Arsenal vs United: Ain’t what it used to be

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2017 Mesut

A very quick post from me today because I’m in San Francisco working and I can’t really write otherwise people see and if things don’t work out Le Grove gets blamed and I lose my job.

Quick thoughts on yesterday’s win.


Finally, I mean, what a bland way to take a record. Two giants of the game battling it out for top 4, but whatever. Beating United is always sweet. Beating Jose Mourinho is even sweeter. The narrative after the game being focused on Mourinho managing a team that didn’t want to fight for him gave me life, but also sad, because the subplot was…

‘You couldn’t even beat a Wenger team’

Quite incredible that their unbeaten run was so extensive. I mean, even outside all the horrible draws he’s had, it’s amazing a team that is so dripping in average and lacking in creativity could have pulled that off.

I really don’t buy into the… ‘imagine if he had a striker nicking goals’… because he’s had the incredible Ibra doing that for him most of the season. There’s no question that Wenger has lost it, but look, Mourinho dropped 200m on an already expensive squad. He’s done terribly this season, and I think it’s because he’s past it. I’ve gone with that for a few years. I’d be surprised if he makes United great again, I’d imagine that’ll be Pochettino who has a regular lunch date set up with Fergie.

Anyway, a good result for Arsenal. I’m not sure it changes anything. I mean, top 4 is a possibility, but I’d rather us not creep in there… because under no circumstances can this season be seen as anything outside a total failure on the part of Wenger and the setup. I think a year out of the CL would be pretty good for the club, but really, only if Wenger is removed from the picture. Beating a rusty United team doesn’t make for a great season… it’s a minor victory in a horrendous tale of a dated manager being consistently out thought by a horrible little pig of a man over ten years.

But onwards we go. Next up is Southampton away. They pulled out a good draw against Liverpool, and 2 games in 3 days rarely works out well for small clubs… but if they play with their usual Arsenal-are-here swagger, we could be in for a torrid night. Because let’s be real here, that wasn’t vintage Arsenal… it was just two durgy clubs battling it out in their living room armchairs.

3 points is lovely, but give me a break on the hope stuff. Kill this season, bin off the manager, and start again.

Also, loving the Jardim rumours. He’d be perfect. I was told that he was special by the some Sporting fans in Lisbon, I wrote about it. He’s made Monaco a force in France and switched from defensive to explosive attack. He works well with kids, he’s professional and he’s very smart operator tactically. Also, he’s a giant killer. Just what the doctor ordered.

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  1. Bankz

    This dropped really late.
    Was really shocked we finally got to whoop Jose Mourinho’s ass.
    That win felt good no matter how you try to view it.
    Still hope Wenger leaves this month though.

  2. steve

    “Anyway, a good result for Arsenal”


    How was that a” good result” for Arsenal if it keeps Wenger in a job so he can continue to ruin Arsenal in the long run?

  3. Ekpang Bisong

    Wenger you just beat a Mourinho’s team, nothing more to prove please can you not go…….. Wenger out

  4. SuperSwede

    Two games from securing second title of the year and coming back to the CL. Far from being past it I would say

  5. Federer

    Mou shits on Wenger, anytime, anyday. At least he has a title already, is in for another, and is better placed to qualify into UCL ahead of Wenger.
    And this is only his first season with the boys.

  6. Dave

    For anyone who said that we didn’t need Fabregas because we had Ozil, please watch the Chelsea game on tv now

  7. Bamford10


    With you on Jardim. He would be fantastic. He’d have a lot of work to do, though. Squad is in a sad state.

  8. Carts

    An ambitious board should throw the kitchen sink at Jardim.

    He’s probably the hottest manager around right now, alongside Allegri, Zidane and Conte.

    I can fucking see it: we’re going to sneak top 4.

    And by the look of it, Liverpool – who at one stage were my dark horse for the league – are going to balls it up.

    Top 4 will mean Wenger signs-on for another 2 years with these weak changes being implemented.

    As if Wenger will actually take heed from some young up-start DoF. Lol

  9. Marko

    Apparently through intermediaries we’ve approached Zorc of Dortmund. On top of recent links to Jardim and Valverde things hopefully might start looking up. FOR FUCKS SAKE HOPEFULLY

  10. Follow the money

    I wonder if Wenger berated Xhaka for shooting from outside the box. We all know he drills that out of players. We won despite Wenger. We won because of luck and the law of averages. It’s more remarkable that Wenger could not beat mou for so long

  11. Follow the money

    Zidane would never come to Arsenal. He said no as a player and he’ll say no as a manager. Because he’s smart

  12. David Smith

    Possible scenario..
    Last autumn, team riding relatively high, Stan loves Wenger, board ask Wenger for a decision, he declines contract, says he will go at seasons end or whatever reason. If he wanted to stay,,he could have signed then.Lots of nice words in the press from Ivan…..smokescreen to deflect from the scenario of Wenger going, team going well, keep quiet
    Dec…Jan….Deb…March…things go south, Bayern….
    Wenger realises he may not go out on a high, reneges on his autumn decision to leave. In March, despite performances, he arrogantly declares he wishes to stay, thinking he has the backing of those named Kroenke, if not the deceived Ivan. Seriously pisses off Ivan, the board, and when it becomes apparent he will not make any change to make this turnaround feasible, even Josh loses faith, especially after the Henry rebuke
    Players lose respect and focus. Fans revolt. Players play for themselves, or don’t play at all.Wenger for once picks up on things, makes desperate , uncharacteristic, uncoached and unrehearsed formation change to the team, too little too late.
    Ivan makes press briefings, at fan meetings,Chips and Josh conspicuously fail to back Wenger.
    Only a guess, but if Wenger stays under such conditions, should they exist, it is only Stan keeping him..ok that’s stating a potentially obvious status quo….and let’s face it, Stan hasn’t leapt to wengers defence lately
    Firmly. Believe Wenger, one way or another of off unless he makes changes on a par with Donald trump converting to Islam or Coldplay deciding to make decent music

  13. TheBayingMob

    Ugh. Wanting Chelsea to win the league so spurs can’t. Like having to choose between slowing chewing on a warm chewy piece of dog shit or cat shit … at the end of day I can’t be seeing the scum win it …

  14. TheBayingMob

    “Seriously pisses off Ivan, the board, and when it becomes apparent he will not make any change to make this turnaround feasible, even Josh loses faith, especially after the Henry rebuke”

    I can’t see it, not after Chips paid for the respect plane banner it can’t ring true. It’s just a cluster fuck of Old Etonian proportions mixed in with comfort zone arrogance at its best …

  15. mano'gunner

    I couldn’t comprehend Mourinho’s tactical choice in the game. He played so defensively and gave Arsenal players space even in their own half. That is the one thing you don’t want to do against Arsenal.
    Our players break easily under pressure which is how the other teams got results against us.

  16. Emiratesstroller


    As I wrote yesterday there is evidence that something is going on behind the scenes, because several key personnel have left or are leaving with the posts
    still unfilled.

    Primorac senior coach and Wenger’s side kick leaves club at end of season.
    Lawes the transfer negotiator is reputed to be leaving.
    Football Academy Director has left along with Freddy Ljungberg one of Youth

    It is also being suggested that a Director of Football will be appointed this summer.

    You have to ask the question whether the club would leave so many key posts
    in abeyance without replacement unless something else is anticipated i.e. that
    Wenger is leaving.

    Arsenal are a conservative club and not one to make hasty decisions, but I cannot believe that they are so ill prepared that they are not planning for regime

    I agree with Pedro that one season out of Champions League would not be a
    bad thing, but I would also like to see Arsenal out of Europa Cup as well. Travelling to Eastern Europe for Thursday games is not going to improve our performance.

  17. William

    I agree that one season out of Europe won’t kill anyone and that ideally it would have to be out of both competitions.

    Arsenal is a big club. It can sign players with the promise that it will only be one year out of Europe. New manager, few fresh faces, no mid-week distractions (Thursday games are death) – no guarantees of course but the odds would be pretty good on finishing at or near the top of the league.

  18. TonyD

    “A meeting over transfer targets, involving Wenger, Gazidis and Dick Law, who is expected to leave Arsenal in the next 12 months, took place last month where is was agreed the club would look to sign a striker, a central defender, a wide player, a left-back and a goalkeeper.

    Whether or not a sporting director will come in soon enough to help with that process remains to be seen. Dortmund manager Thomas Tuchel is also thought to be among the names Arsenal will consider if Wenger does leave the Emirates, but no talks have taken place over that role.”

    Really!!!!! Gazidis hasn’t had enough time to sign the man required for the job?

    Especially when such a position has been needed for at least 10 seasons1

  19. TonyD

    “As a club Arsenal are operating on two quite different levels at the moment. The visible part is there for all to see and judged on each match day. The less visible part, like the duck’s feet whirring away under the water, is trying to operate the business side. But the trouble is the duck’s legs are tied together. They are struggling to generate momentum because so much is up in the air.”

    “Perhaps not surprisingly, these executive seats went out for renewal early, giving the marketing team more time for the sales pitch if needed. The pack to sign up for the 2017-18 campaign landed a few weeks ago. Many – both ordinary supporters with a few bob and corporate customers – have thought long and hard about justifying their renewals and have let the deadline lapse. Why? Primarily because they do not know exactly what they are paying for. Will Arsène Wenger still be the manager next season? Will Mesut Özil be there? Will Alexis Sánchez? Will Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain? Might they still be able to experience Champions League nights or will it be Europa Thursdays?”

    Interesting article

  20. Pierre

    The only idiots ,as far as I’m concerned , are people that believe everything they read in a newspaper……..

    You only have to look at the transfer rumours in the papers involving Arsenal to realise that they just make up the news as they go along…..

  21. TonyD

    Solid Post

    If we were to get Jardim, then we might just get Mbappe and a couple of others.

    That would make perfect sense. Managers always have their best players follow them.

    I did put a half joke post up recently that Gazidis and the board were secretly working hard at replacing Wenger, and that deals were in place with a footballing module set up to bring the former glory back to our club that Wenger has systematically destroyed.

    I agree with David Smith and Emiriatesstroller (both good posts) where Gazidis and the board can’t be that unprofessionally clueless/careless not to know the financial repercussions if the current problems are compounded.

    I’ve been banging the broken brand and future loss revenue streams drum since coming to Le Grove.

    Like many here I’m a businessman; albeit a retired one, but it just doesn’t make financial sense to keep Wenger whatever way you look at it.

    In my neck of the world, there are a potential 2+ billion people top tap into with our brand. Football revenues will increase from £100s of millions to £billions in the next 10 to 20 years.

    A clever club will be tagging onto China’s coat tails, as well as in the other South East Asia’s countries where the right investments at youth academy/club levels will pay dividends, if not in future players then in merchandise sales.

    These countries wouldn’t need heavy investments; just small strategic amounts at press root levels to keep the brand improving.

    EPL and CL success would speed up the brand awareness exponentially, where Thais especially follow success in their millions.

    Liverpool are a prime example of this where they are the 3rd most followed UK club even though they have won nothing. It was their CL success that is keeping their brand alive.

    The United brand juggernaut just keeps pace for the same reason where they are still the number one club in Asia.

    For the same winning trophies reason Chelsea are now 2nd in Asia

    Thailand alone has over 60 million people. You almost never see and Arsenal shirt these days.

    Just maybe Gazidis and the board are going to really surprise us with the changes we have been wanting for the past 12 years.

    Just maybe they have put the changes to Kroenke in a way that he will understand: the bottom line just as Wenger has used the bottom line to stay well beyond his usefulness.

    It’s not hard to prove that Wenger has cost Kroenke £millions in the last 12 years; the spread sheets wouldn’t be that difficult to understand.

    However, the sooner the club ends all the uncertainty and speculation, the better it will be for all concerned, especially us, the fans, the failing brand, and the sponsors

    This Guardian article is interesting:

    “Perhaps not surprisingly, these executive seats went out for renewal early, giving the marketing team more time for the sales pitch if needed. The pack to sign up for the 2017-18 campaign landed a few weeks ago. Many – both ordinary supporters with a few bob and corporate customers – have thought long and hard about justifying their renewals and have let the deadline lapse. Why? Primarily because they do not know exactly what they are paying for. Will Arsène Wenger still be the manager next season? Will Mesut Özil be there? Will Alexis Sánchez? Will Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain? Might they still be able to experience Champions League nights or will it be Europa Thursdays?”

    “As a club Arsenal are operating on two quite different levels at the moment. The visible part is there for all to see and judged on each match day. The less visible part, like the duck’s feet whirring away under the water, is trying to operate the business side. But the trouble is the duck’s legs are tied together. They are struggling to generate momentum because so much is up in the air.”

  22. TonyD

    I should have added that, if I’m completely wrong and Wenger stays for 2 more years, then the club and Kroenke will get what they deserve; more abject failure and £millions more financial losses.

  23. GoonerDNA

    We’re going end up in Europa which is actually terrible because the fixtures pile up and we’ll be in a similar predicament as united.

    What makes it worse is Wenger will use that to stay on. Next season is going be horrible.

  24. GoonerDave

    Liverpool have been as bad as us this year. There’s every chance they won’t win their remaining 2. But can we win all of ours? I’m not convinced, but when it comes to top 4, we are experts!
    I agree with the posters saying AW might leave. I think there was ample opportunity to announce a new contract earlier. It is very telling that he hasn’t yet signed. I would also openly question the point of a Director of Football when we have an owner and board. A DoF would presumably have the power to veto a manager’s wishlist? Or add a name or two to the list? But as soon as it comes to buying a player or offering a player a contract, the owner and board will take a vote. DoF would have little meaning for us, but will continue to deflect blame from our lecherous owner after AW leaves.
    Don’t fall for the tricks of slippery Stan – he knows what he is doing and has vast experience in manipulation. Don’t let the door hit your wig on the way out Stan.

  25. ArseneisaFraud

    AW on having a DoF taken from this mornings press conference:

    “No. Director of football, I don’t know what it means. Is it someone who stands on the road and directs the players left and right? I never understand what it means.

    “I’m manager of Arsenal and as long as I am manager I will decide what happens on the technical front.”

    He just refuses to enter the 21st Century football. And look at how he thinks he is so funny by wondering what role a DoF actually has. It just goes to show how far behind the footballing world AW actually is.

    I am really sick and tired of this man who just refuses to allow The Arsensl to move on.

  26. Tonyd

    I can’t see a DOF working that way unless he’s just a puppet for the board being allowed to do half the job.

    An experienced DOF wouldnt accept what would be tantamount to working a partial position of DOF responsibility. He’d blow his credibility in the game.

    I’m pretty sure we would see through the situation just by the name being appointed or soon after.

    We know we are looked down on by the club’s hierarchy, especially with the path of resistance we’ve taken. We are little shits in their Etonian eyes.

    However, they also know the level of knowledge of the game we have, and therefore, we can’t be fooled easily if at all.

    Only Wenger thinks we don’t know the game and by virtue have a valid opinion.

    The next 4 weeks are going to be interesting as this drama unfolds.

    I’ll keep hope that my earlier post has some relevance. If it’s blind hope, then that’s what it will end up being when we find out their master plan when it is finally announced.

  27. Tonyd

    Sounds like a bitter desperate man digging his own grave.

    Statements like that make me think he knows he’s leaving or being let go.

  28. GoonerDave

    Isn’t there a technical director’s position for that? Who knows, but as soon as we have someone dictating the style, we will be stuck with it no matter who is in charge. I think the manager should decide the playing style and then he can be held accountable if it fails.
    In saying that, if the club was to appoint a Director of Football to actually help sign players and renew contracts, I think it’d be great. But the man would need serious control over the money – would he get that from a private owner? Not likely, in my opinion.

    A bad season can be forgiven and forgotten provided there is hope. I think its the lack of real hope that has everybody so cheesed off.
    I think there is an obvious reason Ozil and Alexis haven’t renewed. And its not CL football, or the future of the manager. It is obviously money but nobody is saying so. ManU have several players on top money, but nobody wants to leave. Why? Because they pay the money. We don’t.
    If I could change one thing at the club, it would be that socialist wage structure. This is no more than an underhand trick – it guarantees top young players will join, but also that the very best players will leave and we won’t have to pay 200K a week to anyone.
    Everything we do smacks of cheap.

  29. ArseneisaFraud


    I genuinely hope you are right. But I’ll only believe this when I see this with my own eyes. Until then the nightmare of waiting to see what happens next goes on.

  30. Rhys Jaggar

    What is the issue about Europa League? You play squad menbers and kids with a few first teamers in the group stages. That way, you get to Christmas with the core team only playing mostly once a week. And the kids and squad players get first team experience, allowing them to challenge for a Saturday start if they play well enough. You know, start Adelaide in all six group games, ditto Maitland-Niles, el Neny, Wilshere (if he remains), Gabriel in defence if he remains, Perez, Walcott, Giroud if they remain.

    Arsenal have a squad of 33 players including kids: if you refuse to use them, you should be banished for wasting supporters’ money on players you refuse to play.

    Europa League games are not as tough as Champions League or EPL in terms of intensity, so Thursday night excuses are just that: excuses. Arsenal are nowhere near winning the EPL, nowhere near. Lack of organisation, lack of discipline, lack of tactics, lack of uniform quality compared to all major rivals in one or all of those areas.

    Come next year, when Arsenal are fifth or sixth again, still want no Thursdsy night football?

    There is no difference whatever between Thursday, Sunday, Thursday and Wednesday, Saturday, Tuesday. None and go and check into the local looney bin if you say otherwise.

    Players too snooty to play Thursdays are players too weak against Bayern and incapable in the EPL.

    You want fresh players for EPL, then cut the wages of first team by whatever you value playing in three cups. It will not be all thst much. Use it as bonus incentives for squad members to perform well when the stars have their cock in a whore’s mouth. No League Cup for EPL starters, no Europa League group games for EPL stars and no FA Cup games for EPL stars. No coming in later on if the squad members do well, the stars need to be fresh for EPL. Have a midweek coach for the Cups and a second coach focussing on EPL opponents. Use the juniors as tactical fodder for each group where needed.

    After all thst, if the stars finish fifth or worse in the EPL all rested up and trained all week for the weekend, no excuses for calling in FedEx……

  31. WestLondonGoon

    Just watched that presser, he is so sneeringly self-righteous.

    ‘I don’t know what it means…..’ For fucks sake Wenger, just fuck off. Seriously, what a mug. I can’t see a DoF helping while Wenger is still at the club; if DoF signs a player Wenger doesn’t like, he just won’t get a game…he’s done it to enough of his own signings in the past, just freezes them out like he’s done to Perez. It will just cause a greater divide in the cap.

    He’s laughing at us whilst the rest of football is laughing at him.

  32. ArseneisaFraud

    Well this is supposed to be Dick Laws role… but then look at the players being bought. It just smacks of AW telling him who to buy.

  33. OleGunner

    Wenger would never accept a DOF.
    I must admit that I chuckled when I read him say in his presser today that he doesn’t know what a DOF is and whether he directs traffic for players.

    What an absolute smug bastard, you almost just have to admire it lol.

    Anyway, it’s clearly “as you were” for the next two seasons.
    Nothing will change.

  34. OleGunner


    DOF or Techincal Director responsibilities will vary A LOT by each club (no one size fits all) and will include all or parts of the following:

    >Develop club playing style identity
    >Identify required players with coaching staff and manager
    >Assist with contracts of new players/re-signing current players
    >Evaluating player wages with finance
    >Act as intermediary between board and manager
    >Responsibility for and overseeing academy/training ground/medical /physio etc
    >Cultural and behavioral standards at the club

    That’s just a quick and dirty overview.

  35. OleGunner

    The DOF should be there to ensure smooth running of the club operationally beyond management changes and help ease the burden on a manager to help them focus on football matters primarily.

    DOF’s should be a helping hand to the manager, have clout with the board to make appropriate requests/recommendations and understand the club in questions fan mood/desires/worries etc directly on the ground

  36. Marko

    What is a Director of Football expected to do exactly?

    Basically oversee the technical side of things make sure the right people are hired and deal with the negotiations of players and what not. Basically the job that Dick Law and Steve Rowley are supposed to be doing but seem so bad at doing. Also of course work Arsene needlessly takes on.

  37. Marko

    Basically you know how we’ve been struggling for about 10-15 years to identify and sign players well that’s what the DOF is there for.

  38. Marko

    Ole I wouldn’t imagine a DOF has a say on the style and culture in a club so much I’d still say that’s a manager’s job but hiring on the playing side where we’ve been awful for the longest time is where they come in. Of course at a club like Barcelona and Madrid a DOF basically signs the players and the management then work with them but most everywhere else they would get some input from the manager and move on players

  39. TR7

    I rarely agree with anything Wenger says but I am with him on DoF. It’s a meaningless post, it really is. A manager at a club should decide who he wants to buy/sell as he is the one who decides the the style of play, role of players and tactics. If Wenger is not good enough at identifying right players, sack him but that doesn’t make a case for having a DoF. If Dick Law is horrible at sealing a deal, sack him and replace him with someone else but why a DoF? All it does is create unnecessary power struggle and confusion.

  40. Marko

    He is a top-quality striker but I could not give him the games he wants and deserves, I confess that

    Convinced Lucas Perez was bought simply because fans were baying for a striker to be bought and Wenger simply wanted them to shut up. He has clearly had no intention of using over any of his favourites.

  41. Marko

    Not true TR7 and especially at this club one is needed when you see the struggles year in and year out at identifying and signing players.

  42. Leftsidesanch

    Wenger on DOFS:

    “I’m manager of Arsenal and as long as I am manager I will decide what happens on the technical front,” he added. “That’s it.”

    ..Ivan are you, Ivan are you..Ivan are you listening! Ivan are you listeninnnng (screams the AKBS).

  43. TR7

    Marko, Wenger is a ditherer in the transfer market and now also a poor judge of players. The problem is with Wenger,not with not having a DoF at Arsenal.

    And even if I assume for a minute that having a DoF helps, Wenger will never work with a DoF, will never listen to a single recommendation from him, what’s the point in wasting another 2-3M on an employee who is going to be rendered useless by Wenger?

  44. Marko

    That statement could be telling “as long as I’m manager I will decide what happens on the technical front”. Probably explains why we look so shite at the moment. Could also mean hire a DOF I’m off. You’ve got to remember as well all the big boys have DOF’s that work. City, United, Barcelona, Madrid, Bayern, Atletico, Dortmund, Chelsea and PSG all have them and have no problems signing players.

  45. Marko

    TR7 first off you get rid of him. Secondly it works for all those clubs why not us. The idea of one man being able to do everything on top of being a “ditherer” while also having this warped view of things cannot work and doesn’t work. Funny thing is like so much of the criticism that he faces so much of it might not actually exist if he had of appointed a DOF years ago.

  46. Dissenter

    Good news people
    I’m not so sure Wenger has signed that deal because it’s not on the table any longer. It’s certain that there’s an intriguing board room battle being waged.
    The way he talked today made it obvious they pushed the negotiations till post season.
    If Gazidis does not relent then Wenger will walk away.
    As long as I’m manager is his way of holding the club to ransom. It’s just that he’s lost his leverage with th current poor run of results.

    Good thing Tuchel is available now.
    Wenger is done.

  47. Marko

    His comments today also show that if he stays nothing changes. He’s not willing to change. Any idea he’d work with a DOF or that things would dramatically improve by doing the same thing he’s been doing for years is nonsense and that should shows where the problem exists. A rod for his own back comes to mind

  48. Dissenter

    A DoF is only meaningful if that individual is responsible for hiring new managers. That’s how Chelsea do it.
    Every manager knows Emenalo has the direct line to the owner so they don’t mess with him.

  49. Bamford10

    If there was ever any doubt about Wenger’s cluelessness, arrogance and inflexibility, it has been entirely wiped away by his DoF comments. Most of the best clubs in the world have such an office, but Wenger pretends he knows nothing of it and that it is some kind of absurdity.

    Jesus this man needs to fuck off. As I’ve said before, for Wenger it is always 1997.

    As for what a DoF does, the most important thing he would do at Arsenal would be overseeing the scouting, signing, selling and contracting of players. While the manager should have some limited input in to these things, delegating the above to a DoF is a proper division of labor and allows the manager to manage, i.e., focus on tactics, training, player development, etc.

    One of the biggest mistakes dipshit made is that he tried to do all things and be all things at the club. This meant in the end that he did nothing especially well, and this is especially true when it comes to the basic role of the manager (tactics, training, development).

    Hopefully his remarks today make it clear to the board and owner that he is an inflexible relic and he needs to go.

  50. Marko

    As for what a DoF does, the most important thing he would do at Arsenal would be overseeing the scouting, signing, selling and contracting of players.

    Literally our biggest problem for many years

  51. Marko

    Dissenter I hear you but I don’t think that for example a new manager coming in would have to be appointed by a DOF in order for them to have a good working relationship. Like most things in life the character of both people would come into play. Plus the set up here would be different cause who knows Stan in the football world and he’s much more vacant an owner than Roman is. Plus and this is very important to remember when dealing with people like Alexander we’re self sufficient and don’t necessarily need to go to Stan for anything. Whereas with Chelsea for years they did

  52. Bamford10

    Fascinating drama playing out, actually. I only wish we knew a little more about what is happening behind closed doors.

    Wenger was smart to switch to 3-4-3 and talk of his ability to “change,” but having beaten United, he is now back to playing the arrogant, old, inflexible king. “I shall change for no one, share my role with no one, ” he tells the world.

    I think he has played his hand poorly here. Unless he knows that Kroenke will support him no matter what — and veto Gazidis and others no matter what — his remarks this morning paint him in a bad light.

    Unless he manages to finish fourth and/or win the FAC, I don’t see how he keeps his job holding to this morning’s I-am-king-and-I-shall-not-share-or-change line.

  53. GoonerDave

    At Arsenal, the DoF would report to Stan. Expenditure will still be voted on by the board. The entire structure of the club would have to change in order to do things properly.
    At Chelsea, winning is the order of the day and all board members are on the same page. We have a struggle between old men and financiers. Something may very well be going on behind the scenes and if things are going to properly change, I’ll be delighted. I doubt it though.

  54. Bamford10


    I think Dissenter’s point is that you need a “football man” — essentially a manager-cum-football-executive — overseeing the hiring and firing of managers. This is correct. Such a person also needs to oversee the signing and selling of players. The manager himself needs to focus on managing.

  55. Bamford10

    Please let the Jardim rumors be true. Supporting Arsenal would be enjoyable, hopeful again. Christmas in London and all over the world. Hope, good football, love, joy, festoons.

    Off with the king’s head. Time to move on, people.

  56. SpanishDave

    Wenger is truly showing himself up. He has had so much power he cannot bear to hear that changes are coming.
    He won’t be the manager in 4 weeks as his contract us up. Sacking him is not required he will be out of a job.
    When the final results mean that 4th is not possible, and then get a thumping in the final , the shit will begin

  57. Marko

    Bam I was just saying I don’t think it’s important that we say hire a DOF first and that he then hires the new manager. We don’t have that luxury because we’ll be hiring both at the same time. if David Dein was still here then fair enough.

  58. Marko

    Someone like Zorc and Jardim would be an absolute brilliant start to the summer. We could actually get excited about transfer rumours again

  59. Marko

    Also all for a move for Michael Keane in the summer decent enough defender he’d help with the home grown quota and most importantly signing him would mean we could finally get rid of someone like Gibbs or Walcott or Wilshere or all 3.

  60. Marko

    Pickford number two, Ben Chilwell and maybe someone like Zaha or Ryan Sessegnon and get rid of Jack, Gibbs and Walcott finally

  61. Champagne charlie

    For the record I know what a Directr of Football is all about, I just find the position unintelligently propped up as some mighty post.

    It’s not. Arsenal has several men employed to cover the role of DoF. What Wenger is clearly against is someone having another input as far as the football matters go ie being able to supersede him.

    This I’m totally on board with as the manager should be wholly responsible for the football aspects of the club. A DoF is a pathetic point of argument. If Dick Law did his job to a better standard then we wouldn’t even be talking about one.

    Don’t ask me, ask Ian Wright….

    Speaking to BT Sport, he said: “You talk about those people [Suarez, Higuain, Kante], I’m hearing that Dick Law is going to leave at the end of the season and rightly so.

    “I’m hearing things like he was the one [who messed up] with Suarez. He was the one – with Ozil – who missed the plane.

    This is somebody who is trying to bring in recruitment to make the club better. That’s the incompetence we’re dealing with.”

  62. Follow the money

    Listen to this f***er!

    Arsène Wenger has poured scorn on the work of directors of football in the modern game and made it plain that he would not be prepared to work with one at Arsenal.

    “I don’t know what director of football means,” Wenger said. “It is somebody who stands in the road and directs play right and left? I don’t understand and I never did understand what it means.”

    You know damned well why he’s saying something so stupid. Because fans have caught on that Dein was responsible for his early success. He’s trying to make people forget about that and rewrite history that he recruited and signed The Invincibles when we all know if he’d been in charge of deals back then he’d have dithered and signed some crap. What scum. HE HAS TO GO

  63. Park Chu-young's left testicle

    Just let the old fools contract run out at the end of the season.

    Hopefully this is the plan and that they are lining up potential successors.

  64. Marko

    Arsenal has several men employed to cover the role of DoF.

    Several? Try Arsene and Dick Law and neither do it adequately.

    This I’m totally on board with as the manager should be wholly responsible for the football aspects of the club.

    Which is exactly why Arsene is getting all the criticism and duly so.

    Charlie make absolutely no mistake you are an Arsene apologist of the highest order. Sure you try to mask it with the occasional veiled agreement that he needs to go but it’s very apparent that you’re all about blaming Stan and Ivan and Dick Law before Wenger. It’s sad really it’s obvious to most but still not you. The fact he’s so opposed to hiring someone who could help goes to show the input he has in everything. Therefore the blame should be solely laid on him

  65. Tonyd

    I thought that as well. Wenger knows full well DD was his DoF for the Invincibles.

    We’ve all been looking for a chink of light at the end of the tunnel; Wenger’s comments today has given us that.

    If you read between the lines, Wenger had all but given us a synopsis of what’s happening behind closed doors.

    He’s bitter and twisted about it. He still thought he is The Arsenal.

    He probably thought Stan, Gazidis and the BoD would have a rethink after the United win. That they’d bow to him and cancel any controlling conditions.

    He knows that a quality DoF will quickly report all his inept tactics and ‘favourites’ system.

    I’m sure he’ll be spewing more comments like this in the next 4 weeks adding more nails to his coffin.

    Summer could be fun again after the misery of the last 12 years.

    He who laughs last…………… .

  66. TR7

    Pickford ,Bertrand or Chillwell , Davies , Zaha ,Martinez, Holding ,Coquelin and Ox – Buy/keep these 8 players and get rid of all the remaining homegrown players in our squad which include Theo,Ramsey,Jack,Welbeck,Gibbs, Jenkinson,Matt Macey,

  67. GoonerDave

    If we appoint a Director of Football in the near future, it is a strong indication that Arsene is leaving. And possibly Chips too. Stan will genuinely need a new shield when AW leaves. He isn’t stupid. Dave Dein was vice chairman, but look at the power he had. And his role no longer even exists! Today, its Managing Director or CEO. The entire landscape has changed with private ownership, both on and off the pitch. Deals cannot really be made off the cuff, like before – there is protocol for spending money now.
    The only glimmer of hope I can see is that Kroenke and the Board will allow the next manager to dip into the cash – but Stan has never, ever done anything like that before.
    Don’t fall for new appointments to new roles – unless there is a major increase in spending, a focus put on winning and an end to this dated pay structure, it is not change.

  68. Tonyd

    Totally agree.

    Stan has seen his shares increase beyond his expectations. He’s probably realised the growth potential of football and global branding. Something his US based franchises will never have.

    It’s now in his best financial interests to venture more capital to reap the potential rewards.

    This begins with restructuring and the empty posts is the beginning as is the DoF and new manager.

  69. Barking Arsene

    Coquelin? Nah, he has to go. Walcott, too

    Walcott can go, but surely after the now infamous “Coq block” against United he gets a stay of execution!

    P.S anyone else see Nelson Vivas the other day? Priceless.

  70. Pierre

    A plus point is that the media and pundits are talking up Ramsey again… This will add to the value of his transfer fee if/when the new manager comes in. It’s probably gone up 10 million overnight… Why…apparently he had a great game v man u and was motm… They must have been watching a different game to me…

    The biggest mistake the new manager could make is believing all the hype re Ramsey and makes him the focal point of the team…..the new manager will lose the confidence of the fans from day one…..

    Ox is in a similar position to Ramsey as his value is increasing game by game but he probably has more to offer the team, he is starting to mature as a player so hopefully will remain injury free for a while and push on..

  71. Joe

    Yes dick law screwed it up

    As wenger is the one who has said why would I pay 10 m pounds for someone I value at 5 m pounds. Or something like that

    I’m sure if was dick law who screwed up higuain too.

    It was dick law who fergie called to get Arsenal to sell them RVP

    It was dick law who sold cesc and Nasri after wenger said the week before they are going nowhere

    All makes sense now

  72. useroz


    Wenger: “Director of Football? I don’t know what it means. Is it somebody who stands on the road and directs players right and left? I don’t understand. I never could understand what it means, Director of Football.”

    Is that is code for : “Fuck off! You don’t know what you’re talking about. And you don’t even belong in in the same room as me.”

    I don’t know.

    But I do know that his insulting behaviour would not be tolerated by any Champions League club in Spain, Germany, Italy or France.

    Wenger is an embarrassment to football, let alone Arsenal FC.

    Fuck off…

  73. OleGunner

    You asked we answered, Charlie.
    Doesn’t matter whether you think the position is propped up because that’s not what you asked.

    In any case, we do need a highly experienced and competent DOF with similar structures put in place to other high level European clubs.
    Secondly, you’re having a laugh saying we already have the personnel to take on this job at the club already.

    Absolutely laughable.

  74. Tonyd


    Barking Arsne
    Vivas’ incredible hulk short ripping. Shame he didn’t have that energy when he played for us.

  75. Leedsgunner

    Appointing a director of football whilst Wenger is still here with the majority of his backroom staff is just meaningless window dressing. It will give the appearance of change without actually doing so.

    Wenger will ensure that any D of F that comes in without his blessing will be frustrated and sidelined to become next to useless.

    Wenger has to go. No, ifs, buts or maybes.

  76. OleGunner

    I will add that even a well qualified DOF would flop if the mentality of just aiming for elite mediocrity at the club remains.

  77. Tonyd

    I’m finally going to look forward to trawling the Internet each morning with my early coffee.

    As we drop points in our remaining games Wenger’s comments should make fun reading.

    Ditto the FAC

    More clangers to come from the man who thinks he’s superior to everyone.

    Neville and ex player Wenger fans’ comments should make good reading.

    Funny how Neville came out today saying the United match had no meaning for either team.

    Wonder what Kos will do if our gut feelings are right and Wenger goes.

  78. Guns of Hackney

    Guys…a DOF, new CEO…a new coach driver. None of this matters if Wenger is at the club.

    This is wengers club. Period. Who exactly at Arsenal would even get a DOF in? Stan…errr, no. Ivan…100% no way. So unless Wenger hires his own boss, how exactly does this magical appointment even take place?

    Sorry to be the harbinger of doom but Wenger is staying, ergo, things will continue to remain exactly the same.

  79. Tonyd


    Can’t see an experienced DoF coming unless the current mentality changes.

    Would hardly be CV building.

  80. Tonyd

    Until this morning I would have agreed with you and posted similar.

    There’s more to Wenger’s behaviour today than his stupid comments.

    I’ll be the first to put my hands up if I’m wrong in 4 weeks time.

    Wenger’s yes men are all being weeded out.

  81. salparadisenyc

    Ideal scenario: we sneak top four, win the cup and Wenger wanders into the setting sun on that. Pride in tact.

    Then we get to see what Gazidis is made of, I certainly can’t argue with a Jardim/Zorc team.

    But I’m pretty sure history won’t align with much of that.

  82. Dissenter

    Are you really trying to make sense of what Wenger was trying to say.
    No one can understand what he was trying to say unless that individual is a lying, arrogant and deluded old fool who’s well settled into a 8.5 million lifestyle doing the same rubbish over and over again.
    “What Wenger is clearly against is someone having another input as far as the football matters go ie being able to supersede him”
    The modern game requires that “someone” to plot the long term future of the club. That’s why Chelsea can still be signing the best player in France [Hazard] when they did not have a long term manager in 2012. That’s why Chelsea keep winning regardless of manager. There’s a proper system that any manager can run with.

    Wenger shouldn’t be signing youth players- The DoF should be doing that.
    Wenger should only be involved with scouting when the final report has come through. He shouldn’t be going to Mbape’s home when there’s a first team that needs coaching.
    DoF can be more important to the club that the manager. That’s the system that

  83. Dissenter

    For Wenger it’s all about his massive ego. He has to be the big guy.
    He has to be the highest paid employee. Everyone has to kowtow to him.
    He;s a bloody twat.

  84. Pierre

    “If Wenger is not good enough at identifying right players, sack him but that doesn’t make a case for having a DoF. If Dick Law is horrible at sealing a deal, sack him ”

    Well said

  85. Guns of Hackney


    who is weeding them out and has any of them actually been confirmed?

    Wenger can say and do what he wants and has acted like a demented toddler for ten years…his behaviour is the norm.

    I hope you’re right but I can’t see it. Wenger is here to stay, as far as I am concerned, until I see another chap in the dugout, he’ll be here forever.

  86. Dissenter

    Wenger would’nt be talking like thbs unless there was a stand-off with the BoD and Gazidis.
    The tepid letter Sir Chips Cheswisk now makes sense
    “Arsene has a contract until the end of the season. Any decisions will be made by us mutually and communicated at the right time in the right way”
    That statement now looks loaded ‘contract till the end of the season”, “mutual [agreement”
    There’s a showdown coming.
    Lets hope Wenger goes in there with no leverage and he overplays his hand by giving the board an ultimatum.
    Here’s to hoping we end the season miserably.
    Tuchel is available now since he just fell out with Dortmund.
    Jardim is going to be gutted this summer when his team is broken up and sold for parts.

  87. Pierre

    Something tells me it’s going to be the
    Joe & TonyD show on here for the next week or so……..
    At least 50% of comments will be posted by those 2….

  88. Tonyd

    No need for you to post your drivel then Pierre. Go back to Untold where your crap is lapped up or talk to your mates in the playground.

  89. Leedsgunner


    Thumbs up on the latest podcast episode. Very very funny, especially when hypothetically describing the typical Tottenham fan after their new stadium is built. Funny that Tottenham is playing like we did when Wenger came in… minus the French players of course…

    Got me thinking… it would trump Sol Campbell moving to Arsenal from Tottenham if we managed to nab the Spurs manager… if to all our surprise Wenger decided to leave. The bantz would be glorious! It will never happen, but it’s still funny to think about it.


    Apparently there was an Arsenal banner at the Emirates which stated self righteously….

    “You cannot buy class”

    with a Utd banner which retorted, “You can if you have £24m…” with RvPs picture on it.

    Very very funny. Hats off for their sense of humour.

  90. Dissenter

    “Sunderland want to sell Jordan Pickford fpr 30 million. They hope to use the proceeds to rebuild their team” – BBC
    It’s no wonder they got into their current state. Who’s going to pay 30 million for an average English goal keeper?

  91. Marko

    Can’t see an experienced DoF coming unless the current mentality changes.

    Current mentality changes when the manager changes

  92. Tonyd

    Don’t know if Piers Morgan reads this blog; I suspect he might.

    Piers if you’re reading, I’d love to see you call Wenger out to a televised one on one interview with you.

    It would be current enough in the next 4 weeks. I’m sure you’d find a channel willing to put the interview on.

    You have more than enough journalists in your contact list who would publicise it and write about it after.

    It would make great viewing for our fans as well as the neutrals.

    I’m sure Wenger would decline but even his declining or ignoring you would make the press write about it.

    You would be able to get answers to all the questions you and we would all love to put to him.

    The lads here alone could pen their questions to help with your research.

    Anyone agree with this idea?

  93. Champagne charlie

    Shut up mate that’s your fucking stock answer. “Wenger apologist”

    Do me a favour, explain how I’m deflecting from Wenger when a director of football is a consideration that has no fucking bearing on wengers input? A DoF is a direct result of Laws incompetence. So good effort at your usual mudsling, wide as ever.

    I don’t agree with that whatsoever, the whole DoF operation is as grey as it gets. What I said was if dick law had been competent we wouldn’t be talking about one.

    The manager should be the one trying to win players like Mbappe over to sign, what absolutely shouldn’t be the case is players being signed that aren’t in the managers plans – which is the massive criticism of a DoF.

    I think it’s a recipe for disaster, and introducing it at Arsenal would be a nothing but a show. If the respective men in suits did their part properly then it would all run smoothly. As is we have an owner that is tight as a drum, negotiating team that are embarrassing, and a coach that’s stagnated.

  94. Marko

    Yeah Piers if you are reading drop dead you despicable cunt. Useless hack comes to mind when I think of you.

    Oh hey Charlie

  95. Marko

    Also a need for a DOF does have a bearing on Wenger’s input. For example if he wasn’t such a dithering shit and didn’t need to be pressured into signing players (last summer) then we wouldn’t probably need a DOF. And yes you are absolutely an apologist. You go from blaming Stan to blaming Ivan to blaming other clubs for spending money to now blaming Dick Law. Arsene sets the targets and the price this has been proven so to put it all on Dick Law is a bit rich.

    Also why you are so against a DOF when pretty much every other big major ambitious club in Europe has one with varying degrees of success is beyond me. Iguess you don’t want Wenger’s toes stepped on

  96. Marko

    As is we have an owner that is tight as a drum, negotiating team that are embarrassing, and a coach that’s stagnated.

    Please fix to read manager who’s left in the past. Manager who doesn’t spend the money available until pressured to followed by useless negotiating team who wait to move on players but manager dithers. He really sets the tone for everything

  97. Follow the money

    I’m sure Piers Morgan has tried. Wenger would never do it. Look at how Jaqui Oatley was sent to the wilderness for asking Le Clownboy one tough question. Piers would ask 20

  98. SpanishDave

    When Wenger arrived he had a dof in the way of D D and Wenger benefitted from this partnership.
    When D D sold out Wenger went downhill trying to do it all himself and that is why we are in this position.