BOARD MEETING: The stats that support Wenger out all the way

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'We play with the handbrake off, Boro'

So here we are, the elusive board meeting. Wenger rolls into battle with… errr… basically no one.

Well, that’s how I’d imagine it’ll happen. He is king, he has the leverage now. He will reign victorious, of that, there is no doubt.

Does he deserve a new deal? My word no.

3 FA Cups in 4 years is wonderful, but the objectives of the club have shifted. Don’t kid yourself the FA Cup is elite. That’s Jose Mourinho like PR.

We moved stadium to kick into the upper echelons of world football.  We wanted to see progress in the major competitions. We wanted to see Arsenal actually challenge for the league. We didn’t move to be a very good cup team.

In the last three years, since Wenger last signed into a deal he didn’t deserve, we’ve seen:

Leicester pip us to the league by 10 points

We’ve seen Chelsea win under Mourinho, fall to 10th, then come back and win it under a new manager in Antonio Conte (beating us by 18 points)

We’ve seen Spurs challenge twice, on half the wage budget we’ve had

We’ve seen Liverpool hit top 4 in their first full season under a good manager.

Arsenal dropped out of the Champions League last 16 3 times in a row. We’d done exactly the same thing 4 times before that. The last three seasons have seen us concede 18 goals in the 6 last 16 games (for regression context, in the previous 4 games we went out at the same stage, we only conceded 14 goals < ONLY)

Our average points total over the last three years of Wenger is 73.6 points. The previous 3 years before that was 74. The previous 3 years before that was 71.5. You have to go back a full 18 years to find the last time a team won the league with sub 80 points (United 99). We haven’t broken 80 points for ten years (CFC just won the league with 93)

We’re now out of the top 4. We only made the top 5 because Mourinho made a strategic decision to blow the final 6 games of the season to avoid the ignominy of Europa League football.

As of December (because I’m lazy and can’t be arsed to add up the latest) Arsenal’s league results at Man United, Man City, Chelsea, Liverpool, Spurs, Everton and Soton over last five years were: P 33, W 5, D 11, L 17

Our away form against teams in the top 10 saw us play 9, lose 6, draw 2 and win 1. The only team we beat was Southampton when the season was over. Odd that the beastly atmosphere the fans created for the home games seemed to impact away games harder.

In short: Arsene Wenger has overseen a very average disaster over the last 3 years, if the title was the aim (which he’s on record as saying it was). I’m not even sure why it’s seen as palatable. We’re not progressing in the league. We’re not progressing the CL. Those are the facts.

What the board need to be asking themselves is this… does one FA Cup game against Chelsea tell you anything about Wenger’s ability to drive the club forward? Is Wenger the right man to build a team to take us to European glory?

If the answer is yes, why?

Because the statistics do not look very good to me. Wenger can’t even hide behind wages and transfer budgets now, because he’s had plenty.

Fact is, Arsene Wenger is bottom of the pile when it comes to elite managers. He is being outmuscled by younger men with smaller wage bills, worse players, and smaller transfer budgets.

You can’t even argue he’s good for business. Commercials are stagnating because you can’t sell elite average to sponsors and our wage bill is up there with City’s and double that of Spurs.

… and here’s the kicker for me. The fans relationship with the manager is broken. His carry on before the game was disgraceful. He put a shadow over the FA Cup build up by making it about himself. Even after the game, it was wild to me that he thought that was his platform to grandstand about how awful the paying supporter has been.

He does that because he’s deluded. He believes he’s doing a good job. He thinks Arsenal is his toy and no one else is entitled to an opinion unless it’s a positive one he likes.

Don’t fall for the ‘he’s class’ act. If he were class, he’d bow out graciously, recognising the time is up. He’s a megalomaniac. The only person he cares about is himself. The only thing that matters to him is the absolute power he’s afforded at the club. The reality is, despite the FA Cup win, he’s not serious about winning things. Because if he was, he’d have made the changes necessary to compete years ago.

Same staff. Same approach. Same mistakes. Same outcome.

Wenger is regression.

The FA Cup was amazing. I blew a lot of money to be there. I’ll never forget it, and it’ll go down as one of the greatest experiences of my life.

But it wasn’t progress. It was a flimsy silver plaster on another broken 3 years. Wenger should be told there’s no deal today.

He won’t though. He’ll be rewarded by an owner who will make a snap judgement based on a party in the Wembley sun.

That’s not elite sporting mentality. That’a why we’ll lose Sanchez. That’s why we’re going to have a tough time this summer attracting star names. That’s why next season will be no better than this one.

It’s very sad to be buckling up for more of the same, even more depressing so many are slipping back into the same old routine of hope that has proven so fruitless again.

See you in the comments.

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  1. Joe

    Do one

    Wenger’s isn’t so bad either.

    Failing more and more every year for 13 and still get a 2m pound raise.

  2. Wenker-wanger

    The arrogance of Wenger is truly unbelievable.
    He actually is convinced of his greatness. It doesn’t matter he finished 5th and 18 points behind Chelsea, because it’s not his fault. It’s the fans, injuries, bad luck….anything but his incompetence. A more loathesome piece of crap you would be hard to find anywhere in world football.

  3. PhD07

    So after all is concluded…The BoD are simply decorations..More specifically Ivan is a

    Ivan Lazidis who uses Arsenal platforms as Le-Grove to engineer/orchestrate his machinations,in order to stage a coup d’ etat-fails miserably after the umpteenth time..

    So,today-we find our OGL given a further 2 year contract by Julius Ceasar..

    We salute you Pedro-for your glorious incite and knowledge.

    We salute you-for your inside knowledge on Usmanov’s bid of 1 billion pounds..

    We salute you for your inside knowledge on,informing us of Arsene’s- 2 year contract.

    We salute you for inside sources of year’s gone bye..

    Much Thanks

  4. N5

    Just checked and Arsene will now be the 3rd highest paid manager in the world….THE WORLD.

    Only Pep and Jose are above him. He’s just taken over Ancelotti.

    That’s food for thought.

  5. Samir

    The Times say Ozil and Sanchez both rejects the new deals and want to leave.

    Good luck to Kroenke & Wenger next season.

  6. Weedz

    Nice to see you lot are still wallowing in your self-gratification. Football experts, one and all, but not one of yous can call yourselves a Gooner, IMO.

    A Fan, someone who supports a club. Le Grove, a bunch of deluded pricks.

  7. N5

    Ozil I’m fine with, Alexis will be a big loss, big. Especially because Wenger will not replace with a suitable replacement.

    It’ll just be Wally, L’Oreal and possibly Perez with maybe a new younger “prospect” in case of injury.

  8. N5

    No Weeds a supporter is someone who supports the club, i.e financially. A fan is a fanatic such as these so called Gooner who are fanatical towards Wenger and get angry/abusive towards anyone wishing for better.

    You are a fan, I am a supporter.

  9. N5

    Oh sorry, it’s Weedz with a z not an s. I apologise for spelling your grown up username incorrectly.

  10. Tomtom

    I’ve lost all love for the club now, sad after 30 years as a loyal supporter.
    I just look on with distain now, Wenger has killed the club

  11. Samir

    If Ozil really is leaving we should of been the first ones to sign Bernado Silva. He would of been an upgrade.

  12. Ishola70

    The Manchester Evening News are reporting that Guardiola wants Alexis Sanchez.

    Also say that he has no plans to get rid of Aguero.

    Got to be careful of these local rags.

    Many times they are on spot with their stories and have their ear to the ground.

  13. Moz

    What a sad day in our clubs history!
    Next year will be brutal for everyone involved no doubt.
    If Sanchez goes then I can’t see Wenger lasting the season.
    With regards to the AKBs, what goes around comes around and in this case I am guessing sooner rather than later! Will these deluded fans go with him?

  14. China

    ‘But who could replace him’

    When you’re the third highest paid manager in the world I think a lot of top managers would be beating down the door to come and collect that salary

  15. China

    I wonder if the WoB who were saying you have to get behind wenger for the cup final are feeling that was a clever move in retrospect

  16. China

    That’s also the second time that Aaron Ramsey has scored a goal to save wenger’s career

    This guy doesn’t turn up with big performances for 80% of the season when he’s actually fit, but as soon as the prospect of a new manager who will cull the deadwood emerges he can take be stopped

    The clingers on like Walcott and wilshere must’ve been seeing dollar signs the moment it went in. 2 more years of zero pressure football for a top salary. Cracking!

  17. Leftsidesanch

    Lol China

    I can’t see the allure. Wengers not even personable. What is the obsession with this man?

  18. Dissenter

    Call me selfish but I’m happy for all the Ninja boys here.
    ‘Welcome to Arsenal Henry Onyekuru. We haven’t had a dribbling explosive winger in ages.

  19. Bamford10

    No idea what substance there is to this, but a bunch of reports on Twitter that both Sanchez and Ozil want out.

  20. Dissenter

    Don’t you all get tired of being so angry at things you have no power to change.
    You had all season to prepare yourself for this moment yet it’s like the freaking world is coming to an end.
    Brace up people
    The anger is dissipating to empty whinging now.
    Wenger has chosen to go the path of self-destruction. grab your popcorn and watch the show.
    I’m not a big fan of all the “I’m done with Arsenal”. If you’re done then why are you all coming back to an Arsenal fan blog to vent?

  21. Joe

    Speaking to reporters in Chile, Vidal said: ‘I told him it was the opportunity for him to be in a big team.

    ‘If he wants to compare with the best, he has to go to the best team.’

    Good thing we left highbury 13 years ago to join the biggest clubs on the biggest stages.

    Back in the real world, players from big teams think of us no different than they do Everton

    But hey I’m sure winning the Fa cup was worth the move. Stoked wenger “built the stadium and built Arsenal”

  22. PieAFC

    Wow, the chance to leave on a high.

    Oh, but no. Now the chance this could go toxic and even worse than it has is alarming.

    Well done Wenger, well done TheBoard for not having any bollocks to take us forward anymore. You’re all gutless, pathetic and dam right predictable it’s almost embarrassing.

    Oh well, even more reason to stay in Canada for a couple of years. Watch this potential shit storm from a far, come back home when it changes and the club wants to challenge for top honours again.

    Saturday was fantastic, Great game great performance. I knew in hindsight us winning was this scenario, what a catch 22 at the time.

    It’s in our blood for all of us, so we’re all have to grin and bear it until something gives. Nothing can be done now. Try to look forward to the new season….

  23. jasongms

    It would be fucking hilarious if both Alexis and Ozil left and joined teams on less money then are were asking for at the Arsenal …
    Would show Arsene right up, especially since his new two-year deal….Midfield finish next year and a new excuse for the Arsene vocabulary.. ” you can’t win games if your best two players leave”


    Also really sad news that the Arsenal Truth has closed their doors… May Raskolnikov rest in peace !!!

  24. tonyd

    If Ozil and Sanches go, we can say goodbye to and world class signings.

    If they go, it’s because the have no faith in Wenger or the team. It will not be about money, because we can match any salary they would demand. Culling certain players from the squad can easily further fill the already swollen coffers.

    We needed to add class players to Sanches and Ozil, not replace them.

    Feel sorry for the Henry kid, too. Unless he can immediately step up to the punishing EPL level, he’s not going to progress under Wenger.

    When you look at exceptional, experienced players, such as Henrikh Mkhitaryan and Pogba, they weren’t settling in to the pace and physicality of the EPL until around February.

    To be in the first team squad, this kid has got to really hit the ground running.

    Going to be an interesting season. By the end of September, we’ll have a good idea which month Wenger’s going to finally self destruct. I can’t see anything other than a much higher octane pressure on Wenger to Kroenke to what they have just experienced.

    Pedro, might be worth starting up a pool for the day Wenger leaves our club. It’ll be next season.

    This Henry is going to need a miracle because he is such a rough diamond at the moment. It is impossible to see if he is the beginnings of an elite talent or a footballer whose feet just work quicker than his brain with often a poorly executed final balls.

    He had many high, wide and handsome waywood shots in his clip. Welbeck is probably not the guy to help Henry find the back of the net in training. I’d go for Sanches, but he’ll be gone.

    He looks tailor made to be a late sub to get us the odd penalty from tired defenders in the dying minutes.

    Whatever happens, Wenger has made sure he’s been frugal enough on the price to spin any negativities about the kid’s talent or misadventures on the field. It should be no problem to make profit on this kid.

    Waiting to see the Gazidis announcement later today before offering any other thoughts.

    Deep down we pretty much all knew Wenger would get his new contract.

  25. tonyd

    “What would you quantify as success in 2017-18?

    No less than a sustained Premier League title challenge should be the ambition for a club who have flattered to deceive in this regard virtually every season since their Invincibles year.

    Simply getting back into the Champions League should not be considered good enough, even if it is accompanied by winning another cup.

    Arsenal finished 18 points behind champions Chelsea in the Premier League this season and have little excuse for not reducing that gap or even overturning it next season given they are not in Europe’s premier cup competition and all five of their other title rivals are.”

  26. tonyd

    Every error or poor judgement Wenger makes next season is going to be fodder for the press, especially with their reaction to the 2-year extension this morning.

    The Daily Mail

    “He cannot be accused of lacking courage, striding on with popular opinion split. But the pressure is on like never before for Arsenal’s greatest manager. He is gambling with his legacy.”

    Read more:

  27. Black Hei


    Actually there is a bit of a Russian Roulette and a game of high stakes poker going on here.

    I don’t think Sanchez to Bayern is that straight forward.

    Sanchez is trying to force a move by trying to get Arsenal to accept a lower transfer fee in order to up his wages at Bayern. I think he likes Carlos Ancelotti as manager over the likes of Pep or Mourinho. Sanchez is a force of nature that cannot be coached. He is who he is and if you sign him, you just integrate him into the squad.

    Arsenal is in a position of risk. If we refuse to sell him a a lower fee, we might end up with Sanchez ending up over at Chelsea after a season.

    Well if you are a gambling sort, you might just call his bluff. Keep him until the season starts and then offer him that pay package that is just shy of the $300k a week.

    I think he will bite. Just like Rooney.

    What do you think?

    P.S. I am not going to bitch about Wenger since everyone else is on it and what needs to be said has been said.
    Still I am very surprised we went after the new Henry.

  28. tonyd

    Black Hei
    Agree with your thoughts regarding Sanches and and different managers.

    It’s Sanches’ last big contract where he can go to a club to win trophies and leagues. He’ll get good money where ever he goes.

    For Sanches it’s about playing and winning and very little else.

    He knows much more about the players around him than we do and, if he has any faith left in them and Wenger, he will be happy to be the big fish in the small pond of elite talent.

    I’d say he’s 70% on his way, but who knows?

    One thing is for sure, he kept off mid table and was a big part in us winning the FA cup.

    Wenger really can’t afford to lose him.

    Interesting times ahead.

  29. Ishola70

    With these latest reports about Sanchez and Ozil not renewing their contracts with Sanchez looking to leave this summer I would be more annoyed with Ozil in all this as it has been reported that he intends to just run down his contract into the following summer and leave on a free. Makes perfect sense for Ozil of course. Many have said on here that they couldn’t see a club of any real stature atm fork out the necessary transfer fee for Ozil plus the big wages he would expect. If he just runs down his contract then he will have a much wider choice of clubs to pick with them just having to fork out for his wage demands, The only positive factor perhaps is that players knowing they are definitely leaving the following season and being in the shop window for buying clubs can have a good season as a result but it is difficult to envisage Ozil having a blinding season on a really consistent basis.

  30. Wallace

    “Some of the players have spoken about how the (new) system has provided them with greater security, in the wake of the destructive run of seven defeats in 12 matches in all competitions. “You can lose the ball but still have seven guys behind the ball,” Per Mertesacker said. “We have had a lot of players in the important zones of the pitch. We’ve had five plus two [midfielders] protecting the box without the ball, and three guys up front doing their thing – a great balance.”

  31. Guns of Hackney

    People are giving Sanchez too much credit. He’s greedy and apart from gesticulating on the pitch, what do we really know about his “winning mentality”?

    Sorry, he will sign up for the wenger project and then completely throw in the towel with regards to performance.

    Ozil will 100% sign as no other club want him, also arsenal is the perfect no pressure environment for a lazy sack of shit like him to ply his trade.

    At best, next season we’ll finish between sixth and eighth. The season after, expect this to fall to around tenth.

    For sure, the top four is never coming back.

  32. Royale with nacho cheese

    “At best, next season we’ll finish between sixth and eighth. The season after, expect this to fall to around tenth.”

    I cant see this happening maybe sixth but not lower we were 14pts ahead of everton in 7th and they were 15pts ahead of Southampton in 8th, i don’t see us falling that much at all

  33. Wallace

    hasn’t got the same powerful build, but the way Onyekuru runs with the ball definitely recalls Ronaldo #9. outside of the right boot, short, quick steps…

  34. Guns of Hackney

    Onyekuru…he was wanted by Swansea, Brighton and West Ham. Wow. 24 goals and 1,000 assists for a third division, Belgium pub side…bossing it.

    We are fucking nailing this transfer lark.


    Arsenal will fall fast, trust me.

  35. Ishola70

    “But Yeah, maybe its better to buy Ederson for 45 millions (2 years ago 500 000) lol”

    Big fee heard it is 35m but if Man City have got the money to do it then why not.

    This guy is good. Tough cookie he is as well. The physical aspect of the EPL will not phase him at all and at 23 yo plenty of years ahead of him. Commands his area very well and has got a very good presence for a young keeper. You only had to see this guy a few times for Benfica to realise that he has really got something about him.

  36. sanmi

    Guns of Hackney

    Give it a rest, we already heard you!

    Arsenal will fall, right?

    Guess what, we dont give a damn

  37. Relieable Sauce


    Shhh. You can’t mention Ivan “the catalyst for change” Gazidis until he’s put his spin on the new contract. Should be sometime today or tomorrow I would think.

    Along the lines of – we cannot replace his greatness in such a short space of time, changes are afoot that will equip us for the challenges ahead, he has earned the right to get the club back in the top 4…you know the drill.

  38. Rambo Ramsey

    Wallace, what do you make of Guardiola? You always gush about him but look he’s showing he’s no more than a checkbook manager. No different to Mourinho.

  39. OleGunner


    “Along the lines of – we cannot replace his greatness in such a short space of time, changes are afoot that will equip us for the challenges ahead, he has earned the right to get the club back in the top 4…you know the drill.”

    This would be very telling as it confirms next seasons main target is a simple top 4 finish and not a challenge for the league. That is unacceptable.

    In any case, I’ve already seen many fans since yesterday say Wenger is the only one who can get us Champs league next season so the fans already set the bar low for themselves. We’ll squeak 4th I bet, and of course the club will say we should be thankful such a massive success.

  40. shaun

    he is shocked and disgraced and no human being should be treated that way ………………man all you can do now is laugh and just not take it seriously anymore.that long streak of french piss should go manage mosol fc for a month wearing hot pants on the touch line …think he would find out what real bad treatment is then.

  41. Wallace


    “Wallace, what do you make of Guardiola? You always gush about him but look he’s showing he’s no more than a checkbook manager. No different to Mourinho.”

    they all spend big these days. when you’re always one defeat away from a ‘crisis’…but look who he buys. young, gifted, imaginative players. you ever see Mourinho dumping Zlatan and going with 3 kids in his forward line like Pep did? now he’s been able to shift on the older defenders and Kompany’s fit again I’m intrigued to see how he goes next season. would be v surprised if he doesn’t learn from this season’s lessons.

  42. Relieable Sauce


    They know that most of the fans are fair weather types, tourists, hipsters and idiots in general. There’s no need to change when the fans are even placating themselves even before the contract is officially announced – and were doing so weeks ago after it looked like top 4 was in serious doubt.

    The atmosphere(lol) at the stadium will get more soulless – if you can believe that’s possible, but they’re not concerned about that so long as the tickets are sold and it’s more than two 3rds/half full.

  43. PhilFil

    For a supposedly ‘elite’ club we are nowhere near winning either the PL or CL, our record against the top 6 and Bayern are proof of that (if it were needed). And yet there are is a minority that STILL laud Wenger as a great manager, it genuinely beggars belief. Where’s your ambition?

  44. Pedro

    Bamford / Alex, can you stop arguing the exact same thing everyday. Move on to something else…. there’s plenty to talk about