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FA Cup eve today, coming at you from London.

The club appears to be potentially hamstrung – or concussed – with Mustafi. The man is fit, but he’s fighting a ruling on players that have head injuries. I can’t really go too hard at this rule, I’ve bemoaned managers who play their men when they’ve been knocked out, but this feels pretty cautionary. Imagine missing a cup final because of a rule of thumb, rather than actual evidence you’re incapacitated?

I feel like United would get around that rule. We’re like the country who sticks rigidly to EU rules, whilst others flagrantly flounce them, citing cultural differences.

In my view, we need to Brexit the FA to make a point we’ll regret at a later date.

ANYWAY, Matt from The Arsenal Opinion podcast teamed up with Ian Wright for an excellent chat about our FA Cup prospects. That’s here, he’s on at 9m30.

In sad news, Robert Pires was rushed into hospital last night with severe burns. It’s rumoured that his tongue was so far wedged up Wenger’s backside, he caused himself a severe friction injury. This happened after he was asked about the manager’s future and he had this response.

“I hope he will extend his contract. This is the man for Arsenal,”

“Arsene knows that if he extends the contract he needs to change something — spend a lot of money and to build a new team. He knows. He also knows that it will not be that easy.

“Some other managers are critical about Arsene but he doesn’t care, believe me. Because he is very, very strong in the mind. He is still hungry. He loves football. He loves Arsenal. He loves the team, he loves the players.

Embarrassing. His job right now shouldn’t be to creep up Wenger’s passage, it should be to set out what his manifesto for the future should be. We don’t need more yes men, we need people with a vision set in a glorious winnertivity. Calling Wenger the right man for the job is lacking in credibility and it’s painfully clear what he’s trying to do there. Really poor from an Arsenal legend.

Outside the creeping, our failings go far beyond just buying better players. Sure a Tolisso would be grand, and replacing some of the shite would help. But let’s be painfully clear here, Wenger had a squad good enough to win the league this season. Chelsea won it with Alonso and Victor Moses as key players. We have a much better squad than Spurs. We are way better than Liverpool. You can easily argue our squad is better than City’s.

That was all on Wenger. We need a manager who can extract more from his men.

Right, I’m babbling on quite a bit right now, I’ll have a more complete preview for you tomorrow… before then, enjoy our FA CUP SPECIAL podcast. It’s an editing masterpiece from myself, it took me ages, but I think you’ll like it. We have commentary clips from old, we jump deep into some of the old songs and we have an honest take on the cup final.


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  1. China

    So Alex what are your feelings about wenger lying to the fans about having money and then martyring himself for no apparent reason to further stan’s agenda?

    What kind of weird ass behavior is that? Are you not angry that wenger lied to us when he repeatedly claimed he could spend big if he wanted?

    Wenger either comes out of this a strange lying martyr for an American billionaire for no apparent reason – or an incompetent fool.

    Happily take your pick of which you prefer

  2. SpanishDave

    Strange it’s the it, I used to be so excited about anything Arsenal, now Wenger and Stan have sucked the love out of me.
    Our club is now being used by two narcissist who fail to have any feelings for the fans it’s all about them.
    If one or both stay after today I will have to let go, which after nearly 60 years of true support is sad but I cannot bear them and what they are doing to the name of Arsenal.

  3. China

    Ashley sorry man but im not even bothered about the cup.

    Not even gonna watch it as some friends suggested a night out and it’s frankly more fun for me now

    Wake me up when something interesting happens and there’s some meaningful news about the club and I’ll be interested again

    The only motivation I have for watching the game is in the hope that I’m witnessing his final match – but I don’t believe for one second the board and Stan are clever enough to make it so

    People can judge me all they want but it’s not important to me. Either we lose as expected (unremarkable, depressing, standard) or we win (prolongs the old fool’s contract and makes no meaningful positive difference to anything)

  4. Wallace


    “Really hope mustafi makes it. Thinking positively though mert is a good organiser and we could defend deep and invite them on and play them at their own game…”

    yeah, he’s got the tactical intelligence and passing to play the central role well. just wish he’d had a few more games. reminds me of having to play Silvestre against Barcelona. barely had a sniff all season, and then 3 cbs dropped in the space of a week, and suddenly he’s in there.

  5. China

    Winning the fa cup would be putting a plaster on a guy who’s guys are falling out

    If you and any others are able to get anything from it then be my guest, but I’m sadly more interested in the fact the club’s lungs and heart and slipping out onto the pavement rather than the plaster being put on the wound in retrospect

  6. Alexanderhenry


    ‘So Alex what are your feelings about wenger lying to the fans about having money and then martyring himself for no apparent reason to further stan’s agenda?’

    He was coy about it at the time . He never said unequivocally, that he had money to spend but chose not to on principle.
    To be honest, I think he’s a mug for agreeing to manage under those restrictions.

    A lot of criticism of wenger is fair enough


    Would you now admit that there was an austerity programme at arsenal between 2006 and 2014?

    Can we finally stop all this rubbish about wenger choosing not to spend on principle?