8 Questions for Ivan Gazidis

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Quick post this morning because the Ivan G Q&A is a bit later.

My questions:

1. Why did Arsene Wenger and the club allow contract negotiations for the manager go down to the last day of the season?

2. The narrative in the media was that the club infrastructure was so dependent on Arsene we couldn’t replace him in such a short space of time. Why has the club now opted to further entrench his power grip by ignoring the need for strong DOF?

3. Can Ivan name an elite club with a backroom model like Arsenal’s that is delivering success in Europe at the moment?

4. Can Ivan describe what data point the club were looking at when they decided our backroom team needed a performance director?

5. Can Ivan explain why a department that has clearly performed very well has been bolstered with new talent. Yet the backroom team that has overseen consistent underperformance has been left unscathed. In particular, no new additions to the goalkeeping department. No change in the scouting department. No upgrades to a coaching staff.

6. Ivan Gazidis previously quoted as saying, 

“Arsene is ultimately accountable to the fans—they ultimately make judgment.”

This clearly is not the case. What exactly is Arsene accountable for and is there any sort of performance related tipping point in which his services would be terminated?

7. If you look at the cold hard facts, it’s very difficult to paint a picture in which Arsene Wenger is succeeding to ‘Bayern’ like levels. Media reports made it very clear that Ivan was pushing for change. Now that has not happened, does Ivan not feel his position with the fans is weakened and his perception as a CEO is too damaged to carry on?

8. Can Ivan explain what Arsenal expect to learn from a club that doesn’t win things and also explain how a partnership works with a team that’s 20+ hours away from the club?

Those would be my questions.

This is our podcast.

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  1. WengerEagle


    Dont think anyone is claiming Auba is elite, he’s more than a pace merchant than he was being described is all. And he scored goals in the ucl this season where so many flounder.

    But yeah that is it in a nutshell, if big cluns aren’t sniffing aroind when you’re 27 and averaging 40 a season questions have to be asked.

    I said last season on here Auba would be a downgrade on Benz for Madrid and I stand by it.

  2. Marko

    I like Lacazette I like him a lot so much so that I was baffled and annoyed with not signing him any of the previous two summers. But in saying that I’d prefer Auba or Belotti.

  3. WengerEagle


    With respect to Atletico, they don’t and cannot shop in the same place as Europe’s elite, all of these elite strikers they have had became elite AT the club.

    Name me 1 they bought that was established and top tier? Griezmann is as close as you will get and he was nowhere near the player he is now in 2014.

    That’s another thing I have reservations about actually, guy is a midget.

  4. China

    Charlie and co, negotiations regarding lacazette appear to have been rumbling a while now, but upping our offer at least to make a provisional verbal agreement does just take a moment, yes. Obviously.

    What stopped us making a better bid in the first place and already getting the deal sorted?

    We’ve been playing their bluff to accept a lower price and umming and erring about whether it’s worth offering more for the last month.

    Now in the same day gazidis drops an absolute clanger in pr and sanchez appears to confirm he’s off (presumably to do an rvp and win the league at a rival) and magically Arsenal make an improved offer

    Funny that

    Also why would it take a long time for Arsenal to offer an improved deal? As I said a basic verbal agreement with the club may take barely any time at all. Secondly if both teams have expected a transfer sooner or later then there is nothing at all stopping them privately writing up offers to cover a range of scenarios and firing them off immediately if and when the time comes.