Top 4 trophy likely dead, but there’s prized scalp there for Arsenal’s taking

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Celebrating on his shoulders

Happy Tuesday morning to you all. I’m up at 430 with a severe bout of insomnia. Clearly just too damn excited about an Arsene Wenger press conference.

We have Leicester tomorrow to start a potentially damaging death spiral of fixtures. Arsenal took down Manchester City with an excellent performance at the weekend. Wenger, limping out of the trenches, taking on a troop of machine gunners head on decided to go full on Rambo with a 3 at the back and it’s working out. He had this to say on the switch:

‘I believe it gave the players something to focus on and forget their anxiety and uncertainty. Sometimes, when the team doesn’t do well just to focus on something different helps. It’s possible [to play same system against Leicester.] The system is adaptable, it is not a strict three at the back.’

I really think it’s amusing to read around, especially with anti-Wenger people, and see how unadaptable they are to changing scenarios. Wenger has been accused of being a Luddite for 5 years, in an absolute panic he changed up his system to a more modern 3 at the back. He did it against Middlesborough to practice for City and he pulled wins out the bag for both games.

Say what you want, but that was tactics and what he did at Wembley was out think Pep G on multiple levels. He absorbed their pressure, waited for them to tire, fouled high up the pitch like vintage Gilberto Silva days, and took them into extra time and won the game. We can’t be praising Conte doing a similar hatchet job as genius, then say Wenger fluked it.

I don’t think this change means we’re Champions League contenders. I don’t think it means we’ll make top 4. But in isolation, if you’re a fan of Arsenal, you should be very happy we’re in an FA Cup final and that we dumped the best coach in the world out of the most prestigious domestic cup competition. All the managers wanted that trophy this year, regardless of whether it’s elite in comparison to the big ones.

Don’t let your Wenger politics get in the way of joy and the chance of a Wembley party. That’s why we love football, for the big days out. Let’s have some focus out there.

Wenger appears to have done an about turn on superstar Alexis Sanchez.

‘He has been remarkably efficient. He had a very good spell when he played up front. When he plays on the flank he is more of a provider. He can always turn up with something special.  He has the individual quality to make the difference.’

That must be awkward for some of the in-house mainstream press who have hammered him thinking he’d leave this summer. Wenger seems to think he’s going to stay on next year and see out his final year. I’d be very surprised if he did that. That’s a huge financial hit if you could literally double your salary elsewhere, but power to Wenger if he thinks he can make that happen without disrupting the team next year.

The Leicester game is a massive threat to our season. They have had 8 days off since their last game. That’s a huge amount of recovery time compared to us, who had to endure extra time on Sunday. Really unfair how the fixtures have panned out here. I kind of think tactically we should take a similar approach to City. Let them come and play against us, don’t stretch ourselves physically and don’t play into their traps if we have less energy. Make them play ball and counter them at pace.

They are in title winning form at the minute, a loss here will make Sunday against Spurs very delicate. A win will make for a tantalising opportunity. Spurs will be deflated after taking a bit of a pummelling against Chelsea. We saw last season what happens to Spurs when they flop, it all goes very Spursy. Wouldn’t it be great to kill their title challenge at the Lane? It would.

Again, word to people who don’t quite get what it is to be an Arsenal fan. If I read one more time that wanting Spurs to fail is a poor mentality, I’m gonna lose my damn mind. We have a special day dedicated to celebrating them failing. Our whole rivalry is built on their failure. If you don’t take pleasure from killing Spurs dreams, you need to go and engross yourself in some Arsenal history books and take some lessons about what it is to hate a rival. Or just hang out with a true Spurs fan for 20minutes or so, I have a friend called Dave who will make you see the light. Awful man.

Seriously. The joy suckers are getting to me. I’m not one to talk, but fundamentally, regardless of my issues with Arsene, I still love my club and hate my rivals. What would be the point otherwise? I’d just go and follow an NFL franchise or something.

Right, that’s all I have time for… I’m off to send some e-mails to senior people at my company. I’ll look super diligent at this hour.



P.S. Geoff (The bear), had this to say about Spurs.

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  1. Dissenter

    I think Sanchez realized 1-2 seconds too late what Fuchs had just done. He realized was worthy of a red card, he probably felt some pain too. In his footballing culture you go down to force the referee to make a decision. He put the referee on the spot.
    I really think the deliberate throwing of a ball in his face is more egregious than his Hollywood fall.

    The referee didn’t tell him to move back. He didn’t endorse the rules by going over to the player and telling him how far from the line is acceptable. The assistant was just as pathetic and could have move Alexis back. He blew the whistle several times to tell Fuchs to,take the throw in.

  2. Bamford10


    Every good player knows how to embellish or go down when it is to his advantage. That doesn’t make said player a “diver”. Messi is not a “diver”. Every once in a while he may resort to this; it isn’t a regular thing. The opposite: Messi often stays upright when others would take the foul. So, no.

  3. Carts


    Should be an intriguing contest. AJ ferocious power and accuracy vs Wladimir’s experience, naughty jab and power.

    It’ll either mirror Wlad’s performance vs (another Brit called) David Haye (who was considerably shorter) or AJ will find Wlad’s chin with in 6 rounds and line him out.

    I think AJ will win.

  4. Carts


    You’re actually justifying Sanchez acting like a beta?

    Players dive – some more than others. That’s an undeniable. I wouldn’t label Messi a “diver” though.

    But as I said, that another topic.

    I’m on about players, and in this case Sanchez, acting like a cuck.

  5. Samesong

    Anyone know a lot about boxing? I would love to hear some opinion / discussion of Joshua vs. Klitschko. I like AJ, but I’m a little afraid for him with Klitschko.

    The fear should be for Klitscko Aj will wipe him out on Saturday in front of his home fans. AJ is the real deal and Klitscko will find out tomorrow.

  6. Alan

    I can’t believe the Sanchez thing is even a debate. He made a fool out of himself. It was embarrassing.

    Even in the world of footballing tribalism, can we just accept it was wrong. He should be ashamed. The tweet afterwards was so cringeworthy it made me what to punch him the face to he knew what real pain felt like. He’s a card waving player who consistently tries to get players sent off rather than just getting on with it so lets try not to paint him as angel. He will be off this summer and doing the same thing for another team and we will see it as the disgraceful action it really was.

    All players who make a meal of touches are embarrassing. Whether the ball brushed his face, off the shoulder, there is no doubt it didn’t hurt him as he hit the floor seconds later. When did grown men find it acceptable to do such embarrassing things and what makes it worse is that fans are soooo desperate to justify it because it’s their player. Don’t.

  7. Carts


    Tbf, considering that that video was upload on to YT back in 2012, of all the 3:13 I probably counted 3 dives and a couple of instances where he feigned sufficient head contact. Again, I’m not saying players don’;t dive. Poor from Messi.

    But to say Messi is a diver is unfair.

    Back to players acting like a cuck, Messi has been guilty of it too, per the video.

    Case in point is our player Sanchez. Dissenter is justifying his dramatics instead of criticising him for falling like he’d been poleaxed. I used the example of Messi getting elbowed which resulted in a black eye and busted mouth, last week, to support my argument that Sanchez going down how he did was stupid.

  8. Carts


    That’s all I’m saying.

    Rugby League and Union; to think players will carrying on playing after getting KO’d stiff, till recently, where the rules have now changed.

  9. Leftsidesanch

    Klitscho won’t be able to live with AJ’s power. AJ won’t let him settle into his great jabbing and holding off his opponent neither will the ref allow it at Wembley.

    AJ by KO

  10. Tonyd

    Supposedly last derby game at the Lane.

    Both teams have their league seasons resting on the result as neither can afford to drop points.

    Kos and Dembelli would be huge losses, although Kos is the bigger loss in the scheme of things.

    Have to wait until Sunday before I consider a prediction, especially knowing if Kos is starting.

    Looking forward to reading more here.