Wenger fuels fake news | Josh Kroenke has wrists slapped in media

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I remember the days when being an Arsenal fan consisted of spending a whole summer tapping F5 on Newsnow in the hope one of the many swirling transfer rumours would come off. We used to go through the big hope, that was Wenger saying he was going to address the lack of top players… into the steady slide of, ‘I do not want to kill anyone’s career.’

Nowadays, I’m tapping F5 and going on the hunt to piece together a story that might suit the vision I have for the club. It’s ultimately a far more boring endeavour – but hold up, I may have found something.

So a few publications are stating that Arsene Wenger has shunned a suggestion that Thierry Henry join the backroom team this summer. The shun has come as Josh Kroenke – Thierry fanboy #1 – made a case that his presence could bring back a bit of sparkle to the club.

This sort of suggestion doesn’t really do it for me, I’m not sure how much stardust Thierry can bring. However, what I like is this… no one tells a trust fund kid no. Ditching a carefully crafted plan of a thirtysomethingwouldbebillionaire – who has probably spent all of 15minutes devising a plan – is a pretty big slap on the wrists for someone who isn’t used to that sort of dressing down. Also in these situations, it tends to be a slap for Stan Kroenke who might view this sort of senseless attack as an attack on himself.

Think Steve Bannon >>> Donald Trump here.

There’s a board meeting at the end of the month to discuss the future of Wenger, so I just want to help craft an agenda.


  • Fan violence beaming around the world
  • 7th position in the league
  • Humiliated in the CL for the 7th year in a row
  • World class players indicating they might not stay
  • Manager dissenting against CEO in press
  • Manager unwilling to change ways to advance knowledge and team performance
  • Spurs advancing past us on half our wage bill, with new stadium being built
  • Amusing internet meme poking fun at Arsene Wenger and his iron grip
  • Arsene was mean to Josh

With Stan present in the room, I’d love to hear how that meeting pans out. Is it actually a discussion, or do the board find out what Stan is thinking before the meeting before deciding whether to speak up? I mean, looking at the table now… weighing up that United, City, Leicester, and Spurs are all in great form… this really could be a horror show end to the season. Wenger has literally no get out of jail card. Let’s be fair here, the chances of Arsenal turning in a semi-final performance are slim to none.

Onto the game tonight, Arsene Wenger already kicked off Monday on a weak tone, stating his displeasure at Arsenal fan jeering Bellerin.

“Was the fans turning on Bellerín unfair? I think yes, as he is a guy who is genuinely Arsenal and wants to do well,”

“He is ready to play with pain and I think it is [unfair], yes.”

Someone needs to have a word with the journo who asked that question, because the jeering was totally debunked. That Arsene would start to make it about Bellerin is a massive joke in itself. He should take responsibility for the jeering himself. Always deflecting.

Wenger also went on a fan unity ramble, totally ignoring the reason the fans are upset and actually fairly united on the front of wanting him out of the club.

This evening’s game is going to be interesting. Boro’ are in full blown relegation form. Their defensive record is pretty impressive this season, they’ve actually conceded less goals than Arsenal. However, their major problem has been going forward. They’re so contrained by defensive duties, they have no ability to break moving forward. There haven’t been many upsets of late, United and City have both beaten them with relative ease, even Hull routed them.

However, this is Arsenal, it’s a Monday night up north, and the players have downed tools.

Anything is possible.

Right, I’ll see you a bit later on. Have a marvelous day!

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362 Responses to “Wenger fuels fake news | Josh Kroenke has wrists slapped in media”

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  1. steve

    This Traore guy is fucking shit. Did he do anything right since coming on? Terrible results in terms of getting that despicable cunt out of the club.

  2. Rambo Ramsey

    Cheer up lads, think of our midfield next season- Ozil will be gone and Wilshere marauded as the new signing.

    Xhaka, Ramsey, Wilshere–So exciting.

  3. Relieable Sauce

    If Pep is such a student of the game, he should never lose to Wenger again – if winning is important to his philosophy. Easy 6 points in a very competitive league, with a grueling schedule. He needs to master the art of rotation and motivation, and tbf only one manager has been able to pull that off.
    Looking forward to see how the new boys manage it next season.

    Sad AKB on 5 live now, sounding like a real tragic individual.

  4. Elmo

    Holding cost a couple of million quid.

    He looks a more composed character and a better prospect than the £30m+ Mustafi.

  5. Ishola70

    lol are some Arsene fans polishing this result?

    Whatever formation was used beating Middlesbrough should have been seen as achievable however shitty the team has been lately.

    The question is: Is Wenger going to continue with the back three with Holding in there for the rest of the season?

    It’s not going to work out to anything really significant in the long run because Arsenal do not have a quality box to box midfielder and also a coach has to have real belief and desire in a system. Wenger doesn’t have real belief and desire to play back three. He is using it under duress and under pressure in what he sees as exceptional circumstances to get results now. And if you do not have that desire and belief in what you are trying to do then you ultimately fail. The back three will work for Arsenal significantly when the club get in a coach that really wants to play back three.

    But this change up might see some improvement in the short term. Maybe. But as said the midfield is a real worry. It’s not good.

  6. Ishola70

    And conceding a goal against goal shy relegation candidates using this back three is not the best advert that it is going to really shore up the defensive side is it.

  7. Ces1ne

    Michael 16:43:36
    “Kroenke does not give a fuck about results. He has no interest in what happens on the field. He probably thinks Tottenham Hotspur is something picked up from lavatory seats.”

    Tottenham Hotspur IS something nasty picked up from (or left on) lavatory seats tho……..bad analogy Mike 😉

  8. TheBlaster

    It’s funny. Was reading a match review which mentioned Sanchez getting us out of jail again. Can anyone remember whether the articles were phrased like that on the many occasions when we played pretty badly and Thierry for us out of jail? It was a long time ago and I can’t remember, but I do remember many many jailbreaks.

  9. Samir

    Wenger basically confirmed he’s staying tonight:
    “The first time in 20 years. That shows that even at my age you can change”. – Wenger on going 3 at the back.

    He is 100% staying.

  10. Wenker-wanger

    Slimey cnut, plays 3 at the back against a really crap team and will announce that these are changes that will herald the start of a new era with him in charge.
    Boro are so bad, they will stay down for a few seasons at least.

  11. Bamford10


    You mean he wants to stay. Whether it is feasible for him to stay will depend on what happens in the remaining games. One win against relegation fodder is meaningless. If we get bounced out of the FAC — a near certainty — and finish 6th or 7th — also likely — the protests and calls for his head will be deafening.

    He can only stay if it is feasible — PR-wise, brand-wise — for him to stay. Fans must make it infeasible, and results will have to help in this regard too. I think they will.

  12. Red&White4life

    “The first time in 20 years…”
    When KJW look at himself in the mirror, he sees… nothing.
    Hes a fucking vampire.

  13. Red&White4life

    And thats probably why his wife left him, she didnt wanted to live with such an horrible creature lol

  14. David Smith

    Change, maybe, but not the most stable three at the back I have ever seen. I doubt of they were coaches in that formation at all looking at that, city will cause serious problems on that performance
    Was that change down to player power, or proving a point to the board?
    Whatever it was, Wenger might promise something, but always reverts to type.

  15. RJM

    How do you wish your team loses a semi-final? And then God forbid an FA Cup Final!!
    Sure to lose anyway but you know Wenger…..
    Plays 3 at back against City expect Gabriel and Holding to be badly exposed by pace of Sane and Stirling.
    Last season he turned us all into Leicester fans….OK but being a Chelsea fan makes me fucking sick!
    Go on Chelsea, do The Double. (cunts)
    I fucking hate Wenger!

  16. Samir

    You’re right, that SHOULD be the case. And I pray it is the case, but I think we all know deep down that isn’t the way this extremely weak Arsenal board operate.

    It is more than likely Wenger will be here next season no matter how we finish this season.

  17. Marko

    Apparently the first time since 97 that he’s played 3 at the back or not a back 4 and his apologists will use this game as an example that he’s capable of change. Yeah fuck that

  18. Relieable Sauce

    There was talk of Gabriel Jesus maybe coming back for the cup, City have far too much for us in a one off game, even if they do gift us a goal or two.
    Obviously there are plenty of fans who aren’t feeling at all confident either, if there are tickets still available.

    Pep needs to show he can give Man City the ruthless streak they so desperately need and batter Wenger this weekend.

  19. China

    We got the beat relegation fodder trophy and also the change formation just to make a point trophy

    Add those to the top 6 trophy and we’re tre winners guys


  20. China

    For wenger to go 3 at the back this is a pointless arbitrary move from him because we all know he’s not doing it because he thinks it’s tactically the best

    Much the same way he changed from 442 to 433, it wasn’t about his grand plans or tactics, he just saw Barca do it long enough and copied it.

    Never mind if it’s the right formation for the opponents we face. Never mind if we have the right players for the system. Just copy someone else. Done.

  21. Dissenter

    City fans aren’t amongs the wealthiest of English fans. I’ve never seen more whinny fans about money. That like the glitz but won’t pay for the cost,
    That don’t even fill their expanded capacity stadium for home games.

  22. Emiratesstroller

    Yesterday’s game highlighted everything that is wrong at the club despite material changes introduced in club formation.

    Middlesborough are in reality one of the two weakest teams in the EPL with the lowest ‘goalscoring’ record. Yet they still managed to cause us problems.

    DEFENCE. It is demonstrably obvious that there is little leadership or communication in our backline. Also we are constantly beaten in the air. That has been apparent in most recent games against WBA and Crystal Palace. Gabriel
    for me is a shocking player.

    MIDFIELD. I think that since the absence of Cazorla through injury in October the midfield options at Arsenal are possibly the weakest in last 20 years.
    We lack a genuine playmaker and our team is defensively very poor and far
    too easily bullied.

    ATTACK. We need now a striker who can finish. Giroud is lacking in mobility
    and Welbeck has limited goalscoring ability.

    The club needs a major rebuild both on and off the field and that must not be
    handled by Wenger. Someone within the hierarchy whether it is Kroenke or
    Gazidis needs to make that decision whilst the club has still got the financial
    means to turn things around.

  23. grooveydaddy


    ‘needs to make that decision whilst the club has still got the financial
    means to turn things around.’

    Most important part of your post.

    Otherwise it will take years to undo this mess…

  24. jasongms

    Just watched the replay, the team looks just as disorganised as ever… Point is, it doesn’t matter what system he uses, he is tactically inept

    That midfield performance was fking dire

  25. TonyD

    Well Wenger reinvented himself last night with 3 at the back , which was what? Since 10 years ago?

    Midfield was as awful as ever against a seriously bad relegation headed team.

    Any mid table or above team would have won comfortably.

    Actually turned the game off after our 2nd goal. No way opposition that bad was going to get an equalizer.

    Can’t wait for the next thrilling installment.

    The results should speak for themselves by the end of the month, but no doubt Wenger will use another of his BS na d get the nod.

    However, I can’t help thinking he’ll be gone by Xmas.

    Best present we could hope for.

    Better than winning the lottery nest pas?

  26. Guernsey gun

    Wenger is fooling no one with the ive reinvented myself bullshit. Stubborn old men don’t suddenly wake up and admit they’ve been wrong for a decade, it’s disrespectful disingenuous bollox. If IG is trying to hollow out wenger by destroying parts of his regime then I’m for it but for me it needs to happen now in no way must clueless oversee the summer.

  27. Ishola70

    There’s gonna be a revolution now under Wenger oh yeah.

    What a load of bollox. He’ll ditch it quick time. He has no ong term intention to play more defensively responsible football.

    As someone else said a slimey move to dupe the silly fans again.

  28. Wenker-wanger

    Beating boro was a desperate mouthful of blood that gives a bit of life back to the sickening vampire creature that refuses to disappear.
    We as passionate lifelong gooners want us to lose every game, so that this nasty creature is denied his lifeblood and expires.
    Boro was easy meat, a limp lump of flesh for the vampire to gorge on.

  29. Steveyg87

    A case of too little too late for Wenger, when i saw the 3-5-2 line up I thought that wtf is happening here? looking at it from a neutral point of view, if Wenger tried a bit more of this when he still had some grace left with the fans, then maybe this situation wouldn’t be as bad as it is now. The fact that he is changing formation though, only leads me to believe that some one, for the first time since he’s joined Arsenal. is putting extra pressure on him, but still


  30. Carts

    “We’ve 57 points from 31.
    Last season we had 58 from 31.”

    Proof that the other teams are improving while we’re not

  31. Emiratesstroller

    What tells you everything that you need to know about Arsenal’s current management is our wage and transfer policy.

    We allow contracts in “bulk” to run down until their final year more often including our best players e.g. Sanchez and Ozil, which means that the players and their agents have us over a barrel.

    Conversely the club renew the contracts of Messrs Mertesacker and Cazorla.
    The former has not played a single game this season and Cazorla not a single
    game since October.

    This is exactly the same procedure as with Arteta and Rosicky last year. There
    might have been a reasonable argument with Arteta if they had agreed to keep
    him as a coach, but he chose to move on to work under Guardiola at Man City.

    That tells you everything you need to know about so-called respect and loyalty
    that players now have for Arsenal and our manager.

  32. Jim Lahey

    @ES –

    “Conversely the club renew the contracts of Messrs Mertesacker and Cazorla.
    The former has not played a single game this season and Cazorla not a single
    game since October.”

    You seem to be in a rush to get rid of the best footballer at the club

  33. Emiratesstroller

    Jim Lahey

    The point I am making is that you “prioritise” contract negotiations where there is the greatest risk of “losing” transfer value.

    We have now run down the contracts to one year in the case of at least 6 players who should be in their prime i.e. Sanchez, Ozil, Szczesny,Wilshire, Ox and Gibbs.

    That is a huge hole to fill in our squad and will cost us a huge amount of money if we have to replace them.

    Cazorla may be a superb player, but that is only applicable if he “plays”. In last
    2 years he has become injury prone as is also the case with Mertesacker.

    Spending almost £10 million on keeping these two players on the books when
    money can be allocated to other contracts or new players seems to me to be
    more realistic and should be the priority.

  34. TR7

    ES was calling for Cazorla’s head even when he was fit only to realize later in his absence how important he is to our team. Even at his age he shits all over the likes of Ramsey and Xhaka. As I have always said he is our most important player along side Alexis Sanchez. If he returns back from his injury, I expect him to continue playing well for another 2 years. His game is based on craft and guile, not too much on fitness. If Xabi Alonso can still be an important cog in a team as good as Bayern Munich, why can’t we continue with Santi when the team is full of below par midfielders.

  35. Ishola70

    Cazorla would still need a good all round midfielder next to him though to see the team as a whole elevate and that isn’t Xhaka.

    Cazorla was around when Arsenal were having mares in the past though of course he is an improvement on what is currently available.