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via @Arsenal instagram

via @Arsenal instagram

A massively short blog entry from me because I’m away in a place so remote, you have to use a satellite phone to make contact with people.

Today’s offering is the verbal sort. The podcast has Matt, Alfred and Dan discussing all things Arsenal. It’s a corker, enjoy, leave a comment, rate us with a 5* if you so desire!

See you on the other side…

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181 Responses to “The latest on M’Bappe | The Sanchez dilemma | Arsenal Opinion Awards”

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  1. Up 4 grabs now

    Theo at least scores, he’s not much better than Chamberlain, but at least he knows his way to goal.
    Chamberlain been here 5-6 years & still hasn’t reached his potential, how much longer do you wait?

    We give him a new four year deal on 100k a week and we could still be waiting in four years just like we did with Theo, and Jack, and Aaron, and diaby etc etc etc. See the pattern.

  2. Ishola70

    As for Oxlade’s crossing he may be erratic at times but the quality of some of his deliveries into the box and the importance and significance of them in matches was superior to Bellerin.

    Would agree though that Oxlade has to show more consistency but think he deserves a chance to possibly show this by being permanent right wing back.

    This is of course all reliant on Wenger continuing with his back three/five. We do not know even for sure if he is going to carry on with it to next season. If he does abandon it and it turns out he only went to it to make a last dash for the CL places then may as well forget about next season. Think it will be a real struggle if he goes back to four at the back to get top 4 if it is does not have difficulty already as it stands.

  3. TR7

    Grabs, I think the coming season will be his breakthrough season. If he disappoints again, then yes we can write him off.

  4. Emiratesstroller

    I made the case last season that when we played the formation with two centre backs + wing backs it was a recipe for disaster.

    Too often the wing backs left our defence exposed when they bombed upfield in tandem. That situation was only resolved with the introduction of three centre backs.

    When we discuss the right back position we have now got two young candidates challenging for a starting position in Bellerin and Ox-Chamb. Both
    understandably want regular football.

    My concern about losing Bellerin is not so much that he is indispensable but rather that he is a quality player and we are seeing yet again Barcelona
    coming calling with the usual tactics employed to tap him up and exert pressure through Spanish media.

    Frankly there are a long list of other players in our squad that I would prefer to lose first. Also whilst Ox could be equally effective in the position he
    is more injury prone.

    With the current impasse in negotiations with both Sanchez and Ozil the
    club needs to focus on either resolving that situation or replacing those two
    players quickly.

    Also we need to buy a top quality striker and that has to be a priority as the
    options are somewhat limited and there are an awful lot of other clubs not
    least Chelsea and Man Utd chasing after the same players.

    As far as I am concerned Arsenal should not be considering the sale of Bellerin at this moment least of all to Barcelona or Man City. It sends out the
    wrong message.

  5. Cesc Appeal

    Bellerin has enormous potential, but as of right now he is a touch overrated. Went through a lengthy poor spell this season and given the state of the market and his brand new contract I would look for £50 Million from Barcelona given that they seem desperate to sign him and he was one of the first (supposedly) Valverde signed off on.

    Really not sure though about starting the season with Oxlade as RWB and not much else to cover for him.

  6. TR7


    If we get 50M for Bellerin, we should sell him. We can buy good replacements for 20-25M and hopefully invest the remaining 20-25 M on quality midfield/attacking players. Except his pace there’s nothing really exceptional about Bellerin.

  7. Up 4 grabs now


    It would be nice, but so many Times we wait years for these players instead of getting the finished or near finished article.
    Bellerin had an average season but the two before that was excellent. If his form doesn’t improve we need to Look at it again.
    Signing Chamberlain up on another four year deal just looks like desperation again. I hope not but if Wenger carries on with three at the back, bellerin or Chamberlain are going to be spending a lot of time on the bench. 100k a week for the bench? More waste.

  8. Ishola70

    Mustafi could be cover as right wing back.

    He has shown he likes his forward forays from centre back position and he has played right back for Germany.

    The delivery into the box would go down with Mustafi as cover for right wing back but there is cover for Ox.

  9. Cesc Appeal

    Certainly should be signing a replacement for him. Squad needs to be packed full of competition. If we’ve got a weak manager, then we need bundles of competition and a fair few leaders in the squad.

  10. OleGunner


    Do you see the Sanchez and Ozil contract situation dragging through the summer and thus affecting our transfer productivity.

    I have a feeling Wenger has his excuses lined up:

    “Sanchez is away at Confederations and holiday afterwards”
    “Ozil is away on holiday, we have to wait until he’s back”

    I don’t envisage these issues being resolved early on to be quite honest, which ultimately works to those players advantage.

  11. TR7


    Why do you think with back 3,Ox sits on the bench? In fact in back 3,he is nailed on to start as a RWB. Looks like he is more comfortable there than any other position on the pitch. Bellerin probably senses it and that is why he is angling for a move away.

  12. Up 4 grabs now

    If we are selling bellerin, and playing three at the back with Chamberlain as a wing back, we may as well keep jenkinson.

    Neither are great at defending but jenkinson is a good crosser of the ball, he’s English home grown and can be a back up if Chamberlain is the preferred starter.(God help us)

  13. Emiratesstroller

    What I want to see is a settled starting eleven at Arsenal with a selection of
    high quality squad players capable of filling holes in team when required.

    Last season there was far too much rotation in the team in part because the
    squad was in my view too large and the manager wanted to keep players happy.

    The club has on its books one decent right back and that is Bellerin. Debuchy and Jenkinson are not good enough to sit on bench.

    Whilst Ox was reasonably successful in playing the wing back position in
    half a dozen or so games he is untested over an entire season and as I pointed out he is injury prone.

  14. Up 4 grabs now


    Just my opinion, but think bellerins a better defender, while Chamberlain is marginally better going forward.
    Bellerin wasn’t great most of last season, and how long did it take before Wenger finally dropped him.

    Maybe Wenger thought give Chamberlain games and he’ll sign a new contract, then put bellerin in.
    Bellerin started the cup final after all.

  15. TR7

    I hope we resolve Alexis and Ozil contract issues quickly one way or the other. Would be terrible if we dragged the whole saga entire summer and then signed a cheap replacement in the dying stages of the window.

  16. Up 4 grabs now


    Whilst Ox was reasonably successful in playing the wing back position in
    half a dozen or so games he is untested over an entire season and as I pointed out he is injury prone.

    Exactly. My point, and he was only reasonable, it’s not like he turned into Danny alves, he just had a few better than average games while a lot of players underperformed.

  17. Ishola70

    What was the opinion of Moses at Chelsea at the start of last season?

    Not much was it.

    But overall you have to say that he was a success for them at right wing back season just gone.

    No reason why Oxlade could not be the same case.

  18. Up 4 grabs now

    I think ozil,will sign, but for me Sanchez will be sold to bayern, and probably on the cheap. 35-40million.
    We’ve been here before with Nasri and cesc I’m afraid.

    As long as we go all out for two strikers to replace him,we might get away with it.
    Mahrez and lacazette will do me. Would like better but can’t see us competing with city Utd Madrid etc.
    And they all offer champions league football.

  19. Ishola70

    “Matt Spiro on Twitter – Monaco and Mbappe have agreed to not listen to any offers this summer.”

    Monaco said months ago that Mbappe would stay another season at Monaco and most importantly the player himself agrees with this.

    All this transfer talk about him this summer is just tittle tattle. Nothing in it.

  20. Up 4 grabs now


    Moses was playing In a lot better team.
    Better formation with a better manager, who actually uses tactics.
    Can’t see the same with Chamberlain and Wenger.

  21. Ishola70

    Up 4 grabs now:
    “Moses was playing In a lot better team.
    Better formation with a better manager, who actually uses tactics.
    Can’t see the same with Chamberlain and Wenger.”

    Yeah Oxlade may not turn out as big a success as Moses at RWB due to those things you mention but to write Oxlade off as untested as ES did to me is a bit of lazy thinking. I think he could do a decent job there but will admit still some nagging doubts about his consistency but think he deserves a go there permanently and see how he goes.

  22. Up 4 grabs now


    My Concern would be he’s been tried in three other positions, and not really made the positions his own.
    Now he’s a RWB, and we may not even play that way next season?
    If we don’t where does he play then? 100k a week to be on the bench again.

  23. Wallace


    “but for me Sanchez will be sold to bayern, and probably on the cheap. 35-40million.”

    why would we ever sell him on the cheap?

  24. Ishola70

    Up 4 grabs now:
    ” and we may not even play that way next season?”

    As said before if Wenger abandons his back three/five next season then we may as well all forget about it.

    Doubtful as it is whether Wenger can get this team to challenge properly. If he goes back to back 4 forget about it.

  25. Biggles

    I know basically nothing about Kolasinac. My comment about it being like signing a freebie from West Brom is because… it is.

    He might well be a great player. He might be like signing a new Sol. But if our record is anything to go by, he’s probably going to be another Chamakh. Or a Flamini. Or a Semi Ajayi (who?!).

    I did a bit of internetting, and whilst it seems he was linked with Juventus, AC Milan, Man City and Everton, he chose us. So either: 1) he isn’t actually good enough for Juve or Man City and they weren’t actually interested; or 2) we offered silly money for him when they would have viewed him as a squad player. I can totally understand him picking Arsenal over Everton, and probably over AC as well these days.

    Ultimately I feel that if we are to compete at the highest level, we need to be signing players from the highest level. If we’re signing a left back, surely we should be going after David Alaba or Marcelo (who I really don’t rate but hey, he’s just won the Champions League for the 3rd time in 4 years – I’d argue he played in the Brazil 1 – 7 Germany game) to make us stronger and our European rivals weaker. Bayern plunder German teams, Barcelona plunder Spanish teams, Juventus plunder Italian teams, Ajax plunder nurseries.

    I hope the guy rocks, I really do. But I just don’t feel enthused. I’m not rushing out to get his name on a shirt. That’s all.