Chambo playing contract games? | Wenger desperation about to ramp for the better

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Well, an exciting night in the Champions League. Bayern took Madrid into extra time, but were steam rollered after Vidal earned a red card. Interesting that the decision didn’t go the way of Bayern, and could have been sussed with video evidence. Carlo said something like that lack of video is ‘unbecoming at this level’… agree. Purists need to move on.

Leicester dropped out of the quarter-finals heads held high. An epic achievement for a small club living the dream.

Arsenal? Well, we can kiss goodbye to #TOP4GLORY this year if the ThirtyFiveThirty have anything to do with it… the stats site has downgraded our chances to a dismal 5%. I’d have to agree with them despite having no statistical basis other than looking at our fixture list and a team of deflated players.

Chamberlain had some nice things to say in the press about playing for The Arsenal.

“It’s a massive honour to play for a team like Arsenal,”

“You’ve got to give it 100 percent week in, week out, and maybe that had been slipping in the last few weeks.”

Damn straight it’s an honour. I’m struggling with the Ox. He should definitely stay, I think he has a lot to offer at 23. But I can’t work out if he’s moving to Liverpool for real, or his dad is just a savvy media operator who is working speculation to land a ridiculous deal for his son.

That said, it’s amazing how many players have openly come out and admitted they have given zero fucks of late. It’s really unacceptable, and I don’t understand how the manager can still have a contract on the table when all this is happening. But look, he does, we have The Mirror leaking our unambitious plans, that include Fulham’s Sessegnon, a return of a Bournemouth second stringer (sorry to hear he’s suffered another fracture), and Celtic’s Tiernay. I’m sure they both have much potential, but taking punts on maybe’s seems to be something we’re not exactly flourishing at. Wenger is no longer a developmental manager, so the thought of a half-baked player rolling into the club does not fill me with the joy it once did.

Still, I am taking some pleasure in watching Arsene drop a back 3 to prove he can change. All of the squealers in the comment section saying there’s no correlation to Gazidis calling for change and Wenger backtracking on his midweek hissy fit of stated superficiality in the idea of change – when the manager is explicitly say ‘I CAN CHANGE’ after making a pointless tactical switch, well, you’re deluded.

Wenger knows what’s about to come and it’s going to test the hardon Stan K has for his boy, because our ranch collector of an owner is about to be locked naked in a shed of dark internet unpleasantness… then he’ll be asked to give over £20m for two years of losing £40m a year. We are going to see a more and more desperate Wenger over the coming weeks, because he’ll start to feel the insecurity of having nothing penned, and I tell you what, he’ll be throwing anyone and everyone under the bus to sign that new deal. So I’m starting to grow in confidence that we’re going to see more than just superficial change… because now Wenger is costing Stan money. Not what the silent one needs as he’s facing a billion dollar lawsuit from the good people of St. Louis for allegedly lying to them about his intentions.

Right, that’s all I have for you. Tune into our podcast if you haven’t and I’ll see you tomorrow.

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  1. Up 4 grabs now


    Would love bergkamp, but flying is an issue in Europe, preseason tours etc.
    But reading his biography even he wasn’t sure about management.
    Should be here though at the club coaching in my opinion, at least.

  2. jwl

    Remember rumour, I think it was about Seth Johnson, when Leeds bought player and he was going to ask for sixteen grand a week but the club offered thirty five grand a week. Something similar goes on at Arsenal as well – no way our squad earns their wages, they are not being paid their market value for sure.

    Arsenal are squad who happy to finish fourth and win occasional FA Cup but they are being paid similar wages as those who have recently won league, champs league. And then we have Wenger, like Joe mentioned, claiming poverty is tying his hands and we going to have to sell Sanchez.

  3. jwl

    If Arsenal do renew Wilshere’s contract, insurance premium is going to be huge, whatever wage Wilshere agrees to, that will be premium presumably because Jack is broken and not going to be put together again.

  4. China

    Great well use it as you see fit!

    I’ll make more images I guess. Started making another about Ivan but I’m a bit busy atm so not sure if I’ll finish it later today or another time

  5. Alex Cutter

    “We must shsme fans into action.who are a disgrace to the club..”

    Go for it, you basement-dwelling pussy.

  6. Alex Cutter

    The fact that you’re referring yourself as a “lone pathetic individual” shows that you’re making progress.

  7. Alex Cutter


    Leave the banter to the big boys, and keep to your lane of a constant stream of semi-tourettes output.

  8. Dissenter

    Wenger could yet surprise everybody by announcing that he is leaving after all.
    There;s a distinct possibility that he is leaving.

  9. Pedro

    Redtruth, you need to pipe down a bit. Especially as you’re a fan who sits on their backside doing nothing… despite living in North London.

  10. Carts

    I fully expect Wilshere to accept that deal with some kind of bonus clause included which will take his pay close to £100k p/w.

    I struggle to fathom him getting more anywhere else. Unless the like of City and West Ham know something we don’t

  11. Vince

    Kolasinac killing it against Ajax it seems. Whose watching Schalke vs Ajax? He’s got 2 assists already from my thread.