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It’s a big day today, Arsene Wenger is aware of the protest, that of the ‘DO NOTHING’ variety, that may or may not take place this evening.

I don’t have a ticket, but I wouldn’t go. Dicking a few teams on their holiday’s after the total capitulation on all fronts we’ve faced this season (FA Cup is coming) doesn’t have me convinced Wenger is right to lead us forward. The hope for the fans right now is that Ivan can utilise the leverage he may or may not have going into the big contract negotiations post season.

One item he might be able to lean on is the lack of fans in the ground. I had some back and forth about this online. Some people are saying that not going isn’t a protest… err… kind of the biggest protest you can make as a fan.

Protesting outside the ground is a bit ridiculous when you think about it. It’s kind of like standing outside a restaurant you used to enjoy, waving your ‘HEAD CHEF OUT’ placard, then going inside, and ordering a bottle of red with the best filet mignon on the menu.

Choosing not to show up to a ticket you’ve paid for when we’re about to lose football for 3 months is literally the most agressive form of dissent open to a fan. An empty seat is symbolic. In fact, one of the reasons the Premier League has such mega TV deals is the PASHUN the home fans have for the game. 93% capacity across the land. Quite remarkable. Italian football is more technical than ours, but they play to empty stands. Outside the major clubs in Spain, you don’t get full capacity week in week out. So when people say the club won’t pay attention, it’s a nonsense.

If you’re a brand like Adidas, and Ivan is asking you for £70m to sponsor the shirt after Puma… what are you going to say to screw that number down?

“Mate, you can’t even fill your ground every week and the atomsphere if f*cking toxic online. Why would I put my brand there?’

Do you think Chelsea struggled to fill the ground last night? No way. How many times do you think Spurs had 12.5% of their home fans missing this season (average number of fans missing in 2014 can you believe!)?  How many times have Liverpool struggled to fill their ground this season? Not many… but we have Arsene as our overlord, and he offers up a boring product. However, he does try and sell it as something special. This is him yesterday on the Bayern game and his lack of progress this season.

“I think we suffered a lot when we went out of the Champions League under special circumstances. If you look at just the first halves, we would have qualified.

“Would 75 points be progress? I don’t want to go into conclusions too early but it shows that if we can make 75 points it is good because I won the championship with 78.

“You had basically two leagues, with the top six and everyone else.”

Worst thing is some fans will be nodding along to this sort of tripe. This is the manager of Arsenal FC, one of the most prestigious sporting clubs on the planet, and that’s how he’s framing going out of the Champions League 10-2. Also, ‘special circumstances’, no mate, exactly the same ones for 7 years running at the same point in the competition. The special circumstance is you’re the only manager in Europe who can’t be fired for being a bad coach.

So anyway, back to my point. Don’t go this evening. Make a point. The media now know about it. Arsene knows about it. Every empty red seat will make and impact and attack his power at the end of the month.

It’s your last chance to make an impact in an easy game.

In other news, absolute banter that Wenger swiped at teams “being on holiday” when he’s overseen 3 easy victories against teams taking it so easy, they were sneezing mojitos. Mourinho even came out and said of the last few games, “in this moment the Premier League is just matches we don’t want to play.”

Well, Pep G came out and had a pop back at the mind games clearly aimed at derailing his City and Klopp’s Liverpool.

“I never saw one player in my life go to the pitch and don’t try to win the game and when the target is done, it’s done, but so if you don’t want that, win more games yourself, or qualify before or win the champions league, and after we don’t have the problems for the other ones.”

He also made the point that I just made a few paragraphs up.

“Yeah, but he [Wenger] plays against Everton and Sunderland, no? Both teams are done, no? One is relegated and one is in the Europa League, so it’s the same situation, so you don’t want to complain, do it better during in the season and you will not have this problem.”

There isn’t much to talk about regarding the starting line up, Sanchez is nursing a kicked thigh. Outside that, I’d be surprised not to see a similar side to the Southampton one. It’s going to be drab, Sunderland are awful and finished, we have perked up now #Top4 is on, so we’ll probably win. Let’s just hope it’s in a fairly empty ground so the focus of the match report is disgruntled fans.

Final ask, we’re running a podcast this evening, we have a number you can call to tell us what you think should happen with Arsene Wenger moving forward.

+44 020 3868 6265

Leave your name, where you’re from, and what you’d like to see happen as we close out the season. BE NICE.

Keep it snappy. Best one’s go in the pod!


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  1. Thorough

    football actually is arithmetic. Sub Iwobi for an ineffeective Gibbs and remove the ever rubbish ramsey for a striker. Then you get a goal in less than 5 minutes. Wenger is senile.

  2. leftsidesanch

    enjoyed watching sanchez don the colours of the AFC. Fuck you Wenger you piece of crap for what’s about to happen

  3. Dissenter

    Arsene’s nurse,
    ‘Stadium must be almost 2/3rds empty.’

    100% sold out
    Didn’t you get the memo?

  4. Thanos

    Pickford is amaxing great distribution for a keeper and shot stopping. Young as well put him on the shopping list

  5. reality check

    Sanchez proving his point.

    So many fans critisized him mid season.

    Imagine where we’d be without him. We’re struggling for top 4 WITH his goals. Imagine we didn’t have him, we’d be 10th.

    Then he shows he cares, shows passion and anger mid season. And a whole bunch of Arsenal fans critisize him??

    Arsenal fans, we deserve every last bit of Giroud. Im calling it. Giroud will STILL be our CF next year.

    We treat players that actually contribute for most of the season like shit, yet the crocks and leeches get treated like kings??

  6. Paulinho

    Alan Parry is an awful commentator. Unbelievably stupid every time I have the misfortune to listen to him.

  7. Marko

    Thanos in my opinion the only way we convince Sanchez to stay is signings. Good enough signings and he might stay on. Now with Wenger as we’ve seen over the years that’s not going happen so it’d be up to the new manager to convince him

  8. BillikenGooner

    Could have used a bit more of a thrashing to make the final day more exciting in case there is a shock loss or draw.

  9. Champagne charlie

    Theo in a nutshell, good movement, shit technically, no goal.

    Should’ve scored about 5. Pickford was very good but we were pretty damn wasteful. A Lacazette bags 3/4 there

  10. Ishola70

    I think that injury to that Jesus boy slowed Man City down.

    Don’t think Arsenal would have been as close to them going into the last few games if he hadn’t got injured.

  11. westlondongoon

    So once again, the player who the club did their best to discredit 3 months ago, digs us out of a hole.

  12. Ishola70

    You just know Sanchez is going to leave when you see Wenger’s reaction in the pressers when he is asked about him.

    There is no real feeling from Wenger when he speaks about him. He did say that Sanchez has had an exceptional season but then went on to imply it was because he has improved as a player under his guidance.

  13. Danny

    It’ll be funny if Boro win 1-0 and we draw with Everton and therefore missed out on 4th coz of goal difference, a bit like Monreal’s back pass…..

  14. westlondongoon

    Hope the bin dippers bid £40m +1 for Sanchez once they qualify for CL; but would Wenger even appreciate the irony?

  15. Relieable Sauce

    Sanchez pure goalscoring stats match up with the best, dedicated CFs in the league.
    Minutes played – up there with the unbreakables.
    Combined goals and assists – top of the class.
    Attitude – Best of Kane and Costa, and not much of Lukaku.

    Conte, Pep and Mo would be crazy not to be in for him.

    Thank you Alexis, all the best.
    Join Chelsea would be my advise.

  16. loyika

    @ Reliable?

    Why would Alexis want to go and play for Jose!? If he goes it will either be Bayern or PSG. Only EPL that would sway Arsenal to sell might be Citeh, but 80% sure Arsenal will only sanction a move abroad.

  17. Relieable Sauce


    True, he is like Lukaku in that regard and I do think he would be better with a strike partner – a creative player who can hold his own with goals seems like the ideal.
    40-50 goal duo is more realistic and viable and there’s no reason we shouldn’t be playing two upfront for the majority of the games we play.

    Do you like the lone CF formations ? Do you have any preferences ?

  18. Relieable Sauce

    loyika May 16, 2017 21:46:06

    @ Reliable?

    Why would Alexis want to go and play for Jose!?…


    Didn’t say he did/would/will.

  19. Thanos

    Sanchez will be sorely missed hopefully we sell him abroad watching rvp in a utd shirt hurt so much it would kill me to see Sanchez at Chelsea with cesc

  20. loyika

    @ Reliable

    Wasn’t attacking you in any way mate.

    You had said Mo (among others) would be crazy not to move in for him, so was only responding that Alexis (i feel) would rather go somewhere else than end up playing for Maureen. And secondly, i think Arsene would rather die than give Alexis to Mo without asking for Pogba in return (a’la Cole and Gallas swap)

    Unless you were referring to The Spuds manager? (as “Mo”)

    Anyways, i feel if he is to go, Bayern are in the driving seat (Team wise) followed by PSG (Financial wise) before any EPL Team.

  21. reality check

    RedtruthMay 16, 2017 22:02:05
    I am Sanchez biggest fan but no way is he world class as some profess…
    This proves you still hold on to a little hope that one day, The old Arsenal will return.

    You know full well, as long as wenger is in charge, our appreciation for the players we have, completely changes.

    For instance, in a general sence, when compared to other established WC players, mabey you could argue. Sanchez isnt WC..

    But, we’re New Arsenal, Wengers Arsenal, we are not in line to get or produce any WC players full stop! so to have an Alexis on our team is the closest thing we’ll ever see to a WC player these days. We need to embrace the Sanchez level players of the world.

    World Class or not. We aint getting better than him.

    I mean what do we expect. Sanchez to go and Griezmann to replace him!!? Hahaha No.. never, impossible.

  22. ArseneisaFraud

    Arsenal are missing out on nothing.
    Top 4 has brought nothing but illusions of success without actually progressing…

    Spot on Red. A myth created by AW. The planted interview article with Kos that can be found on Sky Sports news has this mantra repeated in the form of: we must be in the CL.

    Such a lack of ambition at the club.

  23. Carts

    I guess Sunderland weren’t fully committed either.

    Relegated, fuck all to play for and all ready weighing up how much they’ll get for:


    Both City & Liverpool need to do their job this weekend

  24. reality check

    For those who want Wenger to be exposed thoroughly, being in the Europa League will be the best thing for us.

    No excuses. We’ll have more money than 90% of the teams. So, if its all about spending big money, well, we can outspend most if not all of the Europa League teams.

    If the reason we can’t win the League is City Chavs, and the reason we can’t win UCL is because of Barca Real ect.

    Then winning the Europa League for Arsenal in 2018 should be guaranteed?

  25. TonyD

    ‘I don’t think there’s anyone who would go against my opinion that this competition is not great for Premier League teams,’ Pardew said during their negatively affected league season.

    ‘There are too many games put into a very competitive, tough league. Talking to Premier League managers, we’re all of the same opinion.’

    “Statistics suggest that between 2005 and 2015, Premier League sides who have played six or more games in the Europa League finish an average of 2.5 places below their place the season before.”

    The EPL is too much for Wenger as has proven for the past 13 years. He will never cope with Europa as well.

    We can expect from these stats that we’ll finish 7th or lower, especially if Sanches and Ozil leave for CL football.

    Read more:

  26. TonyD

    “The official attendance here was 59,510 but that was based only on tickets sold. The number of people actually present was perhaps 15,000 fewer. It was a culmination of a decade of unerringly-similar seasons of highs, lows and then almost identical outcomes.

    Those silent swathes of empty seats were actually a far more significant reflection of the current mood than the noisy minority protests of recent months. And the accompanying question that will surely most exercise the club’s directors over the coming days is whether Wenger can truly reinvigorate the fans and generate a belief that it can again be different.

    And the idiot Wenger says:

    Wenger explained the attendance with reference to it being “Tuesday night against Sunderland” and also repeatedly pointed out that his team now have 72 points; a tally that would already have guaranteed them second last season.

    “Let’s make 75 points and if we look at the number of points we can make it one of the best in the last 10 years,” he said.”

    Always the same with the club and Wenger

  27. reality check

    May 17, 2017 01:38:53
    ‘I don’t think there’s anyone who would go against my opinion that this competition is not great for Premier League teams,’ Pardew said during their negatively affected league season.
    The EL will completely destroy our squad, our Premier League form will take a hit. Imagine sanchez got injured.. my goodness!

    Don’t get me wrong. I take no pleasure in this. As cesc appeal says… it is, what it is.

  28. TonyD

    By David Hytner of the Guardian
    Arsène Wenger believes Arsenal still have a “good chance” of a top-four finish, after watching Alexis Sánchez inspire a nervy 2-0 home win over a Sunderland team that fought throughout, despite the fact they were already relegated.

    The Arsenal manager knows that his club will need a favour from either Middlesbrough, who visit Liverpool on Sunday– the final day of the Premier League season – or Watford, who host Manchester City.

    Arsenal’s top-four hopes intact as Alexis Sánchez ends Sunderland’s resistance
    Read more
    But, as he demanded that those teams put in the same effort as Sunderland did here, he retained hope. Arsenal return to the Emirates Stadium on Sunday to face Everton. They sit one point behind fourth-placed Liverpool and three behind City, who are third.

    “I don’t think about the percentages,” Wenger said. “I just think: ‘Let’s make sure we win against Everton.’ Even if you have only a 1% chance, you would have to play totally at 100% but I think we have a good chance. If we won, it would be the first time you make 75 points and you are not in the top four.

    “I answer for 20 years the question: ‘Is the top four nothing special?’ I don’t know why, suddenly, it could become such a big problem [not to finish in the top four]. I am quite surprised. I want to make sure, absolutely, that we are in there but let’s get to 75 points and see what happens. You want all the teams to fight like Sunderland did tonight and, after, you have to accept the result.”

    Sánchez scored both of the goals towards the end of the game, having shaken off the thigh problem that had threatened his participation. “I made the decision to start him at 4pm,” Wenger said. “I felt he had something still left. Once he is on the pitch and has the ball, he becomes the devil and forgets his pain.”

    Wenger claimed not to have noticed the massive number of empty seats inside the stadium or to care about them. It had felt like the latest protest against him and his desire to continue into next season.

    “It’s a Tuesday night against Sunderland, who everyone expects us to beat,” Wenger said. “When you play football, you do not count how many people are sitting in the stand. We do our job and we have done that tonight. Will it be full against Everton? We are sold out.”

    The Sunderland manager, David Moyes, took issue with Wenger’s pre-match comments about how teams with nothing left to play for were sometimes “on holiday.” Moyes said: “That’s an insult to footballers. When you are brought up in this country, you are brought up to show that every game matters.”

  29. TonyD

    On last night’s game:

    “Olivier Giroud was in particularly profligate form here, and there is simply no excuse for Arsenal taking over 70 minutes to score against an already relegated side. Sunderland’s ragged defence was comically poor at times, with Arsenal taking 24 shots before they finally broke the deadlock – and yet Arsenal failed to put them to the sword.”

    Nothing new then. Expect Everton to give us a real game.

    If we play like last night against Chelsea expect a hammering and no goals from us.

  30. Joe

    “I answer for 20 years the question: ‘Is the top four nothing special?’ I don’t know why, suddenly, it could become such a big problem [not to finish in the top four]

    Haha the audacity of the cunt. He’s used his qualification for CL 100s and 100s of times in the last 13 seasons to justify why he has a job still and now he says it’s not important.

    And the sad part is, some supposed fans will lap this up.

    You just know there will be his supporters nervously checking their phones every minute for the Liverpool score like the title is on the line.

  31. China


    Talking up 75 points

    Time to zip up the straight jacket arsene. We need some specialist help, he’s dribbling again

  32. GuNZ

    Wenger is a branleur, a fils de pute, a connard, an imbécile, and a crétin. And j’en ai plus rien à foutre if he gets bum-fucked by the tooth-fairy and has his head shrunk by a tribe of Arsenal-supporting pygmies from the Okavango Delta who’ve had enough of his flabby-lipped vacuous windbaggery. The man’s a vacillating cunt who lives in a nougat-walled dreamworld. Fuck him! Fuck him I say . . .

  33. Rambo Ramsey

    Alexis Sanchez: 28 goals, 16 assists in all competitions

    23 goals, 10 assists in the PL alone. There’s a big possibility he could end up winning the Golden boot, this playing wide for half of the season. And yet the PFA twats thought he didn’t deserve a place in the Team of the Season and there are also some idiots on here who sneer at his ability. Hang your heads in shame.

  34. SpanishDave

    So to save his job it’s,
    75 pts our best in ten years and we are in the cup final, what more do you want?
    He has had many years of pretending that 4th is total victory that this year is as good as any.
    He is really taking the piss , and the board do nothing.

  35. GuNZ

    Don’t know where Wenger’s getting off on 75 points from. Yes, it’s been enough to make CL for last 10 years but look at AFC totals at that or more:

    2014/15 – 75
    2013/14 – 79
    2009/10 – 75
    2007/8 – 83

    He is a fucking prevaricating, captious cunt-shit! He has stood still or regressed while the EPL has improved in overall standard. Wenger must be fed to the kune kune pigs.

  36. Emiratesstroller

    I must confess that as a season ticket holder I did not go to Emirates yesterday. I was one of the empty seats.

    Whilst Arsenal will no doubt claim as usual that the attendance was approaching 60,000 I think that the message as to how empty the stadium was will be absorbed by the Board and Management.

    They will be concerned, because we are now moving into the period when
    season tickets are renewed usually with a 1st June deadline.

    A poor result in FA Cup and lack of clarity as to future of the club could result in many season ticket holders deciding not to renew.

    There was clear evidence last season that the huge waiting list for tickets is no longer what it was. A friend of mine who was some way down list was
    contacted last season with an offer of seats.

    I think that it is now understood that Wenger is probably staying for at least one more season, but what a lot of fee paying supporters will want to see is
    a material change in the way that the club is run and a little more ambition.

    Clearly the priority for the club has to be to keep both Sanchez and Ozil.
    Psychologically their departure would be disastrous. From my perspective I
    would keep Sanchez even if he does not renew contract and leaves club on
    Bosman at end of next season.

    Arsenal have absolutely no prospect of recruiting players of this calibre this
    summer if we fail to qualify for CL. The number of so-called world class players available in any summer transfer window is perhaps half a dozen at

    At least if we can hold onto these two players it will provide some breathing
    space to recruit upgrades in positions which the club needs to strengthen
    and that has to be the priority for next season.

  37. Frank Mc

    GuNZ how you doing man?

    The Lions have got their work seriously cut out, you going to any of the games?

  38. GuNZ

    Frank Mc

    Good mate. Yep, got tickets for the Auckland Blues vs. Lions game on 7th June at Eden Park. Got my hat in the ring for one of the tests as well, but hoping that’ll come at somebody else’s expense (with corporate entertainment included if I’m lucky).

    It’s going to be an interesting series – the confidence here isn’t quite as high as it normally is when there’s a Lion’s tour in the offing – maybe because some of the really entrenched experience has gone from the All Blacks – but there’s still plenty of talent there.

  39. RJM

    If we get to 75 enter Gazidis the Snake…..

    “Last year we came 2nd with 71 this season we got 75, that is progresss OK”

  40. Frank Mc

    The All Blacks have never lost at Eden Park and we play two tests there (I think)………still think we’ll come massively second!!

  41. Ekpang Bisong

    Jose Mourinho came, Won the league twice and left.
    Arsene Wenger: The team is developing.

    * Carlo Ancellotti came. won the league and left.
    Arsene Wenger: We are building the team.

    * Robert Mancini came and won the league and left. Arsene Wenger: The team is progressing.

    * Manuel Pellegrinni came, won the league and left. Arsenal Wenger: Still building the team.

    * Jose Mourinho came back won the league and left. Arsenal Wenger: Still building the team.

    *Claudio Ranieri with Leicester city came from nowhere, won the league and left.
    Arsene Wenger: Still building.

    * Now Antonio Conte in his first season has won the league.

    Arsene Wenger never finish building the team…

    Is the team the tower of Babel…?

  42. Pierre

    My 2 boys went to the game, sat up the North Bank end where all the action was 2nd half.. They thoroughly enjoyed it, said they were glad they went to the game especially the performance of ozil which was as good as anything they had seen (strange how he never got a mention on tv) .and they was brought up with me taking them to Highbury watching overmars, anelka, Bergkamp, Henry Pires etc so they know what quality is…. And yes I know ozil never performs against the top sides blah blah blah but there is nothing wrong in enjoying watching a player rip a team to pieces without getting any recognition from the so called experts…

  43. Bamford10

    “We’re prepared to reject £60m bid for Virgil van Dijk” – Southampton chairman

    I would just like to point out that I called for us to sign this guy when he would’ve cost us £13 million.