Wenger brags about tough conversations

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Well, nothing quite makes you chortle with teary eyes like watching West Ham beat Spurs. Slaven Bilic, in his tough second season, playing in the worst ground in the country, beat a team that roundly destroyed us last weekend.

Also, did you know Sunderland have a better away record against top teams than we do this season?

What a riot we are.

An interesting trend I’m noticing in the media at the moment is outside the flip to the right of previously loyal fan publications, even the mainstream journalists are turning on Wenger. I’m talking about the measured guys who don’t normally speculate on futures. Barney Ronay has been on fire this season and his latest takedown on Wenger was like a MOAB – painted with pretty flowers – being dropped on the illusion of Wenger.

‘Something seems to have been lost around about the time the man who introduced internationalism decided the right thing was to have a “British spine”. Exit the creaky, flighty, high class midweek Carling Cup types – the Carlos Vela Supremacy – who for all their frustrations always seemed to have a brilliant midweek hat-trick against Reading in their locker. Enter a creeping, well-behaved mediocrity.’

This is the way I’d like to be writing about an exiting Wenger. It feels so much more polite.

You know another byproduct of this dreary never ending Wenger story? I read transfer news and I don’t even care. I haven’t clicked a link to a player story all year. Why? Because the chances are if it’s an ‘elite’ player, it’ll be boring elite… like Jamie Vardy. If it’s a player I don’t know about, like Sead Kolasinac, I’m picturing a player that has the stats monsters excited, but one that will ultimately disappoint, and if it’s a kid, I know they’ll be shite.

Remember back in the day when everything Wenger touched turned to gold? Them’s were the days!

He’s been bragging about having tough conversations with Ozil.

“Yes he needs [tough love],” Wenger admitted. “We had some good conversations with him as well, you know. But he has not necessarily had time to write the book so you don’t know about it. I don’t tell you what I tell them.”

“To just criticise Mesut Ozil’s performance does not reflect exactly what happened on the pitch,” he said. “Overall I believe recently he has put a lot of effort in. He was a bit, like the rest of the team, not physically at his best. I felt that we gave a lot on Sunday [against City], Wednesday and had not completely recovered for the game.”

I think I’d just pretend I’d not spoken to him, versus own up to him not listening.

So, we have a big game tomorrow. Jose comes to The Emirates, looking to extend out his lead over Arsenal and keep pace with the race for top 4. A race that saw City push up into third with a rout over a poor Palace team. Southampton and Liverpool also play in the morning tomorrow, which could present an upset, that might give both of us a bit of hope.

I’m not sure what Jose is coming to do. I mean, disrupt our free flowing football that doesn’t exist? I’d imagine, having watched a bit of Arsenal this season, they’ll try and ruffle Xhaka in the middle. He’s not very physical or fast (and he’s a but injured), and he’s easily agitated. I’d also imagine they’ll try and hit us with pace and take advantage of our lack of understanding with our ‘new’ formation. I can’t imagine it’ll be pretty, but I don’t think they’ll be deploying 8 at the back like they did against Chelsea.

I keep hoping that there’s a turning point. The only real hope we have is that they’re tired after their Euro exploits… and they struggle in front of goal without an Ibra type figure there to hustle us.

This game is of huge importance. It’s the start of a horrible week. Southampton and Stoke are tough games to play if we’re off the back of two upsetting defeats.

We’ll see though… I’m not fussed either way, which is a sorry state of affairs. Still tempted by the Cup Final though… £1500 to see us have our arses handed to us?

See you in the comments section.


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  1. jasongms

    If I’m totally honest the team needs a massive overhaul, and this all depends on who leaves during the window. It’ll be pointless to bring in anyone if Wenger stays
    Imperative that we ( if Alexis and Ozil stay) bring in a Santi replacement, a wide right sided player, right back cover…. first choice left back and a striker


    New Manager
    to access the squad, but it’s more than likely that the following have little to no future at Arsenal


  2. Tonyd

    Loyika and others with similar views.

    I get where you’re coming from but I can’t take any measure of happiness or contentment from a thoroughly boring game of frantic poor passing and bad football decision making as well as poor tactics.

    Make no bones about it Wenger’s stock in the boardroom and with the owner will have gone up by the win, and Wenger will attempt to elevate it further with his usual spin of reinvention. I can hear it all now: sickening even thinking about it.

    As with the England team who I haven’t watched for years now, l am completely indifferent to it all. For a few years from 12 years ago, I went into the new season hoping against hope only to be disappointed by the exact same things repeating. You could set your season clock by it, and watch everything self destruct.

    Winning the cup will not reel me out of my indifference, although I stay upbeat watching with my son so as to not bring him down; however, sick of it i feel inside.

    We’ve regurgitated all Wenger’s faults from transfers to lack of any tactics to loss of income from players’ contracts etc.

    I just have to wait until the board and owner come to their collective senses or Wenger drops dead.

    At least Edie Jones and our England rugby is something to be excitedly hopeful about and the world cup on Japan in 2019.

    Thankfully, I have many other things in my life to be happy about from day to day.

  3. Tonyd

    Agree with you Jason but would add Ramsey who’s only ever had one decent season and Coq plus Wilshire.

  4. jasongms


    yeah, you could scrap the whole team tbh, but that’s never going to happen.

    I just think (call me an optimist) that a manager such as Allegri could transform some of these midfielders from the headless chickens are they atm, into a cohesive tactical unit that displays positional awareness.

  5. Boomslang

    Can’t stand these self righteous, pretentious, super duper fanboys trying to preach to everyone else on how feel about Arsene and Arsenal.

    You know who you are.

  6. Thank you and goodnight

    @Tony D

    Brilliantly put. If We knew it was le frauds last season then most of us would be ecstatic to have beaten Manure yesterday. Problem is we all know it will be used as a reason to give le nonce 2 more years and if he does, I’m putting money on us being out of the top 10 and nearer relegation next season.

  7. GoonerDave

    How the mighty have fallen. Arsenal V United doesn’t mean too much anymore.
    We fluked the first goal and got confidence from it. This is nothing new, but makes you wonder why we need a goal to play with confidence.
    We did keep our lead properly for once and there seems to be less holes in our defence with this new formation. Early days though.
    I honestly doubt whether AW will sign a new deal. An FA Cup win wouldn’t be a bad way to go out either. Could we sneak into the top 4 though? Liverpool are stuttering and Klopp is moaning!

  8. Marko

    Yeah there’s a reason why people like Mourinho wants Wenger to sign a new deal and why rival fans chant they want him to stay its because everyone knows he’s holding us back. Yesterday’s result its all well and good getting one over that cunt Jose but grand scheme of things it matters not and the season is a total write off. Also make no mistake about it we beat a bang average United side in an utterly boring game that had nothing between the two sides.

    Also side note Mourinho is doing an awful job at United. Bang average and too defensive after all that money spent. They’ve got problems. What is the point in them potentially moving for someone like Griezmann when he’ll be asked at times to fill in in their back 6/8 at times. Awful looking team

  9. peanuts&monkeys

    Ramsey, Oxlade, Walcott, Welbeck, Xhaka: all are like Arteta. No skill, no ambition, no shooting, no ball-control, cannot dribble, cannot shoot, cannot score. complete mediocrity overloaded.

    Not one of them can get into even Man Utd. Mourinho won’t buy even one of these even for free.

  10. SpanishDave

    The board and owner are refusing to see the big picture.
    We have been in decline for years, and this year despite spending 100 mil last summer we have regressed even more.
    They are so desperate to keep Wenger every win is seen as a turning point, they are desperate for him to carry on .
    Why? because it was agreed some time ago that he and he alone would determine when he goes, but they did not think this slow death would happen.

  11. Ishola70

    Said previously that Wenger could go on a little run until the end of the season. There was a big over-reaction to the lose at Spurs. Sure defeat is bad against them but it has to be put in perspective that defeat. Everybody loses at White Hart Lane. Still don’t think Wenger will get top four but can get some points on the board.

    As for the United match Wenger put one over on a weakened uncommitted Man United side. People were saying beforehand that Mourinho may well be playing mind games when he was indicating this fixture was secondary to the Europa League. Well it wasn’t mind games. Man Utd didn’t put out their strongest side available simple as that. Mourinho has been whinging all season about fatigue re: his players. Oh and the match itself was garbage. I can quite understand why people tap out and lose interest.

  12. reality check

    Arsenal team next season.

    Exactly the same one as it is now, minus Sanchez.

    Take Sanchez out because hes definitely leaving, it’ll be;

    1 or 2 unimportant additions

    1 or 2 unimportant releases

    The 1st 11-14 players now will be the same

  13. Marko

    Pretty much. Literally the only thing that will get me interested this summer will be a new manager. Otherwise signings links all that shit will mean nothing with Wenger still here. Been through enough of his summer windows to know he ain’t changing

  14. Marko

    Jose’s deflecting. He’s doing an awful job. They were supposed to be the favourites with City for the league but they couldn’t be any further from a title challenge. Winning the Europa league won’t change shit either. They’re poor. Like galacticos playing Sunday league stuff

  15. Leedsgunner

    Am I happy that we beat Man U? Sure! Does it change anything regarding Wenger and the state of the club?


    As the old cliche says… even a broken clock is right twice a day.

    Wenger Out.

  16. Leedsgunner

    Just in case anyone things our fortune will change if Wenger just spent big… keep in mind he spent £90m this summer… and we are finishing in the lowest we’ve ever done under his tenure.

    Lack of vision, direction and accountability is responsible for the malaise at the club.

    Wenger Out.

  17. Tonyd

    Spanish Dave
    Interesting point. Is it a gut feeling or more specific knowledge?

    For the life of me I just can’t understand how the board can be so blind to what’s happening around Wenger and the team other than the obvious: the bottom line.

    Dips in form can happen over say 2 to 3 seasons; it’s happened throughout the past decades and is normal for a club.

    But for what? 12 seasons?

    It’s unfathomable to say the least.

    To let us, their main ongoing source of income, down for so many seasons as a top tier sports club shows not only total disregard for their loyal supporters, but it is unprofessional business conduct in the extreme.

    What exactly is the club’s mission statement?

    Our sponsors must be taking a real hard look at us and their investment in the club, and anylising future potential ROI on such capital sponsorship expenditure.

    Can the board and owner not see this?

  18. OleGunner

    Agreed with many posters here about the lack of enthusiasm after a Man Utd win.
    Of course, it’s wonderful to finally beat Maureen (I’ve been desperate to get one over the cunt for eons) but it’s hard to feel super duper excited when we all know Wenger is nailed on to sign that contract extension.

    Supporting Arsenal at the minute kind of feels like being in black hole, there’s almost no positive light in our future as long as Wenger remains. The spankings, poor player acquisitions, mis-management, failure to motivate squad etc will all rear it’s ugly head between 2017-2019 while Wenger runs the club.

    It’s not even a bitter sweet feeling after the win, just more bitter than anything else imo. Anyway, maybe I’ll be called a poor fan or whatever but that’s how I feel.

  19. Carts

    That was truly an awful game to watch.

    far more excitment around speakers corner, yesterday afternoon.

    I stayed off the webz and out of my group chat, only to get home and watch the game on x6 speed it was that bad.

    further compelled by that dire spectacle of a boxing match between Canelo v Chavez.

    Jose can moan all he like about fixture pile ups etc. But he’s spent a truck load of money last summer. Got rid of Depay, Schweini and Schneiderlin now he expects us to draw an inference that he squad is tired. Fuck off, pal.

    I think Claude asked why we didn’t play like that against Spurs. Pa! Did he not see the games. You’d of thought we spanked Chlesea 5-1

  20. Leedsgunner

    Yes, we can celebrate and we should — but we have to be honest, yesterday felt like a undercard of a heavy weight title match where the real entertainment, where the title was on the line was elsewhere.

    Watching Man United and Arsenal these days is like watching two former champions fight each other, for the sake of the purse rather than because their hearts are in it. Arsenal under Wenger’s management is like a journeyman fighter who should have retired a long time ago, but who refuses to because he has deluded himself to thinking he can still fight at the top… despite no longer having the legs to cut it, the chin to take it or the heart to see him through.

    Please Arsene, just go!

  21. Tonyd

    Well put.

    We are in a black hole where only indifference can be the overrididing feeling.

    Uncertainty here can only breed discontent and contempt for not only Wenger but those above him.

    I often wonder how the players must be feeling? It’s their careers at stake. I know they earn such high incomes but many of them must want job satisfaction as well.

    I’m sure many of the players must want to have a feel good about playing.

  22. GoonerDave

    The owner and board are not on the same page as the fans. They don’t measure success like we do either. And we have a manager praising the classiness of not spending and toeing the company line.
    Everything is in place to fleece the fans and it won’t stop until we have an owner who wants to win, a board with some football people on it and a manager who isn’t afraid to spend big.
    We will hopefully be lucky now and again in the future – we could overachieve and have sporadic success. But we are not run like a big football club. We are run like a corporation.
    At Bayern, football is in the foreground and money is in the background. We are polar opposites.

  23. Micheal

    It’s unfathomable to say the least.
    What exactly is the club’s mission statement?

    To understand what is happening at our club it is essential to suspend all belief in football for moment. We are not being run on typical football lines. Understandbly, we see events as football supporters and supporters of Arsenal.

    But suspend belief and see it from Kroenke’s viewpopint. This is a man with zero interest in football and zero respect for supporters like us. He employs a lightweight like Gazidis and allows an employee (Wenger) to dictate whether he stays or goes. Kroenke’s sole interest is the bottom line. So far, the bottom line has not been seriously affected by results and he allows the football stagnation to continue.

    Personally, I am not sure that failing to get 4th or win the FA Cup will be enough of a rocket up the arse for Kroenke to finally act. I feel it will take a serious decline in football performances next season for his to take notice.

    And even if he decides that Wenger’s time is up, does anyone have confidence in Gazidis or that slippery American cunt making the right football decision. All the evidence suggests we should have zero confidence in Gazidis or Kroenke.

  24. OleGunner


    I’m pretty sure this current Arsenal squad only have a couple players with ambition beyond earning a minimum £70,000 a week, namely Sanchez, Koscielny, Monreal, perhaps Chamberlain.

    I’m certain 90% of our squad would not care an iota if they never won an EPL or UCL at Arsenal over their entire career. It’s the cushiest football job in the world for the lot of them.

  25. Carts


    It was a systematic move to reduce the expectation of paying supporters. This is a fact. Wenger, Gazidis and Stan are all complicit in this ploy.

    Sadly it worked,for the majority of the last 7-12 year – depending on when one realised what was really happening.

    Think about it, what sane manager of a big club like Arsenal deliberately refuses to sign one outfield player. Serves up players like Chamakh, Walcott, Almunia, Jenkinson, Santos, Coquelin, Diaby et al et al, but will then look you square in the face and say he believe in his squad? Stock pilling enough cash to bail out Greece, then asks for respect when fans question his decision making?

  26. Uwot?

    All that’s wrong with the mentality of our spineless squad(Sanchez excluded)summed up by Montreal giving a nice big hug to a manure player in the tunnel b4 kick off.how far the mighty have fallen.shameful.no wonder they piss all over us 99.9% of the time.oh for the INVINCIBLES & their attitude.makes you weep.

  27. Tonyd

    You are all right in your posts.

    The bottom line thinking is going to end up hurting the club as it has us for far too long.

    The problems will continue compounding under Wenger’s dictatorship.

    What a diabolical history of failure Wenger is creating for the club and us.

    However, Wenger is not alone in its making. It doesn’t matter to Kroenke he has enough of a profit buffer to get out, nor will it affect the geriatric board.

    Gazidis, on the other hand, will feel the ramifications in his future career as the failure worsens.

  28. Micheal

    Gazidis, on the other hand, will feel the ramifications in his future career as the failure worsens.

    I am sure that he will find comfort somewhere in the £2.6m a year salary he gets for presiding over the decline and fall of a great club.

    Gazidis is hugely responsible for laying waste to our club – just like slippery Stan.

  29. Emiratesstroller

    I have been reflecting on events this season and my instincts tell me that a lot
    must be going on behind the scenes at Emirates and that all is not quite as chaotic as perhaps is being assumed.

    Firstly we know that Primorac the first team coach and close confidant of Arsene Wenger for over 25 years is leaving the club at end of season. He has been with Wenger since both joined the club.

    Second the Football Academy Director left the club about 2 months ago and has yet to be replaced.

    Third we have heard that a Director of Football is likely to be appointed this

    Finally Lawes who is the chief transfer negotiator is also likely to leave and last week their were rumours that transfer talks with Ozil were being handled
    by Kroenke’s son.

    Wenger has yet to sign a new contract or indeed confirm that he will do so.

    So the question you have to ask is are the club so incompetent that they would
    not make plans for his potential departure in such a situation.

    Frankly there appear to be a lot of unfilled staff vacancies at the club.

    The major shareholder, board of directors and CEO cannot be blind to what has been going on off and on the pitch and perhaps more importantly its impact on club’s future revenues.

    What I do know about Arsenal is that they will keep whatever decisions they are making fairly confidential and nothing will be announced until end of season most probably after the Cup Final.

    The million dollar question is what changes are being lined up and whether
    Wenger is part of them or indeed whether he wants to stay.

  30. OleGunner

    That’s what some pro Wenger people in general don’t get.
    We apportion blame to EVERYONE at Arsenal, from Wenger, to Stand, the board ,Gazidis and inept coaching staff.

    We’re not obsessed with the man but just realise it’s practical he (and the board) are targeted initially.
    The key thing is we fans can only supplant Wenger first and it’s genuinely the only the first step in rebuilding us to be competitive again.

  31. Tonyd

    “The million dollar question is what changes are being lined up and whether
    Wenger is part of them or indeed whether he wants to stay.”

    With the way Wenger keeps talking about his plans for the summer transfers, he is leading us to believe he’s here for another 2 years either as manager or director.

    Guess we’ll have to wait until the 28th onwards to find out.

  32. alexanderhenry

    Michael and Emirates

    Good posts.

    I posted something a while ago which listed how badly all of Kroenke’s franchises are doing.
    It’s quite shocking. Arsenal are in fact his most successful team at the moment, and have been for some time.

    It illustrates beyond doubt, that success on the pitch isn’t even an issue for Stan.

    Therefore, arsenal’s lack of success will not make stan sell. What will I believe, is lack of profit.
    As soon as arsenal fc start losing money and the share price falls, I think he’ll sell up.

  33. Hunter

    While we all wait for what surely is the inevitable ,Wenger to sign for another two years,frustration is building amongst the fan base.Just because we won against a poor Utd team Dosent paper over the cracks at all.
    Wenger is taking us on a roller coaster ride,he knows,the board know and Gazidis knows that he will be here next season and the season after that too.This is Groundhog Day yet again.
    I have to say that the 200/300 or so fans that was the so-called demonstration last week was a pitiful turn out.I don’t really think that the majority of the fan base have the desire to protest at all.
    Arsenal Fan Tv(which I watch every week)have dozens of fans interviewed calling for his head but I wonder how many of those guys went on the protest?
    I guess you could throw that comment at me too and yes I admit I didn’t go either BUT my protest was NOT renewing my season ticket this season,the reason being in my opinion the club has changed its identity through Wenger and Kronke.I don’t consider us a football club anymore but purely a business with no feeling or regards to its fans.
    Until enough fans gave the bollocks to rally under the same flag this will go on and on.
    The dislike for WENGER is obvious but the determination to get rid of him is weak.ONLY the fan pressure will remove him,he is a tough old boot,it can’t be for the money(he is a millionaire for Christ sake),he says he loves the club and I believe him BUT the game has changed,new,young innovative coaches are the beasts of the game now,not old,outdated,stubborn managers!
    Never have I been so sad and annoyed at the demise of our once great club as I am now,it feels like we are prisoners serving a life sentence with NO parole.zHe has such a hold on our club and it seems there is NO-ONE to challenge him..
    I once thought the Media would oust him but that has died a death ,as the guy in ‘DADS ARMY’ always said WERE DOOMED!

  34. TonyD

    Well put Hunter

    Captain Mannering (Wenger) loves himself and his power he’s clinging on to. He doesn’t love the club or he would do the right thing and leave.

    Lance Corporal Jones is Gazidis -” don’t panic” we know what we’re doing!

    Sir Chips is Sergeant Wilson

    Ken Friar is Private Godfrey

    Josh Kroenke is Pike

    Stan Kroenke is Chief Warden Hodges

    Dick Law is Private Walker

    Think that about covers the main culprits of our senile board and manager.

  35. TonyD

    As silly or daft as it looks, the above people are poor excuses of management and are running a comedy of errors at our club.

    Wenger OUT!