Sunday Showdown: Two managers with something to banish

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It’s here. I have worked too many hours this week to know if what I’m writing right now makes sense, but fuck it. THIS DAY IS GONNA BE MAD FAM.

Arsene Wenger has taken all his clothes off and he’s literally bathing in a tub of gloopy ‘I changed my tactics glory’, but look, who cares.

“In fairness, I wanted to do it a month-and-a-half ago, but I thought no, maybe we shouldn’t destroy the way we have played before, because we were 20 games unbeaten. When the confidence becomes fragile, sometimes just to focus on something different is important.

“At the moment it looks like it gets the best out of every player. It’s not a new system because I played it 20, 30 years ago! But it’s a system that sometimes brings some reassurance when the defensive confidence is not at the best.”

I love that he wanted to do it earlier.

‘Oh yeah man, I was gonna do it before but, like, stuff’

The big question today is whether the formation is going to sit well against arguably the form team of 2017. Pocehttino is the first manager to have a bit of an idea Wenger might go three at the back, so there will likely be a plan in place.

This game acts as a saving grace for a dirty turd of a season. Wenger can banish the cobwebs dusting up the fan love with one win. Killing Spurs dreams at White Hart Lane would be wonderful.

For Pochettino, this is a chance to show his team aren’t pathetic chokers. It’s his chance to banish the idea of being ‘Spursy,’ so the game is setup very nicely to be incredible.

I think we’re going to win. Some think we’ll drop an ugly draw. Some think we’ll get tanked and that this 3 at the back hasn’t be challenged by a form team yet.

Here we go, buckle up and have the booziest afternoon possible.

Also, play in the comments. It’s good banter.

P.S. I’m back full time from monday + podcast next week



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  1. TonyD

    Hangover from hell from 3/4 of a bottle of belvedere. Wife’s business partner’s 50th last nights going to watch the game now

    Sadly, heard the result at the party. The vodka made hearing it al the easier

    But not surprised. I expected to lose but not the opthern City and united results. hey are doing their best to gift us 4th

  2. Joe

    Again, what do expect Kronke to do when so many wankers are singing one Cunt wenger in the stadium? Praising the cunts lame CL qualification record (without really even competing in bar a couple
    Seasons out of 20?) like the fat kids parents who brings home the participation medal from sports day. Wenger has duped Kronke. The board and most of all the Wanker akbs who deserve just as much blame as wenger for the shit state the club is in

    Guys like Wallace. Pierre. CC. Alex Henry. Tom. Guys like bamford who were sucking wenger’s dick when we were scraping lucky wins in sept/oct and then flip flip to wenger out no

    It you Can’t enjoy it when we are winning you aren’t a true fan blah blah blah

    Where did that lead you? I told you in sept we would be 10 points off by end of dec. got called out by the lot of you.

    No this year is different. Wenger spent money. He’s changed. Blah blah. Blah

    You’re all to blame.

    You gave Kronke the ammo to keep him
    On because of some fucked up sentimental bollocks for wenger.

    Oh who could replace him. Careful what you wish for. Diego. No he plays boring football. Bollcoks. Give me Diego football every fucken day over wenger crap

    I hope you all enjoyed today. Because this is what you deserve for backing wenger

    I actually hope he signs for another 2 years. Because you will deserve what that brings with it as well

    One arsene wenger. Sing it now.

  3. jasongms

    In 2011, we lost 8-2 to United at the time you all shrugged your shoulders and said oh well “Arsene knows” when at the time there was a small minority of Arsenal fans calling for the manager to go, you choose to bury your heads in the sand and do nothing. That was the time to mobilise, make a stand and fight back, what you’re seeing now is systematic to the ineptitude and dithering you’ve shown over the last six years.
    Blaming the owner who knows nothing about football and is only in it for the financial reward is again shifting the agenda ever so slightly from the manager to the owner.
    And shifting the focus away from the manager is the last stand for the AKB, don’t be deceived by their hollow arguments. The latest argument is “The owner should have sacked the manager etc. etc.”.
    The owner would have had a hard time explaining firing the manager when you were busy singing ONE ARSENE WENGER’ and shouting down any dissent from the informed fan that wanted Arsene out. There’s a direct correlation to the 2011 game, imagine for a minute if the fanbase united back then and protested. Wenger would have either been forced to change or resign, having a dithering fanbase is the real issue here not the owner.
    And if that isn’t enough who remembers the protestations between Usmanov and Kroenke. Most of the dimwitted Arsenal fans were calling for Usmanov to be outed because they believed and get this, he didn’t represent the club’s historical values. Little did they know that the self-sustaining model has only lined the pockets of the board and manager and assumed unwarranted high salaries to sycophantic players, at the while burning a hole in our pockets and passion for the club.
    The owner isn’t irreproachable of course and finding that fine balance in arbitration between board and manager isn’t easy. But what we have at arsenal now is a fanbase still pandering to the whims of an outdated manager whom runs the club from top to toe, make no mistake about that’

  4. Mick Kartun

    Agreed Joe

    If wenker signed for 2 more years, we can still enjoy watching how the flip flopers cheered the europa night glory.

    That’ll put a smile everytime to see them meltdown process being served the main course food of CL nights excitements to be replaced by watching us to fight the zagrebs or tblisi of this world.


  5. Joe


    Even Zagreb know how to beat wenger


    16 sept 2015

    Wasn’t that when wenger was going to lead us to great things and promised us
    A title after winning the fa cup??

  6. TonyD

    Just watched the match. Nothing to add to what’s already been said.

    Spurs well beating us without Rose, Walker and Dembelle shows the depth of their team and the score flattered us.

    Wenger deemed Ali not good enough when he looked at him presumably because Wenger thought Walcott, Ramsey, Ox and Oil were a class above Ali.

    We can’t call Wenger on that because we haven’t been in the game and know nothing.

    Adam A across the pond said what I’ve been posting all along; when Kroenke’s profits drop as they will, he’ll act – he’ll have to.

    I still say that if Wenger signs as we expect him to, he’ll still be gone by January.

    How Jose will be relishing the game next week even if United are not playing well.

  7. Ishola70

    This is now drawing to a close with Wenger signing his new two year contract.

    I’m afraid many of the fans will get what they deserve here that is continually being shafted by Kroenke, Gazidis and let’s not forget Wenger himself. All because still so many of the fanbase want to be classy and show respect to one man, a man who is in cahoots with the money men.

    Also so many of the fanbase are still brainwashed in the way they think football and individual players due to Wenger. They have their Wenger heads on. This isn’t a fanbase capable to call out Wenger and make him move on. Take a look at Arsenal Mania forum today as an example and so many on there rushing to the defence of Xhaka. They just completely will not acknowledge just how shit this player is when he doesn’t have the ball. All they care about is his unique skill sets when he is on the ball and are desperate to indulge the player with most of them stating crap like building a team around him. This is absolutely fvcked up thinking and comes straight out of the Wenger handbook. Tbf there are some on that forum calling against Xhaka but they are being shouted down on there. What an embarrassing fanbase. All Wenger boys at heart who go along with the manager that the club was formed in 1996. You deserve all the shit coming your way.

  8. Ishola70

    “Again, what do expect Kronke to do when so many wankers are singing one Cunt wenger in the stadium?”

    This is what makes me laugh when you hear posters on here demanding Kroenke sack Wenger. There hasn’t even been a notable protest yet inside the stadium against the regime and Wenger yet this season FFS lol.

  9. jasongms


    Personally, i’d hold off critiquing any of the players until that time when they are coached by a more astute, tactical manager.

    It’s been obvious for some time that Arsene doesn’t know what he’s doing…

  10. Ishola70

    What even ones that are so obviously defect in a certain aspect of the game?

    I know Wenger is past it but that shouldn’t mean calling out individual players is a no go area. If anything calling out individual players such as Xhaka highlight how shit Wenger is now. How on earth did he buy him for?

    The guy is shocking off the ball and that would be the case with any manager in charge. You can cover up how shocking this guy is off the ball by bringing in players that will do the dirty work for him but to me that is a road Arsenal should not go down. Indulging in a luxury so-called DM. Arsenal need more all round players not dodgy “specialists”.

  11. peanuts&monkeys

    AKBs are the real culprits of this 15 years of mess. AKBs are the lot of Brutuses. They need to be taken out one by one.

    Pierre, N5, AlexHenry: you guys arte shit, maggots. You are AKBs, your support and sentimental crap has made this monkeycunt fossil stay this long even after 13 years of rank failure. I wonder whther you have human spine or are you shithole germs

  12. TonyD

    Apart from a brief look at ANR and NewsNow I only read and participate in this blog.

    It’s beyond me that people can still defend Wenger and many of the sub par players.

    Not hard to see when you compare with other teams, such as Spurs.

    If this was a one-off season I could overlook it, but this is far more reaching than that.

    Best moments for me in the match was watching the stress on Wenger’s face and him wringing his hands constantly.

    When I look at him I can’t help thinking of Mr Bean!

  13. peanuts&monkeys

    English football fans stand no chance with the Germans. Every Bundesliga game is such an unforgettable throb party. No wonder English Arsenal fans are asslickers o their BoD and that serpent

  14. Ces1ne

    Wonder which Pedro will show up in the next post??? No offense bruh….don’t get me wrong bc I/we appreciate all you’ve done for us on this blog, but the (maybe unintentional/unknown) flip-flopping at some point every season is hilarious

  15. peanuts&monkeys

    Frankly, little disappointed with the protests. Th scale achieved so far . Certainly a max any football club has seen in recent memory, but knowing we are handling a complete creepy motherfucking bastard, the protests beed to be far stronger. Good luck, guys!

  16. China

    Well we’ve had a few guys on here saying they don’t believe in protests

    How’s that working out for you guys?

    We’re calmly accelerating off the cliff from elite purgatory into downright mediocrity

    But don’t go shouting about it! That wouldn’t be dignified, after all….

  17. China

    In the post match interview arsene said we don’t start the season aiming to finish above spurs. We start aiming to be the champions

    Excuse me? When did that happen? It’s abundantly clear that our targets are top 4 and any cups are a bonus.

    But there you have it. When we come too 4 it’s look we should be happy. Top 4 is incredible! When we’re out the top 4 and getting wrecked by spurs it’s we don’t care about this we only want to be champions.

    So if the target is to be champions and we are NEVER champions, then why doesn’t Wenger resign for failing? Why doesn’t he seem bothered or disappointed about only getting top 4? Why does he call 4th place a fucking trophy?

    The delirious old fool.

  18. Ishola70

    You do know that Wenger could go on another little run don’t you until the end of the season. It’s not cut and dried that he will continue to lose matches although we can of course all see the deficiencies in the side. I’d say it is 50/50 in whether the obvious weaknesses in this side will be continued to be exposed or Wenger will scrap some results together until the last match.

    Losing to Spurs is painful in itself as well the obvious superiority they have atm but in reality losing to Spurs at this time away from home is no real biggie. They have the best home form of any side in Europe let alone England. All yesterday’s result done was confirm that.

    Even if he did get another run together it will not hide the fact that this side desperately need a new manager but fear enough of the fanbase will jump on anything that could be seen as positive for Wenger.

  19. Bamford10

    So much nonsense from the small contingent who wants to talk about Kroenke in order to deflect from Wenger.

  20. China

    Stan, Ivan, arsene, AKB and fence sitters are all complicit and responsible for this filth in different ways.

    They are deserve blame for their part in this

  21. Bamford10


    Yes, the board and owner have been wrong to trust in, and give contracts to, Wenger. Every other mistake, though, has been Wenger’s.

  22. TonyD

    Totally agree with Jason re the critiquing of players now, but also I believe that 5 have to go who I’ve mentioned before. However, the right new manager should get more out of the players we have, especially Ozil.

    The commentators said yesterday that we don’t know what to do when we don’t have the ball and was right on the money with that comment.

    When you look at the Spurs bench compared to ours, that seriously needs addressing. We don’t have impact players for the bench or even players to deputies for injured players. Think, Coq, Walcott and Gibbs.

    Ishola do you think we can beat United next week? I know they’re not playing well, but can’t help thinking that Jose will pull United together enough to beat us. Let’s face it, Jose doesn’t have to do that much pulling together for a win.

  23. Bamford10

    And don’t even talk to me about the AKB, the fence-sitter, the be-respectful or the AKB-until-two-months-ago.

    As I’ve said before, these twats should have to beg for forgiveness just to enter the stadium again after Wenger is gone.

  24. TonyD

    AFC is a corporate size company, but has no accountability within the club from Wenger upwards, although I bet people below Wenger are ruled by accountability.

    It’s mind boggling that £millions can be lost and still no one is held accountable from the players’ contract debacle alone.

  25. Bamford10

    “It’s May and as Wenger likes to be judged in May, I’m doing that. This year has confirmed what my beliefs have been for 10 years. Wenger out.”
    – @capitalgooner

  26. Bamford10

    “Honestly dont know anyone that goes to games that wants him to get a new contract.Yet, we still dont know either way.Utter contempt for fans.” – @DarrenArsenal1

  27. Thank you and goodnight

    Come come guys….in Arsene we trust. At least when he gets us relegated we’ll be the best London team in the championship……see every cloud has a silver lining

  28. Ishola70

    “do you think we can beat United next week? I know they’re not playing well, but can’t help thinking that Jose will pull United together enough to beat us. Let’s face it, Jose doesn’t have to do that much pulling together for a win.”

    I could see any result in that match tbh. A home win, draw or United win. Agree with what many others have said though that shouldn’t expect many goals in the match. A low scoring affair. Man United are no Spurs atm and many seem to agree that Mourinho is not the manager he once was although he can still be capable of yet again turning over Wenger. One thing is for sure. If Wenger did scrap a narrow win over United expect many fans to grab onto that and we ride off into the sunset with Wenger for another two years.

  29. Bamford10

    I see United winning. They may have injuries but they ‘re playing for a CL spot and they still have a bit of spirit to them. Arsenal players know it’s over, don’t believe in the manager, have lost to Spurs, etc.

  30. OleGunner

    I genuinely now hope Wenger stays and signs for 2 years then does another 5. I want every Wenger disciple punished and to turn and finally realise their messiah was never that, and open their eyes to the shit show unfolding.

    Mark my words, the The top teams are pushing even further away from us the next few years, and with Wenger a busted flush manager, it’s gonna get real ugly.

    But how many years before the vast majority of AKB fools wake up? Hope their fav manager gets a five year deal, I want to hear their arguments in 2020 why we still ain’t won anything significant.

  31. grooveydaddy


    No way are the likes of Colbert, Peyton et al accountable.

    They get a free ride on the Wenger gravy train as do many of the players.

    This culture of complacency has seeped through all the way down to the bottom, not just from Wenger and up…

  32. Mark Hynes

    Ronay in the Guardian sums it up – “And so 22 years down the line Spurs’ quest to finish ahead of Wenger-era Arsenal is finally realised. Under Pochettino they have a better defence, better midfield, a better game plan, a more visceral sense of unity, more visible boardroom support, a plan – any plan – when it comes to recruitment and a more obvious air of desperation to succeed. Above all they have Alli and Kane, the most effective attacking duo in the division, visible emblem of a well-matched team and beyond that of a club whose rise is built on care in its component parts and finely wrought working details.” Enough said.

  33. N5

    Peanuts why are you starting yet again on me? you know I’m not an AKB so why do you say it over and over. Are you mentally challenged?

  34. Up 4 grabs now

    Always hated spurs but never really saw them as a rival since they were shit, just like Chelsea used to be.
    It was always the bindippers then manure that I despised.

    But watching the comments on Facebook and the media, where all the dirty spuds fans are coming out like they won the league makes me laugh.
    St totteringhams day will return, the fight back starts next season, Hopefully with Wenger gone.

  35. TonyD

    I was thinking about the workers, such as marketing sales, merchandisers etc. Probably the youth coaches are included in being accountable.

    But the people you mentioned, sure I agree with you.

  36. Dave

    I’m Wenger out. Have been for years. Didn’t renew my ST this year, which wasn’t an easy decision since I’ve been going since the 70’s. I want Arsenal to lose currently if it means Wenger gone and change – and that’s something I’d never say. But for the life of me I don’t get people saying that they want Wenger to sign on again just to punish people you don’t know, will never know, will never meet.

  37. TonyD

    If it wasn’t so criminal and ager making, Wenger would make some good sketches for the 2 Johns (right name?) who did sketches on the Rory Bremner show.

    The script would be taken directly from Wenger’s antics, wouldn’t have to make anything up.

  38. Alexanderhenry


    Calm down.

    There is only one way to ensure arsenal fc fulfills it’s potential:

    Get rid of kroenke.

    As long as he’s in charge arsenal will continue to drift into mediocrity or worse.
    You really think we’ll get ancelotti or simeone post wenger?
    There’s more chance of labour under corbyn winning a landslide than that happening.

    The only way to get rid of the dreadful leech in charge, is for the club to start losing money.
    Protests are fair enough but they will achieve very little.

    Season tickets need to be returned and unrenewed.
    Fans need to boycott games.

    Hurt him in the pocket and the leech will sell up.

  39. TitsMcGee

    Said it in summer. This will be the season Arsene falls out of top 4.

    It’s no coincidence that he crumbles as more competition enters the prem.

    When it became more than a two horse race for the title he hasn’t sniffed one since.

    Enter Klopp, Pep, Mou and an up and coming Spurs and you get what you this season . There are ZERO reasons to expect this to change going forward.

  40. TonyD

    Wenger knew what was coming and he knows he’d get vilified from his answers here and in the press

  41. Vintage Gun

    I personally couldn’t care less where we finish this season. Gone are the days of me and my mates wildly celebrating a last gasp 4th place finish. Its champions or nothing for me. As for the CL, after Bayern beat us down to our essence i didn’t and still don’t want us in the CL next season as we blatantly and annually fail to compete.

    We need to concentrate on domestic issues. Learn to walk again before thinking about flying to the land of the giants.

  42. Joel

    It’s interesting to note that Spurs have built their side on a budget that is significantly below Arsenal’s.Young players have been brought into the first team with the right attitude and each and every one has significantly improved under a Manager who understands tactics and is able to fully motivate.Compare this to Arsenal’s players.Not one of them has really improved over the last few Seasons.Perhaps with the exception of the Ox…although we’re still none the wiser as to his best position.Each and every Arsenal player earns significantly more than their Spurs counterpart.All we have heard over the last decade are excuses.However,there cannot be any excuses for this continued failure to create a team…whatever the formation. .who don’t make the most of their talent…and are nowhere near being the sum of their parts.Spurs’ English contingent returned from the Euros with their confidence shattered.But their Manager and coaching staff have managed tonre-energise them and get them playing good, aggressive,entertaining and winning football.A type of football that Arsenal consistently played back in the day.A time when their Manager brought new ideas and players to the Club and a winning mentality.To say that Arsenal begin the season with the desire to win the League is a delusion…and one which shows Wenger to be what he is…a “Dinosaur”,no longer able to survive in an age when everything has changed around him.Unfortunately it seems that our Board dint have the bottle to remove that very same “Dinosaur”..and worse don’t have any plan in place should they ever decide to bite the bullet…

  43. Thank you and goodnight

    I was hoping that somehow Wenger would of been implicated in operation yew tree then we could of got rid of the nonce.

  44. Bankz

    Yesterday’s result just confirmed what we’ve been saying on here about Pedro for a while now.
    He’s a flip flopper who silently loves Wenger and believes Ivan even more.
    The new formation was a desperate attempt to salvage our season or 4th but Pedro going on and on about it being the best since slice bread was a bit hilarious.

    M-brough cut us open numerous times, city should have buried us in the first half but hey we’re in the FAcup final and that’s all that matters now right….according to Pedro.
    Wenger is changing as he could out think Pep even tho City have been underwhelming this season and less effective in front of goal.
    Suddenly you had Pedro changing stance on why Wenger was & is the problem and must leave. Same way he has changed stance for years about protesting against Wenger or not.

    Fact is the current squad and Wenger now are a disgrace to what a semi-top European club should be.
    The sooner we get this old fraud out of the club, the better and best chance we have at rectifying all the damages he has inflicted on the playing field in the last 5yrs.

    Wenger could miraculously win the quadruple and I’d still want him out. He’s lost it and in my opinion,the only reason he’s still at Arsenal is because of the power and greed for the wages he gets for not really delivering.

    He’s finished and it doesn’t matte if he comes up with a new formation that starts 2 at the back and 5 strikers. I have said numerous times, give Wenger the Barcelona and Madrid squads and he still won’t win the premier league. In short he’d have Messi and Ronaldo believing finishing 4th and winning the FAcup is success and could probably get them a BallonD’or each.