Arsenal go to 20%?

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Sami Mokbel of the DM (who has great ITK game) reckons Arsenal are prepared to offer Alexis and Ozil 20% pay increases to stay at the club. When I first read it, the article didn’t make much sense, because 20% on 140k is nowhere near the £300k a week those boys are asking us for. I think what the article is trying to say is the club are going to offer the players £250kish a week, with a 20% payrise if they achieve CL status next season.

Not sure that’ll be cutting it, but who knows. Sounds a little too much like effort in a world of big wages.

Now, I can imagine Alexis might be worth £300k a week… Ozil? Not so much. Think he’d struggle to pull £250k a week at another club. You can’t have someone raking in that much cash who goes missing in the big games.


Anyway, not much to report on today BECAUSE I WANT YOU TO LISTEN TO THE PODCAST.


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  1. Cesc Appeal


    They have a good manager as well which counts for a lot, getting the little bit extra out of each player. Happens to every decent team though of that sort of stature. BvB (though not as rapidly) were picked apart from the Hummels, Gotze, Lewandowski side slowly over time.

    Shame. But I think Monaco have a good transfer approach, obviously have great scouting, great manager as well so they should be okay. I think they may surprise a few and recover well.

  2. steve


    Hopefully he’s questioned about his constant lying and why he’s such a pussy who won’t dare to question Wenger.

  3. Rambo Ramsey

    For all the jizzing on Spuds’ apparently uber talented British core, what have they won? At-least our bunch have given us 3 FA cups.

    It is claimed that Spuds have the best striker, the best midfield unit, the best fullbacks, the best center back and even the best manager. Failing to do anything of note even with all that class and talent..tsk tsk.

  4. champagne charlie


    Oi! don’t come on here with any of that truth bollocks, we should be more like spurs they’re ‘progressing’ and stuff.

  5. China

    Do Monaco have immense debts?

    If not there’s no justification for them selling half their squad

    Which is why I expect it’s not happening.

    They’ll probably sell a couple and hold the rest. Just because other clubs are sniffing around, doesn’t mean they have a realistic chance of signing all these Monaco players (without paying comedy prices at least)

  6. Bamford10

    While I am not one of the fawning Spurs admirers here, I think it’s worth pointing out that they finished 11 points above us on half the wage bill. That may not in the end say a massive amount about them — they still finished 7 points behind Chelsea — but it does say a lot about us (and Wenger) in my opinion.

  7. China

    They got enough points to win the league or come second for most years in PL history

    They didn’t win the league last year because Chelsea were exceptional by league winning standards.

    That’s not even up for debate, it’s a numerical fact

  8. Marko

    I mean Spurs are still Spurs they still find a way of fucking it up but I’d be a little embarrassed having a little dig at them while pretending everything is going good over at Arsenal FC

  9. Champagne charlie


    Leicester beat everyone to the title season before last, their strategy trumps Spurs by that logic.

    Spurs have won nothing and that’s the fact here. Finishing above Arsenal once in 21 seasons Wenger has been here doesn’t suddenly mean we should be going “ooh fuck me what are they doing over there”. Says more about our complacency which is supposedly being addressed this summer

  10. champagne charlie

    Still trying to sell everyone the idea Manolas is top quality? He’s on the verge of a deal to Zenit and his agent is doing his best to engineer a move to Chelsea. Sounds like a really good signing.

    Also, nobody is having a dig at Spurs and ignoring our own situation; some have pointed out for all the praise people are happy to give them they’ve won fuck all in a decade. Ironic you consider their 2nd place as “definition of progress” and ours the year prior a false representation. Who would have guessed that

  11. Bamford10


    What it says is they are getting far more out of the money they spend than we are, in large part because of a superior manager.

    I agree it does not make them geniuses, but it does make them a better-managed team at moment.

    As for Leicester, they were enormously smart the year they won it. Correct signings, correction formation, correct tactical approach, correct motivation and attitude.

    If only Arsenal had any of that over the past ten years.

  12. HighburyLegend

    “people are happy to give them they’ve won fuck all in a decade”

    And us ?? Oh yeah, we’we won 2 FA Cup in (more than) a decade!!
    Glory, glory…

  13. TheBayingMob

    With the clown in charge and Sanchez and Ozil in the team we finished 5th and were well off the pace all season. Why would we be bending over backwards to pay these twats superstar wages!? Doesn’t make any sense at all …

  14. OleGunner

    Colbert should’ve been fired in any case.
    Why the fuck is he still at the club along with the likes of Primorac?

    It’s absurd.

  15. Bamford10


    “Ironic you consider their 2nd place as “definition of progress” and ours the year prior a false representation. ”

    Sorry, but this isn’t even an honest take on the argument. “Progress” is relative by definition.

    Whether Spurs are making progress is relative to where they have been, and the same goes for Arsenal.

    Plus the two should be assessed / evaluated relative to their spend and size and financial resources.

    Plus Spurs finished 7 points back of an excellent Chelsea; Arsenal finished 10 points back of a good Leicester.

    An honest and objective assessment will take all of these things into account.

  16. S Asoa


    “Gazidis is a prove that if it smells like bullshit & looks like bullshit, it probably is bullshit. Pathetic snake.”
    Guess that says it all. Well put

  17. champagne charlie


    To categorise Leicester that season as merely “good” os a total disservice, they ripped teams to shreds and their defence was superb. They barely lost a game all season, no need to play the ‘better win’ scenario in order to push a narrative.

    Chelsea were on cruise control for two months, the only people that think spurs ‘pushed them all the way’ as it were are spurs fans and arsenal fans trying to point score among their own fans.

    You talk relativity about Arsenal finishing 2nd and Spurs, but you ignore that relative to previous campaigns 2nd place was an improvement – or are we forgetting the 4th place trophy period? I know that falls short of your expectations etc etc, but Arsenal (per money spent) were where they should be for a period and its been discussed at length.

  18. Oh Theo Theo!

    Rambo – I think this is a sign of Wenger’s age. I fully expect to see a daily mail article touring his home with piles of stella cans 4th place trophies hoarded in his home to the point where he can’t get through the door.

    Usual response is to cart them off to a mental institution..

  19. Cesc Appeal

    Coaching changes should have been forced on Wenger. Unfortunately supporters are in the dark as to whether the whole lot of them are in it together at board level or whether Wenger and Kroenke ran roughshod over any efforts for change.

    Wenger really is his own worst enemy though, his ego and want for control really does end up damaging himself. I would lay good money with a DoF and steady updating and improving on coaches at the club with real delegation to them he would have been far more successful over the past ten years.

    The fitness situation is bizarre, we now have Colbert still, Forsythe and this new coach all operating in the same area. Just another pointer toward the problem at Arsenal of a lack of ruthlessness, no accountability and a waste of resources.

  20. champagne charlie

    Oh theo

    Not related, two different season after various ins and outs and change of circumstance etc. Chelsea finished 10th that season but won it the year before, hardly means their title win was any less impressive.

    You’re clutching mate, Leicester was absolutely brilliant that season.

  21. Carts

    Not backing Tony Colbert, here.

    As crazy as this will sound, and excuse me for my lack of knowledge around this area, but is Colbert, essentially, accountable when players become injured during game time?

    If so, then he should’ve been given his p45 yonkers ago.

    If not, then he has a compelling argument as to why him getting the chop would be unjustifiable.

    I mean, his role is to get our player up to a certain level of fitness whereby we can maintain “a” level of performance.

    How the performances are delivered falls squarely on the coaches, themselve. Boro’s and that Cohort.

    Happy for someone to clear this up for me.

  22. S Asoa


    Read all your posts today. Beyond the substance too ,academically you are tops.
    Well written everytime .

  23. Bamford10


    I was in no way underselling what Leicester accomplished. I thought they were great that season. Excellent, even.

    But they finished with 81 points, whereas Chelsea finished with 93.

    Why you find it so difficult to acknowledge Arsenal and Wenger’s failings is beyond me.

    Spurs did well for their spend; better than us on a number of levels. This is simply not debatable.

  24. Bamford10


    “Pathetic snake.”

    Unless he sincerely meant it when he said that if Wenger was to stay, he needed to be “a catalyst for change”.

    That he lacks the power to force such change does not prove that he doesn’t believe such change is needed.

    Why is this so hard for the anti-Gazidis crowd to acknowledge? I grant it that some people distrust him, but I think the weight of the evidence points the other way: he sees that change is needed; he just doesn’t have the power to force said change.

  25. Bamford10

    By the way, for those who follow the NBA, I think there are actually some interesting parallels between Arsene Wenger and Phil Jackson.

    Jackson was hugely successful in a previous era — with Michael Jordan & the Chicago Bulls, then with Kobe Bryant and the LA Lakers. He was known for his “Zen master” approach to coaching, for his philosophical methods and for his “triangle offense”.

    Time passed, however, the game changed, and since he moved to the NY Knicks, he has shown himself to be a rigid, difficult and arrogant man with out-dated ideas about professional basketball. From saying the Warriors’ three-pointer-heavy approach to the game was dumb to insisting on sticking with the triangle offense, Jackson has been wrong time after time. Just yesterday or the day before, he was fired.

    Once regarded as the best coach in basketball, he is now the object of scorn and derision.

    Point being that just because a coach has success in a given era with a given approach does not mean he will be good or smart or correct in another era.

  26. Rambo Ramsey

    Oh okay, Gazidis wanted change and fought for it. Then got humiliated for it as Wenger and Kroenke did not even include him in their private meeting. What does he do? Proceeds to say this

    “When you look at the world of football, and you think about the great candidates that there are – and there are many great coaching candidates in the world and Arsenal is a club that all of them would want to work for because of the things we represent in football. But when you look around and make that assessment, you don’t find any better candidates than Arsène Wenger.”

    Yeah, real solid evidence you got there, pal.

  27. Champagne charlie


    Where do Arsenal and Wengers failings have any relevance in stating Spurs have won fuck all with their “model strategy”?

    Same with talking about Leicester and Chelseas title wins. None of the above was even mentioning Wenger or Arsenal but you and Marko have tried to drag it there. That’s the confusing part.

    Don’t agree that points total is reflective of much to be honest, it fluctuates year on year to the point it carries little weight. Chelsea have a higher points total than the Invincibles but they weren’t a patch on that Arsenal team. Leicester were dominant in the circumstances that year, Chelsea dominant in another.

  28. Oh Theo Theo!

    Bamford – great analogy. You can also add in Brian Clough – once a genius who went on too long and became ‘bigger than the club’, even when he was a booze-addled has been. Took a relegation to remove him.

    Wenger’s like Clough without the booze. He’s gone on too long, lost perspective and no longer knows what’s needed to produce an elite, title winning team.

    My bet is we move even further backwards, even quicker. As we have the usual indecision in the transfer market which will lead to inappropriate signings and loss of best players and keeping the dross we already have.

    There’s a bit of me sad to see Wenger so obviously out of his depth.

  29. Oh Theo Theo!

    Charlie – I think the bit that you are missing – and this is where Wenger is totally culpable – everybody said ahead of the Leicester winning season that all the big teams are in transition and that it would be the best year to sort out transfer business early and push for the title.

    It proved to be exactly that – and Wenger botched the window as he normally does and we finished behind Leicester – never looked like winning it in the end.

    And now all the other big clubs have their sh1t together, it’s even tougher to play catch-up – which he shows no ability to be able to get to grips with.

  30. China

    Trolololol Charlie

    Arsenal get second in a year when nobody turned up and the league was won with an unusually low points tally (still far ahead of us)

    Spurs get enough points to win half the PLs in a season when Chelsea got one of the highest ever totals and more teams got a higher points tally than the year below and you want us to pretend they’re the same by reducing it down to just a second place vs second place record

    You are so full of bollocks it’s laughable man

    In a more difficult campaign they got the best part of 15 more points this season than we got in our second placed season where absolutely no one apart from Leicester did anything resembling turning up

    But yeah we won the incredible fa cup. You know that tournament which everyone treats as first priority these days.

    Youre such a joker Charlie it’s hilarious

  31. China

    Charlie if Spurs got second place with 90 points but won nothing and we came 15th but won the league cup you’d still be on here spinning this as in our favour

    ‘they haven’t won anything but we have!!!’

    Enjoy the uefa league next year bro. It’s our prize for having a better season than Spurs don’t forget

  32. Thank you and goodnight


    But don’t forget Charlie’s not sticking up or making excuses for Wenger….no, he wants him out as well apparently hahahahaha

  33. Tonyd

    Seeing things unfold done Gazidis made his CfC statement it becomes clearer that it was just lip service to try to appease the fans.

    I didn’t believe when I heard it. I believe it even less now.

    If he meant it, he should have resigned when he couldn’t enforce it.

  34. Redtruth

    Wenger is nothing like Clough.
    Clough took a bunch of good players and moulded them into a great team whereas Wenger totally relies on the quality of players to shape the outcome of games…
    Clough also ruled Europe unlike Wenger who is the sick man of Europe.

  35. Rambo Ramsey

    China, what is hilarious is you getting your knickers in a twist over someone not wanking themselves over the Spuds.

    ‘We won the incredible fa cup. You know that tournament which everyone treats as first priority these days.’

    The fucking irony from a moron who bigs up the Spuds- a team who can’t even win the milk cup.

  36. steve

    I guess Wigan had a better season than Arsenal in 2013. They won the FA-cup while Arsenal went trophyless. Forget the fact that they got relegated. Lol Charlie. You really are thick.

  37. Marko

    Still trying to sell everyone the idea Manolas is top quality? He’s on the verge of a deal to Zenit and his agent is doing his best to engineer a move to Chelsea. Sounds like a really good signing.

    Zenit got in there quick and decisive. I’m sure if they waited until mid August like some clubs he’d likely be gone and they’d likely be stuck trying to sign someone like Simon Kjaar. Oops. Anyway he’d walk into our defence. Remember the same defence that conceded 60+ goals last season. No we don’t need to bring in anyone in that area

  38. Marko

    Why you find it so difficult to acknowledge Arsenal and Wenger’s failings is beyond me.

    It’s tough for him alright. Making excuse after excuse comes easy though. It’s extraordinary the argument he’s making about Spurs though. I mean they literally made progress last season and we literally regressed. What’s hard to acknowledge about that. And last season they were literally the only team close to challenging Chelsea for the title whereas when we finished 2nd to Leicester we absolutely at no point were challenging them for the title. We in fact sneaked 2nd as you were. Truth is that we should have and could have won the league that season had we bought more than just a fucking goalkeeper. Had we bought Lacazette for example I’d say we probably would have won it considering the league that season

  39. HighburyLegend

    “Even I don’t think Wenger is dumb enough to start the season with Monreal, Gibbs and Kolasinac”

    We got a bet right here lol

  40. Bamford10


    That is simply Gazidis toeing the company line. I agree that it’s a bit shameful, but it doesn’t mean he didn’t mean it when he said “the manager needs to be a catalyst for change” or when he said “the manager is accountable to the fans”. He could very much have meant these things and yet still be in a position where he publicly needs to spout the kind of bollocks you cited.

    No contradiction there at all.

  41. Joe

    The fucking irony from a moron who bigs up the Spuds- a team who can’t even win the milk cup

    If you think that a FA cup makes a successful season For a club of Arsenal’s stature then you have been duped 100% by wenger And his lowered expectations.

    Doesn’t make you a better fan to be happy about it. Makes you a sad puppet.

    And to claim we had a better season
    Than Spurs because we won the fa cup is laughable. The same
    Trophy won by Wigan and Portsmouth recently and teams like
    Hull. Wigan and crystal palace making the final.

    Spurs are on the up spending half of what we do(money always been such a big issue
    With “fans” like CC)

  42. Champagne charlie

    Wait…so manolas is quality irrespective of a move to Zenit, but I talk shit IF he moves to a chelsea? Seems about on par with your logic.

    “Great” defenders don’t go off to Russia when Uniteds and City’s of this world are looking for defenders. I’m not knocking the fact he’s a decent player, just nowhere the level you’re spouting off at.

    You bring your video game scouting onto a forum and expect folk to take it serious. Do me a favour.