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via @t0wey (instagram)


Locked in and back in the UK tomorrow, so this will be brief. Apologies for missing posts over the weekend, there wasn’t much to talk about and outside that I was in an internet dead zone. For summer holiday recommendations, I’d give a massive thumbs up to Asheville, North Carolina. Great beer, great food, and loads of shit to do if you like being outside. Max Patch, one of the greatest sunsets I’ve ever seen.


Right here babes, no need to shout.

Szczesny talk is back on the radar. Gigi Buffon made a comment in the press that leads many to believe the Polish selfie machine could be heading over to the Old Lady this summer.

“I’ve always been a rational person and I’ve always looked for the meaning of things. It’s right that Juve want Szczesny and that there is a good player like [18-year-old AC Milan goalkeeper Gianluigi] Donnarumma at the national team.”

Sounds like Gigi is either an F5 Newsnow whore, or he knows something. For me, I’m still struggling to jump back on board the ‘HE’S GOOD’ bus. I’d love him to come good. He has many solid attributes, a pretty decent shot-stopper, massive frame and a more confidence than Zlatan on a bag of festival sweets.

However, even with all the stats about his improvement – like 11 clean sheets in 38 games – I still can’t get hard for him. He still conceded 38 goals in the other 27 games, 1.4 per game. One must remember, that in 2013-14 season, he was our number 1 and shared the Premier League Golden Glove with Petr Cech, amassing 13 that season. Were we impressed that year? No. He is capable of excellent games, but I still question his consistency, his erratic capabilities with balls into the box, and his poor concentration (1.76 penalty area Cruyff turns per game).

If Arsenal are serious about a keeper this summer, we should be going all out for someone like Oblak at Atletico. I really like Handanovic at Inter Milan, appreciate he’s a had a rough time of it, but he’s very good… and look, if we wanted to go all out mental, there’s always Donnarumma.

Good that we’re having these conversations, I really think we should try and put the keeper issue to rest this summer. It’s been as big an issue as having a NOT having a decent striker over the past 5 years. Would be really great if we just went all guns blazing and sorted the issue once and for all.

The very slim chances we had of signing Kylian M’bappe seemed to have faded with his proclamation that he wants to win the Champions League.

‘[The Champions League] is a dream, a competition that everyone wants to win and that only a minority can win – the most important are the titles.’

I mean, really, you’re the best kid in the world, you’re not going to move to a club that’s been in transition since 2004. Banter that Liverpool are in for him, imagine moving from the French Riviera to the Croxteth Estate. Crazy thing with this kid, is if you blow £100m on him, look after his talent, he’ll be worth 30% more in a few years. Football is MENTAL.

I mean, a perfect segue into the news that the Premier League is being pushed to show MORE LIVE GAMES.

‘But among several options discussed by clubs was making more than 200 matches available – a major increase on the current 168 – in order to maximise any uplift in the staggering £5.14 billion paid by Sky Sports and BT Sport two years ago for the 2016-19 rights.’

The above was off the back of Virgin Media successfully arguing Premier League fans have a raw deal compared to their European counterparts because they only see 168 lives games, and in Europe they see more. I still think it’s nonsense that living in America, I can sit in bed from 8 till 4 and pretty much watch any game I want across Europe. The argument that fans who go will stop going if there are more games feels weak, and actually, it’s not true.

‘The regulator also said it had considered consumer research that found 46 per cent of match-attending and armchair fans wanted more Premier League football to be televised, compared with only four per cent who wanted less.’

Here’s an argument, if more TV happens, and gates start to drop… MAKE TICKETS CHEAPER AND BRING THE YOUTH BACK.

Wouldn’t that be terrific?

I really hope one of the major content players slips in for the next batch of rights. Twitter and their deals in American sport have been pretty successful, helping to revive a platform that was deemed to be lagging (it added 9m users in Q1). Facebook has been a bit slow in the content game, but they’ve dabbled in Super Bowl, are creating platform specific shows, and are desperate for people to give a fuck about their Live offering. Amazon has the infrastructure and the cash to go hard for the content, could be a very smart way to bundle more people into their excellent Prime service. Apple are lagging everywhere at the moment (bar MEGA profits), and they could do with a juice up for their TV platform… what better way to force people into buying your hardware than the threat of not seeing football? There’s also Youtube.

Anyway, it goes without saying here, the new deal will top the £5.14 billion Sky and BT are paying right now. So expect to see the first £150m player dropping shortly.

Right, that’s all I have for today, see you in the morning.

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  1. DM

    Fs. Mick Kartun nicks it without even commenting.

    Boomslang, I thought too highly of you today and lost it cos of that

  2. DM


    Problem is, I never know if I have to worry about you, Bankz, or both! I tried to be clever but probably could’ve got all 4 in before you were here. Maybe, anyway.

    All part of the fun of it!

  3. Terraloon

    The arguement isn’t nor has it ever been that showing more games will lead to lower PL attendances.
    The arguement is that showing more games at 3.00oclock on a Saturday will lead to lowere attendances at those lower league / non league games played on a Saturday with a ko at 3.00 clock.
    If you look at mid week games lower league games the clashed with free to view CL games the drop in attendances to a genre supported the concern.

  4. Joppa Road

    Your CommHere’s an argument, if more TV happens, and gates start to drop… MAKE TICKETS CHEAPER AND BRING THE YOUTH BACK.

    Wouldn’t that be terrific?ent Here

    Makes perfect sense, Pedro.

  5. TR7

    Arguably the greatest GK ever to play the game rates Sczesney but Arsenal fans think he is not good enough for us. He always was a supremely talented keeper but his temperament and decision making was questionable. He seems to have matured now , hence the interest from Juventus.

  6. Ozy

    First Higuain. Then Suarez. Now M’bappe. Why do Arsenal supporters put themselves through this? Not happening in a million years.

    Talk of Martinez being our second choice keeper next season. Yep. Mediocrity all around.

  7. Do one gambon

    TV v going live is no contest for me.

    Live football all the way. I wouldn’t stop going if all games were on TV and I don’t think genuine fans (of any club) who can go regularly would either unless they end up being priced out if going.

    I think its about time clubs / Tv could sell TV season tickets for your club of choice. Its win win really.
    Fans get to watch all matches and as you say Pedro, clubs could actually drop ticket prices for the ground.

  8. Alexanderhenry

    Rumours of City’s interest in sanchez aren’t going away. Apparently there hasn’t been a ‘formal approach ‘ yet.

    Reading between the lines, it might be a done deal under the proviso that city keep quiet about until arsenal have found a suitable replacement.

    That would be typical arsenal.

    The problem however is this:
    Are arsenal going to be able to find a suitable replacement?

  9. Do one gambon

    I don’t think theres a player in world football that can reach what Sanchez does.

    That off the cuff genius, work rate, spikey, will to win is rare combo.

    Only player I can think of remotely like him is Suarez and that ain’t happening.

  10. TR7

    5 years ago when Wenger sold RVP to United, he enjoyed unflinching support from the fan base. I don’t think that’s the case anymore. Protests and boos might start from day 1 of the season if he sold Alexis to City in summer.

  11. DM

    There is absolutely zero reason to sell Sanchez, especially to City. Let’s put this real simple:

    Something we have loads of: Money
    Something we have hardly any of: World class players

    So why would swap a world class player for more money?

    See, Wenger? It’s really simple when you actually care about winning.

  12. Alexanderhenry

    If arsenal were run like a genuine big club, we would adding firepower up front not looking to replace it.

  13. WestLondonGoon

    I can’t wait for the new season to start…..let’s hope we get some of the big boys in the first few weeks so Wenger is under pressure from the get go.

    He shouldn’t have signed again, the fallout when he fails to deliver will be a thing of beauty.

  14. Wallace


    “Point is it’s nonsense to think that June 12th one signing in is a case of we’re doing all that we can to address squad issues and be ready for the start of the season. We aren’t obviously. Other teams are obviously.”

    seems like you’re assuming any transfer spec regarding the other big sides is 100% true, while with us you’re just laughing at any links to good players.

    and plus, we have no idea what the club’s up to. never have under Wenger, and at this point probably never will.

  15. WestLondonGoon

    The in-house screening of all games via an Arsenal TV season ticket is exactly what Kroenke is banking on happening to max out his ‘investment’, hence his reluctance to sell up.

  16. HighburyLegend

    “let’s hope we get some of the big boys in the first few weeks so Wenger is under pressure from the get go. ”
    @WLG, in case you didn’t notice, that’s useless.

  17. Carts

    Used to work with a guy who was a telephony expert.

    August 2015 he told me that Sky we working on a new product, but he wasn’t at liberty to say. Later transpire that it was Sky Q. News to me.

    He went on to say that Sky have an in-house analytics team and they predicted that no prem team nowhere near close enough to winning the Cl, and cos of that, they decided to abandon bidding for the rights. Instead, did a bit of trolling and watched BT blow a massive load on exclusive right.

    Even taking away the rights from ITV.

    Essentially that freed up capital for Sky to tighten their grip on Prem’ rights.

    Fast forward, now Fox are about to buy out the remaining shares for $14.5bn.

    Buy the rights is light work , if you ask me.

  18. azed

    “Something we have loads of: Money
    Something we have hardly any of: World class players”

    Like Wenger and Stan are going to let Alexis walk for free?

  19. Carts

    Kind of reminds me about the Nasri situation.

    Bit unclear; but the premise is Nasri had a year left on his deal (where have we heard that before), he didn’t want to sign an ext.

    Allegedly changed his mind, by which time the board had already decided to cash in on Nasri.

    Wenger gave the impression that he was overruled.

    Not sure about the timelines but my conclusion is that Wenger was convinced he’d get nasri to sign, after Nasri already made his intentions clear, to leave.

    Board wasn’t prepared to risk losing him on a free, so we cashed in.

  20. Wallace

    didn’t realise Gnabry had moved to Bayern. reports suggested Hoffenheim yesterday. think that’ll prove to be one we regret over the years.

  21. Thank you and goodnight


    Come on man. What about our scouting, we picked up sanogo for free and sold him to the post office for a book of first class stamps.. …our boys are the biz

  22. Cesc Appeal

    Beginning to wonder now, Kroenke obviously got to f**k off back to the US, but I wonder whether having screwed the fans and the club Wenger and Gazidis have literally just gone off for a low-key hideaway holiday in the south of France?

  23. karim

    Dembele, Lemar and M’Bappe all start v England tomorrow night, hope your defenders have fresh legs, gentlemen !

  24. Carts

    In all seriousness Pedro, Porto, Benfica and Sporting are nothing more than feeder club for European powerhouses.

    If not for the buyout clause, they wouldn’t get half as much money as they do.

    Silva isn’t a bad player, but let’s face it, he’s not a £30m player. Same way Slimani isn’t

  25. Joe


    You keep worrying about the spelling of gnabry while the news of him signing for
    Bayern passes you by and makes wenger look like a complete cunt for
    Letting him go

    Add that to the list of wenger cock ups.

    It’s only June 12th. So? That applies to teams that don’t have managers like wenger. If it was Jose. Pep. Conte. Etc and they were manager of my team I’d be content in saying it’s only 12th June and know transfers will be taken care of

    With wenger we will wind up with another Perez. Sanago. Chamack. Etc.

    You really are a beauty Wallace and you really don’t ever learn do you

  26. jwl

    Pedro was in Deliverance country, glad he made out it alive. I am Canadian and I vacation most every year in hillbilly country pedro was in, barbecue, bourbon and hiking in Scots Irish territory = good times.

  27. Joe


    It’s only 12th June

    Don’t you think after the year wenger has had , an early signing of intent was probably the best route to take? Placate the fans a bit

    Nope. Not wenger. Arrogant prick feels no pressure to do anything. Doesn’t care about the fans.

    Business as usual for wenger. He has not changed at all.

    Why would he when he has fans like Wallace still backing him

  28. gonsterous

    only one thing is certain, no PL title for the next 2 years.. the guy has 3 PL titles in 20 years… which proves once and for all that Wenger is a cup manager..

  29. sidtsw

    Why would we spend millions on new keeper when we have Szczesny. He improved a lot. Way better than Cech now. How come he is good enough for Juve but not for Afc #fucklogic..

  30. London gunner

    Why would Szczesny come to this shower of shit when he can be understudy to the greatest keeper of all time at a CL finalist team… that constantly dominate their league…. if he works out there he can expect years of glorious trophies… or he can come back to Arsenal and win an FA Cup…

    Hard choice. If the boys sane he will be pushing hard for juventus which he is by the sounds of it.

  31. Wallace


    “Don’t you think after the year wenger has had , an early signing of intent was probably the best route to take? Placate the fans a bit.”

    maybe, but as long as he gets the players he wants/needs i don’t care at what point in the summer they arrive. after the controversy surrounding his new contract I don’t think there’s any way we can have a quiet, frustrating summer.

  32. Joe

    after the controversy surrounding his new contract I don’t think there’s any way we can have a quiet, frustrating summer.

    You are talking about wenger. The most arrogant ( for no reason) man in football.

    Same guy who was the only manager in all of Europe not to buy an outfield player

  33. Relieable Sauce

    Jack Wilshere, Kieran Gibbs, Wojciech Szczesny, Hector Bellerin, Alex Iwobi.

    The aforementioned five have all broken through under Arsène Wenger in recent years. So who does the manager think will be next?

    Reiss signs pro contract
    Find out how Ainsley reached the Under-20 World Cup final
    Behind the scenes: Hale End

    “We have some young players who will join the squad next season,” Wenger told Arsenal Player. “Like Reiss Nelson, like Ainsley Maitland-Niles already. So they are two players.

    “So we have quality players who might have a chance next season and hopefully we will be able to do that again because that’s part of the DNA of the club as well.

    Read more at http://www.arsenal.com/news/news-archive/20170608/the-youngsters-closest-to-stepping-up#sP4prjH12EDRyr5d.99


  34. Joe

    maybe, but as long as he gets the players he wants/needs i don’t care at what point in the summer they arrive

    You mean it’s ok to bring them in late and drop points in the first few games which cost the dipshit his coveted 4th place trophy?

    Makes sense Wallace.

    What aboot the cohesion bollocks that wenger spouts all the time?

  35. Joe

    DNA of medriocrity under a failure. Just what we need Haha.

    Wow wenger really thinks he is runningbarceloma and la masia

    Even stealing their vocabulary with DNA


  36. Cesc Appeal

    This whole the ‘Arsenal way,’ or ‘class’ or now suddenly this whole ‘DNA’ thing is just a really cheap attempt to try and make the fans buy into some notion that Arsenal do things really differently to everyone else, every other top club in terms of ruthlessly culling, buying, evolution etc and that that is okay because that is part of our DNA.

    I don’t think anyone (or most anyone) is buying it though. Really cheap attempt to basically put a label on what he has been doing for over a decade, not failure, just trying to win but doing the honourable Arsenal way which is harder.

    Load of shite. Any notion of class, DNA etc has had an atomic bomb dropped on it based off of their carry on this year.

  37. Relieable Sauce

    Welcome to next season.


    Maybe a Mahrez, Barkley or Sturridge if you’re very lucky…or Wenger tanks the start of the season and decides it’s best to part with some cash to placate the flip floppers.

  38. Cesc Appeal


    Yeah, got the Bethesda and Ubisoft ones to get through tonight. Half way through Bethesda right now, new Wolfenstein looks decent but they are really flogging the horse with Skyrim and Fallout 4 now.

    Saw Assassin’s Creed yesterday, bit worried it just looks like another Ubisoft template game. I don’t know why but they are obsessed with that enemy tagging system, Far Cry, Ghost Recon now Assassin’s Creed, obsessed with it I tell you. Just feel their games now feel like Simon Cowell boybands, just fall off a production line and are basically indistinguishable when you look at mechanics and basic build.

    Fingers crossed though, Syndicate was better, Black Flag was the best in modern times though, before that you have to go back to Assassin’s Creed II for an absolute classic. They need to focus less on glitzy visuals and Arkham Batman style combat and get back to story focus and the fluid combat of AC II where you could make counter death chains and literally waste twenty people in in the same amount of seconds.

    Turned into an all style no substance button masher.

  39. Marko

    seems like you’re assuming any transfer spec regarding the other big sides is 100% true, while with us you’re just laughing at any links to good players

    Thing is our links are legitimately underwhelming. Golovkin? Onyekuru? I mean the only good one is Lacazette who we should of signed any of the previous two summers. But even he is a little underwhelming when you have Aubameyang and Belotti and Icardi and Mbappe and Morata seemingly available this summer for transfer. Point is this summer is looking like it’ll end up like all the others completely underwhelming and with playing catch up right from the start. Unsurprisingly when you consider literally nothing has changed at the club after everything that has gone on. I mean what the fuck was that photo op in Nice about? They hardly went on holidays together.

  40. N5

    I haven’t watched any today Cesc so hadn’t seen the new Wolfenstein. I look forward to that then.

    I liked the look of State of Decay 2, Assassins Creed and that Destiny type game. I’m pretty much sick of Ubisoft at this point though. Like you say they are more a copy/paste type company now. Same tagging, same storylines, same base takeovers, same towers to climb!!

  41. Cesc Appeal



    That does look good, maybe that is where all Bioware’s efforts went, because Andromeda was a big pile of meh. Actually hurt me inside because I am a huge Mass Effect fan.

  42. Cesc Appeal

    Haha, life as an Arsenal fan in the summer summed up nicely here.

    Chelsea will pursue deals for Alex Sandro, Verratti and Bonnuci having concluded deals for Bakayoko and Lukaku.

    Arsenal will block Sanchez’s move to City forcing him to go to Munich.

    Honestly do not know who has the better plan of action.

  43. N5

    Yes Cesc, Anthem! The graphics look amazing!!

    I’ve hard nothing good about ME Andromeda and I really wanted to get that, but I think I’ll give it a miss.

    To much good stuff is coming out.

  44. N5

    It’s funny that although Wenger needs to address some serious issues within the squad (what’s new?), he’s out on his holidays arguing with Ivan over why he should split the bill 50/50 when he didn’t have any win or a pudding!!

  45. Cesc Appeal

    It is the water slide all over again.

    I am expecting an onslaught of PR from the players about how the new system is the answer and we will see a ‘new Arsenal’ next season, the players know they failed and are ready to leave it all on the pitch.

  46. Marko

    Some links to Lacazette, Leno, Sokratis and Calanoglu. Not that I believe it this is Arsenal and Arsene we’re talking about but they’d be good signings. Still need a midfielder and Lemar for me. It’d be just like us to sign decent players at the expense of our only decent players instead of adding to said decency

  47. Marko

    They’ve already started Cesc. Ramsey saying bollox about the new set up and how he had a good finish to the season. What’d he score two goals all season? Yeah let’s build the team around him please

  48. Joe

    Aaron Ramsey

    “I scored a few goals at the end of the season. It allowed me to get into some dangerous positions and thankfully I put them away.

    “I’m disappointed the season’s finishing. I wish it was another 10, 15 games. I’m happy with my form, so hopefully I can go into next season now with the same form.”

    Hahahaha he scored 4 goals all season. 2 vs Preston and Lincoln city.

    Hahahaha. You can’t help but just laugh at this shit.

  49. Black Hei


    My 2 cents worth, for all its worth, is that Wenger is contemplating to move Ozil back into the middle and have 2 strikers up front.

    In the event we can’t find a replacement for Sanchez.

  50. Black Hei

    Why are folks so uptight about Gnarby?

    He clearly had a backdoor deal with Bayern, but that is between him and Hoffenheim.

    He was sold by Arsenal for relatively small money, AFTER, a season of injury and non-playing. Sure much has been said about Tony Pulis, but he is never one to pass up playing a direct winger with lots of pace.

    And honestly, he is good but not yet awesome. Signing for Bayern for a relatively small fee does not make one awesome. It is a low-risk punt for the big club.

    The big fish that Bayern wants is Sanchez.

  51. tonyd

    £60 million including add ons for Lacazette? Not for me give me Costa and the most frequently named guys for that money.

  52. Emiratesstroller

    Arsenal’s transfer policies and negotiating skills are beginning to look like a
    complete mess.

    1. We have negotiated a large number of contracts with players, which expire in June 2018. None of these contracts have been renewed to date and
    all these players could leave on Bosmans next summer.

    2. It is beginning to look like Arsenal are struggling to sell players like Gibbs and Wilshire in part because of their injury record, but also their inflated wages.

    3. No-one appears interested in buying Ozil and certainly not at the inflated
    wages he is demanding. Yet there is no contract renewal on horizon and he
    could leave next summer on Bosman if he refuses to sign new contract.

    4. The one player in demand is Sanchez. Arsenal are apparently unwilling to
    sell him to other EPL Clubs and those on Continent e.g. Bayern and Juventus are offering peanuts.

    5. If Sanchez was the only unresolved contract I would frankly play hardball
    and hold onto him next season, because keeping him might be the difference in qualifying for Champions League which is worth at least £30 million
    and also the saving in wages if we fail to extend his contract which is probably another £7-10 million.

    6. The sale of Gnabry last summer whose contract was also wound down to
    final year was equally daft and shows clearly that Arsenal’s negotiating skills are exceedingly poor.

    7. Most of our competitors seem to have decided upon their major transfer
    targets. In contrast we have made an unrealistic bid for Mbappe who will
    not come to us and it would seem no alternatives on horizon.

  53. Guernsey gun

    Wenger is fucking up this summer like all the others. Sanchez is gone and take away his goals, assists and drive we are top 8 / 10 dross. Couple of crud buys and he’ll be spouting his patronizing bollox. For me he fails harder this year forget top 4 if wont happen with this squad whilst clueless is at the helm. Very depressing but entirely predictable when you resign a stale old man in charge of a bunch of losing mentality staff / coaches.

  54. gonsterous

    if we were a winning club. we would hold on to sanchez (last year or not), get in some good players and get CL football.. sanchez would sign the extension of we show we have real ambition, unlike the pretentious one wenger keeps talking about..

  55. N5

    “My 2 cents worth, for all its worth, is that Wenger is contemplating to move Ozil back into the middle and have 2 strikers up front”

    Black Hei, do you think this because Giroud said play me or I’m off?

  56. WestLondonGoon

    All the coaches quietly handed new contracts last week according to The Times, And so the circus continues.

  57. champagne charlie


    lol Giroud doesn’t command anything like that authority. Same guy was benched by Sanogo because Oli was off shagging..

  58. champagne charlie

    “Wenger is fucking up this summer like all the others. Sanchez is gone and take away his goals, assists and drive we are top 8 / 10 dross.”

    Embarrassing statement. Football doesn’t work like that whatsoever.

  59. champagne charlie

    “Most of our competitors seem to have decided upon their major transfer
    targets. In contrast we have made an unrealistic bid for Mbappe who will
    not come to us and it would seem no alternatives on horizon.”

    Do we really have to dance this dance every summer on here?

    Who gives a fuck what others do… Everyone held United up as the heroes of last summer with their business and it meant fuck all for their season. We have already upgraded the left side and are gunning for targets as much as other clubs.

    Let a few international matches play out then the business will commence.

  60. David Smith

    According to The Times, Wengers backroom failures are to be offered new contracts. This includes a go coach who has ruined numerous keepers and now has dodgy hips. It includes the invisible primorac. It includes a man who has kept us at the top of the injury league for years.
    Ivan has no catalyst for change, Stan Enos has ignored him and caved into Wengers every wish.
    Wenger and his merry men, but Stan is the cause of what will become toxicity next season. It was sickening to see the owvner bow to Wenger as they received the cup.
    The reality, Wenger has a contract pretty much for life, and can do what he wants, when he wants, with who he wants, that will never change under Stan.
    Like our politicians, Ivan shows he can be bribed, but has no credibility and should resign. If he really tried to change, and future proof the club, he has been given nothing, and that is not acceptable for a proper CEO.

  61. TR7

    Got to say United are wasting their money if they spend truckloads on Morata. The guy doesn’t score enough for a striker.

  62. Wallace

    champagne charlie

    “Do we really have to dance this dance every summer on here?

    Who gives a fuck what others do… Everyone held United up as the heroes of last summer with their business and it meant fuck all for their season. ”


    ‘oh my god they’ve bought X!. incredible player. the title’s in the bag.’

    two months later…

    ‘X is so overrated, can’t believe what they paid for him.’

  63. champagne charlie


    It does get pretty boring reading the same overexcitement about other clubs transfers. Matter of perspective and all that given I was talking to some Liverpool fans who are shitting themselves because City have bought, we have bought, United are buying…

    I get the apprehension and skepticism, but players are playing international matches this second so when thats done lets see what happens. On the whole City have made a couple of moves by employing the “chuck cash” approach, the rest are links and hot rumour. No different to ourselves with Mbappe, Lacazette, Mahrez.

    I expect us to sign a name in the next two weeks

  64. Wallace


    keep Alexis, Ox & Ozil and add a forward(striker or wide forward with goals) & b2b midfielder.


  65. Emiratesstroller

    The issue for me is not who other clubs buy, but the way Arsenal organise their
    wage negotiations and transfer business.

    1. Arsenal are singularly poor in selling players. Just look at the fee paid for Ospina. Also we are I am sure struggling to offload players like Jenkinson and Gibbs, because their wages are too high for this calibre of player.

    2. Arsenal seem to be too often “last minute.com” in the transfer market. We
    should follow example of Bayern Munich and now Man City who are buying players early in transfer window so that the players have time to integrate in
    team before season starts.

    3. Arsenal by contrast have bought too many players at end of transfer window
    and more often than not we are buying second or third choices or other club’s
    cast offs.

    4. Mbappe may be the best talent on the market, but the chances of him coming to Arsenal this season is zero. If you want to buy such players you do it when we are qualified for CL and not the one season when we have failed to qualify. The problem is that Arsenal have qualified in last 20 years and have failed to show such ambition when we might have been successful.

  66. Wallace

    champagne charlie

    “I expect us to sign a name in the next two weeks.”

    yes, would expect something similar to last summer. couple of serious outlays, and a few punts. we will have to do something pretty exciting to keep the fans happy/less mutinous though.

  67. champagne charlie


    For me mate I think realistically we should look to add a genuine central forward, a wide player, and a central midfielder.

    Wishlist assuming Alexis is off would be Mbappe, James, Bakayoko. More realistic (or more Arsenal with respect to our recent central players) would be Lacazette, Mahrez and Calhanoglu.

    What about yourself?

  68. TR7


    I have a longer wishlist than yours :). I think we need 5 new players.

    I think we need another GK, one who could not only replace Ospina but compete with Petr for no 1 slot. Cech doesn’t cost us points on an average but he doesn’t save many either.

    I think we need 2 midfielders. I liked Coquelin as he was vastly better than Arteta and Flamini in defensive midfield in 4-3-3 but I don’t see a place for him in 3-4-3 where we have 3 CBs doing the defensive work. We need a better footballer through the middle now. Santi is injury prone, Jack is both injury prone and out of form. So one replacement for Coquelin and one B2B midfielder to either substitute for or replace Santi/Jack . I don’t like Ramsey either but he is here to stay.

    Goes without saying we need a class center forward.

    Perez and Joel Campbell are likely to be sold. I don’t like Theo either as he offers little except his goals. So, one wide forward as well.

    But I think Wenger like you sees the need for only 2 more players if Alexis,Ozil and Ox stay.

  69. raptora

    Regarding Gnabry: It’s like Barcelona crying their eyes out cause they missed on Cesc and Bellerin and Ignasi Miquel or Deulofeu etc. Sometimes you lose good youngsters, sometimes you lose bad youngsters. Seeing through the talent of a kid is not that easy, or knowing if he would get better or worse in time. It’s always a risk. Plus like Black Hei said, it’s a very small risk by Bayern. It’s not like they paid a fortune or Serge is the real, complete deal. Both parties have to work on the player so he can become better. What I mean is that – who is there to say that Gnabry won’t be the next Vela, or Joel Campbell, or Afobe. Or it might be the story of Chelsea with KdB and Matic but I see no one thrashing their methods. Or Fergie himself with Pogba. So in the end Bayern are throwing peanuts for a player who was good in an ordinary team. We shall see what happens in future.

  70. Dan T

    I would love more televised games. I live in Newcastle and can’t afford to go to Arsenal games so would love to be able to see more games.

    I haven’t been able to go to a live Arsenal game since they beat Newcastle in the Carling cup and Bentner scored a beauty.

  71. champagne charlie


    The three players I’m talking are starting targets, there’s no chance we buy 5 starters. Talking goalkeepers and replacing Coquelin is pretty moot as Cech is number one and Coquelin isn’t being sold.

    The weak aspects of Arsenal for me are a partner for Xhaka: whereby id like to see a more physical presence in there I can also appreciate a Pjanic type balanced midfielder that Calhanoglu could become.

    Then a starting forward ahead of Giroud and Welbz, neither of whom offer the full ticket. A wide player/false forward to stop Theo or Iwobi being relied upon.

    my front 5 would be something along the lines of the following:

    Xhaka Calhanoglu
    Mahrez Lacazette Ozil

    width being given from Bellerin and Kolasinac. I like the prospect of two supporting players for a main striker, but both need to be capable of scoring and assisting. Something Theo and iwobi can only do one of.

  72. raptora

    Last year the only player I am sincerely sad we didn’t go for was Mane. He would make the right wing his and score a ton of goals. We could have had 2 Sanchez’ in our team…

  73. TR7


    If Alexis is off then my wishlist goes as :

    Douglas Costa – 35M
    Salah – 30M
    Davies – 10-15 M
    Cahangalou – 25M
    Mbappe or Bellotti or Lacazzete in that order
    A cheap but talented GK

    If Alexis stays then we don’t need Costa.

  74. raptora

    “Everton are close to agreeing a deal worth £30 million for Sunderland’s Jordan Pickford.”
    What?! Football is insane rn. And we can’t get £15 mil for the Scez..

  75. TR7

    CC I don’t want or expect 5 starters either. Davies and a new GK would be more likely be squad players capable of stepping up if required.

  76. champagne charlie


    We have a talented young goalkeeper in Martinez already, but either way it seems a wasted topic because any backup goalkeeper isn’t elevating us as a team next season. Same goes with replacing Coquelin for another utility type; for all I criticise Coquelin he’s an able body for a variety of positions and is valuable in that sense at least.

    Focusing on actual tangible transfers that would improve us and I don’t think we’ll make more than 2/3 additional moves to Kolasinac. I’m hoping it’s 3 with those I’ve mentioned or similar.

  77. raptora

    If I am on Wenger’s place right now I’d seriously wonder if Mahrez is worth the efforts/money. He cannot start in the same team as Ozil, no?! If it’s a 3-4-3 is he going to be a sub to Ozil? Or a direct replacement to Sanchez? If we keep playing with this same system we have Bellerin and Ox and Sead bursting down the flanks so we don’t really need a typical winger, no? We need someone like Alexis who can do what a winger does decently but is a super force mainly through the middle. Mahrez sounds logical only if we are buying him as a replacement for Ozil imo so I would be really thinking hard on that one.

  78. Cesc Appeal



    I think basically if we are losing Sanchez, and it looks certain, then we need to replace him with two signings. The first being the other attacking midfield player in that 3-4-2-1 next to Ozil who I would imagine is staying due to lack of interest, and then the other being an upgraded ST.

    There is not a like for like player who can come in and do what Sanchez does for us. Not unless you are going to spend masses a single player.

    Critical we get a partner for Xhaka worked out as well if we are going to make this system work, someone like a Tolisso, or a Danilo, or a Rabiot, or a Fabinho etc.

  79. champagne charlie


    You’re wrong re:Mahrez. He’s dynamic and capable of playing wide, but he’s just as comfortable in the centre, so how would he not represent exactly the sort of talent you want supporting a striker?

    By all accounts it’s exactly the TYPE of offering Alexis gives to the main striker, I don’t see the Ozil/Mahrez comparison at all I’m afraid. Ozil is much more about seeking space and picking cute passes, Mahrez is capable of that but he excels with the ball at his feet moving towards defenders on the attack. We desperately need a player with that ability in this current team for me.

  80. TR7

    Mahrez is a different player to Ozil. Both are not very mobile but the similarity ends there. Mahrez is more Nasri like.

  81. Carts

    Cesc Appeal
    June 12, 2017 22:14:23

    Couldn’t agree more with what you wrote.

    I’ve said time and time again, that it’s all been a deliberate ploy to reduce expectation at Arsenal.

    There’s nothing classy about fleecing fans, offering false promises then throwing it back in our face in a belligerent manner.

    We’ve forever been a few player short of really challenging for top honours, this much is obvious to everyone except for Wenger.

    He’s like the man that wears a fancy Gucci hat, but then combines it with oversized codroids, worn-out LA gear trainers and a faded fruit of the loom t-shirt.

    That’s how I see our team. Sanchez being the Gucci hat and everyone else being shit clobber.

  82. raptora

    From what I’ve seen of the fellow he is a more composed version of Ben Arfa. Likes to go at players, do his tricks and either cross or shoot. I didn’t say that he is the same player as Ozil but he could work in our team in the place that Ozil is currently at. Both luxury players with close to none defensive work. It would make sense Mahrez to be in our team instead of Ozil. He is what you guys said – likes to get the ball at his feet. Not to go next to the CF and go for a header or fight/hustle a defender for a rebound or jump for a flying finish like a Cavani or be there for the tap ins on the regular. Sanchez does all of those plus more. I’d probably rather have Ox do what Mahrez does and put an extra body that goes in the penalty box and know what to do in there. Mane would fit this profile the best but owell. We missed that train for now.

  83. Carts


    I’ve never been overly impressed with Morata. He’s uneasy on the eye when he runs with the ball.

    I wouldn’t be averse to signing him though, but again, lets not kid ourselves – he’s worth nowhere near £60m>.

    What Davies is that you’ve got in your list there? I hope it’s not the lad from Everton…

    Pickfords comes with a premium, that much is obvious. Could also be argued that he has a higher ceiling than Wojicech

  84. Cesc Appeal


    Yeah, I think it is just a cheap attempt at conditioning Arsenal supporters to accept a lower level of supposed achievement because we have to do things differently than everyone else because we are better than them, in terms of class not success.

    Pretty lazy, like most things at the club, what is easier than ambition and pushing for success, spinning ambition and a push for success.

  85. TR7


    Yes, Davies from Everton 😛

    I like his game, think he will be a solid backup player for us. You don’t rate him ?

  86. raptora

    Didn’t want Morata last summer, don’t want him this summer, won’t want him next summer. Would have taken the lad Silva from Porto and save £30m if I had to pick between the two. In the market right now having in mind that Mbappe is surely not coming I’d go balls deep for Aubameyang or Benzema. Haven’t seen the Bellotti dude and have too few observations on Icardi. I guess Lacazette would be the backup plan just like last year.

  87. Black Hei


    Actually, I was hearing the rumor mongers say that Wenger wants to pair Lacazette and Mbappe.

    I know its madness, but it does looks like a logical solution if we can’t find a sufficiently good solution to a Sanchez replacement on the left.

    Lemar probably will stay, Rodriguez wants to go United so we are down to either Arda Turan or a formation change.

    Iwobi can do a very decent job, and I do like him alot, but he is just one guy for the whole season. He can play through the mid too so the easiest thing is just tweak the formation.

    Plus Ozil and Ramsey will prefer to play mid long term.

  88. Black Hei


    Lol, I actually like Morata. But my dream signing would be Bellotti. What a pitbull of a player.

    Icardi is not worth it. Not last season, nor this. I would gladly pick Giroud before him.

  89. Carts


    He’s not a bad player, and I know Koeman likes him for his energy.

    I like Barkley. Pains me that someone as gifted as Barkley can’t seem the put it together and signing for Arsenal won’t help him either.

  90. champagne charlie

    Not sure I go along with the idea Mahrez is like Ozil in terms of defensive contribution. He’s no Kante obviously, but he will hassle and chase back which is really all I’d want from a forward player.

    With the back three system we have three dedicated defenders at all times, then wingback who should be capable of defending just as well as attacking, the solution is to have a CM pair that offer on both sides of the ball. Lacazette isn’t putting. shift in going back the way, James isn’t, Mbappe isn’t…not exactly the deciding factor for me

  91. Emiratesstroller

    Black Hei

    Just spoken to experienced sports journalist he knows the situation at Arsenal
    very well.

    He says that the set up at Arsenal is shambolic with a poor owner, board most
    of whom should be pensioned off and a manager and coaching team incapable of changing their ways.

    He agreed with my view that Arsenal need to sign up Ozil and Ox as soon as
    possible and then play hardball with Sanchez and agent and refuse to sell him
    this summer even if the risk is that he leaves on Bosman in 2019.

    The only chance that Arsenal will qualify for CL is if we hold onto him and then buy a couple of additional quality players specifically a decent striker and midfielder.

    If we show some serious ambition in transfer market and do well next season
    then maybe Sanchez might be persuaded to change his mind. At moment that
    seems unlikely.

    The only way I would consider selling him this summer would be to a club abroad who is willing to pay at least £50 million. At moment that seems unlikely.

  92. Frost

    £30M for Pickford. Ffs Everton showing more ambition than us.

    Not that I’d pay £30M for Pickford. Crazy price for a Keeper.

  93. TR7


    Barkely is talented but he is not a smart player. He makes far too many wrong decisions for my liking. To be concise, he is a bit thick.

  94. champagne charlie

    “The only chance that Arsenal will qualify for CL is if we hold onto him and then buy a couple of additional quality players specifically a decent striker and midfielder.”

    Bollocks. Selling Alexis doesn’t prevent us doing a damn thing next season provided we invest smartly. RvP was a bigger loss than Alexis and we still managed to make CL the following season.

    He got 13 goals and 4 assists last season in the premier, lets not pretend he’s fucking Messi suddenly, this talk of us imploding if we lose him is utter nonsense.

  95. champagne charlie


    Odd comment. You’re moaning Everton are more ambitious than Arsenal for buying Pickford at 30mil, yet you state you wouldn’t buy Pickford at 30mil.

    Soooo you’re not ambitious then by that ‘logic’…

  96. Rhys Jaggar

    There is a lot of deluded lack of realism here.

    Davies of Everton would never move to Arsenal right now. Never. He is with a better coach at Everton, at a club which prioritises English talent (a northern version of Spurs) to come to what? Bum warming and a few starts in the Europa League??

    Mbappe + Lacazette? Really. Real have offered to loan Mbappe back to Monaco for a season, so we assume he will not develop enough to start in Madrid in August 2018 if that is to have any legs. Presumably the pitch is: ‘Thierry Henry will develop you’?

    Costa+Fabregas sounds more realistic to me and if you got those two, Sanchez might stay…..

  97. HighburyLegend

    “Mahrez all day long…”
    Sure, after playing the CL last season, he will be so glad to have the chance to play the ELC this season.

    “What are we waiting for”
    Why are you looking at him ??

  98. Tonyd

    Lemar instead of Mahrez for me.

    Black Hei
    You answered your question saying you want Belotti. That I agree with or Costa, and Icardi.

    Those guys could make a challenge, especially with Rabiot or similar to partner Xhaka.