Exodus at the back continues

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Well, well, well… Jezza C, an Arsenal fan, dropped some glorious failure in the UK General Election, stealing away Theresa May’s majority and forcing her into a humiliating power share. Can’t say I’m a fan of either leader, but there’s something very pleasing in watching someone lose when they’ve taken the Hillary Clinton approach to campaigning. Nothing sweeter than watching the kids upend her, especially after all of those disgusting headlines in the Mail, The Standard and The Sun. Anyone in a western democracy calling for a reduction in human rights to fight a problem they caused deserves to be humiliated.

Anyway, this news acted as great cover for the real story of the day. Yaya Sanogo has been released on a free transfer. A man most famous for his failed career as a postman, and being Wenger’s ‘surprise’ versus Bayern Munich in the Champions League, has left on a free, despite Wenger saying he’d be a £50m player.

To achieve that status, one would suggest you first need to learn how to stay on your feet in a game, then you have to learn the basics of football, then you can master the heights. Amazing we stick with these terrible kids for so long. It was pretty apparent from the start he was utter dross. Not sure why we needed to pay him for so long and burn our bridges with Ajax in the process.

In more banterous news, Wojciech Szczesny has somehow landed himself a role at Juventus as understudy to the king of keeping. A lot of Arsenal fans are pointing to the master of selfies as a loss… not for me. Super average keeper, questionable attitude, combined with a lot of poor performances. I’d be very surprised if he was heir to the throne in Turin, but we’ll see. £14m is tidy money for a player that average.

Even better news is that our jelly wristed understudy is finally leaving for Turkey. Still can’t believe how many people disagreed with me that Ospina was garbage… well, here we are, a few years on, and he’s moving to Turkey to ply his trade for £3m. You have to say, that’s great money for someone who is absolute pony.

It’ll be interesting to see what Wenger does on the keeping front. I think he needs to bring in a keeping coach of note to start with, then he needs to bring in someone truly capable of challenging Cech. I’ve enjoyed what little I’ve seen of Martinez. He’s huge, seems relatively calm, hasn’t had a bad game since his debut. I’d like to go all out, and sign someone like Oblak. But you know Wenger is awful with keepers, so I’d expect we’ll go for someone from a totally unsuitbale league, or we’ll try and sign a keeper who managed to look good conceding 800 goals this season (Pickford).

Right, I’m in North Carolina today, and it’s lovely. So I’m going to potter off and make some content in the woods. See you on the other side.

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  1. Wallace

    he’s more of a playmaker though, isn’t he? although it did seem like Maastricht had him playing further forward…

  2. N5

    “as well as thirteen or fourteen £80m+ signings of course!”

    Can we not meet in the middle where there is no sarcasm and flippancy?

    Surely you wouldn’t be happy with another summer of potentials and the far right should know that buying 3 or 4 massive players doesn’t guarantee success.

    How about Wenger just addresses the striker issue that has been an issue since probably Henry left, or how about he address the midfield once and for all. The cost doesn’t matter, just get some quality in!!

  3. Carts


    It’s that simple.

    Some People refuse to look at the math. We’ve had cash on deck for a very long time.

  4. China

    As a rule of thumb, besides the general quality of video clips the things to pay attention to are:

    Edits: if half the video is clips of the guy walking around or celebrating etc it’s a total red flag that they needed to fill some time due to lack of actual highlights

    If the guy roasts someone down the wing and then it edits away before he passes the ball. They do this because the pass was shit and it worsens the highlight (another red flag)

    And lastly the actual quantity and diversity of sick moments. If they have a 6 minute video but all the goals have 3 replays then it’s probably just time filler. Genuinely world class players don’t need that shit. Quick editing between sick moment after sick moment (that ends in a pass or shot) is more likely

  5. Bamford10

    Arsenal scout Pavel Kucherov has apparently dismissed claims that Arsenal are interested in Aleksandr Golovin.

  6. China

    Obviously in retrospect gervinho was a shite signing, but it wasn’t the worst idea ever at the time.

    But what I don’t get is why wenger didn’t have the common sense at least play him to his strengths. The guy had almost nothing to his game apart from bursting past people and great pace. For the time he was with us wenger should’ve been telling him to take any opportunity to burst into the box. He’d have won a heap of penalties if he’d spent less time trying to pass or shoot around the edge of the box and more time using his singular quality to get past people and draw fouls.

    You see a few teams like Barca who exploit that tactic by regularly trying to beat people in the box and it pays absolute dividends if you have a tricky player. Our lot would much rather try to pick out an awkward pass or cut back then ask real questions of defenders in the area. Ofc uefelona are playing with 12 men so they’ll always get more penalties, but still

  7. DM


    “But what I don’t get is why wenger didn’t have the common sense at least play him to his strengths.”

    The key word there is “Wenger”.

    He’s been trying to figure out Walcott and Ox’s best position since we signed them, ffs. Is it any surprise he didn’t know what to do with Gervinho.

    Agree that he ended up being a pretty dire signing, but let’s not forget that, at the time, Hazard said Gervinho was the best player he’d ever played with.

  8. Alexanderhenry

    No significant signings yet.

    The club must be desperate to make one before sanchez leaves.

    However, there is a problem. Everyone is looking to strengthen and I’m afraid arsenal are way off being most attractive destination for an elite player at the moment.
    The only weapon arsenal has is perhaps the ability to pay astronomical wages.

    Taking into account how much the big boys will probably spend, I don’t see us doing good enough business to put us in the running for next season.

  9. Bamford10

    Aside from Arsene Wenger, nothing is preventing Arsenal from signing top quality players. Yes, of course, some players are out of reach, but there are plenty of quality players who we can afford and who would gladly come to Arsenal — if we were led properly, if there was a clear and proper vision, etc.

    The only thing holding Arsenal back is Arsene Wenger — along with the owner and board of course, who continue to support this hindrance.

  10. Alexanderhenry

    The problems arsenal now face in signing top players is illustrated by sanchez’ desire to leave.

    The club can’t even keep its best player. That’s no great advert.

  11. HighburyLegend

    “No significant signings yet.”

    Yep, feels a bit strange, usually at this stage of the year, we already have 3 major signings.

  12. Alexanderhenry

    Last season the club made a clear commitment.
    After 10 years and a takeover bid the ownership finally revealed that they are in fact dedicated to the success of arsenal.

    They have backed the manager but have also provided him with £100 million to -spend- not enough in my opinion but let’s at least see them spend that.

  13. Wallace


    “Can we not meet in the middle where there is no sarcasm and flippancy? …How about Wenger just addresses the striker issue that has been an issue since probably Henry left…”

    was just covering my back. if I hadn’t added it I’d just have had a bunch of posters moaning about me getting excited about them freebie young ‘uns and were’s your ambition blah blah blah.

    thought we addressed the striker situation last season with Alexis. baffled he shelved it mid-season.

  14. Marko

    Things aren’t looking any good or any different this summer. Which shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone. Chelsea looking at Bakayoko United apparently looking at Fabinho. The thing is with a lot of clubs you get an idea of what they’re interested in and the areas they’re looking to strengthen but with us it’s almost completely silence. I mean I couldn’t tell you if we’re looking for a striker or a defender or a midfielder or if we’re waiting to sell our best player or waiting until the bigger clubs do their business first before we do ours. And that whole twiddle dumb and twiddle dee in Nice photo op was a complete joke.

  15. Jamie

    Arsene “We don’t buy superstars, we make them” Wenger’s summer plans:

    Alexis, Mert, Gibbs, Opsina, Szczes, Jenko, Debuchy, JC, Wilshere, Akpom, Sanogo!


    Sead K freebie, Ainsley NM & Jeff RA internal solutions, Henry the new Henry, Cazorla like a new signing, and a bang average CM.


    End window in profit, vault the surplus, judge me in May.

  16. China

    No no, gazidis said the words catalyst for change. Of course things will be different this year… our sound bites will sound cooler.

    Me Bean and Ivan the Terrible are probably plotting the most spectacularly unremarkable summer ever. Strong and stable and all that.

  17. N5

    Exactly Marko and it’s always the same! Is Wenger going to sign on? Silence! Is our top player once again leaving? Silence! Are we busy in the market? Silence!

    Do any of you fuckers have a clue what you are doing?…….Silence!!!

  18. Joe


    How have the freebie and “wenger” signings done for us lately?

    No one is interested in wenger freebies or a wenger find

    He’s shit at finding cheap talent. He’s shit at nurturing young talent

    Your snide remarks of # of £80m signings shows your a twat and you don’t fucking get it. Joking or not

    After his worst season in 20. Being embarrassed again in the CL. Fan unrest. You think the Cunt would try to make a statement of intent but no. A freebie LB and chasing a couple no name players

    Funny how that ST renewals are done and the mbappe rumours have completely died out. And you fell for it Wallace. Again.

    I would take 0 signings if it meant wenger and fans like you fucked off from Arsenal

    And Job on focussing on the spelling of Gnabry and not that fans like
    You blame him and not wenger

  19. Joe


    Why would Kroos or Benz come to

    Kroos started the CL final. Think he’s going to play for wenger in the Europa.

    Benz will have a dozen teams after him. Most with CL.

    Arsenal under wenger isn’t attractive to anyone. Other than a freebie LB from the 10th best team in the bundesliga

  20. Carts


    Breath, bud!

    I was being sarky AF. There’s zero chance of Arsenal signing Kroos or Benzema.

    That much is obvious.

    I said a couple weeks back that Wenger has royally fucked himself.

    Stan extended his stay has royally fucked Arsenal.

    Due to Wenger’s incompetence in previous windows, with his severe under-investments we’re going to feel the repercussion for a very long time.

    Sitting on £200m was nonsensical; dropping out of the top 4 was long overdue. Now we’re in a situation whereby the lack of CL football and his reluctance to spend has left us between a shit and a smelly place.

  21. ArseneisaFraud

    And we lured the freebie with a huge salary of £120,000k p/w (or something like that). That must have helped somehow….

  22. Wallace


    “Wallace, How have the freebie and “wenger” signings done for us lately?No one is interested in wenger freebies or a wenger finds…”


  23. Wallace


    “Funny how that ST renewals are done and the mbappe rumours have completely died out. And you fell for it Wallace. Again.”

    it’s June 12th. I’m not going to lose my shit over only one new signing at this point.

  24. N5

    Did anyone see Ramsey’s penalty yesterday? and if so, what was it like. I keep reading about it being “cool” and “cheeky”, which are words I’ve not usually see associated with penalties.

  25. Marko

    it’s June 12th. I’m not going to lose my shit over only one new signing at this point

    That’s a little disingenuous Wallace. It’s June 12th and we’ve made one signing that’s been predicted for the last month or so but that’s it whereas it’s June 12th City have addressed their squad with Bernardo Silva and Ederson and look like their hard at work on the defence. It’s June 12th and United have signed a long-term defensive target to an already good defence and look like they’re hard at it on Perisic and Morata. Chelsea are likely and presumably after Bakayoko and Lukaku respectively. Point is it’s nonsense to think that June 12th one signing in is a case of we’re doing all that we can to address squad issues and be ready for the start of the season. We aren’t obviously. Other teams are obviously. And it’s likely a certain type of supporter will chime in with something like who cares when they get signed as long as they’re signed well history will tell you that’s not likely to actually happen and when we sign players is important vitally so.

  26. Marko

    AC Milan have announced the signing of Andre Silva from Porto for an initial fee of €33m (£29.1m).

    Excellent signing for them. No Belotti for them now.

  27. Carts

    for the first time in a good while I can honestly say that Milan have bought properly.


    Strong signings.

    That said, both they and Inter have a lot to do to usurp Napoli and Roma let alone challenge for top honours.