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Well, we might as well jump into silly season before it’s fully underway, we’ve been linked with NIGERIAN SENSATION Henry Onyekuru, from Belgian club Kas Eupen. I have heard of neither the player, nor the club. The 19-year-old had an incredible year, banging in 24 goals and dropping a wonderful 9 assists. He’s fast, has pretty decent control, and he reminds me a little of Demebele at Dortmund.

Now, on the face of it, you can’t knock those numbers. There are plenty of good players coming out of Belgium of late, but I have the feeling most trained outside the country before they hit greatness? I mean, Hazard was at Lille, Vermaelen (hardly great) was at Ajax… Tielemans looks pretty damn good though? Kolo and his brother were at Beveren. I mean, who knows. Problem I have with this sort of signing is they’re going to learn under Wenger.

Remember his last – you are just mad I didn’t pay £50m – striker signing? Yep, Yaya Sanogo. We’ve also had other unknowns. Park Chu-WHOTHEHELL. We had Baptista for a bit. What about Chamakh? What a laugh he was!

So excuse me for not crying with excitement over this one. Again, you have to ask who landed this name. Was it Rowley, or was it that new Leicester guy they’re blaming for Rob Holding?

In other more exciting news, turns out Usmanov does want Arsenal. He’s coming back in with another bid. I fear it’s futile, a clear case of Cold War jitters from Stan… and a bit of macho-man ego. Shame Stan isn’t as protective of his pride when it comes to overseeing a losing setup. It’s a shame he isn’t this aggressive about winning.

You fear wrenching the club from Stan is going to be a task and a half. It’s hard to know what to do as a fan? I mean, we have two choices at Wembley.

Make aggressive noises against Wenger, so Stan hears.


Make aggressive noises about Stan K because he’ll be in the ground. Can’t be fun to be booed at a final when all your rich pals are with you?

Now, I’m not sure going after the manager before or during an FA Cup final is smart. If we win, we won’t want to, if we lose, we’ll all be so depressed we’ll likely just go right home.

So for the FA Cup final, being super mean about Stan with witty A4 banners might be the juice he needs. Because after this, he won’t be back in the country for a year or so.

I mean, going for him on FA Cup final day still feels wasteful to a certain degree, I want to drink beer and sing about Freddie Ljungberg’s red hair. I don’t want to be mired in a civil war.

But we’ll see, when I’m drunk I’m easily influenced, and if the older boys are doing it, I’ll be right on that gravy train!

Finally, I’m super sad about that terrorist attack. I don’t want to be a scaremongering wimp, but the country is on red alert. We gotta be looking out for each other, because those snivelling bitches carrying out ‘Gods’ work because no one will sleep with them might have ideas about the cup final.

Also, word to the alt-right online here. I thought they were the tough guys? I thought the millennial liberals – who can’t even get about of bed when if someone jokes that vegans are boring – were the snowflake wimps? Then I look online and these tough guys are calling people who want to stand united ‘enablers’? They’re trying to tell global news channels we’re all scared? They’re trying to divide the good people of the UK?

Fuck off and grow up. Embarrassing carry on. Unpatriotic and shameful. Call yourself right wing? Total jokers. The Churchill you so often misquote and take out of context would be ashamed.

Anyway, that’s my say. See you on the other side.

❤️ MCR

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  1. Bamford10


    Re your first question, there’s nothing especially “strange” about that. Misguided, sure, but not “strange”. Stan Kroenke knows fuck-all about football. Whatever Wenger tells him, he believes. If Wenger says that he already has three world class goalkeepers, or that he already has three world class strikers, or that he has the strongest squad he has ever had, or that current valuations are unreasonable, or any number of other things he has been saying for the past ten years, and that he thus does not need to spend or only needs to spend this or that, Kroenke believes him.

    Why would this be “strange”? If thousands of Arsenal fans who watch each and every game and supposedly know something about the game they’re watching do not or did not see through Wenger, why should Stan Kroenke? If you think the very fact that Wenger wasn’t spending what was available to him to spend would seal the deal, you’re wildly wrong: Wenger studied Billie Bean and “Moneyball”. Wenger is/was a big fan of “Moneyball”. One of the arguments he undoubtedly made to Kroenke and others was that, a la Moneyball, Arsenal could use superior analytics to outsmart the big spenders and win big things. When he failed — year after year after year — he simply offered up excuses, as he is so expert at doing. Kroenke bought it, as did the entire board (“we back Wenger when he has a plan; we back him when he doesn’t have a plan”).

    As to your second question, no, it’s not implausible at all. One, he publicly stated that he would abide by the self-sustaining framework. If he were to break with it for this or that reason, other board members, the manager and the CEO could all speak out or could leak this out anonymously. He could never get away with such a maneuver. Two, he has no reason to break with it and he hasn’t broken with it.

  2. Bamford10

    By the way, I’m almost 100% certain that “moneyball” analytics is the reason we signed Gervinho. Great stats the season prior but totally and completely fails the “eye test”. There is no way anyone watched Gervinho strike a ball — do you remember his “shot”? — and said: we need to sign this guy.

    No chance.

  3. tonyd

    Great earlier posts as always

    I don’t subscribe to your Usmanov thinking.

    We get to meet plenty of Russians in S E Asia, and the ones I’ve spoken to all say that Usmanov is a lot smarter than he lets on. Some love him some hate him, but they all respect his wealth and position.

    They also say he is not a man to cross.

    Often a new manager tells his worst employee that he’s ok and not to worry. Only then to can him or her soon after if that employee continues to be useless. He just wants them to have a false sense of security so they’re not destructive in the interim period.

    Same he is applying with Wenger. Ursmanov knows how to play Wenger and his juvenile ways. He’ll want Wenger’s toys to stay firmly in his pram for a short while before getting rid of him, pram, backroom and toys et al.

    He’s got to have someone to run the team initially, but Ursmanov will do an Abromovich and be looking over Wenger’s shoulder all the time

    Ursmanov will also know who he wants as the new manager and have the money ready to get him and pay the required compensation. He won’t be spending up to £2 billion not to make us a winning team again and without a highly detailed plan.

    The new manager will also have to demonstrate a long term all-things-football model.

    I’m not worried about Ursmanov buying the club. He will want to kick Abromovich’s arse consistently.

    He will bring joy to the club in spades and trophies again. As for a new manager. I alluded to this in an earlier post.

    New managers like to build their own teams. To be able to do it from scratch, as is needed at Arsenal, is almost unheard of for a potential elite club.

    This manager will be wetting himself at the prospect of having the necessary transfer funds, top medical and training facilities, a highly respected DoF and and elite tactical team of specialist coaches for every department of the team.

    He’ll have a couple of seasons to start winning trophies again and won’t be judged on his first season providing the nucleus signs of a successful team is in the making.

    What more could a top manager want? It’s his dream position.

    He won’t have the negative dressing room dynamics most managers have to get over when taking over a club. There won’t be a dressing room where the new manager will be getting rid of half of the team over the next 2 seasons; the existing players (and I use this term loosely) will either ask for a transfer or play out of their skins to try to keep their careers alive at Arsenal.

    Even under Kroenke, this is a career making position for a new manager, so long as the new manager has the resources to implement his plans; however, I think Kroenke is going to sell in the next 12 months. He’ll take the money and run.

    The pond is too big to keep running over to deal with the problems his ineffectual son, Wenger and the BoD can’t deal with.

    Although a new manager would elevate much of those problems, it also will require significant investment from Kroenke; this he might not like much.

    Josh hasn’t exactly set the world alight in his past dealings with Kronke senior’s sports franchises.

  4. Black Hei


    Actually, most top managers will prefer not to work with a DOF. A sporting director yes, but not a DOF.

    Conte did well at Chelsea and that has a lot to do with some new found diplomatic skills and humility. Over at Juventus, he downed his tools when after a while, he felt the club couldn’t keep up with his ambitions.

    At Chelsea, he thought of bringing in his own coach only to get vetoed……by the DOF.

    I think in a way, Conte was desperate to succeed after his experience at Italy and that perhaps made him a more flexible to work with as well.

    One of the reasons why he handled the team and Costa so well was probably because he had the backing of Chelsea’s DOF. That was the support Mourinho lost along with the dressing room in 2016.

  5. tonyd

    Bottom line is Conte won the EPL, will probably win the FAC by some distance and get ready for a serious assault on the CL with new signings.

    Happy days for Conte and looks like the DoF was right!

    However my point was the total rebuilding of team, which is what is needed at Arsenal. Starting with finding players with leadership qualities and winning mentalities.

    Different job to what Conte walked into. He already had what we need.

    Conte was the repair man and he fixed the problem with the minimum of fuss and produced a winning team.

    Great kudos to him!!!!!

  6. tonyd

    Guardian Article

    “Wenger said that he would have to consider whether to revert to a flat back four against Chelsea because of his lack of central defensive numbers and so move away from the 3-4-2-1 formation with which he has enjoyed successes over recent weeks.


    If Mustafi, as expected, does not make it and Wenger were to stick with his back three, he would most likely have to start with Per Mertesacker, who played his first football in 13 months as a 53rd-minute substitute against Everton. Mertesacker has been out with knee trouble. Either Oxlade-Chamberlain or Héctor Bellerín could be asked to fill in at left wing-back in place of Gibbs, with the other one playing on the right.

    “We still have some worries about Mustafi,” Wenger said. “He’s still sick at the moment and has not trained yet. Will he play? I don’t know. I have to listen to medical people.

    “Gabriel is out for six to eight weeks. We had a scare about his cruciate but it’s only a medial knee ligament, so the positive is that he avoids surgery. He’s out until the beginning of August now, certainly.

    “It just shows you how unpredictable football can be because we played at home against Everton, your mind is on attacking and, on the day, we lost two centre-backs [Gabriel and Koscielny]. It’s absolutely unbelievable and unpredictable, and we have been hit hard in a position where we will need to be strong on Saturday.

    The Dozen’s dozen: our pick of this season’s best Premier League photos
    View gallery
    “We’ll have to find solutions and, hopefully, I will find the good solutions. I have until Saturday to decide [about a formation change]. We’ll test that in training until Saturday.

    “Alexis is all right. He needs to go through some tests at the moment and we’ll see how well he comes out of that. Knowing the player, knowing his character and knowing his commitment for the club, which I don’t question at all, he’ll do absolutely everything to be fit for Saturday. Chamberlain is in contention because he’s back in training.”

    On Mertesacker, Wenger added: “He has the leadership qualities. It depends a little bit on the system I will go for. He has not played 90 minutes for a long time.”


  7. tonyd

    We’d have little to no chance to beat Chelsea with a full strength side.

    It’s going to have to be a park-the-bus day in an effort to do score damage limitations.

    It’s not going to be pretty!!!!!!

  8. Jeff

    The way it works in most top clubs is that the manager expresses to the DOF or owner his needs for certain types of player and he might even name one or two that he would like in the coming season. He then leaves it up to them to go and get these players. The manager doesn’t have to get involved in wages or transfer fees or negotiations.

    At Arsenal, Wenger does it all – which is why he doesn’t want a DOF. He will not share an iota of power with anybody else – a bit like Herod. That’s what it’s all about – ego and narcissism bordering on clinical madness.

  9. alexanderhenry


    I think you’ll find that it is Kroenke who introduced the big billie bean ‘moneyball’ model into arsenal.
    I’m sure wenger never of the guy until stan arrived.
    It is kroenke who has applied that model to arsenal, as this article proves:


    The way arsenal is run financially falls very much into line with KSE.

    On breaking the self sustainable framework:
    You claim:

    ‘He could never get away with such a manoeuvre’.

    I’m sorry but he’s the majority shareholder, he can do what he wants.
    If he chooses to spend some of his own money, he can do so.

    The rest of the board have no say as they don’t own enough shares
    – if any.
    Also, why would they object to Kroenke actually investing some of his own cash?

    Your theories on how arsenal fc is run are getting increasingly far fetched.

  10. BigPat


    ‘ you’re wildly wrong: Wenger studied Billie Bean and “Moneyball”. Wenger is/was a big fan of “Moneyball”.’

    The irony of the above statement is more than hilarious. Not only have you got your facts wrong AGAIN, you’re also lying and making things up AGAIN.

    The club bought an analytical company to help with transfers. Wenger is old school, as you always allude to, and still prefers to scout by eye.

    I’d give it up if I was as wrong and misguided as you usually are.

  11. TitsMcGee

    LOL at the back and forth with Kroenke.

    He’s the owner. End of. He probably refers to us internally as the ‘soccer team from London’.

    Would is be great to have Usmanov? Yes but what evidence is there to suggest that Wenger could win given money? With high priced players comes explosive egos/personalities . When has Wenger ever signed those types? Sanchez is the closest to that and he’s about to leave. Ozil is as meek as a rabbit.

    The culture inside the locker room is broken. Kroenke ain’t got shiiite to do with that or the shoddy defending or the players tuning out at least once a season long enough for us to be eliminated on all fronts.

    It’d be a great thing if Usmanov took over IMO, we’d get back on the right track but I don’t think Stan is a debilitating owner either.

  12. Zamfan

    The Nigerian youngster is just that. A youngster. As a result of MIR scans, the days of age cheating so rife in West Africa (Martins, Essien et al) are gone. That is why you now see Zambia and South Africa and not Nigeria and Ghana at the under 20 World cup. And Zambia is heading its group. Go Zambia go!

  13. TitsMcGee

    Rumours circling Wenger new deal is 4 years not 2.’



    The death knell for the club if true.

  14. Davey

    And there’s me thinking we have been dog shit all season but according to untold today the ref cost us 17 points in 8 games, silly me.

  15. TitsMcGee

    If Wenger extends for 4 years he’ll be run out of the club. The results are only going to get worse. No UCL. More competition. If he could have fixed it by now he would have. He can’t fix it. Even Arsenal’s pacifistic fans will get tired of this BS.

  16. Bamford10


    So Wenger watched Gervinho strike a ball and said, “we need to sign HIM”? Yikes.

    Bad argument. You’d be better off blaming that on analytics, guy.

  17. Bamford10


    Read the actual articles about the framework and about Kroenke’s commitment to abide by it. You talk about these things as though there isn’t a historical, public record.

  18. Jeff

    It could well be that it’s the length of contract that’s keeping him from telling us rather than whether it will happen or not. If he says he’s staying the next question would be for how long.

    I think the following comment from yesterdays press conference slightly betrays the fact that he is staying.

    “I believe we have a big job to do in the summer. We want to keep players like Alexis and all the speculations can happen.”

  19. TitsMcGee

    It could well be that it’s the length of contract that’s keeping him from telling us rather than whether it will happen or not. If he says he’s staying the next question would be for how long. I think the following comment from yesterdays press conference slightly betrays the fact that he is staying. “I believe we have a big job to do in the summer. We want to keep players like Alexis and all the speculations can happen.”

    What a coward. If true he’s probably just waiting until the dust settles on the season before announcing. From hiding in the dugout everything about this man irks me now.

  20. Bamford10


    You can’t pick and choose your quotes from the presser. His answer to whether he’d be at Arsenal next season was not the answer of a man who knows he’ll be at Arsenal next season. You said we can discount his public comments; then you cite a different quote from the presser which suits your own view. You can’t have it both ways.

  21. Bamford10

    There is no reason to put any stock in rumors about a 4-year contract. That is highly implausible given all that has occurred this season. Let’s all just take a deep breath and wait and see.

  22. Bamford10

    “Welbeck admits a niggling foot/toe problem has limited his game time recently while there have been ‘no major reactions’ with his knees.” – @BenDinnery

    Yet another crocked player it seems.

  23. Bamford10

    ‘Bayern have now ended their pursuit of Alexis as they are not prepared to meet his wage demands,’ reports Bild.

    If Alexis stays, do you play him as the CF? Do you sign a more conventional CF and give Alexis more of a free role? Do you play two strikers through the center, with Alexis as one of them?

  24. Bamford10

    “Apparently Arsenal have offered Alexis 300k pw to extend. On that basis how much should they offer Ozil?” – @MartinWengrow

    Personally I would sell Ozil, but given the unlikelihood of that and given his chemistry with Alexis, I’m not sure what you do. For me he isn’t worth even one-half of what Alexis is worth, but I am not a big fan of Ozil’s. So I’m sure others feel differently.

  25. BigPat


    ‘Kroenke loves Beane while he has also said that Beane loves Wenger. “Billy Beane’s idol is Arsène Wenger,” Kroenke said. “You know why? His ability to spend money and extract value’

    StatDNAs CEO Jaeson Rosenfeld.

    So instead of facing up to the fact you lie and just make things up to suit your argument/agenda you go and give the lame example of Gervinho as a signing we got wrong?

    Everything about the Gervinho signing made sense at the time. A key player in double winning side, scored goals and assisted and more importantly at the time, was affordable.

    Your opinion is based on pure ignorance and it’s blinding. You never even knew who Gervinho was until he came to the PL. Probably still ignorant to the fact he won the double with Lille and was their 2nd best player behind Hazard.

    Your knowledge outside of the PL or the CL is basic, your questions about certain foreign players allude to that.

    And Gabriel was our 1st signing using the analytics FYI. You’re not doing too well are you, guy?

    Hindsight is a wonderful thing though isn’t it?

  26. Jeff


    You have to take his comments with the backdrop of context. What is that?
    We know he wants to stay if at all possible. We know that for an absolute fact. So any comment or inclination he makes to discount that is either doublespeak or an outright lie. However, any comment that supports what he dearly wants to do anyway (only done on off guard comments or slips), has to be taken seriously because it is what he wants to do.

    I don’t think we have to delve into court room pedantry or robotics to see where I’m coming from.

  27. BigPat

    ‘I don’t think we have to delve into court room pedantry or robotics to see where I’m coming from.’

    You might literally have to spell it out for Bamford or he might just twist your narrative.

  28. Bamford10


    My point about Gervinho was a throw-away thought. The fact that you’re making such a big deal about it is a bit laughable. And I’m well aware of his time at Lille.

    As for analytics, so Beane is an admirer of Wenger’s. And? Is Wenger not an admirer of the analytical approach? Did we not buy an analytical company in order to pursue this approach?

    You don’t like my perspective so you’re trying to make much hay out of very little wheat.

    You never told us, though: is Wenger the problem at Arsenal, or is it this nebulous “staleness” you referred to?

  29. Bamford10


    Also, you seemed to suggest above that anyone who protested or expressed negativity about Wenger or Kroenke at Wembley on Sunday was a “cunt”. But in the post above, Pedro is himself open to protest of one kind or another, negativity of one kind or another at Wembley on Sunday. Would Pedro be a “cunt” if he were to join in an anti-Kroenke or anti-Wenger song at some point on Sunday?

    Do tell.

  30. Champagne charlie


    Spot on. That’s bamfords m.o on here, lie, twist, spin, deny, ignore, criticise.

    Everything to satisfy his point of view. You view is an irritable I’m afraid, no matter how reasonable and fact based. Wouldn’t take him seriously mate, he gets all precious and starts his condescending “guy” bollocks.

  31. Bamford10


    The opposite is the case. Given that the comment I point to is contrary to his interest — he obviously wants to stay — it is the comment more likely to be true. The other is more likely to be wishful thinking.

    I’m not saying that we can say with certainty which is which, but if we’re going to use “context,” the comment I’m pointing to is the more reliable.

    Not a big deal, though. You’re welcome to continue with your pessimism.

  32. BigPat


    You seem to have trouble with comprehension.


    Read in to that what you will.

    Or maybe on second thoughts don’t as you’ll just miss the point as per usual.

  33. Bamford10

    From New York Times article (“How Arsenal and Arsène Wenger Bought Into Analytics”) published Feb. 2017:

    “Wenger had been open to the idea of using data from the start, but to persuade him to go further, Almstadt and Gazidis prepared a presentation on the benefits of bringing StatDNA, its founder Jaeson Rosenfeld and his team in-house.

    Rather than making sweeping promises, they focused instead on what analytics might have helped Arsenal avoid. Almstadt, the driving force behind the plan, picked out Chamakh and Park as high-risk signings that a more empirical approach to recruitment would have averted.

    The presentation won over Wenger. The deal went through.”


  34. Dissenter

    This is the season we make the precipitous drop
    We are the only team in the traditional top 6 out of the CL.
    We are renewing Wenger’s contract with a wage increase.
    We are losing our best players.

    ….all these in one summer. We are royally fuc*ed

  35. Bamford10


    So Pedro would be a “cunt” for joining in on such a song? That’s what it sounds like you’re saying. Interesting …

    But you never told us: is Wenger the problem at Arsenal? Or is it this nebulous “staleness” you referred to? Do explain.

  36. Marko

    Let’s be honest it gets so tedious that Alexander makes absolutely the same points all the time with the same links all the time. I assume you have a Kroenke conspiracy theory folder on your desktop just packed to the brim with the same 4 or 5 links.

    We couldn’t afford 28 million Hazard but only could afford 13 million Gervinho but how come we could afford Ozil for 42 million the next summer? How come. And I mean can one of the lads who’s not an apologist but has a hat full of excuses to let Wenger off the hook all the time explain that summer where we spent only 10 million pounds. You know the summer before we spent 95 million. It was almost like Wenger decided fuck that season just fuck it

  37. Dissenter


    Cunts rule,the world so it’s not a big deal to protest.
    Arsenal is more important that a measly FA cup final that we are not favored to win.
    They tell you not to protest during games
    They tell you not to protest in the stadium
    They tell you the manager does not deserve abuse due to his meritorious service.
    Even Wenger calls out fans protesting dismal performances for creating a “horrendous environment”.

    They just want you to shut up, pay up and buy Arsenal merchandise like Arsenal fan TV’s Ty with Arsenal ear muffs and all.

  38. Marko


    I disagree. You can’t be unhappy with the current state of affairs at Arsenal and then take a break from wanting significant change simply cause we happy to be in a final we’ll likely lose. It changes nothing. We need change before the game during the game after the game it doesn’t change how a person feels. It’s along the lines of hating Donald Trump or Vladimir Putin but taking a break from thinking they’re reprehensible cunts cause it’s their birthday or because their dog died. Doesn’t change a thing

  39. Leedsgunner


    I agree with you that Kronke is a part of the problem, but please do us a favour and stop peddling this line that Arsene doesn’t have money to spend.

    He does… and he’s wasted millions on no hopers like Diaby (…waiting for him to get fit to prove everyone wrong… before being proved wrong himself). He is still wasting millions on passengers like Jenkinson and Debuchy — whom he is unable to sell because he has given more money than they deserve… (there’s at least three or four more deadwood players in the first team alone).

    Furthermore he spent £90m+ last summer.

    Give it a rest.

    Wenger has money, he just spends it very badly on mediocre players most of the time.

  40. BigPat


    ‘So Pedro would be a “cunt” for joining in on such a song? That’s what it sounds like you’re saying. Interesting …’

    So predictable. Show me where I’ve written that. You tend to assume a lot of things which just make you look foolish.

    Deal with the words that are actually written not what you want them to be.

    You’re the Kelly Ann Conway of the blog.
    Bamford the specialist in alternative facts.

    It would be funnier if it wasn’t so sad. I genuinely feel sorry for you.

    It’s like teasing a kitten with a ball of wool.

  41. Dissenter

    Big pat

    Answer the question or show us your clit
    I bet he thinks it’s okay to, chant “Stan Kroenke get out of our club ” on cup final day.

    The resistance manifesto
    “We shall defend our clubs future, whatever the cost may be, we shall fight on cup-final days, we shall fight at the Emirates, , we shall chant “you’re not fit to wear the shirt” when the team is dismal and Fallout EVERYBODY associated with the demise of the club at all times.

  42. Bamford10


    You’re just as shameless and disingenuous as Champagne is. The implication of your claim is obvious: anyone who sings such a song, you say, is a “cunt”. Pedro is open to singing such a song; therefore, according to your logic, Pedro is a cunt.

    So too, apparently, are Marko and Dissenter — and anyone else who dares say or sing something negative about Arsene Wenger.

    You keep trying to avoid the plain meaning of your own words, though. Everyone here can see what you’ve said.

  43. China

    No sentient creature believes wenger is financially restricted after splooging 100m on shite last summer

    We’re literally dealing with people who have decided what they believe irrespective of anything and everything in front of them.

    It’s a science convention where instead of talking about real issues that need discussing, like climate change, a small handful of flat earthers are running around screaming that the scientific world is wrong because the world looks flat from where they’re standing

    It’s almost impossible not to take the bait sometimes, but really we should be trying not to engage them as we’re wasting so much energy dealing with them when there are actual real topics to talk about instead

    But alas these guys dangle bait all day and wait for a catch. Let people give a 10 point reply as to how they’re conclusively, demonstrably wrong beyond any shadow of a doubt, then just repeat the same comment again to get another catch

    There are a million things for us all to disagree on, one which does not exist is the joke about wenger being restricted. The argument finished a long time ago and the apologists were entirely wrong.

  44. Marko


    That’s a good question. Do you think he’ll notice the set up

  45. Black Mirror

    remember when the majority of comments on this blog were insightful, or interesting discussions rather than a constant rehashing of the same argument as an extension of ego?