Alexis Sanchez to stay? Here’s what happened the last time Wenger put his foot down

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Quick post from me this evening because not much seems to have moved in the world of Arsenal.

Chilean goal machine, Alexis ‘the real deal’ Sanchez, might not land his BIG move to Manchester City to play under Pep G. Wenger is digging his 12 inch party shoes into the Emirates turf… roped the our poor old wingers neck.

‘Tu restes toi litte poo’

… is the word on the street.

It’s hard to work out what the game is here. All the stories are hinting that a mega offer would suffice. £90m being the touted number in which the club would agree to let him go. That’s a staggering amount of cash for a player with a year to go on his deal, but it’s the sort of money major clubs looking to win things will spend in the pursuit of proper trophies.

Here’s my thing. We really don’t need our best player stinking out the place for a whole season. I have my faith that Alexis is incapable of anything less than 100%, however, he’s more than capable of playing the game on his terms for the whole season. I love an Alexis show, but not the one where he’s losing the ball every 5 minutes and playing like a one man team.

I also don’t want him shutting down heading into a World Cup, looking to preserve his legs to make sure he’s peak health heading into a shopping window.

We’ve been here before with a ‘resolute manager not willing to budge’… remember that time when Wenger was growing quietly confident he’d keep Cesc and Nasri… then he shit the bed and sold both.

Lose Alexis and we’re less of a force, even if we do manage to prize Thomas Lemar from Monaco.

Still, plenty of summer to go.

Hopefully the club can work hard to shift on Perez, Jenks, Debuchy, Wilshere, Ospina and Gibbs. That’ll free up a nice bit of cash. I really hope we move on Giroud and Theo as well.

I can’t for the life of me work out why we can’t move on Theo. He’s no Arsenal player, but come on, he’s worth 20 goals a season to an Everton, Stoke or West Ham. He has pace, an eye for goal, and about 8 games where you think he’s grown a pair… usually because he’s had a fancy haircut and upped his body art game to a new slightly prison like level.

His slick do and sailor tatts don’t have me fooled… move him on, and take that fucking coffee machine off him because he’s not worth the Cuban dark roast his wife gifted him. Not by a long shot.

Other news?

Chamberlain is fending off the interest of no one and ‘might’ sign a new deal.

Magic. I do like the boy. Hope he can stay fit next season and prove all the everyday haters wrong. I also hope he keeps his popstar relationship going. No reason for that last point, it’s just nice he’s found happiness.



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  1. Marko

    I think things will get worse post wenger and I think arsenal will never win major honours as long as kroenke’s in charge.
    Time will tell.

    Yeah we’ll absolutely be fine once he pisses off. If I had to put a timescale on a league win I probably couldn’t but eventually we will win a league title

  2. Champagne charlie


    What’s fun here is your total lack of comprehension.

    Welbz is better than Giroud because of how he fits into our system, his ability and technique were never compared to Aubameyang or anyone else. Simply the fact his presence in the side makes our attack more constructive than Giroud…the point that was then relayed onto Lacazette over Aubameyang because he’s miles (not marginal, lol) better than him with the ball at his feet and playing against congested defences.

    Idk what you need here to grasp what’s being said.

    You’re comparing Lacazette and Aubameyang as strikers, but only looking at goals and speed. Aubameyang can’t dribble, can’t pass, and isn’t the least bit effective when against two banks of four. Lacazette is quick and clinical (like Aubameyang), but he can dribble past players, interplay in congested areas when defences are packed, and operate comfortably when teams sit deep.

    Of course you deny all this and pretend Aubameyang is superior etc etc, doublethink provided the statistical references for you though. Keep up the good fight, Aubameyang appreciates it.

  3. Marko

    Also absolutely can the premier league’s best DM get into the Barcelona team. Their midfield isn’t great anymore and they’re trying to sign Paulinho.

  4. Redtruth


    How successful in Europe were we before Kroenke’s involvement with the club.

    It’s Abramovich’s involvement with Chelsea that has damaged and halted Arsenal.

  5. Marko

    Welbz is better than Giroud because of how he fits into our system

    So how does Welbeck fit into our system better than Giroud compare to Lacazette and Auba? That’s it. How? You seem to be basing your opinion (that’s just it) on Lacazette having better technical ability than Auba but Welbeck has awful technical ability.

    Aubameyang can’t dribble, can’t pass, and isn’t the least bit effective when against two banks of four.

    Really? They must be playing with two banks of two over in Germany otherwise how to explain the 40 goals last season.

  6. Bamford10

    Champagne is really spinning the wheels here.

    Let me try to help: the reason Welbeck works better in our XI than Giroud — and note, btw, that not everyone agrees with this assessment — is because Welbeck gives us pace, movement, runs in behind the back four, etc., whereas Giroud gives us a handsome lamppost.

    The same analogy doesn’t work for Lacazette and Aubameyang, though, because post give you pace and running.

    So apparently Charlie is saying that Lacazette is more skillful than Aubameyang, a better passer, better with the ball at his feet, better in combination, etc. I haven’t watched either enough to truly judge this, but my sense is this is pretty much nonsense. Aubameyang may not be all that fabulous at the above, but I suspect the gap between him and Lacazette in this respect is not all that massive.

    I hope I’m wrong, though.

  7. Bamford10


    Fair point re Ibrahimovic, except that he’s a fucking genius and can beat players off the dribble. Being a genius and being able to beat players off the dribble nullified his lack of pace.

    Giroud is neither a genius nor is he capable of beating players off the dribble. So, ummm, no on that point.

    As for winning the French title with Montpellier, sure, but that was Ligue 1 and Ligue 1 before it was as good as it is today. Look, for example, at the PSG team from 2011-12. Nothing like the talent-laden PSG of today.

    No way Giroud is the starting CF of any PL team that has won the title over the past ten seasons. None. He has no pace, and he doesn’t have the dribbling or the magic to compensate for his absence of pace and running.

    Good player, and he’s done a job for us, but he isn’t what you would like him to be.

  8. Bamford10

    “Olivier Giroud admits he’s not sure if he’ll still be at Arsenal when the transfer window closes.

    After expressing his dissatisfaction at a lack of game time at the Emirates, the France international has attracted interest from West Ham United, Everton and Marseille this summer.

    It’s believed all three clubs are willing to pay in excess of £20 million for the 30-year-old, a significant profit for the Gunners on the £12 million paid to Montpellier five years ago.

    Arsene Wenger has repeatedly made clear he wishes to keep the striker but it’s thought he could be willing to sell his compatriot if Alexis Sanchez commits his future to the club. The Gunners have already signed Alexandre Lacazette for a club-record fee this summer, further increasing the competition for an attacking starting berth.

    Speaking to Sky Sports in Sydney, Giroud said: ‘I honestly don’t know [about my future]. At the moment I’m still an Arsenal player so I’ll try to be professional like always and prepare well for next season.’ ”

    – Arseblog this morning