Jens Lehmann is accountability

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Happy JULY 4TH people. This, for me, is a day where I’m wheeled out to parties and asked…

‘Does it bother you?’

Arsenal didn’t land their independence this summer, but we do appear to be doing some things that are pleasing to the eye.

Word on the street is Arsene Wenger is signing up Mad Jens Lehmann to the coaching staff.

Does that make me happy? Damn straight it does. The German is a winner, a leader and I like to think of him as very intelligent. He also has a book coming out.

He has a book coming out.

I wonder if he has to pull the book as part of the deal? I wonder if the club have sifted through the pages?

If he’s coming in to work with the first team, that’s a massive bonus. I don’t know what his technical knowledge of the game is like, but I know he’s an imposing figure and I know that he’ll be a positive influence on the players.  He is accountability. He will not tolerate flaky behavior. He understands where British clubs are falling behind.

“There is a big discrepancy between money and know how in the Premier League. The clubs don’t use their potential properly,”

“When I joined Arsenal there were few English clubs that were good on tactics. Things have not changed much since then.

“Bundesliga clubs have less money, but in footballing terms they are on a par with their English counterparts.”

Knowing the problem is 10% of the battle. Making things better is a whole new level. Let’s hope he can headlock Wenger into real change, the whole year.

There are also rumours flying around the web that Alexis Sanchez MIGHT stay. It’d be a wondrous dream if he did. I hope it’s to sign a new deal, not sit out a season then tap out in February.

The papers are also pushing hard on the idea that we could break the bank for another French striker and land M’Bappe.

Really would love to put on the VR headset that takes me to dream world on that deal, but can’t really see us dropping £120m after landing a player who loosely does the same thing. Would be very odd. Unless Wenger is planning on placing a 26-year-old striker on the wing to push his technical skills up or something weird like that?

I still have no idea what the plan is for the squad. The players we’re looking at don’t really seem to add up to much?

Two strikers and a left back. I mean, all upgrades. But 20+ points of better?

I’m not so sure.

However, I spent all last season bitching that the squad was good enough to win the league. We had better players than Spurs and City. So if we keep what we have, bolster it with goals and the Bundesliga left back of the century… then maybe we can do something.

I mean, I’m resting it all on Jens, HUSS FAHMY, and BIG Darren Burgess to make the magic happen.

… but look, we’ll have to start getting into the hope zone shortly.

Right, that’s me done. Enjoy the day. This week we’ll look at how Arsenal can become heroes again.


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  1. raptora

    Everton are probably gonna cash on Lukaku so they are not really spending that big. They spent 30m on Pickford, 30m on Keane, ~6m on Sandro and ~24m on Klaassen. So far a total of 90m spent. They will regain like 70+ for Lukaku so they basically spent less than 20m so far. It’s not that amazing. If they are serious AND they keep Lukaku then we can look at them as a team that wants to make that extra step higher. But it looks like they are just going to stay at the same place. At least they are spending on top of what they are going to get from Lukaku. That’s respectable. But moving inside top 6… don’t think so.

  2. Leedsgunner

    Very very ironic that Wenger is spending £50m+ on a striker in the year that we are out of UCL football… despite saying for years and years the importance of Champions League in attracting the right calibre of player to the club.

    I guess desperate times call for desperate measures.

  3. Tomtom

    After watching the massive success of rugby’s lions tour I feel that maybe football has reached saturation point and that falling viewer figures are simply due to football being over marketed and hyped beyond its worth.
    Maybe it’s just me but football no longer seems as exciting as it once was and part of that is down to a seemingly never ending stream of games no matter the time of year.
    At least in rugby you get large periods with no major tournaments and I feel that this helps build anticipation for the major games.

  4. HighburyLegend

    “Word on the street is Arsene Wenger is signing up Mad Jens Lehmann to the coaching staff.”

    For now, these are only “words on the street”…

  5. Carts

    I agree wth that – if Everton don’t replace Lukaku’s goals, then 6th will be there anticipated finishing position

  6. raptora

    Rudiger is apparently going to Chelsea for £34m. Do you guys rate him more than Mustafi? I mean for this amount of money not sure we are talking for a bargain. Rudiger (24) is 1 year younger, Mustafi has been ahead of him in the national team. Rudiger has missed twice more games through injuries, including a couple of serious ones. We shall see who got the better german.

  7. Rambo Ramsey

    Chelsea target Antonio Rudiger:

    “I have been following Arsenal since the days of Henry and Bergkamp. I have always dreamed of the Premier League. I watch videos of Arsenal all the time on YouTube and I often wear the current Alexis Sanchez shirt. My heart beats for Arsenal.”


  8. raptora

    LOL at that Rudiger quote. Sad for him that he didn’t join us I guess. There’s rarely place for sentiments in football though.
    Happy for Jens. He’s a proper bloke. Always liked him.

    Quick question: what do you guys think is a reasonable price for Lemar that is good for both Arsenal and Monaco?

    I’m going towards the £50m but they will probably want more. Imo £60m is going waaay over the top but who knows how much we want him. My guess is this transfer is related to Sanchez leaving though. It doesn’t make sense to have Sanchez, Lacazette, Ozil as a starter three and splash a huge amount of money for someone who’s not going to have a guaranteed place in the first 11. Ofc that I’ll be happy to have this “problem” of who to start in my team, but not when we could upgrade on other positions (CM mainly).

  9. Wallace


    anything over 45m is pretty steep, I think. get the feeling Monaco have drawn the line at the 5 or 6 players already pretty much out the door. think Mahrez is more likely at this point.

  10. raptora

    something along the lines of Jardim saying to Monaco’s owners: “Come on.. You’ve got to leave me something to work with. If you sell any more of my players you might as well start looking for a new coach.”
    It makes sense. And it makes the Bernardo Silva transfer look all too good.

  11. Kent

    Before you complain, get your facts right:

    “There will normally be three or four bids done very simply by e-mail,” he adds. “The opening bid will be rejected in 99.9 per cent of cases. The second gets closer, and then one or two final bids. It’s like a game of poker.”

    From Skysports

  12. Leedsgunner

    “Jenkinson is still at Arsenal somehow, not even a rumour linking him to any club.”

    Hindsight, of course, is always 20/20 but we should have sold him in 2014 when West Ham wanted to take him away. I think £12m was the price being quoted for him. Considering he was bought at £1m it would have been a good piece of business.

  13. Kent

    Joe @

    Haha do u have a fucking clue? You just sounds like Trump, lol.

    Talking a LOT of shit with no relevans 🙂

  14. Carts

    Jenkinson will need to drop to the championship. Problem is that he’d be hard pressed to find someone who’ll pay him anywhere near £40k p/w.

    Before Terry’s reputed £60k wage, the highest earner were allegedly McCormack and Rhodes on £40k p/w

  15. HighburyLegend

    “Ashley Cole hopes to return to Chelsea in the future as either a scout or a coach.”
    What a pig.

  16. Marko

    any of your half baked assertions about dithering have been made to look stupid

    So far so good is right Charlie but we could have signed Lacazette during the last two years and the fact that it’s taken us two years to pull the trigger on his transfer suggests dithering on the part of the club. It’s pretty simple. No need to make excuses for it. So therefore I’m hardly talking shite by saying that we are a club that dithers on transfers