynical. But it’s hard not to be when you read the same press conference time and time again… and the same people who bleat that I’m wrong are once again bleating that I’m wrong.

Ground hog day, just a little more expensive.

Was also a little flat reading that Jose’s scouts dropped a scathing report on Lacazette citing a lack of pace, weakness on the ball and creating the illusion of clinical based on penalties.

I mean, Jose did sell Lukaku only to buy him back. He also moved on KDB and Luiz. He’s also starting Fellaini.

So maybe a pinch of salt.

We shall see…

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  1. Leedsgunner

    Here’s another thing about Monaco that I find amazing — so just a couple of years after selling Martial to Man United for £36m Monaco has found his successor in Kylian Mbappe for which clubs are bidding for in excess of £120m?

    Who is in charge of player recruitment and development at Monaco? King Midas? Why haven’t we brought him over yet to the Arsenal?

    The regular rate in which Monaco has produced top players despite not having a top stadium or infrastructure is simply to be applauded and emulated.

    Bravo Monaco!

  2. Ishola70

    .”Monaco has more balls than our board anyways. They did what our Board couldn’t do.In the face of incompetence — THEY FIRED HIM.”

    Still so many think Monaco are going to be completely gutted of their best players this summer. They won’t. Still only one big player has been officially sold although understand Chelsea are close to another. They will not allow a complete exodus of their best players in one window as simple as that.

  3. Leedsgunner

    Monaco don’t need to sell as they have sold their players for large sums… and they will use the proceeds to find competent replacements and shore up the contracts of their existing stars to fend off interest for another year.

    As much as I would love Lemar, unless the boy goes on strike, he is going nowhere.

  4. Champagne charlie

    The idea that any club (let alone Arsenal) should operate whereby they bid 40 mil and follow up with 60 mil is…..idiotic.

    You don’t work in business to come out with nonsense like that mate. That’s armchair economics with the faintest grasp of how things work.

    hope you don’t barter when you go abroad mate…

  5. Ishola70

    It’s no good taking it out of context CC.

    It has already been said that after Arsenal’s first bid of 40m Monaco stated publicly that he was basically not for sale and would only go for a really hefty fee.

    What did Arsenal do after Monaco’s statement? Put in a bid of 45m. Unsurprisingly that got nowhere.

    I’ve read that rather than rejecting these bids Monaco have been completely ignoring them other than putting out their general statement about their stance on the player this window.

    I don’t think it is wise either to put in a 60m bid at this time but it was said purely on the terms of Monaco and their publicly stated stance on the player and if Arsenal seriously want to sign him in this window.

    Will Lemar be signed in this window CC? Yes or no?

    It’s good to see people’s view on this but not only that to back it up with a prediction.

  6. Champagne charlie

    You’re failing to see the context here mate not me.

    If Arsenal have made an official bid of £40 mil it’s because they’ve been encouraged that somewhere in the region of that a deal can be made. We want the best for Arsenal and Monaco want the best for themselves so negotiations take place.

    Do I think Arsenal will get Lemar? Personally yes. I think we’ll get Lemar for £45mil plus bonuses that will see him become a record for us. I think by the time we return to the UK for the Emirates cup he’ll be an arsenal player.

    Before that happens though expect to see Lucas, Szczesny, Jenkinson, and hopefully Jack sold, though I doubt it. Ozil will be our #10 next season though, I’m sure of that – expect that to be a condition of his extension.

  7. Marko

    The idea that any club (let alone Arsenal) should operate whereby they bid 40 mil and follow up with 60 mil is…..idiotic

    Hardly idiotic if the club apparently values him at 80 million. Anyway look it’s all set up for Arsenal to finally sign Lemar…in two years from now. You can see it

  8. N5

    No one should be saying that we as fans don’t understand how business should work when our club finds it acceptable to bid £40m + £1.

    I still get embarrassed by that.

  9. Karl


    That bid was embarrassing but you know that was enough to get us talking with the player. But who goes from bidding 40m to 60m?

  10. N5

    Karl, no one I’d imagine. It would be a silly jump. I’d imagine you’d go up in 5s or 10s, but like Marko said we offer £40, they want £80 then meet in the middle at £60 might get the job done maybe?

    Knowing Dick ‘Head’ Law though, he’d say £41 then £42 until Monaco put down the phone and block his mobile.

  11. raptora

    If the rumor that Bakayoko has failed his medical it could be the defining factor for so many things to happen or not. It could block the move of Matic to ManUtd, it could make Monaco more willing to sell Lemar, Fabinho since they might be okay if Bakayoko stays then another star could leave, or it could make Lemar consider his desire to leave Monaco for us since Monaco will be stronger with Bakayoko still there. Also it could change the plans of mouninho and lead him to another CM like Naingolan or Keita or something and fk up City and Liverpool in the process. Oh lord. Transfer windows are nuts.

  12. reality check


    Probably won’t see this but anyway.

    You’re an obvious troll. You keep defending lacazette like he’s your brother or something. He doesn’t know you. Calm down, kissing his arse and defending him against every criticism isn’t going to make him a better player. He’s a 26 year old so called “top CF” who just signed for a Europa League club that hasn’t won their own domestic league in 13 years. Who gives a f***!

    It’s simply too long for us. Just focus on us, don’t start talking about pool or spurs.
    For us, its too long.

    And you can add another 2 years to those years of failure because we’ll never win it again under wenger. Quote me. Im terrible at maths so bare with me, 13+2=15. Hurrah!

    So why has he signed. Atletico transfer ban. Yep, 2nd choice. Hasn’t somebody informed him of the embarrassing failures of this so called “Big Club”? They must have? He must know..? so why is he here?

    Again, like i said and you never addressed. I question his Intentions, Ambition, motivation.

    (I don’t know if you frequent the gym but theres a big difference between Fat, Muscle
    and bone density.) Trust me i can educate you all about fat my friend!

    I digress…

    Laughing to myself because by this point in my comment you’re getting pissed off at my writing style… If Lacazette signed for spurs you wouldn’t bat an eye lid. You’d say hes nothing special, in fact you’d be surprised if Kane was dropped for him.

    So there you have it. Spurs have a better out-and-out CF than us. Be honest.. hand on heart. If Lacazette signed for spurs, would you care?

    We need Sanchez AND Laca AND Lemar AND Mahrez. Laca on his own is a nothing in a team with so many cracks.

    (Its early morning where i am, i hope charlie sees this)


  13. Dissenter

    Wenger looks like he’s been re-energized from the stock pictures coming out of Australia. He’s looking really happy.
    I guess that’s what happens when you body slam your board and CEO….when the club owner eats out your hands.

  14. Dissenter

    Lemar is going to leave Monaco this season if we persist in our bidding for him. Monaco just want to extract every penny from the transaction. They know we have silly money because we previously bid £87 million for Mbappe so we can’t plead “values” with them.
    I do suspect that if Alexis signs a new deal then we will will stop trying for Lemar this season.

  15. HillWood

    Wenger probably indoctrinates the players with his “values ” thing. From the academy through to first team,
    Wenger is not a normal manager where winning is everything

  16. Joe

    Values in wenger’s eyes are throwing the Europa for a competition he has no chance of competing in

    This season is going be ugly.

    Maybe another fa cup run. Yippee

  17. China

    I’m gonna revise my criticism of us potentially selling giroud by the way *if* we keep Perez

    Because I keep saying we’re selling ourselves short to sell a 7.5/10 striker in giroud and keeping a 6/10 striker in welbeck, but then even if we sold giroud, we still have Perez

    He seemed a useful player and a goal scorer so maybe he’s good enough to be second choice

    Unfortunately the nutty professor bought him for no reason whatsoever and doesn’t plan to play him, so we’re condemned to another few years of watching DAT BOI WELBZ struggle from 6 yards out.

    But in an ideal world at least Perez would get some game time and might do a job

  18. Rambo Ramsey

    It was awful watching Welbeck and Walcott toil against effing Sydney FC.

    Welbeck, Walcott & Wilshere- The three W’s; where W=Waste of space

  19. Rambo Ramsey

    Kyle Walker signs for Manchester City in world-record £53m deal for a defender
    Lol. After world record 50 million for a Centerback only last season? Comical

    Can someone tell me how Pepsy fraudiola is any different from Mourinho? Checkbook managers the both of them. Atleast Mourinho usually wins trophies after spunking millions.

  20. champagne charlie


    yes mate I’m an obvious troll for stating that Lacazette is solid in build and backing that up with the fact he’s 2 inches taller than Alexis and weighs about 7kg more than him (a player you yourself heralded as short but strong). You don’t need to lecture me on body composition, I know more than plenty thanks.

    “Hasn’t somebody informed him of the embarrassing failures of this so called “Big Club”? They must have? He must know..? so why is he here?”

    He’s here because Arsenal are a huge club and quite clearly are looking to re-assert themselves this season after a poor campaign – he’s been sold a vision and he’s here to add his bit. You really play yourself with that kind of comment because unquestionably you’re also of the same idea Wenger should be bringing certain types of players, but here you are slating a top player for coming as somehow we’re a weaker offering. OK THEN

    “Laughing to myself because by this point in my comment you’re getting pissed off at my writing style…”

    First off, it’s not a writing ‘style’, it’s an inability to write correctly. Secondly, you ought to seek a hobby if you’re getting amusement from potentially angering people online. Thirdly, you didn’t and haven’t angered me once with the way you compose a comment – I simply conclude you’re a numpty who struggles with English.

  21. Rambo Ramsey

    How does Walker even fit in to the team? Great athlete, not a great baller- Exactly the way Pepsy likes them eh?

    You’d think from the amount City have been spunking on defenders and goalkeepers for the past 3 years, they’d have a solid unit.

    Comedy club.

  22. China

    The weird thing with player valuations at the moment is that there appears to be this bizarre cyclical logic

    Players are expensive because they’re good, and they’re good because they’re expensive

    There’s no other way I can see how so many frankly less than incredible players are able to command such enormous transfer fees

    Lukaku, walker and co are perfect examples. Mbappe as well. He’s a kid who’s had one good season so we’re pulling numbers out of thin air for his valuation and the handful of the clubs in the world with enough money to spunk on this kind of player are convincing themselves that these guys must be worth it because they’re so expensive

    The market has been distorted so far from beyond what makes any particular sense. Largely because of those few clubs like utd and city who are happy to pull random numbers out of thin air as player valuations and fork out – or fork out for the randomly over inflated numbers other clubs quote

  23. champagne charlie


    Who knows, not the easiest thing to analyse or assign blame to but time will tell.

    A lot easier with more obvious matters, like your existence…alcohol and poor judgement clearly at play there.

  24. China

    Agents must be laughing so hard every time they hear city or utd are in for their guy

    Clubs can effectively put any asking price and it will be met with little fuss

  25. China

    Like it’s standard negotiation procedure to set a super high asking price and negotiate down to what you really expect and aim for, but these clubs are actually dumb enough to go 75 million for an 8/10 player? Wow at that price he must be a 10/10. Sold!

    Everton, Spurs and co laughing all the way to the bank… until they need to make their own signings and players are subsequently overpriced that is…

  26. N5

    Walker at £53m total, hahahahahhahaha!!

    I’m sure Steve will be on later to say how he’s better than any player we have but Pep/Citeh if you like Walker I’ve got a loft full of junk I can sell you for a high price.

  27. TR7

    Pep’s reputation will be completely destroyed if he fails to win the league this season. The man will have spent £200M on his defense alone by the time transfer window comes to a close.

  28. Leedsgunner

    I hope Sheffield Utd insisted on a sell on clause when they sold Kyle Walker to Tottenham… 😉

  29. N5

    It makes me laugh TR7 with this current Pep. It feels like FIFA 17 buying. There a strange combo of players that I’m not sure how well will work together.

    Firstly, you’ve got a load of new players at once trying to adjust, Secondly, you have a team of individuals….again. Citeh players need time to fit in to each others game, gain an understanding of how each other plays etc.

    For £200m+ I’d be expecting silverware if I was Mansour bin Zayed Al Nahyan ah lam a ding dong.

  30. N5

    Ha ha Leeds I knew it. I honestly in all the years I’ve been on here have never read him say a positive thing about anything Arsenal. He claims he dislikes Arsene, but I’ve never read him say anything good about anyone at the club.

    Even the most hateful towards Wenger like some of the players.

  31. N5

    Maureen possibly keeping Ibrahimovic on according to the BBC.

    It’s seems like Mou “Dares to Zlatan”.

  32. TR7


    I thought Mourinho was the ultimate cheque book manager and Pep was more about instilling chemistry and ‘cohesion’ in his teams even if he spent big money from time to time. At Bayern and Barcelona he didn’t need to spend much as the core of both the teams were world class. At Citeh, he seems to have adopted the simple formula of buying the best players available in the market for all the 11 positions. As you said it’s FIFA 17. The worse thing is he is not even buying the right players. I have always said Pep doesn’t have an eye for defensive players. He’s spent £100M on Stones and Walker – two defenders who can’t defend. Bravo has turned out to be a disaster. I don’t know anything about his new £42M keeper Ederson but if even he flops then well, he would have found the most effective way to waste £200M.

  33. Alexanderhenry


    ‘Wenger is not a normal manager where winning is everything’

    Strange idea as most managers never win anything whereas wenger’s won quite a lot.

  34. Sanmi

    Here’s the truth about us all, we all have narratives we are trying to peddle and so we create stories or accept stories that suit such narratives. Where it becomes weird is when we start to refer to those with other narratives as idiots.

    But an intellectual discourse is one in which both parties start to see merits in others narratives and substitute accordingly, then you’d have learnt!

  35. Rambo Ramsey

    Team news!



  36. HillWood

    A H
    Why do so many players talk about ” The Arsenal Journey “?
    It’s Wenger talk
    Other managers do their utmost to win but without Arsenal resources

  37. Jamie

    “..I was Mansour bin Zayed Al Nahyan ah lam a ding dong.”

    Casual racism. Preemptive response: “It was just a joke, lighten up.”

    Would it not be better to stick to footballing opinions? Just a thought.

  38. leon

    To me Thoe Walcott is perfect example of what is wrong with the team; there far to many over paid average players in the team and end result of that they not hungry because because they don’t to fight to get better contracts it’s just given to them.

    I don’t think k wenger has the tactics and he most definitely not ruthless enough to win the prem premiership. If I was in charge I would be looking to sell Koselnie Gabriel Wilshire Casorla Walcott Coquelin . Some those players average and allot those players are very injury prone . And still don’t see any real leaders in the team

  39. Jamie

    leon –

    Agreed. I would add that two current players represent the malaise in a microcosm; Theo and Jack.

    Theo, for all the reasons you mentioned, and Jack, who flies the flag for the perennially injured ‘like a new signing’ players raking in cash for 50 league appearances spread over 10 years.

  40. Rambo Ramsey

    Speaking at a press conference in Los Angeles, Mourinho said: “The way Wenger was treated, I think two more years of contract is fantastic treatment.

    “That is what every manager wants, to be strong enough to make their own decisions to forget the media opinions, the pundits’ opinions and the supporters’ opinions.

    “I think Mr Wenger got exactly what every manager wants. A strong club, two more years of contract and conditions to try to win titles. Fantastic treatment from the Arsenal board. That is what he deserves and that is what every manager want”

    Awww, Jose and Arsene sitting in a tree and all that

  41. Cesc Appeal


    I do not think so.

    Look at that middle paragraph. That is another shot against Wenger, basically saying he is powerful enough to not listen to anyone (including supporters) and just runs the show.

  42. leon

    Jamie I just think two many players in this squad have free ride. Another thing I don’t understand about wenger is how Walcott gets pushed ahead of players like Joel Chambell and Locus Pires both of whom are far more intelligent and link up allot better and work allot harder; and Ramsey gets the not over Elaine every time . I will never ever understand that. Unfortunately it’s looks like both players are going both of whom I think contribute allot more to the team and cost allot less in wages. And I haven’t mentioned Dabuety or Jenkinson either . I just don’t get the way wenger thinks

  43. Cesc Appeal

    Not sure if it is just me looking for it, but there were three or four times in that half where Lacazette moved past Giroud and created space for himself and Giroud seemed to prefer shooting or turning back on himself rather than just playing a little roller into his path in front of the goal.

    Might be nothing or, like I say, just the fact I’m looking for tension between the pair.

    Do want to see Lacazette at ST this half coming though, maybe bring Ozil on and let us see if they can start developing an understanding against lesser opposition.

  44. loyika

    Not really CA

    Jose’s gripe has always been the fact that he feels Arsene gets a free ride (something he wished he had)

    The problem was, he could some how justify SAF getting a free ride as he won trophies in the latter years, while Arsene went all “Sinatra My Way!” and pushed winning to the side.

    Jose wants to stay at a club for as long as SAF and Arsene to build a legacy (thought he had that at Chelsea at the second time of asking, and i belive if the players hadn’t abandoned ship in such a drastic manner, he would have changed the lot of them season end)

    His issue with Arsene is due to Arsene not showing him (based on Jose’s view) the respect he believes he deserves (where Arsene just paints him as a Cheque book Manager)

    But make no mistake, they are both Power hungry egoist (just that Jose loves winning trophies as a means to an end)

    He would love to be in a position where he sticks the finger to the Fans, Media, and especially the Pundits. Even Pep has a bit of that to him, only difference is Pep is not looking at building any long legacy at any club and generally gets bored after 4/5 seasons.

  45. Akilan

    You may have a point there. He looked pissed when laca scored last game. Uncharacteristic from the big ollie

  46. Cesc Appeal


    Maybe it is not just me then.

    Lacazette congratulated Monreal after Giroud’s goal as well, did not embrace Giroud. Unless of course the camera just did not capture it.

    Nice to have a bit of fire in the team in terms of contest between two players, but we do have to be careful it does not get silly. As I say, I counted a few times I felt Giroud (whose link up play is very good) could easily have rolled a ball into the path on Lacazette a few yards from the goal, but he did not and chose the far less sensible option of shooting through a crowd or turning around to face away from the goal.

  47. Cesc Appeal


    That is what I am saying though. A shot dressed up as a compliment, Mourinho has always hated that Wenger does not live in the real world of management with objectives and accountability and the possibility of getting sacked.

    That is why he hates Wenger, I think. In his mind he has achieved far more than Wenger and yet still has to live in the real world of football managers, where to him Wenger is a fourth place manager who is somehow CEO, CFO, DoF, owner and manager of one club.

  48. Samesong

    Cesc wouldn’t look into that too much I would be worried if there wasn’t any rivalry between the pair both fighting each of for club and national teams.

  49. Cesc Appeal


    Both French in a World Cup year as well. We can use the rivalry to Arsenal’s advantage, but have to supervise it carefully.


    3-4-2-1 looks like to me, Iwobi and Lacazette are much deeper than Giroud until we overload the box and then both of them and Ramsey push up.



    But we have to be careful, Giroud refusing to pass to Lacazette is the kind of negatives of a rivalry we do not want. Busting a gut to try and be the best and always looking to get in to get one over on the other, great.

  50. Bamford10


    “Can someone tell me how Pepsy Fraudiola is any different from Mourinho? Checkbook managers the both of them.”

    No offense, but this remark is so shallow, uninformed and dumb that it suggests you don’t know much about the game (outside of the PL).

  51. loyika

    Competition is healthy and players don’t necessary have to love each other to form a partnership. This is where Arsene has to earn his strips as being a Man Manager.

    CR7 and Bale didn’t get along at first (same with Rudd at United) I think RVP said Freddie never spoke to him in a friendly manner.

    Giroud should just be professional (if he stays) and we should be fine.

  52. Samesong

    I know these teams are weak but laca makes his finishes look so easy very clinical player. I can see him next season outscoring Giroud and getting a call up to France.

  53. Cesc Appeal


    Might be some occasions where both could work, sort of like France’s big and little routine with Giroud and Griezmann. Though of course Lacazette is not as good as Griezmann.

    I would guess, if Giroud stays, Wenger will both use that as an experiment and to try and keep Giroud happy.

    Though I agree, our starting line up should be Lacazette alone at ST.

  54. Rambo Ramsey

    Cesc, interesting. Might be how we line up in competitive games, Ozil and Sanchez operating deeper behind Lacazette.

  55. Bamford10


    Are we good enough in central midfield as is? Or do we need at least one quality central midfield signing to be an XI capable of challenging?

  56. Rambo Ramsey

    Bamford, you can take your extensive football knowledge and stick it up where the sun don’t shine, you annoying ankle-biting twat.

  57. loyika

    @ CA

    Yeah true. Reminds of the game where Eduardo got his leg broken. I think towards the end (before the Clicy show) there was a move involving Ade and Nik B where a simple pass from one would have put the other through in to goal (can’t remember whom was to pass to whom of the bat) but it didn’t happen and that move broke down. The rest they say is history.

  58. N5

    Jamie of course it wasn’t causal racism, I added a few words because his name is so long, not a single part of that was meant racistly. Jesus Christ.

  59. gonsterous

    have you guys ever seen girouds reaction when other players score.. he’s never the happiest. only diff is, when laca scored, everyone looked to see what the reaction of oli was.. therefore, unnecessary tension created by the fans…

  60. N5

    Jesus gonsterous, I know man. People have read my comments for long enough to know that I’m so far the other way from racism. I’ve been called a social warrior, a leftie and told I’m overly sensitive to suddenly being called racist.

    There is a reason on Jamie digged me out for it though, no one else thought I meant it in any other way than stupidity.

  61. gonsterous


    I’ve been called a social warrior, a leftie and told I’m overly sensitive to suddenly being called racist.

    that’s the dream, isn’t it ??

  62. TR7

    Yes Welbeck’s poor finishing has me a bit worried. I like the guy and I think his style suits our game but as a striker if you don’t score that’s a massive problem.

  63. Jamie

    N5 –

    Adding ‘a ding dong’ to a foreign ‘long’ last name is casual racism/discrimination. We agree that it was stupidity as well.

    I’m not interested in how other people view you. I read what I read. Go to UAE and call Sheikh Mansour ‘Sheikh Mansour bin Zayed al a ding dong’ to his face, surrounded by his security, and count how many people in the room are laughing.

  64. Redtruth

    “For £200m+ I’d be expecting silverware if I was Mansour bin Zayed Al Nahyan ah lam a ding dong.”

    Says the man who has been watching an underperforming Arsenal for nigh on a generation…lol

  65. Marko

    Good thing.about Walker’s transfer fee is if Bellerin keeps progressing and outperforms him (which he’s capable of) we can always look for a mammoth fee when selling him. I mean we’ll likely get 35 million for him but he’ll be worth a lot more

  66. N5

    Jamie. I’m sorry if it offended you but I was being silly. I didn’t for a minute mean it in a racist way and I’m still a little confused as to how it is.

    To me I was just adding extra names to an already long name for affect, no more no less.

    I’m sure he wouldn’t find it funny, but it wasn’t directed at him and I wouldn’t address him as such.

    Where I work I’m told, it’s not what offends you it’s what offends others that’s the issue, so as I said above, if you took it that was then my apologies. But I do have to defend myself that in no way was it meant like that

  67. N5

    I really don’t see what Arsenal get out of these friendlies. Surely it’s better to play nearer and against teams that’ll test us?

    The travel tires them out and the teams are a pointless exercise are they not?

  68. Jamie

    N5 –

    Wow, fair play. I’m perhaps overly sensitive because my father was from Algeria. Calling someone a casual racist isn’t great form either. Cheers.

  69. Marko

    Adding ding dong to a foreign name is casual racism? Is there a manual somewhere I can read that cause that doesn’t sound right. Alexis Sanchez-ding dong is that correct? Or how about Mohammed Elneny ding dong? I mean maybe if you added c’s instead of d’s when talking about an Asian person maybe you’re onto something… I’ll have to check the “book” on that one

  70. N5

    Cheers Jamie.

    SS, I honestly don’t see the point in this game at all. It’s just highlighting how underprepared we are. We should destroy such teams.

  71. N5

    “Says the man who has been watching an underperforming Arsenal for nigh on a generation…lol”

    But we won some silverware in that time didn’t we? Say Pep doesn’t even lift the league cup next season, I’m not sure his bosses are going to be pleased.

  72. N5

    Ha ha, Wenger just can’t help having his 65-70 minutes subs can he, in this case he’s put on 300 of them.

  73. N5

    Red, I’m only watching with one eye, does that let me off a bit?

    I’m still not going next season, but I still care what happens, I can’t just turn that off. I just want be giving any money to the club for a while.

  74. Marko

    You can’t even resist watching meaningless warm up games….How will you resist watching the start of the season…lol

    Doesn’t make sense. Not even funny.

  75. Jamie

    N5 –

    I expect the friendlies against Bayern and Chelsea to show us just how unprepared we are.

    We haven’t had to defend at all over 180 mins.

  76. N5

    “So winning an FA Cup wipes out 13 years of ineptitude…lol”

    You know you took that out of context don’t you! I never said that. I said that if Pep doesn’t at least win that, he’s gonna be facing the music. Wenger has a different person employing him who obviously agrees with your statement.

  77. N5

    Agreed Jamie. Bayern and Chelsea could field a weak teams and still give us the run around. These clubs currently we’ve been playing are so far below our standard that the scores are masking just how bad it all is currently.

  78. Marko

    I love how Red gives N5 shit for having an interest in Arsenal. Be more like Red I say…sure he’s on an Arsenal blog daily and likely watches the games still but he does it in spite and ironically.

  79. Samesong

    Just my two pence worth ding dong actually means dick in English slang so it’s not actually a racist term. However those in the know if I called you dick after your name you would be offended. We are a diverse community so what might not offend one might offend others so you can f*** off now see I just said that but I love all you guys really. 100% don’t think N5 was being racist and I’m Muslim to.

  80. Cesc Appeal

    Unimpressed with Arsenal over the two games, only preseason games against really weak teams but you often come away with a player or two having really impressed you in the first team.

    Only player who stuck out really was Nelson.

    Next week will be more telling, we could have been in casual mode for these games. More likely to see something close to full team and a bit more effort from the players etc against Munich and Chelsea, or not, obviously.

    Are Munich bringing over Tolisso, James etc does anyone know?

  81. S.Asoa

    Arsenal were just a wee better than WSW and therefore won by 3-1
    But for games of Premier League standards which saw a big leap in competition across all teams it is just good for bottom half standards.
    There was no intelligent reaction to their playing style . Plus showed up Walnut as a fraud striker pretender. The academy forward is suffering from Wenger style dither and needs to be loaned up to improve under a normal manager.
    Same same . Rancid 67 year old wine in a new contract

  82. N5

    Marko, do you remember that one night over the years though when he liked me? I heard hell froze over that night and gravity stopped, but it did happen. He’s back to disliking me again now though so I’m coping it.

    Thanks SS, but you’re right, what offends one might not offend others, hence why I apologised. It was just me being silly, which could also be ignorant which is where some racism comes from anyway (Ignorance not silliness). Thanks for your comment though mate.

  83. N5

    Cesc, worryingly Ozil seems just as disinterested at the start of this season as he did the end of last, and he wants a pay rise.

    “He’s Arsene Wenger’s man, he’s better than Zidane” ha ha, yeah right.

  84. Marko

    Marko, do you remember that one night over the years though when he liked me? I heard hell froze over that night and gravity stopped, but it did happen. He’s back to disliking me again now though so I’m coping it.

    He hates himself more.

  85. N5

    “Loaning out your season ticket to a family member is not the same as terminating your season ticket membership”

    I’m not paying for it though.

  86. Relieable Sauce

    “N5 July 15, 2017 13:18:04

    “Loaning out your season ticket to a family member is not the same as terminating your season ticket membership”

    I’m not paying for it though…lol”

  87. N5

    Red make sure you pick one up, it’s only up the road from you. They do a tour too if you want to meet a player like Lee Dixon. He’ll even sit you in Wengers interview chair and you can pretend to be silly ol Wenger saying things like Mental Strength.

    You’ll have a cracking time buddy.

  88. N5

    “You are giving money to Arsenal via your nephew…plonker…lol”

    No of course not, I gave the season ticket to the supporters club and he was the one who said he wanted it. The club want tickets and I didn’t want mine, why would I pass it back to the club when there are still fans local to me that want to go, especially if they are family.

    I’ve not paid a penny and I had no intention of renewing, but I also gave family a chance to go. He’s only young and just enjoys football.

  89. N5

    “The end results the same with money going back to the club”

    Which was going to happen regardless. Whether the supporters club had it or the Arsenal had it, the money was going to go back into the club.

    I haven’t got as much sway as you must think I have, if my season ticket is sent back to the club, Wenger isn’t going to open the mail, see it and then tearfully say, enough is enough Glen hasn’t renewed, I’m gone!!

  90. GoonerInNY


    If only you had that power. You would make a lot of people very happy.

    I agree with N5. You can’t stop Arsenal from selling tickets. You can only make decisions for yourself. I applaud N5’s stand.

  91. TR7

    Asked whether he’d returned with a bid of £123 million for Mbappe, Wenger replied:

    “That’s not true. People have a big imagination. What we know now with Mbappe is that it [his valuation] is over £100 [million], after it’s free to imagine what you want. We have not made any offer.

    “It looks like that [he will stay at Monaco], yeah. Too much choice maybe, so in the end people don’t move.”

  92. Joe

    Would you please stop with the cheque book manager bollocks.

    It’s so petty and lame.

    Just because our manager is a loser and won’t spend the money available to him because of his values and his love for dross players that are kept on for way too long

    Wenger is the only manager in the whole world of any sport who won’t spend what’s given to him. What a loser

    Is koeman a cheque book manager too?

    Only at Arsenal. Only because of wenger do people here use “cheque book manager”

    Again who gives a fuck what pep spends. What Jose spends. What conte, poch, klopp spend. Good for them.

    Wish our manager would spend to make us excited for once

    Wenger has completely ruined this club and it’s fans that he has them calling other managaer cheque book because of some
    So called “values”.


  93. Sanmi


    Do the needful and quit supporting arsenal. Why do what you don’t enjoy?

    Clearly Wenger ain’t going nowhere
    Some of us want him to stay luckily we are the majority.

    So bugger off

  94. steve

    “Some of us want him to stay luckily we are the majority.”

    That confirms that the majority of Arsenals fanbase are r*tards.