AW trolls his own greatness | AFC better squad than MCFC? | What derailed us in January?

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Horrible to have to publish something as trivial as a football blog on a day like today, needless to say, everyone who is associated with this blog is thinking about the people affected by last night’s horrific attack in Manchester. It is beyond comprehension that someone would do something so cowardly to anyone, let alone children at a music gig.

The show goes on, but let’s all be super safe and look out for each other at the FA Cup final this weekend.

Today won’t be a long post, mostly because we’re dished you up a lovely episode of podcast glory.

We cover quite a lot this week. We have learnt the art of ripping sound, so we have a big piece on Wenger and his portfolio of banterous excuses. We cover off the pending FA Cup final and what we think might happen there. We explore the Kroenke / Usmanov story. We also take some voicemails from you lot… thank you kindly for contributing them, we think they’re fantastic, even if we can’t publish them all!

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352 Responses to “AW trolls his own greatness | AFC better squad than MCFC? | What derailed us in January?”

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  1. Bamford10


    “But as per, that’s been redrawn as me saying Wenger can win trophies under a new owner.”

    Oh, so you agree with most of us here that Wenger cannot win titles going forward, regardless the owner? Excellent.

  2. jwl

    Marko When Wenger said atmosphere at Emirates was “absolutely horrendous” because there was no clarity on his future , I thought manager was taking a shot at Gazidis, not taking responsibility for shite atmosphere like some were claiming. And that Cross article you link confirms my suspicion.

    Wenger is leaking against Gazidis, war of words in papers, should be interesting board meeting, hopefully Ivan can make some meaningful changes even if Wenger is staying.

    There was supposed to be ten years of austerity at Arsenal to pay off stadium, get it to manageable level, and then club were going to start spending money again to seriously compete against top teams.

    Wenger is in way of that vision/plan, he is reactionary who refusing to change, I wonder if Kroenke wants to keep elite team that he bought or is he content for team to be mediocre.

  3. China

    1) he has turned his contract into a circus and blamed others

    2) the club have made it worse by saying next to nothing apart from a couple of empty catalyst for change sound bites

    3) Sanchez blamed the fans for bad protests so he can fuck right off. I’ve always been supportive of him and if he wanted to go anywhere else I’d have not begrudged him. But when the guy gets paid upwards of 150k a week to accept the club’s mediocrity I’ll be fucking damned if he can scold the paying fans for refusing to accept it. As well the irony of the player who’s thrown his dummy out the pram so many times this season – and who will leave if the club don’t match his ambition – talking down to the fans who have supported him through his baby tantrums.


  4. China

    So it’s official then, with Alexis now added to the list of Arsenal cretins it’s not unreasonable to say that we have nobody especially worth holding on to in this squad anymore

    Every last one of them is either overrated, over paid, an absolute cretin or a combination of the above.

    I can’t believe Arsenal has turned into such a cess pool of a club. Sickening, really.

  5. Bamford10


    How is that remark a shot at Gazidis? Because Gazidis said things — ‘if the manager is to stay, he needs to be a catalyst for change’ — that Wenger thinks undermined him?

    You may be right. The article in Marko’s link is suggesting that Wenger is/was implicitly criticizing the board for not supporting him more fully over the past two months.

    That seems to suggest that Wenger thought he had the full support of the board and was in store for a new contract. Thus their not coming more fully to his defense seemed strange to him. That leads me to think he misjudged the situation, misjudged how much the board actually supports him. They did of course make an announcement of “full support” at one point, and there are reports that he will be extended a new contract, so I guess we will not find out what is really going on behind the scenes until some time passes.

  6. Bamford10


    I understand your irritation, but I think you’re misreading Alexis’s remarks. He currently plays for Arsene Wenger, remember. He can’t come out and say something supportive about anti-Wenger protests. He was just saying the basic, decent, respectful thing a player in his position has to say: “he is a nice old man; he has done much for this club; it is sad to see people calling for him to go”.

    No more than that. IMO.

  7. jwl


    Wenger says not having clarity about his future contributed to toxic atmosphere at Emirates second half of season. Wenger doesn’t say it, but it sounds like manager wanted to sign his next contract months ago but the offer on table was withdrawn and his future yet to be decided.

    Obviously I don’t know details, maybe it was Wenger’s decision to wait to renew his contract but I doubt it. Wenger saying atmosphere was “absolutely horrendous” is blaming either Gazidis or Board decision to make Wenger wait until summer.

  8. PhD07

    MarkoMay 24, 2017 01:49:29

    Kind of speechless at this point
    Just read this news article along with the above-mentioned headline,,,

    Doesn’t make sense on all fronts..

    Starting with the headline of ” Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger feels contract saga that damaged Gunners’ season is the club’s fault and not his”

    Well firstly,who is to blame?


    Did he not say a few months back,that a decision had been made(insinuating a decision had been taken solely by himself) and he will kindly inform us very soon?

    Only to backtrack,and then inform us mere mortals after the Everton game,that it will be decided at the board meeting after the FAC Final game?

    If the article is to be believed,then where it states that Arsene believes to paraphrase” has been left in limbo and feels a lack of support from the board” is quite laughable.

    Given over the years,he has had tremendous support from the club for nigh on 21 years and failed to deliver an EPL Trophy in 14 years and a CL Trophy in 21 years..

    He has had unparalled support from both the fans,the Arsenal hierarchy and to a large extent- the media and pundits for the majority of his tenure at Arsenal.Something unprecedented for any top class manager at a perceived top club for such a significant amount of time.
    Unheard of ever…And we are not talking of a Crewe Alexandra(Dario Gradi),or an Auxerre(Guy Roux) type of club scenario here..

    What lack of support does he talk of exactly?

    This article has either been summoned to generate clickbait,or I suspect a leak in the club,to stir and create some kind of power play for the forthcoming meeting/negotiations.

    I suspect Arsene does not what to leave..And is leaking the lack of support story via one of his aides.Given he has literally through the last decade of his reign,blamed all and sundry for his failure to deliver a top level trophy(FFP,Stadium debt,Oligarchs,Financial doping,Hair pills,Fans,Referees,etc,etc)..Would not surprise me in the very least,that he is willing to throw the upper management under the bus,in order to safeguard his position.
    A position soon to officially end in a few weeks..

    Seems like a cry for help..The last desperate actions of a man,trying to cling on to the last vestiges of power..Except his power has left him.Hard to negotiate or salvage any form of power structure,when you’ve literally defecated on your fan base for a considerable length of time.

    Lost your best players or failed to keep them consistently,dropped out of your holy grail of top four,that you have so sought to redefine as trophy for almost a decade.Continuously undermined the CEO,and showed no willingness to adapt to the modern pressures of the game,nor embrace new and innovative ideas.

    Given, he has certainly displayed such characteristics over the last decade,even to go as far as blaming the fans on the last day of this season for us falling short of the top four.Not to mention his acerbic insults to the away fans a few years back,during the diabolical (Hockey score) 7-5 win against Reading..To paraphrase”The away fans that left at half time,are not true fans.”

    The last season game against Fulham some years back-with a section of the fans booing him.His retort-“He didn’t hear it and if he did-they are not fans ,”again to paraphrase.

    And his dismissive attitude to the fans who questioned his substitution of Oxo-Chambo against Manure(under SAF) at the Emirates.Even RVP was up in arms at such a nonsensical substitution,given Oxo was given ManUre a torrid time.What was Arsene’s response-“I’ve made 50’000 substitutions,why should I listen to fans who have never played/managed the game.”

    I’m really curious to see how Lazidis plays this.Given Arsene’s contract runs out in a few weeks.

    As I’ve said before-no need to renew,no need to extend,no need to enter into negotiations with Arsene.

    Contract has ended.It’s a simple-Thank you for your services rendered Arsene.
    Adios,Au Revoir. Goodbye

    Though it will be a BoD decision with Silent Stan having the final say I suppose.

    From Lazidis’s point of view,if he can’t seize this opportunity to state a case not to renew/extend Arsene’s contract,given (Lazidis’s)his position of strength.Then I’m sorry,he’s just a pansy and ultimately complicit in the whole shenanigans at the club..

    The whole operation/structure is just farcical..The sooner we have clarity on the situation with Arsene-the better.The onus is now on Stan & Ivan to enact positive changes.Changes that will shape the future destiny of this club.It’s literally now or never.

    If Arsene somehow remains in whatever capacity at this club-then it really will seal the death knell of this club, as a potential sleeping giant that can awaken from the ashes to challenge the BM’s,RM’s,Barca’s,Juve’s for years to come,under an owner and manager with a vision and ambition.

    If the current situation remains,it truly begs the question,what was the purpose of the move from Highbury?
    To hoard cash and literally lie and pilfer from the fans?
    Or to honestly and truly challenge the top clubs for the top honours?

    I suspect it was the former and nothing has changed since the move to the Emirates,to make me think otherwise.

    What about you- the fans?
    Continue to support the club where no perceived change is forthcoming.

    Or boycott meaningfully through ways that forces the hand of the club to enact positive change?

  9. Bamford10


    I see. So you think Wenger is criticizing the board for not having extended him a contract months ago, that it is the absence of such a contract, in his mind, that has caused the “uncertainty”?


    If so, it is further evidence of Wenger’s incredible arrogance. This is a man who just finished fifth, yet he is criticizing others for not having raced to extend him a new contract.

    God, I cannot wait until he fucks off.

  10. Emiratesstroller

    If there is a true test of Arsenal’s status in World Football and more particularly in EPL it is our involvement this summer in the transfer market.

    Whilst clubs like Man Utd, Man City and Chelsea are talking about competing for best players in world football our club are looking at mediocrity or young players who they believe have potential.

    That highlights the problem at the club. It is a lack of ambition and financial risk taking by those who run the club and in particular Wenger.

  11. tonyd

    I think taking a punt on this guy makes financial sense if not football. The kid is rough, very rough and his decision making is poor. Having said all that, he did score plenty of goals and can win penalties etc.

    At 19 he can do this without really knowing what his potential is. He’s a bit all bluster at times with the ball, and his feet work faster than his brain. A decent forward coach will get enough out of him to sell on for a good profit.

    Above all else he’s explosive with a real fire when he plays. I think in a couple of seasons he’ll terrorise defenses wherever he plays.

    He might not become WC, but he’ll be much more than decent.

    His maintenance costs with us would be low, especially when he goes out on loan.

    No way we can have him as our ‘New Forward’ or replacement for Sanches. He’s no where near ready for that. Mind you, as a last ditch attempt to win a game? His speedy tricks would bring more chaos to our attacking play, especially against tired defenders.

    He’d be a good bet for a late penalty.

    We did complain that Wenger never finds great potential at youth level.

    However, Wenger never buys this early so I think other forces are dictating the transfer market business.

    So buy this 19 year old kid at what? £6.9 million? Then sell him in 3 to 4 years for £35+ million. That will probably be low money as the player market prices keep appreciating.

    Players are assets of a football club. They are also commodities.

    Buying and selling players should be a core business revenue stream to help with the manager’s budget for investing in new talent.

    This, of course, is something that Mr. economic’s degree Wenger has not learnt about yet; he just hasn’t grasped the concept.

    As evidence of the last 13 years has shown his youth player development (Gibbs?) is non existent with no gems in 20 years other than maybe Ashley Cole, and buying players with more of a view of using them for profit after making sure they don’t fit with the 1st team just never happened.

    Things have appeared to have scuppered this form of business, such as trying to sell players Wenger bought with existing disabilities.

    A broken back was a bit of a stickler on Kallstrom’s resale.

    Then Wenger has just not quite got the hang of contract periods.

    The concept of always keeping players on 2+ years minimum contracts seems to have alluded Wenger’s business and team model thinking.

    He still can’t work out why he has to continually sell players at well beyond their market values.

    It’s just a mystery to him.

  12. China

    Bamford I don’t think there’s much room for interpretation with what Alexis just said

    He said it is really bad that the fans protested against wenger and that we are basically ungrateful for him ‘giving us’ the stadium and titles.

    He was really blunt about it.

    The hypocrite Alexis will be the first to jump ship when wenger doesn’t match his ambition, but says the paying fans should be grateful for this bullshit and give him more respect

    What a wanker

    Fuck off Alexis

  13. China

    Where was Alexis resecptong wenger when he was throwing hissy fits every week during our bad spell?

    He brought the club into disrepute and the fans BACKED HIM whilst he undermined arsene (rightly so)

    Now instead of appreciating the fans he stabs us in the back to praise the guy who he’s gonna to leave in a few weeks. Cretin. Absolute cretin.

    There’s no one left in this club that isn’t either a loser, a cretin or a cretinous loser. The lot of them are a waste of our great club’s resources

  14. China

    If the media ask Alexis about the protests and manager he doesn’t need to pick sides. He can say arsene has achieved a lot but he understands the fans are upset with the lack of trophies. There we go how hard is that?

    I’ve been a supporter since I was about 6, so roughly the time wenger came, and never in my time have I felt our club is so absolutely empty of anything resembling positivity

    Our squad is average as hell
    Our manager is a cunt
    Our owner is a cunt
    Our CEO doesn’t do anything at all of note
    Our board are useless
    Our players have shit attitudes
    The quality of the football is bland
    Our backroom staff are hopeless
    We are a Europa league team
    Our prestige at the top level is gone
    We are a laughing stock of Europe
    We have no long term plan
    No medium term plan

    The club is dead. It’s literally dead. What’s left for us to give a fuck about? There’s nothing for us anymore. I’m a really optimistic person in daily life so to be so fucking depressed about Arsenal all the time is frankly heartbreaking.

    Arsenal are finished and since wenger is being rewarded with his new contract there’s not even a finish line in sight for when we can dare to dream again. It’s dead.

  15. Black Hei


    The squad is quality and is good.

    But with a better manager we could have done better than 75 points, which isn’t that low in the first place.

    Given our quality, I think low-80s would have been a realistic target.

    Wenger’s inability to get the midfield functioning on time was the problem. If we have switched earlier into a back 3, it would have been well and good. Not enough to win the league, but we would have done a better job.

    At this point, all I feel is apathy. Good on you if you still have the passion to rant but careful of the blood pressure. End of the day, this is just football.

  16. jwl

    I havent watched video of Sanchez, China, but perhaps Arsenal have told him the only way he allowed to leave mad house this summer is if he nice about Wenger before they sell him.

    Is Sanchez blinking a lot in video – maybe he sending coded messages while he drones on about Wenger being important to club.

  17. tonyd

    Black Hei

    ‘The squad is quality and is good.’

    Good? Good for what? Not winning trophies or making a meaningful challenge.

    When you compare our squad to Chelsea, Barca, Dortmund, Both Madrids, Juventus et al, it’s laughable at the gulf in talent. Compare managers and it’s the same huge gulf in management and tactics from the aforementioned clubs.

    BH you need to wake up and small the coffee. The last few wins were against rubbish teams already dreaming of far flung beaches or casinos in Vegas.

    Watch the cup final and keep the tissues handy when you watch your ‘Quality’ team get their arses handed to them in style.

    Then tell us the squad is quality and good and keep a straight face at the time.

  18. Black Hei


    Nah, I think it is more down to the manager.

    Teams like Monaco, Dortmund, Athletico (though the club are having issues) and Spurs outperform their talent due to their manager.

    Teams like Bayern, Real and Barca are ahead regardless of who they hire as manager since the squad is just so strong.

    I think the ones that under perform are those in the EPL. Arsenal, City and United.

    Liverpool and Chelsea did not have Europe to bother with so I wouldn’t judge them just yet.

    I do think we have a good squad. Maybe not top class but we ain’t low on the talent scale.

  19. tonyd

    I agree about the managerial blame but we are a struggling top 4 side quality wise but nothing more. Always have been.

    We are not a quality side who can mount serious challenges in either the CL or the EPL.

    You know the stats for the past 12 years.

  20. China

    Good bad and average is relative BH – compared to half the league our squad looks wonderful but we are supposed to be looking at Bayern rather than watford for comparisons.

    The irony being that the club love to remind us of wenger’s successes as a bench mark for judging him, but as soon as we use that benchmark and start judging the club against other title winning teams the excuses come flooding down in a golden shower

    For a team with pretentions of being elite or even vaguely competitive, our squad is average as hell, arguably worse than that

    A better manager could get more out of them, but at the end of the day where is the top end talent in this team?

    Sanchez is, sure.
    Ozil is a pretender
    Kos is really good but a bottler
    Bellerin is unpolished and very rough around the edges
    Cech is nothing special anymore

    And these are the star names! We have one elite player at the moment. That’s the reality of this squad – and he’s off for sure this summer.

    Everyone else varies from decent to frankly pants. Players who’d be at best bench material for other big clubs are guaranteed starters for us, and players who wouldn’t get anywhere near other big teams are also getting regular game time

    Danny welbeck?
    Per is our fucking captain!!!

    These guys are in and around our first team dude and they’re absolute nobodies in world football.

    Where are the clubs banging on our door every summer to throw us buckets of cash for half our squad?

    I tell you there’s a reason why sanchez and bellerin are the only two likely to attract top end attention and in the latter’s case, his age and the prospect of him becoming good is far more involved than the actually performances he’s putting in for us

  21. China

    We used to field teams consisting of 5-6 international captains at the same time!

    Half of this squad isn’t even guaranteed first choice for their countries anymore

    Gone are the days of panicking about injuries from international games. There are only a couple of players who even matter so the chances are low

  22. China

    It’s been this way for years as well

    Our last captain was the mighty arteta who never even got capped once in a 16 year professional career…

    These are the guys we’re looking to on the pitch to win us big games…

  23. Wallace


    “Kos is really good but a bottler.”

    no clue where you’re getting this from. can be impetuous at times, but he’s not a bottler.

  24. Black Hei


    I think we can perform better than we currently do if we get a new manager. We might even nick the league or a European trophy in a one-off.

    But to get to where you want us to be which is continual success at the top of the band, that will take a new owner and a new board along with buckets of dirty cash.

    Changing manager ain’t going to get you there unfortunately and that is the truth of it. Clubs like Bayern and the big 2 in Spain as well as PSG are rigged domestically. In fact, don’t expect PSG to fall off the top spot for any length in time. They will eventually out-$$ Monaco.

    We don’t have that kind of luxury back home. United, City and Chelsea have far dirtier $$ than us.

    So unless Usmanov the Hutt comes on board, we won’t have a chance. And even if he does, there is a limit to how much $$ he can spoon feed Arsenal. The way to go will be inflated shady inter-company transactions.

    But that kind of thing is not my cup of tea.

  25. China

    But hei the problem isn’t primarily that we’re not there anymore, it’s that the club has happily embraced this fate for no fucking reason when the opportunities have been there to kick on

    You don’t need to spend 200m to build an elite squad. Spurs Dortmund atletico and Monaco have all recently proved that it’s a myth that spending extortionate money is the only option

    If we had even half the quality bargains that those teams have managed and had the motivation to use some of the vast resources we do have to make up the rest, there’s every chance we could’ve been competitive at the top end a few times in the last 7 years.

    We had resources to get in clearly better than we did and on top of that we’ve been pretty hopeless on the cheap bargains front

    It’s not even about usmanov and dirty money. Dirty money didn’t win Leicester the league last year, a cheap team of nobodies did.

    We were paying walnut 130 odd k a week last year whilst mahrez was running riot for probably less than half that

    Harry Kane has been banging in top numbers for years despite not being a big name signing. Whilst we were humouring coq, kante whilst quietly dominating the league.

    Then last summer we did spunk significant cash and only got 3 points for it lol.

    The whole thing is an entirely unnecessary farce

    It’s negligent bullshit

  26. Samesong

    Our squa is not good. It’s in fact terrible.
    Don’t let the last few games fool you.

    One of our midfielders scored his first and only goal of the last day of the season how many defenders elsewhere have outscored some of our midfielders?

  27. TitsMcGee

    Dictators often blame (and punish) the citizens near the end. Wenger displays all the characteristics of a football dictator.

    It’s always something or someone else’s fault. Even Stewart Robson referred to him as such.

  28. TitsMcGee

    Wenger stays on. After all of his failures. What a joke. Like the atmosphere isn’t going to get worse next season?

  29. TitsMcGee

    So basically Wenger is implying that the board pulled the extension(or placed one he wasn’t ready to sign ) and that his little girls couldn’t deal with the uncertainty of not knowing how they were going to eat without him so it affected them? Is that the gist?

  30. Pierre

    China… What the fuck are you on about…

    Your rambling on about shit more than Wenger does… Chill out man for gods sake…

    The situation as it stands at the arsenal is not great but let’s have some perspective here….. You are painting a pretty depressing picture..

    We are in another FA cup final this weekend which I am really looking forward to…. Will be a great day, having a pre cup final bbq, all my arsenal mates coming round with their kids….. Have a good drink, a nice bit of grub, sit out in the sun and then in at 5.30 for the game (and that’s when the day goes downhill lol)……
    I am not having any negative shit around me on the day…..

    Most of you lot can wallow in your arsenal depression.. Not me… Arsenal v Chelsea in a cup final is a day to embrace… COYG

  31. Leftsidesanch

    Whats to not be depressed about? Another cup final where we’re going to likely capitulate and Chelsea destroy us?

    At this point, i’m not even sure what point there would be watching the cup final.

  32. OleGunner

    Seemz Sanchez is done and dusted to Bayern now after his agent was there speaking to their transfer team.

    Shame, what a great player we could never satisfy his ambition with genuine ambition for the big titles.

    We’ll regress once more next season without him, whilst Wenger espouses the vitues of internal solutions to replace Sanchez’s quality. What a farce we are.

  33. Samesong

    Love when le grove gets tasty great reading keep it up lads. Always do thisTop 10 ranters (all good)1. Bamford (so funny)
    2. Champagne (Militant)
    3.joe just Joe
    4. Redtruth trophy mate
    5. Marko grumpy as hell
    6.phd007 (the good ranter)
    7.gambon been gone for days would of been top spot had he been here
    8. Daledagooner sorry mate
    9.Pedro ( when he’s not in a good mood)
    10. Pierre

    Maybe a day to embrace or a day John Terry lifts the cup and does the double for not doing jack shit this season looooool.

  34. Leftsidesanch

    Average players being rewarded with contracts, the few players worth keeping likely on their way out.

    We have a manager hell bent on staying with unwavering blinkered belief of said average players who will add “1 or 2” to a team who finished almost 20 points behind our opponents on Saturday.

    Being led by a man who can’t take responsibility. Poch said this season ultimately doesnt mean anything as theres no trophies at the end. Pep said he can do better next year yet you have Wenger talking up our points tally as if we haven’t finished 5th.

    The day he signs, this club is officially finished in my eyes and theres no point supporting. I watch enough other footy to get me by anyway.

  35. TR7

    In hindsight everything makes sense now –

    Chain of events (My hunch)

    1. A verbal agreement was in place between the board and Arsene on extending his contract.

    2. In the actual contract offered a few weeks after the verbal agreement, there are a few stipulations – A DoF, new scouts, perhaps a new coaching team as well, new fitness experts etc. Wenger used to having unbridled power at Arsenal must has scoffed at the proposed changes.

    3. The board/Ivan start to play their own games – releasing names such as Allegri,Valverde,Jardim along with probable DoF candidates like Zorc, Overmars etc. merely to build pressure on Arsene to extend his stay despite the proposed changes in the offered contract.

    4. Wenger starts to play his own pressure game by reminding how poor Arsenal were before he came in, references to number of European trophies and CL games before he came in compared to during his reign, talks about stadium etc.

    5. Wenger’s little girls lose their shit as they know it very well that nobody except Wenger would keep them on lucrative wages at Arsenal. The same reflects in their on field performances and we fans suspect Wenger has lost the dressing room.

    6. Wenger stumbles upon the idea of employing back 3. It works to some extent. Suddenly Arsenal under Wenger don’t look dire anymore. Board relents and relaxes some of the stipulations in the offered contract. Clouds of uncertainty over Wenger’s future clear up. Wenger’s pansies get a new lease of life and hey Arsenal are back to winning matches even against good oppositions.

  36. China

    Pierre enjoy the BBQ with family and friends. I hope you will. I’ll be going for a picnic in the park with my family on Saturday afternoon.

    But as lovely as that stuff is, this is an Arsenal blog not a BBQ blog! If you’re expecting lengthy conversations about something positive then you’re not likely to find it on an Arsenal blog outside of untold (even that place is negative they just reframe the anger away from the club and towards external factors like refs)

    Enjoy the day and enjoy the game. But when the last semi positive thing in this club comes out skating the fans forgive me for not feeling overly excited…

  37. China

    For those who are excited about the possibility of usmanov as well.

    I don’t doubt he’d be a better owner than Stan. But this guy wants wenger to stay and even have the power to pick his own successor in his own time. If he forks out the best part of £2billion and wenger continues the decline that may not last, but it’s evident that in the short term he has no idea what’s good for the club if he’s still on the Weber love train

  38. OleGunner


    Well good for you enjoying the likely FA cup hammering with a family bbq but to be honest nobody here largely gives a toss about what you do on the day.

    You’re trying to project your own happy-go-lucky Arsenal attitude onto others when the club is up shit creek in so many aspects and it’s rightfully pertinent that fans can be frustrated/angry and venting on an Arsenal blog.

  39. China

    Let’s even go for a scenario where we get a director of football given total power over all transfers (never gonna happen but let’s play that game)

    Wenger won’t pick players to play if he doesn’t like them. We know he only plays his favourites and will play the same players week in week out regardless of form apart from very occasional exceptions

    Even a total backroom change and relinquishing of power does nothing whilst the lord remains on his throne

  40. Black Hei


    Look I am under no illusions about the role of the DOF which Stan Kroenke has in mind.

    That is to ensure that Arsenal stays the course after Wenger is gone. And by staying the course I mean “milking” mode.

    DOF “Sorry new manager of Arsenal, the vault can’t be opened for you to buy Neymar. Here is some change to extend Giroud’s contract.”

  41. William

    Next time I completely suck at my job I might try telling people: “Yeah, it can all be explained by a couple of things I’ll tell you about one day. Now go away and talk about that mysterious – and completely non-existent – thing instead of why I suck.”

  42. China

    William if that doesn’t work, tell them you made a formula about things that go wrong at your work and let them know if they keep you on a life time contract you’ll tell them one day

  43. China

    But black for all stans faults, restricting finances clearly isn’t one of them.

    He signed off 100m of signings last summer

  44. Marko

    Arsenal are back to winning matches even against good oppositions.

    Everton on holiday and United are shocking these days while we were lucky against City. We’ve hardly turned a corner. Don’t forget the Spurs game so soon. We had 3 at the back then and looked utterly shite.

    I just don’t get how a manager can insinuate all that’s been going on and the bad atmosphere is down to not being backed by the board after the biggest spend last summer in the clubs history as well as the fact he’s been backed without merit for years. He’s had such a pathetic grip over this club for so long that I suppose Sir Chips Ahoy saying we’ll come to an agreement mutually in his eyes is considered heresy. This club every club should be bigger than one person but Arsenal football club doesn’t seem to understand that

  45. tonyd

    Great posts as always

    I don’t subscribe to your Usmanov thinking. We get to meet plenty of Russians in S E Asia, and the ones I’ve spoken to all say that Usmanov is a lot smarter than he lets on. Some love him some hate him, but they all respect his wealth and position. They also say he is not a man to cross.

    Often a new manager tells his worst employee that he’s ok and not to worry. Only then to can him or her soon after if that employee continues to be useless. He just wants them to have a false sense of security so they’re not destructive in the interim period.

    Same he is applying with Wenger. Ursmanov knows how to play Wenger and his juvenile ways. He’ll want Wenger’s toys to stay firmly in his pram for a short while before getting rid of him, pram, backroom and toys et al.

    He’s got to have someone to run the team initially, but Ursmanov will do an Abromovich and be looking over Wenger’s shoulder all the time.

    Ursmanov will also know who he wants as the new manager and have the money ready to get him and pay the required compensation. He won’t be spending up to £2 billion not to make us a winning team again and without a detailed plan.

    The new manager will also have to demonstrate a long term all-things-football model.

    I’m not worried about Ursmanov buying the club. He will want to kick Abromovich’s arse consistently.

    He will bring joy to the club in spades and trophies again.

    As for a new manager. I alluded to this in an earlier post.

    New managers like to build their own teams. To be able to do it from scratch, as is needed at Arsenal, is almost unheard of for a potential elite club.

    This manager will be wetting himself at the prospect of having the necessary transfer funds, top medical and training facilities, a highly respected DoF and and elite tactical team of specialist coaches for every department of the team.

    He’ll have a couple of seasons to start winning trophies again and won’t be judged on his first season providing the nucleus signs of a successful team is in the making.

    What more could a top manager what? It’s his dream position.

    He won’t have the negative dressing room dynamics most managers have to get over when taking over a club. There won’t be a dressing room where the new manager will be getting rid of half of the team over the next 2 seasons; the existing players (and I use this term loosely) will either ask for a transfer or play out of their skins to try to keep their careers alive at Arsenal.

    Even under Kroenke, this is a career making position for a new manager, so long as the new manager has the resources to implement his plans; however, I think Kroenke is going to sell in the next 12 months.

    He’ll take the money and run. The pond is too big to keep running over to deal with the problems his ineffectual son, Wenger and the BoD can’t deal with.

    Josh hasn’t exactly set the world alight in his past dealings with Kronke senior’s sports franchises.

    I have a saying for BS American businessmen:

    “If you divide what they say by 50%, you are halfway to the truth”.

    It has never let me down!!!!!!!

    (This isn’t aimed at all Americans just those without a passport and who think they know it all from watching CNN & Fox news)

    Sadly that’s about 90% of the country without passports or has the % got better since the 90s?

  46. tonyd

    Do you multi task at work?

    Do you have a broom and trolly to push?

    Sorry forgot, that must be your older brother, you’re still at school, right.

    It’s your posts that give it away.