Shades of summer 2012 with striker + Ignorant fans think we should sell young superstar?

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Song blast home for the winner!

Gonna keep this super short.

As a heads up, I messed up the title of yesterday’s blog post because I drunk and wrote. Want to apologise to my family for letting them down, if only I’d known the consequences to site traffic of being so damn reckless.

Back in the game… and in North Carolina, which is like a more polite England.

Hector Bellerin has joined Barca. Sorry, I mean, he’s agreed terms behind the clubs back despite signing a new deal back in November until 2022. Good luck with that plan son.

I find it quite amazing that some sections of the fanbase are thinking this is a good idea. This kid is 22 years old, he’s not far off being the fastest player in the league, he’s great on the ball, he’s a good defender, and can I just say again… he’s 22 years old. Why the hell would you even entertain the idea of moving him on?

Can he get better? Yes. Could his final ball be better. Yes. Is there a better young right back in the league? You’d be hard pushed to sell me on that idea. Arsenal should go out of their way to convince him we’re the club for him. My favourite attribute of the Spaniard is his never-say-die attitude. An underrated gladiator.

Another player who is a ‘DO NOT SELL’ is Alexis Sanchez. The best striker in the league for me. Creates goals out of nothing, superb finisher, a good assister, can player anywhere across the front line… would string his own mother up if it mean he could win. The news on the wire is Manchester City are going to tie up a deal for him. Would Wenger dare hand the title to another Manchester team? I hope not.

This summer has shades of 2012 when Robin moved to United and we replaced him with Giroud. I’m seeing it now, Arsenal sell Alexis to City, then sign Lacazette as his replacement.

That scenario is way too real and it’s made me wet my pants in panic…

This summer is shaping up like it usually does. A lot of PR guff, with the real plan playing out secretly, ready for an August showcase.

Arsene hasn’t changed, but the PR has become more aggressive and fantastical to make you think he has.

P.S. I wrote this drunk. Sorry.


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  1. Follow the money

    Zzzzzzzzz. Pedro you are an immense gladiator, carrying on with this blog when it’s been the same old crap on the pitch, in pressers, in the transfer market, and knowing that nothing is going to change until the manager changes. Someone with less commitment would just suspend the blog until Wenger goes

  2. Marko

    Would love to be a fly on the wall of the Oval Office right now….

    No need mate the Orange idiot is likely to tweet everything that pops into head

  3. WengerEagle

    ‘Anyone seen much of the lad from Sampdoria, Patrick Schick, target for Juve, apparently’

    I like him, very good player and tonnes of potential [only 21]. I’m a fan of his team mate Muriel too although he’s a bit older, 26 in fact.

    Timo Werner/Balde Keita are my two favourites though if we’re going youth.

  4. Cesc Appeal

    AC Milan bid £39 Million for Belotti, seems they have now moved on to Costa and Torino allegedly value Belotti at £60 Million, but if those sorts of figures are accurate or near to what he may go for I think that should be who we are going after.

    Can probably get £20 Million for Walcott, probably £10-15 Million for Perez meaning that you can grab a player like Belotti for net £30 Million.

    I am not a big fan of Ozil at all, but Sanchez, Belotti and Ozil as a front line looks pretty good. Sanchez and Belotti will bring a lot of energy and physicality to the front line meaning we would maintain the attributes that peak Welbeck gives us but with a massive improvement in front of goal.

  5. Pierre

    “Pierre clearly he was hoodwinked by the manager”

    So you must be in disagreement with Steveyg87 as to why sanchez joined Arsenal… He reckons it was nothing to do with Wenger but your saying Wenger had an influence……

  6. WengerEagle


    If Sanchez is sold where do you reckon that leaves us?

    I just don’t see who could step up in his place unless we bought big, no UCL football and selling our star player will no doubt affect our ability to attract the best here.

  7. TR7

    A front three of Douglas Costa , Belotti and Salah would be tasty if Sanchez’s exit was inevitable. Would rather we kept him on our books though even if he refused to extend.

  8. WengerEagle

    Love Douglas Costa, superb player.

    One of the top 5 dribblers in Europe hands down, been a long time since we had a great dribbler.

    Big Salah fan too, like your style Vicky.

  9. Frost


    “To come back to Bellerin. We already have better on our books and dare i say it, its not one of our problem areas. We have bigger fish to fry, particularly in midfield”

    Bell is the best & Only Rb/rwb at the club mate. There’s no one on our books that’s better than him in that position. Dunno what you mean here. It’s not a problem area atm because he’s there.

    Sell him & You turn his position into a problem area cuz i can promise you Wenger won’t replace him with better. A good example is the mess we have in midfield as you’ve alluded to. Except you wanna turn the Ox into a rb too.

  10. Cesc Appeal


    If Sanchez is sold it is a massive blow, both on field and in terms of our standing as a club especially having just given Wenger a new deal. Looks seriously poor for us.

    The only way we could recover from a Sanchez loss is with a mass influx of talent and a clearly set up system. Basically, okay we have lost a star but we have built a system in his place.

    If Sanchez left I would actually be more inclined to then sell Ozil, of course Arsenal will shit their pants and offer him £300 000 a week and claim ambition. But I would sell him and look to totally change the shape of this side.

    I like this 3-4-2-1 system, so if Sanchez went then Ozil would go as well, I would like to bring in players like Lemar and Rabiot to be the two in attacking midfield and someone like Belotti as ST with Kolasinac and Bellerin or Oxlade providing attacking pace on the wings.

    That is the only way we recover from Sanchez’s loss in my opinion. But what we will do is sign Lacazette and Mahrez. And, again in my opinion, Ozil and Mahrez in attack for us will look like total shit, particular out of possession.

  11. Jim Lahey

    @CA –

    “I would like to bring in players like Lemar and Rabiot to be the two in attacking midfield”

    Would love to see Rabiot come in this summer, I feel he would do well beside Xhaka in the centre.

  12. Bamford10


    No reasonable person here in the US thought Jim Comey was a lunatic. We know who the real lunatic is: Mr. Trump.

  13. Do one gambon

    Seeing as were all playing fantasy football I want a 23 year old Dennis bergkamp clone, Rocky’s zombie and Emmanuel eboue for shits and giggles.

    RIP Rocky.

  14. Bamford10


    Agree that a front three of Belotti, Sanchez and Ozil would be pretty good, but replace Ozil with James Rodriguez and it would be even better IMO.


    I too would happily replace Ozil with James.

    And I agree with whoever said that James only makes sense as a replacement for Ozil.

  15. Carts


    Haha! Can easily see that being included in urban dictionary


    haven’t seen much, but he looks like he’s got a bit about him.

    Dennis Praet didn’t seem to get much attention this season. Early doors yet

  16. Carts

    Cesc & Tr7

    You’d imagine a logical approach would be to move on players that haven’t amounted to much during their time at Arsenal.

    I want us to get rid of those kind of players as much as I want Wenger to leave.

    I prospect of raising proper coin this summer is right before Wenger.

    Honestly , the man need to get on with it and stop canoodling his babies

  17. Cesc Appeal


    I like the idea of 3-4-2-1 and having Rabiot and Sanchez as the two behind Belotti as the ST.

    If we are sticking with Xhaka next year I would like to see someone like Tolisso or Danilo brought in to play alongside him. My personal preference would be two CM’s but there you go. I think the idea of having Rabiot as your CAM/RM sort of means that your centre gets stronger as well because he can dip in and help out, at 6ft 2 as well he has some physical presence.

    Personally this summer, just excluding any thought of our dud manager for a second, my shopping list would be Belotti, Tolisso or Danilo, Rabiot or Lemar at its most basic, sell Ozil and keep Sanchez. If I truly got my way I would add another CM (so Tolisso and Danilo) and probably get a CB as well.

  18. Cesc Appeal


    My whole approach this summer would be larger outgoings to fund an incoming. For example, for one ST (for example Belotti) I would sell Walcott and Perez as well as any deadwood like Akpom etc hanging around. To buy a CM (for example Tolisso) I would sell Wilshere and Coq or Elneny. To buy a CB I would sell Gabriel and Chambers and so on.

  19. Cesc Appeal

    Something about Lacazette that leaves me underwhelmed. Fine if there are no options available and you just want to try and add life to your average ST area, but there are options this summer, a fair few as well.

  20. Dissenter

    1. I really think we need to sell one of Walcott or Welbeck.
    2. It will be problematic for Giroud is we get Lacazette. It will unfair to ask him to be a bench-option for his French national team competition. He might as well give up his place in the world cup squad to Lacazette. I think Giroud will actually ask for a transfer if Lacazette comes in.

  21. Emiratesstroller

    Bellerin will not leave the club this summer.

    1. Arsenal do not need to sell.
    2. Their priority is that they need to hold onto their best players.
    3. He is homegrown.
    4. Arsenal have said in past that they are not a selling club and must resist
    Barcelona’s predictable tapping up tactics.

  22. Dissenter

    “Bellerin will not leave the club this summer…
    How do you know that? Clearly you’re minimizing the impact of agents in unsettling players.
    If he’s not planning to leave why is he making noises in the media.

  23. jwl

    Has anyone watched Lacazzete play, how fast is he?

    I want Arsenal to buy quick striker like Welbeck, but who going to score at least 20 league goals per season, unlike Welbeck.

    L’oreal can just fcuk off, I would rather have no striker than have to look at Giroud’s face when he once again misses an easy goal, I don’t understand bromance between manager and that twat.

  24. Joe

    Arsenal have said in past that they are not a selling club and must resist
    Barcelona’s predictable tapping up tactics.

    They’ve also said we moved to
    Emirates to compete with the bayerns and barcas of the world.

    We moved to compete in the Pl and the CL

    Also said we wouldn’t sell cesc and Nasri

    I believe wenger and co as much as i believe trump

  25. N5

    Joe, I think Wenger went one step further and said we can no longer be considered a big club if we sold them!! And then we sold them!!

  26. Emiratesstroller


    You are wrong with the sequence.

    Wenger made the statement that we would no longer be a selling club after
    we sold Van Persie and Nasri.

    There is of course a risk that we may lose Sanchez and Ozil, but that is because
    we have allowed their contracts to run down to one year.

    In the case of Bellerin that is not the case and he has repudiated today what has been alleged in Spanish media.

    I think that Barcelona are using their usual tactics, but on this occasion I don’t
    think that they will work. Bellerin is not a player that Arsenal will want to sell
    least of all to Barcelona with the idea that we will exchange him for their cast

  27. N5

    Joe, and AKBs say that WOBs manipulate stats to suit their narrative! Have you ever heard something as stupid as we were winning why Kos was on the pitch!!

    I’ve never read so much idiocy.

  28. Redtruth

    00:01, 12 JUL 2011

    Arsene Wenger last night admitted Arsenal “can no longer be called a big club” if they sell Cesc Fabregas and Samir Nasri.

    “Imagine the worst situation – we lose Fabregas and Nasri – you cannot convince people you are ambitious after that,” he said.

    “And even if you lose Nasri, to find the same quality player, you have to spend again the same amount of money. Because you cannot say, you lose the player and you do not replace him.

    “I believe for us it is important the message we give out. For example, you talk about Fabregas leaving, Nasri leaving.

    “If you give that message out, you cannot pretend you are a big club, because a big club first of all holds onto its big players and gives a message out to all the other big clubs that they just cannot come in and take away from you.

    “We worked very hard with these players for years to develop them, and now it’s a time for us to keep them together.”

    Wenger, speaking at the start of Arsenal’s Far East pre-season tour, said Nasri will “definitely” stay despite interest from Manchester City, Manchester United and Inter Milan.

  29. Joe


    It beggars belief that grown men actually think like that. So devoted to a loser manager they think of things like that to defend him

  30. Pierre

    And a 10-2 defeat in the champions league… It’s been at least 3 hours since Joe reminded everyone… So I thought I would get in first….

  31. Marko

    Don’t forget that 8-2 Pierre that happened in one game. That was something to behold. I feel like I can mention that anytime cause I was there

  32. Carts


    It’s literally that straight forward.

    But sadly Wenger struggles to see this.

    Wenger is more concerned about his image and embarrassingly failed transfers.

    Can you imagine the barrage of questions from the media:

    “Mr Wenger, how would you rate Walcott’s Arsenal career, some might say that he never really reached his potential..”

    “Who are deez peepaul? I fink you are not giving Feo enuff respekt. Heez scored gholes and heez had injureez.”

    “Fucking hell. You are an insufferable twat. That would be all, Mr Wenger”.

  33. Pierre

    I can honestly say that in all years I have been to watch arsenal, and I must have seen them maybe 3/400 times over the years , I have never seen us lose by more than 3 goals live, unless I have a selective memory.. …. Can’t think how bad that must have been on the journey home after the 8-2 defeat…….. 5-0 at the Lane was probably my favourite along with 3-0 fairs cup final win at Highbury 1969\70….winning the league 1971 at the Lane in the last minute on a Monday night, then getting pelted with bottles on the way up Tottenham High Road on the way home… Charlie George winning the double at Wembley 5 days later…good times

  34. Carts


    Call me a conspiracy theorist but I think the Tories deliberately threw it.

    May announces a hard brexit knowing full well it wouldn’t sit well, calls a snap election as part of some unified stance, AFTER, already fucking shit up.

    Hard brexit only fucks everyone off, now all labour need to do is have a manifesto contrary to Conservative.

  35. Carts

    My guess is either BVB or Bayern have triggered his clause.

    Or maybe it’s Wenger, knowing he’s going to lose JC, Walcott and Perez

  36. WengerEagle


    The fucking Walcott situation is bizarre, he’s literally the antithesis of a Wengerball player but somehow like a cockroach he’s outlasted everyone, we owe the wanker a testimonial ffs.

    Djourou is still fucked off he hasn’t had his yet. 😀

  37. Dissenter

    Authenticity always wins in politics.
    Jeremy Corbyn appeared genuine and real while the PM looked like a weasel trying to deceive the public.
    What does this mean for your Brexit negotiations with the EU?

  38. Joe

    But apparently the fa is cup is not good enough for Le grovellers because it has to be the prem or champions league..


    Why did we move to the Emirates?

    Why do we charge the highest ticket prices?

    Why is wenger in the top 3 of highest paid managers in the world?

    Why do we have a 200m a season wage bill?

    Oh right. It’s to win fa cups and be on average 12 points behind league leaders in the last 13 seasons(18 this season, 10 BEHIND LEICESTER FUCKING CiTY) and embarrassed out of CL in the round of 16 for last 7.

    Yes. We should be over the moon with the fa cup win. Just like Portsmouth and Wigan were when they won it.

  39. Joe

    Ok Pierre I Won’t bring up the 10-2 anymore.

    How about 15-3 ? For the last 3 x we played Bayern? Is that better?

    But it doesn’t matter. We won the charity shield and the Emirates cup and the fa cup.

    And probably losing Sanchez and maybe Ozil

  40. Carts


    it really is! Walcott must have something over Wenger-poos.

    If we can’t get rid of him this summer then something is really wrong!

    I maintain that Wenger deliberately dilutes the team with average player while reluctantly adding WC players.

    The more top players you have in your squad the greater the expectation

    If Pep doesn’t deliver next season then he’s gone. But by the way he’s spending he’s seems to be up for the challenge

  41. Carts


    If Corbyn is prime minister then I think our brexit Prospects have taken a turn a turn for the better.

    His manifesto outlining the 3m resident having the right to stay will definitely resonate with the eu and other countries.

    I’m just a bit anxious how he intend to raise £30bn for the NHS over the next parliament.

    Increasing corp tax to 26% is a bold move that I think will just about work. Increase in income tax for top 5% is fair game, too.

    There are some massive financial promises in that manifesto.

    Not entirely confident that it’ll all come to fruition .

  42. loyika

    @ Joe!?

    Why do you like bringing up ticket prices in most of your arguements? It’s not as if you go to the games? So how does that affect you per say?

  43. tonyd

    I wonder sometimes just how deep rooted Wenger’s delusion is?

    What is he so scared of by always trying to be ultra safe and buying cheap options of promise no one could see but him and his disciples.

    That plan deserted him years ago. Miraculously the disciples didn’t.

    He’s said he’s going to reinvent himself although there were no details as to exactly what that meant. It was Wenger’s smart-arse, childish reply to Ivan’s war cry of “Catalyst for Change”.

    Wenger has a wealth of experience to draw on in his 40 odd years in the game.

    He’s got a career trophy winning purple patch of some 5 years success with the Invincibles, and I believe the odd trophy from Monaco and Grampus Eight (what a name for a football club).

    Guess that leaves a pool of 30 odd years of failure to really draw experience from, which includes a final in the Champions League; no higher loss from which to draw great mental strength.

    So when you weigh things up, the only thing left for Wenger to do is throw his tools into the ring with Pep, Potchettino, Klopp and Mourinho and tell them He’s reinvented himself and they had better watch out!

    Seriously, Wenger has everything he needs to change things around this summer.

    A budget of £250+ million.

    He can really have a good clean out of non-performing players and buy five or six class players with a mixture of seriously promising youth and world class or just below experience.

    He’s pretty much playing a new system with his 3/5 at the back, so bringing in maybe half a team of new players shouldn’t be overly difficult.

    The system needs refining and that will be helped by the new players’ styles and contributions to the play. It will be an all gelling at the same time process.

    It won’t be perfect to begin with, but the desire to win will be high enough to get the new team functioning.

    Having some new winners and new players with mental strength getting a unity and buzz about the squad should be easy to generate even for Wenger. It will happen on it’s own accord as it did with the title winning Leicester team. They had inner belief and strength to bully results their way.

    Wenger should just go flat out; chips all in and play with a full deck of additions from Lemar, Costa, Robinho, Belotti, Icardi, Douglas Costa, Rabiot, Salah, Timo Werner, Balde Keita plus many others mentioned on this blog.

    He could really go for it and buy Ronaldo.

    Any decent combination of these players would make a challenging team. It would excite the press and probably unite the fans.

    It would be great for sponsors at just the right time for the big deals Arsenal are looking for in 2 years time.

    In sum, we have the money. There is a huge talent pool out there to buy from and Wenger wants to reinvent himself.

    What could possibly go wrong?

    The only hurdle is Wenger and how deep his delusion is!

  44. Joe


    Because it shows where our ambitions should be

    Challenging for PL
    And CL

    Not fa cups

    If you can’t get that, I can’t help you

  45. tonyd

    If Bayern are happy to pay Sanches £350,000 per week; it’s highest salary, then they can pay 60+ million for him. Not the £40 million they are reportedly going to offer.

  46. tonyd

    It’s said that Newcastle are offering Henry Onyekuru £36,000 a week to sub us.

    We’re talking about a punt of £6.8 million surely Wenger can make a decision on that.

    What crosses my mind is that Monaco aren’t in for him. If they don’t rate him, should we? Monaco’s scouts seem to be ahead of everyone else when you look at all the young talent in their squad.

  47. Wallace


    “What does this mean for your Brexit negotiations with the EU?”

    she called it in the hope it would give her licence to pursue a hard brexit. don’t see how she can do that now. pundits think it’s 50/50 she’ll resign later today. brexit negotiations start in 9 days 🙂

  48. Black Hei


    For the sake of your home country, I hope your folks get it right.

    The company I work at import UK manufactured products (yes they exists)

    But with Brexit, many of them have subsequently sold themselves to foreign competition; one of them just last month to their US competitors.

    And knowing the Americans, they will hollow out the production, shift everything to China and just milk the brand.

    The losers in the end are the employees.

  49. Black Hei


    David Ornstein has confirmed that the rumors linking Arsenal to Henry were “fake” news manufactured by his agent to increase the profile of his client.

  50. Wallace


    “Any chance to repeal brexit with these results.”

    alas, no. but it should mean a far softer exit.

  51. Wallace

    Black Hei

    “For the sake of your home country, I hope your folks get it right.”

    yeah, no one was expecting this. chaos about to ensue, but anything that stops May and the far right loons from setting the agenda is very welcome.

  52. Charlie Nick

    Apologies if this has been asked before, but would anyone swap Alexis to City for Aguerro? Massive upgrade on walcott and l’oreal.

  53. Steveyg87

    “Apologies if this has been asked before, but would anyone swap Alexis to City for Aguerro? Massive upgrade on walcott and l’oreal.”

    Absolutely! They way i see it. We have a massive trump card in Sanchez. We should be doing a swap deal with him all day long. If PSG want him, Lets go hard for Rabiot. If Bayern want him, Why not test them with Lewa? If Chelsea want him, which I highly doubt, we should be kicking the door down for Costa.

  54. Charlie Nick

    Not just me then. My worry is we flog him and go on some bin rake and end up with a 3rd choice Perez type and keep the impotent trio of walcott, loreal and welbeck.

  55. Steveyg87

    “Not just me then. My worry is we flog him and go on some bin rake and end up with a 3rd choice Perez type and keep the impotent trio of walcott, loreal and welbeck.”

    Well, that’s 99% of the consensus on here. The Lacazette stories wont die down either, its worrying

  56. Black Hei

    Charlie Nick

    Those rumors about City are probably the work of Sanchez’s agent. There are so many red flags.

    1. City already have Sanchez’s position on the left covered by Silva, whom I really take my hat off.
    2. Pep is a control freak on the pitch; he will not tolerate a chaos monger like Sanchez.
    3. I am not sure if the Emirates are so quick to pump in money now that the entire mid east status quo is changing.

  57. Charlie Nick

    As mentioned before, we have plenty of ‘previous’ on this front. Selling Brady and stapleton and replacing them with hankin, hawley and peter nicholas. We all know RVP and l’oreal. Out of our current 4 strikers, I’d lose walcott and loreal, keep welbeck and perez and invest in one grade A + player (Lewa, Bale, Morata) and one B+/A grade (Icardi, Lukaku, Bendtner)

  58. loyika

    @ Joe

    Sorry mate. You can’t help me as that arguement for you always mentioning ticket prices is weak (and for someone that doesn’t go to games, quite silly) Now if your cable subscription was being increased due to Arsenal, i would get it.

    Your other points i have no issues with (even though i could make 1 or 2 counter arguements) as we all agree that we are not doing as well as we should and could be for a club our size.

    @ Tonyd? Odd trophy at Monaco!? Arsene reformed that Monaco team from what it was (bringing through some household names in the process) a’las things went “Pear shaped!” when he took his eyes off the ball (like he has with Arsenal) and became occupied with his “Project!” and go let go of. (I can’t say much bout his time in Japan) but his success covered 8 years and not 5, a caveat in the fact that his teams should have won more than the 3 EPLs they did in that time (also in the Ropey Final and UCL) but no Arsenal fan can/should grumble about those years of success as we were treated to some of the best football the English League could muster.

    I agree that his lack of desire and drive is worrisome. Unlike some, i actually belive he wants to win, but as was the case in his latter years at Monaco, he is obessed with wanting to win “His way!” which would seem to see him also lose some of his legacy. And for what? Money? Ego? Lack of motivation? Only Arsene will know.

    Like you said (even before now) we have and have had the means to get players that could have time without number turned our seasons around, but his “risk free!” way of doing things has hurt us, he only seems to get his competitive juices flowing when all seems lost or we have to do well in any Cup Comp to save the season.

    Lets see if this season has forced him to have a rethink.

    @ Wallace

    May will try to cling on to power (as is the wont of most power drunk politicians) but i would be surprised (knowing how ruthless the Tories can be) if she lasts 1 month. The knives are out across board and Boris will be licking his lips (and thanking his fairy that Micheal Goves is no where in site this time round)

    Angie Merkel must really be chuffed and DJT must really be miffed that he now only has to deal with the true “Iron Lady” of Europe. Politics hey!? Who would have figured.

  59. Rhys Jaggar

    Black Hei

    Uk firms have been selling out to foreign owners for decades. Quicker way to millionairedom than actyally having to worry about UK workers. It was not started by Brexit, but by the City decades ago. Huge business for investment banks and lawyers ‘advising’, putting companies ‘in play’ etc etc.

    It happened with Cadbury, when we had an EU suporting PM. Happened under Maggie Thatcher…..

  60. HighburyLegend

    “that arguement for you always mentioning ticket prices is weak”
    Breaking news : loyika has his sources to have free tickets!!

    Anyway, another happy day for the fans of ze mighty Arsène FC.

  61. HighburyLegend

    “Lets see if this season has forced him to have a rethink.”
    Wow… priceless quote.
    (joke friday already ?? Where is JWL ??)

    “Unlike some, i actually belive he wants to win”
    Wow… didn’t saw this one!! (lol)

  62. Black Hei


    Well, not all of them.

    The company I am referring to was family owned and they are quite a major player.

    Unfortunately the down turn in oil&gas and the subsequent Brexit, meant that the owners have no choice but to bow out.

    Much of their sales was into the European market and if they lose it, it would have been curtains for the company.

    Given the circumstances, the owners were right to sell off the company.

    The employees are the first to suffer. The next will be distributors like myself.

  63. Emiratesstroller

    There are plenty of “Champagne Socialists” who have benefited from the economy in Britain.

    Margaret Hodge’s family owned until recently one of Britain’s largest private companies. The company was Stemcor the world’s largest independent steel trader. The company went into decline but Margaret and her family were still multi millionaires.

    Jeremy Corbyn is also not exactly a pauper. Apart from combined salaries
    as MP and Leader of Opposition he receives 3 pensions including generous
    pension from Parliament. He earns probably more money than Theresa May.

  64. Gooner63

    Brexit will still go ahead, the terms soft n hard brexit are just dumb – the only terms will be those that both agree on, we will always have to give more than we take as the EU hold all the cards in terms of finance and trade, unless some very fast deals are done with USA, China, Russia etc

    Cant wait till Corbyn gets in and destroys the economy as all far left wing policies always do, and lets in more terrorists on the grounds they will behave themselves. Will be waiting for the Photos of Jezzer sitting round the table having cucumber sandwiches with Isis .

  65. HighburyLegend


    Nooooooooooooooooooooooooo arsène!!
    You don’t know what you doing!!

  66. Tonyd

    Well put and we’ll have to wait to see which way he goes.

    One thing for sure is I haven’t got a warm fuzzy feeling for us next season. Just a sense of the toxicity to come.

  67. loyika

    @ Tonyd

    I feel you bro. Sometimes you can’t help but feel Arsene has “Trump like” tendencies. You know there is meant to be a brilliant, driven personality somewhere in there, but what you get most times is an “Echo Chamber” (empty shell) that leaves you with a; “WTF!?” feeling.

    Eitherways, he has dealt his hand and will live or die by his decision to extend his contract.

  68. Bamford10

    Gooner63’s comment suggests that the right in the UK traffics in just as much nonsense as the right in the US. This makes me feel slightly less embarrassed about the political situation / discourse in the United States.

  69. raptora

    LOL at the video at under the news of Sanogo being released by the club. Someone could really think he could have been the next Adebayor or smth. He looks like a future star… until he slips during one of his goal celebrations LOL. He might be gone from the club but he will never be forgotten. #oneyayaonesanogo

  70. Marko

    Gooner63’s comment suggests that the right in the UK traffics in just as much nonsense as the right in the US. This makes me feel slightly less embarrassed about the political situation / discourse in the United States.

    Yeah he’s a fucking idiot alright

  71. Marko

    Sanchez is definitely off. 100%. That whole peddling the line of his agent knows what he wants if he wanted to stay he’d say it instead he puts it on the agent. And I honestly have no animosity towards him for it. He’s a fighter and a winner and in the 3 seasons he’s been here couldn’t do much more for the cause. If he had more like minded and hard working people like himself we might of actually contended or won more and he might of stayed. Anyway important thing now is to not let Spurs get a free run on Thomas Lemar.

  72. Marko

    Also this is where our lax approach to the transfer window comes into play. You get in a couple early exciting signings and who knows you might be able to convince someone like Sanchez that you are finally serious. Instead of long drawn out Windows that we’re so used to that don’t convince anyone that we mean business. And before anyone starts to make an excuse it’s worth pointing out that other clubs can be quick and proactive in the transfer market

  73. Unathanthium

    Good to see the people have woken up to the dreadful May and her horrible party. Destroying the lives of disabled people, a disgraceful excuse for a woman who will now deal with the DUP, a lovely progressive party if you live in one million BC. Apologists for terrorists, that’ll be the Tory party then mixing with the DUP.

  74. Emiratesstroller


    It is one thing criticising the Tories over austerity, welfare and public services, but quite another accusing them with consorting with terrorists.

    Frankly the Labour front bench has a terrible track record when it comes to
    security and terrorism. You need only take a look at the voting record of
    Corbin,McDonnell,Abbott and Thornbury in H of C and their support of
    terrorist groups. Ms Thornbury was a member of Michael Mansfield’s
    chambers who is the most notorious barrister defending virtually every
    dissident and terrorist group in UK and elsewhere.

  75. Ishola70

    Borussia Moechengladbach have a good record for an eye for talent in recent seasons and they have just signed Denis Zakaria from Young Boys Berne.

    Just 20 yo Moechengladbach have paid just over 10 million for him.

    Central midfielder who is predominately a defensive player he looks comfortable as well going forward. No problems in looking after himself on the pitch physically. He looks a good player.

    Youngs Boys brought him from Servette 2 seasons ago for 340k and now get 10 mill for him. Originally a Servette youth product.

  76. Micheal

    Ms Thornbury was a member of Michael Mansfield’s
    chambers who is the most notorious barrister defending virtually every
    dissident and terrorist group in UK and elsewhere.

    Michael Mansfield is one of the country’s most respected and admired barristers who has an outstandingn record of defending and upholding human rights issues. These include people wrongly convicted of crimes like the Birmingham bombings, Stephen Lawrence’s family and the family of Charles de Menezes.
    Personally I would be proud to work in his chambers and to uphold human rights.
    Is Theresa Maybot proud of anything she has ever done for this country ? She represents the interests of the elite – she is Margaret Thatcher without the charm or warm personality.

  77. Ishola70

    Villarreal bought Ruen Semedo 23 yo from Sporting Lisbon for just over 11 million.

    Physically a beast but still looks raw. Needs ironing out.

  78. Champagne charlie

    Can’t remember who asked, but after watching a lot of Lyon his season I’d say Lacazette is everything we hoped Theo would develop into when he arrived at 16.

    He’s quick, strong on the ball, has good feet, makes smart runs, is aware of what’s around him, finishes well, is potent.

    I wrote him off a bit last season having not seen much of him, but I’ve been impressed with his game and my initial thoughts were wrong. Quality player who I imagine could become superb among better players.

  79. Emiratesstroller


    I suggest that you take a look at Mr Corbyn’s track record in House of Commons and not just when Mr Blair was Prime Minister. When we talk about
    terrorism we are not discussing Nelson Mandela.

    Mr Corbyn has supported virtually every terrorist group on planet and opposed like the rest of his front bench every piece of legislation relating to
    security whether proposed by the Conservatives, Coalition or his own party.

    Frankly it is bad enough reading your opinions on football, but when it comes to politics I do not need a lesson from you. For the record when I
    was an articled clerk in a solicitors practice I worked part time for 5 years
    for Labour MP in House of Commons when Harold Wilson was Prime Minister. Whilst my politics may have changed I am most certainly not a right

    I have until now refrained from talking politics on Le Grove but when I read
    posts implying that labour mps are any different in background from their
    conservative opponents or that Mr Corbyn will be tough on terrorism I think that it is time to get real.

  80. Micheal

    If you truly have any experience of the legal profession you should realise that everyone – repeat, everyone – deserves the basic human right of a defence. And 95% of Michael Mansfield’s work comes through legal aid because his clients cannot afford traditional legal support when they need it most.

    Who has severely reduced legal aid in recent years, thereby making it increasingly difficult for ordinary people to get justice in the courts ?

    Theresa Maybot and her fucking Tories.

  81. Emiratesstroller


    Do you know anything about Michael Mansfield? For your information he went to a leading Public School [Highgate] as did the founder/leader of Momentum.

    There are plenty of people who have represented Labour who have in your words “elitist” backgrounds including left wingers like Anthony Crosland [also
    at Highgate], Tony Benn [Westminister] and Michael Meacher [Berkhamsted]. Many others sent their children to Public or elite Grammar Schools like
    Dennis Healey [Highgate], Harold Wilson [UCS], Diane Abbott [City of London] and Jeremy Corbyn [Queen Elizabeth, Barnet]

    So I am always cautious when I read statements stereotyping politicians.

    Indeed if you take a look at the current Conservative Cabinet a large majority
    went to state schools.

    On one point you make I agree. The Conservative Campaign was colourless,
    lacked personality and scored too many “own goals”. The departure of Cameron over Referendum result has seriously damaged the Tories, because
    many of the brightest and more charismatic MPs were marginalised in Ms May’s Government.

  82. Micheal

    Yes, I do know quite a bit about Michael Mansfield. I also know that he is to be respected for upholding human rights and providing vital legal representation for those who need it, but cannot afford it because the Tories have systematically reduced legal aid support to provide tax cuts to the richest or most privileged in society.
    Michael Mansfield’s educational background is totally irrelevant. I cannot recall any political manifesto insisting that only millionaires vote Tory or only those on benefits vote for Labour. It is what we do with our education or our wealth creation which matters most. For centuries, the Tories have found ways of hoarding money without ever finding ways to spend it wisely.
    The crucial point is whether we want to live in a society whch puts the richest first or in a society which looks after the most vulnerable and most needy.

  83. Emiratesstroller


    I agree that legal aid should not be cut for those who are entitled to be defended in criminal, matrimonial and social matters.

    However, when it comes to human rights of terrorists I am afraid that I am not
    a great fan of defending their human rights at the expense of tax payers.

  84. Micheal

    Sorry, I don’t have time to bat this back and forth, beyond saying that everyone deserves justice. I am not in any way defending terrorism. I agree wholeheartedly with your sentiment and the feelings of all sensible people about terrorism.
    But remember that some people were wrongly convicted of terrorism – e.g. Birmingham Six, Guildford Four, etc – and were delivered justice because of the outstanding work of people like Michael Mansfield, Gareth Peirce, etc.
    To denounce Emily Thornberry for working in chambers which bring justice to the world is plain wrong.