Wenger fight goes on…

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‘No mate, spicy ramen will not cause you problems before a flight’

Lies my friends, god damn lies.

So what do we have today for you?

A quick little round up as the story of Wenger vs ANYONE WHO WANTS CHANGE continues to heat up. I find it unbelievable the manager has a choice in all of this. It’s like we’re fighting peak Pep G at Barcelona on this one. The guy is offering nothing new, the fans are fighting in the ground if they bother to turn up, the media has turned on him, the players have given up and he’s a relic of the past.

There’s literally nothing the club can do to make things better. You can rip out his backroom team, you can take away his power, you could give him the blue print to a better world… he’d still ignore and do things his own way. I know I said a few weeks ago I had hope, but look, he’s taken an aggressive turn for the worse.

Wenger is going toe to toe with Ivan. Someone is going to come off worse, I just hope it’s Wenger, because he doesn’t deserve to being the emperor of Arsenal.

Tonight we play Southampton, a team that’s regularly made life tough for us. They held out for a draw against Liverpool at the weekend. My hope is they may be tired. Klopp’s intense style of play isn’t easy on the legs. However, Puel has shown all season that he’s happy to lean on his large squad of players, so fatigue dreams might not be enough.

Arsenal will be happy with their win against United at the weekend. However, it’s another one of those false dawn games where we think we’ve seen a rebirth, but scratch beneath the context and you realise we just played a pretty shite United team that were resting for the Europa League. City were another game where it’s easy to perk up excitement wise, but reality is they’re a team that’s all over the place.

Outside the glare of a ‘big game’, what do we have to offer tonight? Do the players want that 200k+ bonus for hitting the top 4? Or are they more interested in their holidays? It’ll be interesting to find out. I’m in a good position as a fan, because I don’t really care either way. It’d be nice to make top 4, but it’d suit me just as nicely to see Wenger crash and burn so we can end this nightmare tenure of his.

I’m recording with Alfred and Matt a bit later, so some juicy podcast glory for you in the morning!

Adios!  X

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  1. Bamford10

    Clearly there are two things that remain undecided: (i) whether we restructure and add in a DOF and (ii) whether Wenger gets a new contract.

    Wenger is opposed to the former and is waiting to see what decision is reached re the former and the latter.

    Gazidis is for the former and ambivalent re the latter.

    The question is where the board and owner are on these questions.

    Good news is if they side with Gazidis on a DOF, Wenger may walk — even if they offer him a new contract.

    Good riddance.

  2. Carts


    Amidst the malaise I genuinely didn’t believe achieving top 4 was a foregone conclusion.

    As you said, deep in there somewhere one always knew that top 4 trophy was achieveable.

    I’d take top 4 (FAC or no FAC) IF it meant Wenger vacated his position. The unquestionable fact is that Wenger can never deliver another league title – even armed with £200m.

  3. Champagne charlie


    I’ve stated about 10 times I’m all for us tanking out of the top 4 so it puts pressure on a shake up.

    Here’s a tip…. pay attention to what people post and stop your belligerent nonsense.

    Your hard on for me is embarrassing

  4. Samesong

    Reality I know what you mean Sanchez in a poor season by his standards 29 goals from being messed about by the way by the tinker man himself

  5. Champagne charlie


    Wouldn’t bother mate he’s not worth addressing. Talks shit for a reaction, really have to wonder what kind of guy gets off doing that.

    Sad life he must lead making inane statements on a football blog daily. Mummy very proud I’m sure.

  6. champagne charlie

    Jose Mourinho about to finish below the worst Arsenal side in 20 years, and on the back of a 150-200mil spend.

    Oh dear…

  7. GoonerDave

    Marcotti on ESPN – in the know? He said Arsene is likely to leave if we make the top 4, but will definitely stay if we finish lower.

  8. Redtruth

    Marcotti on ESPN – in the know? He said Arsene is likely to leave if we make the top 4, but will definitely stay if we finish lower.

    Lol lol lol ………

  9. GoonerGaz

    Xhaka looked average again tonight. With the ball he can see a nice diagonal pass in an instant, but without the ball he doesn’t even press, just allows the opposition to come on whilst he’s back peddling ever closer to our back line.


  10. China

    The addition of a director of football is really unlikely to make Wenger change his ways

    He’ll likely be interviewed by arsene himself and will be just another lame duck like Ivan. Churning out sound bites to appease fans once a year or so

    A club that has shown absolutely no ambition in competing for the last decade isn’t going to get a dof to shake things up whilst keeping on the manager who has overseen this stagnation. It’s completely inconsistent – unless ofc it’s just a pr stunt.

    Some of you guys are falling for it hook line and sinker I’m afraid.

    The arsenal plan is always the same. Continuation with no meaningful shakeup until the situation with the fans deteriorates enough, then offer them a false dawn whilst delivering status quo. The fans lap it up.

    Look at our transfer market exploits. THIS year we’re going to get it right in the transfer window! They’ve been saying this for a decade and tanked it every summer.

    How people are still falling for this is beyond me

  11. China

    Mark my words if we get a dof, his first job will be to kiss arsene’s ring (you can decide which).

    It’s been company policy for two decades.

    What’s changed?

    If I’m wrong on this I will eat my fucking hat. I’d love nothing more than being wrong on this trust me.

  12. China

    This elaborate narrative of a big power struggle behind the scenes it’s so far from being likely

    Ivan stands to gain far more by continuing to be a Wenger enabler than he does from fighting against him.

    As long as Wenger is here Ivan’s role at the club is vastly diminished but he’s on a full salary. On top of that as soon as arsene is gone all eyes will be on Ivan to oversee a successful interchange to a new manager and bring the club back to glory. Something which is mightily easier said than done considering how big spending teams with good managers like city utd and Liverpool have all failed at repeatedly.

    So we’re supposed to believe Ivan wants to stick his neck out. Bite the hand that feeds and then be landed with the massive responsibility of overseeing a hugely challenging rebuilding of the club?

    Get fucking real.

    Actions speak louder than words and there’s absolutely fuck all evidence of this spanning close to a decade beyond one or two empty quotes.

    Ivan’s actions over his tenure here and the reality of his situation say it’s substantially more likely that he wants to continue being an enabler.

    But so long as there’s significant fan unrest he needs to throw the fans a bone to shut them up. Wenger isn’t stupid and knows it too, which is why they’re likely both happy to play this really transparent little PR stunt out about his contract not being signed and getting a DoF.

    It’s transparent as hell and I’m staggered that anyone actually believes in it

  13. Dissenter

    We have to beat Stoke on Saturday
    If Liverpool fail to beat Westham on Sunday then we have fourth place within our grasp. If we come fourth then Wenger has leverage.
    The club will announce him as manager-for-life If we come 4th and we win the FA cup.
    God help us.

  14. Jasongms

    I see the narrative has shifted to Kroenke again , even though it has been clearly defined that his role as an investor is based on company yeilds and the bottom line, which unfortunately is Not reflected solely on team performance.
    But of course the fucking akbs would have you believe other wise with their heroic levels of obfuscation or is it just stupidity ?

  15. reality check

    SamesongMay 10, 2017 21:38:08
    Reality I know what you mean Sanchez in a poor season by his standards 29 goals from being messed about by the way by the tinker man himself
    Love him or hate him if Sanchez had a long term injury this season like Santi we’d be bottom half of the table. I’ve been a gooner long enough to know my fellow supporters.
    Sanchez carried this team b4 his mental breakdown, you know.. when it finally dawned on him that Wenger and 80% of his teammates are not good enough.

    His goals and assists this season has given Wenger a glimmer of hope.

    We all have short memories.

  16. Bamford10

    “Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger has been told he must accept a radical overhaul of his backroom staff and the structure of the club if he wants to remain in charge for another two years, sources close to the club have told ESPN FC.”
    – ESPNFC

  17. Bamford10


    No, it’s your narrative that’s empty and unbelievable. There is clearly a conflict at work here.

  18. reality check

    Adopt a DoF, change the backroom staff,
    Ha! His number 1 principle is being tested.



    “The manager is the most important man at the club, if not, then why do you sack the manager if it doesn’t go well.” -Wenger

    So many gems and insight into his mind at this dinner. Didnt realize it back then but Wenger has been like this from day 1. He just had success to cover it up.

    Conspiracy theory #1

    Gazidis or whoever are giving him reasons to walk himself, they can’t NOT offer him a new contract but they don’t want him to sign it either.

  19. Jasongms

    “Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger has been told he must accept a radical overhaul of his backroom staff and the structure of the club if he wants to remain in charge for another two years, sources close to the club have told ESPN FC.”
    – ESPNFC

    Really explains his aberrant behaviour at the press conference….

  20. TonyD

    At least we only have about 17 days to wait to find out if our misery is to continue and for how long or we’re going to have something to smile about for next season and the feel-good factor returning.

    As I said yesterday, I think it can go either way with the current speculation and Wenger’s aberrant behaviour as Jason rightly says. Be interesting if this behaviors continues, especially after the next loss, which will definitely be the FAC.

    Can’t see us losing to Stoke but could well get beaten by Everton.

  21. Herb's Army

    I don’t know what you fellow Gooners think, but for me Arsenal are at the most important junction in the club’s entire history.
    Regardless of who the finger is pointed at, ‘silent’ Stan, Wenger and Gazidis are equally complicit, and have allowed Arsenal to drift into mediocrity for far too long.
    Sooner or later the club will have to justify the stadium move, because as it stands right now, it has been a disaster.
    Our performances both on the pitch and in the major two competitions Wenger claims he’s ‘trying to win’ simply don’t correlate.
    The wage-cap cripples us a little, but not so significantly that it should be used as an excuse for surrender.
    What has handicapped Arsenal the most since the stadium move is the club’s shocking administration and Wenger’s frugality.
    I mean let’s face it, the 8-2 at OT was humiliating and downright embarrassing for a club of Arsenal’s standing, but Wenger’s reaction was pathetic.
    A club with a rich tradition and a glorious history having their good name dragged through the mud by a manager scrambling around on transfer deadline-day with a last-minute trolley dash to restore his pride, and all he could bring in was players who had all seen better days.
    But of course, he did what he does every season, and is still doing today. He took us into the season fully aware that he had Newcastle (a) followed by CL Qualifier, Liverpool (h), CL Qualifier 2nd leg, four days before the visit to United.
    And after the first three PL games we had one point from a tepid 0-0 draw at Newcastle. Out of the title-race before the end of August.
    If we need any proof that Wenger doesn’t care about the PL title we need only to reference 2014 and 2016.
    Exiting the CL Round of 16 for the last seven years in a row suggests he’s not bothered about that either. As a direct rival of Chelsea, it’s quite shameful that they’re the first London club to win the CL, but equally shameful that Wenger felt no hint of urgency to respond, which speaks volumes about the two club’s mentality. Chelsea expect to win, we’re happy just to take part.
    His transfer dealings are as strange as his socialist wage policy, because he’s not getting anywhere near true value for money, and this has been the case since we left Highbury. The quality of player Wenger has brought in since 2006 has dropped significantly.
    Theo Walcott would probably be a better footballer if he had stayed at Southampton, because I can’t think of a single player Wenger has developed or improved.
    Arsenal have major issues to fix and some huge decisions to make.
    If they stick with Wenger there is every possibility that Arsenal will drift into a stale, boring irrelevant brand and lose everything it’s taken over a hundred years to build.
    Or they tear the current blue-print up, go brave and get a new exciting dynamic manager to restore the club’s rightful status, and embrace the challenge.
    If that lot from N17 can do it we should be blitzing it.

  22. TonyD

    It’s so ridiculous all this excitement being generated by the press about Wenger making top 4 again.

    Seriously, what’s the point, at best we’ll go out in the final 16 again if Wenger stays, and the only people who are going to benefit are the club’s hierarchy and Stan.Wenger will keep profits from the CL games stockpiled as if it’s his own money.

    We can only benefit by having a proven quality manager and DoF doing their jobs right, and us really challenging with a team worthy of the club.

    The latter is also a win for the financial well being of the club, but more so.

  23. jasongms

    Tony in an ideal world, we make fourth and win the FAC and then Arsene sails off into the football sunset. It would be a win-win situation where he and his devoted followers save face and we get to see the future Arsenal position itself more or less on our terms …

    The reality is that whatever happens from here on end, Arsene is living on borrowed time.

  24. jasongms

    “The wage-cap cripples us a little, but not so significantly that it should be used as an excuse for surrender.”

    The wage cap is a myth, we have a wage bill of over 200m, to put this into perspective Tottenham have a wage bill of 120m and Chelsea’s wage bill is something like only 20m more than ours. As it stands Tottenham and Chelsea are 18 points and 11 points ahead of us in the league.

    The correlation between wage and performance is significant and tells us that we negligently use our allotted resources (overpay youth players in the hope they turn out to be great, this is a directive of Arsene’s failed youth project) to such an extent that makes Arsene’s position untenable.

  25. Herb's Army

    Hi Jason.

    By wage-cap, I meant in terms of individual players, such as Alexis Sanchez reported recently to want £300k a week and Wenger saying Arsenal wouldn’t pay that amount nor would they break the bank to keep him. a
    But Arsenal never buy from the top-shelf anyway, so it shouldn’t be an issue.
    Tottenham are a good example of how to get value for money.
    Levy is a far better CEO than Gazidis.

  26. Ces1ne


    Problem is that the old fcker is borrowing that time from us with no intention of giving it back.

  27. Herb's Army

    Thanks, Le Grove is full of intelligent posters, you and Tony are pretty much on the money too.
    Frankly it’s depressing and embarrassing that a huge institution like The Arsenal have been allowed to become such a mess.
    I strongly believe that Arsenal saved Wenger’s career in football and gave him more fame and status than his ability warrants.
    If it hadn’t been for his friendship with Dein hardly any of us would have ever heard of him.

  28. jasongms

    hey Herb’s Army

    Personally and I could be wrong but looking at the historical statements and therefore influence of both Arsene and Gazidis in relation to Arsenal, tells me that as of today this is Arsene’s vision of Arsenal and therefore he presides over the decision making of the club and not Gazidis. After all, I believe that Arsene was the one that held interviews for the position of CEO.
    So to say that Gazidis is a terrible CEO is conjectural based on the above reasoning. Gazidis only wrongdoing is that he is complicit in that he (in name only) presided over the worst period in Arsenal’s recent history. But then again who could blame him when Arsene still had the Emirates singing “ONE ARSENE WENGER”

    As for the wage bill, again we have the resources to pay in line industry wages for the world’s best. Arsene chooses not to do so because he would rather pay youth above industry salaries to future proof his vision. It was a gamble on Arsene’s behalf that has over time proved to be critically wrong and lacking in judgement. Probably the worst mistake of his career and there have been many..

  29. TonyD


    “There’s no quibble with the cash Kroenke Sports & Entertainment has thrown at its big-league problems in Denver. The Kroenke family isn’t cheap. But it hasn’t exactly been smart money.”

    Sound familiar? Worth a read. I don’t normally concern myself with Kroenkes’ US franchises, but as this involves Josh, I thought it’s worth passing on.


    Part of the ANR blog

  30. TonyD

    Sad to say we don’t have anyone of his brilliance in the UK, but I’m sure his family tree leads back to Britain one way or another. 🙂

  31. TonyD

    Herb’s Army
    Totally agree with you. It was only DD holding Wenger’s hand when he arrived at Highbury and dealing with all the transfers that Wenger was able to do what he did.

    Always said that DD was just as responsible for the Invincibles.

    Once DD was ousted Wenger was exposed and the rest is history.

  32. China

    Bamford how is my narrative empty and unbelievable? It’s based on the last decade of action, not a couple of sound bites which is what the club always does whenever there is fan discontent

    You think Gazidis happily resided over our decline for the best part of a decade without doing or saying shit, now he suddenly cares?


    Why would he care when he stands to lose more in the short term from causing genuine trouble with arsene?

    You think he’s ambitious? When did that happen? He wasn’t ambitious for any previous year in his tenure but as soon as the fans flip he suddenly cares?

    And if he cares why is he pushing for such miniscule change as backroom changes?

    Steve bould was a backroom change when he replaced rice. How did that work out? Why would any other changing of backroom staff make a difference as long as Wenger is still here?

    If he wanted Wenger out he’d be throwing him under the bus. He’d be going to stam and saying our brand is unable to grow much more with him in charge and that he’s spent money really poorly, that large sections of the fans want him out and that a better manager will make him more money.

    Is there any evidence of this? The best we get is a catalyst for change quote and presumably a couple of backroom changes

    It’s the most half arsed ‘attempt’ to turn the ship around imaginable and is done precisely to get people like you who I credit with having an optimistic and trusting outlook on side.

    But he’s not done anything to earn your trust. He’s a hapless CEO and that can be concluded based on his entire career with us.

    I credit and admire you bamford because you’re obviously a nice guy and very trusting, and I hope to fuck you’re right. But all the action of his time at arsenal tells us Ivan has absolutely no interest in getting rid of arsene. As long as he is happy for arsene to stay he is personally responsible (along with the board and stan) for continuing the never ending failure

  33. China

    Let’s not forget as well that Ivan doesn’t need this bs.

    To anyone who doesn’t follow football (especially arsenal) closely, he can lay claim to overseeing solid growth in a volatile industry over a long period of time.

    Take away all the context of knowing how little he’s done in real terms and he could probably walk into any number of CEO positions of companies where he would have ‘genuine’ power and wouldn’t need to have to deal with all this bs

    But no, he stays and slaves away in his under appreciated role, battling with a subordinate who bizarrely has more power than him and making crappy little behind the scenes changes to miff the guy rather than tackling the issue head on

    The whole thing is a bizarre comedy. He’s either the hapless twat a lot of us on here make him out to be or he’s just really fucking weird for staying and putting up with it all.

    Neither possibility is of any use to us however

  34. China

    Or the third possibility (which I subscribe to) is that he’s a cynical prick who’s reveling in his easy money and sends out poorly put together, transparent PR attempts to reduce fan anger and keep the easy times rolling on

  35. China

    Do you honestly believe Ivan wants to have to be center stage at rebuilding this club asap?

    As long as Wenger is here all the attention is on arsene. If we do well he can keep his head down, status quo. If we do badly he has been able to keep his head down and maintain status quo because Wenger was operating off so much historical fan credit (and cultism lol).

    Only recently for the first time in two decades has Wenger looked like he’s almost lost the fan base.

    And is Ivan here under cutting him, dropping him in it with Stan and getting him booted?

    No. He’s offering piecemeal chunks of compromise to the fans. Saying ‘naughty arsene’ and wagging his finger whilst appearing to be willing to back him for 2 more years as long as he takes his telling off like a good boy.

    Make no mistake, the task of rebuilding this club is enormous. We have a squad that’s average, overpaid and a lot of hard to shift players. We have no recent history of league or European success as a springboard for coming seasons. We have a reputation in tatters as a laughing stock of elite football. And even if we have the worlds best managers and some elite signings it may or may not work as can be seen with utd and city this year, Chelsea last year etc.

    So you think Ivan really wants to swap an easy life if status quo for this monumental task?

    He wants to see a couple of meaningless backroom changes. If that doesn’t tell you everything you need to know about this guy then I don’t know what more to tell you!

  36. TonyD

    Have to agree with you China on all points.

    Anything else is pure speculation, which 2 days ago I allowed myself to lapse into in a hope against hope thinking, which I think Bamford is feeling now.

    I say feeling because our love of the club is an emotional tie that the board, Wenger and Gazidis take advantage of by tugging it in all directions; mostly in a negative way causing abject misery.

    Kroenke just doesn’t care either way. Why would he with US$7.5 billion in cash and assets?

    To them it’s just about money and nothing else. It’s their cash cow juggernaut they want to keep rolling to line their very deep pockets. This keeps them complicit in ruining the clubland dragging us back decades to a mid table club, but that is not a problem for them, as long as the cash keeps the balance sheets firmly in the black.

    I don’t subscribe to Wenger’s view that he hurts when the TEAM loses.

    He hurts because a manger has shown him up; exposing all his tactical frailties. That’s why he deflects the blame to all around him from referees, the players to the wind blowing in the wrong direction.

    HE can’t be wrong!!!! It’s not HIS fault!!!!!

    As I said earlier, we’ll see if they have finally realized that the cash cow will come to an abrupt end soon; probably in the next season.

    Then you’ll see them jumping through the hoops scrambling to stop the financial free fall.

  37. China

    A prediction I’ll make is that Ivan won’t stay long after arsene is out. He’ll stay a couple of years and try to handle the transition. The job will be really difficult and it will probably be accompanied by some down seasons like utd and Chelsea have recently both had.

    Ivan will not have the stomach for the fight and won’t stick around much longer after that. He had to do so little for his previous years that I expect him to get totally overwhelmed by the size of the task when he actually is expected to do his job properly

  38. China

    A backroom shakeup and a DoF for arsene is about as meaningful as installing broadband in my grandma’s flat and telling her she should start watching Netflix instead of itv.

    Is she gonna use it? IS SHE FUCK

  39. TonyD

    I’m not sure having the stomach for it is the right thinking, I’d say his skill set in the EPL and European leagues are lacking. After all he was just an early MLS league administrator.

    I either case it won’t take long to see if he’s up to the job of being a CEO who can take our club to the level of winning both EPL and CL.

  40. TonyD

    I thought we’d struggle without Kos, but to be fair the Saints were poor in the final third. They didn’t have any real pace to threaten us.

    I felt we could have defended higher up the pitch. It would have condensed the midfield more leaving them pretty much the only option of balls over the top.

    Holding is looking like a very rare good acquisition considering most of the defensive dross we’ve bought in the past.

    Chelsea and Everton will be good tests.

  41. Ishola70

    lol Wenger Poos has only lost one match since he implemented the back three and that was at a venue where virtually everybody has lost this season.

    5 wins out of 6 and much better defensive record from previously. Discounting Spurs who beat everyone at their swamp only two goals conceded.

  42. Steveyg87

    “Make no mistake, the task of rebuilding this club is enormous. We have a squad that’s average, overpaid and a lot of hard to shift players”

    While I agree with the majority of the sentiments above, and the fact that we have not been competitive in the market. I don’t think that our squad is average. looking at our team last night, the only players that started that I would shift on are Gibbs and Ramsey, even with him I’m caught in 2 minds. our manager grossly under utilizes them. If you look at what Allegri has done to Manzukic and Khedira’s careers, one has to factor in the managers input, I honestly thought Manzukic was going to warm the bench at Juve, look how that turned out. Our biggest problem is the cosy relationship between Stan and Arsene

  43. Ishola70

    Wenger could win the league next season if he stays in his defensively responsible mode or at least make a much better challenge.

    Funny old game innit.

  44. Up 4 grabs now

    Ospina 60k
    Debuchy 80k
    Gibbs 60k
    Mertesacker 80k
    Jenkinson 50k
    Ramsay 80k
    Santi 80k
    Perez 80k
    Walcott 120k
    Chesney 100k
    Wiltshire 90k

    Total 880k a week
    Wages of players on loan or long term injured, or squad players who barely play.
    Alexis wants 300k, give it to him.

  45. jasongms


    by far the best thing you’ve ever written on here …

    It also gives plausibility to the theory that a more astute manager could do wonders with the current squad …

  46. Up 4 grabs now

    Chuck in players who aren’t good enough.
    Gabriel 60k
    Chamberlain 80k
    Xhaka 80k
    That’s another 220k
    Wonder why our wage bill is so high.

  47. jasongms

    “Wenger could win the league next season if he stays in his defensively responsible mode or at least make a much better challenge.”

    Wenger would/ will never win the league again no matter what players or formation he adopts.

    You want proof, rewatch the spurs game!

  48. Micheal

    “Wenger could win the league next season if he stays in his defensively responsible mode or at least make a much better challenge.”

    And if my aunt had bollocks, she’d be my uncle.

  49. Marko

    Wenger winning the league? Staying in defensive mode? What defensive mode? It’s late in the season some teams are done for the season the one half decent team we played beat us 2-0 but it could of been 6. We’ve conceded 49 goals in the league this season 49!!! 49 over35 games is far more telling than 0 in the last 2 games.

  50. Marko

    Also let’s not get ahead of ourselves attacking wise either. We struggling to find any rhythm or identity in our attack. We’ve had games recently (Palace maybe) where we had no shots on target. Even last night our first on target was the goal in the 60th minute.

  51. Jim Lahey

    What has annoyed me over the past number of years (along with many other things) is our transition from defence to attack. We have tried to emulate Barcelona’s style for the last 6-7 years with minimal success. The reason for this abject failure is we that we have taken certain aspects of the Tiki-taka approach but not all of them.

    To start our build up is far too slow, we have seen this version of Tiki-taka that we have named “crab football” at Arsenal, playing the ball harmlessly across an oppositions defence, allowing them to get 10 men behind the ball and form ranks. The ball itself is being moved around the pitch in a linear pattern side to side without the addition of triangles that Barca use to pull players out of position to distort an oppositions defence. We aren’t playing in between lines we are playing on the lines with no penetration.

    I can’t count how many times I watched Pep’s Barca of the Late 2000s early 2010s tare teams apart by overloading on one wing dragging the opposition across the field only to quickly shift the ball to the other side where suddenly it was 2 v 1 or 3 v 1 on the opposite flank. I remember wondering how a team could allow Barcelona that much room to score some of the easiest goals I had ever seen. In truth the opposition team didn’t just simply allow it they had been out manoeuvred. Barca did this with pace and precision we don’t.

    With a change in formation from 4-3-3 to 3-4-2-1 I was hopeful our build up in attack would change and we would become more direct, playing on the break and finding players running off the shoulder of the last defender, but we haven’t we are still trapped playing this crab football. I am sick of watching it.

  52. China

    Thanks boomslang!

    I’m sooooooo busy lately that I don’t usually have as much time to check stuff round these ‘ere parts as often, but trying to stay in the loop!

    I dunno if pedders has had similar issues but could have done, but changing jobs in a foreign country can be an absolute nightmare of a task. Like I’m having my parents back in England send me documents, which I have translated here, added to endless forms and sent back to the U.K., then back to china.

    All the while the hr team at both my current and next company are pretty hopeless and it’s a stressful mess.

    I can’t fucking wait until may 29th when I’ll be out the door of my current place and into the new one. The worst pet of the transition is that I have to leave so much of the important admin and visa related stuff in the hands of people I barely trust.

    Stressful as fook. I wouldn’t wish it on anyone… apart from arsenal employees lolz

  53. Tonyd

    Hang in there I know what it’s like the bureaucracy with visas, work permits, revenue department and labour department etc is enough to make a saint swear.

    My wife has a company in Singapore ad well, which was a nightmare setting up.

    I have friends in Bejing, Bali, Jakarta, here in Thailand and Singapore and they all have continual war stories to tell every time we get together.