Career noose around Wenger’s neck, only fans can kick out the chair

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Like it or not, I am here to sooth your day, because I see the potential for change, even if you don’t.

Call me naive, call me a believer, call me what you want. But football is business, Stan is a businessman. If you think what’s going on right now makes good business sense, well, you need to pay more attention. Even the blandest, most uninterested, boring of businessmen, can spot a dead man walking.

Now, what I’m not promising here is guaranteed change. I don’t know what Stan is thinking, nor does anyone at the club. What I am saying is change is still within the realm of possibility because this season is far from over, this season is going to get worse, and the future of club under Wenger is a very smelly proposition that could cause long-term damage.

Our next batch of fixtures is being played under the pressure of a divided fan base, a broken team, and a manager who doesn’t know how to enact a plan or enforce his will.

The spiral of death is coming…

Jose Mourinho plays us between Europa League games. He might not want to destroy us if it’ll cost him a trophy (player fatigue), but it’s clear he hates Arsene Wenger and everything he stands for, and he has CL to play for. My guess is that in a season of bland, Jose might come to The Emirates to kill Wenger, or at least make things very tough for him. Think about how he geared up to derail Liverpool in his first season back at Chelsea.

We then play Southampton 3 days later, away from home. That fixture consistently causes problems for us. Claude Puel is a good manager, he’ll have his players motivated, and we’ll not have an answer for their style because we’ll be mentally drained, and our players will probably be tasting rum, coke and Vegas cigarettes, sensing holidays are coming soon. We then cap off a nasty run of games with Stoke away 3 days after. Sure, they’re not a great side, but they hate Arsenal and their scummy fans would love nothing better than to put 3 past a broken Wenger team with a soft fat beer belly.

Then comes our moment. Stan Kroenke might be in London as we approach contract D-Day with Wenger. He might want to get a feel for the stadium and the fans. Sure, Sunderland are a f*cking pony team and the game will mean nothing, but it could be important. This game could potentially be the most toxic of Wenger’s tenure. Here’s my suggestion, if you want to actively protest, this is your chance to make a last stand against Wenger, possibly off the back of 3 defeats with us sitting in 8th. If protest isn’t your thing, here’s what you do: nothing.

Don’t go.

Don’t sell your ticket to a friend (LOL)

Don’t put it on the exchange for a tourist fan to have a selfie stick ‘experience’

Do nothing, because there isn’t a harsher scene for Wenger than a half-empty stadium, with the remainers being mad protesters who shout FAM and BLUD into connected GoPro sticks.

Just keep your seat empty. That £40 you’ll lose goes into the ‘a better Arsenal’ fund. That £40 might buy you a new manager. That £40 might buy you two years of your life where you’ll get to watch a brand new project. That’s money worth spending. Don’t go. It’s a waste of a day. You might not like protesting, but you might like having a day of fun versus watching pampered babies mail it in.

Ivan Gazidis said 2 years ago that the manager was accountable to the fans. Well, the relationship is now broken. The fans want him gone. It’s over forever, there is no redemption.

He also said a few weeks ago that the current nonsense going on is a ‘catalyst for change.’ That is still the case, and the worse it gets, the more likely it is the change is drastic.

Ivan G does not say things that are wasteful. He is a smart lawyer, every word is meaningful and strategic. Don’t pay attention to people who don’t work in business raging on that Ivan isn’t lambasting the manager in public. As a CEO, your job is to ensure a steady ship, not lower yourself to wasteful unprofessional comments that divide. Those sort of comments remind me of journo’s like the Guardian’s Owen Jones, a man who campaigned for Labour’s current failure of a leader, calling on Theresa May to denounce Donald Trump as we head into Brexit talks.

Just because you’d like to see something happen, doesn’t mean it’s right. You need to sit above the speculation, and you need to play a smart game if you want to win.

We need to give the club and the board ammo to act. The shite football isn’t enough on its own. The fans need to continue to make their voices heard. Alternatively, they need to make their absence felt.

You can protest in two ways, be a voice, or be vacant.

There is nothing productive in Wenger staying. Smothering a bad egg with sriracha sauce might make the consumption experience taste better, but it’s still going to give you diarrhoea. Our manager is a great man, he’s not a bad person, but he is a bad coach. He’s extremely out of his depth. That’s not going to change.

Expecting him to attract top players is a dream. Thinking it’s a good idea to send a squad into a season where they’re never more than 2 bad games away from a protest is absurd. Dreaming that this is a blip is just that, a dream.

If the club are to be believed, there is no contract on the table. If that’s the case, then the fight isn’t over. You just have to decide what sort of two years you want. If you want a change and a new start, the most productive thing you can do is protest like a mad person at the Sunderland game, alternatively, take the hit and leave your seat empty.

We have one more chance at this. The stars might be aligning. Wenger might not make it out of this season alive.

I’m still dreaming of this headline…

‘The King is dead, long live the King’

Let’s make it happen. Share this idea with your WhatsApp groups, tell your offline friends, let’s make something happen!


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  1. OleGunner

    Sorry meant to say those UCL wins vs no EPL and two (potentially 3) FA cups in that time frame.
    Anyway no need to expose Wenger’s success philosophy folly to the converted here.