Wenger rebuild vision vastly underestimates problems… as usual

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Another post started off with condolences to the families impacted by the horrors at Borough Market. Extra personal, because that’s where my flat is. Unbelievable to think these sorts of attacks are ramping up in fashion from weak cowards influenced by the internet.

Still, Londoners are strong. Fuck the right wing media morons trying their damndest to convince you that you are scared, you are weak and that you should strive to be divided. The Sun in particular guilty of trying to break the spirit of the British and Londoners. Don’t fall for it.

Anyway, the party must go on. Wenger has been dropping transfer visions on his favourite middle eastern mouthpiece, BEIN Sports… who actually have pretty fantastic La Liga coverage.

Wenger said:

‘We will sign between a maximum of two or three players.’
‘We cannot spend as much as many other clubs because some clubs have external resources that allow them to be basically unlimited’

Wenger in his element, making excuses before he’s even ventured into the market… he went on, like a broken record. Two or three signings feels kind of light to me. When you consider that Juventus, a team that’s just won the league and made a UCL Final, have a list of 6 players, you wonder how Wenger thinks he’s going to plug 20 goals and make up 4 places in the league with three names. He then goes on…

‘We can spend money because we have managed the club well. Let’s not forget the amount of money spent is not a guarantee of success.’

‘We have to be clear what we understand as a big signing. Is [Rob] Holding a big signing for you or not?’

‘When you buy a player for – £40million, everybody will have at the start a positive judgement. When you buy him for ¬£2million, he can‚ not be good?’

‘That means a big signing is not necessarily linked with the amount of money spent.’

See, here’s the thing with rhetoric like the above. Rob Holding was a good signing, we like him, he looks to have a bucket load of talent. But no one is cursing his price tag. Also, he’s a good player based on what, 10 appearances this season? The fact that Wenger is pointing to Rob Holding as transfer success really does worry me. We should always be adding great youth players to our squad, we shouldn’t be holding up £2m gambles as the way forward in kicking into the elite.

You also have to put Rob Holding into the mix with other players Wenger has crowed about. Remember when he predicted Yaya Sanogo could be a £50m player? No one cares about the price tag. We care about bringing in players who can make a difference right away. Mahrez would be an interesting player, he was incredible for Leicester last year, but he went big time off the boil and has an Ozil-esque attitude. Arda Turan is an interesting name, a bit too close to 30 for more liking, but a disciplined right-winger who can press and defend in a drilled defensive system… also capable of dropping into midfield.

The bigger question isn’t really about names, it’s more about what Wenger is planning to do to change the way we operate as a team. How is he going to stop us getting tanked by big teams in major games. How is he going to deal with our away record against top 10 teams? How is he going to make sure the team is switched on for the full 9 months. Games like Watford and Crystal Palace were unforgivable.

The squad make up needs to be addressed. We have too many weak-minded players. We have concerns with players like Sanchez having too much power. We have issues with Ozil never being dropped. We have problems with Aaron Ramsey showing up for FA Cup finals. We have players like Chamberlain deployed across 7 positions through the year.

What is the vision for Arsenal next year?

What is our footballing philosophy moving forward?

How do we reconstruct the squad around our objectives?

I’m listening to Wenger talk at the moment and all I hear is ‘more of the same’… where is the shift in direction coming from? Because I have to tell you, you’re being taken for a ride if you think a run of form against teams that had nothing to play for is a sign of progress. It’s a big fat red herring. I also have to tell you that a cup final win tells you very little when juxtaposed against three years of decline.

Wenger doesn’t have anything to prove. He doesn’t need to change a thing. He has total power.

Just don’t fall for it, and continue to force accountability that makes him uncomfortable.

I’m on shoot for a client this week, so this might be sporadic. The boys will be dropping a podcast tomorrow though, so fear not, we’ll keep this going over the summer.

Stay safe and look out for one another. Looking forward to being in London the week after next! x

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  1. Bamford10


    Again, I’d say Lemar is more a midfielder who can play wide than he is a winger per se. But are you going to play him on the right, where Mahrez plays? I’ve only ever seen Lemar on the left. If you play him on the right, who is our wide left?

    Regardless, you see Lemar as a wide attacking player for Arsenal, it seems. What would the rest of your set-up look like?

  2. Marko

    MarkoAgain, Lemar is not a “winger”: he’s a midfielder who can play wide or centrally. And Arda Turan would give us three times the energy Ozil gives us, so I’m not sure what your point is. He played for Atletico ffs. Anyways, I wasn’t calling for that set-up; I was just saying it wouldn’t be a terrible window if it played out that way.

    Arda Turan energy? Not these days at 30 years old. Luxury player we don’t need. Also you did in fact have an illustration of a set up with Lemar alongside a new DM. It’s no big deal Bam you can be wrong once in a while

  3. TallestTiz

    Bamford10 June 4, 2017 18:28:51
    Again, I’d say Lemar is more a midfielder who can play wide than he is a winger per se. But are you going to play him on the right, where Mahrez plays? I’ve only ever seen Lemar on the left. If you play him on the right, who is our wide left?
    Regardless, you see Lemar as a wide attacking player for Arsenal, it seems. What would the rest of your set-up look like?

    Like a wengerball team…

  4. Cesc Appeal

    What did anyone expect?

    If Wenger signed on it means that he was given promises nothing would change. Wenger is a stubborn, shameless, old egotist. There is no way that he would accept any diluting of his power or any loosening of his grip on every aspect of the club. No chance.

    Don’t act shocked by more of the same. He has stared down the fans, the CEO, members of the board, like a little bitch undercut them all with a one to one with the owner and got his contract his way.

    Arsenal belongs to Wenger and Kroenke.

  5. Bamford10


    I saw Turan play a little bit this season and he seemed to have plenty of energy. Looked more energetic than Ozil ever has, I’ll tell you that much.

    Not a big deal. I wasn’t calling for those signings per se; I was just saying it wouldn’t be the end of the world.

  6. Joe

    I mean seriously you guys are so bitter you don’t be happy until your team wins both league and champs league.

    Do one

    That’s bollcoks and the problem
    With you wenger apologists. It’s spin spin spin.

    No one wants to win. We want to compete. Moving to a nice big new stadium was meant to
    Do for us and
    Which wenger hasn’t done
    In 13 years. Making top 3 money of managers. Is that worth the return. Should he not be winning us leagues and Cls. Should he not have us challenging.

    and what? You don’t want to win the league or CL. You want us to be 20
    Points back
    And a laughing stock in CL ?

    If not
    And you are happy why not support a Portsmouth or a Wigan. Why support a supposed top
    Elite club WHO SHOULD BE CHALLENGING every year for top honours

  7. Marko

    But now you’re going to play him on the right, where Mahrez plays? I’ve only ever seen Lemar on the left. So you have Lemar as a wide attacking player for Arsenal? What does the rest of your set-up look like?

    Again I’d have

    Lemar’s on the left. Pointless argument with Wenger in charge. But I absolutely wouldn’t sign Lemar and play him beside a DM at the base of midfield and I wouldn’t touch Arda Turan

  8. Joe

    Not in the last 2 years I haven’t. Because he hasn’t played more than a minuteAre you judging him
    How he played 3 years ago before he signed for Barca?Hope not because that means nothing for how he will play now. 3 years older In a much faster, much more physical leagueKeep laughing though. You probably thought Perez signing was a masterclass too LOL

  9. Cesc Appeal

    Got to say Lemar seems more to me a LM or RM who can come into the centre when the game demands.

    Like Marko says, if you were thinking a 3-4-3 or 3-4-2-1 then we need to make our CM options more effective, looking at Tolisso, Danilo, Nainggolan, Fabinho types for the two slots to be all round, high tempo players, then you would have Lemar, a new ST and Sanchez in attack.

    Looks as if Kolasinac and Bellerin will be wing backs, three of Kozz, Mustafi, Gabriel or Holding as CBs.

  10. Joe

    Happy to win the ta cups I meant. Are you at least happy we won something over nothing?

    Do one

    Hard to be happy and enjoy with the looming gloomy news of wenger signing on a day later for 2 years

    I’ve said I’m
    Happy for the players and it was a great performance.

    Well deserved win for the players

  11. Bamford10

    Thomas Lemar is an interesting player, an excellent player. I will admit, Marko, that after watching 10 minutes of his highlights,I can now see why you regard him as a winger. Except that if you watch the below, you’ll see that he receives the ball in central spaces just as often as he does in wide spaces.

    A very versatile player.

    Perhaps he does make more sense, though, as a wide player for us than as a CM. I’ll concede that I maybe got that wrong.

  12. Marko

    I saw Turan play a little bit this season and he seemed to have plenty of energy. Looked more energetic than Ozil ever has, I’ll tell you that much.

    He was probably trying to impress to get more game time. I guarantee you if he signed for Arsenal under Arsene Wenger he’d be a lazy shit in no time. And we’d struggle to get rid of him. To be fair I don’t think we’re in for him in the slightest. What’s likely is we know who we’re targeting this summer and it’s likely underwhelming af. Even though Belotti and Icardi are absolutely attainable this summer and make sense

  13. Bamford10


    OK, I like a lot of those midfielders. But who is the most creative/attacking of those? If we use Madrid as template, who is the Modric?

  14. Marko

    No harm done Bam. But again I must stress with the regime we have in charge we’re more likely to go for Mahrez who I don’t rate and let Lemar go to someone like Spurs who are interested. That’s the kind of thing we do. We go for the likes of Gervinho instead of Hazard. Hazard 5 years at Chelsea there recently. Oh what might have been. Definitely would of won a league title. No doubt

  15. Joe

    Bam. Marko

    Wenger said he is re-signing jack
    Ox and Ramsey

    Which one of his Babies does he drop to
    Sign a new MF? Remember Ozil still
    Here. Xhaka.

  16. Redtruth

    The only thing that matters is coming first not second, third or fourth….
    Winning a devalued FA Cup is simply not good enough and unacceptable…

  17. Marko

    Who’s the more Modric like? I dunno but I absolutely wouldn’t turn my nose up to any of Gorestska/Tolisso/Tielemens (gone I know)/Tigueros of Villarreal. Dahoud’s gone to Dortmund. All are upgrades on Ramsey and Wilshere and Coquelin for sure. Cyprien and Seri too are coming off great campaigns for high flying Nice

  18. Joe

    RedtruthJune 4, 2017 18:53:42
    The only thing that matters is coming first not second, third or fourth….
    Winning a devalued FA Cup is simply not good enough and unacceptable…

    100% correct. Esp for an elite team

  19. Steve

    Your comments at the beginning of your blog are so wrong, the left are so naïve. This is not the 30’s-60’s, probably only 30% of people living in London are now Londoners, the city has already been destroyed since the late 60’s. I should know I used to be one of them, born and bred there in the 50’s. This country is on the way to hell in a handcart, both May and Corbyn haven’t a clue what to do. Extreme measures are required, only a couple of parties would have the guts to carry them out.

  20. Bamford10


    As I say, I like all of those midfielders. I wouldn’t turn my nose up at any of them either.

  21. shad

    I remember touting Icardi sometime back here and was almost slaughtered as his pace was ranked slightly quicker than tortoise turd. He would be an excellent signing, pity that Wenger would coach the movement and instinct out of him and probably relegate him to a Left back for all his tactical nous.

    2 or 3 players addition would make sense if we had a gaffer of Allegri or Tuchel or Ancelloti’s tactical acumen. Wenger will keep polishing turds and slapping on them figures from his ass as he yet again fumbles through another year of epic implosion and failure. Can’t see him even getting his consolation fa cup..not with the Spursday night fixture congestion and his lack of rotation.

  22. Marko

    By extreme measures what exactly do you mean? Honestly just curious. I never have the opportunity to fully understand someone like you.

  23. Cesc Appeal

    Anyone well versed on Serie A who knows about Keita Balde Diao? Seems an interesting player who is flying under the radar, 16 goals in 21 appearances with 3 assists for Lazio.

    Only 22.

  24. Redtruth

    The solution is simple.
    Stop inteferring in foreign countries something Corbyn.is in favour of.

    The second point is Muslims are allowed to thrive and spill bile because the UK is a secular and atheist country.

  25. WengerEagle


    Quality, would sign in a heartbeat.

    Caught fire towards the end of the season, he’s surprisingly been around for an age despite being just 22, 134 apps for Lazio already, but this has been his breakout season.

  26. Marko

    CA I’ve always thought him Kingsley Coman like. But apparently Juve are sniffing around him. Slowly turning into Bayern over there. Any half decent prospect is automatically linked with Juve

  27. Do one gambon


    I’m not an arsene.Wenger apologist. Labeling me as such just proves you don’t read properly.

    I am a rational human being though.

    Supporting any club unless its true elite means you’ll have more lean times than good. So I choose to enjoy the good we do get.

    And I’m arsenal through family supporting connections since you asked.
    And pre Wenger.

    You? What reason are arsenal blessed to have you as a fan?

  28. Marko

    The solution is simple.
    Stop inteferring in foreign countries something Corbyn.is in favour of

    The second point is Muslims are allowed to thrive and spill bile because the UK is a secular and atheist country.

    You got me on the first part. The second part eh no. Atheist country? I’ve always had the feeling that your a religious nut red but it’s that kind of stuff that fucks up everything. I mean let’s be honest your religion isn’t more important or special or believable than theirs. And that’s the point. Imo

  29. Cesc Appeal

    WE Marko

    Only just really sort of caught wind of him.

    Some interesting options kicking around Europe to build a squad. Such a shame Arsenal voted for dullness and stagnation.

    In terms of big time ST buys Aubameyang, Belotti and Icardi are all likely attainable this summer, Mbappe as well. But you know full well we will be hearing about the quality options we have and how it is not easy to find players ‘available’ who offer ‘value’ and are better quality than what we currently have.

  30. Redtruth

    Do one gambon

    You are a plonker because Arsenal are not maximising their chances for success..Therefore they do not deserve fans support..

  31. Bamford10


    I, too, am curious about a couple of the things you said, especially this:

    “only 30% of the people living in London now are Londoners”

    Wait, so how long does one need to have lived in London, IYO, to be “a Londoner”?

    Are there certain beliefs or values one must hold, IYO, to be “a Londoner”?

    Must one be white and/or Christian to be “a Londoner”?

    Genuinely curious

  32. WengerEagle

    Lazio have a few players I’d be very interested in.

    Felipe Anderson another one and watch out for their young Serbian CM Milinkovic-Savic [22], guy’s a gem.

  33. Cesc Appeal


    Don’t bring up Savic! I remember his name cropping up after our Munich mauling when Allegri had allegedly put him on a list of players he had forwarded to the Arsenal hierarchy for this coming season.

    Times of deluded hope back then. Before the shameless, egotistical, decrepit reality bit.

  34. Marko

    Felipe Anderson another one and watch out for their young Serbian CM Milinkovic-Savic [22], guy’s a gem.

    Yep. DeVrij’s not bad either

  35. Joe

    Do one

    I’ve played football since I was 5. And it was the English league shown
    Here every weekend. I remember watching the greatest night in
    Arsenal’s history at anfield in 89
    On tv. My first live match was 98 season.
    V united

    No idea why but I always chose Arsenal.

    Didn’t chose Arsenal
    Because they were elite

    But we make all the noises that we should be elite
    Moved to A new stadium to Be elite
    Pay our manager 8.5-10m to be elite
    Charge highest prices to be elite

    So we should be challenging every Season. And doing all we can to do so.

    We don’t. Winning fa cup doesn’t change that

    That’s the problem. We Are not
    Challenging. Fans Would have been A lot happier if We were Close 4 out every 5 seasons in the CL And PL. Challenging into May for the league. 1/4 and 1/2 finals and finals. Of CL. Atletico and
    Juve has made the last 4 finals. Dortmund.

    Winning the fa cup does not take the disappointment away of the last decade of league and CL.

    We aren’t Portsmouth or Wigan
    Or hull or CP

    We are The Arsenal.

    It’s not glory hunting. It’s trying
    To be at a level we should be at.

    And wining fa cups is not it

  36. Redtruth


    I wouldn’t be wasting my time on this blog if i was a practicing Christian

    A secular society is ideal breeding ground for Muslims to flourish…

  37. Do one gambon


    I actually agree with you on all points there.

    Nice origin story too.

    However I’m still not going to concede to cup doesn’t mean anything at all. I’m happy we won them in spitenof everything else.

  38. Joe

    Do one

    Funny I chose Arsenal because my London
    Based cousin who we would see almost every summer is a spuddie. Think
    I would have chosen Spurs because of him

  39. Marko

    You are ignorant because you are coming from a worldly point of view.

    No I’m ignorant cause I’m Irish. Look it’s all bollox anyway we end up as worm food anyway. My point is the kind of ideas and thinking that hardline dumbshits from the right have won’t work in the long run. It’s counter productive. It’s the kind of thinking that will inevitably lead us in future decades to think holy fuck we just made things so much worse and we can’t go back

  40. Do one gambon


    You addressed me, not the other way round. Now kindly fuck off you waste of oxygen and resources.


    Even though were in the state were in, I bet you’re still glad you didn’t follow that cousin of yours!
    You made the right choice.

  41. Emiratesstroller


    Stop doing your usual and being a WUM.

    It is bad enough that we are being subjected to a spate of terrorist attacks causing multiple death and destruction.

    We do not need your so-called “profound political statements” as to who is to blame. The only people who are to blame are the terrorists and no-one else.

  42. jwl

    I was working at pub between Holborn and Covent Garden in 1996 when IRA dude blew himself up on bus near Aldwych. Felt floor shake, went down cellar to see if barrels had fallen over, went back up and we could hear police/ ambulance sirens.

    While we standing around wondering what was happening, my mid 40s East End boss told us story about how he was near terrorist attack in Germany in 1975 while on holidays with his parents.

    For past fifty years, young Europeans have been terrorizing their own societies and now Muslims are joining in death and mayhem.

  43. Rhys Jaggar


    There is no need to practice any religion to lay down the law to Muslims.

    It is enough to say: ‘it does not matter what religion you follow, or whether you follow none. If you go around killing UK citizens using suicide bombers or other death-causing activities, you have no religion or values worth one penny.’

    Of course you will be in a stronger position saying that if you are not overthrowing governments in the Middle East, you are not kissing the arse of Saudi Arabian funders of terror to sell them billions of arms and you do not meekly spout inaccurate bollocks about Russia just because ignorant idiotic American Establishments are grandstanding in that way for pretty obvious ulterior motives.

    Of course, extremist muslim nutters will still do their worst, but no-one will be able to say that the British got what was coming to them if a stand were taken starting on June 9th. I shared a house with a highly educated middle eastern doctor years ago who had family members murdered by extremists in Algeria in the 1990s. So I have no illusions that muslim nutcases only kill westerners. They kill anyone who gets in the way of their mad aims.

    However, taking a stand first is better than the situation under Gauleiter Blair, who saw 100,000+ Arabs as acceptable collateral damage when securing his personal fortune through unquestioning support for false intelligence in 2002….not the least of which was the ludicrous assertion that Saddam Hussein and Osama bin Laden were best buddies…..and not the least of the consequences of which are lasting- and widespread genetic damage caused by depleted uranium, the effects of which still manifest themselves in newborn babies nearly 15 years later…..

  44. Emiratesstroller


    There are two dips hits who post on Le Grove and they are you and PhD007.

    Both are arrogant and smarmy and believe that they are superior to the rest of
    the plebs who post here.

    Neither knows fuck all about football or most probably life in general. Both are
    in my assessment born losers who have probably never done a proper job in their life.

    Above all whilst many posters want to get rid of Wenger the vast majority actually support the club and wish it well.

    Both of you seem to hate the club and wish it ill.

    That is frankly why both of you should be banned from posting here.

  45. TR7


    If Arsene Wenger blamed fans for not winning the league for 13 years it would be weird, right??

    Blaming right wingers instead of the real perpetrators because they call Jehadis out is 100 times more weird. When Jehadis kill people they don’t ask beforehand whether you are right wing or left wing. They kill indiscriminately. So stop being an apologist for them.

    Besides, they couldn’t care less what kind of signals media/people in general send out in the aftermath of an attack. All this virtue signaling, coerced moral equivalence is meaningless in the grand scheme of things. It’s an undeclared war.

  46. Tomtom

    It’s very hard to see how these attacks can ever be stopped.
    The IRA campaign was in some way different as they generally did not set out to indiscriminately kill innocent people and had a genuine set of political demands in place.
    The Islamic campaign that we see now has no real set of demands or apparent goals apart from kill as many people as possible.

  47. G

    ‘ Not in the last 2 years ” so Joe you haven’t seen him play in the last 2 years so wtf are you on about.. and what the fuck has the perez signing got to do with anything

  48. gambon

    As ive said, NOTHING has changed at Arsenal.

    All that bollocks last week from Gazidis & Wenger was just an embarrassing justification for keeping the lonely old man on,

    I think everyone now accepts its gonna be another predictable transfer window, and predictable season.

    Using Rob Holding as an example of a big signing is a fucking embarrassment. Decent squad player at present, but if Holding plays 40 games next season we wont be anywhere near the PL.

    In fact, put a team of 11 Rob Hoding level players out there and we will finish in the bottom half of the table.

    I would guess we are going to:

    – Lose Sanchez
    – Sign 3 very underwhelming players
    – Keep all our dross
    – Be utterly unprepared for the first game
    – Finish 4th or 5th next season

    Then rinse & repeat again.

  49. Pedro

    Clear up a few things here:

    1. I’m not left wing
    2. I worked in factories up and down the country for half my career, really tough calling me a champagne anything
    3. I didn’t blame right wing media, I said they’re awful cunts for trying to divide us

    Let’s keep it to football, regardless of what I put at the start of the post.

  50. loyika

    I think you guys are a bit harsh on Pedders and might have taken his comments out of context.

    Having lived and studied in the UK and now working with in “Aid Sector” and having emergency/conflict assignment experience across Africa I can understand how this feels especially having stayed in countries where terrorist acts are now a normal way of life and stuff that just happens.

    Despite any one stand against the Government, Tessy May got one thing right – “Enough is Enough!!” – regardless of religious leaning, Islam, Christian, Buddha, Hindu or Atheist, people in the UK and Europe as a whole need to stand up and take control of the situations in their individual countries before it gets out of hand.

    The Muslim community in the UK have a duty and obligation to self police themselves and tackle the radicals in their midst, (They need to get real and get their heads out of the stand) it has to start from them or else when the “Pandora Box” gets open and groups like the EDL and UKIP gain traction, it will be a free for all and i doubt they would like the racism that will slowly roll up into boiling point where it will get out of hand.

    In this age of SM and all, tolerance is becoming less and less of a trait as we live in a generation where everyone wants instant success and recognition and many people are feeling alienated and left behind.

    Like we say in the Aid Sector, “There are no easy answers, but we push ahead nonetheless”

    Eitherways, everyone should just be safe and vigilant where ever each one of you live/resides on this planet we call earth.

  51. loyika

    Oh!! Apologies, was typing and didn’t read your comments before posting.

    Anyways on to footie.

    @ Joe

    One can only imagine how your life would have been if you had decided to be a Spuddie? Lolz!! Just think, this would have been the only season you were happy in 10 years + (and even with that, you would have still ended the season “Pot less!”

  52. Tomtom


    Who would have questioned Wenger on the possibility of things going to shit?
    Can’t imagine that was discussed and it would certainly not have been mentioned by Wenger, the man is too arrogant to even consider the possibility.

  53. loyika

    @ Pedro!?

    Give it up Bro.

    Arsene will see out his 2 years, You know this, I know this, Arsene and the Arsenal BoD know this.

    The sooner we get over the fact he has signed on, move on to other things and then we can hope for the 2 years to go by quickly.

  54. Joe


    Spurs arent a top
    Elite club nor do they pretend to

    We are in every aspect except the football because of the shite manager

    There is the difference

  55. Joe


    My point is no one has seen
    Him play in 2 years at Barca because he’s barely played. He made 14(4 of which weee off the bench) la liga appearances this season. And 4(1 start) CL appearances.

    And the season before he wasn’t even allowed to play until jan.

    So do tell me how much you’ve seen him


  56. Joe


    The problem is wenger’s definition of shit compared to ours

    Already said he was 1 point off his objective this season and has already said he can’t compete financially with others. So to him coming 5th-6th may seem successful

  57. Joe


    Agree with all
    Of your post bar the 4th place finish

    We will not finish 4th again while wenger is here

    It used to be we will
    Never win the title again under wenger

    Now it’s we will never win the top 4 trophy again under wenger

  58. Thanos

    Bamford is right about LeMar he is all left foot there is no way he plays on the right.he is a left sided cm for me he can play in our front 3 easy

  59. loyika

    @ Joe would you want to bet on that? Liverpool didn’t have UCL or any major tourney apart from the EPL to deal with and only managed to scrap through with one point ahead of us. We don’t know how Spurs will deal with playing all home games across all comps at Wembley.

    So if you think it will be easy for every team then you really are basing your arguments on sentiments alone. We have only dropped out once in 20 years and all of a sudden we can’t be in it again? JEEZ!! I am more with you in terms of winning the EPL ever again, but i think you should wait to see who has made a signing before declaring who will end up where.

    Poch will be under immense pressure to win something next season with this team (even if it’s the League or FAC) and so with Klopp.

    Conte will want to retain the EPL and do well in the UCL and Pep has to win something as well.

    I think Arsene and Jose are the only managers who might have an easier pass from their individual BoDs in-terms of KPIs, even though Jose will push himself regardless as is his nature.

    What i will say is next season will be even more harder for the top 6/7 teams (i reluctantly put Everton there, especially if Lukaku goes)

  60. Samir

    How much do you think Monaco would want for Lemar?
    £30M? Considering they let Bernardo Silva go for £43M?

    I actually still can’t believe Spurs paid 30M for Sissoko

  61. loyika

    Right now only Citeh are looking serious in terms of activity in the Transfer market.

    I see Hazard is flashing some leg Zidane’s way, so Chelsea might be waiting to see what happens with him and Costa before dipping in.

  62. PhD07

    EmiratesstrollerJune 4, 2017 20:25:24

    Both are arrogant and smarmy and believe that they are superior to the rest of
    the plebs who post here.
    Coming from the guy,that has been telling us for the last five years on here,who Arsene should buy/who he should sell..What he believes would happen..

    Only for Arsene to defy and defecate in your every orifice x 100..

    And yet,you still hand your money over,hand over fist, to be used and abused like a lamb to the slaughter..

  63. loyika

    @ PHD

    Are you giving Emstroller money or buying his tickets!? Just wondering why you are bothered about the way he spends his dosh and on what!?

    @ Red

    Never said it was. Was just replying Joe’s point on it.

  64. PhD07

    EmiratesstrollerJune 4, 2017 20:25:24
    Above all whilst many posters want to get rid of Wenger the vast majority actually support the club and wish it well.

    So you say..

    Is that so…??

    I would say,the vast majority on here would like Arsene gone.Subsequently seeing a progression of some sorts-as in replaced with a far better,ambitious and competent manager.

    That said-a removal of the owner would suffice,with an owner far more ambitious in his objectives and a clean sweep of the BoD.

    So yes,in the grand scheme of things we want the best for Arsenal and certainly wish it well.

    Just not under the current regime..

    Not hard to fathom..

    If that makes me smarmy and arrogant according to you-so be it..

  65. PhD07

    loyikaJune 4, 2017 22:52:35
    @ PHDAre you giving Emstroller money or buying his tickets!? Just wondering why you are bothered about the way he spends his dosh and on what!?
    Not giving a lecture…
    He ventures on here,for at least the last five years pissing and moaning about the status quo.Saying he wants Arsene out..

    Arsene subsequently signs extended contracts..(5 years in total since 2014)

    Emirates Stroller threatens to withdraw his support.But on the proviso,certain conditions are met..By requesting answers,via a letter from the club,how they are going to address his concerns.

    -Player recruitment

    We’ve seen this nonsensical malady played out,like a broken record-time and time again.

    Why piss and moan,year after year,when the facts present themselves in your face?

    Either deal with the scenario,or shut the f**k up and move on..

    Pure and simple..

  66. London gunner

    There are some great muslim people, but that’s despite the religion not because of it.

    Just like christians. Some super ethical great Christian dudes as well, im gathering all the American posters are religious, but if you are good guys it’s not because of your religion it’s just because you are good people. I can’t respect religion because it’s corrupt and sleazy as politicians.

    Now a religion like Islam is full of contradictions some good stuff but a lot of ape shit crazy behead the infidel shit as well , I’ve been raised in north London I went to a school where 50 percent where either Pakistani or Bangladeshi Muslims, great guys at first but I’ve seen that faith corrupt and turn them into women abusers and homophobic it’s a shame.

    I’ve been raised in Finsbury Park, I had a hate preacher whose been convicted off terrorist charges and basically a mosque/cell/ terrorist training school a few corners away from my house. I’ve heard of too many of my fellow Londoners being killed in the name of this religion.

    I’m sick and tired of this shit. Yes Blair is a cunttt yes he is a war criminal but we didn’t actively target women and children.

    If these Islamic terrorists want war attack the police or army (not saying I approve) but at the very least don’t target the vulnerable and innocent.

  67. Emiratesstroller


    I don’t want to communicate in any form whatsoever, but for the record I have NOT been posting on Le Grove for 5 years.

    I do not retreat what I have said about either RT and yourself.

    Anyone who reads your posts and the persistent put downs of other people
    with whom you dislike or disagree reinforces entirely who you are.

  68. PhD07

    EmiratesstrollerJune 5, 2017 00:01:01

    Anyone who reads your posts and the persistent put downs of other people
    with whom you dislike or disagree reinforces entirely who you are.
    In your case,anyone that disagrees with you ,is put into several categories:-

    1) Being a genuine supporter(must have lineage/generations of support)
    2) Affordability(Income class..-Waitrose customer- I certainly am)
    3)Education(Possess a degree-Preferably Masters and above) & have a superb command of the English language.
    5)Be a conformist to the status quo..

    Sorry to say- Sir Emirates Stroller,I unfortunately meet the top four of one’s criteria..
    And I’m certainly not a conformist..


    And I bid you farewell..

    Night-Sir Emirates Stroller..

  69. PhD07

    London gunnerJune 4, 2017 23:26:34
    I honestly don’t know where to begin with your post..

    It is sad in so many ways..

    I honestly don’t know where to start from.

    But knowledge is the start,followed by knowing the distinction between culture and religion.

    And then understanding why the lines are blurred..
    But to look at the bigger picture..

    We in the western world are chasing finite resources-to what ends?
    Given an ever increasing population,competing with other super power nations for diminishing finite natural resources.

    Natural resources that can be found in far flung countries.
    If the regime permits-we supply them foreign aid..

    If they don’t acquiesce, we request regime change,under the disguise of “A Hitler in the Making”..

    The Tory Government went and signed a 100 million pound fighter deal with Saudi Arabia…

    For what?

    What the hell- are Saudi Arabia,protecting in the global war on terror?
    And what was Theresa’s May response when questioned..”Protecting the British Defence Industry”

    Dude-work out the dynamics..

    It’s not hard to connect the dots..

  70. reality check

    Think about this..

    13 years no League.. in 7 years itll be 20 years no Premier league title.

    Now take away 2 years because Wenger will definitely not win the league during his 2 year contract.

    So we have 5

    Now for those of you with kids, you know how quickly 5 years can pass.

    This is what the Squad was 5 years ago on date:
    25th July 2012

    25th July 2012

    17 ALEX SONG
    31 RYO

    Scary stuff…

    So 5 years isn’t that long. So whats my point.

    In 5 Arsenal years time, it will be 20 YEARS since we won the league…


  71. keef petrovic

    Good point reality check, terrible squad – I suspect it could beat the current one

    We have reached the top of the rollercoaster and it is going to get quite scary from now on. Unfortunately the downhill ride will go on for a few years yet. 7th-10th place for next 2-4 years (depending how long W stays and how long to clear up the mess) – or much longer if Kroenke lets him stay on. So fucking depressing.

  72. Adam A. Carbarundum

    What’s the saying, Pedro? Meet the new boss…Same as the old boss!

    It’s going to be a comedic season coming up.

  73. Follow the money

    It’s all so horribly boring. I knew he wouldn’t leave. I knew he wouldn’t change. I knew he wouldn’t use all the resources at his disposal to try and win. He’s still on his egotistical trip to win “the right way.” I can’t stand this turd and his perverse ideas about sport.

  74. reality check

    keef petrovicJune 5, 2017 02:27:40

    It probably could beat the new squad.

    Which solidifies the point. We’re getting worse which moves us further away from ever winning the league in the near future.

    Wenger just completed a 3 year deal. The last one. Now were entering a new 2 year deal.

    That’ll be 5 years gone! No league…

    5 more, and its an epidemic.

  75. tonyd

    Had reservations about Mahrez’s mindset affecting his form for some time. Seems he thinks Leicester owes him something.

    Do we really want a player like this?

    I think he’s going to be a problem when things aren’t going his way, and this might just put Wenger off.

    “Take Riyad Mahrez. He announced last week that he was ‘fiercely ambitious’ and has informed Leicester it is time to move on. His problem is that Leicester value him at over £40million.

    They signalled this by agreeing to pay him £100,000 a week after winning the league. Yet reports say that Mahrez thinks his good service, plus a bargain price on arrival, means Leicester should drop their demands.”

    Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/football/article-4571380/Mahrez-s-plea-cut-run-just-cheap-shot.html#ixzz4j5p4wOR1

  76. T

    whatever arsene does he isnt gonna do enough for us to win the league. That much we know from experience.. sure if he hits gold with 2 new players or so he might get back to top4 but winning the league is out of his reach…

    If he really wanted to go for gold he should be looking for something sort of the following things:

    1) keep playing with 3-4-3 as it suits his current squad way better than 4-4-2 and it is more balanced for the current times compared to 10 or 20 years ago..

    2) he should be looking to move on the following players as they have either never demostrated world class quality or are known to be unreliable or at worst both (having world class players like cazorla and mertesacker for example around is allways beneficial even if they have been injured a lot lately compared to having a healthy average guy who can never carry a team on their shoulders)

    – chambers
    – debuchy
    – gibbs
    – gabriel
    – jenkinson
    – willshire
    – campbell
    – akpom
    – sanogo
    – wellbeck

    most of these guys have never been able to take solid place in the first team for the obvious reason of not being good enough and then there are cases like wellbeck that… having a striker who cant score.. is just a bit pointless 😀 I wont even start with willshire and his inability to stay healthy or defend…


    Look to acquire 2 or 3 world class players to make the team BETTER and not bigger

    – a strong and fast centre forward that is a genuine threat in any game.. aubameyang and Mbappe are classical wenger type centreforward who could carry the team to mayor trophies. dont care if the club would have to pay 100 million £ for one. it would be well worth it in the long run both financially and sporting wise.
    – a new left back to ease the burden of monreal who is a fantastic defender but has been run to ground in the past 3 years
    – if a centre midfielder of cazorlas calibre or higher becomes available he should be taken in no matter the cost
    – the club should also look to bring in a sol/per type destroyer to the backline because the BFG wont last forever and having the option of starting one on a rainy day at northern england on november is allways as great a thing as being able to throw a Giroud into the opposition box when you just need a pure battering ram who can score a goal here and there.


    promote a few new yougsters to train and live with the first team in place of the players leaving to see if one of them can make the step up like bellerin and iwobi have done in the past couple seasons.

  77. S.Asoa

    London Gunner
    Firstly you are a very nice person and consistent in that.
    Your observations on religions is correct.
    One mistake Blair and Rambo Bush made was dismantling Sadam regime which was a bulkwall against the extremists who are crawling all over ,financed by protection money if the sheiks. The mistake Sadam made was annexing Kuwait. I don’t however recall if he became sorry for it, but the rest was calling a dog mad and shooting it. Am not saying he was not a human rights abuser. But he served a purpose and was an establishment quantity that could be contained unlike the bushfire going on.
    Finally every community has a duty to the society they live in and derive sustenance from to contain the criminals in their midst . Damn it they can never be able to live and work their nefarious trade without protection by annoymity from community.

  78. S.Asoa

    Support Pedro
    The signs and noises and signing rumours are like we heard over so many years. Wenger has made the Management dishonest like himself so they can peddle lies without any tinge of conscience.
    The struggle to WENGER OUT should be a sustained operation until Le Merde walks off. One year before, so much the better.
    Wenger knows that fans in place are goody-goody guys he can comfortably shit on for ever and ever , amen.