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Jeremy Wilson, king of the elite leaks, has dropped a BOMBSHELL that basted my morning granola in a thick treacle of turd.

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What the actual f*ck?

I mean, when you get into the article, it’s a little less interesting.

‘Arsenal have been exploring candidates for a new sporting director-style position – as revealed in March by The Telegraph – but the role that is being envisaged is to offer support across all football operations, including analytics, scouting, sports science, youth development and even simple logistics, rather than shape actual day-to-day aspects of coaching or team selection.

A team of people that includes chief scout Steve Rowley, chief executive Ivan Gazidis and transfer negotiator Dick Law already also work on recruitment and there is no plan to withdraw Wenger’s final say on which players Arsenal sign.

The club’s belief is that football has become so multi-layered that it could be beneficial to have another person working across operations. A title has not been decided – nor a particular candidate – but comparable roles at other clubs have gone by the name head of recruitment, football director, head of operations as well as the more controversial sporting director or director of football descriptions.’

I mean, it’s kind of hilarious that the club has just realised that football is multilayered and one man can’t do all the jobs. Wenger knew this is 2008 when they were considering a DOF.

Ultimately though, that headline speaks volumes. This new deal is all about Wenger, his continuation at Arsenal is all about power and status, and we are not changing anytime soon.

Even worse is that paragraph about Steve Rowley planning player purchases. Guy is completely past it and a massive thorn in the side of progress. He should be moved on, and we should absolutely be looking at bringing in a DOF who is given the power to make the massive changes around Arsene that are needed. This season, regardless of how it pans out, tells you we are in need of emergency change.

Things that are likely to happen this summer:

Pep Guardiola is going to get his act together and his team will be a force next season. His players will gel with his complex ideas, he’ll work out a way of replacing Gundogan, he’ll move on some of his mercenary dross and he’ll have sussed our drossy league.

Jurgen Klopp might spend some money. He knows he has weaknesses, he’s had a good crack at the league this year, and he’ll have learned a tonne about his team.

Bourinho, who has had a shocking season, but has still won a league cup final and will likely win the Europa League, will stock up with another £150m. He’ll move on Rooney, he’ll buy Griezmann, and he’ll shift on the players that have been of no use to him.

Spurs will get better. Chelsea will get better. Arsenal, well, there’s absolutely no chance we’ll improve.

Wenger now has a sour reputation in Europe. He’s the old man clinging onto dear life. He’s the guy that has Ozil and Sanchez on strike. He’s the man who doesn’t understand what a DoF is. He’s the man that has a global meme in his name because his continued employment is a joke that transcends sport.

No one worth their salt would play under him. We’re always 2 games away from protest. The ground is toxic. Our best players regress. Our worst don’t improve. If they’re young, they stutter. There’s no positive reason to join Arsenal unless it’s a massive jump up and no one better is interested in you. That means we compete if it’s a market for one, and that means we pick up players who are substandard, or worse, have character issues.

If the decision truly is to keep Wenger on and pray the old dog might pay attention to someone else outside his massive ego, then it’s a sad day for Arsenal. The manager, who is a failure, is bigger than the club. The CEO is not important. The fans are not important. The only person who matters is Arsene Wenger.

This new contract is a pivot point in his legacy. This is when it goes from awkward ending, to cataclysmically bad ending.

The most intelligent man in football, letting his ego drive the bus… what a sorry way to see out an illustrious career. Like all the most notorious dictators, it always ends in them being dragged out, kicking and screaming against their will.

It won’t be two more years though, this is going full on Brian Clough. He’ll be out before Christmas, and he totally deserves it.

See you on the other side… and listen to our damn podcast.

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473 Responses to “WENGER WINS ALL THE POWER”

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  1. Post Rocky Dave

    And which of those is wrong Pierre? We simply don’t beat top-quality, motivated opposition.

  2. Redtruth

    Arsenal Goals Scored This Season:

    West Ham: 8 goals
    Stoke: 7 goals
    Swansea: 7 goals
    Bournemouth: 6 goals
    Hull: 6 goals
    Watford: 5 goals
    Sunderland: 4 goals

    Southampton Reserves: 5 goals
    Non league Lincoln: 5 goals
    Forest Reserves: 4 goals

    Ludogorets: 9 goals
    Basel: 6 goals

    Total: 72 goals

  3. Redtruth

    West Ham: 8 goals
    Stoke: 7 goals
    Swansea: 7 goals
    Bournemouth: 6 goals
    Hull: 6 goals
    Watford: 5 goals
    Sunderland: 4 goals

    43 of our 72 league goals have come against 7 clubs.

  4. Pierre

    Dave…”we simply don’t beat top quality motivated opposition”

    Sounds like another classic reason for not giving Arsenal any credit if you ask me ….

    How about FA cup semi final win against Manchester city or are they not top quality and I suppose they was not motivated to win a semi final at Wembley as they don’t regard the FA cup as a trophy ….. Obviously they would rather be trophyless again this season as they couldn’t motivate themselves sufficiently to beat the Arsenal….

  5. mysticleaves

    “And which of those is wrong Pierre? We simply don’t beat top-quality, motivated opposition.”

    lmao. the attempt sometimes to always find a stick to beat Arsenal with is cringe worthy. this one certainly was. lol

  6. Pierre

    Yes Ruth we scored 8 goals v West Ham ….the same West Ham who beat the great Spurs team last week who failed to score against them….

  7. Pierre

    Yes Ruth , Basel and ludogrets are probably on the same level as Gent who knocked the great Tottenham hotspurs out of the Europa cup…..

  8. S Asoa

    ” AKB is a cunt ”
    is actually a “Tongue-in -Arsene-arse-cheek ” comment.
    Don’t be overly flustered cc, and other millimetres of that ilk.

  9. loyika

    Nah Pierre!?

    Didn’t you get the memo? We are heading for relegation next season as every team will strengthen and leave Arsenal FC in the dirt.

  10. jasongms

    Top Six (goals scored)

    Liverpool | 3-4, 1-3 (4 goals) lost both games
    United | 1-1 and 2-0 (3 goals) draw and win
    Chelsea | 3-0, 1-3 (4 goals) win and loss
    Spurs | 1-1 , 0-2 (1 goal) draw and loss
    Man City | 1-2, 2-2, (3 goals) loss and draw

    Total goals scored 11
    goals scored away from home (4)

    (goals conceded 18)

    Out of 10 games played
    won 2
    lost 5
    draw 3

    Win ratio of 20%

  11. loyika

    Still puzzled by Mahrez’s pen? Should have been allowed to retake it though, but Ref was following the letter of the law i guess.

  12. loyika

    @ Jason

    Put up those stats for all top 6 teams and do a fairer comparison. Yeah we all know that Arsenal have been piss poor against their top 6 rivals, but just off the top of my head, i can only say that Pool and Spurs have been the outstanding candidates in that battle. The rest (even Chelscum) fall well below what is required.

    Chelscum were just ruthless in dispatching others below that bunch, hence them being Champs.

  13. jasongms

    Honestly, I don’t know how anyone in their right mind can sit there and try to justify what we have witnessed over the last (insert numbers of years).

    We play slow, repetitive football and it’s little wonder why we so systemically get found out against any team with a plan.

  14. GoonerDave

    Always nice to beat Stoke, even if it is in the midst of a disappointing season. We didn’t get bullied despite the best attempts of Stoke and the ref.
    Will Pool drop points today? They know how important their match is later, but they are as bad (or worse) than us when the pressure is on.

  15. loyika

    @ Goonerdave

    Will depend on how the Hammers approach this game. They are safe and might not really be bothered, although as the last home game they might want to put up a show for the punters.

    But if they are up for it i can see them beating Pool.

    Issue with us is if Pool do drop points, then we don’t get too cocky and expect an easy win against Sunderland at home on Tuesday (those are the types of games Arsenal generally tend to fcuk up in nowadays)

  16. jasongms

    I don’t see you questioning Pierre’s bizarre attempt to justify this shit show of a season (s) with his “we’ve scored x amount of goals, so all is great in the Arsenal sphere”

    We have a 20% win ratio against the top six and have conceded 18 goals … Seriously any comparative analysis is unnecessary and would convolute an already depressing conversation.

  17. mysticleaves

    united, as an example didnt score a single goal away against a top 6 opposition and am not sure they won more than 2. Man city won few too. liverpool were the outstanding team there against the big boys and spurs beat all comers at home too. Wenger out tho…

  18. loyika

    @ Jason

    I don’t Pierre is trying to paint the season as a success (i doubt anyone honestly is trying to do that) regardless of where we end up or what we end up with.

    We all know it’s not good enough for Arsenal FC, but making seem as if we are the worst team in the league is also not a fair assessment don’t you think?

  19. mysticleaves

    Generally. we should be concerned about our team, Arsenal and they have being very poor all round. Comparing with other clubs will be useless as we arent proactive like them

  20. TonyD

    Totally agree with you on all points.

    I think it’s Robbie Fowler who is the footballer with the biggest property portfolio.

  21. China

    Pierre you’re right that many here under estimated Arsenal and over estimated the team’s of our run in

    But as well Arsenal haven’t suddenly become a good team. Our points tally is shite. And if you look at the points tally of almost every team from our run in they’re all shite too

    There’s nothing remarkable in watching unremarkable teams do poorly against us, even if the fans have in many cases expected otherwise

    History tells us that wenger will always get top 4. Not because we’re up to much but because every year only a couple of teams will be.

    Long live the beating unremarkable teams trophy eh

  22. China

    Also re property purchases

    In the case of ozil, he’s earning the best part of 7million quid a year

    As well, an incredibly small % of players come from well educated backgrounds.

    There’d be nothing unusual about a young guy earning truck loads of cash spunking some of it on some property on a whim. Countless players have done so before him and since. don’t get me wrong it could be evidence of him staying etc, but it doesn’t prove much by itself