Wenger: The manager who isn’t really focused on winning

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It’s tough coming back to write every day when you’ve been so utterly beaten by a rigged system designed in the mind of a man who sees sporting entities through the filter of a property portfolio.

Arsenal announced the new deal for Wenger yesterday. Bluster, repetition, no sign of any real change.

The embarrassing video of Ivan Gazidis talking about Wenger being the ‘best candidate’ in the world, despite the mountain of evidence that would suggest otherwise.

Stan K putting out a press release carefully penned by someone within the club. No substance behind it. Just a big fat middle finger to the fans at the club.

Wenger speaking about his love for the club, his dedication and a patronising message to the fans to get behind his dictatorship.

“We are entering an exciting period. We have a strong squad, financial stability and huge support. We have gone through fantastic periods and also periods where we have had to stick together. Every time when that togetherness was tested I got the right response. Hopefully we can make some more history. I am sure we can.”

David Ornstein dropped this little pearler about how the deal went down.

“Wenger and club owner Stan Kroenke met on Monday to determine the Frenchman’s future, with the decision relayed to directors at a Tuesday board meeting.”

This whole line basically says, as we’ve suspected for years, that the clubs structure is merely for show. Like a sham election in a country run by an authoritarian leader. The board are merely ornaments on the table to show that we have ‘class and heritage’, the CEO is a puppet there to just ensure the money keeps rolling through the door. The real power, as I’ve said on here many times, lies with a manager who has a direct line to the owner of the club.

Wenger, for all his perceived class, morality and intelligence is just a mob boss towering over the family business. His respect for the institution doesn’t really exist. He has respect for his own self-preservation. Think about it, he’s bypassed the foundations of the football club designed to control a would be king, he’s glossed over his feeble performance on the field, he’s completely ignored that he is no longer held in the high esteem with the majority of fans, and he’s taken advantage of an owner who has zero interest in winning trophies by serving him just enough to keep him in a job.

I say this with an absolutely straight face here: Wenger is not interested in winning elite trophies

Wenger is Stan Kroenke.

Stan Kroenke wants to see his asset appreciate without investing in it.

Arsene Wenger wants to see his longevity and power preserved firstly, and secondly, he wants to see his gang survive.

For Wenger to survive, he has to keep the money rolling in. He can’t rock the boat. He can’t really shoot for the stars, because by doing that, he’d put himself in the firing line.

Wenger needs to deliver just enough to survive with Stan. As long as he’s not costing him money, he’ll always be in a job. He absolutely know this.

You really think Wenger is interested in winning? Where is the evidence to support it?

We have basically the same backroom structure we’ve had for twenty years. Per Mertesacker says we did a lot of video analysis for the Chelsea match, and we’ve been doing it all year. That’s an innovation that was in the works for Sam Allardyce when he was at Bolton.

Look at the rest of them. Steve Rowley, a relic in scouting terms, hasn’t developed his approach in years. Look at the Dortmund squad. Look at the youth they’re pulling through. Look at Monaco. Look at Juventus. What exactly is our strategy? How can Wenger, a manager who reckons he watches football 24/7, not be asking questions of our scouting network when he sees what those teams are bringing in?

Look at how tactically fluid Jardim and Allegri are. Look at how disciplined Chelsea have been this season. Look at how Pochettino can change a system on a sixpence, during a game or before it, and win. If Wenger wanted to win, would he not be baking this into his approach? Would he not be curious about why he gets tanked so often? Don’t give me the, ‘well he beat Chelsea’, because it’s true, but I’m rather inclined, based on evidence (one away win against at top 10 team this year), to think that this was a one off… versus a come to Jesus moment at the end of the season. Wenger is tied in now, he has nothing to prove for another year, we’ll be back on his train of consistent regressive thinking in the hope he can defy logic and win like he did in the old days.

My final issue comes with the squad. Wenger thinks we’re one or two players away from dominance, which is his way of making you think it’s a squad issue, not an incompetence issue. However you chop it, we do have a very good squad, but there are major questions over their motivation. Now, under a Klopp or a Simeone, you’d see a different output. But here’s the thing, the squad gave up when it mattered last season. It’s undeniable. What makes anyone think that Wenger is going to be able to get 9months of focus next season out of a team that will be Sanchezless… and pretty much the same?

Wenger keeps the squad weak, because it means he is the almighty power at the club. I also heard that when Wenger switched up to a flat back three, he didn’t really understand how to make it work, that was down to the players. Back to the squad, Wenger would not have won that FA Cup with Kos at the back, I’m convinced that the leadership and communication of Per made that happen. A masterclass. So how is Wenger going to address leadership without investing in the big characters he’s had a severe aversion to since he dismantled our invincibles squad?

Also, one final point, Arsenal had a manager lined up. Don’t worry about that. Do you really think we’d not prepare for all eventualities? Don’t be ridiculous. All this absolutely nonsensical, ‘we weren’t ready to move Wenger on’ chat is beyond the pale bullshit. An experienced manager would come in and made things happen straight away. Wenger is a dominant figure, but you’d be surprised with what people can do when they’re freed of the shackles of an overbearing boss. Empower talented people, and watch them go. The narrative that the club would be paralysed without Wenger is embarrassing and plays into his fake narrative… and it’s always repeated by people who don’t have a fucking clue about how business organisations work.

Anyway, that’s my rant over.

Wenger signing on is as close to purgatory as I’ll come in this world. I’m depressed, frustrated, and bored to tears. Worst thing is, unless he kicks the bucket, there’s pretty much zero chance this will be his last deal. He wants to drop in the trenches, so we could be having the conversation for another 10 years.

Utterly depressing we sold out to someone who doesn’t care for sport. Utterly depressing Wenger will be sat in that dugout making things worse for the next five years.

See you in the comments.

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  1. Marko

    How could anyone think we’re okay defensively. 10 goals conceded against Bayern. We have this atrocious knack for sometimes conceding right after conceding like in the spurs game where we conceded two in about a minute and a half. And that’s a recurring theme for us over the years. We lack leadership and consistency at the back. Have for years. Maybe the fact we never really spend big on the area has something to do with it. 10 million for Per and Koscielny, 13 million for Gabriel. 35 million for Mustafi is about it.

  2. Black Mirror

    r.e. big club… 4th biggest in UK? even in market cap terms that’s bollox.. . let alone trophies and history

  3. Carts


    Cristiano using Utd as a stepping stone is a bit bollocks. he won everything at Utd, was sold for a WR fee and he’s only just won his second domestic title and on the verge of his second CL winners medal.

    Mbappe…well yeah, so he signs for Arsenal with a lot of hype. There’s nothing to suggest we’ll make top 4 next season let alone mount a real challenge.

    An 18 year old up top isn’t going to sort us out.

  4. Cesc Appeal


    I think we’re ‘okay’ defensively, but that is it, only okay and okay most of the time. As you say we have a habit defensively of going to pieces but then so does the whole team.

    The problem for me is, and Pedro picked up on it, Mertesacker is the only leader we have at the back. I thought Mustafi was going to be when he first arrived but the only talking he does is incessant bitching and whining to the referee.

    We need a big, experienced, leader type to play at CB with Mustafi and Kozz with Holding getting some game time as well occasionally. That would be my four.

    With Wenger staying, it is basically imperative we add leaders to the side, particularly one at CB and one at CDM/CM to be an on field general. The paradox is, whilst Wenger staying makes that more of a necessity, Wenger staying makes it less likely.

  5. Rambo Ramsey

    Only Stan Kroenke would reject the chance to sign Allegri and title busted flush Wenger as the best man for the job.

    Satan indeed. Arsenal really have the worst owner among all the World’s top clubs.

  6. Marko

    were you one of those who knew the league was won when Chelsea brought Luiz back from PSG?

    I actually don’t know what you’re trying to say here. Wallace I’m very surprised at you I thought you were smarter than this mate. Absolutely no way is our defence good enough to “get by”. The stats say otherwise and our league standing says otherwise. In the league we conceded 49 ish goals while Spurs in second had about 27/29. It’s absolutely an area we need to improve on and assuming under this manager and these coaches that we just will is stupid to say the least. We don’t do defence

  7. Cesc Appeal


    I am convinced in the wake of Munich and all the questions facing Allegri about taking over from Wenger and the noises he was making about ‘we will see’, I am convinced we could have got him if we had offered him Wenger’s wages and £150 Million to spend, a big say in changing the backroom set up and the chance to tear up the squad with a new DoF.

    Those sorts of projects get football men excited, managers, players whoever.

  8. Ishola70

    tbf if there is continued work on this back three/five system the goals against can improve and you don’t even have to have all worldies in defensive positions for that to happen, The system in itself can help in that regard.

    Worrying to see Wenger though in his victory speech after the sealing of his new contract stating that Arsenal will continue to play football which they are renowned for. What would that be then? Naivety? No team responsibility defensively? Not enough focus on the opposition?

  9. R.S.P.C.Arsenal


    Don’t believe what Wenger says …

    It’s a shit to bluff the world the he saw the talent before anyone else …

  10. Cesc Appeal


    It is all bollocks to continue crafting this narrative about the Arsenal way and our values and class so that half the fan base think we had no option but to fail, to succeed we would need to sully all that is good about us.

    It is total bullshit and just gives Wenger and the club a pass to be lazy and avoid big changes and big expectation and accountability.

    It is like asking a friend ‘why did you not go up and talk to that girl at the bar?’ Well, I’m too much of a gentlemen really, she has had a drink and I have too much class. Bull, it is because you are terrified of failure and rejection.

  11. Ishola70

    It’s a get-out clause for them CA this values talk for when they come short.

    Just like the self sustaining model.

  12. Cesc Appeal



    Just a lazy device to cover for incompetency but because it is sentimentally driven (like most things at the club) many fans swallow it, as if it makes us better than everyone else and it is yet another make believe award.

  13. HighburyLegend

    “Don’t believe what Wenger says …”
    Wallace still have hope that wenga tells the truth lol

  14. N5

    Cesc, agreed mate. Juve have come a hell of a long way.

    They gone from being known as the Ultra Nazi supported club to being a role model. Plenty of teams could learn from their on field and off field behaviour.

    I’m with you mate, I’ll be cheering on Juve. I’d love to see them get one over Real.

  15. Wallace


    “Maybe you should specify Wallace. Defensively we’re okay but for what? A title challenge? Top 4?”

    Morgan, Huth, Cahill, Luiz….are these elite defenders, or are they just playing in a system that affords them better protection?

    spend bigger you say…Mangala? Otamendi?

  16. Wallace

    Conte still wins the league with our defence. Guardiola puts in a much stronger challenge with our squad…

  17. Ishola70

    Guardiola was on about the problems of bringing through youth players into the first team at Manchester City. Think it was tweeted by Pedro.

    He correctly stated that youth players in Spain and Germany play in more competitive leagues in B sides where they are not just against opponents of their own age group but older players in the second or third tiers in these countries.

    But he forgot about Italy. Italy doesn’t have this in place much like England. There are no really negative vibes about Italian football atm like there has been with English players/football for years.

    He should just really admit that he is at a big club with lots of money who are in a hurry to win big trophies and the nurturing of younger players into first team action is a luxury and extravagance they cannot afford. He keeps saying the quality is there in these Man City youth/academy teams. He is just being polite. If there was real quality there he wouldn’t have had to pay out for a youngster like Gabriel Jesus from Brazilian football. He shows with his signings that he wants to have younger players in his first team. Problem is there are none that exist already at this present time in the Man City ranks.

  18. Carts

    So if Ozil sign this mooted £280k p/w deal, and Sanchez leaves, we’ll have a wage bill that says one of the most limited players ever is earning more than twice as much as the next guy in the squad LOL

    Well played, Wenger. Well played.

  19. Marko

    Conte still wins the league with our defence. Guardiola puts in a much stronger challenge with our squad…

    Agree but since Arsene is unfortunately still here and doesn’t do defence we need to improve on players

  20. PhD07

    EmiratesstrollerJune 2, 2017 08:36:05
    Phd07Once again you return to Le Grove and in your usual arrogant way talk people
    down who you either don’t like or show disrespect to.The facts are that almost every post on this website revolves around the club management.It would make a change to move forward and review how the team/squad needs to be changed for next season and that is precisely what I tried to do.Unlike you I am a season ticket holder and spend my money at the club. Whatever I think about the way that the club is run at the end of the day I am
    a supporter of Arsenal and want to see the club produce a good team and play
    decent football.I highlighted post the FA Cup Final that the team can and does perform well from time to time but does not manage to sustain a performance throughout the season. That is in part because we have a “long tail” in the squad, which is
    simply not good enough or is injury prone.I don’t consider that I am deluded in suggesting that we need a smaller but better quality squad. After all both Chelsea and Spurs operated this season with a much smaller number of players than us.The key difference is that most of their players kept their form and fitness.Personally I don’t think that it is controversial suggesting that we offload 10
    players this summer and replacing them with 5 better quality, less injury prone and hungrier players.

    Again,I reiterate the very fact,that given your long winded daily missives..Everything you have suggested,that ought to be done,enacted,driven through over the last five years has failed to pass..

    Therefore,you are deluded to think that there will be major structural changes..Your chosen players bought/sold..Squad culled,injury issues addressed,etc,etc..

    Have any of these issues been largely addressed over the last 5-6 years?

    Arsene has just been given another two year contract by Satan Stan..
    Dropped out of top 4(CL),finished 18 points behind the EPL Champions.
    Kept the dross on inflated wages for well on nigh a decade..e.g..(Walcott,Ramsey,Gibbs,Wilshere)..

    Do you honestly think he pays any attention to you and your fantasy thoughts as a “life long supporter,” in your own words..?

    He is handsomely paid 10 million pounds per year..

    You pay him for your deluded suggestions and indirect support -how much per year -2000k-6000k(dependent upon how many tickets you own and other expenses incurred on match day annually)

    In fact -do you think the club, as an entity-pays any attention to what suggestions/ideas you might bring to the table as a peasant fan?

    Now tell me,who is the deluded and misguided one?

    Arsene and his acolytes-that rake in millions of pounds per year?

    Or you-that rakes out thousands of pounds per year-pumping one’s chest out and proclaiming to all and sundry that you are a true supporter?

    You do the maths first?
    And then the logic-if you can reason with yourself?


  21. WengerEagle

    Liverpool sniffing around Salah off Roma with a 28 million pound bid already been rejected according to Sky, quality player but a bit weird considering they’ve already got Coutinho, Firmino, Mane and Lallana for the wide positions, maybe Coutinho leaves?

  22. Carts

    Ozil’s new deal is a mixture of desperation and a canard.

    To the neutral, Ozil signing-on infers Wenger has got big plans. lol.

    Far from it, in reality. Wenger is going to continue with his disjointed approach to our squad.

    £100m isn’t going to change anything, as the biggest problem is Wenger’s lack of vision.

  23. PhD07

    And on a different note-what really irks me,is the supposed values Arsene,Lazidis,et al speak about..

    What values that are so enshrined in AFC-are not visible,or transparent to AFC fans..

    All I hear is values..Well the Arsenal of old,was about being the Bank of England,doing things in a classy way..

    Roll forward a few decades,the values are no longer expounded upon..

  24. Emiratesstroller


    Talk about calling the kettle black. You have just written a long winded missive which is longer than what you criticise and to add to it you have repeated verbatim what I wrote as well.

    For the record Arsenal have reduced substantially the season ticket prices as I
    wrote last week. So you are as usual pontificating about something you know nothing about.

  25. Samesong


    Well considering Mane got injured they suffered on the wings Lalllana offers something different.

    Salat is decent squad player to have.

  26. Guns of Hackney

    With the British Lions at the heart of our club’s core and the German Eagle, Ozil…we can’t fail.

    Every time I think of our glorious leader, screaming at Bould and flapping his muscular arms, I start quivering in awe.

    Our players. Our heroes.

  27. S.Asoa

    SATAN KROENKE go back to Hell and stay there enjoying your filthy lucre . Only virtue is loyalty to Wenger who facilitated his foothold in AFC by conning the Lady out of her block of shares .

  28. PhD07

    Values such as..

    -Lack of transparency(secrecy,lies,manipulation)
    -Prudence(Money hoarding,greed,self interest,inflated contracts)
    -Accountability(for every loss blame it on all and sundry,referees,injuries,fans)
    -Ambition(Top 4,now top 5 and a FAC as a bonus)
    -Unity(We lie,you pay through the arse)..

    These are the values I understand..

    What values do you think they espouse?

  29. PhD07

    EmiratesstrollerJune 2, 2017 13:00:21
    PhD007Talk about calling the kettle black. You have just written a long winded missive which is longer than what you criticise and to add to it you have repeated verbatim what I wrote as well.For the record Arsenal have reduced substantially the season ticket prices as I
    wrote last week. So you are as usual pontificating about something you know nothing about.

    So,you would be happy to pay premium prices for Europa league matches?

  30. PhD07

    In case you didn’t get the last message,why would Arsenal charge the same price ,now that they are out of the CL?

  31. WengerEagle


    Ozil has it good here, can see why he’d resign.

    While we’re not an elite club like a Real Madrid, we’re a pretty highly regarded club in the realm of Europe, certainly top 15 in stature and when you add to that we’re on paper successful in the Cup, there isn’t huge fan pressure as there is in elite clubs, we’re one that suits Ozil’s performance level.

    Then add to this we’re based in London, one of the most desirable places on the planet to live, the BPL’s financial muscle means he’ll get paid more here than anywhere else remotely competitive and he gets to be apart of AW’s hippy commune whereby titles and being a threat in European competition take a back burner to being a great domestic Cup team and winning in the league when there’s no pressure on us which are what are celebrated at this club.

  32. WengerEagle


    Salah is legit, guy would be a starter for Liverpool no question, suspect they’d play Firmino CF and Salah opposite of Mane with Coutinho operating as the CAM, Lallana likely the versatile squad option.

    Just surprised given how woeful their defence has been for years now, it’s clearly their Achilles’ heel.

  33. Carts


    I fucking rate Salah, highly. Was flummoxed when Chelsea sold him. No bants. His pace is mad!

    If Roma finished 3rd, I think they would’ve accepted that bid…cos chances are they’d have flopped their CL qualifier game, as they did last year.

    However, I think Liverpool are being smart here. Their squad just about held on to top 4 with that depleted back line.

    For the most part their bench was trash, and I think Sturridge is off; rumour has it Barcelona might lodge a bid for Coutinho…

  34. HighburyLegend

    Ozil’s new contract is due to the fact that wenga wonka knows (best as usual) that he won’t be able to keep sanchez.
    Better keep one “top player” (big words, I know) than zero.

  35. Guns of Hackney

    I can’t wait to see next seasons wage bill. Holy moly!

    New improved, long term contracts for


    I guess everyone. For sure, we will be well through the £200m barrier.

    Not to mention Chairman Wengers cheeky £10m.

    But no CL??? Where will that money come from? Sucker fans, calling all sucker fans!!!

  36. N5

    WE, Arsenal are a great club for burned out previously elite players to come and run down their years at.

    As you said, good money, good location, no pressure, no expectation. Why would you leave if you A) Didn’t have the desire to win and B) a professional attitude.

    Ozil does just enough to guarantee himself a position in the national squad and he doesn’t get the fan pressure locally he would at a bigger club.

    The thing that bothers me the most, is that people still sing the Ozil song with no irony during the matches he doesn’t turn up.

    Better than Zidane is one of the line, BETTER THAN ZINDANE!!! ha, Ozil is not fit to lace Zidanes boots!!

    That all said, remember I was one of his biggest defenders on here!! my god how wrong was I and how much egg is on my face!!

  37. Carts


    re: Ozil

    I agree. He’s got it too cushty. He’s just had Wenger over a barrel.

    I expect ramsey to be knocking at the door asking for a bump as well.


  38. arsene's used sock


    “It wasn’t always this way, many on here still had faith in Wenger, till he went a whole summer without recruiting a single outfield player. If you think about it, that was a while back and nothing has changed. As scary as it sounds, we are waiting on the AKB’s to turn on their messiah”

    I had faith in arsene for that season, it’s a big statement for a manager to sign no outfield players and as such I expected his team as he envisioned it to succeed

    they didn’t though and so it became apparent that arsene had to leave after such mismanagement

    he is the manager, he completely mismanaged a season, that is sackable

    the fact we’re getting news of him getting a new contract again when that happened two (2) contract extensions ago is simply disgusting

    at this point I would like to know what the expectations of kroenke are, are we supposed to win the league, challenge for the title of finish in europe?
    if it’s the latter then I can understand why he keeps getting new contracts, if it’s any of the former two I have to ask why we haven’t gotten a new manager in already

    wenger had his turn without the stadium debt hanging over his transfer budget, he failed multiple times even when the league was there for the taking

    move him on ffs, let the old man go and get in either a spritely young manager with ideas or ancelloti and his brilliance

  39. N5

    Legend, you are spot on. Wonga knows that Alexis is off and is all ready in most supporters bad books, so losing Ozil too wouldn’t go down well at all.

    He’ll keep him and pay well over the odds and it’ll be to purely save face.

  40. WengerEagle


    He’s a superb player, much more rounded after his years in Italy too, gone from just a top dribbler/finisher to being Roma’s primary creative force. At Chelsea he was raw even if he impressed off the bench, agree it was strange that they sold him for relatively cheap though, suppose decision has been justified mind in that they’ve won 2 out of 3 league titles without him.

    See that’s what would make sense to me, I can definitely picture Coutinho in a Barcelona jersey even if I don’t think he’s quite at THAT level personally due to inconsistency. But fuck me, he’s a vast improvement on what they have in midfield right now, excluding Iniesta who I refuse to disrespect given what a class act he still is.

    There is that tasty Neymar connection though.

  41. N5

    Carts, you’re bang on mate. I imagine there will be a domino effect of players asking for rises if Ozil is now worth 270k P/W or whatever it is he’s being offered.

    Rambo, love or hate him has been with us forever, since leaving Cardiff and arguably contributes more than Ozil ever does. (not referring to assists).

  42. PhD07

    Emirates Stroller

    In case you didn’t get the memo-before you hit me with the “I’ve been a lifelong supporter tag”….I’ve really got no time to invest in indulging you with your thoughts/suggestions/notions/ideas about how the club should move forward.And who is a genuine supporter.

    As it’s a redundant case.Pointless,time wasting and serves no purpose..

    We’ve seen the script under the current regime played out over a decade.

    If you still feel the need to write to Satan Stan,wanting/requesting your concerns addressed..?

    Well,I wish you all the best.I’d say good luck buddy..

    Me,personally I’d find another past time.Another hobby..But to each their own..

    On that note,I’ll leave you a post (below)from a blogger who has supported Arsenal for nigh on 40 years and has withdrawn his support..

    What will you say in light of this-“Not a genuine supporter?”

    For your info,my father was a supporter of Arsenal.Used to take me to the games.Followed that up with the move to the Emirates.
    And to add to that,I was fortunate enough to not only watch Arsenal at Highbury and meet with the players such as Rocastle,Michael Thomas.Tony Adams etc,etc.But as a junior used to get invited to play tennis in the indoor centre..

    Just thought -that might help shape your thoughts in the grand scheme of things..So bring on the bile as you were..




    After approximately 40 years, my association with Arsenal Football Club is suspended indefinitely. The club is no longer worth my time or my energy, even to complain about.

    Arsenal FC has been taken hostage by a bunch of leeches only interested in lining their own pockets at Arsenal fans’ expense. Kroenke, Gazidis, Wenger and the rest of the board are all incompetent, fraudulent scum.

    If you’re Wenger Out, my advice is to stop financially supporting Arsenal and find something else to do with your free time. Life’s too short to be angry all the time.

    The comments section is now closed. This website may or may not remain in place, but is now non-operational. Personal messages can be sent to arsenaltruth@live.com.

    My genuine thanks to everyone that has supported Arsenal Truth over the past 8 years. You are the TRUE fans.

    May 30, 2017 | Registered CommenterArsenal Truth

  43. N5

    BigPat, I think you’d be hard pushed to find a team in Italy that isn’t corrupt. You only have to see the way some of the supporters have turned up at grounds to bully managers into dropping players etc.

    Juve are not good boys by any stretch of the imagination. But my memory of the league was Inter Milan ruling it and I’d not paid much attention since and the league has changed so much since those days.

    They’ve done some great business and played some great football.

  44. WengerEagle


    He’s literally the antithesis of ZZ isn’t he? The ultimate big game performer vs the ultimate big game wimp/shirker.

    Just off the top of my head with ZZ you have the World Cup Final brace, the UCL Final winner which was as memorable as they come, THAT penalty which is the only time in Gigi Buffon’s career I remember him looking silly in the 2006 Final when he was an old man [oh yeah and after he embarrassed an in their prime Brazilian side with Ronaldinho, Kaka, Ronaldo, Adriano, etc]. The brace vs England in Euro 2004 QF that included a clutch FK and PK. Or how about the World Cup SF penalty winner vs Portugal.

    That’s just off the top of my head and I didn’t even watch ZZ live before the 2000’s due to my age.

    With Ozil, I’m struggling to find any of those kind of moments in crunch games. Even on Saturday with the game already won he managed to fuck up sealing it towards the end with a simple 6 yard finish after doing well to initially crate the opportunity to put his name on the Cup Final’s goalscorer list.

    Forget about even mentality for a second, Ozil even technique wise isn’t fit to lick ZZ’s boots.

  45. arsene's used sock

    this quote from arsenal truth is spot on, I was considering withdrawing my support of this club but I just couldn’t do it

    kudos to the man for doing what I simply cannot, I want to see this team win big things again

  46. N5

    WE, the only one I can think of for Ozil is his performance against us in the WC which has become his version of Jack Wilshire vs Barca.

  47. PhD07

    But my memory of the league was Inter Milan ruling it and I’d not paid much attention since and the league has changed so much since those days.

    Are you sure?

    Don’t you mean AC Milan ruling it???

    Juve have history for sure..But AC Milan surely were the dominant club in the 90’s..??

    Correct me,if I am wrong??

  48. N5

    Sorry PHD, you’re right I did mean AC I’m not sure why I wrote Inter. I went to Sorrento wearing an AC Milan shirt and got so much abuse you’d think that would have been enough for me to remember it right.

  49. arsene's used sock

    ozil is all technique with no guile

    nice on the eye but he’s not going to lead anyone to anything, he’s great as your third best player in an 11 though

  50. N5

    For those of you that do follow the Italian league. Was there ever a time when Roma dominated? I seem to remember them being quite a force when Batistuta played for them?

  51. PhD07

    Zizou is my guy.. 🙂

    Loved that guy when he played.Used to literally cry,watching that guy in action..

    Ozil certainly can’t lace ZZ boots,but there is a touch and elegance about him,that certainly brings back some memories of ZZ..

    In the same vein of breath,that you have supporters clamouring for Ramsey,Kos,Wellbeck or whatever to be given extended contracts..

    I’m more than happy to see Ozil-being given an extended contract..

    I know-I know…

    Despite,Ozil’s evident deficiencies,I still like him.I appreciate his understated qualities.

    Anyway,we all have our weakness.Let me indulge mine please.
    Ozil and Sanchez are the current bright spots of the team..

    Everything else for me,is just dark and gloomy..

  52. WengerEagle

    Juventus’ recruitment this past half dozen years has been enviable whatever way you attempt to deflect it with cries of corruption/domination of Serie A. As N5 rightly says, Inter Milan were the powerful force in Italy in the 5 years post the match fixing scandal with by far the strongest team and players.

    They’ve bought world class players galore for cheap and sold them for a huge profit.

    Pogba- 1 million. Sold for 105 million.
    Tevez- 8 million.
    Pirlo- Free.
    Vidal- 10 million. Sold for 40 million.
    Bonucci- 12 million.
    Lichtsteiner- 10 million.
    Evra- 1 million.
    Khedira- Free.
    Dybala- 30 million.
    Mandzukic- 20 million.
    Alex Sandro- 22 million.
    Cuadrado- loan.

    Dani Alves- Free.
    Benatia- 3 million.
    Pjanic- 30 million.
    Higuain- 85 million.
    Pjaca- 20 million.

    They’ve picked up quality vets for free/cheap in Pirlo, Alves, Khedira, Evra, Benatia, and until this summer have spent peanuts on players.

  53. Carts


    Shit will hit the fan.

    What further compels it is the fact that due to Wenger’s shit recruitment policy with mediocre players.

    We have an abundance of average players picking up solid wages, who’ll likely drag their heels to leave.

    See Jenkinson.

    But yeah, sucks to be Wenger right now. LOLOLOL

  54. Emiratesstroller


    Having criticised my posts for being longwinded you don’t half do a bad job at it yourself.

    I know that you don’t go to the Arsenal. You have told us that fact 100x, although I doubt it is because of any principle but rather because you cannot afford it.

    Some people like myself choose to support the club and as is our right spend our hard earned money on the small luxuries of life including turning up at
    Emirates with our friends and family.

    I don’t need the likes of you and RT telling me what I should be doing.

  55. WengerEagle

    Ancelotti’s Milan never dominated Serie A the way they should have.

    Incredibly won just 1 league title in his time there, in 2004. Bizarre really given the memory of how dominant they were in the UCL from 2002-2007.

    Was Juventus’ league throughout the early noughties and Inter Milan reigned outright supreme following Juve’s relegation in ’06 to which Juve have picked up where they left off in 2012- now.

    Think Batistuta helped them win Totti’s only league title in 2001, N5. Scored 20 odd in the league.

  56. N5

    Carts, how much is Jenkinson on?

    Wenger never learns does he! You think Squid would have been a lesson well learned but nope!!

  57. WengerEagle

    ION, Sampaoli leaves Sevilla to take over Argentina.

    I’d say Messi right now is delighted, Samp plays exactly the kind of football that he loves.

    It’s his last chance at winning the WC in his prime so promises to be a barnburner.

  58. N5

    Thanks Eagle.

    My god though son, where do you keep all this football knowledge? you’ve defo taking Romfords crown

  59. Carts


    fair point. Wouldn’t be surprised if Chelsea have a sell on clause in there somewhere. Generally an indication of this is the high price tag.

    He’d be a fine recruitment for Liverpool. If we lost Ox, I’d gladly go for Salah.

    That list of Juventus signing is mad. There’s not a fucking player in there we couldn’t have gone for at that time.

    Like I said couple week back…even as far back as 2011 when we made close to £70m for Nasri, Cesc and Clichy that was an opportunity to reinvest that money in like for like players.

    CC reckons, it’s all hindsight though lol. Yeah cos Arteta and Benayoun/Ox were adequate replacements for Nasri and Cesc.

  60. WengerEagle


    Ha just a lover of the game, prob follow it closer than I should and Arsenal not as closely as I should be it is what it is these past few years.

    Only have time for the UFC outside of footy lately, catching the NBA Play-offs though, always worth a look.

  61. PhD07

    N5June 2, 2017 13:36:16
    For those of you that do follow the Italian league. Was there ever a time when Roma dominated? I seem to remember them being quite a force when Batistuta played for them?
    They were more of three times a bridesmaid,never the bride..Won a few cups,a few scudettos..Had a few good players like Bastituta,Cafu, Aldair and Montella.

    But to be fair,my only real memory of them was Totti(player) and their former manager’s Spalleti(during his first reign-2005-2009) & Capello(1999-2004).And their entanglement with Manure in the CL..

    Probably the derby with Lazio,I used to watch with relish.Especially when Gazza went to Lazio.Do you remember the 90’s -Channel 4 show-Sundays Italian football?

    A blast from the past-do you remember Paul Ince playing for Inter Milan(having been sold by SAF-Manure to Inter Milan)..He did well..

  62. Pierre

    This 10-2 result against bayern that Le grovellers keep bringing up is getting a little tedious isn’t it…..

    55 minutes on the clock in the 2nd leg… Arsenal 1-0 up and playing pretty well, the better side and creating chances …. What happens next… Lewandowski offside, not given, kosielny touches lewandowski (who remember was offside) , penalty, next red card for kosielny for supposedly fouling lewandowski (who remember was offside)….. A triple whammy from the officials…

    So, from that moment on, arsenal have a decision to make… Do we park the bus for the remainder of the game or try and reduce the deficit…. The latter was chosen… Hence, conceding 5 goals..

    For certain arsenal would not have won the tie even without the mistakes by the officials.. We were still 5-2 down on aggregate but we could possibly have made it closer (which, I know, is still not good enough) but for Le grovellers to keep regurgitating the same crap just makes you look desperate….

  63. N5

    Fucking hell, How does a man that replaces Nasri and Cesc with Arteta and Ox still have a job? and not just that but get paid the third highest wage in football management?

  64. WengerEagle


    LOL, doesn’t look great does it?

    When we bought that list of jokers [excluding Mert who has proved his value] Juventus brought in Vidal, Pirlo, Pogba, Lichtsteiner and Bonucci for dirt cheap.

    All bought for fees less than we’re spunking on the Welbeck’s/Chambers/Gabriel’s of this world now.

    What was his famous quote again? About convincing people we’re still competitive after selling Nasri/Fab? Hahaha.

  65. N5

    Cheers PHD. It’s a shame as they always seemed such a talented team.

    PS I remember that TV show. I still now think whenever I see Lazio playing Gooooooooaaaalll Lazioooooo!!

  66. WengerEagle

    Have to say I envy even Pool fans at this minute which is pretty undignified.

    Crunch season for Klopp in many ways so expect him to recruit heavily and shed some deadwood.

  67. PhD07

    EmiratesstrollerJune 2, 2017 13:42:45
    I know that you don’t go to the Arsenal. You have told us that fact 100x, although I doubt it is because of any principle but rather because you cannot afford it.

    I must admit,I had to laugh at the above statement of yours..

    Usually-you would hit me with the “I’m not a genuine supporter” tag.
    The fact,I’d mentioned that my father was a supporter and I was invited to play tennis at Arsenal as a junior during the highbury era.

    You now,dig deep and reach for the bottom card in the deck line of “lack of affordability” tag..

    That truly made my day..Honestly..

    Truly funny Sir..

    Happy Summer & Happy writing with your vision/proposals and requests you demand from Arsene FC-in order to justify your continued profligate expenditure..

    Arsene earns a further two year contract,with an annual raise to 10 million pounds per year.
    Lazidis will probably earn another 1.5 million raise per year..

    Emirates Stroller spends 10k annually, or more pissing and moaning.And firing of letters to demand answers annually after 10 years of stasis..

    Very expensive letters and postage stamps I must add..


  68. PhD07

    I think the Lazio-Roma derbies was more emotive than the Milan derbies..

    I think the fact of Milan at the time(not sure if it’s still the same now) of sharing the same stadia,probably took the edge of their matches..

    But my gosh-the Lazio-Roma was something else.Add to that the ultras-bringing their own set of dynamics to the stadia..
    Dynamite..Explosive..Fireworks,passions,radicals,controversy,you name it-the derby had it..

    It was sit back,get the popcorn out and watch two teams go hammer and tongs at each other..

  69. PhD07

    N5June 2, 2017 13:55:30
    Cheers PHD. It’s a shame as they always seemed such a talented team.PS I remember that TV show. I still now think whenever I see Lazio playing Gooooooooaaaalll Lazioooooo!!

    No worries dude..

    Hey hope you are doing well and recovering well.

    Hopefully bury the hatchet of yesteryear..??! 🙂

  70. WengerEagle


    Don’t Roma-Lazio also share the same stadium?

    Agree on the derbies though, Roman derby has always generated more passion, two teams genuinely dislike each other whereas the rivalry with the Milan teams has always felt lukewarm in comparison.

    Players often straddle the line with Milan clubs too without much uproar, compare that to Spain/England and it’s different.

  71. HighburyLegend

    @arsene’s used sock
    lol at firt I’ve read “arsene’s used cock”

    @N5 : if champagne charlie was there he could confirms you that Arteta was a “top top qualidy player”…

  72. OleGunner


    Your so derogatory of Le-Grove.
    It’s bizarre you come on here to wank yourself silly at being a better fan than the rest of us in your eyes. It’s even more bizarre you seem so attached to this blog even though you know its pretty much anti-wenger sentiment throughout and against your messiah.

    I’d tell you to pop over to Untold but I can see you have a real fetish for this site 😀

  73. Carts


    Jenkinson has to be on about £30k-£40k p/w, imo.

    From when Palace aren’t looking to match your wage (or wage demand) then you know something is up.

    He was hardly first choice RB for us. it’s all too comfy over at the Colney.

  74. N5

    Jebus Carts, 30K P/W for a player that was a player for Eastbourne a few weeks before he joined us.

    Who the fuck sets the wage and why hasn’t someone stopped them?

  75. PhD07


    You’re probably right..In fact certainly correct..

    Unfortunately there has been a period,where I’d detached myself from football..Due to ..you’ve guessed it….

    Anyway,Sampdoria were a good team also..

    Didn’t Rudd Guillit(name spelled incorrectly) play for them?

    Do you guys remember the George Weah goal for AC Milan,where he took the ball from the AC Milan box,surged and dribbled past the opposition to score that goal.And the whole AC Milan bench stood up and gave him a standing ovation,along with the fans in the stadium?

    Miss the days of Sunday -Italia Channel 4 football..

  76. Carts


    Shhhhh…yeah but, yeah but, those players would never sign for us. Bla bla fucking bla!

    Can you imagine though.

    but Wenger would tell you were looking for talent KEK

  77. N5

    Carts that is mindblowing. He gets probably 8x what he was on at Charlton/Eastbourne playing for us.

    I say playing for us, he’s spent most of his time at other clubs and he’s lucky to get in their 1st team. I think Westham has been his best place so far.

    I always thought he was more Championship level. He would have fit into the Brighton team nicely, but I fear even they are now higher level than he deserves.

    We really really need to address our wages. One of the highest in the league and yet these is so much mediocrity there.

  78. Carts


    it’s mental.

    If you look at what Spurs pay their RBs, and who they have at their disposal, we’re severely lacking. Trippier and Walker.

    We have Debuchy on about £70k p/w and he isn’t allowed anywhere near the first team. And Bellerin is going through the motions.

  79. N5

    Carts you know Debuchy’s contract runs until 2019 also (I believe). 2 more years of £70K P/W down the pan.

  80. N5

    Do one, it wasn’t for long but I believe he was there for around 2 or 3 seasons. I only remember because do you remember when we played our ECL games at Wembley due to Highbury being renovated and not being able to seat enough. I remember us playing Roma and I was so happy to see him playing live. He was so so good.

  81. Joe

    This 10-2 result against bayern that Le grovellers keep bringing up is getting a little tedious isn’t it….. 55 minutes on the clock in the 2nd leg… Arsenal 1-0 up and playing pretty well, the better side and creating chances …. What happens next… Lewandowski offside, not given, kosielny touches lewandowski (who remember was offside) , penalty, next red card for kosielny for supposedly fouling lewandowski (who remember was offside)….. A triple whammy from the officials… So, from that moment on, arsenal have a decision to make… Do we park the bus for the remainder of the game or try and reduce the deficit…. The latter was chosen… Hence, conceding 5 goals.. For certain arsenal would not have won the tie even without the mistakes by the officials.. We were still 5-2 down on aggregate but we could possibly have made it closer (which, I know, is still not good enough) but for Le grovellers to keep regurgitating the same crap just makes you look desperate….

    What’s your excuse for the 5 goals we let in the last time we played them before the 10-2?

    It’s tedious and nauseating you trying to make excuse after excuse for every failure and somehow defend a 15-3 aggregate of the last 3 times we played them

    Hilarious and much as it pathetic

    Pierre buys in to the ” we qualify if you only look at the first half of each match”

    A k b s and trump. Keep the world laughing

  82. N5

    Shit I remember that Do One! I was so sure he played against us for Roma too though. I admit I was young so my memory is hazy but I can’t picture who it was Roma had up front then if it wasn’t him.

  83. Joe


    Matrial. Jose will never in a million years sell him to us. He wouldn’t even loan us Ba

    Marhez. Wants CL and plays in the CL so knows how much of a joke wenger is and it’s not like we are a pay day for him. Probably offer 10% more than he makes at Leicester

    Mbappe. Why would he leave Monaco who just beat out money bags PSG to the league title. Something wenger hasn’t been able to do for 13 years and made it further than us in the CL. A better manager than wenger and no CL.

    Plus we offered less than what has already been rejected by Monaco (103m from Madrid ). The mbappe bid is all PR and I have my doubts it’s even real.

    Who makes a serious bid 16m lower than one that’s already been rejected

  84. N5

    Very possible Do One. I thought he was upfront in a game that we one 3-1. I know Henry scored all three of our goals but god knows now, that might not of even been the score.

    Did Henry play for us or have I got that wrong too? 😀 😀

  85. Do one gambon

    Our record v Roma

    7 Nov 2002 AS Roma v Arsenal W 1-3 UEFA Champions League
    11 Mar 2003 Arsenal v AS Roma D 1-1 UEFA Champions League
    24 Feb 2009 Arsenal v AS Roma W 1-0 UEFA Champions League
    11 Mar 2009 AS Roma v Arsenal L 1-0 UEFA Champions League

  86. Joe

    Juve have made 2 CL finals in the last 3-4 years. Have done an undefeated season. Won league after league.

    Yeah think they are doing just fine on every stage

  87. N5

    Do one, so I got the team and score right. Are you sure Batistua didn’t play for them during the 1-3 game? I was so certain I’d seen him live.

  88. N5

    Nope Do One, it is the memory that’s messed up. I must have seen him here vs fiorentina and watched him vs us on TV or something at Roma.

    That’s if he played for Roma at all! 😀

    I know I’ve seen him live though, at least I think I have, wait who am I?

  89. Do one gambon

    Batistuta did play for Roma, after fiorentina so you are right.

    From his wiki

    “Scudetto with Roma Edit
    Batistuta stayed at Fiorentina for the 1999–2000 season, tempted by the chance of winning both the Scudetto and the Champions League. After a promising start in both competitions, the team only reached seventh in the league and were eliminated in the second round group phase of the European tournament. The following season, he was transferred to Roma in a deal worth 70 billion lire[25] and signed a 3-year contract, which earned 14.8 billion Italian lire per year before tax.[26] The fee paid for Batistuta remains the highest fee ever paid for a player over the age of 30.[27]

    During the 2000–01 Serie A season, he finally garnered a Serie A winners’ medal as Roma clinched the Scudetto[28] for the first time since 1983. The following season with Roma, he changed his shirt number from 18 to 20 in reference to the number of goals he had scored during the Scudetto winning campaign. He also wore his age on the back of his Roma jersey in 2002, number 33”

  90. N5

    “Batigol won Serie A with Roma in 2001, scored 20 league goals.”

    Thank you for confirming I’d not gone completely mad. I knew he played for them.

  91. Do one gambon

    You know what striker I used to love – pipo inzaghi

    Did fuck all, all game but he’d bag a goal or 2. Usually from a yard.

    He must have infuriated defenders

  92. Marko

    This 10-2 result against bayern that Le grovellers keep bringing up is getting a little tedious isn’t it….. 55 minutes on the clock in the 2nd leg… Arsenal 1-0 up and playing pretty well, the better side and creating chances …

    Still 5-2 at the time though Pierre. Also any excuse for the 8-2 or the 6-0 or the numerous humiliating defeats over the years? It’s a worrying trend alright

  93. WengerEagle

    Ah, Pippo.

    ‘Born offside’ as Fergie humorously put it.

    It’s why I hope Gigi wins the UCL tomorrow night, he’s the last of THAT generation with the retirement of Totti.

  94. WengerEagle

    Feels weird with so many legends retiring lately.

    Alonso, Lahm, Totti, Gerrard, Terry, Lampard, Pirlo [I know the latter two aren’t officially retired but MLS is a nursing home let’s be honest], Ferdinand, Vidic.

    Oh shit just read apparently Ronaldinho still has yet to officially retire despite not playing a game for over 2 years.

  95. Carts

    Pippo would celebrate a tap in like he just duppied 6 players and dinked the keeper from 8 yards.

    Guy was something else lol