Arsene signs 2 year deal, today we find who he sacrificed

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So Stan Kroenke did what we knew he’d do and signed Wenger up to another two years.

Unbelievable when you consider what elite sport is all about. A complete non-starter however you want to look at it. Wenger reframed success to be the top 4, and even when he tanked at that, he’s managed to earn himself another deal with the club.

The big question this morning will be around who he had to move on to get his way.

There are three routes Wenger can take to make it look like he’s changing.

Backroom Staff:

There are a number of the old guard who I suspect ‘could’ be in the running for the boot. Boro P is like ultimate BFF, so he’ll stay. However, I’d imagine Steve Rowley, Tony Colbert, and Gerry Peyton are worried this morning. All good for glue, but that’ll really hurt Wenger.

Steve Bould and Neil Banfield could also face the chop. Not sure many would miss Neil, because we don’t know much about him, but Steve moving on would not go down well.

This approach would be impactful, but you only know how bad these guys are because I can tell you. Which leads to a more palatable approach.

Old Stars:

Wenger could give the whole club a lift by bringing in the players he’s left on the outside. Pires has been burning arse hairs with some creepy media sucking up, Martin Keown would do the GoT walk of shame to get a job. You have Lehmann, Thierry… but the ultimate signing of fan placation… PATRICK VIEIRA!

Bringing back a bit of the winning culture would look excellent from the outside, but ultimately, if they’re all put in the boot room, it’s of little to no use. This would be incredible PR spin from the club, and feels exactly the sort of pathetically cowardly move Stan K would ‘enforce.’


The final route, and an obvious one, is to move on failing stars. Yaya Sanogo and Santi shouldn’t be renewed this summer. The club should shift on Ozil, Chezzer, Ospina, Gibbs, Campbell, and Jack Wilshere. They should renew on Chamberlain, Ramsey, and Sanchez.

Then they have to go big on replacements. Well, as big as you can go with Europa League prestige. I know they’re working on names at the moment. A centre midfielder, a wideman, we’ve landed a left back already and I’d image we’ll go for a striker with more pedigree than the exciting Nigerian kid we look like landing from the Belgian league.

Overall, it’s fiercely disappointing we’ve opted to renew a failing managers contract. This is unique in world sport, and I see no upside. However, we have to pray that the club have some sort of plan in place to build influential thinkers around a manager who has lost his way in a most saddening way.

Regardless of what reporters keep on saying, it’s not a minority of fans who want Wenger gone. It’s the majority. If it were the minority, Wenger wouldn’t have dedicated pre and post match to slagging the fans off. Think what you want about the fan base in Asia and America, they don’t matter at jot on game day (myself included). The fans will turn on Wenger quicker than ever before, and I’d be incredibly surprised if he could last another poor season.

The FA Cup final showed he has one of the most talented squad’s in the league, he just doesn’t know how to use it. The best game in 8 years, in front of a packed Wembley doesn’t indicate to me he’s sussed it. It just tells me his players don’t respect him enough to go hard in every game.

But, it is what it is… let’s see if the least self-aware man in football can be honest about his failings. Let’s see if Gazidis, who has been humiliated in front of the world, can actually force through any of his plans.

… my guess, not a chance. More of the same. Stan will get what he deserves in the end, and sadly, so will Wenger.

Also, word to the fans revelling in this. What are you revelling in? More dross? Our best players leaving? Total stasis? Europa league? There isn’t an argument to be won in Wenger staying. You’re aligning yourself with one of the worst sports club owners on the planet. Honestly, if you’re into the new deal for Wenger, I struggle to see how you’re enjoying the game these days.

Anyway, we’ve recorded a post-FA Cup podcast where we talk about the win, the contract signing, and how we can cope.

It’s a longer one, but hopefully, you enjoy it.

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  1. HighburyLegend

    “Satan! That’s an interesting auto-correct. I meant “Stan” of course, but “Satan” is probably more appropriate as far as some of you are concerned.”

    Ah ah ah excellent!! 🙂

  2. Relieable Sauce

    My guess the gist from Ivan will be – I twied…I twied weally, weally hard, but Stan couldn’t be convinced, especially after such a great day out at the cup final…It was very impressive though…maybe Arsene can change and we can win the league…?
    I’ll try again in 2 years !

    K’ CHING !

  3. Joe

    midtable? 🙂 have you seen the gap between the big six and the rest?

    Wallace. Didn’t chelsea finish 10th last season.

    It’s possible.

    One injury to Sanchez away from being mid table this season.

  4. HighburyLegend

    “is does not augur well for us”*

    Do you know something that could actually augur well for us ???
    I mean, apart the fact that we have Sanogo ??

  5. OleGunner


    Wenger’s wage has officially increased from £8m to £10m a year.


    You know what, without Sanchez this season we’d def have finished mid table.
    The Wengerites always tell us never say never; ergo we can win the league.
    By the same token we could also end up mid table.

  6. HighburyLegend

    “Wenger’s wage has officially increased from £8m to £10m a year.”

    Well deserved!!
    Oh sorry, I thought I was on Untold…

  7. Guns of Hackney

    I can’t wait until Arsenal have to pay £700k a week to keep the lazy shite, Ozil and the mercenery, Sanchez.

    The maths: £36,400,000 a year and one would assume three year deals, so…£109,200,000.

    For a championship level team, out of the CL and with heil Wenger at the helm. Jokes…pure jokes, fam a lam.

  8. Alexanderhenry

    I like the fact that the word ‘auger’ has appeared on this blog.

    This ‘augers’ well:

  9. Guns of Hackney

    Highbury legend

    Why? He’s a footballer.

    If Sanchez stays at Arsenal, it will be because of money, ergo, mercenary.

    It certainly won’t be for the glory.

  10. Globalgunner

    he would be mad to stay with serious clubs wiling to sign him. He has maybe 3 years left at the elite level. Why waste it at Arsenal

  11. Wallace


    “Wallace. Didn’t chelsea finish 10th last season. It’s possible.”

    yeah, but you’d need a numpty like Mourinho in charge to pull it off though.

  12. Carts


    Joe Hart’s form in Serie A was no better than Bravo’s.

    There’s absolutely nothing Hart has shown in Serie A that City would’ve benefited from him.

    He got peppered from all fucking angles.

    What City should’ve done was buy back Rulli from Socieded. They have a £14m buy back option till 2019.

  13. Dissenter

    Re; Joe Hart. I don’t disagree but he had done enough to at least get one season to prove himself right or wrong.
    Guardiola is proving that he’s not as good as once thought.
    It’s not clear if Ederson will cope with the physical nature of the premier league. Referees do allow a lot more physicality than on the continent.

  14. Tonyd

    If Mourinho is a numpty dropping to 10th, What name will you have for Wenger then probably finishing lower?

    Maybe the lads will do a Chelsea or Leicester and stop playing for Wenger.

  15. Wallace


    “If Mourinho is a numpty dropping to 10th, What name will you have for Wenger then probably finishing lower?”

    last season – 5th & 75pts – was as bad as it gets. if you think Wenger will ever languish mid-table you probably need to get out of the sun.

  16. Samesong

    Joe Hart’s form in Serie A was no better than Bravo’s.

    I rate Hart for going to another country though.

  17. Samir

    Ederson is a quality keeper. He will have no trouble at all with the physical side of the PL. Just like Mendy.

    Bernado Silva is very much world class and would cope in any league.
    Only trouble City have is that none of these players have played together before.