Arsenal land Lacazette

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When you hear the cost of the salt beef bagel

When you hear the cost of the salt beef bagel

The ORNSTEIN has spoken and he says we’ve landed Lacazette.

Great news. I mean, if you accept our level and where we are, it’s the best we could do.

He comes with bags of goals. He’s super incisive in front of the net, he’s quick and he boasts the finesse Giroud has at bringing others into the game (being serious there, he’s a good link up guy).

Is he elite? I have my doubts.

Will he take the edge off losing Sanchez? Maybe. Kind of feel he’s a bit like being given a paracetamol when you’ve just cut your finger off in a lawnmower. Time will tell.

If we follow up with Lemar, at least we’ll have two new players to get excited about.

Pretty much the only interesting thing said in yesterday’s fan washout, was that Arsene just wants first team players, he’s not interested in building out numbers.

Not great news, because that means he’s not going to hit up a fire sale.

He’s also not making any serious changes to his backroom staff. So it’s basically going to be more of the same next year.

So it’s basically going to be more of the same next year.

Will that lead us to Champions League places? Maybe. Will it win us the league? Doubtful.

As for the Q&A, it’s not even worth talking about. Ivan Gazidis has disappointed me. We know he’s in it for the cash. He is part of a corrupt sporting system that celebrates and rewards mediocrity. His job is to make you feel proud of being classy and average. He does a good job of that.

Very disappointing, but it is what it is. We backed the wrong owner. This is us for the time being.


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  1. Samir

    Late reply from me but Mbappe for 110-130M is practical. Look at it this way;

    We lose Sanchez for 50M.
    Giroud for 20M.
    That’s 70M right there. Add 60M and we’ve got Mbappe.
    Overall we’d have spend 110M on him, Lacazette and Kolasinac. (Probably get a few million for Ospina, Gibbs, Perez, Campbell too)

    Mbappe is 18 years old. He could stay here for 7 years, do great then leave at 25 years old for a crazy fee (Probably 200M by then if he continues developing).

  2. Dissenter

    I don’t understand for the life of me why Mbappe is good enough for 110-130 million after ONE season.
    You really think he will stay at Arsenal for 7 years and then leave for 200 million?
    I hope you don’t do actuarial science for a major pension fund. There will be lots of placard carrying dead broke pensioners around

  3. Samir

    He’s 18 and one of the most exciting players, if not the most exciting young player in the world. Indeed he is worth that much, after TWO good seasons he will be worth even more.
    25 is a good age to go onto the next level isn’t it? That was just an example, that is why I said he ‘COULD STAY’. And have you ever heard of inflation? Also, when players get better their value usually increases, that might be a little hard for you to understand though.