One swallow does not a summer make

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So it’s a day later and I’m still basking in the glorious haze of an epic cup win. I’m glad my take on the event wasn’t as over the top as it felt when I wrote it. Lots of people saying it was one of the great FA Cup finals of recent times, and given the context, one of the greatest wins ever for the club.

Interesting reading around some of the journalists after the game. Amazing how quickly they turn on a sixpence. All of them predicted we’d be destroyed before the game, then after, they’re accusing the ‘ingrate’ fans of being stupid for ever doubting Wenger. Like they’ve been backing him all year.

I’m all game for Wenger reaping maximum kudos after that win, but the idea that it’s the lunatic fringe who have been outrageously critiquing the manager this season, and that it’s somehow been unfair is quite staggering.

I won’t jump into it today, but if you watched one game and you’re now a #WengerIn, then you have a very childish grasp on the realities of our last 10 years under Arsene and you certainly haven’t been paying attention to what’s gone on this season.

I found it a touch distasteful on Wenger’s part that he made the pregame all about him and his feelings, then in the post match, all he wanted to talk about was his feelings again. He’s trying to make this decision and emotional one, because that’s the only high ground he can take. If you hit him with the rational, he has very little to go on. Unless you think we moved stadium to compete better in the FA Cup?

He’s also playing with the numbers. Sure, we’ve been on a great run since Spurs, but we’ve also only played teams with nothing to play for in the league. Which is kind of a typcial ebb and flow of a Wenger season.

My only hope around this media drive was that he feels so betrayed by fans being disappointed in his consistently average performance, he might walk away. I mean, what better time? He can convince himself all he likes that actually, the true narrative of the season was that Cup Final, but let’s be real here, that was a beautiful one off in ten years of decline.

Speaking to people after the game, hardened season ticket holders, away fans… there was the bliss of glory, but the deep-seated frustration that Wenger can’t extract that sort of determination and grit from his players when it counts. Where was that drive against Watford? Palace? Spurs away?

Anyway, it goes without saying, I would still love to see him go. Head held high. Before shit hits the fan next season.

Most of the weight in the media seems to point to Sanchez moving onto pastures new. We simply don’t have the resources to replace a man of his extreme talent. I’d like to hope that cup win could galvanise him to stay on, like it did with Thierry after the CL final back in the day, but I have my doubts he’s going to want to play Thursday night football heading into his prime.

Things are looking good for Ozil, who might have to accept whatever we offer him, because he doesn’t exactly have the elite clubs knocking down walls to land him. Then we’ll see what happens with players like Ramsey and Chamberlain, who starred in the cup final.

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  1. izzo

    @ loyika fair enough. I will keep my word. I have other things besides Arsenal to fill my time should Wenger continue.

  2. loyika

    @ Bamford,

    We will be in the Twilight Zone.

    However i don’t honestly feel things will be as worst next season as some claim (each one to his own though) I do know Arsene cannot win an EPL title again (My opinion) and i also feel this will be his last contract (he knows this) The relationship with a majority of the fans have been broken beyond repair and i doubt there will be any turning back (even if by some miracle we win the big uns)

    I feel the BoD will use this to sort out the transition and maybe make agreements with some their Manager ahead of time (like what City did with Pellegini)

    Regardless of what they decide, we will have to live with it and ride it out, most on here have been supporting the club before Arsene strolled in and we will still be hear when he strolls out.

    It will be one hell of a 2 years if he decides to stay (and might even get ugly at some points of the season) but the club will cone through it.

    What we all need to remember is the fact that the decision lies with Stan K and he will live and die by his decision (and from his antecedents in the States, i really doubt much troubles him, beyond what he feels in his gut and if he feels Arsene can still deliver what he wants (with the emphasis on “What He wants”) what honestly can you or I or anyone else do apart from stop supporting the club till Arsene goes?

  3. izzo

    I dont need to go around calling people cunts just because they post something I disagree with. Its football end of the day. Not as if i told him i slept with his mum then I would accept being called a cunt. People here have no chill. LOL…

  4. loyika

    @ Izzo

    Nah mate, just pulling your legs. I do understand the frustration, honestly (i believe everyone does, even Pires Lol!!)

    That will be one sour note on Arsene’s legacy whenever he decides to leave, be it tomorrow or 2 years time. The division among the fan base.

    Like i said a while back, it will take a while for that to truly heal up (even with a new Manager taking over)

    Life is to short Bro, we all should do and focus on things that brings us joy and if supporting the team you love ain’t bringing you joy in the interim, no issues with giving it a miss for a while.

  5. Bamford10


    Fair enough. Sadly I suspect that is what is going to happen. I guess the q is: will anything change at all? Will Wenger change his approach at all? Will he be hungrier for a title? More ruthless with players? More active in the window? Alternately, will they bring in a DoF, or will they wait until Wenger leaves?

    We will see. I am not optimistic.

    Frankly, if Wenger stays on and little changes, I don’t know how interested I am in watching this team. I may watch a game here or there, but I think I will turn down the intensity of my interest until we get a new manager.

  6. loyika

    @ Bamford

    The answers to your question is; NO!! Arsene sadly will not change, he truly believes (wrongly) that his way of doing things is the best and only way.

    I mean ffs, why did Fergie get people like Mike Phelan, Steve Mac, Rene Meulensteen, Carlos Queiroz and so on to work with him if he felt he could do it on his own? I know he has people like Boro P and co who he trust and had worked with for a long time, but sometimes you need to get in big personalities to work with that will push you further.

    I doubt towards the tail end Fergie actually did much coaching, seems he left that to these guys and focused on Man Managing the whole shi-bang (he knew if United did well, it would still be spotlighted on him)

    Arsene missed something in refreshing his back room staff to the needed requirement to push and test him. But as with Stan, i believe he is prepared to live and die with his methods. (wherever they lead him)

  7. izzo

    I don’t know how I can support a club that rewards a manager that failed to win the league in 13 seasons and ultimately failed to qualify for the CL, a pay raise and extended contract. That is just evil. How anyone can sit there be all support your club no matter what is just fucking weird and depressing. Think about it if that is what happens after tomorrow. How can you continue to watch and put your money into that? Cmon! That’s some fucked up shit right there! LOL… Am I wrong?I’m just being hypothetical here but really? Hahaha! Yea I’m not going to do my head in over this.

  8. ArseneisaFraud

    AW trying to justify why he should remain as manager:

    “You can’t have 35 years at the top level if you’re not the right man to do the job”

    How deluded can you get?

    “I just want to do well for the club. It’s down to the board members. Am I the right man to take this club further? It’s not about popularity, it’s about competence.” Says the guy who doesn’t even do in game tactics and who subs more often than not a player at the 70th minute. And BS on your “i want to do well for the club” when it is pretty obvious for all to see that he has been angling for longest serving record. How selfish.

    “The best presentation (to show the board) is to watch the game,”. Arsene seems to be thinking that he should be judged on that FA Cup alone. Inredible and desperate from a man who clearly can’t see that modern football has moved on without him.

  9. tonyd

    Big Pat
    When reading your posts, whatever their intent there is obviously intelligence behind the words that is being grossly unfulfilled.

    CC is far better than your trolling with the militant arrogance and superior attitude when correcting minor points no one cares about. The thing about CC is that, on a good day, he actually has some smart, valid and interesting posts. That makes CC far better than you are with the constant trolling that most will scroll through or past.

    CC contributes and is one of the characters of the blog.

    Pierre is a CC wannabe falling well short on every level with his posts. However, he does make some useful points now and again, and therefore is elevated above you.If nothing else Pierre is good value in the comedy department. Cracked me up many times.

    If your’e feeling bad Big Pat because CC and Pierre are above you on the ‘posts’ totem pole, you can feel better in knowing you’re way above Pires87.

    If I had to guess what condition Pires87 has got, I’d plump for ADHA with dash of sociopathic tendencies with severely boosted adrenaline by caffeine or substances unknown. He’s like a fired up Jack Russel chasing his tail.

    Bottom line is BP, Wenger’s staying so it means we’re going to be at loggerheads with our views.

    Why not hit us with some interesting posts and information you claim to have. It would give us more to respect you about. After all we are all Arsenal supporters who have the right to support the club in any way we see fit.

    Many of us are from around the globe. China in China, me Thailand, Jason Sydney and Bangkok. It’s a bit tricky for us to get to games. Same goes for our American, African and NZ amigos plus other from far flung locations.

    The irony in all this is that, in my view, Wenger will be gone by January. But let’s not kid ourselves here, Wenger will go within the next two years.

    Then where does that leave you and all the Wenger Ins?

    My initial thought was up the creek without a paddle. Messiah less!!!!!!

    The silver lining is that the fan base will unite again. Might take a little time, but it will happen.

    Fallout from this post is expected, but try to make it intellectually enjoyable. Words like “Fuck and Cunt” kind of lower the tone too much, don’t you think?

  10. Rambo Ramsey

    ‘In truth you’re just angry because I’ve run circles around you on every issue that we’ve ever discussed.’

    There’s that small penis roaring its head again. You never answered the question by the way, how can you unashamedly act like a saint after asking a poster to fuck off and die? Go on, Bamford, as you’d say ‘Le grove’ wants to know.

    Also how about that big speech the other day about some of us needing to admit to getting it wrong re the board? Looks like the board meeting is glorified bs after all as Ornstein has confirmed. Are you big enough to admit you were the one who got it wrong?

  11. china

    the bbc is saying wenger is having a meeting with stan today to make the final decision and the meeting tomorrow is to inform the board

    looooool. last to know. is there any purpose in having a board who have zero input on the club?

  12. china

    bbc also said minor backroom changes and no DoF

    if this is true can we all finally agree that gazidis has achieved nothing throughout this saga?

  13. china

    CC but adams isn’t being entitled. he explicitly said he could live with it if wenger would be up front and say he wasn’t really up to scratch. supposedly instead he got shunted from pillar to post about yeah possibly maybe not sure could be without any direction or clarity.

    in the very least he deserves clarity. does he have a chance of a role? what role? when? etc. instead he claims he was made to believe he had a chance of a significant role but just shunted around and arsene never intervened to resolve the situation one way or the other or gave him a good reason

    that’s what he said. is it true? well tony seems like a straight forward guy. he wears his heart on his sleeve and speaks his mind and to the best of my knowledge doesn’t have a track record of being deceitful and nasty for his own personal gain. arsene on the other hand lied to the fans time and again about having/spending money, about our club’s ambition and the reasons why we don’t win.

    we’ll never know the exact truth, but one guy seems substantially more believable than the other – and tony is who i would trust. it probably says a lot that he got a call from sol agreeing with him over his past remarks and a handful of former players are alluded to similar stuff.

    like wenger or not. support wenger or not – he has evidently managed to piss off a lot of people. he hasn’t exactly worked himself into a position of great moral high ground or integrity. if you still think he has that, ask his ex wife…

  14. Emiratesstroller

    We will learn today whether Wenger stays or goes.

    What is clear is that so long as he stays Arsenal have very little prospect of winning a league title, because the team/squad lacks the required depth to compete in 38 games a season in EPL.

    If Wenger stays as now seems likely he will tinker with the team, but whether he can or will recruit one or two top line recruits is debatable and at the moment the club’s priority is to try and keep both Sanchez and Ozil. Somehow that saga could take the entire transfer window to decide.

    What is clear to me is that the club needs regeneration not only on the pitch but also in the backroom. and for me that is precisely why the club
    should not renew Wenger’s contract. So long as he stays nothing is likely to change.

  15. tonyd

    So Wenger has had advanced meetings with Ivan and Stan yesterday.

    With the dividing and conquering done, today’s meeting will be a rubber stamp affair with tea, scones and clotted cream to make it all the more palatable.

    No doubt Wenger will sit close to Stan and tell the board what they are going to give him and, if any, the restrictions he has agreed with Stan who incidentally knows nothing about running an elite or potential elite football club, but is coached by his son, Josh who is yet to succeed with his involvement in a sports franchise.

    My guess is they will change the toilet rolls and install new automatic toilets with warm and cold sprays and automatic lids.

    The tea lady will have to go , too.

    Job done, ready for the new season.

    If they don’t agree to keep Sanches and Ozil by making them offers they can’t refuse, then it will be over for Wenger in the first three months. Sanches prevented us from being a mid table position. Without him we’d have no FA Cup.

    The smart move would be to make Sanches captain.

    Bring in a couple of highly rated attacking players (midfield and striker) Ozil can really connect with, as he’s been doing with his German team mates for a decade or more.

    Ozil has never had the talent around him he needs to be at his best.

    The board will tell Wenger no more trolly dash transfer shopping on the last day of the transfer window. Wenger will charmingly agree to this concession, but will do it his way anyway by dusting off the cobwebs off his trusty trolly.

    If we were expecting real change, we can forget it for the time being.

    Our club from the top down is a comedy of errors right now, which isn’t remotely funny. They are staying the top 4 route, and thus banking the money in the process as they have for the last 13 years.

    Profits over football is still the mantra, but in the next maximum 24 months it’s all going to go horribly wrong where for us there is now light at the end of the tunnel to finally seeing Wenger gone.

    We will hope sooner, but we’ll take later.

    So where does Gazidis sit in all of this? Out gunned, out maneuvered at every turn. Does he wait for Wenger to fall on his sword after the wheels come off the team Wenger says is good enough to win the EPL?

    Or does he jump back to the MLS?

    Failure to get any of his catalyst-for-change solutions in place really should see him questioning his powers as CEO and make the appropriate judgement.

    Last thought; apparently Wenger doesn’t like analytics any more. I assume they make him too transparent. He doesn’t realise he can’t hide his incompetent decisions from the score lines and thus the fans.

    This seems bizarre to me because he came to us with all the latest analytics and new methods for fitness and diet.

    He obviously can’t keep up with modern technology and cutting edge training and tactics.

    Anyway, if I’m wrong about all this, I’ll hold my hands up tomorrow.

  16. jasongms

    If Wenger signs an extension with no apparent changes to the backroom staff, then surely Gazidis position is untenable and he should resign

  17. Leedsgunner

    I’m a part timer because I have family commitments?

    Oh well, I rather keep my promises to my boy than to give Silent Stan any more of my money…

  18. Joe

    that’s what he said. is it true? well tony seems like a straight forward guy. he wears his heart on his sleeve and speaks his mind and to the best of my knowledge doesn’t have a track record of being deceitful and nasty for his own personal gain. arsene on the other hand lied to the fans time and again about having/spending money, about our club’s ambition and the reasons why we don’t win. we’ll never know the exact truth, but one guy seems substantially more believable than the other – and tony is who i would trust. it probably says a lot that he got a call from sol agreeing with him over his past remarks and a handful of former players are alluded to similar stuff.

    Spot fucking on China.

    People choosing wenger over our greatest captains. A man they call Mr Arsenal. You couldn’t make it up

    The hold wenger has on some people is beyond pathetic

  19. tonyd

    Totally agree, Jason but like us, he knows Wenger is going to implode when things are going wrong, and that is likely to be sooner rather than later.

    He might just hang on and then be Stan’s saviour in overseeing the restructuring and more importantly finding the right manager.

    Pedro rates him. He’s learnt much being at the club, so I would be surprised if Gazidis hasn’t got things going on in the background regarding talking to various managers agents or go betweens.

    Let’s see, Jason, things are going to be interesting and we’ve got the Lions NZ tour kicking off next weekend.

  20. rollen

    There is less and less to support in this club. If Sanchez is out and Wenger in that will be end for me. Also I have nothing in common with loosers like AKBs so what is the point. Also for few of usual tough boys. In any decent club in Europe if you pick manager over club/fans on game day that’s long time hospital food for you cupcake.

  21. tonyd

    TA is a unique character, which you need to be to battle the demons. I have the utmost respect for the guy as a legendary player and keeping on track for 20 odd years.

    Wenger throws his toys out the pram when he’s criticized, but happy to dish it out in a more venomous way. Cancelling Tony’s book signing was petty and childish.

    There’s some serious history there, and Tony is not saying it’s his right to come back to the club.

    I can see Tony is going to be high on the press ‘A’ list when Wenger finally goes.

    Tony will have the last laugh here, Joe

  22. Wallace

    my feeling is he’s gone.

    those comments about the hostile environment the team has had to play in affecting performance…don’t think he’d have made them if he was staying.

  23. Wallace

    Adams might have some genuine grievances about how he’s been treated, but he does strike me as a pretty odd character. zero evidence in his work post-playing career that he’s been able to inspire players in the same way he did while Arsenal captain.

  24. Black Hei


    Really tonyD, you sure you are not some avatar of Tony A?

    Jokes aside, it is just blindingly obvious that Tony Adams can’t coach, can’t manage and have the political and diplomatic skills of an infant.

    He is even worse than Sol Campbell when it comes to entitlement issues.

    So lets leave it as that. Criticizing Wenger does not automatically gives you a pass in being right in everything else.

    I mean would you dare to have such a disruptive character on your board if you are the chairman?

    The answer is no. If you have been on teams and boards of course you will know what I mean.

  25. GoonerDNA

    Wallace, everyone is saying he’s staying and fuck all chances really apart from getting transfers done quicker.

    If it’s true I really wish we lost the FA Cup.

  26. Jeff

    One thing you must all banish from your minds is the idea that Wenger would have left had we lost the FA cup. It’s just not true. He’s been given the nod to stay months ago but he didn’t want to face more vitriol in the stands so he kept it under his hat. It was cowardice more than anything else.

  27. GoonerDNA

    Jeff, Wenger is using the the FA cup as some sort of get out of jail free card and thus makes his life easier in discussing the way forward with the board.

  28. Jeff

    Next season, as the usual story unwinds, planes will be flying again and Wenger will be telling us how magnanimous he is because he never breaks a contract.

  29. GoonerDNA

    Clearly the board wanted him to stay but could’ve enforced major changes now that all seems to have gone out the window. Ivan looks like a fucking idiot now.

  30. tonyd

    Black Hei

    “So lets leave it as that. Criticizing Wenger does not automatically gives you a pass in being right in everything else.”

    Not disagreeing with you regarding Tony not being right for the club, but more often than not when you get to the heart of the problem, Wenger is the catalyst.

    Tony is one of Arsenal’s legends. It’s obvious he still loves the club, but equally he’s a bit left of center and still troubled.

    Wenger could have dealt with it more diplomatically and not cancelled the book signing.

  31. Jeff


    All that the FA cup does is stoke Wenger’s ego – nothing else. Don’t forget, his biggest worry is the accusation of being inept (which he is) but he doesn’t want that exposed. This season we dropped out of top four so the excuse making has changed to say CL football isn’t as important as it used to be – so that’s alright then. He also had a pop at the fans for “disrespect” as though somehow he has a god given right for respect. Only a manager who has a massive chip on his shoulder will talk about stuff like that. He keeps repeating things that don’t matter – like respect, building the stadium, finishing top four consistently, 50,000 substitutions, guiding the club etc. All this is simply saying – look I’m not useless, I’ve done all these things why don’t you love me?

    The board and owner have bought into this big time. Nobody is interested in football or big trophies. They’re interested only in keeping the status quo and the biggest and the most obvious part of that is keeping Wenger. He will never be sacked. For all intents and purposes it is a job for life – contract renewals are nothing more than formalities to keep the charade going.

  32. Wenker-wanger

    Anyone calling Adams a cnut is no way an arsenal fan/supporter……that opinion is clearly an akb or Wenger lover….some sick individual.
    Adams tells it how it is…Wenger is an’s clear that Wenger is hanging on at arsenal at all costs to everyone connected with this club.
    He is a selfish cnut for putting his wants and needs before this fine club.

  33. tonyd

    “Wenger has been criticised for being unwilling to delegate to the likes of Steve Bould and he will not want anyone appointed who he perceives as a threat.”

    If you’re winning and challenging strongly for top trophies, who could possibly be a threat from your own club.

    People only become threats to people who are incompetent.

    Wenger’s got nowhere to hide next season.

  34. tonyd

    “All this is simply saying – look I’m not useless, I’ve done all these things why don’t you love me?”

    Perfectly said, Jeff.

  35. Wenker-wanger

    @ Jeff…he also boasted he got more points than last season …..another desperate attempt to divert the flak for his ineptitude.

  36. OleGunner

    And with that FA Cup win Wenger seals his 2 year contract extension.
    As I’m sure other grovers have seen by now from various reputable news sources he’s had a private meeting with Kroenke where the extension was agreed and decision will be relayed to the board today (of course they have ZERO input along with Gazidis lmao)

    I know the Wengerites are jubilant but I’m looking at the next two seasons with genuine horror with inept Wenger at the helm.

    God help the club through 2019, it’s gonna get very ugly.

  37. Wallace

    “Ozil is understood already to have been offered more than £250,000 a week and the club are ready to go to around £280,000 for both him and Sanchez

    There has been more outside interest in Sanchez, who ended the season with 30 goals and his situation is being monitored by Manchester City, Bayern Munich, Paris St Germain, Juventus and Chelsea. Sanchez, though, likes it in London and Arsenal hope that he might be willing to commit for an extension of two years until 2020. That would give him the option of moving at a stage in his career when he is still likely to interest the very elite of Europe.”

    – Jeremy Wilson

  38. Joe


    Begging for compliments. Begging to be recognized.

    A successful person doesn’t need to talk. Doesn’t need to make excuses

    There work does the talking for them.

    Only some one failing has to beg and lie for affection and a pat on the back.

    It’s too bad so many are so gullible. Fans and kronke.

    And come December we will be in the exact same spot…

    Moved to the Emirates to compete with the Chelsea and bayerns and barcas of the world.

    And now are worse off footballing wise than the beautiful teams of Highbury.

    Closer to the Everton’s and west Broms than we are Bayern and barcas.

    But hey wenger deserves 10m, he won us the fa cup after all.

    Thank god he built us the stadium brick by brick. Can’t wait to lose to Huddersfield next season and listen to wenger blame the fans again

  39. Wenker-wanger

    We now have a team that seems capable of managing themselves on the field, probably despite Wenger’s involvement and substitutions. Was impressed with the drive and grit shown by them. Keep Sanchez ozil and the dynamic ox and strengthen in a few positions and we could challenge properly next season. With a real coach in place as well we have every chance. Sanchez for me is super world class…..good enough for any team in the world.
    It would be a real dignified and decent gesture for Wenger to resign……perhaps such a gesture would go some way to restoring some respect he would get from the disenchanted fans that have lost that respect for him these past seasons.

  40. Rambo Ramsey

    “my feeling is he’s gone.those comments about the hostile environment the team has had to play in affecting performance…don’t think he’d have made them if he was staying.”

    Wallace, that and his outburst about the criticism that he’s had to face being disgraceful, that he found them unacceptable and would never forget. Yes, if it were any normal person saying these things you could take it to mean he’s had enough and the relationship is broken.

    But we aren’t talking about a normal, sane person are we?

  41. Pierre

    Bored last night so I had a look on YouTube at some of the pre match comments by all the experts for the cup final and it’s quite remarkable how so many so called experts could be so wrong…… “defence is going to be ripped to piece”… “arsenal’s only chance of getting a result is to park the bus”……” If arsenal try and press from the front they will leave themselves open to the counter”…… “mert is going to be run ragged”….. “ozil never shows up in big games against big teams”….. “xhaka will dive in and get a red card”….. “Costa will bully holding”…. “playing a back 3 will be a disaster with mert at the back”….. It goes on and on

    These so called experts should hold their heads in shame….. I said before the game that arsenal’s form was very good, players like ozil and bellerin were getting back to their best and xhaka is showing that he is a class act….. I called you doubters mugs for writing arsenal off for this game…..

    Chelsea, man u, man city and Everton… What do they all have in common…

    Answers a post card…. ..

  42. Wenker-wanger

    I cannot recollect one arsenal victory where a pundit has mentioned any clever tactical change brought about by Wenger to achieve such a win.
    It’s always an individual bit of skill or a neat move.
    There is never a strategy, just a hope from Wenger that “you go and express yourselves on the pitch”.
    But the AKBs believe otherwise…’s laughable

  43. Rambo Ramsey

    By giving Wenger a new deal, Kroenke will out himself as the biggest problem at Arsenal football club. You can’t even blame the ‘board’ because the piece from Ornstein reveals such a thing is non existent at the club. Its all on Kroenke and only Kroenke.

  44. Pierre

    “I cannot recollect one arsenal victory where a pundit has mentioned any clever tactical change brought about by Wenger to achieve such a win.”

    Perfect timing Wenger wanker……. The reason why they will never give him credit is because they will be proved wrong in their previous match comments…..

  45. Jeff


    Yes, he is one of those characters that yearns to be “worshipped”. And when things go wrong, it must be other factors. It can’t possibly be his doing.

    Success is redefined whenever things go wrong. Notice how he never mentions the 3 PLs he’s won. That is because there is a bitter pill to be swallowed along with those titles. It happened so long ago and he still hasn’t got over the repeated and continuous pasting he got from Ferguson. He’s still, in many ways, inwardly trying to atone for the years of failure and he knows very well that not winning the PL for 13 years for a club like Arsenal is nothing less than abject failure. His stubborn pride and intransigence prevents him from making the necessary adjustments until it is too late and then desperation sets in. Everything about Wenger is reactionary but only when it is way too late.

    He generally manages by trial and error. Sometimes it works and when it doesn’t, he digs in. He doesn’t analyse and change quickly what is wrong by admitting an error, he will keep on going while blaming other things and other people. There are so many faults in his character that it makes it impossible for him to be a good manager even if he actually knew what he was doing – which he doesn’t.

  46. Wenker-wanger

    Pierre, marginal tactical input…he’s played workable back 3…. But you know as well as everyone in the entire country that Wenger dies NOT do tactics.
    That fact is the basis of Tony’s comments.
    Pundits got the final wrong and for me it was great to see a performance like that with real old arsenal spirit. Loved it. But they never mentioned Wenger’s clever tactics…it was mertesackers amazing performance and some real power play from the others.

  47. Wenker-wanger

    Compare the tactical side with mourinho input.
    We loathe man utd….but he has worked the tactics perfectly into a real solid defensive unit and counter-attacking from rashford martiall and ljngard.

  48. BacaryisGod

    People acting like it’s a surprise that Kroenke is the sole decision maker when it comes to renewing Arsene’s contract. He has complete control of the club. Why shouldn’t he be the decision maker?

    As for next season, I’ll still be happily supporting the club despite deep reservations that we can’t seem to string a consistent season together any longer under Arsene.

    I don’t care about the Champions League either. Let one of the other English clubs experience the annual humiliation that we’ve received from Barcelona and Bayern Munich. I’m convinced the battering we took from Bayern triggered our extended collapse and we only just came out of it in the last few weeks. Yes, that shows mental weakness and there’s no reason why the 5th most valuable club in the world can’t be around the quarter or semi-finals every year at a minimum.

    But at least for one season, we don’t have to endure the scarring of a last 16 dismantling. It might actually be what the team needs. If only we had missed out on the Europa too….

  49. Black Hei


    I think Wenger just feels betrayed by Adams that’s all.

    Managerial skills aside, Wenger did help Adams get back on his feet with his alcohol issues and fitness thingy.

    So while I think that Wenger could understand why Paul Merson hates him; having all these personal attacks coming from Adams must hurt really badly since Tony was his trusted captain whom he extended his contract as far as he could.

    And lets face it; Adams only started criticizing Wenger post Portsmouth. That was his first managerial job. After he started tanking and want Arsenal to give him a big break to boost his profile. Wenger opted for Bould instead and Adams couldn’t forgive him.

    Perhaps Adams felt that he is the man with the higher profile since at least he was given a job at the highest level. But to deny Bould who has been patiently working up the ranks in the club itself would also be wrong. So you can’t please everyone.

  50. Wenker-wanger

    Wenger is just one of those “managers” in all walks of life, where you have to listen to them but you immediately forget what meaningless garbage you’ve been told and then go on and carry out your work in your own way and manner. Hopefully getting the right result and knowing you won’t be criticized as the manager will take the credit anyway.

  51. Rambo Ramsey


    If anything, the Cup Final gave more evidence of Wenger’s hands off approach to coaching and managing.

    You don’t see the difference in the attitudes of players when they step on the pitch in FA cup matches? They show more enthusiasm, they show more confidence, there is a zip and swagger about them that is absent in PL or CL matches.

    Why? Because these players have won the Cup before and confidence comes naturally.

    You remember how nervy the cup final was in 2014 against Hull? Contrast that to the performances in 2015 and 2017 finals.

    Confidence and self belief go a long way in helping win football matches, it doesn’t always have to be about tactics or personnel. It is Wenger’s failure to instill these qualities that have partly kept the team from winning the league.

  52. Wallace

    Rambo Ramsey

    “Wallace, that and his outburst about the criticism that he’s had to face being disgraceful, that he found them unacceptable and would never forget.”

    not all criticism…

    “”I don’t mind criticism because we are in a public job, but I believe there’s a difference between being criticised and being treated in a way that human beings don’t deserve.”

    The lack of respect from some has been a disgrace and I will never accept that. I will never forget it.”

  53. Pierre

    it won’t make you less of a person just to say that Wengers tactics were spot on for the cup final….

  54. Rambo Ramsey

    Alexis Sanchez has mentioned this again and again, don’t forget. Says the quality is there but its the mentality that stops us from winning.

  55. Wallace

    “Compare the tactical side with mourinho input.

    We loathe man utd….but he has worked the tactics perfectly into a real solid defensive unit and counter-attacking from rashford martiall and ljngard.”

    he’s at the biggest club in the country with the most expensive squad in the world and you’re praising his turning them in to a solid defensive unit with good counterattacking?

    aiming kinda low, no?

  56. Rambo Ramsey

    Pierre, he picked the team, he made the winning substitution (Giroud), he gets all the credit.

    I was touching on the broader issue.

    The desire and energy the players showed, what do you attribute it to? Can’t be Wenger’s motivational skills as we rarely see performances like that in the league.

  57. OleGunner


    Sanchez rumoured contract extension is only two years.
    Gives him the mega payday he wants but still allows him to leave next summer once a big club comes calling while he’s still at his peak.

    So I could imagine him staying the year with us, giving the club and Wenger a year of service then fucking off to Bayern or PSG once the season goes belly up as usual.

  58. Pierre

    I do still have doubts about Ramsey ability to understand the game and what is needed at specific points in the game…

    Yes, it was a great goal he scored but why does he have to bomb forward at every opportunity.. I am forever shouting for Ramsey to get back (he never listens though)…. Of course this also a fault of the manager for failing to impose his authority on the team, unless, of course, he wants Ramsey to bomb forward leaving the midfield exposed…. Who knows

    I will and I do criticise wenger frequently as he is often tactically inept but sometimes you have to give credit where its due…

  59. jasongms

    Pay Alexis 250/280,000 Pw

    but in no way pay Ozil the same, he is easily replaceable and should only be on around 130/ 160,000 Pw Max
    If he disagrees, cash in