Wenger rolls out more excuses as it becomes clear that big changes aren’t  coming

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A quick post from me because I am sneaking one in before bed.

I thought this was interesting from Wenger when talking about his future.

“It’s not, ‘is it me or not me,’ but not to know do I go or do I stay… The uncertainty creates a problem.”

“I must say in hindsight, today looking back at the season, my situation had an impact. I don’t know how big it was but it had an impact because of the lack of clarity.”

… the man is an absolute excuse machine. I mean, maybe the players were impacted by the absolute horror of big papa bear leaving the nest. I’m just not sure I quite buy into that narrative. What happened last season when Wenger was locked into at least one more season? I mean, we were taken down by Claudio Ranieri of all people. What happened the season before that when Jose Mourinho rolled into Chelsea and bossed the league again?

The more you listen to Wenger in the press, the more difficult it is to accept him as an elite football coach.

A lot of people were upset the other day when I said he wasn’t serious about winning, despite no one being able to offer me up any real examples of Wenger going all out to win things. So when you read that Wenger’s analysis of the season is we’re 3 players away from winning it all, and actually, it was his contract that caused the problems last year… you can see him carefully curating a marble path of smooth excuses that remove him from any sort of culpability or accountability.

It’s not even just these excuses. He’s blamed mystery incidents he won’t share with us, he’s blamed the fans, he’s blamed a once in a lifetime blip… he’s even blamed the CL on the fact that there are 4 halves in a last 16 game.

He’ll never get to the core of what the problem is. He won’t detail tactics, attitude, fitness or player quality. Why do I think that is? Because he doesn’t know what the problem is.

He’ll never tell the fans what they want to hear… that is, a vision of what the future looks like. An acceptance he’s had it horribly wrong for years. A promise to fix things.

It’s crazy.

Anyway, that’s me done for the evening. I’ll be back tomorrow with some ideas on how to fix the future.


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  1. loyika

    RIP Tiote!!

    I guess this Arsene and Ivan being in Nice together puts to rest any talk of major tensions between them (or of Ivan G resigning anytime soon)

  2. HillWood

    After 21years in charge, Le Fraud has produced the worst bunch of players I can remember. We need upgrades everywhere .
    Wenger has no idea how to solve our ongoing weaknesses because he has no idea what they are.
    He spunked £ 90 Million in the Summer and the best of the bunch cost the least.
    Wenger is a maggot at the core of the club.
    He prefers to roll out excuse after excuse rather than address the many problems at the club.
    He is a blame shifter

  3. PhD07

    TR7June 5, 2017 17:30:40
    RIP Tiote !! Shocking news. Very hard working player,remember clamoring for his signing when our team was crying for a string physical presence through the middle.
    Yes RIP C-Tiote..

    But you-TR7/Vicky are a total hypocrite..

    Honestly..Don’t worry,
    Let’s see your bodyguard Rambo Ramsey-rush to your rescue..

  4. Tomtom

    Next season will be tedious and underwhelming.
    Wenger has destroyed a large percentage of my interest in football

  5. Otto Von B.

    Bamford, disagree with you on Pickford. He’s too short and we have enough shorthouses in our team at present without adding another one at the back. A real alternative to Cech is needed to either get him to give that extra few % that make a difference each game or too displace him. The best ones sadly are in ECL teams. Most if not all coaches need to go especially GK coach

  6. Samesong

    I am completely baffled why we Perez didn’t get any game time that goal against Bournemouth was class!

  7. PhD07

    SamesongJune 5, 2017 23:21:48
    I am completely baffled why we Perez didn’t get any game time that goal against Bournemouth was class!
    Same scenario with Park-Chu-Young…

    Arsene knows..

    A bit strange,we bail on Higuain & Suarez..

    Offer up Wellbeck.Giroud and Sanogo as front forwards.To challenge the EPL &CL for 3 or more years

    Sell Henry,RVP in between..

    But talk about ambition and competing for the EPL and CL-with Wellbeck/Giroud/Sanogo(now off)-and the selling of Sanchez ( a wide forward-played as a CF) in 2017..I’m sure we had these guys from 2013/14 at the very least..


  8. Kent

    Tomorrow’s L’Équipe: there are murmurs that Arsenal are ready to put €140m on the table to get Kylian Mbappé.

  9. raptora

    Just a random thought – prime Vardy would shine in the system we finished the season in. Would have been exciting to watch that blistering speed in front. Sadly neither Wenger or Vardy knew that Arsenal would ever play this way.

  10. Bamford10


    I like Fraser Forster as well. Also Schmeichel. I only said Pickford because it seems like a consensus has grown up around hm.

  11. raptora

    Every summer I used to have faves that I wanted to see in our jersey. Agbonlahor when he was an amazing prospect with Rooney-like future ahead of him; original Ronaldo; Yaya Toure; Suarez; Benzema; Feels like there not too many likeable, special players around. Mbappe is deffo one of them.

  12. Marko

    140 million euros for Mbappe??? It’s a good un. It’d be worth it something like that happening would just have Alexander lose his shit. All those articles on Stan’s American teams would be worthless. Anyway word on the street is twiddle dumb and twiddle dee were in Nice apparently for Jean Seri.

  13. tonyd

    Interesting that we are looking at Mbappe and Lacazette. Can’t see the unthinkable happening of Wenger buying both strikers.

    Guess he’s getting ready for Sanches to leave and maybe hoping Lacazette is going to be his replacement.

    Certainly love to have both players as well as Lemar.

    Interesting what you guys were discussing yesterday.

    I don’t rate Ramsey. He had one good season and then a couple of good matches per season. Ironically he flatters to deceive in the Wales team, but doesn’t replicate that form for us.

    For me, sell Ramsey and buy Lemar or player with similar talent.

    I don’t buy into Ox improving into a world class player. I accept he’s been the utility midfield player and feel he would have benefited by having a good manager to play in one position and master it.

    Uncle Arsne has not been kind to The OX.

    Ox and Walcott are similar in that they can’t think their feet work quicker than their brains. Ox is a push and run and is a little better with his football intelligence. However, Walcott scores more goals but finds it impossible to find the killer passes at full speed.

    Both should be sold on to mid table sides who can offer them more game time and where they would be more appreciated by the fans.

    Neither are worth £100,000 per week, and it’s criminal what Walcott earns. Walcott joined us on 2006 and recently scored 100 goals in 370 appearances. That is not the acceptable goal tally from an Arsenal striker and certainly not worth the £140,000 per week.

    Because of Ox’s expected salary salary hike or Walcott’s current £140,000 verses their Arsenal stats both should go.

    Belotti seems to get mentioned a lot and reminds me of being a cross of Smithy and Hartson/Poldolski. His bulldozing spirit and style is tailor made for the Premiership.

    I wonder if Belotti would be a good attacking midfielder?

    Anyway, that’s my take on things as they stand today.

  14. tonyd

    Mbappe is what Welbeck and Walcott can only dream of being, and the kid is only 18. Game time for Mbappe will not be problem.

    Watching Mbappe, Lemar, and Lacazette’s showreels this morning made me think about what Sanches would do if we bought all 3 players?

    Also, whether Xhaka would come into his own or would the game pass him by because of his lack of pace? If he could get his link-up passing game together with these guys, the venom in their attacking play would be lethal.

    Sanches may well change his mind to stay and play with these gifted footballers. He might choose to continue to be the big fish in the small pond knowing he’ll get game time in a team that can help him realise his goals.

    I think Ozil would rediscover his German team form playing in this talent pool. It’s what he needs to be on top of his game. He’s frustrated all the time playing with one-game Ramsey and can’t-score Welbeck. He can’t exactly tell Oli to get the after burners going, can he? Watching Walcott running into blind alleys all the time must really inspire Ozil’s passing range.

    The Invincibles are my yard stick for Arsenal. They were the best team since I’ve been watching games in the mid 60s. That’s not forgetting the great individual talents we’ve had; we just never had a collection of them throughout a team.

    Sanches, Mbappe, Lacazette, and Lemar are real potential Invincible level players. Ozil and Xhaka could also step up to that level with gifted players around them.

    A word class defensive midfielder added to the above bunch and we’d challenging for trophies all the way despite having Wenger as our manager.

    It could happen. I just can’t see Wenger and Ivan going to Nice for a PR stunt to help justify their jobs.

    One thing for sure is Mabappe or Lacazette alone will not be enough to mount a serious challenge over 38 games although top 4 would stand an outside chance.

  15. gonsterous

    People sprouting bullshit that we will pay anywhere in the region of 140 pounds for a player… short memory stuff again.. i won’t believe anything till we actually have a signing.. thanx Wenger… again…

  16. freddylekgunner

    Arsenal signing a player for over 100m not to talk of beating off competition from Real madrid. The highest we can expect is Lacazette.

  17. tonyd

    Black Hei
    We’ve got Holding haven’t we? How many do we need?

    Better keep Ox and Chambers, buy Pickford and another home grown center back.

    Does this rule apply to City, Chelsea, Liverpool and United?

  18. Wallace

    I’d love for us to sign M’Bappe, but would be worried for an 18yr old kid with a 100m+ price tag around his neck.

    I think Pogba’s a beautiful player, but we’ve all seen him struggling to justify his transfer fee this season, and he’s 24.

  19. Wallace

    homegrown – Martinez, Bellerin, Holding, Chambers, Gibbs, AMN, Coquelin, Ramsey, Ox, Walcott, Iwobi, Welbeck

    of those question marks over the future’s of – Martinez, Gibbs, Coquelin, Walcott – which would still leave us with 8

  20. tonyd

    Wasn’t meaning to be overly facetious Black Hei. You know Wenger will abide by the rules. If he’s building a team to really compete, he needs players of the caliber we all been talking about.

    I’m only interested in a team that can mount a sustained challenge going toe to toe until the last game. Winning would the league be nice, too.

    Something we haven’t seen in the last 13 years, and probably for the next 2 years unless they are really going to surprise us by buying the right players in the quantity needed.

    All we can do is wait and see.

  21. TR7


    LOL I am not a hypocrite. I don’t hate Muslims. I have problems with Koran and Sharia law which subscribe to using violence to subjugate non Muslims for establishing an Islamic caliphate and giving one’s life for the holy war. I have problem with poisonous Madrasaa teachings, treatment of Muslim women, and gays, their drive to forcibly convert non Muslims and many more things. All these things have their roots in Koran and Sharia law. Even a few Imams have called for reforms in Islam. I take it you won’t call them ‘bigots’, will you? It’s funny when people criticize Christianity, Hinduism, Jews for flaws in their religion if any, they are hailed as intellectuals and broad minded but God forbid if somebody raises any fingers towards the religion of peace all hell breaks loose. This is hypocrisy, not my tribute to Tiote.

  22. Black Hei


    Here are the rules.

    1. Out of the 25 man squad you need to list down 8 home-grown.

    2. You do not need to register them if they are U21

    We have 8 regulars on our squad, we have (Walcott, Welbeck, Ox, Iwobi, Ramsey, Gibbs, Holding, Bellerin). 9 if you count Coquelin, though I think he does not qualify since he spent 2 years overseas. 10 if you include Chambers on the list and actually count him as part of the 25 man squad. Wilshire is returning but probably won’t play.

    Assuming Gibbs and Walcott leave, those are the obvious ones, we are down to 8 and we can’t go down any further since we can’t replace them.

  23. Emiratesstroller

    Black Hei

    You can add to your list of home-grown Martinez who meets home grown rules. Szczesny would also qualify, but is likely to leave this summer.

    Wenger could of course satisfy the 8 home grown rule by registering a couple
    of younger players like Maitland-Niles or Akpom.

    We are likely to need an additional goalkeeper if Szczesny and Ospina leaves.
    One option might be to bring in a Home Grown Goalkeeper such as Hart, Forster or Pickford. That will be a lot cheaper than buying an average outfield
    player at a premium price.

  24. Otto Von B.

    Fair point: sorry for the delay in responding. Forster is a good shout. BTW am I the only one who noticed that Ivan was wearing brothelcreepers on his jolly to Nice? If he wore yellow socks with them then we know he is totally beyond the pale. I guess the push to renew season tickets is well and truly on.

  25. Black Hei


    No problem “). All of us would want the best possible squad.


    You are right. I was assuming Wenger would have a 25 man squad, but I was wrong.
    We actually only have 13 non-HG regulars last season. Which means, we can fill things up with a bit more players!

  26. OleGunner

    Kolasinac is here and two mid level 20-30mil signings are all that are left.
    Emperor Wenger did say we only need two or three players, he is 33% of the way there with his incoming transfer business now.

  27. gnarleygeorge9

    kolasinac looks like the type who might like to run his hand over someone’s face, b4 they hit the ground.

  28. HighburyLegend

    “Haven’t watched much of Kolasinac, anyone have a better idea on his ability?”

    Top top qualidy world class (free) player.

    (I am now seriously to the point where I wish the worst to wenger)

  29. Emiratesstroller

    Kolasinac in his Arsenal interview says that his main attribute is “mental strength”.

    That will be a major plus if true in view of some of our performances last season.

  30. TR7

    Kolasinac was voted Bundesliga’s best left back last season. Might turn out to be a good signing. Now Gibbs out please !!

  31. David White

    “A quick post from me because I am sneaking one in before bed.” Couple of different ways to interpret that, but let’s not go there….

    Arsenal is a money printing machine for Stan. Until he’s not making his desired return on investment anymore, there will be no change in strategy.

  32. Confidential Baller

    Daily Mail may be entertaining but not based on many ‘facts’ or independent research. May be helpful to go out and do some genuine fact finding as opposed to someone’s else’s subjective rhetoric… in fact just read the book from cover to cover perhaps then you may be in a position to comment then, just saying myute

  33. freddylekgunner

    Confidential Baller
    We have many muslim players at Arsenal before without any problem. Özil is a muslim no?

  34. Dissenter

    It seems the new manager wants Hector Bellerin.
    I think he’s overrated and some long as we get a good deal he should f*ck off.
    We don’t have to sell and I believe he just renewed his contract so the ball is in Barca’s court.

  35. Jamie

    Bellerin is a decent RB, but hardly world class. The fact that he’s home-grown, still young, is rapid and has room to improve makes me want to keep him though.

    At current talent levels, he’s replaceable. His HG status and potential makes him more valuable imo.

  36. freddylekgunner

    Ha kk then… In other news Newcastle and Brighton are interested in Gibbs, sell him right now.

  37. freddylekgunner

    Dissenter and Jamie, unlike you two I’ll like to have Bellerin for another season (we don’t a better RB or WB atm).

  38. Jamie

    freddy –

    I’d keep him too, unless Barca come in with 45m+.

    35m for value, 10m for the agro of having to find a replacement, unlikely HG.

  39. WestLondonGoon

    The thing is Bellerin has a contract until 2023, but we know how this goes already, don’t we? Wenger will let him go for £25m when we should be demanding £50m as a starting point purely based on his age and future potential. He could be there for 10 seasons and still be viewed as a bargain.

  40. Uwot?

    Yep.bellerin overrated.we can do better for less.would be great to screw the barca bum bandits over again.can’t keep their grubby Catalan hands off our players & it’s killing them one of “their own” is here.should be maxing the f** k out of any deal.£40/50 million at least!

  41. reality check

    As if Mbappe solves anything…smh

    Lets look at this from Sanchez point of view.. does Mbappe and Kolasnic make you decide to stay.. do those two give you optimism that WC players are coming and winning the League is a more likely achievement?

  42. Jamie

    No need to go looking for your passport. Mbappe isn’t coming to Arsenal. These ‘reports’ of 100m bids from Wenger are hilarious.

  43. Leedsgunner

    “If we sign Mbappe I’ll quit my job and become a Thai Monk for a year …”

    If Arsene can make Özil look ordinary, Mbappe will do so before long. More often than not, players regress under Wenger than become better imo.

  44. Gooner63

    Would love Wenger to make a 100m bid knowing RM have already been rejected with a bigger bid

    Mbappe turns round and says, yh i will sign for Arsenal

    Wenger would shit himself at 100m – can see him scrabbling around trying to find a way out of it

  45. China

    Jesus I’ll always love tony Adams but he’s a sandwich short of a picnic!


    He said it was a mistake to buy ozil because wilshere can do all the same stuff.

    Errrr I don’t even fucking like ozil but what the fuck Tony lol. He has double the goals and assists of wilshere for the same number of games, it’s not even funny. And that’s beside sthe point because whilst ozil vanishes for 1/3 of the year and often chooses not to show up, wilshere is incapable of showing up for 70% of his career because he’s a total sick note

    Deary me tony lol

    Like by all means slate ozil. Let me join you. But bigging up wilshere as his equal makes me throw up a bit in my mouth. How is wilshere still riding off his form from 7 odd years ago????

  46. S.Asoa

    The Exit Line is patented.
    Both Bellerin and now Ozil giving an inkling which way they are going by pointing out where their families moved.
    So Sanchez going to force his way out to London only ?
    By the way
    Wenger bought a new Zip-Coat with stuckable feature from Nice. And Mugabe’s parents set the dogs on our puppies when they came calling this time

  47. China

    Bellerin is expendable. He’s good but not world class and his sale to Barca could more than replace him

    As for mbappe. If we sign him, we sell sanchez. That simple. Sideways step. Doesn’t move us forwards or back. Same old.

  48. China

    I’m sorry little patty I can’t understand your words.

    Isn’t it that time of day when you cultists go and sacrifice one of your kids to your messiah wenger and go in for your daily dose of crumblicking? Don’t worry I know you’ve got your worlds bestest Arsenal fan shirt on. I’m sure your messiah will force out some extra large chunks just for you as a reward

  49. loyika

    Really don’t get this!?

    Arsenal don’t try to sign a player most on Le Grove throw a hissy fit.

    Arsenal do try and sign a player most on Le Grove still throw a hissy fit.

    Arsenal “do” sign a player and still most on Le Grove throw a hissy fit!?

    Why folks can’t just get over the fact that The man is here for 2 more seasons and move on.

    You can’t slate the club for not trying to sign high caliber players and then slate them for trying to sign the same kind of players that you were slating them for not trying to sign? I mean WTF!?

    Now as to the issue on whether signing so and so player will help or make much difference? That can be left to individual opinions. Fact is, lets try and for once get our business done early (both for ins as well as outs) If Alexis doesn’t want to sign, come out and either categorically say he will see out his contract or ask Bayern or Citeh to front the cash straight up or get TF0!!

    Sell whomever you want to sell quickly and be done with it. Would be stupid if by this time next month we have not done 90% of our business with all that has gone on this season.

    Personally i would not be offering that amount of money for the Lad Mbappe, as we are not a United that can take a “Martial” hit and just brush off our shoulders.

    But if we want him, just make the bid a 140 Mil take it or leave it bid and be done with it (no point messing about haggling over stuff) if not taken, quickly move on to another target.

    Look at Citeh, no beating about the bush, just, “Aim, shot and bang – hit the target!”

  50. loyika

    @ BigPat

    Don’t bother with all the – That’s it!! I AM DONE SUPPORTIMG THIS CLUB!! Bull that most people spew!

  51. loyika

    You have to keep in mind that this is Social Media, where most paint themselves in a light that is quite separate from how they are in reality.

    It’s an avenue where folks can say anything without repercussions for their statements and get away with it (as its a medium for opinions). So wouldn’t take half of what is said seriously.

    Many make comments in the heat of the moment (actually we all do) and most do it either as “trolling” or just for Banter.

  52. Steveyg87

    “Yeah great logic on le grove selling the best young player at our club to Barca.”

    Best young talent according to who? You?

    We should be all over any bid north of 20mill for Hector. Take that money and drop a cheeky bid for Aurier. Monreal would sleep much better knowing that he wouldn’t have to face him again

  53. loyika

    Lol!! At Aurier.

    Now that would be a fun signing if it were in the offering. Would really be. He would call half our squad members as being; “Gay!”

    Would be another Willie Gallas in the dressing room and Arsene would be “shitting” his pants not knowing how each day would turn out with S Aurier in our squad.

    Doubt he would exchange the life in Paris for London though (besides we aren’t in the UCL for him to even consider)

  54. Redtruth

    Firstly Bellerin is a poor winger converted to right back.

    We should sell Bellerin as he will continue to regress under weak and wobbly Wenger..

  55. reality check

    loyikaJune 6, 2017 14:41:33
    Really don’t get this!?Arsenal don’t try to sign a player most on Le Grove throw a hissy fit.Arsenal do try and sign a player most on Le Grove still throw a hissy fit.
    Let me break it down. LeGrove want ready made WC players or Best in class young players.

    Now Mbappe would be nice.. we would applaud the signing.. but hes not the issue.. he alone is not the solution.

    Legrove didnt throw a hissy fit when we bought Ozil or Sanchez, because they were 2 WC players we wanted. Well, at the time we thought they were WC, its questionable now.

    So the real show of ambition that Legrove would like to see is the selling of deadwood. Not giving bumper salaries to guys that have been here for 4+ years and shown no improvement.. gibbs..

    Then to replace and upgrade those deadwood players.

    Think about it like this, how have Spurs got a better 1st eleven than us. How has this been allowed to happen?

    League position doesn’t lie.

  56. Steveyg87

    “6 bad months following an injury doesn’t make him expendable or a bad player. Far from it but I forgot the experts on here know best.”

    Ok, so to start off, at least you admit that he’s had a sh**ter of a season, well sorta. Just because he has pace to burn does not make him exceptional, ask Wally. Bullied off the ball easily, not able to take a man on and can’t tackle. So what you are left with is basically Theo mk2, we already have one of those. Ox pisses all over him.


  57. Bamford10

    Bellerin is not a world-beater, but his pace, attitude and technical foundation make him a very solid young fullback.

    I wouldn’t sell him, and I definitely wouldn’t sell him for anything less than 28m or so. You could get that in today’s market.

    I do think Mustafi is a better RB than CB — so he could theoretically be the starter there — but if we’re playing three CBs, then he’s needed as a CB.

  58. Bamford10


    While I wouldn’t say Wilshere could’ve done what Ozil does, I do think we needed a CF a thousand times more than we needed a CAM.

    B/T Cazorla, Ramsey and Jack, we had decent central midfield creativity, passing. What we didn’t have — because we had Giroud — was proper top quality CF play. We would’ve been better off, IMO, signing an Higuain than an Ozil.

    Higuain + Cazorla/Ramsey/Jack would’ve been better than Ozil + Giroud. IMO.

  59. TR7

    Giroud hints at #Arsenal exit: ‘Wenger is counting on me even though he hasn’t used me much… I won’t settle for such limited playing time’

  60. TR7

    If we shell out all our money on Mbappe and leave our central midfield and wing positions weak as they are currently now, I am afraid it won’t lead us to anywhere. I would rather we signed 3 quality players for 150M than put all our eggs in Mbappe basket. I am assuming we won’t be in a position to spend another 100M over and above 150M on Mbappe.

  61. goonerboy

    Cannot understand those who make outlandish claims about who Arsenal will buy- like Mbappe-.there simply is no evidence we will ever make an offer for top players.
    Wenger is regarded by the Board as an antidote to buying stars. He goes into every transfer window looking to make a profit- Wenger and the club think fans are idiots that can be openly exploited and mugged off each year with false promises- simply to generate ticket sales.