Wenger brags about tough conversations

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Well, nothing quite makes you chortle with teary eyes like watching West Ham beat Spurs. Slaven Bilic, in his tough second season, playing in the worst ground in the country, beat a team that roundly destroyed us last weekend.

Also, did you know Sunderland have a better away record against top teams than we do this season?

What a riot we are.

An interesting trend I’m noticing in the media at the moment is outside the flip to the right of previously loyal fan publications, even the mainstream journalists are turning on Wenger. I’m talking about the measured guys who don’t normally speculate on futures. Barney Ronay has been on fire this season and his latest takedown on Wenger was like a MOAB – painted with pretty flowers – being dropped on the illusion of Wenger.

‘Something seems to have been lost around about the time the man who introduced internationalism decided the right thing was to have a “British spine”. Exit the creaky, flighty, high class midweek Carling Cup types – the Carlos Vela Supremacy – who for all their frustrations always seemed to have a brilliant midweek hat-trick against Reading in their locker. Enter a creeping, well-behaved mediocrity.’

This is the way I’d like to be writing about an exiting Wenger. It feels so much more polite.

You know another byproduct of this dreary never ending Wenger story? I read transfer news and I don’t even care. I haven’t clicked a link to a player story all year. Why? Because the chances are if it’s an ‘elite’ player, it’ll be boring elite… like Jamie Vardy. If it’s a player I don’t know about, like Sead Kolasinac, I’m picturing a player that has the stats monsters excited, but one that will ultimately disappoint, and if it’s a kid, I know they’ll be shite.

Remember back in the day when everything Wenger touched turned to gold? Them’s were the days!

He’s been bragging about having tough conversations with Ozil.

“Yes he needs [tough love],” Wenger admitted. “We had some good conversations with him as well, you know. But he has not necessarily had time to write the book so you don’t know about it. I don’t tell you what I tell them.”

“To just criticise Mesut Ozil’s performance does not reflect exactly what happened on the pitch,” he said. “Overall I believe recently he has put a lot of effort in. He was a bit, like the rest of the team, not physically at his best. I felt that we gave a lot on Sunday [against City], Wednesday and had not completely recovered for the game.”

I think I’d just pretend I’d not spoken to him, versus own up to him not listening.

So, we have a big game tomorrow. Jose comes to The Emirates, looking to extend out his lead over Arsenal and keep pace with the race for top 4. A race that saw City push up into third with a rout over a poor Palace team. Southampton and Liverpool also play in the morning tomorrow, which could present an upset, that might give both of us a bit of hope.

I’m not sure what Jose is coming to do. I mean, disrupt our free flowing football that doesn’t exist? I’d imagine, having watched a bit of Arsenal this season, they’ll try and ruffle Xhaka in the middle. He’s not very physical or fast (and he’s a but injured), and he’s easily agitated. I’d also imagine they’ll try and hit us with pace and take advantage of our lack of understanding with our ‘new’ formation. I can’t imagine it’ll be pretty, but I don’t think they’ll be deploying 8 at the back like they did against Chelsea.

I keep hoping that there’s a turning point. The only real hope we have is that they’re tired after their Euro exploits… and they struggle in front of goal without an Ibra type figure there to hustle us.

This game is of huge importance. It’s the start of a horrible week. Southampton and Stoke are tough games to play if we’re off the back of two upsetting defeats.

We’ll see though… I’m not fussed either way, which is a sorry state of affairs. Still tempted by the Cup Final though… £1500 to see us have our arses handed to us?

See you in the comments section.


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345 Responses to “Wenger brags about tough conversations”

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  1. Paolo

    I’m torn who I detest more Arsene Wanker or Ramsey.. Ramsey is so crap is almost unbelievable watching it unfold

    Why O why is AW never questioned about his pathetic team selection’s?

    Being an ‘old school’ Gooner that knows anything about football is unbearable right now…


  2. Dissenter

    “That was not fucking offside. These linos got to look harder.”

    Nope It wasn’t offside
    The linesman was just trying to save Welbeck the embarrassment of missing a guilt edged chance. Did you see the silly air kick?

  3. WrightIsGod

    If we end this half 0-0, which out of the two managers will inspire the most out of their team?

  4. DaleDaGooner

    Having Ramsey in the side is a huge hinderance, I can see better players in that position already

  5. Samesong

    Ramsey hasn’t scored a goal in over 14 months.

    But some fans think he would be much better under a new manager.

  6. Dissenter

    It has to be different for anyone competing with Ramsey for a place.
    Elneny has be be worse than dogshit if he still can’t get a start ahead of Ramsey.

  7. TR7

    “Elneny has be be worse than dogshit if he still can’t get a start ahead of Ramsey.”

    Arsene doesn’t choose his starting 11 on merit, so Ramsey starting ahead of Elneny doesn’t mean anything. Even Welbeck starts ahead of Perez, doesn’t make Welbeck a better striker.

  8. useroz

    Stats can’t be more even. Both shit teams these days probably….

    2H unfolds

    When would Wenger sub?

  9. Bamford10

    Elneny is a decent, tidy, solid player. And a better CM, at the moment, than Aaron Ramsey. But Wenger doesn’t make selections based on merit.

  10. DaleDaGooner

    I still like Xhaka for all the doubters, he’s way more useful than Ramsey, can’t shoot can’t pass, can’t even dribble properly

  11. steve

    Most fans at the Emirates are embarrassing. They should be boycotting the game. Instead they’re making it easier for Wenger to sign a new deal. *smh*

  12. Guns of Hackney

    Liverpool choked.
    United choking

    Arsenal with games in hand…fourth is the Arsenal way.

  13. izzo

    Looks like Mourinho has his eyes on uefa cup. Kinda surrendering this one playing two unfit center backs plus they still are 2 points ahead. They wold have to win their next game which is against Spurs but the question is are we going to beat Southampton away. I don’t believe so for a second. Another meaningless win with the pressure off where the points most likely won’t matter.

  14. ArseneisaFraud

    Great header from Welbeck. 2-0. And that is the only reason why AW has chosen Welbeck over Lampost. The problem is that we only play Manure twice a season. It would be great if Welbeck scored against other teams as well.

    Maureen must be very pissed off hence the two subs in Lingard and Rashford.

  15. WestLondonGoon

    Just got back in time to see those 2 goals go in………protest was piss poor today. 300 at most dwindling to about 100 by the time we got to the Bear Roundabout.

    At one point we were drowned out by Utined fans singing the ‘we want you to stay’ song.

    Sad times at my club.

  16. steve

    The sight of Wanker celebrating is sickening. Seems like the only way he leaves Arsenal is in a coffin.

  17. Follow the money

    Someone needs to tell Wenger it’s too late for redemption. I don’t give a crap what happens until he’s gone. Just watch how overjoyed he’s going to be to get his favorite trophy. Get out, disgusting coward

  18. ArseneisaFraud

    And we know what AW is celebrating…. more ammo for the BoD to have a reason to give AW a new contract.

  19. Guns of Hackney

    Sanchez not looking like a Bayern player. He’s stinking the place out.

    Normally I’d be going mad at Arsenal beating those smack head mancs but I know that this win means almost definitely that Wenger stays…and stays…and stays.

    Jose is insane for thinking the UEFA cup is their way into CL. That will backfire.

    The planets are aligning for Arsene again.

  20. useroz

    Gibbs is so pathetic with all the time in 8 years he still can’t pass with his right foot.

    Fucking useless back and side passing deadwood…

  21. Dissenter

    If we beat Southampton away and Sunderland at home then it’s doable. However our goal differ Ce is pathetic.
    The problem is that the positive results will create the “right ” atmosphere to announce the contract.

  22. Follow the money

    @Steve totally agree. He’s not celebrating Arsenal winning anything, he’s not celebrating anything meaningful, he’s celebrating the fact that he’s going to get a new contract, more money, and continue to be King of Arsenal. Words can’t describe how much I hate this bastard. Been a fan since 70-71 and I watch pool and Chelsea more than I do Arsenal because I can’t stand to look at the lying cowards face

  23. Guns of Hackney

    Maybe we need a proper manager at The Arse from August to April and then Wenger for the run in. No bastard has the finishing power that Wenger does.

  24. London gunner

    Can’t see us getting top 4.

    Even if we win all our games in hand we are still behind city and Liverpool.

    Liverpool only
    Have West Ham and borough left.

    West Ham have been awful and have nothing to play for. Aside from one game against spurs.

    Borough will already be relegated by the time Liverpool play them.

    City aren’t going to slip now they just started hitting peak form with a 5-0 win.

    City can afford to lose to lecister and have west brom and Watford.

    I can’t see us getting top 4

  25. TR7

    I think Liverpool will finish ahead of us even if they lose to West Ham and beat Borough. We have Stoke away and Everton at home- unlikely we get more than 3 points from those games.

  26. Samir


    He’s sick of this shit just as we are. 100% doesn’t give a shit and is leaving.

  27. PieAFC

    What a shit game. Timid bore fest.

    We won’t be getting top four.

    If this home support chant Wenger chants I’ll go mad.

  28. R.S.P.C.Arsenal


    You have more chance of the queen singing chas n Daves sideboard song than we have of signing mbappe ….

  29. Samir

    Ozil and Sanchez have probably been our worst players today.

    Ramsey, Ox and Holding all had good games.

  30. Boomslang

    Amazing how these bitch ass players show up when there’s nothing to play for.

    Wenger OUT OUT OUT

  31. BigLee

    Holding looked good yet again. He bailed out Ox, who looked great in attack but poor at the back. What a bargain signing he has been.

    To be fair, Arsenal defended like wolves in the first half. Good pressing and numbers at the back.

    Mourinho’s change to 4-4-2 opened up the midfield for Arsenal and they took good advantage. Good game overall.

    Two trophies won today – ending ManU’s 25 game unbeaten run and ending Jose’s 25 game unbeaten run against Wenger.

    Arsene Wenger, he leaves when he wants.


    Arsene Wenger, he’s Arsenal ’til he dies.

  32. Tonyd

    Neville gave MOM

    Big Lee
    Both options are the same.

    United looked hungover from their cup game.

    I’d say this is Rooneys last season at United.

    If it wasn’t a forgone conclusion before the game, but now Wenger is in for another 2 years and will be laughing at us when he signs.

    That is unless Chelsea hammer us in the final.

  33. Follow the money

    If Wenger signs a new contract I’m just going to completely and totally tune out Arsenal. Already have halfway tuned out since 2011, a new contract will be the last straw for me.

  34. peanuts&monkeys

    John Cross writes: A dozen years ago, Arsenal against Manchester United would be a title decider, a key game between two heavyweights.

    These days it’s all about pride and a desperate battle for top four. This, at times, felt more Emirates Cup than title decider. How the mighty have fallen, a sorry state of affairs for both clubs.

    At least United have the potential of winning two trophies and getting a place in the Champions League by winning the Europa League.

  35. Danny

    Wenger said in October that to guarantee top 4 we’d need 80 points. The most we can get is 75. Losing to Palace and W.Brom after the B.Munich matches saw to that plus the Watford match earlier.
    Wenger is so finished.

  36. Danny

    In these dozen years ManU won 10 trophies. Arsenal only two Mickey Mouse cups.
    Ah but Wenger won 12 straight top 4 trophies…..

  37. Champagne charlie

    “At least United have the potential of winning two trophies and getting a place in the Champions League by winning the Europa League.”

    Laughable. How often has the carling cup been looked down at and top 4 mocked? Now it’s ammo for why United are better off than Arsenal? Embarrassing flawed logic.

    On the game…
    Utter shit show. Rambo looked threatening though, way way better behind the striker. At least he offers some physicality. Ozil was awfully passive as per, he has all the talent and zero application. That’s a manager issue for me. Hope we tank the rest and avoid sneaking top 4, now that would be awful.

  38. Marko

    Always nice beating United but make no mistake it should change absolutely nothing and how bang average United arethese days must be taken into account

  39. Follow the money

    I wonder if Wenger is going to berate Xhaka for shooting from outside the box? Well known how much he hates that. Tosser. They won despite Wenger, it was luck, the law of averages and a player disobeying orders

  40. Boomslang

    Follow the money

    Spot on. But of course inbred AKBs would claim their messiah have reinvented himself, and therefore worthy of a contract for life.

  41. Marko

    Malaga playing well these days. Wouldn’t mind seeing Sandro and Fornals play for us. Or Camacho always thought he was a good player

  42. PaddyV91

    Poor owl Pierre deluded fuck one win and he gets optimistic for next season…I would say deja vu but that doesn’t quite cut it. What a word for deja vu x10?

  43. reality check

    Champagne charlieMay 7, 2017 19:27:18
    “At least United have the potential of winning two trophies and getting a place in the Champions League by winning the Europa League.”Laughable. How often has the carling cup been looked down at and top 4 mocked? Now it’s ammo for why United are better off than Arsenal? Embarrassing flawed logic.
    That’s not fair. I’m sure you would commend Wenger if he won the FA Cup and achieved UCL through top 4.

    Which is basically the same thing UTD could achieve. (Europa League Cup + League Cup equals 1 FA CUP yes?)

    The point of the previous posters comment was that BOTH teams are a shadow of their former selves. Embarrassing to watch. Although, this has been described as the Worst UTD side since Fergie. Well, their worst season or worst team could achieve everything Wenger Supporters use to support Wenger.

    1. Trophies
    2. UCL qualification.

    So, if it’s good enough for Wenger.. eh?

  44. jasongms

    Surprise, surprise we win and usual suspects appear right out of a Wenger wet dream…

    Like others have said, take this win with a grain of salt as the victory is hollow on some many levels……..what levels ? those levels hahaha

    Here’s the thing we’ve been wanting to beat Mourinho for so long and take that smug fk’ing smile of his stupid face. But Wenger has ruined any joy for the team that we would have otherwise felt and made this victory bittersweet.

    The sooner he leaves the better for club and fans alike …


  45. reality check

    No parade for the FA CUP when we win it please. It’s a nice little cup… but not that nice.

  46. TonyD

    Spot on Jason

    Beating a weak and ineffective United team with a fluke 1st goal and more decent 2nd goal when UTD were at 6s & 7s is not much to be excited about.

    United looked like a team from near the bottom of the table.

    Looks like Jose is headed down Wenger’s road of past it. Nothing special about him any more. Not on this season’s showing with all the money he spent.

    His tactics were hopelessly wrong.

    If he’d attacked and pressed high from the off, we would have folded. Sitting back just gave us more confidence in our approach.

    The game was so boring!

  47. Black Hei

    It is time to pull back the curtains and enjoy the brief sunshine of a one-off victory.

    Yup, fluky gutsy win but you make your own luck.

    Never saw that coming. Thought it would have been a draw.

    So, I will stop this temporal boycott of the FREE Arsenal TV and watch some highlights.

    BTW, should I continue my annual $40 bucks member subscription? Cancelling seems to make me feel cheaper than Wenger.

  48. TonyD

    Black Hei
    I understand how you feel about the win, but it’s really papering over the cracks, and will go a long way to getting Wenger his new contract.

    United were really dire, and we were not that much better but had enough to get the win.

    Will we challenge under Wenger next season? Not a chance; Wenger can’t change.

    Will Gibbs, Ramsey, Ox, Coq, Giroud and Walcott suddenly be better player next season? Not a chance.

    Will Chelsea, United, City and Liverpool improve their squads and be stronger next season? Sure they will.

    Will we suddenly become efficient in the transfer market next season? No we’ll follow Wenger’s trend of buying also ran players at inflated prices.

    There are many more “will we” questions to mention, but not worth it; the above list is enough to get the picture.

    The next Ground Hog Day season is all but a few months off and along with it will come the abject misery we must all suffer yet again.

  49. Emiratesstroller

    I returned last night from Emirates having watched Arsenal beat a Mourinho
    Team for first time in what was a fairly insipid game in front of quite a few empty seats, which for a game against Man Utd is rather worrying!!!

    Overall there is nothing much to write about considering that Mourinho put out a weakened team. We should beat them.

    Sanchez and Ozil played like they are leaving Arsenal. Personally I think that they are putting in the absolute minimum effort. No doubt we will see
    a decent performance from Sanchez in Cup Final, but that is it.

    The one positive was Holding at CB. I thought when I watched him pre season that he is potentially a top class English Centre Back unlike Chambers.
    He is a no nonsense defender good in air and on ground and disciplined. He
    made one silly error in first half with a poor pass to Cech which was intercepted by Rooney, but overall he played well.

    When Ashford and Lindgard were brought on he handled both well. What
    is obvious to me is that he makes a far better option in a 3 centre back formation than Gabriel who is absolutely risk prone.

  50. peanuts&monkeys

    how can that bottler Ramsey be the MoTM??? Beats everyone actually. the bugger has totally completely forgotten to shoot at the goal. he has left his shooting skills completly dead. what will happen when these sub-average, skill-less, 3rd division class players are playing outside Wengermaggot’s protection? Wenger has still not given the youngsters (niles and Adelaide) an opportunity today. how sick that is!

    50K subs. my foot.

    specialist in failure, maggot!

    Out out out!!!

  51. Jeff

    Good win yesterday. Didn’t expect that at all. We got lucky but that’s the way football is sometimes. Xhaka’s shooting has been wayward but once in a blue moon, by hook or by crook, he will get it in the opposition’s net. Actually, we do need to shoot more anyway; nobody doubts or questions that. Even against the bigger teams we always try to walk it. Yesterday’s display was really no different from how we usually play. Passing side to side and then back a lot of the time with no apparent game plan but it seemed to work and Wenger records his first PL win against Mourinho. Three points, as they say, is three points.

  52. pires87

    ‘fan power to topple wenger’

    LOL…… good luck with that kids…just dont want to hear you cry next year when he is still here yes? you go home as failures.

  53. Pierre

    I suppose United were not bothered about winning were they or maybe they was a little bit tired after all that travelling across the world (Spain) after playing ,who was it , I can’t remember ……. Maybe United are putting all their effort into winning the europy cup and they didn’t want to try and preserve their 25 game unbeaten run since , when was it , October I think….. Maybe United fielding a very weak team is proof that they didn’t want to win (Rooney,mata,martial,mkhitaryan ,hierra, carrick…very weak)…….. Maybe I’ve been spending too much time being brainwashed by le grovellers and now I’ve started talking a load of bollocks …

  54. jasongms

    Pedro if I read anything on your new post even slightly intimating Arsene came with a game plan and out thought the Mighty Mourinho with his tactical prowess, I swear to regurgitate my lamb dinner all over your blog … be warned 😛

  55. Ashley

    Pierre , going on like we’ve beaten the man united of old LOL , calm down lad we’re still as shot as we were before the game and Man U are no better

  56. Thank you and goodnight

    @Tony D

    Totally agree with You about mourinho. Like Wenger he’s past his best. The game yesterday was a match up between 2 dinosaur managers out of touch with the modern game. As for that mirror link, agree with it 1 million percent.

  57. Thank you and goodnight


    You just don’t get it do you…..that nonce cunt Wenger has taken away any joy or involvement in being an Arsenal fan. I really couldn’t give a shit about yesterday’s game or previous 8 seasons. Next season we will be lucky to make the top 10 under Wenger. So if people aren’t doing back flips and high fiving strangers in the street over our win against manure yesterday, don’t blame them

  58. Pierre

    Jason… You are right… Wenger had no game plan and it would be stupid to think that the great mourinho could be out thought by a senile, tactically inept Wenger… What a stupid assumption….

    Of course, a tired, weak, 25 game unbeaten United team came to lose the game…

  59. Liquor & Poker


    You’re going on like we’re the Arsenal of old. People talking on here about united looking like a mid/bottom of the table team etc. Remind me what sort of team we looked like getting rim blasted by palace and West Brom. The point here is, united are shit, as are we. Yet, we take great joy in beating a united team that was no weaker than ours.

    If you can’t take some joy in beating united there really is no point.

  60. jasongms


    Yeah, a game plan where an out of sorts Rooney missed a sitter and Xhaka’s mother of all deflections was what Arsene had planned for all along.
    Instead, why don’t look at the overall play and how inept we looked going forward and confused we were defensively.

    ” Listen boys, I want you to pass the ball to Rooney see because we all know that he can’t score and yeah by the by if you’re free on the edge of the penality Xhaka do shoot the ball straight at the back of Herrara, I’m sure it’ll do the trick” .. because Arsene knows !!!

    Truth is both Maureen and Arsene are fading stars on the edge of the football galaxy, you can still point them out on a map but no one wants to travel there.

  61. loyika

    Sometimes we really do need to get over ourselves. This is football, a game, a sport!

    We sometimes make it bigger than it is, its not a matter of “Life and death!”

    @ Tonyd

    You mentioned, so and so team will strenghten? Well as sure as Arsene ain’t winning the EPL is the same way we keep hearing all teams will strenghten next season (by jove, even Newcastle and Burnley will strenghten next season) Didn’t they all strenghten this season? Are Liverpool any better than we are? Or Citeh? I see Jurgen Klopp blaming the pitch at Anfield for being too dry!? And the wind for blowing during the match!? (hmmmm…. thought it was only Arsene that came up with crappy statement like that?)

    Fact of the matter is, any team that wants to win the league will need to just be better than the rest. The league this season has been quite poor and no team has really played brilliant footie all through the season (just moments here and there) Even Chelsea have not really blown anyone away with their football. Conte just tweaked what was already established and got the players wanting “it” again, but lets not pretend as if he didn’t inherit a team of champions (built up by Maureen) If we go out of our way to say AW was fortunate to inherit GG back 4/5 then the same should apply to every manager shouldn’t it?

    The thing is, eveey manager goes through their phases in tge spotlight and if they don’t adapt they can easily get left behind in the fast changing world that is elite sports. Arsene has been left behind a while back, managers like Jose and Pep will soon get to that stage, yes they will still win one or two trophies more, but usually as a manager grows older they get stuck in their ways and begin to believe thier own hype which ultimately leads them into a downward spiral (a’la Wenger’s i builr the club or Jose’s I amde them more than they are, or Pep’s disdain when being questiones on his philosophy)

    Look at Anchi at Bayern? Can you honestly say Bayern despite winning the league (which should be no surprise as they are fixed to win season in/season out) are any better from Henkcle (or however his name is spelt) leaving to Pep taking over to now? I would say they are regressing and need a overhaul of their sqaud (streets ahead of us though in terms of where we need and could be)

    Thats why i appreciate what Enrique (and Pep) did with Barca, you should know when to quit? something Fergie timed to perfection and sadly Arsene clearly lacks.

    Football is in cycles, United might end up winning 2 trophies this season but i dare say they are anywhere near where they expect to be and they will obviously throw the bank (which we can’t do) to massage Jose’s ego and hope he can pull off a league win before his inevitable 4th season sack kicks in. Same as Pool with Klopp, or Pep with Citeh. (you already know my views on Spurs)

    All we can hope for is that the Arsenal powers that be can do whats right and get us moving in the right direction. If AW stays, make it a clear transition and have someone lined up with a guarrantee they will take over in 2 years time. If he is to leave, get someone that they will support with adequate funding to get us up and running.

    All and all, you guys should at least try and enjoy the little pleasures as they come, life is too short and Arsene (players) get their bonuses regardless of how happy or angry we get on Le Grove (and other blogs or SM) so why get a headache for something you might not be able to change?

  62. Adam A. Carbarundum

    Watched yesterday’s game and found myself basically indifferent. Whereas I should have been thrilled with a win over ManU, instead I found myself devoid of emotion. Seems Wenger’s antics and the teams poor play over the course of the second half of the season has had its desired effect…I don’t care.

    Who needs a boycott? Indifference is the true enemy and Wenger has succeeded in achieving that. I can do without AFC for the foreseeable.

  63. Ashley

    Liquor + poker

    Are you serious , how am I going on like we’re the Arsenal of old ???

    We beat a very poor united , yayyyyy Wenger in , I apologise for not wanking into a sock in celebration

  64. jasongms

    hold the sentiment Pierre, and watch the game from an Arsenal perspective and not an Arsene one.
    It’s not by accident we are currently Sixth in the league and were beaten 2-10 in the CL ( a record mind you) or did your blind obedience to Arsene neglect to compute that?

    Also, it’s pretty obvious by your reaction that you wouldn’t know tactics if one was to write a 10000-word dissertation on the subject…

  65. OleGunner


    You’re always telling people how to feel and act on this blog.
    It’s bizarre.

    You know this blog is anti Wenger and leans more to the negative due to passed seasons. Deal with it.

  66. steve


    “Good win yesterday”


    How is it a good win if it only serves to keep Wenger in a job?

  67. Bamford10

    I can see us pipping United for fifth, possibly, but I think fourth is too tall an order.

    Liverpool will finish with 74, IMO, which means we’d need to get at least 11 points from Southampton (A), Stoke (A), Sunderland (H), Everton (H).

    I don’t see it. 10 points at best.

  68. BacaryisGod

    I was quite happy cheering today’s win because if Arsene does leave at the end of the season, at least he finally got a win over Mourinho in the league and we beat United’s painfully boring unbeaten run of 20+ games.

    Other than that, the win signifies nothing. There’s absolutely no way we win our last 4 games and Liverpool drop two points. Our team is so fragile right now, one of Soton, Stoke or Everton will take a point or more of us.

    I also agree that the fan protests won’t change anything. What changes the board’s view with Arsene is the loss of sponsorship revenue that results in losing our stars like Alexis, missing out on the Champions League and top new recruits. We’re not the global brand that United is and can’t weather more than a couple of seasons outside the Top 4 without serious financial repercussions.

    My guess is that Arsene stays but if we don’t look competitive early on next season, he could easily face the sack by Christmas. The board can say they stood by him even when we missed Top 4 this season but had to make a change before things got worse. The negative to this is finding a good manager in the middle of the season but I’m sure we have contingency plans already.

  69. Bamford10

    I don’t think beating United means Wenger keeps his job. I think he needs to finish top four and end the season on a very positive note. The only other way he keeps his job, IMO, is if the board decide they need another year to sort out his replacement. Who knows what these twats are thinking behind closed doors, though.

  70. Pierre

    What a sensible and fair observation from you earlier…..
    We all understand that we are not progressing under Wenger and he should do the right thing and leave but Le grovellers find it difficult to

  71. N5

    “So after about 34661 tries Wenger finally manage to beat Mourinho in a competitive game.”

    I can only guess how gutted you must be. I know you’ve always had a thing for the most boring, defensive snidey slippery manager that is Maureen. I wish I could have seen your face at the final whistle.

  72. Bamford10

    Chelsea midfielder N’Golo Kante voted Football Writers’ Association Footballer of the Year – @Mirror

  73. Bamford10

    I think it’s about time we start talking 4-5 signings that can transform us. Obviously we need to replace Wenger. I like Jardim (and obviously Allegri) but am open to anyone who is smart, ambitious, competent at this point.

    Players, though, is trickier. We seemingly need to improve everywhere. But starting with what is most important and most needed, I’d say we need 2-3 quality central midfielders, a CF and a wide attacking player or two.

  74. jasongms

    “Anyone impressed by Martial yesterday?”

    Thought he did the best impression of Ozil I’d seen in a while. Very languid style he has and should fit right into the Arsenal way of things.

    Still like him as a player and the lad has obvious talent, just need a progressive manager to bring the best out of him.