Should our striker shortlist be more ambitious?

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Another post, another sad story to acknowledge. This time, a nutter ploughing into a group of people near a mosque in an apparent ‘revenge’ attack. Utterly shocking and sad. I’m glad the PM is calling it out for what it is, terrorism. There’s no such things as an eye-for-an-eye when it comes to innocent people. There’s nothing noble in homegrown radical hate preachers because they look like you. There’s nothing glorious in calling this out as a civil war, because it’s quite simply not.

London is so much better than all this bullshit, sadly, the cesspit that is the internet, is not.

Imagine saying to your older self ten years you’d have to keep one earbud out walking down the street, just in case some unhinged wanker decided he needed to mow you down in the name of his religion or warped belief.

Anyway, stay safe Londoners, and stick together.

Right, onto football news.

Barcelona are making super sexy moves this summer. Verrati and Dortmund’s Dembele on their radar. Enough to make you want to creep off into a dark room with just the finest goals and assists videos. What a team they’ll have next year if they make that happen.

Then you look at us. CEO parading his new hire in the media, I obviously have an opinion on this, but it’ll be a bigger piece later in the week. Player wise, we’re supposedly in for Kylian M’bappe and Lacazette. You know who we’re most likely to get, and here’s my thing. Why aren’t we chasing down a better striker? If we have £100m to blow on an 18-year-old, why don’t we have the cash for Auba of Dortmund? Why aren’t we hustling Bayern for Lewa? What about Barca for Suarez? What about Belotti?

I might be totally wrong on Lacazette, but to me, he looks very rough around the edges. He’s 5ft9, he’s hardly built and he’s coming from a Ligue 1, I really can’t put up there with the best outside the top 2.

Then you hear we’re struggling for a work permit with Asano. The Japanese striker started 22 times, landed 4 goals and 4 assists. I mean, those stats next to Sanogo look world class, but again, we’re banging on a door that’ll never open to world class. It’s Park Chu-Young or whoever else we’ve watched Wenger flog as a prospect for years. My guess, he’ll be on our books for the next ten years and amount to nothing.

As for all the nutcase revisionists out there talking about Giroud like he’s the second coming of christ, what are you going on about? The guy is bang average. At best, he’s a solid Everton striker. If West Ham want him, that’s great. Make it happen. I’ll drive him over there. He has consistently proved at the highest level he won’t be there for us. He’s had a good innings. He’s banged in a lot of goals. But he’s not a patch on peak Thierry, Bergkamp, Wright, Robin Van Persie… or even Adebayor.

We can and should be doing better, but again, a little reminder, signing a player who can’t oust Giroud in the French national team really does make me double take what we’re getting ourselves into here.

Right, those are all the words I have today, see you in the comments.




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  1. London gunner


    Le grove was embarrassing when we signed welbeck claimed he as second coming of Ian Wright.

    I said he was an awful chocker nothing welbeck has done has to disproven this.

    Guy literally can’t connect with a football it’s bizarre. Physically can’t do the basics.

  2. Micheal

    I find the close season the most depressing and frustrating period of supporting Arsenal – not just because there are no games.

    For over 10 years now, we have regularly experienced a close season where rumours come and go, we are forced to sell our best players because we have allowed their contracts to be run down and we watch while our rivals pick up the best players available from the transfer market.

    Then, some around mid-August, we leap into action as though the transfer window has suddenly opened. And the club is always surprised to discover that the best players have already been picked off, our options are limited and Jack (or someone in the same mould) will be hailed as being “like a news signing.”

    As the first whistle of the season blows, we all hope for the best. And we comfort ourselves with the hope that things will definitely be different next summer…..

  3. Jim Lahey

    @London –

    On Perez, let me put my tinfoil hat on for a moment! I always found the circumstances of his transfer odd. There was no hemming and hawing it was just done, he was signed on the 27th of August, four days before it closed. The club was under pressure at the time and Wenger was steadfast that we didn’t need any more additions to our attacking line up. Sooooo… maybe (not saying it happened) he was bought above Wenger’s head? I mean there was no negotiating we paid his release clause of £17m, when do we ever do that?

    Anyway, the guy is far better than a lot of the dross that starts ahead of him, I wish him the best of luck with his next club.

  4. Jim Lahey

    @Marko –

    I agree with you, the statement “don’t feel they can do major transfer business this summer until they sort out Ozil and Alexis’s situations” only has negative connotations.

    To me it reads like “We won’t bring in a star player until we sell a star player, and if our star players stay none will come in”

    This isn’t how you progress as a team, you don’t replace big players, you add to them. Tell Sanchez that 2/3 big names are coming in, it is more likely to persuade him to stay than another zero at the end of his pay cheque.

  5. reality check

    Chelsea, imo, are probably the front runners.
    Told Legrove, way b4 CR7s tax problems, Just keep an eye on how Madrid raise money for a big money signing E.H to R.M A.S to C.FC

    Sanchez is not English is not a Londoner (but loves the city) and has no hate for any english clubs. He’s a Player doing his job. At chavs, he’ll have upgraded everything about himself and his career whilst not having to move a muscle.


  6. Marko

    This isn’t how you progress as a team, you don’t replace big players, you add to them. Tell Sanchez that 2/3 big names are coming in, it is more likely to persuade him to stay than another zero at the end of his pay cheque.


  7. Jim Lahey

    Like many people on here, I was born into supporting Arsenal, and like many others I love the club and will probably keep supporting no matter what happens to the club.

    But it is so hard to watch what is going on at the moment, ARSENAL FC now have the same ambitions as clubs like Everton and Southampton, that is, a European space and a run in one of the domestic cups. That is where we are as a club. Spurs have higher ambitions that we do for fuck sake.

    If asked I honestly couldn’t in good conscience put forward a case for Arsenal being a big club anymore, we’re not.

  8. Carts

    “We don’t really sell to Chelsea so I don’t see it happening. City could though”

    Arsenal “Sanchez, there’s 3 weeks left of the window, we need to know where you standing. £250k p/w waiting here for you…”

    Sanchez “Chelsea is who I want to sign for. I will not hand in a transfer request. Either you accept Chelsea’s offer or I’ll just sign for them in January, and you’ll lose me on a free”

    Arsenal get cuck’d into selling to Chelsea

  9. raptora

    Ever Banega wants to move out of Inter Milan. Pretty solid player from what I’ve seen. Lively and good on the ball. Could be a good signing for a quoted €15m transfer fee.

  10. Bamford10

    Yes, everything is wrong with reports that we are waiting on Ozil and Alexis contracts to do other serious business.

    One, we have plenty of money to spend, so it’s not like we need money from sales in order to spend.

    Two, if you want to convince these two to stay, one of the best ways to do this is to sign other quality players and show them that we will be a better side going forward. Get them interested in the XI they would be playing in next season.

    Three, we need a CF irrespective of what Alexis or Ozil decide or do. This business needs to get done regardless. PEA, Belotti, Morata … one of this caliber is necessary and would improve us massively.

    If we dally this summer, it will be for one reason and one reason only: Arsene Wenger’s negative attitude towards transfer spending.

  11. Cesc Appeal

    Matic to United rumours picking up, comes after they were linked with Fabinho. Mourinho seems like he is going hard for a CDM.

    Smart I think, surprised he did not sort that last summer, add one of those to Herrera and Pogba in the middle and you have a great midfield.

    Would also make sense as Chelsea are bringing in Bakayoko but are also being linked with more central midfield players.

  12. mysticleaves

    Renato Sanchez is starting from the bench at an u21 championship. Has anyone called Bamford out on that? I recall him saying he was going to be a regular starter at Bayern….

  13. mysticleaves

    As for strikers i would prefer Icardi to PEA, Morata and Beloti. Icardi has to be the one. i hope the club has a list that at least includes Icardi

  14. China

    Giroud desperately needs upgrading but he is usable as a squad player and if we sell him we need to sign two strikers (unless Perez is actually gonna get some game time??)

    If we buy a top striker but lose giroud it’s not much of a step forwards


    Because we’d have upgraded on our first choice but we’d still be banking on a hopeless welbz as our second choice. Watch this space when we sign auba and he gets a long term injury after a month or two, and we’re watching dat boo welbz run around (he doesn’t actually do anything else) for the next 5 months.

    Give me giroud as a second choice and as a strategic shake up impact sub over an utterly shite welbeck any day of the week

    You don’t win the league with one elite striker and a hopeless second choice unless you’re banking on no injuries all season. Giroud will never be elite but he contributes a solid share of goals and brings a different option to the team

  15. China

    Lol mystic we have no list.

    We play out the summer by ear and see who comes available on the cheap at what time

    There’s no way in fucking hell that wenger has written a list of players he wants. Even if he was going to write a list, it wouldn’t be finished until lunch time on deadline day I absolutely promise you

  16. China

    Another useful thing about giroud is that he scores very few hat tricks and doesn’t take penalties

    You see these players like Harry Kane and Germaine Defoe who have quality and really good records, but especially in defoe’s case, he’d bang in two hat tricks in 3 games then not score for 6 weeks.

    Giroud usually has one down patch per season, but the rest of the time you can expect him to regularly chip in a goal – which is more useful than hammering 3 past relegation fodder and not scoring again for 6 weeks

  17. HighburyLegend

    ” and you have a great midfield.”

    Pffffffffff… nothing to really compare with ours.

  18. Paddy got bored

    I don’t get all this hate towards Wellbeck on here. Yeah He is never going to win Ballon Dor but fuck me at least he gives his best more than half the fairies in Ferraris who turn up and put the shirt on each week..
    Did none of you see the cup final? He run himself into the ground, Cahill and Luiz fucked up so many times as he was splitting them time and time again..
    Bloke has been out for over a year injured aswell
    Someone said you” can’t rely on him in big games” well as said he did alright at Wembley in my opinion
    Seem to recall a goal at the Mancs in the cup and a winner v Leicester aswell
    Anyway I’ve not worked a day in professional football or made 3000 substitutions so what do I know!!
    E IE
    The lot out

  19. London gunner

    Paddy because he is a bottler he has scored in some matches but he has bottled in many more.

    I remember him bottling a one on one with the keeper in a crucial champions league match when he played with Manchester, that was the summer he was sold and to us and I felt massively underwhelmed.

    For comparison Defoe is easily a better player.

  20. Samir

    PEA has better pace, heading and finishing to Lacazette from what I’ve seen.
    As someone said yesterday it always seems as if Lacazette scuffs the ball ALA Welbeck.

    Personally I’d rather PEA or Belotti, even Dolberg/Iheanacho to Lacazette. Sure he has a good number of goals but so did Giroud before he came here. I get the feeling Lacazette would score 15 goals per season here, not good enough.

  21. HighburyLegend

    “lacazette or benzema ?? both shit, both good enough for Wenger..”
    A bit of irony never hurt.

  22. HighburyLegend

    PEA would like to play the Champions league.
    Lacazette is happy with the ELC.

    Guess which player wenga loves the most.
    (here’s a clue : he’s french top qualidy)

  23. Rambo Ramsey

    Do one Gambon & Paddy,

    Typical English line of thinking which is the prime reason you lot continue to be a source of comedy in most international tourneys.

    This is elite sports we are taking about. ‘Trying’ is only good enough at amateur level. If you want to go beyond that, you need both effort and skill.

    Hardworking Welbeck, Lmao, Yeah, its wonderful to see him toil an average of 10-15 times a season.

  24. Jordan

    PEA has better pace, heading and finishing to Lacazette from what I’ve seen.
    As someone said yesterday it always seems as if Lacazette scuffs the ball ALA Welbeck.Personally I’d rather PEA or Belotti, even Dolberg/Iheanacho to Lacazette. Sure he has a good number of goals but so did Giroud before he came here. I get the feeling Lacazette would score 15 goals per season here, not good enough.
    I’ll concede pace and heading, but I’m not too sure about finishing though I think that’s pretty close. I’d argue that he actually has better technique than PEA certainly a better passer and dribbler, and he can strike the ball cleanly play style isn’t comparable to Welbeck in my opinion. Iheanacho suffers from a severe lack of technical ability although he seems to be a goalscorer and PEA never managed to score 20 league goals in Ligue 1.

  25. Marko

    Would also make sense as Chelsea are bringing in Bakayoko but are also being linked with more central midfield players.

    Isn’t it amazing the midfield Chelsea has and they’re looking to strengthen but with us our midfield is piss poor and we seem okay with that. Ambitions and all that

    Personally I’d rather PEA or Belotti, even Dolberg/Iheanacho to Lacazette.

    Agree with the first two but absolutely not the others. All due respect but as of right now Dolberg and Iheanacho aren’t fit to lack Lacazette’s boots. You cannot scrutinise Lacazette and his 96 goals the last three seasons in France but then say you’d prefer Dolberg who wasn’t even the top scorer in a rubbish Dutch league or Iheanacho who barely even played for City it’s mind boggling really

  26. OleGunner

    Welbeck tries his hardest bless him.
    But he has all the Striking acumen of a donkey on ice skates.

    Not good enough for first 11 at Arsenal unless your ambition is between 5-7th place.

  27. Bamford10


    If we were to sign a genuine first choice CF, like Aubameyang, and he were to get injured & force us to play with Giroud, we’d be just as hopeless as we have been with Giroud as our starting CF for some time now. Whatever his limitations, we have a more dynamic attacking front three with Welbeck than we do with Giroud. And you don’t win the league on the basis of your second choice CF.

    I really don’t get this “we must hold on to Giroud” thing, unless it comes from a dislike of Welbeck, which I sort of get.

    We can get 25m for Giroud. We should take it and use it to fill a more important weakness.

    Sadly, there are reports that Wenger is telling Giroud he is needed at Arsenal next season.

    No offense to those who like him, but I’d be thrilled if I never had to watch Olivier Giroud play for Arsenal ever again.

  28. Bamford10


    The whole world is surprised Renato Sanches isn’t playing better.

    What a stupid fucking comment.

  29. Dissenter

    Spanish authorities need to figure out a better way of collecting taxes. They come across as neophytes the way they keep accusing everyone of tax evasion.

    Why does this occur more in Spain?

  30. Bamford10


    No one is talking about Welbeck as someone who should be in the first XI, so that point is moot. Giroud isn’t good enough for the starting XI either.

    The q is whom should we keep as the second choice and why. Some say Giroud, others Welbeck. Some bit of this is frankly a matter of taste, but I do think we play better football and more interesting, dynamic attacking football with Welbeck as the CF than with the lamppost up top.

  31. Dissenter

    What is so hard about people preferring Giroud to Welbeck as a second striker?

    Giroud scored 16 goals in all competitions, even though he only started 40% of games. He had 6 assists in all competitions.
    Welbeck scored only 4 goals in all competitions [injury restricted him no doubt] He only had TWO assist all year.
    He started most of out most pathetic performances [at Liverpool and at Crystal palace]. So much for the myth you keep peddling that he “makes us play better”

    He has TWO freaking assist all season so how does he make us play better?
    Welbeck is not as good as Giroud period even when you adjust his numbers for injury. He’s a Watford level striker. His highest premier league goals tally was 6 goals when he was loaned out to Sunderland 6 years ago.

    Why isn’t any club queuing up for Welbeck?

  32. Bamford10


    If you don’t see how Welbeck allows us to play more dynamic attacking football, I can’t help you. Unlike Giroud, Welbeck can make diagonal runs and can be played in behind. He stretches defenses out. This was evident in the FAC final against Chelsea. If we had started that game with Giroud up top, we would not have been able to play in the way we did in that first half.

    And I have no problem with people who prefer Giroud to Welbeck as the second-choice; but I do think they’re wrong.

    And it will genuinely pain me if I have to watch Olivier Giroud again next season.

    To each his own, though, I guess.

  33. Dissenter

    Welbeck’s contributions included almost having Sanchez [already dubious] goal disallowed because he had strayed into an offside position. Then he missed a lot of sitters.
    It took Giroud one minute to crate the assist that Ramsey nodded home past Cortouis.
    That’s what I recall from the FA cup final. We wouldn’t have scored if Welbeck had finished the game.
    He’s one of the worst striker signings we have ever made. He runs like a Gazelle [wonderful athlete] but has the dexterity of a deer on ice skates and the striking intellect of a hare.
    To each his own, though, I guess but you obviously can’t separate your Giroud bias from the crystal clear numbers.

  34. HighburyLegend

    “but has the dexterity of a deer on ice skates and the striking intellect of a hare”
    Priceless one lol

  35. Bamford10


    I’m not disputing Giroud’s numbers, but we play better football with Welbeck as the CF. And Giroud came on with twenty minutes left, when the defenders had been running for 70 minutes. The game is different at that point. I have been saying for some time now that that is precisely when Giroud should be brought on, but that to play him from the start is a mistake, which it is.

    Nothing is so plodding and dull as Arsenal’s attack when Giroud is the starting XI.