Wenger backroom signings are a massive con and an egregious abuse of power

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Ivan Gazidis has been desperately trying to claw back some credibility for his ‘catalyst for change’ comments after being publicly neutered by Stan and Arsene after they both decided bros before CEOs, and inked 2 more years in private.

The club announced two new hires via The Telegraph and various other outlets more interested in the story, over actually exploring what it meant. The first ‘big name’ was Team Sky’s legal and commercial expert Huss Fahmy, who has been brought in to work on player contracts.

‘Fahmy has been a key part of Team Sky’s operation since around its inception in 2010 after moving to Sky the previous year from the City where he worked for the multi-national law firm Herbert Smith.’

If you were wondering why the hell we need another lawyer, you’d not be alone.

This is Jeremy Wilson’s inside take on it:

‘Fahmy will work closely at Arsenal with Gazidis and contract negotiator Dick Law, who will remain at the club in at least the short-term. Law and Gazidis tend to work more directly in the early stages of a deal either through their contacts with agents or other club executives, while Fahmy is initially expected to be more prominently involved with closing negotiations. At Team Sky, he worked on rider contracts from start to finish of the process. ‘

The article then goes on to cite the problem we’ve been suffering.

‘Arsenal’s handling of player contracts is under particular scrutiny this summer amid negotiations with an unusually large group of players with only one year left on their contracts, notably Alexis Sanchez, Mesut Ozil, Jack Wilshere, Kieran Gibbs, Wojciech Szczesny and Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain.’

I find it extremely disingenuous to pin our contract issues on Dick Law. A player either wants to sign, or they don’t. Arsenal have the money, or they don’t. The reality here is Wenger is kingmaker. A new lawyer has the exact same challenges the old one had. If Wenger wanted Chambo to sign, he’d be signed. If we were doing well, Ozil and Sanchez would have inked when they were offered deals in September. Szczesny and Gibbs aren’t contract rebels, they’re a club problem, in the sense the manager didn’t sell them when they were worth something.

Secondly, we’re signing a lawyer from one of the most disgraced sporting teams on the planet right now. He’s been there since 2010. Reputation aside, what does he know about football? We’re removing responsibilities from a guy who helped us land Gilberto when that was a coup, and replacing him with someone who has been dealing with partnerships and pay cheques for cyclists.

This hire is basically part one of a watered down Director of Football. He’ll have no power that isn’t overseen by Arsene Wenger, and he’s not experienced enough in the game to add value to our operation that makes him worth a press release.

Onto the most embarrassing PR fanfare since Arsenal lost their shit over a non-league teenage left back this January.

We’ve hired Port Adelaide’s Performance Director, Darren Burgess.

Now, I’m sure he’s very talented at what he does. He has a good reputation, he has Premier League experience, and he has a big profile online because he talks at a lot of events. Not too surprisingly, I have a number of concerns here.

Firstly, the press here landed the hire on Ivan Gazidis, but the official puff piece on the AFL clubs site cites the great one as personally handpicking him.

‘Burgess, who was handpicked by Arsenal coach Arsene Wenger, will commence his new role in July.’

3 weeks ago, Wenger hadn’t let anyone at the club know his decision to stay on. 3 weeks later, he’s signed a Performance Director. How did that happen? How many people did he interview? Who spoke to him? Where did Wenger get his time to do his due diligence? How are we sure this guy is the best candidate in the world?

The biggest question I have here is – what issue is Wenger solving with this hire?

I’ll tell you which one. Wenger has signed a guy with limited power to impact his day to day operations. His core team is safe from scrutiny, despite being the weakest at the club. This is an egregious power play designed to con the fans and shift the focus of our issues to a team that’s doing a sterling job.

To give perspective, we’ll have 6 fitness people at the club. Arsenal signed a guy called Shad Forsythe – after years of Wenger being in denial there was a problem with injuries – in 2014. Since then, our players are suffering less soft tissue injuries in spite of a manager who still loves to overplay his team and ignore the realities of the modern game.

The American has been an unsung sensation. Not just that, he’s worked at Bayern Munich and won things. He also oversaw one of the most impressive World Cup wins ever, taking the German national team to a final in some of the most aggressive weather conditions a European team could face (Amy Lawrence gives a rundown here).

As far as I can see, Mr Burgess has a less accomplished resume. His previous experience in the Premier League was working under Hodgson, Rodgers and Dalglish. He’s no Oli Bartlett (more from us here and here).

So what was bothering Wenger so much about his massively improved fitness setup, that he spent time personally picking out a fitness specialist he clearly doesn’t need?

Well, again, this is about diluting the need for a DoF. He knows if he hired a Les Reed type character, the assessment of the state of the club would encompass his mafioso setup. By signing Burgess, it looks like he’s impacting performance, but he’s in fact just shining the light on people who are already doing a good job.

The real need was a proper DoF. Someone who’d look at our shoddy scouting setup. Someone who’d take our coaching staff to task and make the necessary modernisation upgrades. Someone who’d look at the culture of failure and address it with the right sort of tools. Someone who’d look at performance holistically, not through the lens of fitness and injuries.

This is a non-hire.

The whole story is a bit mental, especially the talk about a global partnership.

“Arsenal have indicated their desire to be part of a new collaborative partnership with Port Adelaide in a range of areas including sports science, professional development and international growth. That brings some amazing opportunities with it and we look forward to putting that arrangement in place as soon as we can”

We’re going to set up a global partnership with a team that doesn’t win things, with a club that work in a timezone that’s pretty much unworkable, at a distance that means you can’t meet in person without f*king up your week.

If Ivan G had just set up a partnership with the New England Patriots, I’d understand. They’re keeping a legendary quarterback fit in one of the most brutal sports in the world. Their video analysis is next level. The way they work on player psychology is world class. They’ve beaten the draft system by consistently winning against the odds. Their approach to strategy is unreal. They’re a true team of champions. You can fly there in 6 hours.

What the hell is a club like Arsenal expecting to learn from a tiny sports club on the other side of the world?

Quite staggering.

Even more flabbergasting, the club has messed up the narrative of this hire so badly, they can’t even articulate the Performance Directors role properly. If he’s coming in as the head of performance, he’d be sitting above Shad F.

This from the Telegraph suggests otherwise:

‘Shad Forsythe, the head of performance, is expected to continue and work alongside Burgess and, while talks are ongoing over the future of other staff, Tony Colbert may still stay on as a fitness coach.’

So he’ll be working alongside, not above Shad and Tony Colbert is STILL there.

To add fire to the humiliating face-saving PR stunt, this was on Fox earlier.

‘Burgess will commence his role with Arsenal in July, but the Power’s wish for compensation has been granted — and possibly exceeded.’

We’re overpaying for a fitness guy we don’t need, who is looks less qualified than what we have, and painting it as progress. We had to be strong-armed into paying asking price for Rob Holding, now we’re overcompensating for a fitness coach? You couldn’t make it up. Not just that, a quick search shows that he’s been under fire in Australia because his side has had EIGHT hamstring injuries March to April. Unreal.

So to recap on what you’ve just read. Here is what has happened:

Arsene Wenger has successfully completed a coup that looks like progress, but is, in fact, a devious dilution of the requirement for him to have a Director of Football looking after things.

The fans are getting screwed because nothing will change.

Genius from Wenger. Shameful that Ivan Gazidis has been manipulated by the manager again.

Shameful if you fall for it.


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  1. raptora

    If we could try for Renato Sanches, the boy can be phenomenal in the right environment. Bayern bought Tolisso and Rudy so he is not needed there and he will be an upgrade to any of our midfield players. Would be looking at a lower price too in the range of ~€20m.

  2. Johnsgiles

    So the club is placing stories to get the fans excited about some random blokes that do something somewhere that no one sees.

    Ok well I take back all criticism, now a happy bunny.

  3. Johnsgiles

    in breaking news!

    Even the papers and click bate gossip squad have given up writing about transfers at arsenal because nothing is happening and won’t

    It’s a sad day when they can’t even think of stuff to make up

    The thing is when you read gossip pages you can actually invisage chelsea , the Manchester clubs, bayern , real, Liverpool etc pulling some of them off

    The very few that come ‘out’ from arsenal are pure pr at best. Another dull insipid summer from arsenal. Until last 3 days where some tosh gets signed after Sanchez, bellarim, ox gone and forced to buy anything, but don’t forget we only needed ‘two’ anyway

  4. arsene's used sock

    we hired some guy to clog up the contract negotiations at the club even further?
    come on this must be fake news

    where’s the new gk coach?
    defensive coach?
    tactical coach?
    what the fuck is going on at arsenal

  5. arsene's used sock

    and walcott
    low key I reckon our transfer business from here on out is only going to be contract negotiations

  6. tonyd

    You just can’t make this shit up!!! Unbelievable, instead of selling this mid table player they are going to reward him with a pay rise?

    Wenger has lost the plot more than we thought.

    Whats next Wenger is going to build a team around him?

    “Arsenal ready to hand Aaron Ramsey significant pay rise as they look to prevent repeat of contract uncertainty”

    Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/football/article-4622994/Arsenal-ready-hand-Aaron-Ramsey-significant-pay-rise.html#ixzz4kb1SHht7

  7. reality check

    PedroJune 20, 2017    17:53:54

    CA, if we lose major players… I struggle to see how Wenger will do any better this year. I’d image the Europa League will strain things even more.

    Could be a devastating season…
    Oh yes please.. The Europa League will completely decimate Wengers pathetic squad. He brought it all on himself. He is selfish. Until he goes, I’m tuning in for nothing but the bantz..
    Next season.. will be glorious!!

  8. Johnsgiles

    It’s all ok ive just read the new lawyer Is like a new signing as he can make tea as well

    On a more serious note what brilliant pr by Afc…you’ve all fallen for it…instead of going where are the new transfers, what’s our line up looking like, the whole blog is now talking about pen pushers and back room boot polishers

    Awesome smoke and mirrors, can you imagine any other football club where a lawyers appointment is grabbing the news because sweet f*ck all else is going on

  9. Elmo

    “Sadly Arsenal are at a point in their history where every other big club must look on in astonishment at the clubs operating methods, and equally delighted that we’ve surrendered so pathetically”

    Spot on, Herb. It’s like when you’re part of an ambitious, similarly aged cohort at a company, all trying to get ahead, yet there’s always one guy who clearly is naturally more talented than everyone else, but gets left behind because they don’t have any drive or desire to succeed. Everyone just wonders, “Are you not even going to try? If I had your talent, I could achieve anything.”

    That’s Arsenal. All the owners and execs at other clubs that don’t have the natural advantages that Arsenal do must look on and think, “If I was in charge there we could build something historic.” It’s almost incredible to be the biggest club in London (in terms of scale, obviously not recent success), yet as a club to have no ambition at all to become one of the dominant forces in the game.

  10. China

    Gazidis’ main role isn’t dealing with transfers what the fuck are you on about Middy

    He has a relationship eithtransfer dealings in that he’s the CEO and transfers are a significant business outlay, but he has an arms length involvement in transfers

    He doesn’t set the value, budget, salary or targets for our signings. He’s just someone to oversee that they go accordingly as a significant financial outlay

    He’s not a director of football any stretch of the imagination, Jesus Christ lol.

    As for CC. We already know wenger sets the valuation, maximum transfer fee and salary limit for signings. Stop bullshitting people that a lawyer who’s job is to make sure legal protocol is followed properly will somehow be a deciding factor in many transfers. It’s such patent bullshit man, I literally don’t know what it will take for you cultists to realize how ridiculous you sound

  11. China

    As if a lawyer is going to make much difference

    How many signings that we failed to conclude over the years do you think failed due to legal issues? We fucked up on suarez’ release clause which was a legal issue. How many others can you name?

    We don’t complete signings because we don’t offer enough money to clubs, players or a vision to motivate players to join/sign on. It’s literally that simple

    How did man city sign all those elite players like Robinho and toure whilst scournging around as a shit PL team in the early sheikh years?

    It wasn’t because they had a sick lawyer, it was because they threw enough money at players.

    They are in fact a very interesting model because they showed that even shit teams can attract elite talent if they will stump up enough cash and provide a vision.

    Any excuses about needing a better lawyer for Arsenal to complete decent transfer dealings is the most embarrassingly bullshit excuse ever.


  12. China

    Look at china for fucks sake Charlie. They’re not signing players because of their sick lawyers.

    They’re signing them because they’re handing clubs and players a truck load of cash

  13. Emiratesstroller


    It has been obvious for several years that Arsenal’s contract negotiations whether on transfers or renewals have been tortuous and in some cases clearly mishandled.

    Lawes has not been particularly successful in managing this department.
    The lawyer recruited has come from Herbert Smith one of the most distinguished and oldest corporate firms in UK.

    Hopefully a fresh approach may unlock some of the contracts of players we want to keep and secure departure of our burgeoning dross.

    What should be of concern is that there is so little movement at Arsenal.
    When other clubs come knocking on our door to buy players like Szczesny
    and Ospina they offer peanuts.

    When we try to buy players from the same clubs they ask grossly inflated

    From my point of view we need to conclude contracts for players we want to
    keep as quickly as possible and shift out the dross preferably by end of July.

    My gut feeling is that Arsenal are not going to buy more than a couple of players this summer. The only certainty is probably a striker e.g. Lacazette.

  14. Jeff

    Good morning everyone. It saddens me that quite a lot of you are still waiting patiently for a dazzling array new world class Arsenal players to be announced.

    Some of you will never learn – not even if this goes on for another 10 years. You’ll still be saying to yourselves “this season will be different, it has to be, it has to be…..hasn’t it…. it has to be”.

  15. tonyd

    So Arsenal are now saying that they are realising that Mbappe will probably go to Real, as if he was ever attainable in the first place.

    They are saying that they are going to shift to another striker – probably Lacazette.

    It clearly shows Wenger’s ambition to buy a player for around £50 million instead of paying £100+ million for Mbappe.

    It’s obvious as it was from the start that Wenger had no intention of buying a player for £100 million, if he he had have been he’d be chasing other top WC players in the £70 to £100 million mark.

    Just the usual Wenger and Gazidis bullshit we have seen for the past decade or more.

    It’s appeasement not ambition to get STs sold and more than half the fickle fans happy.

    Be interesting to see what the fickle fans who forgive Wenger for his ineptitude and extremely poor management because he won a FA cup do when the wheels come of Wenger’s mediocre wagon by mid September or sooner if the other top 6 clubs continue to improve their squads.

    As I said before you can’t make this shit up but it’s Wenger mainstay diet. He doesn’t know any better

  16. Steveyg87

    “It’s obvious as it was from the start that Wenger had no intention of buying a player for £100 million, if he he had have been he’d be chasing other top WC players in the £70 to £100 million mark.”

    Its sad that after all the s**t we went through this previous season that we are still maintaining status quo. Can’t wait for the day Wenger’s chickens come home to roost

  17. OleGunner


    “Be interesting to see what the fickle fans who forgive Wenger for his ineptitude and extremely poor management because he won a FA cup do when the wheels come of Wenger’s mediocre wagon by mid September or sooner if the other top 6 clubs continue to improve their squads.”

    The Wenger cultists will put their heads in the sand and tell others to shut up and support if the season goes belly up early.

    They are like Trumps Zealot Republican nutter fans. No matter what, they will ride this roller coaster into hell, their skin searing with smiles on their faces.

  18. China

    Unfortunately that’s how cults work and this is literally no different

    We have a man being revered like the fans’ own granddad. Nothing he can do can undo their love. It’s inbuilt and irreversible. I just can’t believe it only took a few brilliant seasons to develop it.

    Though I guess t actually really comes down to the early Emirates years where wenger stopped caring about management and started to build this weird as hell cult of personality around being this intellectual victim of a brash money filled world which we have no wish to be a part of. He spent the best part of a decade talking about class instead of trophies and over time people actually bought in.

    It’s fucking weird but it is what it is. Like a religious zealot there’s no essence of critical faculties in there and what we’re seeing is people who aren’t bringing anything to the discussion table that can actually be worked with. Just apologies for their saviour’s misfortune.

  19. Ishola70

    “A contract expert”


    And no if Sanchez surprisingly signs a new contract it won’t be down to this fvcking “contract expert” lol.

  20. Bamford10

    “Just remember whilst our top players contracts run down we still have deadwood on our books such as Jenkinson and Dabuchy #shambles” – @CapitalGooner

  21. TR7

    If Ramsey and Theo are to be offered new contracts it is clear Wenger has learned nothing from last season debacle. I am almost certain now we won’t make top 4 this season either.

  22. Ishola70

    Sanchez signs new deal.

    It was all because of Huss Fahmy says Sanchez.

    I was virtually out of the door but Huss firmly pushed me back in with his expertise says Sanchez.

    I have never come across such a contract expert before says Sanchez.

    All hail Huss Fahmy.

  23. Bamford10

    Nearly a month into the summer window and Wenger seems in a hurry to respond to finishing fifth and having planes overhead calling for his ouster by doing very little to improve the team.

  24. OleGunner

    Incredible that Ramsey is being bumped to £140k a week.
    What ever happened to earning your pay rise?

    This is a player who goes missing 80% of every season since his double pivot year next to Arteta in 2013.
    We crumble to mediocre players demands (Walcott) whilst letting the likes of Sanchez who DESERVE a pay hike, have their their contracts down.


  25. TR7

    If I were Sanchez I would take this development as a sign there’s no point in staying at Arsenal. The best two attacking players of last season – Alexis and Ox – are going to leave while poor performers such as Ramsey, Theo, Ozil etc are going to rewarded. Way to go Arsene!!

  26. Emiratesstroller

    The reality is that Mbappe was never going to come to Arsenal particularly this season when there is so much uncertainty over Sanchez and Ozil not
    to mention that we are not in Champions League.

    Frankly I would prefer to buy Lacazette, because he is an experienced ‘goalscorer’. He is not a one season hot shot.

    You can invest in someone like Mbappe either if money is no object as seems to be case at Man City or PSG or he is going to add star quality to an
    already great team e.g. Real Madrid.

    If we buy Lacazette then we can spend up to £50-60 million on a decent creative central midfielder.

    Arsenal are in a similar situation to Bayern Munich. We should be buying players who are affordable and within our budget. Bayern have never spent
    £50 million on any player in transfer market.

  27. gnarleygeorge9


    AFL has become that fast now, they need 4 umpires (referees) 4 boundary umpires (linesmen) & 2 goal umpires. Yet you are trying to compare that to some bloke who can throw & who virtually stands still all game, when he’s not sitting the bench while his team defends, or during umpteen ads. American football is for fat blokes with padding, then every now & then a bloke with a helmet on runs 20 metres & is hailed as superhuman ha ha!!

    Time to move back to Blighty before you become American!

  28. Ishola70

    God damn I wish Arsenal were in a similar situation to Bayern Munich.

    Dominating your domestic league and in turn dominating the transfer market in that domestic league, more times than not getting the best young players in that origin of country which also translates to having a huge pedigree on european football as a whole.

    Arsenal are nothing like Bayern Munich lol

  29. Emiratesstroller


    Arsenal are in exactly the same position as Bayern. Both clubs have large
    financial resources, but are committed to spending within their means.

    As I wrote Bayern have yet to spend £50 million on a player in the transfer
    market or spend £100 million on transfers.

    I am not discussing calibre of players recruited or comparison in performance. We know that Arsenal underperform in those departments.

  30. Joel

    At the moment Arsenal are being found wanting on three fronts:-
    1.An inability to tie up their “premier” player to a new contract.This indecision has,it seems,brought everything else to a grinding halt.That said Arsenal’s planning should move forward on the basis that new “talent” might persuade Alexis that Arsenal do actually have ambition.Should he then decide to leave it might mean that Arsenal already have a ready made replacement in place.I do not classify Ozil as a “premier” player.His midseason meltdown and an inability to perform to the level expected means that he is nothing more than a “luxury”.To increase his salary further would be a statement of utter desperation by Arsenal.No other Club wants to buy him and very few would take him for free on his current wages let alone at an increased level.Letting him play out the last year of his contract should, unfortunately,be Arsenal’s only option.More worrying is the prospect of the Ox signing for one of Arsenal’s main rivals.That said the Manager needs to decide where he is best utilised…and it’s obviously not in a CM role!!
    2.Their inability to offload squad players who are obviously surplus to requirements.Wenger’s ridiculous “socialist” pay structure means that it is virtually impossible to “sell” players like Gibbs,Debuchy,Ospina and Jenkinson not to mention the likes of Wilshire and Walcott and Chesney.How many Clubs out there would want to pay a reasonable transfer fee for any of these underperformers when they are nearly all currently earning over £50k per week and in Walcott ‘s case over £100k.It beggars beef that Arsenal are now looking to “up” Ramsey ‘s current contract following on from an extremely mediocre 18months when he has been given plenty of time to impress and has failed to do so…with the exception of the Cup Final.This should be used as the “standard”..Play like he did in the final for the first half of next Season and by all means receive an improved contract!!
    3.Arsene Wenger’s indecisiveness in the market has been apparent since David Dein’s departure.The net result has been disappointing for many fans….watching on as ideal targets are bought up by other clubs and Arsenal are left to panic at the end of the window which inevitably means paying inflated fees for lesser players.He couldn’t decide last Season whether Lacazette was worth his asking price… and this year a player who’s behind Giroud in the international pecking order is said to be worth £50 million plus.
    The Club is frankly a complete mess..throw into the mix the possibility of Sanchez leaving for Citeh…Bellerin leaving for Barcelona…the Ox for Chelsea or Liverpool and Lucas Perez for any team who can see his real worth and Arsenal will struggle once again for large parts of the coming Season…as will the fans…2016-17 featured no more than half a dozen impressive performances..Should we as fans have to sit through the same levels of mediocrity once again?

  31. tonyd

    Strange post for you.

    Mbappe was nothing more than a PR stunt at a time the club needed to sell season tickets.

    Your faith in Lacazette is ok, but he is still a level below we should be going for.

    We should be enquiring about: Pierre-Emerick Aubemayang, Edinson Cavani, , Diego Costa, Andrea Belotti, Sergio Aguero.

    Maybe Lacazette is proven, but that will all be undone when Lacazette has to play with the likes of one decent-game-a-season-wonder Ramsey, wally no brainWalcott, where’s the goal Welbeck and the slow marauding Giroud who out of the three can score. Welbeck wouldn’t know what the back of the net looked like.

    Ozil might or probably won’t pick up his game because the only person worth passing to will be Lacazette. It was Sanches last season, but he will be long gone.

    Arsenal are in a much better position to BM because they have at least £250 million they can use to rebuild the team, and can pay higher wages.

    Bayern are not similar to Arsenal in any respect: do you remember the 10:2 last season or 15:3 for the last 2 seasons? They are worlds apart or in front of us.

    Pay £50 million for a CM? That’s hilarious! Wenger will buy one for £10 million.

    What happened to Wenger chasing Lemar? A much needed replacement for Ramsey, Walcott or Welbeck. Guess he’s off Wenger’s phony list as well.

    Sorry Emirates, you’re way off the mark with that thinking.

    Sanches is reported to have said he’s waiting to see who Wenger brought in before making his decision to move. I’d say that giving Walcott and Ramsey bumper deals has made the decision for him: he’s gone.

    So Lacazette is going to be Sanches’s replacement. He’ll regret coming to us as soon as he commences training with the imbecilic Wenger and the bunch of muppets Wenger calls the team who can win the league.

    Wenger’s dug the first part of his grave, it won’t be long before the trench has reached 3 meters; deep enough for Wenger brainless, skinny arse boned body.

  32. tonyd

    Well said especially the part about Perez. All he need was game time to prove what he could do, but for some reason Wenger didn’t fancy him.

    Why did the bonehead buy him in the first place?

  33. Jim Lahey

    @ES –

    “Arsenal are in exactly the same position as Bayern.”

    We’re not though… We don’t have the pick of the best players that come out of our league do we?

  34. Leedsgunner

    If Sanchez and Özil don’t renew their contracts, it’s because they have lost confidence in the manager and the vision of the club — getting a new lawyer is not going to make one blind bit of difference.

    Getting a new lawyer into the club when Wenger still calls the shots is like treating for a stubbed toe when you have a heart attack in progress.

  35. tonyd

    Wenger hasn’t even been able to do one of his specialist “freebie” deals with Alves it’s looking like he’s off to City.

    What a glaring missed opportunity on all levels!!!!!!!!!

  36. Rambo Ramsey

    Vicky, your Oxlade bias is a bit embarrassing pal. Second best attacking player last season? The fuck are you smoking?

  37. Rambo Ramsey

    Told you guys when news broke about Chamberlain’s improved 100k per week terms, it’d be followed by Ramsey, Wilshere to 140k and Walcott to 160k per week deals.

    Lol. Comedy club.

  38. Leedsgunner

    The pursuit for Lacazette/Mbappe is just a red herring. They are missed opportunities, because of Wenger’s dithering — we will miss out on them.

    The real questions should be these.

    How did Lyon/Monaco discover/develop these players? Why are we not developing/discovering such players early in their careers?

    Atletico Madrid continually finds good strikers… what are they doing that we are not doing?

  39. HighburyLegend

    What are the transfer news today, any good player who wants to play with the Arsène Football Circus ??

  40. Leedsgunner

    “Told you guys when news broke about Chamberlain’s improved 100k per week terms, it’d be followed by Ramsey, Wilshere to 140k and Walcott to 160k per week deals.”

    Spot on RR. Don’t forget improved contracts for all of Wenger and his cronies.

    Does this sound like a club struggling with lack of funds? What have these players actually done to deserve their new contracts? Keeping them on the same contracts would be bad enough but to improve them? On what basis exactly?

    We have the money. Wenger just spends it badly.

  41. HighburyLegend

    @Leeds : what’s the point of writing this kind of stuff over and over (and over)…
    Everybody already knows it.

  42. Tomtom

    Wengers dithering is the stuff of legend.
    It’s almost like he is sulking after the mean fans upset him.
    It’s not even funny anymore, the level of incompetence is astounding yet he gets rewarded with a pay rise and even more power!

  43. Jim Lahey

    @leeds – The time the story broke about our “bid” for M’bappe it was almost farcical. I believe it was no coincidence that two larger bids had already been turned down for M’bappe before our bid was placed.

    I think the club knew this piece of information and made the bid safe in the knowledge that larger bids had been rejected. Don’t spend any more, yet appease a large proportion of the fan base. We have done it before also if you remember the bid for Belotti? An apparent £56m bid that Tornio claimed they turned down… with no follow up bid no back up plan, seemed very convenient. Torino get to affirm their stance they are not selling and Arsenal get to appease the fan base once again by putting out signals they are ready to spend money.

  44. Leedsgunner


    It’s as if Wenger has a list inhis office and he ticks them off as soon as he attempts to sign them.

    Arsenal is no longer a football club, just a sports based dictatorship… welcome to the Democratic Republic of North London…

  45. Tomtom

    Wenger will bid 89 million for Ronaldo today after united having a bid of 95 million turned down last week.

  46. tonyd

    So Ramsey, Walcott and The Ox are getting improved packages. How can Wenger justify the new deals when they under perform every season?

    Further more Wenger obviously doesn’t realise that when He or even worse the next manager arriving wants to sell these players, no club in their right minds are going to buy such average players on such high salaries.

    This is Wenger’s reinvention? How different is it to past seasons?

  47. Marko

    Rambo, who do you think was the 2nd best attacking player then?

    Definitely not fucking Chamberlain. Maybe Ozil who had his best goal scoring return in an arsenal jersey or Walcott or Giroud who scored more goals than Oxlade. See this is the problem with this club one player has a few half decent games at the end of the season and all of a sudden he’s worth 100,000 a week and seemingly indispensable. No way. Also fuck Ramsey and his new contract and pay rise. Again a guy who done fuck all most of the season but ended up scoring a couple goals and is seen as a crucial player. This club is a joke

  48. Marko

    So it’s based on personal opinion not stats. Right my personal opinion is that for about 6 years at Arsenal Alex Oxlade Chamberlain has been injured too much, doesn’t know his best position and lacks consistency. 6 or 10 games at the end of our worst season in 20+ years hasn’t changed anything he hasn’t turned a corner just yet. It is my personal opinion that someone like Iwobi has shown more in a little over a year than Alex had the previous 5

  49. Tomtom

    The Ox is consistently terrible yet he is linked with a new contract or big money move.
    Football has gone crazy and I’m getting a bit sick of overhyped players getting talked up as something special when they are actually pretty mediocre.
    I would much prefer to watch a rugby game over the past few years, maybe Wenger has killed my passion for football

  50. Jim Lahey

    @Leeds –

    I always feel when it comes to the business end of the summer and deals are being made that us fans know far far less than we think we do. I mean like any other industry the guys working on the inside (at Arsenal) have to know the moves other clubs are going to make before they make them its what they are being paid to do. So to put a low ball bid in for a player, already knowing that two other clubs have put in larger bids is a bid shady.

    Saying that maybe I have the chronology wrong (as I am only assuming), maybe our bid was placed first then the other two came in after.

    The thing is, I have to believe that the people working at Arsenal have the inside track on what the clubs around them are doing.

  51. TR7


    You know I will only repeat myself if I explain the reasons as to why I think Ox was the 2nd best. I want to know who you think was better than him except Sanchez.


    I never back average players based on a couple of good performances. I want the likes of Theo and Ramsey to be kicked out of Arsenal as the next guy.

  52. Rambo Ramsey

    Oxlade was garbage at the start of the season so much so that a green Iwobi was preferred months on. A good flurry of matches near the end of the season as a Wingback doesn’t qualify Chamberlain as second best attacking player of the season, for me.

    Ozil, Walcott, Giroud all had more productive and steadier season.

  53. Rambo Ramsey

    ‘I never back average players based on a couple of good performances. I want the likes of Theo and Ramsey to be kicked out of Arsenal as the next guy.’

    Bruh, even the likes of Walcott and Ramsey have shown higher level performances more often than Chamberlain. How can you blast Ramsey for a great six months and then praise Chamberlain for a great six weeks? Lol

  54. Jim Lahey

    @TR 7 –

    To be honest, for me Ox is not someone I would consider as an attacking threat, as we’ve all spoken about previously I feel his end product is severely lacking, he seems to be forever blissfully unaware of the movement around him.

    He did play well in that RWB role, limiting his attacking duties somewhat. If he was to concentrate on developing his defensive attributes he could soon become a starter at the club. But I still feel he is a way off that yet.

    In an attacking sense for me our best players would have to be Sanchez, Giroud and Ozil. The latter two have their limitations well documented on here, but they were the best we had all year. Says more about the club than I would like!

  55. TR7

    OK fair enough if you think Theo and Ozil were better than him. Looks like we will lose Ox to Liverpool, so good riddance eh?

  56. Frost

    Chelsea & United holding preliminary talks with Lewandowski.

    Ffs how can we be the most desperate of all clubs for a top class striker & not be at the very least in for him

  57. Jim Lahey

    Let me ask you guys…

    Kieran Gibbs, Gabriel, Theo Walcott, Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain, Alex Iwobi, Danny Welbeck, Carl Jenkinson, Francis Coquelin, Mohamed Elneny, Jack Wilshere

    Would any of those players look out of place playing for Everton, Southampton or West Ham?

  58. Emiratesstroller

    The point I made when discussing Bayern is how they recruit players and what they spend in transfer market and not as I made clear their management and performance standards.

    One of the key differences between Bayern and almost every other major club in Europe is that they are always first in the queue when concluding business.

    This summer they have recruited already 5 players in transfers and spent
    £76.93 million,which is a club record spend. They have recruited Tolisso,Coman, Sule, Gnabry and Rudy on a free.

    Compare that with Arsenal who have recruited Kolasinac on bosman, but
    have yet to spend a dime in transfer market and are sleepwalking in transfer negotiations.

    Arsenal’s problem for many years has been a total lack of ruthlessness in
    market and frankly business acumen.

    If you are going to penny pinch then at least get in before the transfer window opens and not leave it as Arsenal habitually do until the last day of window.

  59. Frost

    On Ox, if his main concern is getting a new contract then I’m 90% sure he’s gonna stay.

    If there’s one thing Wenger is good at, it’s giving out bumper contracts to players who haven’t really done anything to deserve it.

  60. Jim Lahey

    @TR 7 –

    “Looks like we will lose Ox to Liverpool, so good riddance eh?”

    Ox is a difficult one, by no means the worst of our players, but not good enough to play in a position where he would like to play. Do you think he would be happy competing for a RWB role at Arsenal?

    Also, where do you see him fitting into that Liverpool side?

  61. Rambo Ramsey

    Jim, interesting take there on Oxlade’s reduced attacking role as a wingback. I have to concur.

    Beating players by pace or skill is obviously his biggest strength and as a wingback he gets the whole length of his side of the pitch to do exactly that. I can see why this may fool some into thinking of him as a great marauding attacker. But rely on him to receive and do something with the ball in the final third and that’s where he looks out of his depth- poor touch, loose passing, little awareness.

  62. HighburyLegend

    “OK fair enough if you think Theo and Ozil were better than him. ”

    Better than Oliver ?? No f*cking way!!

  63. TR7


    Yes I think at Arsenal RWB position suits his style.

    For Liverpool he can play as a CM. Wijnaldum has had a very average season at Liverpool and isn’t a typical Klopp player. Ox has many weaknesses but lack of engine is not one. He can play as CM who can press high up on the pitch as Klopp likes it and make a few good runs which Wijnaldum is incapable of. If he improves his positioning sense he can do a lot better than Henderson as well who isn’t creative at all.

    Besides he can always slot in at either wing. Mane owns the right wing position, so he’s more likely to compete with Lallana in my opinion. Liverpool attack is positionally very fluid means he will get his fair share of chance to play.

  64. Marko

    Also, where do you see him fitting into that Liverpool side?

    He’s as much a squad player there as he is here. He’s not replacing any of their widemen and no he’s not replacing Wijnaldum he actually was alright last season but the reason he ain’t replacing him is simply cause he can’t play CM long term wise. He’s actually not that great on the ball.

  65. Rambo Ramsey

    How often does Oxo complete 90 minutes? Power running two-three times a game isn’t the same as burning a steady amount throughout the 90 which a midfielder needs to.

  66. Bamford10


    Good reply to Emirates. I’m with you: we were never actually in for Mbappe, Lacazette isn’t quite the level we need — certainly not by himself — and Wenger looks to be fucking the summer up, yet again.

    I do see Emirates’s point, though, about Bayern: he’s saying they sign quality in the 25-40m range, not the 50m+ range. I agree that that is more like what we should be doing. We need 3-4 quality players, not one.

    We also need to improve our scouting and … well … pretty much everything.

    Wenger out.

  67. Bamford10

    Reports that Lewandowski may be unhappy at Bayern. These reports are probably overblown, but he would be a great signing for us.

  68. Marko

    Absolutely no chance of a 28 year old Lewandowski joining a shit show like Arsenal FC. He’s a real winner he’s ambitious af. I’d be shocked if he left or didn’t go to Madrid

  69. Bamford10

    Wow. Sky is reporting that Chelsea and United are holding preliminary talks with Lewandowski’s representatives.

  70. Alexanderhenry

    So, Alexis is in the photo for the new kit.

    That must mean he’s staying, surely.

    What kind of club would cynically exploit the hearts, minds and pockets of fans who have been so loyal, and include alexis knowing full well that’s he’s leaving.

  71. Champagne charlie

    “As for CC. We already know wenger sets the valuation, maximum transfer fee and salary limit for signings. ”

    If you believe this then you’re pretty damn ignorant.

    You said last season we should buy Borja who went to Swansea, you were fucking adamant he was the clever signing we should make over someone like Lucas. Just highlighting your footballing credentials as you play out another summer of ‘I know best’.

    Now you’re saying we were never in for Mbappe. Lol you really are special.

  72. China

    Totally agree with your last post bamford

    Even though we all wanna see a 10/10 player come in, we’d be better off with an 8/10 and a 9/10 for the same price

  73. Rambo Ramsey

    Lewandowski’s a bit of a money whore. He’s forever been kicking up a fuss about his wages at Bayern.

  74. Bamford10

    One supporter’s response to promotions of the new kit—

    “We have signed no players bar a freebie and haven’t extended contracts but here let us fleece you again and again.” – GoonerDub (@johnanthonyr4)

  75. Bamford10


    I don’t even know who Borja is, and I was actually tepidly optimistic re Lucas, so I think you have me confused with someone else. Produce the quotes if you think otherwise.

    And no, I don’t think we were seriously planning on spending 100m on a single player, and neither do most people here.

    You keep lashing out and spouting nonsense, though.

  76. Johnsgiles

    The arsenal kit launch is hilarious.

    3 from the photos are unlikely to be at the club to wear them on the pitch and the ‘live’ launch consisted of an old lady (new signing?) and some old players in jeans
    (looked like a desperate attempt to fill a stage)

  77. Frost


    “Absolutely no chance of a 28 year old Lewandowski joining a shit show like Arsenal FC.”

    Honestly tired of seeing people say this. United signed the most expensive player /in demand midfielders in the world when they were in the Europa. All we have to do is show abit of ambition, dunno why that is hard for a supposed top club.

  78. raptora

    Lewandowski is probably the dream striker. Reminds me and looks to me like Djokovic – all round strong game, no weaknesses, tall, fast, a predator in the box, good on and off the ball. He is as solid as it gets. Kind of like Djokovic though, he has absolutely phenomenal form for the longest, and then it’s suddenly over and he is nowhere to be found. It happens rarely ofc. Other problems he has are visible laziness, can be a pain in the ass to play with cause he oozes arrogance, attitude problems sometimes as well. All in all a great forward. A real terminator when in the right mindset. I hope he doesn’t come to the EPL since we have no chance of landing a striker of that caliber. And if someone of the other teams gets him he will wreak havoc. I’m very surprised of him getting himself in a “conflict” with papa Carlo. The Italian is known as a great psychologist and the news that Lewa is unhappy was a strange one. If I was Real M I’d jump on that wagon asap.

  79. Emiratesstroller

    Bamford 10

    The bottom line is that Arsenal should always conduct business well in advance of final year when it comes to our starting X1. For me the situation with Sanchez and Ozil should have been finalised last Summer and not now when our negotiating position is weak.

    Second Arsenal have too many other players whose contracts are ending
    in 2018. We need in future a much more balanced contract situation.

    Frankly leaving aside the two players mentioned above most of the other
    players whose contracts are ending in 2018 are not guaranteed a starting place in first team and indeed some like Wilshire and Szczesny could not
    get into the squad and were loaned out.

    Oxlade-Chamberlain is probably the only HG player whose contract expires next summer which is worth renewing. He is versatile and has still potential to improve.

    I made the case several weeks ago that Arsenal should not hang onto players who have been at the club for at least 5 years and are not guaranteed
    a regular place in first team. That includes players like Gibbs, Wilshere,
    Szczesny, Campbell and Walcott.

    As I suggested before the club needs to cull these players and not just keep
    spending money on them.

    I believe that the club needs to recruit annually at least 2-3 new recruits for first team each season and the squad needs also freshening up with 2-3 new players some of whom could be elevated from the Academy programme.

  80. HighburyLegend

    “If you believe this then you’re pretty damn ignorant.”

    Ah, ze great CC!!
    Always posting in the greatest respect for everyone…

  81. Cesc Appeal

    If Lewandowski is really available I can see United going hard for him, looking at Morata and Belotti but Lewandowski is the closet they will get to replacing Ibrahimovic in terms of an ST who just has an all round great game.

    They will have the money to tempt Munich and the money to make Lewandowski one of the best paid ST’s around. Would likely mean Munich have the money to get Sanchez and a ST as well then, particularly if the sale of Costa goes through as expected.

    Have to see though, I swear we have heard these ‘Lewandowski not happy at Munich’ rumours before.

  82. Leedsgunner

    “What kind of club would cynically exploit the hearts, minds and pockets of fans who have been so loyal, and include alexis knowing full well that’s he’s leaving.”

    The same club that promised that when the new stadium was built that we would be keeping our stars, competing with the likes of Bayern Munich and exercising our financial firepower.

    The same club that gave its manager a new contract, despite finishing its lowest league position in 21 years…

    I think you’ve described Arsenal under the Kronke era quite well.

    Cynically and shamelessly exploiting fans since at least 2006.

  83. Elmo


    You can see exactly why Wenger had no interest in Tolisso by looking at the current pay rise and new contract offer to Ramsey.

    Ramsey, the MFer in the team who is designated to join the attack, scored his first PL goal on the last day of the season. In what world can you justify paying him £140k? For that money at any other club, you’d expect him to be scoring 10+ goals a season, a whole load of assists, and being one of the leaders in his position in the league.

    I’m sure a player like Tolisso or Tielemans could be contracted for £90k pw. Assuming Ramsey will be on £140k pw, you would save £8.4m in wages over a 4 year contract. If you can sell Ramsey for £20m (I’m sure there would be one or two PL suitors), then your net outlay is only around £10m to bring in a younger, vaunted player with higher upside.

    Yet Arsenal will never take that risk of moving on average players and rolling the dice at signing the next star because Wenger believes those average players are better than they actually are, and has a misplaced faith that they will reach levels they haven’t in many years.

  84. Alexanderhenry

    If alexis is leaving then arsenal know about it.
    The fact that he is included in the kit photo therefore, sums up everything you need to know about the club

  85. Marko

    Exactly CA. These lewandowski rumours apparently stem from him being unhappy with the team not helping him become the top scorer in the league in the last fixture of the season. Auba pipped him by one goal. He’s likely just after a new deal or a move to Madrid

  86. karim

    M’bappe’s latest episode :

    The player wants to sign for either Barça or Real ( whom he considers as the 2 best clubs in the world ) before he’s 22 ( 18 now ).

    Good news is he’s still unsure whether he should join them now, stay at Monaco or play for another club as a stepping stone.

    One of his closest relative told Le Parisien : ” If Kyllian signs for Arsenal, it will be for Wenger. He knows how to polish a future France striker. He proved it with Henry and Anelka. Playing only the Europa league isn’t an obstacle in itself. ” ( my translation )

    Interesting, ain’t it ?

  87. Elmo


    I agree dross needs to be moved on. The point, though, is that if you are a well run club, you try to maximise your use of resources. If players like Gibbs, Szczesny, Wilshere etc aren’t good enough, then plan to sell them while they still have value and you still possess leverage. You can make £10m+ here and there on all these players if you actively make the decision to sell them while they still have two years left to run. The one thing a well managed club doesn’t do is dither, leading to assets leaving for nothing.

    Look around Europe and you certainly see clubs moving on groups of players because they know they won’t re-sign or they’re not good enough. You don’t see serious clubs letting multiple players in their mid-20s run down their contracts and leave for nothing because no one at the organisation could be decisive.

  88. Leedsgunner


    Anyone else see the extremely cringe worthy, “We are THE Arsenal” press release?

    Shaking my head with disbelief. Understandable if we won the Champions League or the League last season but honestly?

    It was always going to be made fun of mercilessly…

    Let me add a few more…

    We are THE club that bid £40m + £1 for Suarez
    We are THE club that signed a player with a broken back
    We are THE club that missed out on Yaya Toure, Zlatan, Juan Mata, Xabi Alonso
    We are THE club that asks its fans to pay more and more for less and less
    We are THE club that loves injured players and gives them renewed contracts, hoping that they come good… even when they don’t.

  89. Leedsgunner

    Oh, I forgot one more…

    We are THE club who will never judge in May… no matter how badly the manager has done.

  90. tonyd

    After reading Bamford’s post I see more of what you were trying to say.

    Your second post made more sense and was well put.

    With Bayern, players want to go to play for them, especially continental players. These player’s agents then can put pressure on their respective clubs to leave.

    Whether that keeps the price down of such player’s I have no idea., but a club rarely keeps a player who doesn’t want to play for them, as it was for us with RVP and others. We really had no choice but to sell them at well under their true value.

    Also, I could never see Bayern losing a player for wanting what was tacitly agreed with him, so we lost a great player in his prime for a measly extra £5000 a week due to Hillwood throwing his toys out the pram.

    On every level IMO, Arsenal are well behind Bayern and probably are going to drop even further.

    We as fans are in for a torrid time during this transfer window, which Wenger will feel when the axes get sharpened for him in the next season.

    I can see vitriol aimed at Wenger, Gazidis and Kroenke of the like that has probably never been seen before.

    I will not pity him as he has brought it all on his stubborn, self righteous, arrogant self.

    The sooner he goes the quicker this great club can progress.

    History has taught us that pretty much all dictators come to nasty, sticky and often violent ends.

  91. Wallace


    “Interesting, ain’t it ?”

    yeah, if we do have a chance, that’s why. guaranteed games and Wenger.

  92. Champagne charlie


    That’s always been the angle we’re offering Mbappe, just ignorant folk choose to ignore it.

    I’ve said before how we’re basically the best option for Mbappe for him to make a step up vs a leap up to a Real Madrid. That gets shot down here though because the bias is embarrassing.

    For young French players we are the absolute first port of call in England, and its inherently thanks to Wenger.

    Mbappe is 18 ffs, his parents and family will have a huge influence in where he goes. Any parent would seriously consider Arsenals nurturing model over the potential graveyard that is Madrid. The last Monaco purchase who went there is literally the embodiment of what can happen, James ‘fuck my life’ Rodriquez.

  93. Marko

    For young French players we are the absolute first port of call in England, and its inherently thanks to Wenger.

    Then why don’t we buy enough of them then or at least the good highly rated prospects. It’s all well and good saying we’re attractive to young French players but then failed to even attempt to sign Ousmane Dembele or Griezmann or Kante or Varane or Umtiti. The list goes on but no we did a good job with Henry and Anelka a long time ago so therefore we still have a good track record young French players.

    Charlie while I have you here you seem so adamant yesterday that Arsene absolutely has nothing to do with contract negotiations so any idea why for so long we kept giving Diaby new contracts for allthose years? On Dick Law or Ken Friers recommendation I suppose

  94. tonyd


    I don’t usually bite at your inane posts. I just see you for the idiot you are, but I grant you when your not being pious and overly condescending, you can actually write posts here at add value to the blog.

    But if you think we’re the best club for Mbappe you need to get serious help or stop taking prozac.

    Wenger will never improve the kid, he’ll play him so much that he’ll end up burnt out in 1 or 2 seasons let alone 3 seasons. He’ll end up physically weaker and susceptible to injuries throughout his career because at that age his body is still developing. Before you say Wenger won’t, he’ll have no choice because it will be on Mabappe to keep bailing Wenger out as Sanches has.

    However, hell will freeze over before Mbappe comes or Wenger pay pays over £100 million for him.

    If you don’t see that you need to change your prescription and you’re nowhere near as smart as you think you are.

    Just another AKB with rose tinted glasses where Wenger is concerned.

  95. karim

    Wallace / CC

    The irony if he signs here because there won’t be too much pressure on him, I’d love it !

  96. OleGunner

    That was an embarrassing press release I agree!

    Thought it was a joke at first but nope, Arsenal PR legit sent that out lmao

  97. Elmo

    At this point in time, how is Arsenal a better stepping stone club than Monaco?

    Monaco just won their domestic league, above PSG. Monaco just reached the CL semi-finals. Monaco are managed by a young, dynamic, sought after coach. Even with departures, Monaco have a hugely talented, young group, and have a track record of sourcing the best young players in southern Europe, while managing to pick the future stars from the national academy at Clairefontaine at 16.

    The only advantage Arsenal has as a feeder proposition right now is money. If a club like Monaco offer their player equivalent wages (admittedly unlikely with their budget, but financial compensation usually isn’t the objective while being at a stepping stone club), why would you move to Arsenal?

    The owner at Lyon, Aulas, talked in the last year of how French clubs now no longer look up to Arsenal, and it is no longer seen as an upwards step towards an eventual move to a superclub.

  98. Marko

    But if you think we’re the best club for Mbappe you need to get serious help or stop taking prozac

    No no we still develop young French players even though the only examples one can give were players 10+ years ago. We’re still that relevant

  99. Rambo Ramsey

    “For young French players we are the absolute first port of call in England, and its inherently thanks to Wenger.”

    Who was the last exciting young French player we managed to allure? You’re speaking of a different decade I’m afraid, Charlie.

  100. Steveyg87

    “Soon? I don’t know. But this is my dream because I love Arsenal,” Pires said.

    “I have a very good relationship with the club, especially with Arsene Wenger. It’s not a priority for the club – maybe one day – but for the moment it’s not in Arsenal’s plans. The most important thing is to build a good team for next season.”

    Pires on his ambition to be sporting director…

    So what was Ivan on about us possibly recruiting a DOF?

    He goes on to say that Arsene could match the likes of Madrid when it comes to transfer fees, specifically mentioning Mbappe..

    Honestly, what a prick Bobby Pires is, shamelessly parading around with Wengers balls in his mouth

  101. karim


    Interesting views.

    I’d say Monaco has caught up with us in the last 3 years but overall, we’re still more likely to maintain a certain level than them.
    Jardim made a great job under severe restrictions and I’m curious to see how it will be once he goes away.
    They’ve also had a lot of up and downs in their history and even got relegated not so far ago.

    Plus the PL is still very attractive as it’s an exciting competition, still miles above the French league although the latter is getting better and better to be fair.

    I’m not saying Arsenal are an obvious choice but it still makes sense to me.

  102. tonyd

    LOL Marco

    I can see Mbappe being overjoyed at the prospect of playing with Ramsey, Walcott, Welbeck and the rest of the dross who have been at Arsenal for years and amounted to nothing, such as Wilshire, the Ox et al.

    He must be drooling and champing on the bit to play with Gibbs, Elneny, and Coquelin.

    As I posted earlier about Lacazette, Mbappe will not get the service he needs to shine as he gets with Monaco.

    All he’s got to look forward to is ‘Crab Football’.

    The only way Mbappe, Lacazette or similar works playing for us is if Wenger also buys Lemar, Rabiot (or similar) James Rodriguez or Isco.

    Then the spine and high temp attacking midfielders will fit the way Mbappe plays.

    Like Sanches Mbappe or Lacazette etc will want out as quick as they can possibly can and who could blame them.

    For the sake of his career, Mbappe should stay at Monaco under a great coach.

    Sadly, this situation is purely because the spineless hierarchy renewed Wenger’s contract.

  103. Rambo Ramsey

    It is quite staggering though. France clearly have the best bunch of talented young players in World football and not one of them players is in the premier league..? Complete failure on part of EPL clubs, especially looks bad on Wenger.

  104. Elmo

    Karim – in the medium term, perhaps, but for any 18-23 year old player currently at Monaco, who knows they intend to be playing for Real, Barca, Bayern, Juve within 1-3 years, why move to Arsenal while Jardim is still there and you are part of a special group?

    To me, a genuine step up right now would be Atleti, where you would be expected to be competitive with Real and Barca, and reach the CL latter stages. Sadly at Arsenal we are not presently offering the prospect of trying to compete for big titles, so it’s not a forwards step for players who are already doing that, albeit at smaller clubs.

  105. tonyd

    “I’d say Monaco has caught up with us in the last 3 years but overall, we’re still more likely to maintain a certain level than them.”

    Priceless Karim. You on the same medication as CC?

    What level would that be that we’re on?

    We’re dropping faster than a bar girl’s knickers in a Pattaya GoGo.

    I’m reliably informed by people who go there it’s in 2 seconds after relieving money. Thankfully I live 500km away in a more traditional Thai city.

  106. Rambo Ramsey

    Wenger’s sudden obsession with the British core well and truly fucked us over. He should have stuck with what he knows best and what worked for him best..talented unpolished French players. Did Samir Nasri break him?

  107. Marko

    Exactly. It’s all well and good saying (or pretending) we’re an attractive proposition to young French players but then see them join other clubs. Kind of makes no sense really

  108. OleGunner


    If you remember Wenger said that he went for a British core because they would be more loyal to Arsenal being from the UK and growing up at the club.

    Like you said, this was a direct response to being burnt by young talents in Nasri, Adebayor, Fabregas etc who left for greater riches and trophies.

    Wenger’s obvious mistakes were never building a competitive squad to keep said players around and foster a winning brother hood mentality and relying on average British goons to win the big prizes which was never going to work.

    Agin he can blame no one but himself.

  109. raptora

    One thing Arsenal has that Mbappe would need in the future is that he will get that much needed experience if he is to pursue his dream of going to Barcelona or Real M. In London he would be in a foreign country, will have to move from France and probably live by himself, will feel what it is to be on your own and living by yourself, will meet face to face with the language barrier and the list can keep going on and on. In other words in Arsenal he will learn what it is to be a grown up. Wenger is already kind of like a father figure to him so we will see what will happen. But if he is to go to the biggest clubs in the world that the two spanish giants are, he will need that experience of being abroad before. Else this whole shock if it gets to him in a place where no one will wait for you to settle or to feel good, his career can turn a corner for the worse. I would probably still not pick Arsenal if I could though. Pep’s Manchester City would be my destination surrounded by loads of young talent and a charismatic manager. A team that will have a good go at the EPL and CL next following years. Still Arsenal would be right up there if I was a random player and not a fan of the team. Chelsea is a team that doesn’t play exciting football and tactics are way too big part of the way the team plays + they would probably need a target man called Lukaku; Man Utd 1. has the bad example of Marcial, 2. Mou is bad with young players, 3. atm their football is boring; Liverpool is still a team with huge question marks of being a yoyo team of averageness; Spuds are not attractive enough. In Germany there’s only one club that would be a bigger place than Monaco and that’s Bayern which is way too soon. Italy is Italy meaning no. Atleti could be an option but they are banned. The only problem Arsenal has on paper is that we missed on the CL spots. If we had done that we would have been on paper one of the 2 or 3 at max best clubs for the kid. Adding that to the Wenger factor that obviously he has been courting Kylian for years adds some possibility to the transfer actually happening. All of this is if Mbappe wants us for a stepping stone not seeing us as his long term team which could suit both sides. So things like “omfg who would pick a team that doesn’t compete and hasn’t won this and that ever” isn’t to be considered that much.

  110. karim


    Agree if Monaco remain competitive enough, that will be the main issue for the kid.

    As for Atletico, don’t know, he looks tailor-made for the EPL as far as I’m concerned.

    As Tony d said, he won’t be a miracle worker on his own but that would be a fucking good start !


    Don’t have a clue about Cyprien but I guess he’ll stay at Nice given he’ll be just back after a bad injury.
    Yeah, Seri wants to join Roma, Nice not so happy about it, but it looks like he’s off.
    Rabiot and Verratti look like they will be forced to stay too.
    Gonalons may join Newcastle.

  111. Rambo Ramsey

    OleGunner, indeed. Fabregas, Nasri et al broke Wenger. The guy who used to say ‘fuck you’ to likes of Vieira and Henry’s demands turned into a cowering old man who bends over to the demands of British donkey core.

  112. karim


    Nice metaphor mate !

    My point was we’ve been top 4 for centuries bar this year while Monaco was in ligue 2 five years ago.

    Forgive me if I think being one of the 4 best English teams for 20 years is a decent level ( I said decent, not that I’m happy with it !!! )

    How is that priceless ?

  113. Herb's Army

    Hey Elmo.

    Thanks for the feedback, I realised reading your comment that I made a typo, so apologies for that.
    There are far too many sycophants worshipping a very average manager to initiate the scale of revolution needed at Arsenal, and it’s painful to watch.
    I really hope the fans rally and create enough toxicity so that it’s impossible to stay.
    He is a malignant tumour that needs to be urgently cut out.
    He can’t be that ignorant that he genuinely believes the majority of Arsenal fans want him to stay. Even most of the Arsenal blogs that once heralded his reign with exaggerated triumphalism have either turned against him, or have realised their grave mis-judgement of character and ceased to exist.
    Obviously ‘Untold’ still thrives, but what’s life without a pinch of gallows humour!
    But they’re like some weird cult that hates being directly challenged, so engaging in sensible debate over there is impossible.
    Wenger has taken our huge club, and brain-washed us by continually re-defining what constitutes success, and despite the odd big-money signing that has to be practically given to him, we enter virtually every transfer-window behaving like we’re Forest Green Rovers.
    This is the same manager who promised to make Arsenal one of the biggest football clubs in the world.
    Although as a caveat, he didn’t say which world.

  114. champagne charlie


    “Who was the last exciting young French player we managed to allure? You’re speaking of a different decade I’m afraid, Charlie.”

    Being a big attraction and working that to your advantage is two totally different things mate. We are a massive pull to French players, we’re the most televised team in France from the prem and theres an undeniable ‘frenchness’ about us that appeals to the natives.

    The fact we haven’t used that to our advantage more does not dismiss this fact, just further mocks our inadequacies in the transfer market. Germany has served us well the last few years but why we stopped the French conveyor belt is absolutely indefensible. Still, can always change tact as our interests appear to suggest.

  115. Gunner2301

    Arsene has made Arsenal a laughing stock. His new contract has emboldened him in his lunacy and no-one at the club has the balls to step in. If they’re gonna sit on their hands so will I until he leaves.