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Spent the day in a place they used to mine uranium called, Uravan. In 1921, the mined ore would fetch $71,000 a gram. They used it to make military watch dials glow, to harden steal, then they used it in bombs. What a town. I mean, until people started getting cancer and they closed the whole place down. Regardless, what a day.

Anyway, I was pretty hacked off the Arsenal Opinion boys pulled together a show in my absence that was really good and funny and they didn’t really miss me. Fuckers. Tune in to hear for yourself, details at the bottom of the post.

One of the topics they raised was the future of Kieran Gibbs. We’ve signed that tasty looking Bosnian left-back to replace him (I hope). Warrior mentality, super fast, great delivery and a free transfer.


Anyway, I really hope the player leaving is Kieran Gibbs. The magic grip that guy has over the fans is he’s cut from the same cloth as Gael Clichy and Ashley Cole. I mean that in the sense that he looks like they did back in the day (like, he’s looked 21 for 10 years), but also on paper had pace, some silky skills on the ball, and a pretty decent cross. The reality was a bit different. He was a total bottle job. I called it for a while because I’d heard that was the vibe around the training ground… apparently, if you look at his injury record, it usually coincides with big games he’s due to play in. I wasn’t sure about this conspiracy, then I saw it with my own damn eyes, Alex Chamberlain made a foul against Chelsea, Gibbs was accidentally sent off (after starting the game terribly)… and he just took it and pootled off. Didn’t even argue with the ref. The icing on the cake for me was him picking up an innocuous injury before the cup final and handing his role to Chambo. Total coward.

The fact he’s earned £65k a week for being a Ricaro seat passenger is a sad indictment of how Arsene Wenger has run his dross over the years. Good riddance, and good luck to him at Newcastle. Not sure they’ve done their due diligence there if they think he’s a fighter.

Amusing reading the stories about Arsenal going hard after M’Bappe. I love the ambition, I love the player, I can see 20:20 how this makes total sense… BUT COME ON… please, wake up and smell the nonsense. This kid can play anywhere in the world, and you think he’ll choose to play under a manager who was last winning the league when the Monaco striker was 6 years old? Wenger has never been a legend while M’Bappe has been old enough to remember. He’ll have been growing up with the Jose Mourinho’s, the Pep Guardiola’s and the Carlo Ancelotti’s. I mean, even the Zidane’s, because he’d remember him as a player and now a manager.

I really, really, really, struggle to see why any agent would send their megastar 18 year old to develop under a manager who has the track record Wenger does over the last 6 years. Great players only want one thing from a mentor: to know they’ll be developed. Wenger isn’t a tactician, he’s rocking the same training methods he was when Kylian was two years old, and he’s never won a CL. Wenger is lifting Rob Holding up as his shining star of our abysmal season, and he only made 18 starts. Kind of trash when you compare the sort of young players Jardim has nurtured this year. Arsenal’s record with Sanchez, one of the absolute best in Europe, was 6th in the league, 2 rounds behind Monaco in the CL (7 years running) and a very exciting FA Cup win.

Major names don’t make decisions based on cups.

But we’ll see. This doesn’t feel different to me. It smells like Suarez. You know we’ll end up with Giroud, Welbeck, and an Arsenal TV interview with Wenger bemoaning no one respecting Henry from Belgium because he was only £6m.

‘The last ‘unknown’ Henry I signed was good, no?’

Update: Matt Spiro from the internet.

Right, listen to this second rate podcast from the boys.

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  1. BacaryisGod

    The only funny thing that would occur by selling Bellerin to Barcelona is that we would have picked him and Fabregas up for a combined one million and then sold them back to Barcelona for around 70 million. Maybe we can keep this thing going and snatch another one of their kids from La Masia as we’re shipping back Bellerin .

  2. HighburyLegend

    “If bell goes hes Just another piece of sh** that USED arsenal to build his career. ”

    Please don’t put TH14 in that list, thanks.

  3. Joe

    Maybe bellerin realizes we are going to be shit for the next 2 seasons under wenger and wants out. He wouldn’t be the first in a long list of players to leave because of wenger.

    Maybe look at the simplest reason why

  4. TR7

    If Pep wants to play free flowing football he better not sign a ball hogger in Sanchez. Why do City even need Alexis ? Sane is doing very well for them.

  5. BacaryisGod

    Getting a nasty feeling that it’s Alexis to Man City and Lacazette and Mahrez coming in. More often than not, you don’t want to trade a pound coin for multiple coins of a lesser value. You should always want one superstar over two international class players.

    Besides, if you think our pressing from the front was poor this past season, try watching it next season with Ozil and Mahrez leading the charge…

  6. Joe

    The fans are the reason bellerin is leaving

    Let’s forget the 10-2s. Coming 18 points behind Chelsea. 10 behind Leicester. And that it’s bare fucking lona coming after you to play with messi Suarez and Neymar

    But yeah he should stay to play under wenger and with Giroud wellbeck Ramsey and jack

    Same goes for mbappe. Why would he choose Arsenal under wenger and challenging for the fa cup instead of real with Zizou Ronaldo bemzema Kroos modric bale and the lure of CLs and la liga trophies

  7. BacaryisGod

    I’m pretty sure nearly all those pieces of sh** you mentioned used smaller clubs to build their career before even coming to Arsenal. We’re often on the other side of that equation.

  8. N5

    Fans travel all over the country and pay top money to watch these players, if some chanted you’re not fit to wear the shirt and that was enough for him wanting to leave, then I’d say he’s a fucking baby.

  9. WengerEagle


    Think it would just be a convenient excuse for Hector to leave on, just as the family one is.

    It’s pretty simple, he’s 22 years old and very talented and I assume ambitious.

    If Barcelona come calling you drop everything and go, nothing more to it.

    Helps as well that we’ve no UCL football for justifying it to some fans.

  10. Joe

    Exactly N5

    But I doubt that plays any part whatsoever in his thinking

    They are coddled beyond belief at Arsenal.

  11. N5

    WE, spot on. Why do fans need to find someone to blame? if he leaves. he leaves because he wants to play for a better club!! no more to it than that!!

  12. Dissenter

    Actually Bellerin had no problem with the booing.
    “It’s something you’ve got to deal with,” he said. “When you win you’re going to get fans chanting your name and when you don’t do great they’re going to give you stick …” “”It is part of football and I understand. I am a football fan, I’ve watched football my whole life. When my favourite team didn’t do well I’d get angry.” ” “In that sense, I understand the fans in that situation … You get the perks of football and the cons. That’s one of the things that’s going to happen. When you’re angry you can say something you don’t mean. Everyone’s got their opinion and sometimes it’s going to hurt …’ http://www.espnfc.us/arsenal/story/3134623/hector-bellerin-understands-arsenal-fans-criticism-following-poor-season
    Barca fans aren’t as prim and proper as gooners. They threw a PIGS HEAD at Louis Figo for Christ sake. Guardiola quit to get away from the pressure.

    The comment from Pierre is laughable and utterly childish.
    Why are some London fans so sissy?
    What’s wrong with fee paying fans having their say when their team quits playing after 30 secs?

    Bellerin can fcuk off to where he came from. His performances dropped off after he got his 120k weekly deal. Barca will never pay him that much n wages. He will have to take a pay cut after they pay the hefty fee Arsenal will ask for.

  13. Dissenter

    What was all the rush to water down the booing?
    Oh the booing wasn’t directed to Bellerin..blah, blah, blah. We are such a timid club.
    So what if it was directed at him?

    Chelski fans booed Benitez even though he rescued the season for them- finished in 3rd place ahead of us and won the Europa league for them.
    Madrid fans still boo Ronaldo from time to time when he behaves like a ballerina.

  14. Joe

    Pierre thinks players making 120kna week give a shit about hearing “you’re not fit to wear the shirt”.


    You know Pierre is buying wenger’s excuse of the players having to play in a “toxic” environment as to why we were shit this season.

    It’s all the fans fault

  15. Steveyg87

    “Bellerin is leaving for the same reason viera cesc Henry rvp Nasri etc all left.”

    I don’t get this Bellerin love in. He’s not even a starter for us

  16. Uwot?

    Wouldn’t trust the ditherer with one brown penny to get it right in the transfer market.will screw this one up again with cheap as chips 2nd/3rd rate players none of the elite are interested in.won’t compete for the best at all.that’s the reality.

  17. Leftsidesanch

    When you’ve got Giroud making demands through the press. Oh dear how thee mighty have fallen..

  18. Marko

    WE if you’re still about who’d you go for to replace Bellerin? Cancelo? Mario Gaspar? Klostermann? Semedo? Bruno Peraes? Aurier? My personal choice would be like Ricardo Pereira. Heard he’s the titties coming off a great season. I mean whoever we get will be back up to Alex Oxlade Chamberlain apparently… some would have you believe

  19. Ishola70

    Said on here a few weeks back when quoting the Manchester Evening News Sanchez to Manchester City that if you see any transfer story that is direct from a northern rag you have got to take it seriously.

    Doesn’t apply to London though. London Evening Standard has no track record of calling transfers.

  20. Leftsidesanch

    Sead, Maybe Lacazette, Maybe Mahrez and mental strength will be the signings. Lots of good names and ideas bandied about until you remember who it is spearheading our PL Title charge. A man who hasn’t got close in almost a decade and half has been given another two chances minimum to fail again. Nevermind, cos the people who were irritated last week will still show up all season which is all that matters.

  21. Marko

    I don’t get this Bellerin love in. He’s not even a starter for us

    He really is though. He’s our only proper right back and we needed to give Chamberlain game time to convince him to stay otherwise

  22. Marko

    Nah Joe. Say what you like about the great ditherer he may fail to address the DM issue and he may fail to address the Striker issue but he’s never afraid to sign full backs. Bar a couple of poor examples we generally do quite well in that area

  23. Ishola70

    Wenger will not have one reliable goal getter in his entire squad if what seems likely Sanchez leaves this summer. Not one.

    Surely even Wenger can’t play the numbers game on this one. It’s no good having enough numbers for the forwards position if none of them can be relied upon to hit the net on a real regular basis.

  24. karim

    La Gazetta Dello Sport ( Italian biggest sport newspaper ) report Arsenal are now offering €150 million !
    The kid wants to stay another year apparently.

  25. Carts


    I’ve gone through plnty of baby wipes watching Diawara.

    I think in a 3 man midfield, he could be the legs, Ramsey (he obviously isn’t going anywhere) the B2B and Xhaka – well he can keep passing the fuck out of the ball – as that’s what he can only do

  26. Carts

    Rumour has it that the reason why the pursuits of Salah (and Persic) has decreased is cos Utd and Liverpool are both playing the waiting game.

    Apparently, both Inter and Roma need to make sure that there’s at least e30m in their accounts before June 30th otherwise they’ll be penalised by FFP.

    Liverpool and Utd don’t want to exceed £30m. understandable. Both Serie A teams are holding out hoping for an auction to ensure. Understandable, too.

    They’ll shit bricks and cave in if there’s nothing forthcoming by the 23rd June, I reckon.

    Inter have no european football next season, where as Roma also have to balance the books

  27. Carts

    Re: City & Bertrand

    I don’t think Bertrand is a bad LB. I’d say he’s up there with Rose and Shaw (when fit). He’s 27, so I would’ve thought City would be looking at someone a few years younger, at least.

    Soton are going to want at least £25m; so perhaps the question should be who will can they get for under £0m, realistically??

    Tiernay, Robertson, Targett, Shaw…

  28. Carts

    Re; City & Patrick Roberts

    Oh and another thing about City. if they’re honestly considering selling Patrick Roberts to Celtic, then they’re actually dumb.

    I like Sterling, but I actually think Roberts could well surpass Sterling quite easily if given the same amount of game time.

    That kid can play! Shelled out £12m, ffs.

    If they can’t find room for him in their squad, after bombing-off 8 players, and needing to fulfil HG quota, then that’s a massive fuck you to football.

  29. Pierre

    “Hahahaha yeah Pierre. We really are terrible fans hahah”

    What do you mean “we”……I don’t regard you a fan joe, far from it…. …. A fan/supporter is someone who supports the club/team/players whoever is the manager and celebrates winning trophies,unlike you who seems to get great pleasure when we lose…

  30. Pierre

    Dissenter and Joe .. So you believe arsenal fans shouting abuse at Bellerin would have no bearing on his decision to stay at arsenal….and joe, I am surprised a sensitive soul like you would think that way especially as you threw your dollies out your pram when Charlie called you patel/petal…. Your reaction was a classic…

  31. reality check

    Ok so.. the player or players can play like turd. Not even put up a fight. Win or lose the least you do is work hard. They can put in unacceptable performance over and over.

    But the fans are not aloud to express their opinion because we could scare the players into leaving because we might hurt their feelings?

    Are you serious!?

    Are we actually supporting a team with a bunch of players.. so fragile, so insecure, so in need of mommy and daddy, that one piece of Non-violent criticism (no swear words used) is enough to make them cry… and then run all the way to spain!??

    What kind of soft hearts are playing for arsenal?

    The fans had it right..

    “You’re not fit to wear the shirt”

  32. Troy McClure

    Enjoy the western United States nature before Trump and his oil & gas paymasters drill the fuck out of it. With examples like Uravan Colorado (once beautiful, now permanently ruined), you think they would learn their lesson.

    Arsenal need to put a big “FOR SALE – any reasonable offer accepted, buy 1 get 1 free” sign up in their front yard and move on a big group of players no longer needed: Ospina, Gibbs, Perez, Wilshere, Gabriel or Mertesacker, Chambers, maybe even Walcott. Use those wages to get in a few difference makers. If the average salary of this group is is 75K / week, that is a hell of a lot of money to be thrown at a few better players – over 550K / week.

  33. N5

    Pierre, I don’t think Hector could have liked it very much no, but did you see his tweets when we won the FA cup about “this being for the fans” etc. All it did was open his eyes. It would have stung a bit course it would. But like I said we pay high prices and travel the nation and in a game like Palace, losing by the amount we were when he was arguable playing the worst, you can understand the frustration. And I’m sure as a professional he could too.

    Arsenal were going through a frustrating period at that time and Hector would have been fully aware of that.

    I’ve been at games where fans have booed TH14 because he was sulking and blaming everyone else for his misses. It’s part of football I’m afraid, not a great part, but it’s still a part and any pro worth their salt understands that.

    HB will be going because he wants to play for a better club, not because a few 100 people took the piss.

  34. Samesong

    HB will be going because he wants to play for a better club, not because a few 100 people took the piss

    exactly N5

  35. Joe


    Pay me 120k a week
    And you b racist towards me whenever you want

    No one was racist to bellerin


  36. Joe


    No it was a sarcastic and mocking post towards a certain poster who thinks fans are to blame. Like Wenger.

    He thinks fans should applaud and sing happy songs about wenger and players no matter how badly they play or how shit wenger gets.

    But a club like Barca can force out Enrique after all he’s won and done


  37. Joe

    It’s funny that Pierre won’t admit that bellerin wants to leave because wenger is a fraud and shit as a manager but he’s rather say it’s the fans fault for signing “you’re not fit to wear the shirt” to the whole team

    If he sounds like an a k b
    Walks like an a k b
    Smells like an a k b

    Then I guess he must be an …

  38. Joe


    If bellerin and Sanchez do leave. Which is probably 50/50 for both, not the most positive effect of wenger signing a new 2 year deal is it

  39. Joe

    Being generous mate.

    He wants to go. Just depends on how hard wenger tries to not let him.

    If he doesn’t this year ,NO WAY he signs on. He leaves for a free next season.

  40. Cesc Appeal

    I would say Sanchez is a certainty to leave. Likely Munich or City with Chelsea putting a lot of money into Lukaku, unless of course they are losing Hazard.

    Likely that we are trying to agree a deal for Lacazette in the same way we did Podolski and Giroud before selling RVP.

    Lacazette and Mahrez to replace Sanchez would feel severely underwhelming, personally speaking anyway. As someone said earlier, if we have got Ozil and Mahrez in the same front line having lost Sanchez, your pressing game is basically nonexistent.

  41. Marc


    Ask yourself when is the season ticket renewal deadline is? Then notice the stories coming out. Someone earlier put up a post about a foreign source and a 150 euro bid for the Monaco guy.

  42. Joe

    Wenger knows the bid won’t be accepted and then can claim
    He tried. It just couldn’t compete with doped up clubs. It’s so predictable but lots of wenger fan boys will lap it up

    Right Pierre?

  43. Marc


    Season ticket deadline day is tomorrow. The interesting thing will be if they get a huge drop out. They’ve then got to do something to ensure people who have been on the list for years actually commit to spending £900 to a couple of grand.

  44. Joe


    So many rumours on twitter about how far down the list They have gone asking people if they want STs

    Maybe Pedro can confirm how low they actually gone?

  45. Cesc Appeal


    I do think Wenger has been shaken slightly by what happened this season, you can tell by how pathetic and shitty he was toward the fans at the end of the season. But he has not been shaken up that much, like you I think the Mbappe stories are bullshit either started by the club or just allowed to happen with fuel added by Gazidis and Wenger being in France likely to try and deal with Lyon.

    Clubs are being very proactive in the EPL right now it seems. Be interesting to see what Arsenal do once the ST renewal date has passed by. I saw Iwobi’s pathetic ‘run through brick walls’ interview the other day, twat, just starting to think we might start hearing about ‘keeping the group together’ and them being ‘close and strong because of last season’ and ‘exceptional mental quality’ etc.

    Just like the summer of 2015 where Cech was the ‘last piece of the puzzle’ that when you put it all together had us losing out to Leicester.

  46. Marc


    The deadline is tomorrow. They can’t do anything till after then anything else is just twitter bollocks which is why we’re supposedly looking to make a world record signing.

    The next couple weeks will be interesting.

  47. Joe


    Unless you have people already declining their tickets for next season.

    As soon as they say no, you think
    Arsenal would be on the blower trying to sell the sTs

  48. Marc


    Not how it works – You get a couple of “no reply” reminder emails and something in the post, I don’t think you can even renew over the phone. I have no idea what happens if you miss the deadline maybe they start making direct contact but there’s no “protest” way of giving up your ST other than giving it up.

  49. Dissenter

    No I know why you’re a Wenger-loving gooner.
    You’re such a soft mushy sentimental milksop gooner. It’s no wonder you can’t contemplate Arsenal after Wenger is gone.
    Like I said, Hector Bellerin can fuc* off from where he came. If he doesn’t owe the fans anything at least he ought to respect Wenger the man who covers for them with everything he’s got. His public utterances are pathetic and he should be called out not mollycoddled.
    He can leave when Barca are ready to pay a hefty fee because Arsenal dont have to sell. He’s on about 120k weekly with FIVE years left on his contract. He will have to get a hair cut and pay-reduction to go to Barca though. They cant afford his wages.

  50. Gooner63

    Manchester City have won the race to sign Alexis Sanchez from Arsenal, according to reports in Spain.

    Gerard Romero, who works for Sport as well as a radio station which covers Barcelona called Moguts pel Barça, claims that the Chile international will join Pep Guardiola’s side ‘in the coming days’.

    lol that would be so funny towards the AKBs

  51. Pierre

    “Pay me 120k a week
    And you b racist towards me whenever you want”

    Not a very intelligent thing to say is it Joe…. Those words will come back to haunt you again and again…

  52. Pierre

    Who mentioned Wenger…. Not me
    It’s yours and Joe’s obsession, not mine… I can actually discuss Arsenal without any mention of Wenger…. Can you

  53. Joe

    Not a very intelligent thing to say is it Joe…. Those words will come back to haunt you again and again

    How so muppet? You going to pay me 120k a week?

  54. Chigooner


    Calling someone a muppet doesn’t make your uninformed opinion any less uninformed. If you’re willing to degrade yourself for money that’s your business but it doesn’t take a genius to see why anyone with any self-worth would not.

  55. Marc

    If we sell Sanchez to a PL club the atmosphere at the first home match next season will make the “toxic” atmosphere from last season look like a picnic. Without some serious signings – something Wenger just won’t and even can’t anymore – and I give him till Christmas unless there’s a miracle.

  56. N5

    “Only if you are small club…”

    To be fair Red, there aren’t to many clubs bigger than Barca, so they have got quite used to bullying clubs into a sale.

  57. Danish Gooner

    The Bellerin story is just another story with no facts held to it.Listen, according to newspapers we have already signed Mpabbe,Mahrez,Bellotti etc it is just pure newspaper garbage as usual.

  58. R.S.P.C.Arsenal


    So good you said it twice …..

    Anyone recomened any shares to buy ?

    Looking to punt in that market ??

  59. Cesc Appeal


    Just for once we need to buy players based off of a system. If it is 3-4-3 or 3-4-2-1 we are going with then having Ozil and Mahrez in the same side makes no sense at all because you’ve basically guaranteed two of either your three in a 3-4-2-1 or all of your attacking middle element in a 3-4-2-1 will do next to no work which places a heavy burden on your CM’s, one of which will likely be Ramsey who frequently goes AWOL.

    We actually have to be smart if we’re to have any semblance of a decent season, obviously the title or major success is beyond us with Wenger in charge, but I mean to even keep Arsenal actually relevant in terms of the EPL’s top side landscape.

    If 3-4-2-1 is what you are going with then we need to target CM’s a better attacking midfielder and a ST. If you were asking me I would want two of Tolisso, Danilo, Fabinho or Nainggolan, for attacking midfield look at Lemar or Rabiot and then ST, realistically, one of Bellotti, Icardi or Lacazette (preference in that order). Aubameyang could be up for grabs but I think a better club than us will be in for him if so. Potentially Madrid if Mbappe wants to stay put.

  60. R.S.P.C.Arsenal


    Wenger in last chance saloon with only two bullets left …
    he has to get two class players in the areas that’s needed agreed …

    Mbappe is the lottery win , it won’t happen ….

    Not sure he will get it right

    Mahrez wont have another season like he had last year …

  61. N5

    “We’ve lost the Nigerian boy to West Ham ….”

    It must of only been us and them after him which tells you all you need to know.

  62. Cesc Appeal


    Just the idea of Mahrez, Lacazette and Ozil in a front three just looks poor to me. An ST with some question marks attached and then two lazy f**ks.

    You are better off sitting Sanchez down, giving him the wages he wants whether that is £300 000 a week or whatever and letting him in on the moves you are making at that very moment. Shipping Ozil off, bringing in an ST and then someone like Lemar, shipping out a mass of central midfield players and bringing in a couple of all rounders in there.

    If we lose Sanchez, which looks likely, that is going to be a massive blow to us. He was huge for us this year.

    And there will be something disgusting about him basically keeping Arsenal’s season respectable and saving Wenger from a mass more pressure and lambasting fans for attacking Wenger, then then fucking off himself.

    Like living in a house with housemates, one of them has a dog who shits everywhere, so you feed it eggs all day, have a go at anyone who says anything to the owner and then move out yourself because of the stink of shit.

  63. Samesong

    Yes cesc all good players but all sulkers when shit not going right for them. Always had an incline Sanchez would go city was saying it in earlier posts this year.

  64. Cesc Appeal


    I just cannot see Arsenal allowing it. Munich, sure, but a domestic ‘rival’.

    Wenger signs a new deal and a few weeks later our best player by a mile is sold to someone the planks at the club keep telling us we’re competing with. Unless they have something big lined up, I mean Mbappe levels, the fan base will go into meltdown just a few weeks into Wenger’s new deal before a ball has been kicked.

  65. Carts

    If Sanchez doesn’t sign then Wenger is powerless but to sell.

    To be honest, even if we had finished top 4 and Sanchez refused to sign, we’d still sell him.

    It’s just a case of our situation being compelled by Wenger’s incompetence after shelling out £100m last summer.

    Well Sanchez and we’d have about £30m-£40m to reinvest. We don’t sell Sanchez and he’ll leave on a free.

  66. Carts

    Looks like Ospina’s departure is imminent, alongside Wojiech. That’s around £17m raised from 2 gk’s alone.

    Then there’s Gibbs, Giroud, Bellerin, JC, Sanogo, Debuchy, Sanchez, Walcott. That’s another £100m at least!

    Add in our £150 war chest lol

  67. reality check

    HighburyLegendJune 7, 2017 14:52:48
    “If bell goes hes Just another piece of sh** that USED arsenal to build his career. ”Please don’t put TH14 in that list, thanks.

    1. Not everyone loves TH14 that much. Some of us saw players before him that became our heros. Regardless he is a legend but for me.. Vieira is a bigger legend. So don’t mention T.Henry like hes name is so special that carries the most weight with Arsenal.

    2.If your gonna give henry a pass, then leave nasri alone, leave ashley alone and dont critisize any player that left us to go win things… im cool with all of them leaving becoz wenger is a waste of space who won’t guide any team to ucl glory. So i agree with them leaving.

    3.But if you.. like so many fans, say its ok what henry did.. then dont be a hypocrite, don’t criticise Less loved players for doing the same thing.

  68. Ozrus

    ” Pay me 120k a week
    And you b racist towards me whenever you want”
    Lol vintage Joe the thick head

  69. Joe

    Of course Pierre, ozrus and chi completely miss the point.

    Since when is “you’re not fit to where the shirt ” degrading?

    And if I was a footballer making 120k a week I would laugh at the muppet calling me Patel and packy as it’s his money that’s he’s paying that making me rich living out his dream.

    It’s when some muppet on a blog thinks he’s funny or cute to make racists comments not once but 3-4 times is when I take offence.

    Anyway. Good thing you got the point chi and Pierre.

    As you were

  70. Joe

    I would be happy collecting 120k a week playing footballing i would be happy laughing all the way to bank at the louts singing and screaming songs at me.

    Would use it propel me forward

    Of course you simpletons don’t get it

  71. reality check

    When RVP left. Wenger and Arsenal gave us a bunch of nothing players.
    Yeah per can read the game.
    Yeah santi has two feet.
    Yeah giroud can hold it up and yeah podolski has a rocket left boot.. but under wenger, they were never going to take Arsenal to the League.

    Im sure some of you love this player or that player. Can bring this proof or that proof for various failures .

    I’m a simple guy. I look at a player and ask a simple question. Under our unique circumstances (Wenger Kroneke Gazidis Deadwood Lazy tactics weak mentality)
    Will this player bring Arsenal closer to the League title. Yes..or no.

    Kolasnic Y/N
    Mahrez Y/N
    Lacazette Y/N

    I’m sorry but its 3 No’s for me.

  72. Joe


    Mahrez dropped tools and lost inspiration for a manager that just led to him a league title What do you think he will so under a loser like wenger

    A free transfer left back isn’t going to win us any more points. How much better is he going to be than nacho

    Lacazette is a talent. But so we’re pods arshavin gervhino etc. Under wenger it’s pointless

  73. loyika

    @ Joe

    The point could also be that Bellerin is not wanting to leave due to Arsene as well. (as you are making it out to be)

    Point being Barca are a bigger club than Arsenal and he is their product. Same way De Gea wants to go to Real Madrid (same way Pogba would have chosen Real M over United if Real Madrid actually fronted the money before he moved from Juve)

    Anyways like with United and De Gea, Arsenal are in a strong position with Bellerin and can easily give Barca the Middle Finger if they so decide to and Bellerin will respect his contract and the decision of the club (which he has always maintained) so not seeing any story here (unless it is known we want to move hom on)

  74. loyika

    @ Joe

    What makes you think Mahez dropped tools!? Please give us the reason why he did this!? (according to you) Also did all the Leicester players share in this same “Tool dropping!” fiasco!? Why is that!?

  75. loyika


    Just a funny thought, would The Chavs agree to a move for Costa!? Now that would be funny, even if it has a “Hell’s chance” of happening of even being thought about by Arsenal as there is a lot of bad blood there between him and some of our players.

    But then again we did go for Willie Gallas (and it’s not as if he was much loved at Arsenal before the move as well)

  76. reality check

    Pep and Jose are under tremendous pressure to deliever or compete in all the major competitions so they will strengthen their teams by hook or by crook.

    Klopp is under pressure but i feel its more from the fans who need to see this isnt a false dawn and that klopps new Liverpool is the truth.

    Spurs are spurs.

    We cannot offered to take a chance, take a gamble on anyone this window.

    Europa League doesnt help but you know.. we can blame the players for that!

    Does anyone think Kroenke is witholding funds this TW too?

  77. tonyd

    With Costa being dumped by Conte, I’d be happy to have him in the squad. Get some bite up front. Probably get him for a good price.

    Anyone else like this idea?

  78. Joe


    You tell me. Struggling mightily in the league under Claudio. Mahrez playing shit and benched a few times. He leaves and they start playing well and winning.

    And now he is telling Leicester to lower their demands for him so he can leave. Just what we need. Another player wenger won’t be able to do anything with.

  79. Joe


    Why would Costa come to us? He could play for any top team in the CL. And make a truck load in China.

  80. Joe


    Why aren’t we a bigger club than we are.

    What’s has caused us to not go on to be a big club in line with the bayerns and closer to the Barca’s??


    It all comes back to wenger. Players wouldn’t be so quick to leave if we were competing and winning league titles and not losing 10-2 in the CL.


  81. tonyd

    You’re right. Same goes with the sponsors. I’ve been banging that drum for a while. Our decline does not get the sponsors banging on our doors.

    Are Ivan and Arsene still playing besties in Nice? Their strategy will be to bid below the price they know will be accepted, then say they did all they could with the potential £250million budget available.

    Mahrez and Lacazette to replace Sanches…utter nonsense. Playing both at the same time would still come up short on what Sanches delivers. I’ve said before Mahrez is a problem waiting to happen.

    Lemar, Fabinho, Costa and Sidibe for Bellerin would be a good start to the TW. Might actually make Sanches stop and think for a minute.

    There I go dreaming again………….

  82. tonyd

    So we’re 6th place and can’t win the league against Leicester at 19th or Chelsea who are one spot below us at 7th.

    This is the league Stan, Gazidis, the board and of course Wenger are most interested in.

    Forbes ‘The Business Of Soccer’ World’s Most Valuable Teams ’15-’16

    1 – Manchester United £2.86bn
    2 – Barcelona £2.82bn
    3 – Real Madrid £2.77bn
    4 – Bayern Munich £2.1bn
    5 – Manchester City £1.61bn
    6 – Arsenal £1.5bn
    7 – Chelsea £1.43bn
    8 – Liverpool £1.15bn
    9 – Juventus £976m
    10 – Tottenham Hotspur £821m
    11 – Paris Saint-Germain £652m
    12 – Borussia Dortmund £626m
    13 – AC Milan £621m
    14 – Atletico Madrid £567m
    15 – West Ham United £491m
    16 – Schalke £487m
    17 – Roma £441m
    18 – Inter Milan £416m
    19 – Leicester City £320m
    20 – Napoli £294m

    Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/football/article-4580586/Man-United-return-Forbes-football-rich-list.html#ixzz4jNDbKopL

  83. tonyd

    What’s so maddening is we have the money to buy anyone right now. Ronaldo, Costa, Mbappe, Lemar et al, so much talent around this TW.

    Often the big guns are slugging it out over a few players, but so much more talent is emerging and coming off great seasons right now.

    We have never been in the position we are now where we can spend £250+million to rebuild a team. Going big would send the right message to the sponsors and probably unite the fans in one fail swoop. Fait accompli mon amis.

    We would challenge again with players who are winners first and mentally strong who hate the idea that 4th is a trophy.

    The reason is that smaller clubs are realising players are valuable commodities; not possessions to fiercely hold on to.. Monaco has shown how perfectly it can be done. They could sell at least 5 players for top dollar netting some £250+ million in the process.

    Their scouting system is going to keep the conveyor belt churning or they wouldn’t be happy to sell the players being talked about by many clubs, and the probability is they can add more trophies in the future.

    Interesting to see if they can reach last season’s heights again with the replacements although they are sure to already have players ready to step up and take their chance on the big CL stage.

    How happy would we be to see Arsenal run like Monaco with our resources.

    The reality is that Ivan and Arsene are in Nice putting the final touches to the operation sell-season-tickets PR stunt.

    Wonder if they’ve seen this?

    “Reports have claimed Real can expect offers of £156million for the superstar from those clubs who can afford it.”


  84. Dream10

    Cavs get damn near 40 a piece from Bron and Kyrie, Draymond in foul trouble again and still can’t​ get a win. Unreal
    Durant is an offensive machine. Best scorer since early 90’s MJ

  85. Dream10


    James Rodriguez is a quality player. But we should not sign him imo. He would be more useful in a dominant side such as Real, PSG or Bayern. We need more well rounded creative players. Lemar and Dembélé on either side of Özil with a mobile target that is a good finisher would be very good.

  86. Jeff

    If Wenger drops £200m on new players this summer and still ends up only winning the Facup, I wonder what the AKBs say? Answers on a postcard please.

  87. Pierre

    “So we’re 6th place and can’t win the league against Leicester at 19th or Chelsea who are one spot below us at 7th.”

    Stupid comment really… But there you go

    Why not Say man u who are the worlds most valuable team and man city who are 5th can’t win the league against Leicester and Chelsea and they have supposedly the 2 best managers in the world…… At least we have a good excuse as we have a tactically inept manager who hasn’t got a clue how to set up a team, so they say …

    See, I can make stupid comments as well

  88. Pierre

    “If Wenger drops £200m on new players this summer and still ends up only winning the Facup, I wonder what the AKBs say? Answers on a postcard please.”

    Same with pep, klopp and Pochettino……….. and they might end up winning Er…….. Nothing again….

  89. Black Hei


    I disagree. James Rod has amazing close control, better than Lemar.

    And he is still young enough. The price is a tad high but I think he is worth it.

  90. tonyd

    Black Hei
    I see Lemar as having something else we need badly; a dead ball specialist.

    Ozil is not doing it and Lemar can only get better at what he is already skilled at. His free kicks and corners are better than any of our players can deliver.

    We won’t have Sanches for dead ball situations any more either.

  91. Wallace

    ““My relationship with the coach has been bad this season. I suppose I’ve had a bad season so I can’t go on. I’m going to be honest, the other day, Conte sent me a message saying he does not count on me for next season, so I’ll have to find a way out.

    “I love living in Madrid, but I have to think about my future. It’s complicated because I cannot go four or five months without playing. I have no preference for a league, I just want to play.”

    – Diego Costa

    apparently he doesn’t want to move to China. strange. Lukaku’s sure as hell no upgrade.

  92. N5

    I’m not being horrible as everyone has the right to whatever opinion they want, but I must say I’m stunned that there are still 1000s of Arsenal fans that believe that not only is Arsene still good enough to manage us, but that there would also be no better choice!

    He won the FA cup again which is great, but he will never again win the league IMO and certainly never put in a genuine ECL challenge. Our club is supposed to be mixing it up with the world elite! The FA cup (as nice as it was) is not that.

    Stan needs to go first and foremost, but so does Wenger. How can we all still in 2017 be arguing this?

  93. OleGunner

    Wow just reading the Snachez to Man City rumours.
    If that happens, I have no idea how Wenger and Gazidis sell that to the fans.

    It’ll be anarchy amongst the fans. The club should have the decency to at least sell abroad. I’m sickened at the thought of him at City.

    We have a deluded fan base. I’ve maintained that the AKB’s still make up the majority of Arsenal fans, probably at 60%. The amount of glee after Wenger signed was all I needed to re-affirm that.

    And strap in, this isn’t Wengers last contract by a long shot if David Ornstein is to be believed.

  94. Tonyd

    If Costa just wants to play, I’d be happy to have him. The Chelsea games would be feisty.

    He’s wake up our boys in the dressing room.

    His attitude and persona is greatly missing throughout the team except Sanches.

    Shame, they’d make a deadly duo, especially adding Lamar and Fabinho into the mix.

  95. Rhys Jaggar


    Costa at Arsenal would be great fun, especially up at Colney Creche.

    If I were signing him I would tell him to make a mark on the first day of training, preferably in the sensitive egos of the perm and hairgel brigade….like ‘if you don’t want me to call you a lazy cunt Walcott, do 2hrs skills training a day and show me you can score 66% of one-on-ones with the keeper up to Christmas’. Or how about: ‘Ramsey, you may be a talent but your perms make opponents think you are an effeminate woofter. Think a bit more carefully about how to unnerve your opponents rather than make mums picking up 8 year olds at school think what a darling you are….’ I am sure Rob Holding will stand up to him, after all…..

    Giroud or Costa? No contest, so l’Oreal will be freeing up some wages plus a fee as he will not guaranteed starting time.

  96. Pierre

    I think you will find there are not many left (very few in fact) who believe he is the best manager to take us forward….. They also believe he is not as bad as the media and protesters seem to think….
    That’s why it looks like they are supporting him but in reality they are just supporting the club.

  97. N5

    I hear what you’re saying Pierre, but I’ve heard quite a few talking about it locally and you’d of thought the lord himself had signed.

    I respected Wenger I really did, but the way he’s blamed the fans without any separation of those protesting and those not really angered me!

    He blames everyone and everything but himself! Even other managers in post match interviews that had beat arsenal have said ok what did Wenger say I did now!! And this guy is worshipped still by some.

    I hate how our club has become! Divided fans who are a laughing stock of the football world.

  98. ArseneisaFraud


    that’s why there were some on here celebrating that he had re-signed…. that there were fans who were still making a clear standing ovation to Wenger vs Stoke?

    And most importantly your own comments says it all: so you think that pep, klopp and Pochetino have been trying to win the EPL for the past 13 years??? … or your glee that we have won 5 trophies…. clearly omitting that they are only FA Cup’s and Community shields which, i am sure you would admit, don’t compare to winning the EPL or CL?

  99. Pierre

    ” or your glee that we have won 5 trophies…. clearly omitting that they are only FA Cup’s and Community shield”

    Of course I know that the community shield is regarded as worthless in this country (unlike Spain,where it is named the super cup)… Maybe you should tell mourinho and the man Utd players that it’s worthless as they seem to be celebrating winning 3 trophies this season…that was my point by including it as trophies we have won… .
    As for “only” the FA cup… I’m sure any other fans in the country would be proud of winning the FA cup at Wembley by beating the league champions…… But apparently the fa is cup is not good enough for Le grovellers because it has to be the prem or champions league..