Josh Kroenke and Thierry Henry. Running partners?

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I am having such a depressing time writing about Arsenal at the moment, so much so that I have to really work hard to find an angle that’s remotely interesting. The stagnation at the club and lack of joy really is draining.

Still, I like a good conspiracy theory.

… so hear me out.

Thierry H and Josh K have been kicking it, playing some basketball, picking up girls at Shoreditch House… you know the kind of things rich boys do. Anyway, booted Thierry Henry has been letting Wenger have it in public about the state of the club from a player perspective. He’s the first of the explayers to truly break rank and it’s clear he wants to have a bigger role at the club. It’s a balls-out move that Keown and Pires haven’t dare make.

It’s not absurd to think this is all calculated. Stories dropped in the news this week that Wenger kiboshed the deal to bring Thierry back into the fold. Interesting, because that’s a slapped wrist for the owner’s son.

Father / son relationships are built on working out how to get your way and going to battle through your childhood to persuade and learn the art of this. Working out how to get your way, especially with a dad who has bigger fish to fry, must be something Josh has mastered.

MY THING HERE IS THIS: I wonder if Josh K could be our saviour. I don’t much like his Thierry idea, but to be honest, I’d take a kitchen supervisor over Wenger right now. At least it’d be interesting.

Onto other news. There really isn’t a lot.

I’ve been thinking about Wenger rolling with 3 at the back this weekend. It could be a serious disaster, mostly because when you read up about how hard Conte had to train his players to deal with the system. He took a highly intelligent side of winners and beasted them on the ways of the formation. Literally making them play the system against manakins.

Do you think Wenger has that sort of rigour built into his training sessions? Does he f*ck.

I’d like to see us do something smart this weekend, just not sure 3 at the back is the right move… and I wonder if the surprise is now over, and that Pep will already have worked out how he can exploit that move if we try and drop it.

Also, worth noting that Donald Trump’s inauguration do was partly paid by Stan K who donated $1m. That’s presumably why his son was seen rocking an Arsenal kit at the White House.


Right, that’s all I have.

See you in the comments.


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  1. N5

    I knew this was going to happen. I said it after the Quarter Final that Wenger would manage to once again claw back his career. He has more lives than a fucking cat!!

  2. karim


    Yes, it’s gonna be a 2-horse race now.
    Lyon play without most of their usual starters but are back into the game, 2/1 now.

    Clasico looking rather lively apparently..

  3. rollen

    Great win.
    Imagine this team with real manager.
    Games like this clearly show that players ( most of them) are not the problem.
    Wenger lost us more trophies and glory than he won!

  4. peanuts&monkeys

    steveApril 23, 2017    16:36:35
    Wenger doesn’t deserve to get anything out of this season. No FA-cup, no top 4 finish, not finishing above Tottenham. Nothing. I want him shamed out of the club at this point.”

    Ditto Ditto Ditto

    Wengeroutttt wengeroutttt wengeroutttt

  5. Joe


    It’s insane. We are 20 points behind Chelsea. And 17 behind Tottenham.

    Lost 10-2 in the CL

    The two
    Most important competitions and we a million miles behind.

    We make the final of the second rate fa cup which even relegation fodder teams play reserve teams and some are acting like wenger is the second coming of Jesus himself.

    Luckily make it might I add. Post. Crossbar and a wrongfully disallowed goal

    And wenger will get a new deal out of this.


  6. Adam A. Carbarundum

    Reviewing this match it’s not so much that Arsenal won, but rather that ManCity lost it. Too many opportunities squandered. As for Wenger, he set up the team for a draw and it showed…if I’m Pep, I’m screwed big time as this clearly is not his best 11. If I’m Arsene Wenger, live to see another day, he’s a lousy manager, period.

  7. Adam A. Carbarundum

    Supporters have every right to feel hard done by. Today they showed purpose and resolve. The players showed the way and were concentrated to that effort. The fact that they could not do this on a consistent basis throughout the season is a direct reflection of their failure and that of their manager. In its totality, the season has been an abject failure. It’s the supporters who have lost this season. Both the manager and the players have wallowed in shame, and with the millions spent on them all…it’s downright criminal. What a waste of money!

  8. PieAFC

    Just got back from Arsenal. Blackstock road, was fairly lively after the game. North London surrounding bars was decent. All my pals that were in wembley said it was a cracking atmosphere.

    emotions were put aside. Today the team fought, battled, got stuck in. Gabriel, what a game he had. Second half, where was that all season. We rode out luck, but still credit where credit is due.


  9. Pierre

    good to someone on here with something positive to say about the day…
    Great,game, great performance and yes it was against one of the big teams who have a world class manager..

    Let the minority wallow in their misery.

  10. Barking Arsene

    I think if we saw that level of discipline on a regular basis there wouldn’t be a problem but all too often players just don’t do it.

    We obviously got a couple of breaks (as you need in big games sometimes) but credit to the players they made the most of them.

    Still have to hope Wenger suddenly realises he is shit at his job though.

    On a side note watched a good programme on Rocky & Wrighty. You forget how special this club really is.

  11. Pierre

    “To me , The fa cup doesn’t carry any significance”

    Tell that to the thousands of spurs and city fans who were at the games yesterday…. The gutted faces in the crowd will tell you how significant the future a cup is to them…

  12. Ashley


    That’s why I said ‘to me’ …. you’re not seriously thinking that this win makes up for the last 13 years of absolute shit are you ? Yeh we won and played well but this changes nothing

  13. Relieable Sauce

    Arsenal fans are hilarious.
    If I were an oversees fan I’d have switched a while back. No dishonour in choosing not to support a loser club that’s only interested in your cash.

  14. PieAFC

    Pierre, I’m Wenger’s biggest critic, staunch Wenger out.

    But today reminded me what following Arsenal was all about.

    Win or lose on the booze. The banter all in it together. If we had lost today play the whole 90mins like we did in the first half. I’d kick off. The 2nd half, they rolled their sleeves up got stuck in. Gabriel, Holding, Xhaka (sat back for once) no one shirked a challenge.

    Credit where credit it due. They played for the shirt and the club. That’s all we can ask for.

    Season has been shit, but fuck, we’ve got final to look forward to it. Let’s win it. Wenger leaves and begin a new chapter in this clubs amazing history.

  15. reality check

    April 23, 2017 13:19:21
    I’m going to stick my neck out and say we’re going to win today. Even if it goes to extra time. City blow hot and cold all over the place and Guardiola hasn’t quite got the hang of playing in England just yet, we might be in with a chance. Either that or we’ll get slaughtered but I’m going with a narrow win for us.
    Well said sir!

    April 23, 2017 15:39:05
    Sanchez been shown up again as someone without one outstanding attribute to really affect these games.

    April 23, 2017 16:05:34
    I want Wenger out….
    It’s hard to wish defeat on a team that have bursted their guts to compete for 120 minutes.
    I hope we sneak a winner.
    It won’t change my Wenger out stance

  16. Do one gambon

    Just hot back from the semi (because I’m a puss poor Wenger enabler or something)

    Bet a fair few on here are upset we won.

    Wenger in Wenger out, Its great to be in another fa cup final.

    What did she wear?

  17. Pierre

    Enjoy the moment mate…. People shouldn’t feel guilty about celebrating after a game like that….. There ain’t been too much to enjoy this season so make the most of it…
    Now would be a good time for Wenger to announce he’s leaving….. Final will be his last game

  18. WengerEagle

    Absolutely clutch from Messi, could be the biggest goal of his career if Barcelona go on to snatch the title off of Real.

    Ronaldo at 1-1 should have put the game to bed, unbelievable miss after his Bayern exploits only a few days ago.

    Having said that, still think that they won’t better RM’s points by 3 points in these last 5-6 matches but we’ll see.

  19. Relieable Sauce

    Adam – I thought it looked very much like Dungeness but I don’t know Hastings that well. Very flat and a lot of pebbles…!?

  20. Relieable Sauce


    …Lol. Nuclear power station is a bit of a giveaway a well.
    : /
    Pretty sure it’s Dungey.

  21. TonyD

    Have to give the boys kudos for rolling up their sleeves and getting stuck in; it’s all we ever ask of them.

    Even Ramsey managed to get in a few good scoring positions and was an annoyance to City in mid field. Don’t remember any ridiculous flicks from him either.

    In a previous post I said that, if we win, it will be the players and not Wenger who dug the win out. Wenger sat mostly in the dug out because he doesn’t’t know what to tell the team. When he does get off his seat, he looks more like Mr Bean in every match.

    There’s a future for him in comedy TV as the French Mr. Bean. Shame Allo Allo is not around any more, Wenger would have been perfect for a part.

    We played like an old Manure team with passion and pressing. City had no time on the ball and our positional sense was more collective excluding Ozil. The 3 at the back worked because City had very little on the wings, and when they did put a cross in, they had relatively no one in the box.

    We also put in 2 big Ron Atkinson’s ‘Reducers’ in early on, on Aguero and Silva. Both were ineffective after the hits and eventually had to go off. That was typical Manure of old. It left City with no cohesion and cutting edge in midfield and up front. Silva was a huge loss for them.

    Yaya is cumbersome and past it. City needs at least 3 class players. As early as the middle of the first half you sensed we could nick it. Pep is not the manager he was at Barca neither does he have the players he had in Calalan.

    Having said that, City had a perfectly good goal disallowed and hit the bar twice.

    Once again we got out of jail with a performance we expect from every game.

    Problem is, for every solid performance like yesterday, there will be 10 Boro type performances to follow.

    I’m happy for the club and our supporters, especially the younger ones like my 8 year old son.

    Chelsea are far better than City all over the park. Barring injuries to players like Hazard, Cesc et al, we will have to have a huge slice of luck of disallowed goals, penalties and the woodwork being the 2nd keeper.

    Playing 5 at the back and counter attacking won’t work against the Chavs. Conte is far the better manager and he will have tactics we could only dream of in the way of plans A, B and C.

    We can live in hope, but let’s not fool ourselves here. You listening Pierre?

    Still, I’m going to watch the final and support our boys purely for the passion, effort and sheer will to win they showed us yesterday. I won’t be sitting there hoping they lose the final. The boys deserve that from us even though Wenger and the board don’t.

    Nothing has changed my view that Wenger has to go as soon as is possible.

  22. TonyD

    Kante is PFA player of the year; you watching Wenger?

    Kante would have got you your top 4 trophy.

    As always, you got the wrong player.

  23. Wallace

    excellent performances from Holding & Gabriel. I thought they might be exposed given how much City like to use the flanks, but they coped well. maybe slightly less pressure when there are 3 rather than 2 of you…

  24. Pierre

    Before the game you said your 8 year old son didn’t want arsenal to win against City, presumably because things are so bad and a win might mean Wenger will stay….. I wonder where he got that logic from Tony…. Only one person and that’s you… Sad that you have brainwashed your own child to wanting arsenal to lose a semi final because, as I see it, in your son’s short time supporting arsenal he has already seen arsenal win 2 trophies and now possibly 3…. Let him enjoy the victories without you in his ear saying how bad things are and what a rubbish manager Wenger is….

  25. TonyD


    My son has been aware of the ‘Wenger Out’ for the last 2 years from the press and TV at the games. Naturally he asks questions, which I answer honestly without bias.

    He also has friends at his football club for the under 10 & under 12 teams, which he plays in and who talk non stop about football. Needless to say Wenger and Arsenal are talked about by them, especially when Arsenal are playing clubs that his mates support.

    He’s not been brain washed by me in any way. He’s educated in a way that he has to make his own decisions on what to believe and think. My wife and I encourage him all the time not to follow people, but have his own mind.

    He’s been playing football since he was 5 and understands the game well enough to know what winning is all about. He plays in 6 aside competitions most weekends and hates losing. He trains for 2 hours three times a week.

    Last night watching the match (we live in Thailand) he asked why Perez wasn’t playing instead of Giroud as he feels Perez is a beer partner for Sanchez; all his own thinking.

    I said I think he’s injured but then he asked more about Perez’z situation. I told him he doesn’t fit in Wenger’s plans for the team. His response was why did Wenger buy him? Why waste the money. A question I couldn’t answer.

    Problem is that Wenger makes no sense to him as much as he doesn’t make sense to us. My son has his own views on the squad and keeps asking why Coquelin plays instead of Elneny?

    Oddly enough immediately after the game he said that he wants Arsenal to win the cup now. I had no influence in that decision although it mirrors my own thinking, but I had kept that to myself.

    My son is also a red/black belt in Tae kwan do and is in the gifted class of a private school on merit. He speaks, reads and writes 2 languages and is starting 2 more at his own request. What I’m saying is he is very smart and is his own person.

    He reads AFC news on his iPad and is full of questions about Arsenal and, of course, Wenger. He watches all the games and naturally sees the mistakes from those games and asks why they are made. He also watches Chelsea and Real Madrid’s matches.

    In sum he’s very smart and has his own views on many subjects, which my wife and I encourage all the time.

    Bottom line is he wants to see Arsenal win trophies. He doesn’t want Sanches (his idol) to leave.

    He’s been brought up on a staple diet of videos and You Tubes of the Invincibles and pre Wenger successes.

    That spell it out enough for you?

  26. RJM

    We beat a top 4 (just) side!!

    Wenger is the greatest!

    Give him the job for life!

    Oh sorry….. he’s already got that….


  27. TonyD

    I wonder what’s left in the tank for Leicester and Spurs after such a sapping game?

    Not much me thinks. No real talent pool in the squad to rotate either.

    This week is going to be really interesting.

  28. Al

    Went to the game yesterday and that was the first time in a very very long time that the players commitment and passion actually got the whole fans completely behind them.

    It was a cracking atmosphere from the Arsenal fans yesterday.

  29. Black Hei


    The reason why Wenger bought Perez is as insurance in case Welbeck does not recover from his long term injury.

    Of course the real reason is that he is just trying to troll you.

  30. Emiratesstroller

    Tony D

    Arsenal need to take each game as it comes, but realistically we have quite a hard run in with Leicester, Spurs, Man Utd and Everton yet to come.

    I have said for sometime that we are unlikely to finish in top 4. More likely than not we will finish 6th just ahead of Everton.

    However, I would not discount us winning the FA Cup, because Arsenal do
    have quite a good record in one off games like this. I remember several
    years ago defeating Man Utd in similar fashion when the odds were stacked against us and they controlled most of the game.

    What I am looking for at end of season is a major shift in power in the
    management structure of the club even if as it seems Wenger signs a new contract.

    There has to come a point in time when the club takes a look at succession. What was interesting yesterday was that there was very little dialogue between Wenger and the players at end of full-time. I see very little
    evidence from players that they are showing him the same level of respect that would have been universal two or three years ago.

  31. Barking Arsene

    No need for any dialogue at full time – Wenger did his tactics tem years ago, no need to go over them again.

    We might sneak the cup but I doubt it against Chelsea – they are too solid for us

  32. peanuts&monkeys

    the Perez situation: Wenger has done a criminal offence in making Perez waste his one year of prime. Its criminal.

    Other players should not know the wicked arsene FC manager..they shd be aware that his ulterior motives of buying them.

    No wonder Vardy rubbed salt in ArsenaLosers wounds. suits them fine. Losers!

  33. TonyD


    The FA cup is a breed unto itself as far as the underdog winning is concerned. I can’t see us as being anything else other than the underdog against Chelsea.

    We didn’t think we’d get the result yesterday but lady luck (bar) and officials helped our plight. Not that in the end we didn’t deserve the result, we did, and it was heart warming to watch.

    Interesting point regarding the lack of the players’ connection with Wenger after the final whistle. They have to be just as fed up with him as we are, but can’t say anything.

    Totally agree with you regarding our finishing position.

    This as, I’ve said before, brings in the financial element affecting the senior management and owner. I can see a potential loss of up to £100million for the coming season, especially if Sanchez goes on a free and the loss of £50 million from the CL.

    Deep down I’ve always thought that, come what may, Wenger will get at least one year extension if not two. However, I can see that certain conditions have to be put in place to safeguard further potential losses from sponsors etc, as well as the power base shifting away from Wenger.

    It’s like Arsenal/Wenger still use the antiquated and defunct ‘Top Down’ management as opposed to the ‘Horizontal’ management of today.

    The question is will Wenger accept loss of total power with the new contract?

    AFC is and has been leaking millions for at least the past 10 years simply by not keeping our players on contracts that aid us in their sale values. Anelka aside, too many players have gone for far less than their real market value.

    The board and IG have to address this and other seriously important issues.

    Apart from sound and proactive decision making, the fundamental rule of senior management is delegating responsibility, which is acutely accountable.

    Sadly Wenger is not proficient in either. Procrastination is Wenger’s middle name and it has cost the club and the players careers and performances dearly.

    I echo your and many posters’ thoughts on this blog.

    Once the board and the Kroenkes realise that the golden goose has laid its last egg with Wenger, then and only then will they act in the best interests of the club’s future and get back to astute management where winning trophies and increasing the global brand is going to increase the revenue streams Arsenal is capable of.

    This begins with a realistic succession time table and the end of the Wenger spin.

    In sum, the eventual end of Wenger!

  34. Ashley

    25 years ago , fa cup yayyyyyy , now fa cup shoulder shrug and meh , if you’re gonna get all excited about it and beating city in a one off game then you just don’t get it , we need Wenger gone and by any means necessary, it’s for the greater good of the club because THE CLUB is what matters , he laughs in the face of over staying your welcome …

  35. Up 4 grabs now

    Glad we won, have never wanted us to lose to get Wenger out, and it makes no difference if we do as Wenger has a job for life.
    Win the cup and leave, and you still can leave with some of your reputation in tact.
    Still think top four is a pipe dream.
    Beat utd, the spuds and stoke and we have a chance, but for me we’ve left it too late.
    Nice to see the spuds choking in the cup and the bindippers in the league.
    Throw in ibrahimovic out for utd, and anything is possible I guess.

  36. Jamie


    Yep, what he said. Wenger out, but he isn’t going anywhere. I’d rather we won a cup than not, although it’s highly unlikely we’ll beat Chelsea.

    Top 4 just as unlikely.

    If we do both, Wenger stays. If we do neither, Wenger stays.

  37. Jay

    U4gn + Jamie
    I don’t think so, I really do think the contract has been put in hold because of our league position and fan protests.
    If we get 4th, he gets another 2 years. No fac and no 4th, I don’t think he gets another contract.
    Stan cares about one thing and thats money and if we don’t get 4th, he loses out on 40m. Start next year as badly as we finnish this year and we could miss out again.
    Thats 80m plus.
    Or am I just being too optimistic?