Greatest ever FA Cup final

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Ok, I’m going to start this review off strongly.

That was the greatest cup final I’ve ever been to, and I’ve been to a few over my lifetime. The day was perfect, start to finish. One to treasure forever.

The cup final is about so much more than the game. It was great to get my dad out, then meet up with the cousins and the extended football family. Considering the season we’ve had, it was pretty damn positive vibes.

I had zero expectations of the game yesterday. I was writing the obituary for the outcome in my head well before kick off. But then I started the walk up Wembley way, and the positivity started creeping in… if only we could start strong and play the way we know this team can… we might just grab something.

I’m way too hungover to give you a blow by blow, but man, what a game.

Arsenal didn’t just turn up, they came and they destroyed. Chelsea didn’t know what hit them. Every single player put in a shift out there. Welbeck led the press like an absolute man-beast. He gave Chelsea’s defenders zero time on the ball the whole game.

Ozil didn’t stand out to me, but everyone watching on TV assured me he destroyed Kante’s game with a very positive performance.

Aaron Ramsey was everywhere, he covered 14.4km, a record for final. He said before the game he wanted to get in the faces of Chelsea and he delivered. He put in one of his best performances of the last three years, freeing up the sublime Xhaka to dictate play. Wenger could have signed Kante this season, and some say he opted for the wrong player, but yesterday, you started to see what the Swiss can bring to the table in a big game. Kante looked very average.

Our defence was pretty mean as well. Per Mertesacker. I bow down. WHAT A FUCKING HERO. I don’t mean to overegg this, but I’d say that was THE greatest FA Cup performance of a centre back EVER. Given the context of him playing 36minutes this season, it made it even better. As for Rob Holding, I LOVE him. He’s not only excellent on the ball, he’s mean. Giving Costa a dig early on in the game. There’s just so much enjoy about his rapid ascension. It’s going to be very hard to keep him out the first team next year. Chamberlain needs a lot of credit too. A very disciplined game from him in an unusual position.

As for Alexis, give the man what he wants, he’s an absolute monster of a player and he always shows up when it counts.

Going 1 up early on really helped us, a great goal from Sanchez. He basically pushed assisted himself with his hands breaking the Chelsea backline, Ramsey was in and offside position but not interfering, Sanchez rolled on and finished it. We all thought it was offside, but the ref had other ideas and blew in our favour.

We went on to dominate Chelsea. We absolutely hammered them. We were first to every ball. We were more aggressive. We transitioned the ball so well. It was unbelievable to watch.

The second half saw a bit more of Chelsea, but we defended resolutely. Things did get interesting for us when Moses was sent off for diving. A massive, massive decision for the referee. Finally, someone brave enough to stand up to downright cheating in the game.

Chelsea still went for us, and they made headway. Diego Costa awkwardly hitting a shot in off Mertesacker. I kind of felt Ospina should have done better. That goal would usually signal crumble-time… or so we thought.

We went right up the other end, Giroud breaking the Chelsea defence with a galloping run, chipping a perfect cross for the onrushing Ramsey to kill the Chelsea resurgence.


The last 10 minutes were some of the tensest I’ve ever born witness to… I could swear it took half an hour to finish. You could see ‘CHELSEA COME BACK KINGS’ headlines flashing before your eyes. We are incapable of shutting up shop… but it worked out, the whistle blew and we went completely nuts.

The FA Cup was ours.

Arsene Wenger, the King of the Cups. What a performance he extracted. He deserves all the plaudits he’s earning today.

He delivered another cracking day, and what a party we had after!

What a performance. What a day. What a memory.

One final point. We just shamed Spurs greatest ever season by winning a trophy in their new home. So damn sweet.

Right, see you tomorrow when this hangover dies down… xxx

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  1. Gooner63

    G May 29, 2017 14:40:29
    ” Arsenal should be at least the top team in London – now we are 3rd best”Whys that then..were u in a coma when Chelsea were spending untold money on any top player that came available…

    Ahh so now its down to how much money you spend??

    notice you didnt mention spurs spending

    i must have missed it when Leicester spent 100mill on players the summer before they won the league

    Utd 200mill to come 6th

    ahh yh all about the money

  2. Rambo Ramsey

    ‘Would trade him for you any day of week’

    Warms my heart seeing the love story between you two simpletons but do you understand what the above sentence means? I keep advicing you to go back to school and learn some basic English.

  3. Samesong

    keep advicing you to go back to school and learn some basic English.

    hmmmmmmm looks like he isn’t the only one.

  4. Wallace


    “The team ‘may’ be able to do more but won’t under wenger. Never reach it’s potential under wenger So in all sense we are the same as we were under GG. A cup team. Yet a cup team that can’t even come close to winning in Europe Agree Wallace?”

    well, it was close to reaching it’s potential on Sunday. but yes, the problem for me is Wenger seemingly unable to get that kind of performance out of the team on a regular basis.

  5. jasongms

    Honestly even I find it hard to believe how many fans are back on the Wenger band waggon .

    Haven’t won or competed for the league in 13 years, 13 YEARS !!
    Has never won the UCL and hasn’t progressed past the last 16 for the last 7 years.

    finished 5th and 18 points of the winners, after spending 90m in the transfer window
    Beaten 10-2 on aggregate and totally embarrassed by Bayern

    And after a day out on the piss and a tin pot trophy, the gullible fan base are back to licking Wenger’s privates…

    “You Maniacs! You blew it up! Ah, damn you! God damn you all to hell! “…

    Arsenal fans meh!

  6. China

    Cmon bro you don’t reach your potential for a match.

    A match is form. Form comes and how by it’s very nature.

    We need class – whether that’s in the form of more talented personnel or our existing personnel being drilled to achieve a better average standard

    I’m impressed that Arsenal did such a job the other day and I’m more impressed that they did it in a final.

    But we don’t win big by turning up with elite performances a couple of times a season. It’s not like we’ll have learnt anything from it either.

    I remember a year ago when we were on awful form and one game we started at a high tempo with pressing and wasted some team. And after the game Walcott was interviewed and was kinda shocked like wow the manager said today we should start quickly (lol that they needed telling) and that it worked and they’re going to keep doing it. They did it for the next 3 or so games and were wrecking teams then stopped being arsed and went back to strolling around until the 30th minute again.

    Then look at this season. The players have been sooooo sluggish and half arsed. Then for the last game of the season they start the game with a sprint and they’re all shocked like its some surprising new found option

  7. G

    Gooner 63 …your spent is irrelevant..Chelsea and city won titles from good scouting network..

  8. Wallace

    “Gooner 63 …your spent is irrelevant..Chelsea and city won titles from good scouting network..”


  9. HighburyLegend

    “Chelsea and city won titles from good scouting network..”

    Please don’t mock that way to work, that’s what allows wenga to win fa cups.

  10. Tonyd

    Don’t worry Jason. As soon as Wenger loses a few games next season, the Wenger Outs rank will swell again.

    He’ll really be under the microscope next season.

    Last poll I saw today had Wenger Ins at 53%.

    Probably by mid season Wenger’s fortunes on the pitch will have nose dived, then the knives will be out for him in full force.

    Why he wants to put himself through that onslaught I have no idea, especially at his age.

    He’s like a 45 year old heavyweight boxer who thinks he can be champ again.

  11. Dissenter

    This championship playoff finals has to be the game with the most to gain (and lose) in the entire sporting world.

  12. HighburyLegend

    @Dissenter : yes I saw that, very impressive, wenga almost win the same amount of money in a month.

  13. Marko

    City finished 3rd and got dumped out in embarrassing fashion in Europe and the league isn’t over a week and they’re about to spend over 100 million. We absolutely cannot drag out the various contract disputes going on we have to be proactive this summer or be left behind

  14. Bamford10


    Hard to say what to expect from Arsenal this summer given how much is still in the air.

    Wenger says this group needs to stay together and that he needs 1-2 players. If he stays on, I don’t expect much this summer — maybe two decent signings.

    I find it interesting that you think we are going to see a lot of spending this summer (irrespective of ownership). You’ve spent years railing against Kroenke but he’s a changed owner now in your mind after a couple of “Kroenke out” shouts? Wow, that didn’t take much, did it?

    I could see everything changing this summer or I could see nothing changing. Impossible to say at moment.

  15. jasongms

    @ Tony

    Just bizarre that these guys have all turned up the last few weeks and not during our annual capitulation, the 10-2 humiliation, 3-0 loss to Crystal Palace, 3-1 loss to West Brom, 3-1 loss to Liverpool etc etc..

    hmm, I wonder why?

  16. HighburyLegend

    “He’s like a 45 year old heavyweight boxer who thinks he can be champ again.”
    Please let him get on the ring to face Klitschko!!