Drab striker chase raises questions about our creativity in transfer market

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Guys and gals, sometimes you have to take a step back and say, wow, haven’t we come a long way?

It feels like 4 years ago, we were sitting here complaining that Arsenal were tight because they wouldn’t spend an extra £10m on Higuain.

Now we’re sitting here getting upset we’re about to drop £60m on Lacazette!

Let’s be real here, we’ve just upgraded on last season’s attempt at signing Jaimie Vardy. Sure, Lacazette will score goals. He’s deadly in front of goal, has great link up play and he’s fast. I’m just not sure he’s going to next level us. I think he’ll be a very solid signing, but he won’t do as much for us as a player like Auba, who has just turned 28 years old and is apparently worth £63m.

I don’t really understand the argument that we don’t play to Auba’s style. We play lightning counter-attacking football when we want to, which suits his pace. We play a very intricate game, which the man from Gabon can play. Also, of massive importance in our league, is the height. Auba comes in 3 inches taller than Lacazette and that’s important if you’re moving on Olivier Giroud.

My bigger concern is the lack of creativity we’ve shown in dealing with the lack of strikers and talent in general. Henry Onyekuru coming in would be an interesting signing if we put him right back out on loan. We should be hoovering up young talent from around Europe that’s ready to go right back out to a mid-level Premier League clubs. We should be taking more chances on slightly older U23 youth that comes with a more modern premium.

Tielemans might be a bad example, but he’s been turning heads all year, he’s probably going to Monaco. So why aren’t we in there hoovering him up and shipping him out on loan at a good club, then we can bring him back when it makes sense? Kind of the way Chelsea have been operating. Modernising what project youth was… bring in £15-20m elite kids, loan them out, grow their talent, then have a production line of the best players coming into the first team squad when they’re good enough.

I mean, you’d have to have a good enough scouting network to do that. There seems to be very little creativity there. We’re right there, every year, fighting for all the obvious players. While Monaco, Sevilla, Dortmund and a host of other clubs pick up the bright young things. I mean, at a very basic level, it’s sad to see Paredes moving to Zenit from Roma.

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  1. Twooffive

    Laca wI’ll score goals in this league but I can’t help think it’s not enough. I think Sanchez leaves for City an that has been the reason for the Mbappe chase. The kid is waiting on a big movement from Madrid before accepting their offer… will we wait on him? If we can’t get him then do we hold on to Sanchez an lose him for free? History shows we like the cash money… would laca be enough if we lose Sanchez an don’t cop Mbappe… No way!

  2. Stevanovic

    Lacazette isn’t better than Giroud in my opinion, he’s behind Giroud in their national team, shouldn’t that indicate something?
    If Arsenal want to sign a player shouldn’t that player be an upgrade of the one to be replaced?

  3. Stevanovic

    I think Wenger should keep Sanchez at all costs, he might change his mind to sign a contract later, but if that’s not possible he shouldn’t be sold to a premiership team.

  4. Dissenter

    Good article. I have always wondered how you find the inspiration to keep churning out meaningful content. What’s your secret?

    You know why we never go after good talent though.
    Wenger is convinced that his babies will eventually grow up. We missed pout on Tielesman because Wenger is still dithering over Wilshere.

  5. lari03

    I beg to differ Pedro, Aubameyang is on the same level as Lacazette. If Aubameyang was a better player, then he should have helped Gabon to win some silverware at the AFCON. Gabon did not even get to the Semis both in 2015 & 2017.

  6. Dissenter

    We have no choice but to sell off Sanchez, even if it means to a premier league team. I don’t regard City and Chelsea as real “rivals” because we will never win the league with Wenger even if we kept Sanchez.
    It was negligent to allow Sanchez to reach the last year of his contract and it would be even worse negligence to let him leave for free next season.

  7. Marc

    The only real positive I can see in Lacazette is that A Madrid were in for him as a replacement for Griezman and they’ve been amazing in their striker recruitment in recent years.

    Typical that we’ll beat them to a player who’s the dud.

  8. Dissenter

    Lacazette will definitely score lots of goals; more goals than Walcott and Welbeck combined together.
    The question is who will make up for Giroud’s goals when he leaves for Marselle?

  9. lari03

    I posted on another blog why play 3-4-3 when 3-5-2 is better for Arsenal. In my opinion Theo can still earn his pay and score goals from a 3-5-2.

  10. lari03

    A two pronged striker force Alexis and Lacazette or whoever, with Ozil as the pivot. Essentially build the team round Ozil tactically as it once was with Fabregas. Then begin to use Iwobi as his understudy so that once the system is proven,We have a machine that just requires players fitting a certain profile.

  11. London gunner


    Auba’s really not that good.

    He’s almost as limited with the ball at his feet as Walcott. He is a very poor dribbler and in those games where it’s congested and non open that will hinder him.

    His link up play is very basic, he can’t and doesn’t ever score individual goals and is a tap in merchant. He scores the most basic goals and dembele and over diet
    His creative players have made him look better than he is.

    Bundesliga has one of the most open defences in football.

    His stats are amazing but watch all his games and he isn’t anywhere near the full package.

  12. BIG AL

    Your Comment Here Problem is Auba needs space to use his explosive pace. He would suit a counter attacking team better. He will be useless against teams who normally park the bus at the emirates.

  13. kenyangunner

    ‘Aubameyang was a better player, then he should have helped Gabon to win some silverware at the AFCON. Gabon did not even get to the Semis both in 2015 & 2017.’

    Liberia didn’t win reach the semis too with George Weah

  14. London gunner


    “We have no choice but to sell off Sanchez, even if it means to a premier league team. I don’t regard City and Chelsea as real “rivals” because we will never win the league with Wenger even if we kept Sanchez.
    It was negligent to allow Sanchez to reach the last year of his contract and it would be even worse negligence to let him leave for free next season.”

    I strongly disagree with this.

    Think how damaging that is to our reputation if we sell to a premier league team. It shows all players in world football we are a selling club and that we aren’t a serious football club.

    When we sold RVP to man united it was one of the most humiliating mistakes in this clubs history. We need to show some
    Fight and stubbornness some gumption.

    Let’s keep Sanchez use him to get back into CL., So what if he leaves a year later? , we miss out on 50 mill? Sure it’s crazy money, but with our cash reserves and getting back into CL we make that money. It also shows we have at least have some spine and actually put football first for once.

  15. Frost

    Cesc Appeal

    Re last thread

    Would be just perfect if Lemar came in to replace Ozil tbh. But you have to consider the man in charge when you look at possible transfers.. & there’s no way Ozil leaves or drops to the bench imo, as long as Wenger is here.

    I mean It’s obvious the man likes Lemar. But knowing Wenger, he’s looking at him as a replacement rather than an addition.

    When you compare that with Guardiola adding Bernardo even when he had Silva, De Bruyne, Sterling & Sane you start to understand why we will never win the league under Wenger.

  16. lari03

    ‘Liberia didn’t win reach the semis too with George Weah’

    Liberia never really had a team back then that could dominate African football. Secondly George Weah won the European footballer of the year in 1995 or thereabout. That’s a long while ago. I’d rather you compare Aubameyang’s impact to Adebayor’s impact on Gabon & Togo respectively. Has Gabon ever qualified for the world cup? Even with Adebayor’s crazy disposition he has played at the WC finals, so let’s see if Aubameyang can lift his national team to qualify for the WC Russia 2018

  17. Tonyd

    Walcott has got goals in him but 100+ goals in almost 12 years is not good enough if we want to win the League.

    He’s too inconsistent often being anonymous in too many games, and really doesn’t appear to have a football brain, especially when he’s at full speed.

    I think he tries hard enough but his skills’ levels are more a mid table club’s.

    Problem is who’s going to buy him with his current wages?

  18. Samir

    If Sanchez isn’t going to sign we should sell him ASAP and get Lemar in.
    Lemar is absolute quality, can see him being better than Sanchez in a few years.

    Very surprised none of United, City, Liverpool nor Chelsea are going hard for Lemar.

  19. lari03

    I agree with you, but I also think Walcott has been a victim of circumstance.
    If we improve on our ball retention via our midfield and we create more chances like we used to about 8 years ago, Walcott is likely going to score more goals.
    There was a time Barcelona under Pep Guardiola saw Theo’s speed as a threat whilst preparing to play against us in the champion’s league. It really isn’t Theo’s fault if the gaffer could not see what others could see in his own players and utilize his players strengths.
    We should let Theo see the end of his contract and leave on a free transfer. With Europa league and cup games, Theo would be very busy for us.

  20. London gunner


    “If Sanchez isn’t going to sign we should sell him ASAP and get Lemar in.
    Lemar is absolute quality, can see him being better than Sanchez in a few years.”

    Strongly disagree. No point selling a world
    Class player and bringing in a pot Erika world class player… that’s just one step forward one step back. We need to be adding quality Players to the squad not just replacing quality.

    You sell Sanchez in his peak and who is a phenomenal player and sign another player who may turn out to be great but may not and may not adjust to the league and may take time to adjust to the league if does at all.

    Better to keep Sanchez and bring in lemar. So what we miss out on the money. Sometimes it’s better to put the football concerns before the financial.

    Us missing out on CL football again next season will cost us more than losing out on a Sanchez fee.

    Think about how much better we Wouk be with Sanchez and lemar on either wing than just one or the other.

  21. Essien

    If I know wenger well, he is currently avoiding Auba. I can tell you why. He is African. Remember the African cup of nations? Wenger don’t like signing African players, not because he is racist, but bcoz African players have to go for AFCON, in January when Arsenal of all clubs needs such players the most. There u have it.

  22. London gunner

    It’s easy to slag of Walcott but he has a very good goal return for a winger or a player played from that position per season.

    Also what’s interesting to note is Walcott for all his limitations does score a variety of different goals. Not just tap ins he has scored some scorchers in his time here, volleys, curling finese shots, top left top right corner smashes, individual goals and dinks and chips and is good at placing the ball either side of the keeper near the posts. Not just tap ins.

    Whilst welbeck is just abysmal in front of goal.

  23. China

    Lari silverware is won by teams not players

    Even Messi or Ronaldo wouldn’t be guaranteed to win team trophies if playing for weak teams. It’s a bunk way to measure the quality of one player

    My problem with auba is he’s 28. I can’t help but feel of he wants a move to an elite European team he’s left it too late in his career.

    He probably only has a handful of years left at the very top and if he joins a team like Arsenal it means he realistically wouldn’t get another chance to move until he’s 30 or older, by which team major clubs would be unlikely to be after him.

    If he’s happy with his career choices that’s cool, but from an entirely sporting perspective I think he’s made a big mistake staying at Dortmund so long. He could’ve gone somewhere bigger and won much more by now.

  24. China

    Lari you’re really asking too much of one player

    If auba scores an international goal but his keeper drops a clanged and they draw the game is he to blame?

    What if he gets fuck all service?

    What if he gets double marked and the rest of his team aren’t good enough to utilize the space left behind?

    What if the defense leak silly goals?

    There are a million reasons why a team can drop points regardless of how well one player plays.

  25. lari03

    Exactly China
    I remember a time we were clamoring for a DM and Jack Wilshere had a wonderful loan at Bolton. Wenger decided to bring back the player rather than addressing the obvious problem. We are stuck with Wenger for the next 2 years, so lets just hope he can make the team click with the squad he has at his disposal and the additions he claims he will buy.

  26. China

    Also international football is a pretty bad way to judge players because they don’t often play with them

    The stick of trophies always gets used to beat players who are clearly above it, I just don’t get why. You hear nonsense arguments like Messi’s not that good because he doesn’t always do it for Argentina, despite being unilaterally regarded as one of the best club players of all time. The international record is just a side show to what really matters which is club football. That’s where you show your worth on a weekly basis with a team that you’re familiar with

  27. lari03

    Quite fair and true about Aubameyang. It is a lot like why Alexis wants to leave the club. One thing I would want to know for sure whenever Alexis calls time on his Arsenal career is what he told Wenger that caused him to be dropped from the team against Liverpool in the return match at Anfield this season.

  28. China

    Yeah I’d like to know that too

    Hopefully told arsene to stick it lol

    Alexis only was brought back on because Arsenal was absolutely dismal without him and wenger knew he’d be crucified for it in time lol

  29. lari03

    I was agreeing with your view that international football does not offer the same balance as club football.

  30. marcos

    Your Comment Here.lacazete has a higher ceiling than aboumayang.laca is quick n links well can even b an asisting striker.don’t rubish ds buy if it occurs.alredy sowing seed of bad blood on lacazete.Dats too low of u.to tink dat simone wanted him and u rate simone high.too double mouthed Dats u

  31. Up 4 grabs now

    Lacazette for me over auba. Never been that impressed with him. Two years younger and sky are saying it’s £44 million not £60 million.

    Better than giroud who has done a job for us especially considering the money we paid for him.
    It’s not his fault Wenger wouldn’t upgrade him until now.

    Maybe lacazette is a few inches smaller than giroud, but it’s not like we cross the ball a lot is it!

    Wrighty was good in the air for a short guy.

  32. Bamford10


    The Times is reporting that Arsenal have offered £44m for Lacazette.

    Where is your 60+ figure coming from?

    Also, the more I’ve watched of Aubameyang, the less impressed I’ve been.

    While I probably still give a slight edge to Aubameyang and while I do not think Lacazette has everything, I think Lacazette may be closer to A in quality than some here think.

    However, as I’ve said previous, Lacazette will only be effective if he has top quality attacking players both to his right and left. He’s not good enough to be a center-piece CF.

  33. Up 4 grabs now

    Evening Bamford,

    You know I like lacazette, what do you reckon with a 3-5-2
    Lacazette with Alexis up top. Ozil just behind in the hole.
    With a midfield four of kolasinec, xhaka, Ramsay, bellerin.?

  34. Cesc Appeal

    Would be happy with Goretzka. Would be a good signing to play next to Xhaka, well rounded player, carries the ball well and covers a lot of ground.

    At £21 Million that would be a smart bit of business.

  35. Up 4 grabs now

    Don’t know if anybody mentioned this but articles in the English press saying we can’t sign ozil and Alexis on new deals because it push our wage bill up over the revenue limit we allowed to spend.

    Surely were moving on players as well so there’s money too spare?

  36. raptora

    Quite right it was hard for Walcott in the last let’s say 5 years. It was hard for everyone to play well and develop in a team with no brilliance or balance. Ever since that amazing midfield we had with Fabregas, Hleb, Nasri, RvP and Flamini it’s been a pain to watch Arsenal and the joy is still not coming back the same way as it was back then. It was then when we were couple of signings away of winning things, but even if we didn’t we were rightly considered as one of the few teams in the world playing very attractive football to watch. And it was a pleasure to watch even if it didn’t lead to any silverware. Since that 2011 we stopped playing good football bar that small period with Cazorla, Rosicky, Podolski, Diaby. Two of them being super fragile couldn’t give us another good team. And since then it’s been a suffer to watch this team. Such sadness.

  37. Samir

    London gunner

    Fair point but 50M is just too much to miss out on. We’ll probably get CL football next season even without Sanchez anyway. If we spend our money wisely we could even create a special and balanced team to challenge.

    Massive fan of Goretzka, he would be the perfect partner for Xhaka.

    Kolašinac,Goretzka, Lemar and Lacazette would be a great summer even with Sanchez and Giroud leaving IMO.

  38. Cesc Appeal

    Seriously begrudge any massive pay rise for Ozil, really does not deserve it especially if we are looking at basically doubling his current wages. Not sure there is another team out there who would pay him £280 000 a week.

    I would say we can be a bit more aggressive with Ozil than with Sanchez, but I doubt we will.

  39. Richard robbins

    I don’t understand why folks would say sell Sanchez. If we step up and say we’re not selling you; sweeten the offer with a deadline; and then play it out. In the meantime take care of other needed business which include signing chamberlain and losing some of the peripheral players. Sanchez with or without liking him; always works his ass off. I wish others would work as hard.

  40. London gunner


    “We’ll probably get CL football next season even without Sanchez anyway. If we spend our”

    Probably Chelsea will be top 4 no doubt, Man City have brought in some terrific players to compliment their squad and that Gabriel Jesus is going to be a force.

    Liverpool have added salah and will play some quality attacking football, spurs are just very good all rounders not weak anywhere…

    What makes you think we will make top four so easily?

    We couldn’t get top 4 last season with an amazing Sanchez and all the rivals we have will have improved significantly over this summer transfer window…

    As for 50 million, can recoup millions on Sanchez t shirts and merchandise as well as the increased chance of securing CL football is worth far more than the 50 million. It’s a lot of money but with the cash reserves we have we don’t have to sell and we shouldn’t in my opinion.

  41. London gunner

    “However, as I’ve said previous, Lacazette will only be effective if he has top quality attacking players both to his right and left. He’s not good enough to be a center-piece CF.”

    Agree with this hence why we need to keep Sanchez and bring in lemar

  42. Samir

    One thing that is worrying is that none of our crappy players have been seriously linked with any other team.

    Jenkinson (No one wants him)
    Debuchy (No one wants him)
    Joel Campbell (No one wants him)
    Ospina (Fenerbahce deal fallen through)
    Gibbs (Wages too high for Watford)
    Perez (Sevilla and Deportivo were interested)
    Wilshere (West Ham maybe interested)
    Szczesny (We want 20M, only has 1 year left on his contract)

  43. Bamford10

    Up for Grabs

    That might be pretty good. Alexis and Lacazette playing in front of Ozil, supported by wide play from wingbacks.

    I’d like it better, though, if Ozil were a scoring CAM, like say DeBruyne. I also prefer the idea of a front three with someone like Lemar on the left (Alexis + Lacazette + Lemar).

    But you’re right to point out that we may now play with two central strikers — if we sign Lacazette and keep Alexis.

  44. Samir

    Man City will have made drastic changes to their team, (especially at the back) although all quality players they may find it hard to click straight away.
    Spurs will be moving to Wembley and will no doubt struggle there next season.
    Liverpool are Liverpool, they can never be relied upon.

    I only really see Chelsea and Man United guaranteed top 4. We have a very good chance depending on the transfer window.

    I also highly doubt many people will be buying a Sanchez shirt if he doesn’t sign a new contract.

    If it was between Goretzka and Lemar coming in with the Sanchez money (Going to Bayern) or keeping Sanchez and losing him on a free to Chelsea/Man City next season; what would you choose?

  45. Alexanderhenry

    London gunner

    ‘So what we miss out on the money. Sometimes it’s better to put the football concerns before the financial.’

    This is arsenal we’re talking about.
    . The club always puts financial concerns first.
    There is no way we are keeping sanchez unless he commits to a new contract.

  46. Marc

    “Hope the Lazacette deal isnt going to pour cold water over the Mbappe interest”

    Yeah because we’re really going to spend upwards of £160 million on two strikers.

  47. Marc

    “We need to keep Sanchez end of.”

    Sorry just can’t see it happening- hope I’m wrong and he’s just playing hardball for a mega contract but he won’t be playing in an Arsenal shirt next season.

  48. Alexanderhenry

    My prediction for the summer is this:

    Ozil stays sanchez goes to man city or Chelsea.

    Arsenal spend the sanchez money on lacazette. The lacazette buy will be announced before the sanchez sale.

    Unless the ox goes to Liverpool or we manage to get a good price for someone like Walcott. there will be no other big signings
    At the very end of the window arsenal pick up a few cheaper buys.

  49. Marc


    You’re almost right – what you missed out on was Arsenal drawing their first game of the season with Leicester, the fans going mental as Sanchez has gone plus a mix of the players down to 1 year left on contracts and not replaced so a threadbare squad. The club then do a couple of panic buys.

    Think by Christmas Arsenal will be in crises mode.

  50. Ishola70

    Goretzka and Lemar are different players.

    Lemar is an exciting attacking player while Goretzka is a jack of all trades.

    Goretzka isn’t a stand-out footballer. What he is a player that shows good energy, commitment and covers lots of ground with decent technique. If he was in a star team he would not be seen as one of the stars,. More like the unsung hero who keeps the engine running. Lemar on the other hand has real star quality.

    Goretzka would be a better partner for Xhaka than Ramsey for all those attributes listed above plus he would be more defensively disciplined than Ramsey. Saying that he’s not an enforcer for the defence. Bayern Munich are looking at him. Bayern are not immune to be interested in hard working committed footballers.

  51. jwl

    If I was in charge of buying and selling, I would buy 22 or 23 year olds who have played over 50 senior matches. Younger, you don’t know exactly what you buying and older players are more expensive because they have track record of success.

    Also, European football needs better path for development of players aged between 17 and 22. When players sign their pro contracts when they are 16 or 17 years old, most are not remotely ready for pro football but there are no proper leagues to continue development.

    Here in North America, most players are not considered ready for pro sports until they have had a few years experience at college or they played a few seasons of junior after being drafted at 18.

  52. Zamfan

    I feel for you Pedro. Writing all the sensible about this once great club but knowing fully well the narcissistic, old, literally dead imbecile excuse of a manager will not listen. I became a supporter of Arsenal in 1985 when a wonderful crop of a bunch of kids were rolled out. I was a student in the UK then. I saw the Arsenal rise and become arguably the best team in Europe before Wenger’s senility destroyed this great team. As an African, I am watching a dictator in the true mould of African big man syndrome destroy a beautiful thing because of his selfish, stubborn and crass idiotic, outdated tactics on and off the pitch. Unfortunately the owner of the club does not help matters. We have two idiotic imbeciles in charge. Where is my old Arsenal for crying out loud?

  53. Adam A. Carbarundum

    Realistically speaking, we are not going to sign Lacazette. Wenger can’t even keep what we already have on final year contracts. I think we all know how this will play out…Welbeck is going into the season healthy, so that’s like a new signing (where have we heard that one before). Iwobi will be given every opportunity to prove himself after an indifferent rookie season (kid has promise of potential).

    Wenger will likely start the season with Ozil, Alexis and Ox, but come January, when we are out of it, there will be a fire sale to get something, anything for any assortment of the three.

    We’ve been down this road plenty of times, it’s the same architect, same old same same.

    I could be really wrong on all of this, but something tells me that realistically, I’m not. It’s going to be a very very long season ahead.

  54. Chika

    LoL Arsenal fans are too concerned with finance.

    We must keep Sanchez, I don’t care if he left for free next season.

    Sanchez plus Lacazette would be uplift our attack. Wish we’d sneak in one more attacking player or CM.

    Can Walcott leave already?!

  55. Champagne charlie

    I think Lacazette is as good a striker as you’re going to buy this window. I’m a big fan of Aubameyang but the idea he’s a better option, or can play intricate stuff is plain wrong. He’s a big, fast, bully.

    That isn’t a knock against his quality because his returns speak for themselves, but he’s not a very well-rounded striker and by comparison Lacazette is. He’s also younger and cheaper which makes it smarter business. Oh and Lacazette doesn’t fuck off mid season every other year

  56. Marko

    I sincerely hope there’s something to these Goretska rumours. He’d be an absolute immense signing. Lad has all the potential in the world to become one of the best around. Him and Fabinho would go a long way to properly addressing our midfield for years to come.

  57. Marko

    Jim I’ll have to take your word for it. I don’t care about potential signings as long as they’re not at the expense of here and now signings. Goretska is a potential signing and a here and now signing. To be fair Fornals of Malaga has a 10 million clause and that guy’s likely to have a much higher ceiling than Golovkin.

  58. TR7

    I think this summer is a perfect opportunity for Wenger to overhaul our midfield. There’s are so many talented midfielders around. Groetzka is a massive upgrade on any central midfielder that we have except Cazorla when he is fit. Would love nothing more than to get rid of Jack and Ramsey and replace them with any two of Groetzka/Keita/Rabiot/Fabinho. We can offload Ozil and again replace him with either Lemar or Mahrez. One can dream !!

  59. Jim Lahey

    @Marko –

    I was Skeptical about Golovin when I heard we were looking at bringing him in so I made a point to watch all of Russia’s games in the Confed Cup. He is running that team at 21, if he keeps developing he could replace Santi.

    Would really like for him to be brought in, and even loaned out for a year or two. As Chelsea do.

  60. TR7

    On Skybet Lemar is 4/5 to move to Arsenal-would be a terrific signing but I am afraid his signing might mean Alexis’ departure.

  61. Samir

    No chance we’d get rid of Ramsey.

    Wilshere/Coq/Elneny should all be up for sale though as they offer us nothing.

  62. Ishola70

    “I think this summer is a perfect opportunity for Wenger to overhaul our midfield.”

    You know that a complete overhaul will not be possible with the midfield just yet because of a certain Xhaka and I know from your posts that you are not keen on him either. I can’t stand that we have a fvcking lump in midfield. Yes he can pass a ball but a fvcking lump nonetheless.

    Take Goretzka. He eats up ground with his style of play and contributes in all aspects. That is what you want in midfielders. Not some specialist who lumbers around the field.

  63. Marko

    Could be a smart signing for the future Jim…this club lacks a certain foresight or forward thinking so let’s not get our hopes up

  64. Marko

    Take Goretzka. He eats up ground with his style of play and contributes in all aspects. That is what you want in midfielders. Not some specialist who lumbers around the field.

    Can’t deny I share this same view.

  65. Samir

    Xhaka had a few terrible games last season but he also had a few very good ones. He dominated Chelsea in the final. He seems to play a lot better when Welbeck is leading the line and pushing the opposition back a extra few metres, giving him more space to operate.

  66. TR7


    yes, if I had my way I would get rid of all the midfielders we have on our book. None of them is good enough really – Ozil,Xhaka,Jack,Ramsey,Coq,Elneny all are dispensable in my opinion. Wenger used to have a good eye for midfielders at least. Can’t believe he has assembled so much garbage over the years.

  67. Ishola70

    “Xhaka had a few terrible games last season but he also had a few very good ones. He dominated Chelsea in the final. He seems to play a lot better when Welbeck is leading the line and pushing the opposition back a extra few metres, giving him more space to operate.”

    So he can dominate in a game where there is no-one around him lol.

    Unless there is a ruling coming up where players can fix propeller motors onto themselves Xhaka will continue to be a hindrance in matches. He will also have good games where as you say the midfield opponents gave him more space.

    Why did Wenger sign such a luxury midfielder.

  68. TR7

    If you really want to judge the real quality of our midfielders watch our 2 games against PSG and the 2 we played against Bayern in CL again. Who cares if Xhaka played like Pirlo in a few games at the end of the season when most of the teams were on holiday or one odd good game against Chelsea in FA cup where Welbeck had run Chelsea ragged making it easier for Xhaka to dictate play. The same goes for Ramsey and Ozil.

  69. Zaco

    if Chelsea or Man city were to buy lacazette some people would be telling us how smart and decisive they are in transfer market for going all out and singing “TESTED and PROVEN striker, I still remember how some on here were hailing chelsea for signing Batshuyi this time last year.
    like him or loathe him Lacazette is a proven striker, he scored more than Falcao, Mbappe, Canani in french league what else do you want to be convinced that the guy is a top striker, Athletico Madrid were going to buy him as a replacement for griezman and you are still in doubt as to how good he is

  70. ArseneisaFraud


    I wasn’t sure if it was one. So cool! I kept trying to catch a glimpse of it to be 100% sure but i kinda i had a feeling it that it was a:

    WENGER OUT! banner.

  71. Relieable Sauce


    I wasn’t even looking for them but I couldn’t miss it..so massive flying proudly in the mosh pit.
    Top boys.

    I’m hoping to see a few on the pre season tour of Oz – where it’s rumoured that some real men(and Sheila’s) still exist.

  72. Johnsgiles

    I really don’t get the arsenal PR machine. One day we are going super big (bullshit) next day oh we can’t even pay to keep the players we have (bullshit).

  73. ArseneisaFraud


    lol. Funny thing is, is that i have decided to follow the Harlequins this year (rugby has been my most 2nd watched sport due to my dad being a rugby man) and go to some games with some mates.

    Already that i hate the whole money thing that there is in football, but to see The Arsenal become a souless cash machine is sickening. It’ll take some time but i do hope that some day we will get our Arsenal back.

  74. Johnsgiles

    It’s like they lie on both sides, we can buy anything (no) now we can’t afford to pay to keep what we have

    What is most annoying is do you hear anything like this coming out of any other club?…. Not in a million years …

    The clubs PR seems to be as f*cked as the transfer team (if there is one)…..nothing the club says/does makes any sense…

    Final bit, if club is now as hand strung as making out how can wenger proclaim he loves the club soo much but then take an extra £2 million a year pay increase? If he soo loves it wouldn’t he go i f*cked up a bit so will take a pay cut?

  75. Johnsgiles

    Final bit, another arsenal pr sh*t story …mbappe ‘s long lost sisters brothers uncle friend of the local postman says wenger is a lovely top bloke….how can they ‘leak’ such utter shite to make it look like things are going great…it’s sad, discusting lies….

  76. Johnsgiles

    There used to be the boring boring arsenal song (1-0)… But the whole club now is beyond boring…. I feel sorry for pedro Pete , everyone that posts here, everyone that has a season ticket, everyone that gets up in morning to check gossip/or hope of news, everyone that spends time going if only arsenal had, could, buy, play, change, do……

  77. Alex Cutter

    “Lemar is absolute quality, can see him being better than Sanchez in a few years.

    Very surprised none of United, City, Liverpool nor Chelsea are going hard for Lemar.”

    Hmmm. It’s almost like they know something you don’t?

  78. Elmo


    Re doubts about the scale of Lyon’s demands for Lacazette:


    The words of owner / chairman Aulas himself, speaking to L’Equipe:
    “I do not intend to sell Alexander quickly, because there is always the option of Atletico Madrid to signing him on January 1, 2018,”

    “Everyone knows Atletico were going to pay €53m plus €12million. That’s €65m. The Arsenal executives are well informed, they will have to be in that range.”

    Obviously there’s room for negotiation, and Aulas is renowned for his bluster, but they’re looking for £57m (i.e a little north of £60m including agents’ fees, which are usually about 10% of agreed value).

  79. China

    3 goals and 3 assist in a season are a little worrying from the Russian

    In the video he dances past people with ease but he looks like his end product is usually off

    If those are his best bits then I’m not entirely convinced the guy can be banked on to improve us. He does look promising though, but without a more consistent end product I’m not sold

  80. China

    The problem with Arsenal’s pr is that it’s directed by Kim Jong weng

    The irony being that he’s as piss poor and transparent at club pr as he is at handling a football team

  81. China

    If we can field lacazette and two elite wingers we’d be clearly upgraded for next season

    Buying him and selling sanchez does nothing for us, unless we’re buying two top wingers to replace him as well

    We all know how this plays out and someone here already said it to a T

    We sign lacazette and give it big talk over keeping sanchez. Fans placated. Sanchez then sold to city and we sign a few bargains at the end of the season (likely after we start the season poorly)

    Judge him in may yada yada yada fucking yada

    City win the league

  82. China

    Also signing lacazette and selling giroud is piss poor management (and fully what I’m expecting)

    You don’t win the league with one good striker unless you’re banking on zero injuries all season (good luck with that at Arsenal)

    You need a second choice striker who’s going to get you 12+ league goals at the bare minimum. Giroud will give you that without a doubt

    Dat boi welbz will not. No fucking chance

    His last 4 seasons he’s averaged exactly 4 league goals per year. You may think oh but he was decent at utd. His career average number of league goals per season is 3.5. He’s never scored 10 league goals in a single season in his entire career and has only scored more than 6 twice ever.

    The guy is absolutely awful and belongs at Sunderland or stoke. If we sell giroud but keep him then wenger needs committing to an asylum I’m afraid

  83. Dissenter

    I’ve been banging that drum about Welbeck all week. He always manages to escape criticism and Pedro’s dross list.
    There’s this oft pedddled myth that he helps us play better. I’ve asked to stats to back this up but the peddles fallback on hunches.
    The lad had only TWO assists all season – 746 minutes of footy (his injuries apart). Even those two assists were accidental from his wild shots.

  84. Pierre

    “Also signing lacazette and selling giroud is piss poor management (and fully what I’m expecting)”

    Selling giroud should be top of the list… Obviously you do not watch Arsenal games…. Whenever Giroud starts, our attack looks slow, pedestrian, lacking ideas and with no penatration as he doesn’t suit our style of play……. Giroud is a good footballer who would do a decent job at another club that plays to his strengths…..

  85. Dissenter

    Don’t worry Giroud will most likely leave this window to make sure he makes the French World Cup squad.
    We’ll see how golden boy Welbeck will do with next season.
    Like China alluded he has never gotten double figure in the league in his career. There’s nothing else to be said about Walcott.

  86. useroz

    The comment on how few clubs (any at all?) are showing interest in our home made stars tells all.

    As long as Wenger is around Ramsey, Wilshere and Welbeck would not be sold. They literally reflect the old fool’s image and he’d never admit he’s wrong. Always someone’s fault.

    Sanchez + Lacazette +??on the RW would be potent if not lethal if they got good MF support.

    Just don’t understand how the BIG club could be held hostage by some players like Ozil. Not even rumours FFS and he demands 280k pw?? 200k would already be too much… if his MV isn’t high (eg 40m+) let his contract runs out in 2019? and save 9m a year (140k extra x 52 weeks) that’s 18m and we’d lose out on 22m… If the club doesn’t seem worry about the diving MV of Sanchez what’s 20m??

    Coq, Elneny, Ramsey, Wilshere, Jenk, Debuchy, Gibbs all dross that ought to move on asap. Fucking disgrace of a BIG club not doing a thing about it. ANY top 20 clubs in Europe want ’em?

  87. Steveyg87

    While its all good and well us being in for players up front, im warming up to the Lacazette deal, our concerns are a partner for xhaka and a decent rb, bellerin is too light weight and the ox is yet to stay fit for a season.

    We all know Wenger gives special preference to Ramsey, so our only hope is Mainland niles has a break through season and benches Ramsey. He looks really strong on the ball and reminds me of a morr elegant alex song, who we are yet to replace much like RVP

  88. Steveyg87

    If Wenger was half as smart as he thinks he is, we would be flogging the dross early. Would give us a better hand to deal with when it comes to the real deals. If only

  89. Jeff

    “Drab striker chase raises questions about our creativity in transfer market”. LOL.
    I love this headline. So, what else is new?

  90. Emiratesstroller


    There is no point in discussing Auba on two counts. First Arsenal are not going to spend a mega fee on a player who is 28 years old. If you look at Arsenal’s recent acquisitions where we have spent £30 million + they have been in 24-26 age range.

    Second I think that Arsenal are going to be reluctant buying players who
    play in Africa Cup, because of risk in losing them mid season.

    Lacazette is a decent option, because of his goalscoring record particularly if Giroud leaves.

    The situation is that Arsenal will be potentially short of goals next season
    if Sanchez and Giroud leave and Walcott does not make starting lineup.

  91. Jeff

    July is nearly upon us. Does anybody know where Wenger is? What is he doing? What genius plan is he’s plotting to win the PL? There’s a clue in this video.

  92. Chika

    Gibbs, Elneny and Coq are decent squad players.

    What we need is to improve the quality of our starting eleven.

    For instance,

  93. Chika

    …for instance, singing Kolasinac and a quality CM would further reduce the playing time of the aforementioned players.

  94. David Smith

    If It’s nearly July, I would imagine Wenger has spent the last three weeks 24/7 thrashing out loan deals for non first team youngsters, working on improved deals for his backroom staff, planning a new location for the kit washing machines, altering a couple ingredients in the chicken pasta dish on the menu, renegotiating the contract for the provision of flowers to the board room and contemplating dropping the white wine fridges by half a degree.
    That, and doing pundit work for a some media outlet owned by a state he shouldn’t really be approving of

  95. qna

    “It feels like 4 years ago, we were sitting here complaining that Arsenal were tight because they wouldn’t spend an extra £10m on Higuain.”

    This is the story with 99% of our transfers. We want to spend £10m less than it costs to buy top draw players and buy average instead. Apply this to Perez, Elneny, Mustafi, Xhaka, Welbeck, Chambers, Giroud. The list is endless. We could have easily made up the shortfall by selling one of our many mediocre players on our list at any time. We could have a world class list right now with that approach. E.g. Sell Walcott + the £16m from Welbeck and buy a proper striker. Sell Wilshere + the Elneny fee. Combine the fees of Chambers and Mustafi and you could have a world class CB.

    This Lacazette business is madness and simply proves that AFC doesnt have a player recruitment system that works. You dont buy this guy. You spend 10m or 20m more and get Auba. Even Martial would be an infinately better signing.

    How the fuck are we standing by while Bakayoko and Fabinho are being poached? Are we seriously going into the season with Ramsey as our first choice central midfeilder. Why are we not replacing Cazorla whose body has clearly had it at the highest level.

  96. TR7

    Arsene Wenger keen on Anthony Martial – now that’s a signing I would be really happy with. Improbable with Mourinho in charge of United though.

  97. qna

    Martial is worth twice as much as Lacazette. But considering Lacazette’s price is so inflated the difference will be much less than double. If we offered £60m for a guy who is not wanted by his manager it should get it done.

    Considering his age and the fact that we are so very far away from competing for trophies I would prefer Martial over even Auba or Benzema.

  98. Emiratesstroller


    I do not disagree with a lot that you write, but on this occasion I do so.

    1. Lacazette is a proven goalscorer. Frankly I don’t give a monkey whether he is a fancy dan so long as he gets in the right position to put the ball in the net.He is one of the most efficient goal scoring machines in Europe.

    2. Martial cost a lot of money when he went to Man Utd on the hypothesis that he was one of the most gifted footballers coming out of France. Let’s
    be clear he has proved a disappointment since he arrived at Man Utd. He
    struggles to get into their first team, which has over last three years had an
    abysmal goalscoring record. Frankly I rate him no better than Ox and I would certainly not pay more for him.

    3. The going rate for squad players in EPL top 5 club is now £30 million so I don’t think that we have overpaid for either Xhaka or Mustafi. As I wrote many times before I reserve judgment on Xhaka until this season because a lot of foreign players who come to this country struggle to adapt to pace of game here.

    4. If you analyse Arsenal’s track record when Mustafi has played alongside Koscielny the team has been successful. They lost only 2 games last season
    with that combination playing together.

    5.I agree with you that there is a lot of dross at the club and the time has come to cull these players. As has been written Arsenal will be forced to
    offload many of these players this summer by necessity if they are going
    to hold onto Sanchez and Ozil plus bring in a couple of expensive new players. We need to balance books on our wage bill based on new wage regulations.

  99. useroz

    “…Are we seriously going into the season with Ramsey as our first choice central midfeilder. Why are we not replacing Cazorla whose body has clearly had it at the highest level.”

    Yes; Wenger knows

    Fuck all

  100. Samir

    So Cazorla is 32 and expected back at Christmas time where he will be turning 33…That’s IF he doesn’t get any new setbacks on the way (very likely with achilles). So he will more than likely miss 95% of next season. Even if he does manage to play he will be extremely rusty.

    I honestly cannot believe why we extended his contract for another year? What the hell?

  101. useroz

    “… going rate for squad players in EPL top 5 club is now £30 million so I don’t think that we have overpaid for either Xhaka or Mustafi”

    Agreed we had not overpaid much considering their profile, age and MV last year. The issue, I suppose, is Arsenal can afford and need better ones. Not good but great/top/ WC. Granted can’t fill the whole team with these but not so spartan as today though.

    Wenger has definitely been squandering funds and opportunities to equip and improve the squad. Not as if we can vote hin out like an election…

    Ramsey is a disaster of a MF if we want PL title.

  102. gonsterous

    buying players is all well and good but If we sell sanchez, it’d going to be 1 step forward 2 steps back all over again…

  103. Wallace


    “I only really see Chelsea and Man United guaranteed top 4.”

    Utd? ….you mean City?

    Utd haven’t been anywhere near in years.

  104. Wallace


    “Also signing lacazette and selling giroud is piss poor management (and fully what I’m expecting).”

    Giroud’s not going to hang around if he’s 3rd choice, which he would be if we sign Lacazette.

  105. useroz

    At end of day, you count where the goals would likely come from in the first team and the bench say 16 to 18 players.

    Sell Debuchy and Jenk and keep Giroud and Perez. These guys get us goals from the bench. Otherwise, who to throw in to chase a game?

    If we are paying Ox 100k+ to renew seriously i’d prefer Campbell who did well when played and seems to have performed well while on loan. As an inexpensive squad player we get the work rate, a quite good player and can do defensive work. Ox blows hot /cold and makes stupid, costly mistakes. Unless wenger renew Ox and dumps him for 30m+…

    Any rumours about Wilshere? Should we take him back? Again, near end of contract…

    Welbeck doesn’t get us assists or goals, sell the smiley manure. No good.

    No way Mouri would sell Martial for 40m to Wenger…

  106. Emiratesstroller


    I think that Giroud has received more negative posts on Le Grove than anyone apart from Wenger.

    Personally I do rate him as a striker despite his lack of mobility. However he
    is now in his 30s and perhaps it is time for him to move on.

    Also we know that Giroud can only play striker role. If he stays he would be
    competing with Welbeck for second choice striker role with Sanches or any potential replacement also able to play striker role when needed.

    Time will tell whether Lacazette is a better option, but he is a “goalscorer”.
    Anyone who scores 30+ goals in two out of past 4 years has to be an improvement on what we have got.

  107. Wallace


    yes, Giroud has been excellent value for 12m. just don’t think he’ll hang around if we sign another striker.

  108. Wallace

    cool with Lacazette rather than Aubameyang, but would take Martial over both of them. don’t see the c*nt selling to Wenger though.

  109. Samir


    No I mean United. This is the year they will get it all right. Mourinho is a clever guy with unlimited funds and obviously has a plan for the transfer window unlike Wenger.

    I’ve always said I see Harry Kane replacing Rooney/Ibra and they’ve been linked with him this morning. Even if they only get Morata for ST I can see them challenging for the title, more than likely finishing in the top 4. They’re only a quality striker and DM from being very strong IMO. (Kane & Fabinho)

  110. Emiratesstroller


    Sorry have to disagree. Martial scored just 4 goals in 25 games [1,560 mins]
    in EPL last season. That bears no comparison with either Lacazette or Giroud.

    If you are going to make a comparison between Martial it would be with Welbeck. Maybe Man Utd regret selling him to us and would take him back in part exchange, although I doubt that Mourinho would contemplate doing business.

  111. TallestTiz

    Squad would look like this;
    Goalkeepers: Cech, Szczesny, Martinez…
    Defenders/Wingbacks: Bellerin, Ox, Kolasinac, Monreal, Koscielny, Mert, Mustafi, Holding, Gabriel (Release Mert, or loan/sell Chambers)…
    Midfielders: Coq, Xhaka, Gotetzka, Ramsey, Özil, Santi, Iwobi. (Sell Wilshere and Elneny)…
    Forwards: Giroud, Lacazette, Sanchez, Walcott, plus new wide player or keep Perez.

  112. Emiratesstroller

    My preferred starting lineup for next season would be:

    To buy

    GABRIEL or Replacement
    OSPINA or SZCZESNY [Other to be sold]

  113. Wallace


    “No I mean United. This is the year they will get it all right. Mourinho is a clever guy with unlimited funds and obviously has a plan for the transfer window unlike Wenger.”

    nah, like Wenger I think Mourinho’s days as an elite manager are behind him. no point having the money to buy all the great talent when he sets his teams up the way he does.

  114. Cesc Appeal


    I would loan Iwobi out as well to an EPL team, likely would be a fair few takers. Get him regular minutes in a team where he has to contribute being seen as one of the quality players.

    Caz we cannot really count on at all this season, which is a shame given his quality but there you go, likely seeing the end of his top level career. So on top of that I would like to see a young CM come in, one of Golovin or Berge (allegedly we are looking at both) would do.

    Really like the links to Goretzka and I am keeping my fingers crossed there is something to them. Big, powerful box to box player, good maturity on field, covers the ground and is a steady performer. At £21 Million that would be very smart business.

    Lacazette, Lemar, Goretzka and Berge/Golovin would do for me, some chopping away of the likes of Wilshere, Walcott, Elneny/Coq, Perez, Jenkinson, Gibbs etc.

    But it is very likely we are going to lose Sanchez.

  115. R.S.P.C.Arsenal


    It’s not we are going to lose Sanchez

    It’s a done deal … he wants city , club don’t but city only one who will pay the money …

  116. R.S.P.C.Arsenal


    No mention on chambers …. man is tearing it up for England , exactly the same as he started his Arsenal career …

    Don’t forget we payed big money for him …

    I personally think there is a good player there …

    Yet he fails to make the squad …bizarre

  117. Wallace


    “If you are going to make a comparison between Martial it would be with Welbeck.

    nah, Martial’s got oodles more talent. he needs to be the main man though before we see how good he might really be.

  118. Cesc Appeal


    Yeah, especially if they lose Zaha. Iwobi has talent but I would like to see him getting games week in week out and have a team really relying on him to produce. Then see how he does and bring him back into the fold.

    We cannot have situations like Wilshere anymore where they just sit and stagnate and then get loaned out, or Oxlade where he sat and stagnated, or Walcott, or Gibbs etc. See what they have got, if they have not got anything then get rid.

    It does look like Sanchez wants City and whatever we were willing to sell him for to Munich we should be adding £10 Million on the asking price for selling to an EPL side.

    Would much prefer to be losing Ozil and keeping Sanchez, but I think Ozil knows he has it made at Arsenal. Where Sanchez is pushing for a move, Ozil is just pushing for more money.

    If we lose Sanchez but manage to sign players like Lacazette, Lemar, Goretzka and Berge/Golovin then at least we would have recovered a touch. If we lose Giroud as well I would like to see us go out and hunt down a talented young ST like Juventus have just done as well.

  119. China

    No Pierre, evidently I do watch Arsenal because I’ve noticed that he is actually a banker for a useful number of goals every year – and despite his limitations, he actually has some very useful strengths

    But therein lies the problem – you talk about us playing badly when we start giroud. I said he should be our backup. The proof is there to see he makes a very dangerous sub to bring on when we’re chasing a result late on. He provides a totally different threat to anyone else in our attacking lineup and he also does link up well with those around him. When teams are defending deep around their box hanging on with 15 minutes left he’s exactly a player who can come on and bang in a header when we get desperate and the boring sideways passes haven’t been working. He’s done it countless times before.

    If you think we should be selling him I sure as shit hope you don’t think welbeck has enough to be our second choice, considering watching welbeck and a look at his stats will tell you this guy is a total waster.

    Welbeck runs a lot and is pretty quick. Therein lies his entire Arsenal of qualities. It’s not enough