The board and Wenger play chicken with Arsenal’s future

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A quick roundup from me this morning.

We’ve landed Sead Kolasinac on a long-term deal, he comes in at £120k a week, so let’s pray he’s good. When the club are dropping free transfers like this, you have to pray it’s one of the new scouts recommending him, not Steve Rowley. I know very little about this left back. He’s powerfully built, has 7 assists and three goals this year, and I’m hoping he’s coming in to replace Kieran Gibbs who is utterly pointless.

On a seperate note, I’ve been told the club are going hard on transfers at the moment, trying their best to make sure our summer isn’t derailed by Arsene Wenger and his reluctance to sign a new deal.

It’s quite clear what’s going on there, the future of the football club is being put to one side as Ivan G and Wenger play a game of contract chicken.

Stan spending his time giving zero fucks as his LA Rams dream goes to shit.

Arsene Wenger knows the club are gearing up massive change for him. I’m not sure there’s much credence in the Michael Zorc rumours, but there is certainly going to be an attack on the dross Wenger surrounds himself with. Steve Rowley is way past it, Gerry Payton has been out of his depth for ten years, Tony Colbert is basically a glorified PT from you mum’s local gym, and Boro Piromac is about as dynamic as Robbie Savage in a pub quiz.

Wenger knows that Ivan has his sights set on ripping them out of the club, and he doesn’t want to have the difficult conversations. He can’t go into negotiations now. He ‘could’ make top 4 on the last game of the season if Liverpool shit the bed. He ‘could’ beat Chelsea in a cup final. Whatever you want to say about Arsenal, we have a team that should be challenging for the league. If we’re fired up, and we play with the attitude we have in the last two games, we could easily turn them over.

Going into contract negotiations with top 4 and an FA Cup next to you is leverage. Wenger is betting on that.

However, if it does go to shit, heading into negotiations with Europa League football and a rough Wembley spanking against a younger better manager… well, Wenger will be a different beast, he’ll be throwing his nan under the bus to earn a new deal and he’ll pretty much work with anyone thrown his way.

No one at Arsenal knows what’s going on. That’s from numerous people close the action. Gab Marcotti has heard Wenger might leave if he wins the FA Cup, others think he’s on for a one year deal… one thing is for sure, no contract has been signed. So stop telling me that’s what’s taken place, because it’s not true.

Arsenal are an Arsene away from being a genuinely huge club. We’re a Wenger away from being elite. You just have to work out what you want as a fan. A strong finish basted in glorious failure, or a hard fail, meaning Wenger is severely weakened… maybe to the point where he says, no thanks, I’m off.

Right, that’s your lot.


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  1. Carts

    We’ve got at least 10 players we need to bomb-off!

    We’re going to pay a heavy price for not qualifying for the CL, financially and reputationally.

    Wenger has done himself no favour in attracting players, as he’s full of organic shit.

    We’ll probably be forced into shelling out more wages to sweeten deals and the lack of CL football.

    This socialist wage bill is going to read like a blind twat fucking about on an excel spreadsheet.

  2. Carts


    ..or it could be Wenger somply “honoring his contract” and “being respectful to a club he built”.

  3. TR7

    “We’ve got at least 10 players we need to bomb-off!”

    In defense – Debuchy, Gibbs, Jenkinson, Chambers and Mertersacker , Sczescney and perhaps Ospina as well.

    Midfield – Ramsey, Jack , Ozil

    Attack – Perez (unlucky guy), Joel Campbell, Theo and Sanogo

    So, in my opinion we should get rid of 14 players but Wenger will surely keep Theo, Jack, Ramsey and Ozil. 10 is about right then.

  4. James wood

    The new guy we signed today plays left back for his club and country.
    But also play’s DM so another failed move coming up here?
    By the genius Slim.

  5. Will Briggs

    I’ll reiterate a point I made a few weeks ago, uncle Stan and little Josh need to sell their shares and board the next plane to loserville.We need an injection of passion in the club and it ultimately starts at the very top with an owner who gives a f–k!.

  6. Dissenter

    I agree with the supposition that Wenger will be out by Chistmas day 2017.
    The Europa league requires a short rest period, change of training schedules and squad rotation. These are things that Wenger will struggle with.
    He’s exhausted his good will on this contract. It will easier for anyone to blast him next season when the performances go south.

  7. Relieable Sauce

    It was recently reported that the club were after a LB, CB, GK, CF and wide attacker.
    Seems to suggest the British players will stay, and possibly Ozil. Sanchez is certain to go.
    …I wonder if they have a buyer yet, or will just wait for the bidding war.

    Perez off as well I assume.
    Shez and Chambers possibly going on loan again.

    Looks a very grim season ahead if thats the plan for central midfield, and upfront there’s a huge Sanchez shaped hole to fill.

  8. Follow the money

    Obviously they’re waiting until after the fa cup to announce his extension. Simply so there will be no games to protest. Cowardly

  9. GoonerDNA

    Samir, Kolasinac friends probably teased him about that.

    “May the fourth be with you”

    Pedro, thanks for the optimism but I remember the optimism surrounding Gotze all those years back

  10. GoonerDNA

    Follow the money, I thought that too BUT Alexis will be gone next season which could turn even the most die hard AKB I’m pretty sure the club can see this is going to get worse unless we bag world class players in the summer who won’t come because we won’t have CL next season and will still have Wenger in charge with a socialist wage structure.

  11. David Smith

    Interesting quote from our new signing….Scroll down….
    ” you don’t come to Arsene Wenger, you come to Arsenal”

    Make of that what you will

  12. Barking Arsene

    “You don’t come to Arsene Wenger, you come to Arsenal”

    I noticed this when reading that article. Strangely non-commital for Wemger.

    Not going to read too much into it though as he isn’t known for his honesty.

  13. Champagne charlie

    “120k for Kolasinac is a smart buy in your opinion? It’s overpaying so we don’t have to compete in the transfer market. End of. I have no idea how good this player is and neither do you”

    Tell me more about what I do and don’t know…

    My view of football isn’t limited to London knob. I watch plenty of Bundesliga football, and even a passer by could spot that Kolasinac is a talent. So yes, he is a smart buy on 120k a week given he’s a bosman.

    On one hand you’re saying spend money, then you’re moaning when we pay 120k to compete for a transfer? Fickle much..

    He’s been the standout fullback in the bunds liga this year and we’ve got him on a free. Tell me what to call that type of signing other than “smart”.

  14. Redtruth

    Kolasinac was named in Bosnia’s squad for the 2014 FIFA World Cup. In the third minute of the team’s opening group match, Kolašinac scored an unfortunate own goal, the fastest in World Cup history, as Argentina ran out 2–1 winners at the Estádio do Maracanã.

    Oh dear, oh dear…lol

  15. Danish Gooner

    The way we started the season stunk of arrogance from Wenger ,ill prepared,a lot of injuries,players not fit and no new signings and i said then i hope this 3-4 defeat dont come to haunt us in the end…………..and so it did.But for the life of me how many times have i said that before and it comes true i am certainly no nostradamus but it just seems that everytime Wenger decides to do something deliberately poor it comes back to haunt the club,the same happened when Eduardo did ligaments and wenger failed to strenghten and several other times where Wenger downed tools like that horrible 3-0 defeat at Sheffield W that started an avalanche of poor results etc.In the old days he often got away with it but he has lost his mojo but have failed to realize,he statess something and the opposite happens everytime like “Leicester will struggle in the CL” and France will dominate International football same day the lost to Spain and where outplayed,he just cant get anything right.

  16. Danish Gooner

    Feo is finished after his “we downed tools at CP” but who the hell wants to pay that cunt 140 grand a week for running a bit and then falling over.

  17. Monreals right leg

    This Kolasnic fella seems like he is tad heavy. I dont know if he can cope with the rigor of the EPL.
    Not sure this is the right signing we need but then again, we will take whoever wants us

  18. David Smith

    Seen some speculation one possible target, Favre will go to Dortmund.
    Apparently Allegri likely to extend, one article even speculated he became fed up with the in fighting and lack of leadership at Arsenal.
    Seems Sampauli is with Argentina, simeone won’t happen. Valverde to Barca, PSG will get a top guy….Jardim? unfortunately it won’t be Wenger for so many reasons.
    Ivan, you are going to have to get a move on if you want rid of Wenger, unless you want a manager recently sacked from a German team, a Frenchman who cannot get a job, the Bournemouth manager or the Kroenke dream team of Martinez/Henry.
    Of course, the longer this goes on, the more the elite mangers get snapped up….suits only one man who is seemingly desperate to stay…..a man who some believe was too selfish to let Pep come to Arsenal when he was willing….I am sure he will try the same with Allegri

  19. Pierre

    David Smith
    “Apparently Allegri likely to extend, one article even speculated he became fed up with the in fighting and lack of leadership at Arsenal.”

    Allegri probably had a look on Le Grove and thought to himself,” fuck that for a laugh, what a load of miserable bastards, they can stick it up their arse if they think I’d join a club who ain’t got a decent thing to say about the manager or team “

  20. slade

    Allegri probably had a look on Le Grove and thought to himself,” fuck that for a laugh, what a load of miserable bastards, they can stick it up their arse if they think I’d join a club who ain’t got a decent thing to say about the manager or team “

    Absolutely true: Football managers always read fan blogs prior to considering employment. It’s true because Pierre says so.

  21. Carts

    By Wenger’s logic we’ve been taking intermittent annual leave all fucking season.

    Our shite players didn’t even turn up for Spurs, ffs

  22. Pierre

    That’s right slade, it is true but don’t worry I called him up to reassure him that not all arsenal fans are as negative as Le grovellers…. So he may still come

  23. Post Rocky Dave

    Wenger moaning about teams not trying…

    He waa happy enough to play weakened lineups and drop 5 points against Liverpool and Leicester in August.

  24. Dissenter

    “Wenger moaning about teams not trying…He waS happy enough to play weakened lineups and drop 5 points against Liverpool and Leicester in August.”

  25. slade

    That’s right slade, it is true but don’t worry I called him up to reassure him that not all arsenal fans are as negative as Le grovellers…. So he may still come

    …and personal contact with football managers! ?! You.are.amazing.

  26. Wenker-wanger

    Wenger will extend apparently….. This useless wanker has nowhere else to go. It’s a fckin miserable situation watching your beloved club get used like a plaything to satisfy this egotists deluded fantasy that he will once again achieve the success he had prior to 2005.
    We all know too well what’s in store…. Suffice to say : you can’t polish a turd.

  27. Wenker-wanger

    For the moron that hasn’t connected the attitude of legrovers to the chief culprit of our misery…it’s arsene wenger.
    And get this…when he goes our attitude will change from negative to positive….

  28. Bamford10

    Best thing you’ve said since you arrived to Le Grove, Pierre. And unlike some of the miserable bastards above, I know a joke when I read one. Touché and all, but some day we’ll be happy here. I promise. But as long as Wenger is around, no.

  29. TonyD

    “Pep Guardiola accepts he would have been sacked by Barcelona or Bayern Munich for under-achieving like he has at Manchester City.”

    And there we have it! We’ve been say this here, but Pep confirms it being the true professional he is.

    Chips, Friar, Hill Wood, Stan: READ THIS!!!!!!!!!! Listen to Gazidis IF he is telling you what Pep is saying.

    Read more:

  30. TonyD

    “Wenger said: ‘We decided against it because we like to attack and it is a bit more defensive minded. We did not especially have the personnel available to do it at the time that we have now. Rob Holding was still lacking experience. I think (we considered it) in November.”

    Holding lacking experience 5 months ago?


    How many games has he had in the 1st team in those 5 months?

    And now Holding is keeping Gabriel out of the team!! Wow! Fast learner.

    You couldn’t make it up if you tried when Wenger opens his mouth!

    Read more:

  31. TonyD

    “To buy doesn’t necessarily mean success. There is a shortage of top level players. There are some big teams in Europe who have big players but they do not need to sell them. You look and we are certainly the richest league in Europe, but there are still some top level players who play in other leagues. There is more money available than good players.”

    “We have a very big squad at the moment that is already difficult enough to manage,” he said. “A bigger squad is impossible.

    Not for a real manager it isn’t!!

    More pearls of wisdom from Wenger drivel who is preparing his I-told-you-so deflections for next season’t failure.

    He’ll have a stock of them before the fist game in August.

  32. reality check

    I really want us to play Europa, we only play well when the sun comes out. That tournament will absolutely break some of our pampered babies.

    Will be a sight to behold.

  33. gonsterous

    lol… arsenal left It too late to get a possible replacement that we have to stick with Wenger or bring in an unemployed manager…joke of a club…

  34. TonyD

    We can always pay a club compensation to employ their manager. Not idea, but maybe the only solution because we won’t know Wenger’s answer till the end of this month.

    My guess is we’ll give him a 12 month contract and say he’s going to set up a smooth transition for the next manager.

  35. Wallace


    “Holding lacking experience 5 months ago? Really? How many games has he had in the 1st team in those 5 months?”

    training every day with better quality players is how promising young players develop. back in November Holding had only been with us a few months. I think that’s the experience Wenger is referring to.

  36. TonyD

    Sure that will help, but it’s not match experience: that’s much different. We don’t have that many quality players in central defense for Holding to have learn’t from. Kos maybe. Gabriel and Mustafi no way!

    Wenger doesn’t use players when he should, look at Perez: total miss managment. Same with Arshavin and many others.

  37. shaun

    not only is he a failure but you just can’t shut him up , this dude is seriously in the same boat a Sepp Blatter. Now all of a sudden teams are not going to try as they are already on holiday and it’s not fare ahhhhhhhhhh didums , chelsea won the title as they did not have Europe to contend with ……75 POINTS IS A GOOD TOTAL , IF YOU LOOK AT THE FIRST HALF IN BOTH LEGS WE WOULD HAVE WON THE TIE

  38. Wallace


    “We don’t have that many quality players in central defense for Holding to have learn’t from. Kos maybe.”

    Mertesacker? World Cup winner, 100 caps for Germany…

  39. OleGunner

    So reading a few things online this morning it looks Wenger is nailed on to stay eh?
    Christ, he’s a masochist isn’t he? Lose a game or two in a row next season and we”re back on the roller coaster.

    To be quite frank, I think Wenger enjoys the turmoil, why else would he think he could thrive in such a sparky environment with years of failure behind him.
    It’ll get real toxic next year fellas, mark my words. The spineless Arsenal fans will regret lapping up Wenger’s 4 game end of season winning streak in exchange for two more years of his incompetence.

    Hilarious sht.

  40. gnarleygeorge9

    LA Rams Fat boys with padding & some bloke throws the ball in between stoppage, after ad, after stoppage. It’s crap

  41. gnarleygeorge9

    The current Arsenal manager probably thinks he’s ridden the wave of discontent out, but I reckon he is in for more shit while other clubs keep winning the Title.

  42. Boomslang

    Failure and mediocrity is the norm at Arsenal. Wenger will not leave whether we finish 5th or 15th.

  43. Carts

    “Feo is finished after his “we downed tools at CP” but who the hell wants to pay that cunt 140 grand a week for running a bit and then falling over.”


    I did wonder what happened to that waste of space.

    Blew the lid on what we’ve all been saying for years. Wenger caught wind of it, now he’s punishing him.

    Suppose Wenger feel like an absolute wanker, as per usual, for giving that useless player the armband.

    Feo couldn’t motivate a bucket of hungry piranhas let alone 10 other players.

  44. Jim Lahey

    I can’t wait until Wenger is finally out of this club, we have all waited so long for it, it will be a joyous occasion when we are rid of him once and for all.

    I am sick to death of watching other teams pick up world class players while we do absolutely nothing. Ozil and Sanchez… two big names in 21 years. I am aware that we still can’t buy the volume of players that City, United or Chelsea can, but the fans deserve a big name every year at this point.

    I don’t know if I could honestly watch another season of this, this year was beyond pathetic. I am finished with watching Aaron Ramsey play football, Theo Walcott, Gibbs, Welbeck, Giroud and Coquelin.. The fans that pay the most expensive tickets in world football deserve better.

    Fucking sick of this, Wenger Out.

  45. Jim Lahey

    @Carts –

    “Feo couldn’t motivate a bucket of hungry piranhas let alone 10 other players.”

    Having that coward wearing the captain’s armband is a disgrace.

  46. Carts


    It is fucking sad, to say the least. I mean, what the fuck was wrong with giving Sanchez the armband, for instance? The man plays with his heart on his sleeve. Just watching him tear around the pitch wearing an armband is more than us.

    But look,, rumours circulating suggest Wenger has extended his stay. If he has signed any kind of extension then I can honestly say that the FAC will more than likely be the last time I watch Arsenal live.

    The man has well and truly lost me.

  47. Jim Lahey

    @Carts –

    Wenger HATES Sanchez, he is everything that Wenger has fought against over the last 15 years. Sanchez proves that money buys quality not some youth project, not spending a couple of pound here and there and hoping by some luck you have bought a gem… its money.

    Also Sanchez is a winner, Wenger and most of the squad are not, they can’t stand him. If you are Alexis Sanchez and you’re walking out onto the field with either Theo Walcott or Gibbs as your captain…

    If not Sanchez, then why not Xhaka…? I mean he might not be playing well, but he was club captain at his previous team he knows the role.

  48. Emiratesstroller

    There is little point in kicking down the door, because it is clear that Wenger is staying for at least one more season.

    However, the Arsenal Supporters Club and other shareholders need to make
    clear to the Board at the next AGM that they want material change in the way
    that the club is being run. That is frankly the next window of opportunity.

    Notwithstanding what I have written above the Senior Management of club
    need to make a clear decision before 30th June about contracts of Sanchez, Ozil and Oxlade-Chamberlain.In the case of last two I would sell if they do not
    sign. Frankly they are replaceable. There is no shortage of players of similar
    calibre and performance.

    That is not the case with Sanchez. I would keep him next season even if we
    lose him at end of contract on Bosman. The fact is that without CL football it
    will be almost impossible to replace him. With him in the side there is a reasonable prospect that we can qualify next summer for CL and then rebuild
    team hopefully with new manager.

    What Arsenal need to do this summer is bring in 2 defenders one of whom appears to be the new left back plus a centre back. They should replace Gabriel,
    Chambers and Gibbs.

    In midfield we need a new playmaker to replace Cazorla in first team. Cazorla
    is fine to sit on bench, but we cannot afford to start another season relying on
    him and Ramsey. Wilshire should be sold as he is in his last season. We should not consider giving him a new contract with his injury record.

    The club needs to find a new striker even if Sanchez stays. Welbeck and Giroud may be okay for the bench, but not in starting lineup. Perez should be
    sold. He is a decent player, but not good enough for starting lineup.

  49. Carts


    so damn true. And I’ve said this time and time again…Wenger has deliberately ridden the squad of strong personalities who’ll question his approach, or lack of.

    He’s done everything in his power to reduce expectation under his tutelage, hence why he get’s so belligerent when questioned.

    Now he’s being caustic when probed on the notion of DoF. He’s a piece of shit. Massive hypocrite who’ll contradict himself and not even realise!

  50. Jim Lahey

    @Carts –

    Not only the team but the entire club, Henry… spoke out so he had to go. Bergkamp and Vieira all wanted to come back on work at the club but Wenger can’t allow that!

    I have always been of the mind as to never question his previous achievements in the early years as they are best years of Arsenal without any doubt. However, when I think back during those years I can see a lot of what has been happening over the last 10 years also occurring through those first 10. I remember 1999 the year after the double, we lost out to United in the league by a point and lost the Semi-Final of the FA Cup. Didn’t we start that season with something like 6 draws in a row? Then I can’t remember the year maybe 2002 we capitulated in the final few games and lost at home to Leeds, giving United another title.

    Then there was the year of the Invisibles, Wenger’s greatest achievement but also one of his greatest failings. In the league we were fantastic, however we once again went out of the Semi-final to United I think, and the QF of the CL to Chelsea, and not a very strong Chelsea side with Bridge scoring a last minute winner to put us out.

    We attribute Wenger’s short comings to just the previous 10 years, but in all honesty at lot of them have been there throughout his entire tenure. Only not instead of there only being 2 teams that can challenge there are 5 or 6.

  51. Pierre

    George Graham is unemployed at the moment… If anyone can install discipline into the team, then he can……