Jens Lehmann is confirmed, but what will he do?

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We have confirmation. Jen Lehmann:

“Yes, it’s true,”

Good work Jens, good work.

Still no real news on what exactly his role at the club will be. Cone Manager? Lucozade Refill Director? Naughty Corner Operator?

Many wild opportunities ahead for the German, good luck. Now our stagnation is on YOUR head.

Arsenal news is so stretched right now, it’s actually a story that Arsenal fans have an acronym for a quartet of players who will likely never be at the club at the same time.

LMAO – Lacazette / Mahrez / Alexis / Ozil

Wonderful. Award winning creativity.

Here’s my thing with all the names on that list: They come with development baggage.

Arsenal are that family that thinks they’re normal, but it’s mostly because everyone lets the bad behaviour slide. Sure, Christmas went past nicely, but no one mentioned John streaking in the woods, no one address Sally’s 4th marriage in 2 years, and no one asked how Dave can afford a Jaguar when all he does is stay home and get stoned all day.

That’s why Jens Lehmann might be interesting. He’d not let a misplaced breadcrumb slide.

Here’s my list of bad behaviour that Jens would need to deal with.

Alexis: Superb player, but plays for himself. Loses the ball a horrendous amount of times because he plays for himself.

Ozil: One of the most exciting creative talents on the planet, but you only get 70% of him. Doesn’t show up in big games. Questionable character.

Mahrez: Wonderful talent, but when the chips are down, like last season. He goes missing.

Lacazette: I mean, now I’ve landed on Lacazette, I realise this one doesn’t fit into the mixer. But let’s just say, he needs to bring it in the big games and be more elite.

Maybe Jens Lehmann can have the difficult conversations? Maybe he’s the guy calling Ozil a coward? Maybe he’s the guy who deals with Alexis when he sulks after being subbed at a non-league side? Maybe he becomes the fear factor… because I have the feeling that’s not Wenger these days.

Anyway, it’s an interesting hire, and it’ll be fascinating to see how close he’s brought into the mixer. It’s literally the most aggressive coaching signing Wenger could have made outside bringing in an actual experienced expert.

However, I’d hold off the: ‘See, he can change’

… because all the evidence points towards that being a nonsense. Wenger is the master of PR and fans are pretty dim and forgetful of how this game works.


> Always on Wenger’s terms

Let’s see how this pans out.


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  1. Obum

    Lots of people complaining jack w couldn’t make Bournemouth, same people tear their hairs off hearing Gnabry(who couldn’t make west brom) joining Bayern. There’s a player in their, get his fitness better managed (not Colbert management ). We all know what he can do

  2. Wallace

    if Lukaku goes for 90m + and Morata 70m or so it’ll make our deal for Lacazette look v smart. think all three fall into that category just shy of the very best.

  3. Leedsgunner

    The £400k per week wage demands stories sounds too much like negative spin designed to turn fans against the player. They did exactly the same when RvP left the club.

    Before we start denouncing Sanchez as a greedy money grabbing s.o.b. Let us all remember where we would be without his goals.

  4. Emiratesstroller


    Yes I agree we did have a problem several years ago when Arsenal had a huge
    bank balance, but I don’t think that is any longer the case.

    On the whole Arsenal have been paying realistic prices for their better players.

    Wenger made a valid point last year when Man Utd bought Pogba. He said
    that they paid a grossly inflated price for a central midfielder. This was the
    sort of price you paid for a top notch striker.

    Obviously prices have moved on this season. The transfer fee being discussed for Mbappe is because he is viewed as the next Ronaldo or Messi.

    That is very different from Lukaku. Can anyone recall a game where he
    played really well against us?

  5. Wallace


    he was trouble when Martinez lined him up on the right against Monreal, but since then, maybe 8-10 games, he’s been pretty much invisible every game.

  6. qna

    Emirates. I agree that he is not worth 100m. Doesnt have a good record in big games. But what choices do United have if Kane, Griezemann, Ronaldo, Lewendowski are not available? I can’t think of any.

    Wallace: Lukaku would be worth around 50m in my opinion. Apply the factor of 2:1 to Morata gives 35m and Lazazette 26m. That is not far off in my opinion. You have many more players at the Lacazette level which is why there is more supply and that pushes price down.

  7. raptora

    Rumors that PSG are ready to make a £70m move for Coutinho. If Pool sell him they are going to have a really, really hard time replacing the brazilian. Might go as far as that if they sell him it will jeopardize their already shaky legs in the top 4 fight. If with the money they get Auba though they could be back on track.

  8. Emiratesstroller


    My recollection has been that he was always fairly invisible when he played us.

    We played them in last game of season with 10 players when Koscielny was
    sent off. We won 3-1 and yes Lukaku did score a goal, but it was a penalty.

    If you look at his general goalscoring record it is seldom against the better
    teams. My impression is that he is a bit of a ‘flat track’ bully.

    I have watched quite a few games where Morata has played. He is a decent
    footballer, but he is not exactly a prolific goalscorer. The idea that he is worth
    £70 million is preposterous.

  9. Wallace


    “You have many more players at the Lacazette level which is why there is more supply and that pushes price down.”

    you think Lukaku is worth twice what Lacazette is?

    personally, given the choice, money not an issue, I’d take the Frenchman.

  10. Emiratesstroller


    I think that you are wrong in your valuation. Lacazette is a proven goalscorer over several seasons albeit in French Ligue. In current market he is worth what we have paid and on par with Lukaku

    Real Madrid exercised option to buy Morata back not because he was likely to be a regular player in their starting lineup, but to make profit on resale.He is
    worth less than Lacazette, because I doubt that he is a 20 goal a season player.

  11. Leedsgunner

    The Sanchez wage stories are also from John Cross, a well known Wenger apologist. I wouldn’t believe a word of it. He was the one last week that Mbappe was still on and that Alexis and Özil’s contract depended on Wenger staying…

    It’s guesswork.

  12. Ishola70

    Ornstein is wrong in his opinion re: Lacazette in one respect and whether he is a very good source has no bearing on this particular case.

    He said that Arsenal are showing that they can sign world class players without Champions League football.

    Let’s remember that Lacazette would not even be at Arsenal if it were not for the transfer embargo placed on Atletico Madrid.

    Also it was said on here a while back that Lacazette was a realistic option for Arsenal to sign while being in the Europa League.

    So while it can be seen as a positive that Arsenal have acquired one of the better players that were possible to sign while in Europa League this signing is not some amazing coup with fans in disbelief that Lacazette joins with Arsenal not in Champions League.

    As far as we know apart from Atletico Madrid who had the ban placed on them no other big club with Champions League football was in for Lacazette.

  13. Cesc Appeal



    Sanchez wanting £400 000 puts Arsenal in the position of victim almost. Have to wait and see what happens, if Sanchez leaves for City and his wages are something like £250 000 a week or thereabouts no doubt some questions will be asked.

    Starting to worry we are actually going to sign Mahrez now as well. So much smoke around that one. With our current set up I think that would be a dumb move on our part, even worse if the fee is anything over £30 Million.