Ivan Gazidis should resign | 8 questions to ask the regime at the Q&A

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Goooood morning you absolute darlings.

So I’ve been mulling over the latest moves at Arsenal. You look all that has gone on this past season with Ivan Gazidis, and you really have to ask the question:

Should he now resign?

He hasn’t just been embarrassed by Stan Kroenke, he’s been absolutely humiliated.

Ivan came out and said he believed our season was a catalyst for change. He meant those words. They weren’t for placation reasons. There was no dastardly game. They were a veiled threat of things to come for a manager tanking.

We arrive in June, and what exactly has happened?

Arsene Wenger has not only signed a new two-year deal. Which is bad enough. He’s also signed his shoddy backroom team into the same stretch of time, and successfully fought off the requirement to hire in a sporting director.

Think about it: Arsene Wenger has successfully fought off the need to change anything, despite failing badly this year.

At this point, what exactly is Ivan’s role at the club beyond the business?

How did his conversation with Stan K go down? Because he can put whatever spin on this he likes, but he spoke about the catalyst for change, he’s previously spoken about the consequences of the fan relationship breaking down, and he’s just let Stan K do what he wants and sign Wenger and his band of average backroom staff on again.

Arsenal, at this point, are no longer a sporting entity that can be taken seriously.

Where are the guts? When do you say enough is enough, threaten to walk if your views are not listened to, and worse, expose the absolute car wreck Stan and Wenger are overseeing?

Surely at this point, regardless of a fancy new house purchase in North London, Ivan has enough cash to see him through a good 5 years out of work. Surely, he knows that his record at Arsenal, outside the playing side, is impeccable enough to land him a job at a major sporting franchise anywhere in the world. Surely, he knows that by staying on, he looks incredibly weak?

So why not resign?

I gave Ivan the benefit of the doubt in the face of much criticism. I know there were plans afoot to bring in a new coach and make big changes behind the scenes. But, that faith is now shattered, because if you can’t persuade your boss, over three years, with a raft of data points, a cochofony of fan dissent, 5th place, and a disgraceful spanking in the champions league… that Wenger is shite. Then my lord, what is the point of your existence.

You’re not a CEO at this point, you’re a bean keeper.

At this point, for me, Arsene Wenger and Stan Kroenke deserve what’s coming to them. The complacency is shocking, because the word ‘complacent’ usuallycentress around comfort. Arsenal are comfortable in the pits of hell, casually watching their skin blister and vaporize. Fans, media, and players all turning their backs on the vision of a selfish old man… while Wenger is pulling up the duvet, busting opening the Ben & Jerry’s, and switching over for season ‘new’ on Netflix.

This is going to get so much worse. You can already see the weak points in the fixture list next season, and you know how badly we’re going to deal with Europa League. Looking at that nightmare pile up in February. Looking at how the teams around us are strengthening.

You can see how bad our summer strategy is going already. Sanchez, now looking more like he’s going to end up at City, as Bayern struggle to match his demands. Ozil, looking like he’s going to be rewarded a new deal with us because no other elite club wants to pay him what we will. Replacements are either ridiculously ambitious, just to show we tried. Or not good enough, like in the case of us replacing Giroud with a player who hasn’t ever been able to oust our bearded warrior from the national setup.

It’s even looking shaky with Alex Ox, who is a target for Liverpool. Bellerin is unsettled, shaking out interest from Barcelona. Fans are honestly debating whether to bring back our bag of average from Roma as Juve float £5m for him, despite dropping £50m for Buffon 16 years ago.

Wenger is incapable of rebuilding Arsenal. Most clubs have a plan, Arsenal’s is going to be:

‘See who we’ve kept by July / smash and grab any player that looks like progress’

We’re not looking at our system, working out the kinks, and bulking up where we’re lacking. Wenger is just lording over a jumble sale and will see where we end up.

It’s not about winning for Arsene Wenger. It’s about self-preservation. It’s clearly not about winning for Ivan, it’s about keeping his massively well-paid job above anything else.

It’s about self-preservation. It’s clearly not about winning for Ivan, it’s about keeping his massively well-paid job above anything else.

It’s clearly not about winning for Ivan, it’s about keeping his massively well-paid job above anything else.

When the culture at the top is not built around success, everyone fails.

Arsenal will never hit elite standards, because the setup doesn’t reward dissent, it doesn’t reward forward thinking, and winning is secondary to continuity.

Blood has always been on the hands of Stan Kroenke, but now it’s on the hands of Ivan, who has let himself down.

There’s a Q&A with him at the end of the month. I hope the fans get together and work out a strategic approach to questions.

No one cares about the price of Bovril…

No one wants an answer on the state of the loos in block 11…

Get to the core of the matter:

  • What was the result of the internal review?
  • The catalyst of change was poor performance, again. What was the change?
  • Why were the backroom team rewarded with new contracts?
  • Why was a sporting director not installed off the back of more failings, when it is clear, that’s the basic roadmap for modern success?
  • Why have Arsenal done nothing to attack the power structure of a manager who held us hostage over contract talks?
  • What are the club doing to smooth the way for an exit, should the obvious happen, and we fail again?
  • What does Ivan see his role as, seen as he clearly has had no input on the decision of the manager?
  • Why is the manager and the owner making backroom deals before the board meeting?

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  1. Joe


    Henry was a France international on a team on the cusp of Europe and world cups. I’m sure he was already known as quite a player

    Rvp was already known as a player but had personality issues in holland. He just needed a change.

    Anelka was here for 1.5 seasons. Sorry but wenger didn’t develop him
    He was already good when he got here and proved it here.

  2. Pierre

    And here we have Joe’s words of wisdom for today…

    “It Would be the worst decision in his career to move to play under wenger”

    And here endeth Joe’s words of wisdom for the day…….

  3. Joe

    If wenger is soooooo fucking good

    Why hasn’t he developed anyone in the fucking decade?

    Because he’s not. He’s a fraud and it’s all a myth.

    The last 13 years shows the real wenger for who he is

  4. Emiratesstroller


    Yes you are right Monaco developed Mbappe and that is reflected by the huge transfer fees now being offered for him.

    However, that was not the case with the best strikers who came to Arsenal.
    Most were unknowns or had failed to perform at their previous clubs.

    If you discuss the performance of recent arrivals in the past 7 years then you are right.

    Everyone knows that club has become stale under Wenger, but that does not apply to players that Wallace listed.

  5. Joe

    Is this the same Pierre who’s wise words of wisdom were
    Chelsea are just on a hot streak. They will collapse Hahahaha

    Yep. You are a bright one Pierre.

  6. Joe

    Henry unknown? He was a. France international playing for Juve

    Rvp was a Dutch international.

    Anelka had one good season with us. He scored 6 goals and 17 goals. Maybe he was just a one season wonder. Vardy scored more goals than him. Maybe wenger just hosed Madrid? Maybe anelka really wasn’t anything special like so many other one season wonders

  7. Joe

    Anelka best season wasn’t actually with Chelsea years after Arsenal. Maybe wenger didn’t really develop him

    BecAuse if wenger had developed anelka so well why did he only score 4 goals after he left Arsenal. If wenger had developed him to be such a good striker why didn’t he continue.

    Maybe because he had one good season. A one season wonder.

  8. Pierre

    Don’t waste your time trying to reason with Joe… Your comments are much too civilised and intelligent for Joe to comprehend… His hatred for Wenger is so entrenched and he will just repeat himself again and again…. I can feel a 10-2 coming pretty soon…

  9. Joe

    It’s ‘not 10-2 Pierre

    It’s 15-3.

    Fuck your embarrassing Pierre

    Good thing we left highbury to win fa cups and charity shields and Emirates cup

  10. Pierre

    Joe, do you really believe all the bullshit you post on here……..I reckon your Wenger obsession is clouding your judgement…….. Henry, anelka, adebuyor, rvp, Pires all regressed under wenger did they…….

  11. Emiratesstroller


    Henry was mainly a winger before he came to Arsenal. Wenger was the manager at Monaco when he played there and he had a poor season at Juventus.

    Van Persie might have had some potential before he joined Arsenal, but he was a teenager when he came to us. He was not a full international.

    Many years ago I spent a day in Malaysia with George Graham when he was
    Manager of Arsenal and shortly after the club won double.

    He told me that becoming a First Division footballer was a one in a million
    chance. That was in the era when almost all footballers were born in Britain.

    Today the chances of becoming an EPL footballer is significantly less since
    the game is global. Finding World Class rough diamonds is difficult.

    Wenger was successful in identifying and recruiting top talent in the first
    half of his career, but less so lately. Also not all were discovered in France.

  12. Joe

    Hey Pierre

    It’s fucking 2017. Not 1996.

    Too bad Rvp left to win the league.

    What did ade ever do for us? How many strikers have scored as many goals as ade? Anelka? Did for Arsenal? James fucking vardy has scored more than they did.

    What makes them so special?

    Defoe has scored more in a seaso than anelka and ade did for Arsenal

    The list is endless of strikers who have scored 17 goals in a season like anelka did

    The only reason you and Wallace hold it up as some sort of achievement is because of what wenger sold him for.

    Otherwise his one season goal total of 17 doesn’t even make a mark in PL history

  13. Joe

    Van persie joined Arsenal in 2004. Already played for holland u-21

    Made his debut in 2005 for holland. I doubt wenger had anything to do with that.

  14. Wallace


    Anelka was bought for 500k we sold him for 23m 18mths later. how do you explain the huge increase in value?

    same with Adebayor – 6m to 30m, and RVP – 2.5m to 23m.

  15. Pierre

    OK Joe, you win…. Mr Wenger had nothing to do with the development and progression of the players you mentioned…… Feel better now

  16. Wallace


    “Otherwise his one season goal total of 17 doesn’t even make a mark in PL history.”

    he was 18yrs old and had just relegated one of our greatest ever players to a bit part.

  17. Joe

    Well if he was 18. I’d say the team before he came to Arsenal were the ones that developed him. Not arsene wenger

    THank you.

  18. Wallace


    Fergie was also pretty good with the strikers, but he paid 30m for Shrek, didn’t he? and CR7 was also being pursued by a number of big name clubs when Utd paid 12m for him.

  19. Wallace


    “Well if he was 18. I’d say the team before he came to Arsenal were the ones that developed him. Not arsene wenger.”

    Lordy…he joined at 17. we paid 500k. sold him 18mths later for 23m. you think PSG were just giving players away back then?

  20. Carts


    I know what you mean, mate!

    The public inquiry that May has called will drag on ridiculously. M

    You’re going to have these beaurecrats scrambling around trying to distance themselves from any responsibility.

    Sad shit

  21. Pierre

    “BecAuse if wenger had developed anelka so well why did he only score 4 goals after he left Arsenal. If wenger had developed him to be such a good striker why didn’t he continue.”

    I suppose the same could be said of many players that have left arsenal…. Players like anelka, ade, nasri, Pires, hleb, song, overmars and petit, vierra, lunberg even rvp (one good season at man u) and ces regressed as players when they left the club….of course, many of those players won titles but besides rvp first season at man u, which of these players made telling contributions in winning those titles…..
    Maybe what you are trying to say Joe, is Wenger got more out of those players than other managers…. Is that right Joe

  22. Thank you and goodnight

    Wenger got shit out of them. They all developed in spite of Wenger not because of him. Ex players all claim Wenger basically expects them to “work it out yourselves” …… doesn’t sound like he had to much input into our old genuine WC players. Fact is Henry, Vieira, etc etc would of still been WC under Allardyce.

  23. raptora

    Truth is a lot of ex Arsenal players failed to leave a solid mark in other teams. Even Flamini got himself to be in a very strong Milan side back then. My theory is that most of those players didn’t make it is because they were spoonfed at the Arsenal. They were raised or trained in peace and harmony, the team was allowing youngsters to show what they can do, the pressure wasn’t that strong because even in a “bad” season Arsenal would be in top 2 or 3 at least. If you were to play well you would quickly become a favorite of the manager who would afterwards protect you like a mama the eagle protects her babies. When you fail (Clichy vs Birmingham, Denilson, Almunia year after year, Diaby) nothing big will happen. You will receive a pat maybe a weird look or two and you will be back in the team next week.
    Now when you go to another team that sentiments don’t mean that much, and what matters the most is if you are better than the rest, if you are willing to fight with your everything, if you have the mental strength to fight for your place in the team with crazy competition for being in the squad for the game… then you realize that your stay at the Arsenal although a calm one, a harmonious one, filled with no drama or yelling or scandals, wasn’t the real reflection of the football world. It was not a raising that would help the child do well by himself in life. It was a bad favor a lot of parents do to their kids taking too much care for them making them dependent of them. And in the big, dangerous world you cannot survive and thrive if you aren’t raise to fight till the very end with all you have.
    Wenger’s Arsenal is not a school for warriors, for gladiators, it is a school for spoiled kids.

  24. Marko

    Fergie was also pretty good with the strikers, but he paid 30m for Shrek, didn’t he? and CR7 was also being pursued by a number of big name clubs when Utd paid 12m for him.

    He also 10+ years and many trophies out of Rooney. Also I’m not totally sure profits made on some of the strikers Wenger had over the years is a great example of his eye for talent or ability to develop. It should be based on titles no? Henry credit where credits due. Anelka? I dunno maybe we shouldn’t have sold him so quick. Van Persie well as good as him and Fabregas was we still never won the league with them so there’s that

  25. China

    Wallace were in agreement on anelka.

    He could’ve had an elite career and sadly it was his mentality that stopped it.

    You’re also right he was a better teenager than TH14. No arguments from me.

    But Henry had the qualities to become a defining players of an entire generation. One of those elite 15 or so players that can’t really be forgotten. Partly because of his record but even more for the absolutely ridiculous skills, passing, movement, flare and style that he brought along with it

    Anelka was a simpler creature imo. More the Michael Owen sort. Those guys who can bang in a tonne of goals but their overall game outside the goals is usually quite quiet and understated

    But I think if anelka hadn’t constantly rushed around he could’ve been a solid 9/10 and an elite goal scorer. But Henry was an easy 10, because he had all that and so much more as well!