Ivan tames weak Wenger | Arsenal’s 3 at the back cynical / poorly executed

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You know what, it’s hard to complain about a victory given the circumstances, but wow… did we just not see a massive cave by Mr Wenger.

I’ll take an apology from all my readers who have lambasted me for weeks about being a GKB. Looks like our CEO finally took his opportunity to mesh out a bit of discipline to our badly behaved squatter.

Wenger dropped 3 at the back, a move he’s not rolled with since 1997. A move he explained very pointedly after the game.

“The first time in 20 years. That shows that even at my age you can change.”

The most important line you’ll read in 2017. That is Wenger admitting the catalyst for change is a real thing, that’s Wenger working out that he might not be as far up the pecking order as he thought, that is a signal that though he might hang on for another two years, they’ll likely be very different.

It also says that there’s probably a trepidation from him about what’s coming fixture wise.

We conceded 13 chances to a Boro’ who sacked Aitor Kranaka for not leaving his half for most of the year. This relegation-embattled team carved us open on numerous occasions with looping balls into the box, and they actually had more chances on target. Only the genius of Alexis Sanchez – who looks tapped out of his career – managed to save us the indignity of yet more dropped points.

Now we head into a cup semi-final and potentially the end game for Arsene Wenger. We are not equipped to deliver a turnaround… this could be absolute carnage.

But full points to Wenger. Caving as soon as he took stock of his leverage. Trying emulate Conte against one of the worst teams in the Premier League in a desperate hope to convince Arsenal fans he has it in him to change. Cynically slipping into survival mode, likely because he’s been reprimanded by a more confident CEO, and a trustfund kid who has taken an interest in someone any 31 year old man would purr over. This is interesting people, very interesting.

… but not as interesting as our latest podcast that covers it all in audio.

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287 Responses to “Ivan tames weak Wenger | Arsenal’s 3 at the back cynical / poorly executed”

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  1. Marc

    Just curious how can Kroenke be so tight if he’s willing to offer Wenger an extra couple of million per year pretty sure he’d stay on at the same rate.

  2. Dissenter

    Wenger would have stayed on a reduced rate to factor in his depreciated mental faculties. He would have stayed on 99p basic salary with incentivized bonuses.

  3. Tomtom

    Am I the only one that thought the Ox was crap last night? He gave the ball away on a regular basis, his crossing was terrible and he never looked like scoring against the worst team in the league

  4. Jay

    The job spec for the new Director of Football has come out. I’m a bit spooked by this bit:
    “Must have experience of working with the elderly – particularly around personal hygene, toiletting and the use of big white plastic zippers.”

  5. Dissenter

    I though Oxlade was aggressive and threw himself about for the team. His first tackle at 4 minutes help[ed set the stage for his team mates.

  6. Rhys Jaggar

    There is one possibility no-one is airing here and thst is that IG has had an F2F with the players without Wenger being present. He is the CEO, after all, so he surely has the authority to talk to the highest paid employees in the organisation.

    Let us say certain key players put forward some forceful and direct criticism, along the lines of ‘unless XXX happens sharpish, I am off in the summer’. If Gazidis is an experienced CEO, he will tell those players that he can only act if they really, really mean what they are saying, as telling this direct to Wenger will not be pretty and he has to be sure that the players will back him in a gunfight.

    Let us suppose IG then presents the evidence to Wenger saying ‘you are very close to losing the most important members of your dressing room. As a CEO, I always have a plan for a manager losing a dressing room and that plan is nipping it in the bud or changing the manager. So here is how to nip it in the bud…..unless you would prefer me to change the manager?’

    That way, Gazidis is the catalyst for change, acting on behalf of the players to trigger some mild seismic activity, upon threat of the San Andreas fault going tits up if remedial action does not occur sharpish….

    May or may not be true, but it reflects how CEOs operate in largish organisations…..

  7. jwl

    What the story with Per Mertesacker – was he given sabbatical from work this season? How come our bfg aint playing when we could use experienced defender. And didn’t he have his contract extended earlier this year, wtf?

  8. jwl

    Would lumbering Mert be appropriate to play in middle of three man defence – have two more agile defenders play wide and slow bfg in middle hanging back all time?

  9. izzo

    Leicester out of their depth missing Huth because that replacement is a clown. Nice run in the CL in their debut have to say.

  10. BillikenGooner

    I was hoping for Leicester. Ah well.

    Watching the quality on Real and Bayern makes me realize just how bad we really are. We are like 4 or 5 levels below them.

  11. gonsterous

    real looking the better team in the first half. they could have put a few past this bayern team. bayern may be good but I hate that arrogant team…

  12. Dissenter

    Bayern fans singing “Können wir jeden Tag Arsenal spielen?” [translated AS “can we play Arsenal everyday”]

  13. Dissenter

    Yes Oxlade missed a lot of tackles but at least he made them and took one for the team seveal times.
    There was an instance where he was the sole player covering a boro counter and stopped it.

  14. Paulinho

    “Yes Oxlade missed a lot of tackles but at least he made them and took one for the team seveal times”

    Look at how tired he was at the end. Good luck to him trying to put that shift in every week.

    He has a certain amount of talent but literally no position. Every position you want to moot he has some flaw which means he can’t play there long term or against top sides.

  15. BigCheese

    Lol Pedro. Ivan The Great couldn’t change the brand of tea in the players canteen without asking Overlord Wenger first never might our formation!

    Are you on the take from Gazidis bud? Has he promised you back into the fold for some exclusive access deal? What is it? I’m perplexed at your backing of a man who has literally done fuck all for 9 years with a 2.5million per annum pay packet. A man who’s previous footballing experience was as commissioner of a MLS league that was floundering. What’s his pedigree? Who sanctioned his deal in the first place? Wenger did.

    Gazidis is part of the problem and not the solution. To think he’s trying to change things but his hands are tied is a fallacy. It’s the same thinking as Wenger can’t spend because we’re broke. Both are lies.

    Stan is the only one who can do anything about the situation but he won’t. He’s the head honcho at a billion pound club. He’s made hundreds of millions in profit without dipping into his pocket. Being an investment man myself he’s bagged himself a perfect club as part of his portfolio. Guaranteed returns, low risk and even if we went tits up as a club the land itself and the stadium is worth a hell of a lot.

    So in summary. Your buddy Ivan can’t do shit to Wenger.

  16. Relieable Sauce


    Possible I suppose, but I’m struggling to think what these demands could be, assuming it would be Sanchez, Ozil and AOC as they have the most leverage.
    If they are stopping short of calling for a new manager. the most obvious demand would be – show some ambition through signings, ala RVP .
    Who would they be expecting us to sign though, now that we don’t have CL football and with the clubs – not so brilliant track record?
    Calling for a shake up in regards to the coaching staff maybe, but will that really be sufficient??
    DOF…Can’t see the need or reasoning behind that.

  17. TR7

    Vidal given a second yellow for a legitimate challenge. Poor referees ruin so many big matches every fucking season. Why not use video technology?

  18. Joe

    Now we have joe(or is it gg) back with his boring, repetitive comments… I wonder how long it will be before he starts the abuse to anyone who doesn’t concur with his minority views….

    At least I’ve been right about everything I’ve said.

    Unlike you who has been wrong about every thing he says on here

    Minority. Hahaha.

    These akbs still hanging around like a bad smell. Big talkers after a massive win over boro.

    Let’s see where you are hiding after city. United. Spuddies. Even Leicester

  19. Joe

    A laboured lucky win over boro I must add.

    Way to arsene. Sign him up for another decade shouldn’t we Pierre?

  20. Joe


    Bayern are through.

    You’re right I don’t need abuse anyone. Pierre Marc etc all
    Look like bloody fools and are trying hard to fight it

    No one is buying it

  21. Carts

    Naive management from Carlo. Vidal been walking a tight rope for the last 35mins.

    Should’ve dragged him off after his free-kick he gave away on Isco by the touch line.

    Bayern can sit back for 30mins and take it to pens. Real will look to stretch them and exploit Robben’s lack of defensive attributes

  22. Joe

    Diego through to final 4 again.

    You’re right though.

    Who could replace him?

    I’d Hate him at Arsenal?

    He plays boring football.

    Etc. Etc.

  23. Dissenter

    Leicester gave a good account of themselves and weren’t disgraced unlike a certain north London club.

  24. Relieable Sauce

    Why not just employ the system they have in rugby??
    Allow the ref to refer close decisions to the 4th official – Is there any reason the goal shouldn’t stand? eg – offside, handball, foul play.
    Would take seconds.

  25. Carts

    Sending off was harsh as fuck and should never have stoood. But I can’t say I’m surprised

    There’s me hoping both Real and Barcelona would be eliminated

  26. WengerEagle

    Great tie, not the force that he once was but fitting that Ronaldo is the man that has yet again made the difference over the 2 legs. Real deserved winners.

    Special mention to Marcelo who’s been by far the best player on the pitch, amazing performance by IMO the best LB in world football.

  27. WengerEagle

    Even more impressive that Real Madrid have managed this without Bale and Pepe.

    They’re in much better shape for the post Ronaldo era than Barcelona are for post-Messi with Asensio, Isco, Kovacic, Vasquez, Morata, Varane all quite young.

  28. Paulinho

    Find this Madrid team deadly dull – and have done for a few years – but they’re solid and methodical.

  29. TR7

    Yes, referees got Madrid through. Instead of Vidal, Casemiero should have been sent off and it would have been a different ball game altogether.

  30. Carts

    Shocking how Ronaldo wasn’t flagged off-side

    Big ask for Bayern to get threw extra time level on goals.

    Was inevitable that Real would go on to exploit them further.

    Still think Jupp Heynckes’ Bayern were the best outfit. Under him, they would’ve fucked this Real side.

  31. Relieable Sauce

    UEFA and FIFA are opposed to technology because they could no longer get away with there match fixing. Such a bunch of crooks, I trust the Blatter replacement as far as I could throw him.

  32. Guernsey gun

    Good effort by Leicester knocked out 2 1 on aggregate by a quality team with real cl pedigree. Just sums up how outdated clueless is these days gets dicked 10 2 on aggregate and blames the ref.

  33. hal

    I’m sorry, but everyone on here agrees about 2 things (from what I’ve seen everyone post at least)

    1. KJW controls everything at the club including the board.

    2. Wenger has Silent Stan’s complete backing (at least until very recently) and a direct line to him.

    With these two facts in play, how is Ivan supposed to do his job properly with no power to change things or dictate policy outside of the commercial side?

    I’m not excusing him as he should have done more to persuade SK that things needed changing, but to hear some on here slate IG for being useless and in the exact same posts list why he has no chance to do anything is a ridiculous to say the least.

    Also, Pedro, I get that it’s frustrating having soo many question your opinion when you do have some more info than most on IG as you have actually sat down to talk to him a while back, but as your the moderator of this forum you need to be held to higher standards unfortunately so I think your comment was a bit over the top.

    I personally would love to know IG’s actual opinion on KJW and the state of things, but understand that to do so would probably mean he got fired or at least did permanent damage to his working relationship at the club. I say this purely because having heard him talk and the way he can slickly turn difficult questions into simple answers that don’t actually answer anything, he must be pretty intelligent at least.

    (Sorry for the length)

  34. Adam A. Carbarundum

    You are as hopeless as you are thick, Pedro. You seriously believe that Wenger ever listens to what Gazidis has to say, regardless of position? Get real! Even I wouldn’t listen to that can of plum tomatoes!

    Christ almighty but you are throwing yourself under the bus with your support of Gazidis. Hahahahahaha!!!

  35. salparadisenyc

    Marcelo has more fight in his pinky toe than Wenger’s new back 3 combined.

    Nice podcast Pedro, kept the spirit as a two man.

  36. China

    Uefa are a pretty disgusting organization

    The wet dreams they have of Spanish teams winning every match are nothing short of embarrassing because the refs aren’t good enough at fixing to be subtle about it

    Like when we were competitive (just the once) with Barca until halfway into the second leg and then they let about 3 fouls in a row go unpunished on RVP, 5 seconds later send him off for kicking the ball after the whistle


  37. China

    I don’t know if it’s more about match fixing or if it’s because Barca and Real are the poster children of the sport and they like the idea of them being the prime representatives in the latter stages of European competitions

    It’s kinda like with a handful of exceptions, Ryu, Ken or chun li tend to have at least one of them as top tier or very close to top tier in almost every iteration of street fighter. And where versions have beeen made where none of them were in or good enough, the next installment often involved at least one of them being added and being made pretty excessively good to boost their chances of being represented as tournament winning characters at big events

    Like in the street fighter 3 series, the first version didn’t have any of those 3 and the game bombed due to not being ‘familiar enough’. The second version added Ryu and Ken with Ryu being ridiculously overpowered. The third added Chun Li as by far the game’s best character and they also boosted ken to be top tier too

    This kind of posterboy protectionism might be what we’re seeing. Or some behind the scenes gambling ring involving uefa officials. Or maybe both!

  38. TonyD

    Sportsmail understands the Schalke defender, who will replace Nacho Monreal as the club’s first choice left back, will sign a four-year deal. And Kolasinac has agreed to join under the proviso that boss Wenger will remain at the helm.

    Seems the Mail has been glowing about our performance Monday as getting back on track.

    They (mail Sport) obviously want to be in Wenger’s good books for the Summer stories. It’s a time (summer) when there is very little news and the papers are all scrambling to get paper selling stories.


    If the guy wants Wenger as a manager as a condition to sign, then he’s the wrong guy for us. Anyway, he’ll be ruined by the New Year. Probably be played as a left wing because of Wenger’s visionary brilliance in changing players’ natural positions.

    Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/football/article-4422998/Arsenal-told-Sead-Kolasinac-Arsene-Wenger-STAY.html#ixzz4eeEfJolT
    Follow us: @MailOnline on Twitter | DailyMail on Facebook

  39. TonyD

    So the press since Monday night, Wenger’s message here is what?

    That players won’t come to Arsenal unless Wenger is manager?

    That Wenger has got the press in his pocket no matter what?

    His signing has been a done deal for months and IG and the board are just blowing smoke up our arses to keep us and the protests quiet?

    We are all insignificant and Wenger continues to laugh at us and our inferior knowledge of how to manage a football team?

    Wenger has already promised Stan more £millions saved from buying 2nd rate players in the summer?

    Let’s just hope the remaining matches continue to show Wenger’s inability to make Arsenal a truly winning team again against ALL opposition, not just low tier division and relegation sides.

  40. TonyD

    Very articulate of you James.

    Must be the prerequisite of being an AKB.

    Do you guys use the ostrich as your logo?

    Funny guy!

  41. JamesH

    Yeah mate, whatever. You dumb fuck can not read and understand my point without bringing it back to the Wenger argument.

    What can you tell me about Arsenal in the 80s ?

  42. JamesH

    Anyway keep up the good work Pedro. I’m in the States for a bit looking for Kronke as he’s the root of all the problems. Did you hear his son on that podcast ?

  43. TonyD

    I got your point James.

    The latest 70s and early 80s were much better than the last 13 years. Actually been supporting the gunners since 1965.

    I lived and worked in South East Asia having left the UK in 1999.

    But I’m not going to turn this blog into a pissing match with you, son. Don’t care how big your dick is or how long you’ve been a supporter.

    We all have our reasons for loving the club.

    I just want our club to have the right winning management team from top to bottom and players with the skill levels, leadership on the field and winning mentality to make us all proud again.

    That begins with Wenger leaving and an owner who understands and cares about the game/club’s history as much as making money.

    If you find Kroenke and solve the problem, let me know where to pay your bar tab.

  44. China

    People ‘cry for the germans’ because two key decisions (red card and offside goal) have robbed them of a realistic chance of winning and in spite of this they managed to hold out into extra time in Madrid before they came undone

    It’s not really surprising that people respect their effort and sympathize with them for getting so close but getting knocked out that way

    Did we get so close? We’re we robbed? We’ve lost 15-3 in our last 3 Bayern games. Who honestly gives a flying fuck about this or that goal or decision being bad for us? You can take away half those goals and we still shipped 7-8. And you wonder why we don’t have sympathy for Arsenal?

  45. Bamford10

    A few take-aways from the Madrid-Bayern match:
    1. Bayern may actually have been the better team, but hard to argue with how Madrid finished them off
    2. there should be a review of red cards in semis & finals
    3. there should be a review of goals in semis & finals (for offside, handball, etc.)
    4. both Vasquez & Asensio were excellent
    5. Marcelo was fantastic both ways

  46. China

    All goals and red cards should be reviewed

    Video tech takes seconds and how many goals and red cards are in the average game? Combined not usually more than 3 goals and usually no red cards. You’re adding 1min 30 seconds max to most games whilst stamping out a lot of shite decisions

    Seems legit to me at least

  47. JamesH

    Well Tony back to my original point.

    The German goal at Emirates was pure cheating. It has nothing to do with what anyone thinks of Wenger.

    In addition, the last two occasions we played them Robben was diving everywhere and getting players sent off.

    So I have no sympathy for them.

    That was my point. I’m tired of the Wenger debate. He should have gone latest in 2005.

  48. Elmo

    I don’t think it’s specifically Gazidis’ influence. Wenger is a politician.

    He’s seen in recent weeks how those on the centre ground are floating voters who have only recently shifted slightly to the Wenger Out side.

    So he’s now re-branding himself as a change candidate (with the unexpected 3-5-2) to bring those floating voters, who can be won back quite easily, back onside. He knows that by combining “who are you going to bring in who’s better” with “Arsene IS a change candidate” and enough of the mainstream are pacified from demanding a new manager.

  49. TonyD

    I understood your point, James. I’m not a fan of Robben’s theatric’s either.

    Sorry for the AKB/Ostrich insult but ‘sad tosser’ didn’t endear me to you either.

    Video technology next season, if rumours are true, should start to keep the game honest in the long run. Just hope it doesn’t kill the emotional excitement of the game.

    I think we are all fed up with Wenger Gate et al, but it’s a sad realisation that it needs momentum or He’ll be around for as long as He’s breathing.

    I long for the days when we can banter about the team, tactics, winning and near misses. Banter with other supporters when we meet them and generally enjoy the game again.

    And more movies like Fever Pitch and the matches that inspired the movie.

    John Cross is at it again after deriding Wenger’s chances of staying recently.


  50. TonyD

    Interesting point Elmo.

    As soon as I saw the 3-5-2 I knew Wenger’s game plan of “Change”. I’m sure it wasn’t lost on the masses, too.

    Even those now left of center except the AKB’s who probably wet themselves in preparation of their, ” We told you so”.

  51. TonyD

    Bringing in fresh faces would then meet the demand for a change in formation, given the new players can match new ideas and new styles that Arsenal are clearly in need of. Right now, it’s just damage limitation with hopes of a top four place still alive, barely, and Wenger trying to prove that he is capable of taking Arsenal back where they have been for two decades. Failure to do so will result in the Arsenal board finally making Wenger’s decision for him.


    Not a bad article except the 2 decades of insinuated success. My memory says only 7 years of success out of 2 decades.

  52. TonyD

    I guess to a shareholder and “4th is a trophy” people, it’s 2 decades of success.

    To the rest of us where winning leagues and European cups is what a football club is all about.

  53. Rambo Ramsey

    ‘Arsenal midfielder Jack Wilshere suffers more injury heartache as CT scan reveals he has broken his leg’

    I have ZERO sympathy. Find a new job and earn your money like the rest of us, you pathetic little shit.

  54. TonyD


    Where did the info come from about Liverpool buying Ox for £35million?

    Could do with more inside info you say you have access to.

    How about getting some of the posters here to be guest speakers via Skype or similar? Would make the pods more interesting and varied to just the usual 3 suspects.

  55. Pierre

    Rambo Ramsey
    “‘Arsenal midfielder Jack Wilshere suffers more injury heartache as CT scan reveals he has broken his leg
    I have ZERO sympathy. Find a new job and earn your money like the rest of us, you pathetic little shit.”
    Would you say the same about your namesake….taking into account that Ramsey has had his fair share of injuries..

  56. Pierre

    Good to hear many of Le grovellers at last talking about dodgy ref decisions……. Normally very quiet though when arsenal are on the wrong end of the decisions….. Strange that..
    I have always thought that the officials can influence a game very easily….
    It was reported in the media that arsenal would have won the prem last season if decisions had been fair…
    Also, over the last 8 years, out of teams in the top 6 , arsenal have conceded the most penalties and been awarded the fewest….. I can’t quite work out if the officials are anti arsenal or anti Wenger, probably the latter…..
    Maybe Pedro should bring up the subject about refs on his podcast as I think if you look at the facts and the stats it doesn’t look like we are being treated fairly…..

  57. China

    The reason people here don’t care about Arsenal’s poor ref decisions for the most part is because we are miles away from looking good enough anyway and should start worrying about ourselves rather than the refs

    It’s the easiest thing in the world to complain about refs but there’s nothing you can do about it as a club other than don’t make yourself an easy target.

    Look at Xhaka. Wenger complains that he gets targeted by refs. Maybe he does. That’s not fair. But rather than crying about that let’s address the issue of him being a shocking tackler, unnecessarily aggressive and often outright cynical. If you cut that shit out see how many red cards he gets then. It takes a proper howler for refs to send off players unprovoked (though it happens very occasionally). Likewise with penalties. We defend poor and give teams a chance to get into our box then have some dubious clashes and are shocked if it ends in a pen. Broadly speaking this is avoidable.

    Pierre please don’t think that last year we were good enough to win the league because we were absolutely pants. We just weren’t as pants as everyone else apart from Leicester

    Your stance is so widely swinging between we’re poor because of the manager who needs sacking – to we would’ve won the league if the refs were better. Like can you make your mind up if Arsenal are a deserving champion or a disappointing mediocrity because it doesn’t make sense to have it both ways

  58. China

    Also which media outlet (I’m sorry but untold are biased as hell and don’t count) has been accurately detailing every ref mistake for every team and compiling a ‘fair’ table?

    Loads of decisions are borderline and subjective in terms of interpretation, but untold and similarly one-sided morons like to act like everything anywhere near contentious is stonewall against Arsenal.

    Lastly if a decision happens most of the time we don’t know how things would’ve been different. We got fucked by the ref against Barca when rvp got red carded, no question about it. But to say we’d have won the tie with him on the pitch is both unknown and also unlikely.

    So to apply logic like this to every decision over a whole season is nonsense

  59. peanuts&monkeys

    Xhaka??? he he he. complete laughing stock. precise substitute of that Arteta joker. square-pass genius.

    with Xhaka, i haven’t seen him play just shade better when he is with his national team. clearly underscores how Wenger screws up players’ careers and makes them play like his fuck-all robots.

  60. China

    We also shouldn’t be whining too much about refs considering back in our glory days we benefitted from literally countless dives by Pires and to a lesser extent vieira and Gilberto who, despite being solid guys, loved to take a dramatic fall for the team

  61. Al

    As bad as some players have been and I want to see the back of them you can’t but notice a lot of these players perform in their international games.

    You see we have a poor set up and I would not be against giving everyone another chance under a new manager because it’s clear to see that Wenger has mismanaged so many players.

    What would an elite coach get out of xhaka, ozil, Ramsey, giroud, wilshere, OX etc because when you look at it deep down they are good players in my opinion who all have strengths that are not utilised.

  62. Rambo Ramsey


    ‘It was reported in the media that arsenal would have won the prem last season if decisions had been fair…
    Also, over the last 8 years, out of teams in the top 6 , arsenal have conceded the most penalties and been awarded the fewest….. I can’t quite work out if the officials are anti arsenal or anti Wenger, probably the latter…..’

    Yup, them referees gather together once a month in a secret location to discuss their hatred of Wenger, it is there that they devise evil schemes against Wenger, they are really jealous and exhibit xenophobia as well.

    I hear its a serious cult, there’s an initiation ceremony where they have to swear an oath and get ‘Hate Mental strength’ tattooed on their body, apparently they need to wear anti Wenger shirts to the meetings. All those Wenger out banners we’ve been seeing? They are the manufacturers

    It is their desperate and contorted efforts since 2005 that has stopped Wenger from achieving greatness.

  63. Pierre

    You say we were not good enough last season but it was the national newspapers who printed the piece that arsenal would have been champions but for wrong decisions ….
    I was just making the point that last night there were numerous comments about the bad decisions that influenced both ties which is fair enough but people should be honest on here when arsenal are continually on the end of them….

  64. Steveyg87

    “We also shouldn’t be whining too much about refs considering back in our glory days we benefitted from literally countless dives by Pires and to a lesser extent vieira and Gilberto who, despite being solid guys, loved to take a dramatic fall for the team”

    While I am all for fair play. We simply do not dabble with the dark arts enough

  65. China

    Pierre I totally agree and I’m all for honesty which is why I’m willing to criticize legends like bobby Patrick and Gilberto despite the fact they were glorious players who I pretty much worshipped back in the day

    Let’s all call a spade a spade. Sometimes decisions do go against us and sometimes those are costly.

    But like I said any table about correct decisions and points won/lost etc can’t be taken seriously regardless of if a newspaper publishes it. It’s too easy to pick holes in a table like that imo

    And you’re right these days we don’t complain about bad refs who fuck Arsenal for two main reasons – firstly half of us just want wenger to fuck off and if some stupid ref fucks us but it keeps heat on arsene then I think quite a few of us here won’t be upset

    And secondly we have sooooo many problems with our club that looking at this or that mistake from a ref and dwelling on it seems to be the wrong thing to do. When Eduardo broke his leg, before they equalized there was a foul on I think clichy or someone that wasn’t given and they scored. That goal was 90th mount roughly and fucked us. I was furious as that was 2 or 3 points we dropped in that game and momentum in the final few games lost. It was a critical fuck up and I was fuming.

    But now what difference does it really make? We don’t deserve anything if we’re honest. We aren’t playing well and most of the games we drop points we do so really poorly. So good or bad ref seems largely insignificant over the course of our season.

    Like someone here said Bayern scored a bs goal against us. Ok sure, but we conceded 14 others in the last 3 games. We’re fretting about the wrong thing if we’re worrying about stuff like this

  66. Wenker-wanger

    Good , informative and well reasoned post.
    Wenger changing a formation to give the idea he can change from a turd to a gold nugget….. Quite an almost clever psychological seed he has sown.
    But that’s what Wenger has always done…Master of spinning bullshit.

  67. Wenker-wanger

    I’ve always rated the ox very highly. His finishing needs to improve, but i would like to see him being more offensive.
    He is certainly good enough to play regularly in this arsenal team.
    Big up for Leicester, they didn’t disappoint, but the brilliant someone rolls on with his polished and hardworking athletico team.
    He is, for me the best and would love to see him transform arsenal on the field.
    The manager that prowls the touchline, like a hungry tiger……Whilst we see Mr blobby feebly animated and fumbling with his zipper.

  68. Wenker-wanger

    Just read more “untold” propaganda….
    Haha referees!
    That schoolboy, pathetic bleat!
    Refs decisions even themselves out or at least it’s going to be 49/51….
    Of course there are people that believe in astrology, luck and religious “magic” and even voodoo…
    For me, the job of a referee is made so difficult by simulation, speed of the game in general, quick decisions required with minimal visual assessment. To then theorise that refs will have the further “time” to formulate decisions that are biased, knowing the world is watching their performance ; actually beggars belief

  69. Red&White4life

    lol Bayern.

    I just hope that Juventus won’t have the same treatment from the refs tonight…
    But I fear the worst.
    Uefa do all they can, each year, to allow Real and Barcelona to go as far as possible…

  70. Bamford10

    Every team deals with bad refereeing decisions; Arsenal are not special in this regard, nor do we have more calls go against us than anyone else. Yes, occasionally a game turns on a bad call, but that is the nature of the game and every single team must contend with this. Only morons attribute their team’s results to refereeing decisions. Go to Untold if you want to hear that kind of nonsense.

  71. Bamford10

    Red & White

    So UEFA instruct referees to give an advantage to Barcelona & Madrid? Who communicates this, exactly, to all of the referees? When? How? How many people are involved in this little conspiracy?

    Sorry, I’m not buying it. Not plausible.

  72. Red&White4life

    @Bamford : the same mistakes from the refs – every seasons in the CL – in advantage of Barça & Real, but you must be blind…