Wenger publicly admits Ivan G is meddling | The reality of mega wages and morale

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Welcome to the Sunday edition, on the eve of a super exciting trip to Boro.’

So what do we have on today? Well, it looks like the Ivan G power play is starting to slip into the mainstream, and I’m enjoying it even if it does mean Wenger will still stay on beyond his tenure.

Sir Wenger lashed out when asked about structure changes.

‘No. It’s always difficult. We spend a lot of time to focus on things that are superficial – but don’t take care of the essential.’

‘The essential in football is good players on the football pitch, that’s what we have to take care of’

That’s quite an incredible response to a totally fair suggestion. What is essential in football is good players, no doubt about it, that’s absolutely essential. That’s what a sporting director does, that’s what Arsene has been doing very badly over the last few season. So the SD can take care of the essentials. I’m pretty sure a good SD would have favoured Kante over Xhaka, and explained the difference between the two. I’m pretty sure a good SD would have looked at Idrissa Gueye as a second option if a destroyer was on the agenda.

Anyway, point is, an SD would only be superficial at Arsenal because Arsene would try and ignore him. However, if you do bring in a name, give him authority over transfers, allow them to rebuild the coaching staff (firing 5 underperformers in the process) which doubles up as a refresh for more modern thinking, as well as an attack on the power structure. Thierry pointed out something I’ve been hammering home on the podcast… players have no reason to come to Arsenal at the moment, because as a base requirement, players want to improve. Wenger is doing the opposite now and it’s impacting the players who want to join us. We’re going from M’Bappe, to Jordan Pickford. Names that just want more money.

An SD can bring in names that are higher quality – and here’s the thing – part of a larger vision of the sort of football the club want to play.  Wenger doesn’t sign players as part of a bigger strategic vision. He just buys the names he likes. He doesn’t buy a player who will in 2 years replace Santi. He doesn’t think about the sort of experience he needs now. He doesn’t bank on older players giving him less games. He doesn’t think about leaders. He doesn’t think about the physicality he needs to succeed. An SD can take care of that, whilst also acting as a filter for bringing in the best technologies, the most innovative staff, and overall just making the managers job about game day.

There was talk of Marc Overmars the other day, and I initially brushed it off as boring. I had in my head he’d be part of the system and come in as a paid yes man. Well, upon further research (I mean, one article), it appears that he, along with Edwin VDS, has played a huge role in transforming Ajax into a club that might make the semi finals of the Europa League this season. Marc Overmars playing a pivotal role as the man pulling the strings with the players. Robert Pires feels like a disaster waiting to happen, because he has nothing to fall back on to fight Wenger. At least Marc Overmars has experience. I’d still prefer that a club of our stature go for the best, but if you believe in layering the Marble Halls with football knowledge and heritage, then he’d be a very interesting option.

Anyway, back to the chipping away at Wenger… that story is obviously irking him. But the snippet about wages is also telling. This is Wenger on Sanchez:

“You have many different opinions. Some people tell me: ‘Just give him what he wants.’ But then you cannot respect anymore any wage structure and you put the club in trouble as well. You have to make the decision in an objective way. The club always has to be the priority. I understand top players are a big priority but, even for important players, you can only pay as much as you can afford.”

Read into the above as this: ‘If it’s more money than me, then it’s not happening.’ What really rankles me about this sort of chat is Wenger is all about the wage structure until it involves his greedy pay packet. Literally, the man pleading poverty through the stadium move, only to reveal he didn’t need a bonus because he was pocketing 10% of the total wage budget as a top 3 in the world manager. Market rate only works for him… because he asks 100% above it and lands it.

I digress, later transcripts had him down as saying this on talk of a potential £300k a week contract for Alexis.

‘First of all I cannot confirm that we have offered that. Secondly we will do as we always do, we will consider our financial potential to sustain the wages for the whole squad.’

Now, we can all read into this because it’s a narrative we like, but it’s great that Wenger doesn’t know what’s going on with the wages. Firstly, because that’s none of his fucking business. Secondly, here’s the thing, if Ivan has done a bit of a research and spoken to people who work with players who earn big wages, he’ll learn this:

It doesn’t matter. It really doesn’t matter. The best players want to come into work every day with the best talent in the world. It makes them better, it gives them more opportunity to win things and it’s a massive boost to them because it says something about where you’re plying your trade.

Wenger just makes up this destabilisation comment. Sure, some might grumble, but who at Arsenal would have the temerity to ask for more? It’s already on record that we pay the average players too much. If Theo comes in and demands £300k a week, tell him to leave immediately, and find the club will to offer it. Won’t happen.

This is a prime example of Wenger making you believe something because it suits him. If disproportionate wages were a problem, then how come the biggest clubs in the world with the biggest wage disparities always seem to win things? I tell you what’s been a bigger issue over the years, a socialist wage structure that hasn’t allowed us to keep the best players. While Fergie was keeping squad players like John O’Shea going on £20k a week, for the honor of being average at a club winning things, we were dropping £52k a week on Nik B and $65k a week on Diaby. Tell me that’s good for morale as Cesc walks out the door?

The biggest drain on any elite organsiation is propping up average. That’s something Wenger has done for years. That’s why we are where we are.

If Ivan is taking things into his own hands, good for him. Let’s hope some of the other decisions that are happening are down to him as well.

I’ll talk more on that tomorrow. See you in the comments, listen to the damn podcast.

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  1. SpanishDave

    So we come 7th which is looking likely each week and we reward Wenger with a new contract.
    Absolutely insane

  2. Guns of Hackney


    Why won’t it happen? You may not want it to happen but it could. Spurs are the form team and Chelsea have just been handed their bums on a plate.

    I’ll take a Spurs title or fa cup win if it pushes Wenger closer to the cliff face.

  3. ADKB


    Oh no! Never in this world or even the next! Diaby kept on the books for going to the treatment room every day for years. Sanogo still on the books… The “English core” (how this mind-boggling phrase can even be whispered at Arsenal still baffles me) earning so much no other club wants them. Wilshere’s being found out at Bournemouth – 22 starts, 0 goals, 2 assists.

    It’s the overpaid ones who can’t make it at other top clubs on their current wages that are most vocal about Wenger staying on.

  4. Joe

    I’ll take a Spurs title or fa cup win if it pushes Wenger closer to the cliff face.

    As will i guns.

    I just don’t chelsea will blow it

    I think spuddies will challenge till
    The end but chavs will nick it

  5. Joe

    Wenker-wangerApril 16, 2017 16:51:16
    You know you are a mature fan when you can take the inferiority complexed spuds rejoicing getting above us in the league and just nod and sarcastically smile and say “well done, at last”

    Well said. Even Madrid fans applaud Barca at times when deserved.

    Thank god for real gooners like …. 🙂

  6. PhD07

    Somewhat jumping into the argument here,about Lazidis..
    I’m with Dissenter here..

    My argument is of the following,that i tried to post a week ago…

    Lastly on Gazidis..Sorry Pedro,don’t buy that argument of why would he leave a 2.6 million job malarkey.

    He has done absolutely nothing since his tenure,to justify his wages.Other than hide behind Arsene and make grandiose pronouncements which at the end of the day amount to nothing.

    Sound bites such as an” Escalation in financial power” & “Catalyst for change”,doesn’t really bring about EPL Titles/CL Titles or progression of some sorts.

    We are still treading water for the best part of 13 years.

    If Gazidis was a man of integrity,he would no longer tolerate being constantly undermined by Arsene.It’s about integrity.

    Any man worth his salt,and is supremely good at his job,would have had other companies trying to secure his services for far more than his 2.6 million salary.

    He would be actively headhunted by the best of the best clubs in the business to secure his talents.

    Didn’t Man City go out of their to way to secure the services of Soriano from Barca?

    You could pose the same question in his position.Why would he leave Barca- a successful club to go to Man City?Because he wants to prove himself and has talent.

    In any respective business,at that level especially,companies and headhunters know the value of truly talented individuals.They would push the boat out to secure such talents.

    In short,one doesn’t wait almost a decade and some,in the vain hope that the manager who perpetually undermines his authority will eventually leave,thus hoping to step in and push the club forward.

    Unheard of.The type of person that tolerates such undermining,is in essence an enabler and a willing participant/consort in the machinations of the club.

    If he was truly talented he could secure/command a far higher salary elsewhere and then we would be able to see what he truly brings to the table.
    As opposed to dealing with smokescreens and mirrors ,along with empty soundbites at Arsene FC.

    Ambitious players want to play for the best clubs that match their ambition.
    Why should CEO’s be any different.Unless one is not so ambitious.

    On that note-I’ll leave you with a quote on integrity:

    “The supreme quality for leadership is unquestionably integrity.Without it, no real success is possible,no matter whether it is on a section g.a.n.g, a football field,in an army, or in an office”-Dwight D.Eisenhower

  7. Guns of Hackney

    scorched earth policy

    If you are unfamiliar with it, look it up. You’ll be surprised just how similar it is to what Wenger is perpetrating at Arsenal.

  8. Pedro

    PHD, again you don’t get it… the club is split in two.

    Footballing side > Wenger

    Everything else > Ivan.

    If you don’t understand those basics, you can’t have an opinion on it.

  9. Pedro

    Redtruth, would it get you out from behind your computer? You live in North London, you should share some of your activism with us so we know you’re there, practicing what you preach.

  10. David Smith

    Maybe Gazidis is siezing his moment? He is clearly pissing off Wenger, and Stan hasn’t ….so far either bought him to heel, or fired him. Maybe, either Stan doesn’t care, or Ivan now has it in his own hands, could be good night Wenger if that’s the case. Hell, even Josh K seems to be briefing against Wenger ….he hasn’t been grounded yet.
    Either way, surely it is now impossible for Wenger to continue as if nothing has happened.
    Heard that when things go badly wrong…..Munich, West Brom……instead of having them on the training pitch next day, Wenger now gives them two or three days off when he can….as opposed to actually sorting out defending. This, and making theo captain…..perhaps a scorched earth policy from a bitter manager who cannot accept the end?
    Mark my words,,this will get nasty, the club seems to be tearing itself apart, if Ivan really is taking it on, good luck to him

  11. PhD07

    And the flipside of that argument is why would Arsene leave a job that pays him 10 million odd pounds per year(100 million plus over the last 10 years),cede power-given that he has accumulated a lot of unprecedented power(complete autonomy), is only answerable to silent stan and achieves the unofficial KPI’s,without winning a major trophy in 13 years?

    Ivan has a long waiting game,if you ask me..Constantly being undermined by his supposed employee”Monsieur Wenger”, in public.

    If I were in his position,and knew my true worth after 7 years of being continuously obstructed and undermined by my supposed subordinate-I’d get my agent on the phone to get me a club that would allow me to showcase my talents as CEO,reward me handsomely for my time and inconvenience at Arsenal.
    I’m sure I’ll have a queue at my doorstop,asking me to name my price…

    Pure and simple..

    What would you do?
    Hide behind a convenient curtain,masking your pseudo talents??
    Or show to the world,what you are truly made of and what you stand for?And prove it..??!!

    Everything at Arsenal is all talk..
    From the board,to the management,to the players,to the fans..

    Why is Ivan any different?

    All cut from the same fabric..

    As they say,”birds of a feather flock together.”


  12. Relieable Sauce

    If Ivan is actively seeking meaningful change surely he would would have a better strategy than the one he supposedly has employed. ie – Arsene Wenger…”Catalyst for Change!”.
    Don’t buy it personally.

    Why wouldn’t he swiftly shift into top gear with his grand plan, now that he has a mandate from the – oh so fickle fans(78% don’t want him to resign) – and move us toward the Bayern Munich model ?!

    So then who is the manager IG has chosen to fill OGL boots ? …He must have a target right…?? …I mean he must do…if he has a plan that is…obviously someone that isn’t “available” NOW but could be in a year or two(or three, or four, or five…) I wonder…must be a super quality guy, real hot property…

    : /

  13. Mick Kartun

    Ivan said arsene is accountable to the fans.

    How can you expect him to grow a pair when you have the weakest local fanbase?

    David’s right, he is waiting for the moment, especially with this spuds chance to ein the league yo wake the silent library fans to riot which i doubt.

  14. PhD07

    Anyway on a slightly different note..Took in the Barca vs Real Sociedad game last night.Great game..

    Today’s Manure vs Chelsea was a good game..

    Mourinho certainly set out his stall,to harass Chelsea,spoil the game and neutralise Hazard.

    Thoroughly entertaining games..

    It’s so refreshing to watch football as a neutral,without giving one jot about Arsenal.

    Breath of fresh air,if you ask me..

  15. Dissenter

    I just saw tha latest stream of the players in training.
    Dubuchy and Jenkinson are still training with the squad. What a joke of a manager. A proper manager would have sent Jenks to train with the under-15s after he declined moving to Palace. He cost the club 5 million +.

  16. rollen

    Alex, it looks like that’s about to change… a few more horrible spankings through the death spiral and he’ll have all the leverage to force Wenger into accepting new terms. Wenger will literally throw anyone under the bus to land that new contract.

    lol Pedro, if Wenger stay even with all other personnel replaced and DoF he will just ignore anyone and continue like before. It will be pointless.

  17. tippitappi

    It will be absolutely pointless changing anything at the club if the main core of the problem is not removed you paint over rotten wood it remains rotten wenger is a cancer that has to be removed more to, what’s worse than the yids finishing above us is that they will have got nearer to he championship this season than us for about 12 fucking years

  18. rollen

    We can only judge Ivan when Wenger is gone.
    At the moment his CEO title is just empty title.
    Wenger is his superior at the moment period.

  19. S.Asoa

    ManU adopted man to man of Hazard and Costa to extreme with Herera and Rojo sticking. Then they chased every ball , giving Chelsea no time so there were miss passes galore . The solution was to ow things down Chelsea did very late with Cesc .
    Earlier speeds were acbived by avoiding their deadly lamppost Zlatan .

  20. David Smith

    Ivan deserves a chance, if he fails, bullshits, or does not live up to,what he appears to be saying, then he goes into the firing line.
    But there is just a chance he wants what we do…he hasn’t exactly uttered much support for Wenger recently, quite the opposite. .and if he does want change, he is best placed to go about it…….time will tell.
    If Wenger stays, and refuses to change anything, I would imagine Ivan will move on, the club will tear itself apart, implode to the degree Stan may even think about selling
    But if Wenger had the influence of Stan he has had in the past , Ivan would be fired by now. Maybe there is a rethink going on.
    Those who allow themselves to are seeing Wenger for what he really has become, tragic, deluded, selfish, power hungry, ego driven, resistant to change…..all the things that should have him removed, it also looks to me like he knows he is going, and he is taking as much of the club as he can down with him in his fury….theo as captain is beyond a piss take, it is him saying go along with my demands, or I can do damage. In any other business….or club., he would be escorted out, like Dein was.
    If stan keeps him under these conditions, it will take us ten years plus to recover, Wenger won’t last that long, anger will be directed at others by then

  21. Joe

    It would be poetic justice for the WOBs if spuddies win the league and/or double

    We have been warning the akbs and fence sitters for years

    “Careful what you wish for they said ”
    “Who can replace him they said”

    Reap what you sow wenger apologists

    This is your fault as much as it wenger’s.

    Especially the ones who sang “one arsene
    Wenger” at last years protests and continue to do so today

  22. Joe


    I agree. Ivan deserves a chance after wenger leaves.
    As does Kronke. They won’t have much of a leash but they deserve a chance.

  23. Steveyg87

    Majority on here seem to be optimistic of Wengers departure. Dont get ya hopes up just yet. U never know with that cokaroach

  24. David Smith

    At best , Wengers departure, at worst….hopefully, him accountable, severely weakened, under manners, without his merry men to prop him up, and with a DOF to oversee things when he does leave.
    Just hope other things have taken Stan off the ball when it comes to unconditionally backing Wenger.

  25. Ashley

    Joe’s back ! Wondered what happened to you …. remember the argument we had a while back about myself and other supporters being happy when we won ?? Well guess what , I fucking pray to all the gods we lose all our remaining games so we can get rid of that weird old man !!

  26. Shaun Wilson

    Two factors that brutally consign us to a lingering decent into mediocrity : a) Kroeke does not understand or care about football and is unconditionally supportive of Wenger. b) Wenger is suffering some late life crisis that has estranged him from his partner and, basically, reality. He now is a superannuated bed blocker. Nothing but stasis will result from these variables, however fascinating they are from an anthropological perspective…

  27. Joe


    There were a lot of things I was right about and that I was absolutely slaughtered for on here

    We would be 10 points back by end of December

    Best we will finish is 6th.

    When were scraping by bottom of the table teams in oct and nov that we were playing shit and wenger’s luck would run out.

    Why can’t you just enjoy it I kept hearing

    Well this is why. Because I fucking knew the season would end up like this. Wenger was riding his luck all through fall. I told you all the season ended when we lost to Everton and man city.

    And my prediction here and now for next season if wenger is here. We will be 15th place by end of December. No matter what the changes are off the field.

    If wenger stays , then we haven’t hit rock bottom yet

  28. Joe

    Trust me.

    Nothing changes with wenger in charge no matter who gazidis brings in. No matter what players a new DOF brings in.

    Wenger in charge of the football will make sure results stay the same.

    Having overmars or the Dortmund DOF won’t change other teams figuring out wenger’s tactics or lack of. Won’t change his mentality or that of his players. Wenger’s prep skills won’t change. Wenger’s lack of
    Motivational skills.

  29. RJM

    Yes quite right don’t care who comes in, it will change nothing. As said, this will not change the team selections, preparatiions, tactics or attitudes.
    Only chink of light…. there’s teeth in these rumours and the board stick to their guns on restructure and SD position or whatever. This will mean Wenger might leave. He has made clear in past he will never accept interference on playing side.

  30. Joe

    Another from twitter:

    1: First Season
    2: Third Season
    3: Second Season
    4: First Season
    5: First Season
    6: First Season
    7: Be Careful What You Wish For

  31. David Smith

    Hopefully, if the board stick to their guns, appoint a powerful DOF, get rid of underperforming backroom staff. Would wenger sell his mates out to survive, of course he would, but would he work for a football person above him, doubt it….this has to be Ivan’s trump card., if Ivan means it. Bring in overmars, monchi, zorc, dork or mork, and tell Wenger he reports to him, end of, he would walk.
    I am sure the offer that has been there since the autumn had its caveats, DOF and getting rid of dinosaur coaches being amongst them. Wenger, being the deluded optimist ,hoped things would go well and improve his negotiating position. Well…..guess what Arsene…..it’s gone to shit! You don’t have a negotiating position unless the owner decides to kill the club for the foreseeable.

  32. TitsMcGee

    Great for us that UTD won. Chelsea making it interesting down the stretch but will still win it.

    6 points behind UTD.

    No room for Wenger error in coming weeks.

  33. rollen

    It would be poetic justice for the WOBs if spuddies win the league and/or double

    We have been warning the akbs and fence sitters for years

    “Careful what you wish for they said ”
    “Who can replace him they said”

    Reap what you sow wenger apologists

    This is your fault as much as it wenger’s.

    Especially the ones who sang “one arsene
    Wenger” at last years protests and continue to do so today


    many on here owes Joe big apology – you know who you are

  34. Joe


    How do you reckon our end of season goes

    Boro. Draw or a laboured win for us
    City. Loss
    Leicester. Draw
    Spuds. Loss
    Man U. Loss
    Shamtpon. Draw/win.
    Stoke. Draw/loss
    Sunderland. Win
    Everton. Draw/loss.

  35. Joe

    Think Tottenham’s schedule leaves them too much to do to win the league

    Man U.
    West ham

    Chelsea have

    A little bit easier for Chelsea

  36. Ashley


    You were spot on , I didn’t buy into what you were preaching because our luck was hiding a lot of flaws , but we are as exposed as we’re ever going to be right now and I firmly agree with you

  37. Stuart

    Anyone else see a conenction between North Korea’s nuclear missile testing and Arsenal under Wenger? All propaganda hype and just predictable humiliation in front of the world. Wenger must fall.

  38. David Smith

    Stuart, except Kim Jong Un can probably drill a defence and counter a pressing game better than Wenger, even if the North Korean is slightly less dictatorial

  39. Red&White4life

    “Real Madrid forward Karim Benzema could replace Alexis Sanchez at Arsenal next season, if the Chile international leaves the Emirates in the summer.”

    That kind of shitty rumour tells you all you need to know about the total joke that the KJW FC has become.

  40. David Smith

    Yes, Benzema is going to take a pay cut to join a non CL team.
    Heard adebayor could be available though, even RVP

  41. Joe


    Wenger is ready to unleash “like a new signing” sanago. Overmars even watched him At Ajax and agrees with wenger he is a £50m pound player. Ready to replace Sanchez

  42. David Smith

    Nothing Wenger does could surprise me any more. A man who played sanogo against BM. Although, I was there when sanogo got a few goals in the Emirates cup….one for the player to treasure, wengers patronage is not his fault, and he did help change things in a cup final to be fair. BUT…..
    We all know Wonga is incompetent, but cannot help wondering if there is some scorched earth policy going on as well. Ivan’s recent remarks will have pissed him off.
    We are out of the top four, if we lose to city in the semi, and we will, heavily, Wenger should be escorted out before he does any more damage to the club…..and himself.

  43. Joe

    Isn’t it great though. Wenger has probably been waiting since December to announce he is staying for 2 years and has had not once chance. I love that his ivory tower is crumbling and he can’t do anything about it

    Now it has probably been pulled

    Supposedly Arsenal have been calling ST holders on Easter Sunday and asking why they haven’t renewed or if they want to upgrade to club. Most people giving the answer that wenger is the issue and wanting him out.

    If he does sign. It will be great as well because next season will be so bad his legacy will so far blown(more than now even) even the most ardent apologist will despise him.

    GG was fired for less than wenger has done

  44. Joe

    Meaning wenger has spent a shit tonne more resources. Makes a shit ton more and the performces in the last decade are a lot worse than GG ever done.

    GG is definitely held in higher regard in the Arsenal’s best manager list for me

  45. Elmo

    Notice how KJW has steadfastly maintained for months that his contract situation was not impacting the mentality of the players.

    Isn’t it a surprise then how when he’s now asked about whether it might be affecting Ozil’s form and willingness to sign a new contract he responds by saying, “I don’t know. It can sometimes.”

    He will literally say anything, however incoherent in light of his previous statements, in order to boost his own image and deflect blame away from himself. When it doesn’t suit his narrative, he’ll rubbish the suggestions as being irrelevant. When there’s a chance for him to make out that a putatively world class player depends on his continued tenure to stay at the club, he jumps all over it.

  46. Mick Kartun

    Chelsea boss Antonio Conte blamed himself for the defeat at Manchester United, and says there is now a 50-50 battle for the title. – Skysport.

    When have we ever heard arsene blame anything but himself? It’s always:
    – Refs fault.
    – Fans fault for toxic atmosphere.
    – Pundits harsh critics.
    – Oil money.
    – Stadium debts.
    – Bad injuries.
    – Tight fixtures.
    – Tea Lady.
    – Toilet rolls.
    – His zip coats.
    – His running out of battery dildos.

    Everything but himself.

  47. china

    Pedro PHD put forth a pretty well put argument about how this ivan is a highly talented good guy working for us narrative doesn’t add up

    your reply is ‘you don’t get it. WENGY BAD IVAN GOOD’

    PHD explained quite eloquently quite that doesn’t make sense and rather than address his points you just fall back on the ivan love train

    telling us you’re in the know so we should just trust you on this isn’t convincing anyone of anything. everyone and their uncle in the blogging world and media sphere makes exactly the same claims of having insider sources and as we know there are in reality only a few outside the club who actually get that access and none of them are bloggers

    i would be very happy to be proved wrong and have ivan win some gargantuan power struggle and free the masses whilst setting us on course for decades of glorious success under ivan the great’s leadership, but the proof is in the pudding. there’s no evidence that ivan has done anything particularly useful at arsenal. he’s lied to the fans. he’s flip-flopped on issues. he’s kept his mouth shut when fans needed him to take more control several times. his achievements at the club are absolutely mundane and bare minimum and you’ve always banged the drum for him but never given a single example where the guy over-achieved.

    maybe ivan will come good and help us – but this flies in the face of his entire history of work at arsenal as a guy who’s paid millions to do damn close to nothing at all

  48. china

    pedro you said wenger days with all football related matters and ivan deals with the rest, but ALL OF IT is a total mess

    we don’t over achieve in any aspect. bare minimum for a club of our size or below expectations across the board. ivan is the CEO. the CEO. the CEO. pedro he’s the CEO of an absolute fucking mess and you defend him

    where has his leadership been? this season isn’t the first time we’ve needed leadership. he never steadied the ship or righted any wrongs with the club. nothing has changed and nothing has improved beyond expectations whilst half of the house is still on fire and he’s been here for what 7 or so years? he’s achieved NOTHING. he’s contributed NOTHING. he’s righted ZERO wrongs.

    ivan is as culpable as wenger for sitting buy drinking champagne whilst the house burns to the ground. now we’re supposed to be impressed because he makes a throwaway comment about ‘a catalyst for change’. these are empty meaningless words because if he was the clever but constrained leader you make him out to be, he would use the media and fan outcry towards wenger to stir up some real change rather than this nonsense.

    if ivan gave a flying fuck about anything other than appeasing the fans he wouldn’t be asking wenger to sign on and change a little bit. everyone and their uncle knows wenger can’t and won’t change, but ivan believes it lol. ivan believes the guy is still worth another contract, just with a few clauses. how intelligent can the guy possibly be. that’s like taking a race horse that’s on its death bed and saying look i want it to race again, we just need to change the saddle and he’ll be able to deliver again. it’s nonsense pedro. it’s absolute gutter trash leadership from ivan and you can’t seriously believe otherwise.

    if ivan is this frustrated hero you’d have us believe, why doesn’t he just come out and stop mincing his words. nobody is stopping him being direct. he can just say to the press ‘this has been an awful season for arsenal football club and the club is miles off where it needs to be. we haven’t been anywhere near good enough over the last 5 years and the fans are understandably furious. the club needs a total rethink in how to become successful again and look at where changes are necessary from the top to the bottom of the club’ these comments aren’t even controversial and are agreed on by like 80% of people but they’d help heap the pressure on arsene.

    as well i’m so tired of this bullshit he’s a constrained leader narrative because it’s exactly the same bullshit the AKB have peddled for wenger all these years. it used to be arsene was this martyr who was taking all the flak from the fans for not spending when the club never let him spend what he wanted and now it’s turned to ivan is the martyr who wants change but is constrained – so bizarrely chooses to stay for 7 years of it without ever complaining, forcing through change himself or leaving

    bullshit, bullshit, bullshit.

  49. china

    a constarined CEO with zero power for 7 years without complaining, forcing change or leaving is nothing short of a total clown pedro

  50. mysticleaves

    So Redtruth stays in North London? And has never being part of any protest? hmmm…talk is really cheap

  51. Guernsey gun

    What a mess wenger has made of arsenal. The table doesn’t lie and if clueless oversees the summer it will get much worse. Are worst nightmares are unfolding, Spurs pushing hard for the league and us firmly anchored in 7th this must be the next level he was trying to explain to jake humphrey. Those chants of arsene wenger we want you to stay at 4.45 on Sunday 30th April should shame the club to its core, good luck to anyone going there for the match. Wenger out now

  52. HillWood

    I hope Diego Costa fucks off to China
    Other players are copying his pathetic antics
    Premier League is becoming unwatchable with players throwing themselves to the ground crying
    Referees have got to get a grip before it becomes 90minutes of free kicks

  53. Jeff

    I think that in all the comments here, driven by rage and anger because Wenger won’t leave, we forget that so far as points in the league go, we’re really no different from where we were last season. It’s just that other teams have kicked on. Particularly Liverpool and Tottenham. So that’s taken out two of the top four positions. Nobody seriously expected City to flounder as much as they did last season so that’s another position gone. The only real surprises have been Chelsea and Leicester. But they couldn’t both fail so that’s another position gone. Man U was always going to be 50/50 but they’re looking like it’s going to be a late flurry. So even 5th looks like it’s gone.

    And if you look at the pattern of our points tally over the last 10 years, there isn’t really that much variation but the difference was that we could always rely on other teams to fail even harder than we did, leaving at least one of the top four positions for us to waltz into unchallenged and for Wenger to be hailed messiah.

    This year, it would appear, for the first time in many years (even before our winning times), with 8 games left, that pattern has been broken. The chances of getting top four are slim. We have to win every game and hope other people drop points which doesn’t appear very likely given the remaining fixtures.

    But before we leap for joy, it is worth remembering that if Wenger does stay for another 2 years (and most indicators point that way), he will ruin the club even further, directly because we don’t have CL football any more. All that will happen is that we will be spared the humiliation of being dumped out again.

    So my question is this. How far are you prepared to go in order to relieve Wenger of his duties? Are you willing to take a mid-table finish? Are you willing to go even as far as relegation? When is it no longer worth Wenger leaving? I know that a lot of you are thinking it won’t come to that and secretly hoping he just goes at the end of this season but you also know what an incredibly stubborn man he is and he will do his utmost to cling on.

    As for Gazidis, I don’t believe for one minute he has either the power or the inclination to be on the wrong side of Wenger because Wenger’s power comes directly from the owner. Kroeke isn’t a radical owner. He has no particular sporting ambition and doesn’t like to take risks or make changes. If Ivan left tomorrow, nothing would happen. They’d just get some other stooge to take his place. He has no power or influence and he knows that. So he’s not going to jeopardize his position. And this goes for everyone at Arsenal. Why rock the boat when you don’t have to. Perhaps some of them are hoping the long rope Arsene’s been given will be what he eventually uses to hang himself but there’s no sign of that happening either.

    Things are coming to a head but I don’t think any of us know exactly in what sort of shape the club will be in 5 years time but what we do know is whatever happens at the end of this season will go a long way in determining our future course.

  54. Bamford10

    “Arsene Wenger calls on Arsenal stars to ‘unite the fans’ with big performance at Middlesbrough.” – @MirrorFootball

    Could this man be any more clueless? The fans will not be “united” until Wenger is gone. Everyone on the planet knows this, save Wenger.

    “The fans want to be behind the team and the way we respond on the football pitch will decide the attitude of the fans.

    The fans love the club. It’s a good period to be united and not divided. Historically Arsenal has been about that.”

    Meanwhile he has said nothing about his future and seems oblivious to the fact that he is the source of the anger and that he is the problem.

    Fucking incredible.

  55. Bamford10


    “How far are you prepared to go in order to relieve Wenger of his duties? Are you willing to take a mid-table finish?”

    Seeing as no one here does anything to affect the team’s results, I’m not sure what this question means. Are you asking: would you accept a mid-table finish if it meant Wenger would go? If so, the answer is yes.

    As for Gazidis, he has been quietly and not so quietly the other side of Wenger for some time now. See his “the manager is accountable to the fans,” “tension b/t manager & fans is unsustainable,” “the manager needs to be a catalyst for change,” for example.

  56. Jeff


    Yes, that’s what’s behind the question. What would be acceptable to the most ardent critic of Wenger when it comes to balancing club’s fortunes against Wenger’s dismissal? I’m sure most people wouldn’t take relegation to make him go but the real question is what if we’re actually faced with that? The problem doesn’t so much become whether it would be enough to dislodge him but how long it would take for us to climb back up again even after he’s gone? It’s a real dilemma and all I’m suggesting is that the lower we drop the harder it will be to return to the top four – especially as we know our rivals are forging ahead with new TV money and new stadia.

    The best option would be of course for Wenger to leave now. Even today would be good because the season is gone anyway. In fact it would be better in many ways for us that he goes now because that would give us plenty of time to find the best possible replacement and for any front runner to be able to plan ahead and start making arrangements.

    But of course, he won’t go so that brings up all sorts of hard questions and unappealing scenarios.

    On the Gazidis front, he’s statements are far too “diplomatic” or “political”. It’s all hints and winks – nothing concrete. And the only reason for that is he can’t speak freely – seems constrained. If he comes out tomorrow and says we need to change the manager, then I’ll have some respect for him. He basically needs to grow a pair – like the rest of the executive.

  57. HillWood

    Ozil moaning the game in England is too physical. What a pussy!
    He would dissolve into a puddle of liquid poo if he faced Storey, Hunter, Tommy Smith, Chopper Harris or even
    Julian Clarey

  58. Alexanderhenry

    Arsenal are a rudderless ship.

    Gazidis may be trying to influence things but apart from typically opaque references to ‘change’, we haven’t had anything substantial from him, and it’s questionable what he can actually do.

    The club is dramatically sliding out of contention and has lost the support of many fans. This is extremely dangerous.

    We have an owner and a BOD who’s job it is to run the club effectively.
    They are not doing this. Someone needs to speak up.

  59. HillWood

    I hope our Little Cherubs remember to take their travel sickness tablets
    It’s a fair old trot to Middlesbrough

  60. PieAFC

    It wouldn’t surprise me if the club wanted Wenger to succeed finish 4th, win the FA cup so they can offer him a contract then start looking.

    They have no contingency plan. They’ve probably never thought it would get this bad, let alone worse.

    Of Wenger stays, we’re on course for an even hard hitting reality next season.

    No matter who he has on the pitch, formation, tactics, motivation will never change.

    We are fucked….

  61. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    I’m totally nonplussed about today
    I have lost interest in Arsenal at the moment ….until he goes .

    Maybe a Chelsea collapse an spurs winning the league may not be a bad thing … May acceralate him going

  62. Rambo Ramsey

    History is on my side, vicky. I still predict Spuddies to finish double digit points behind Chelsea in the final standings. I notice they play each other next in the FA cup Semifinals, wouldn’t it be oh so Spursy for their season to implode after a defeat there?

  63. Rambo Ramsey

    Wenger knows that anything less than victory at relegation-threatened Middlesbrough will intensify the sense of crisis at Arsenal – and the calls for him to depart at the end of the season, when his contract expires. “I’ve learned to focus on what I think I can influence and what is important,” the Frenchman said. “I get in a little bubble and just focus on what I think is important – and not too much what people say, even if I respect the opinions of everybody.


    Lmfao, straight from the horse’s mouth. Kudos, Wenger, you’ve finally said something honest in a presser- ‘I live in my own little bubble’

  64. Obum

    I guess the title of this blog shd change to GKB (gazidis knows best) or GCBW (gazidis can’t be wrong). If Wenger signs an extension and gazidis stays back. It shows he’s in support of the whole charade

  65. Rambo Ramsey

    ‘but the proof is in the pudding. there’s no evidence that ivan has done anything particularly useful at arsenal.’

    You’ve got that wrong there China-man, Ivan the terrible spent millions and bought that StatsDNA company, a Worldclass stat based scouting which got us to sign Calamity Gabriel.

  66. Rambo Ramsey

    Going back to those Wenger quotes, its comical how he believes he hasn’t the power to influence people’s opinions about him. If you were still winning stuff you think people would be asking you to leave, you old fool? He is so far up his own ass that he can’t see his own failures, instead he assumes there is an agenda to get him to leave.

  67. Rambo Ramsey

    ‘Jack Wilshere: Arsene Wenger ‘can only do so much’ to help turn Arsenal’s season around’

    You should probably look at what you can do to salvage your pathetic professional career, fagboy. I doubt the phrase ‘Stealing a living’ could be better applicable to another.

  68. Jim Lahey

    On Ivan Gazidis:

    Does he have the power (legally) to remove Wenger from his position as Arsenal Manager? If yes, then he has not being doing his job as a CEO. If not, is he really a CEO at all?

  69. Jim Lahey


    I would love to know what power he actually holds at Arsenal, I mean a lot of people defending him are suggesting that his true value will be seen once Arsene leaves.. But to me anyway his job is to ensure the best outcome for Arsenal Football Club and he isn’t doing that.

    Pedro wrote a blog the other day about how the vocal minority were correct about Wenger over the last number of years, and we were correct. But if we could all see it, how hasn’t our CEO seen it and dealt with it accordingly? That is his job isn’t it?

    Looking at the bigger picture Gazidis isn’t the big problem at the club, however he is a problem and certainly is not above reproach.

  70. David Smith

    Not sure Ivan has the power to remove Wenger, but he can use the excuse of negative effects on the commercials to bring in change around the club, and I would imagine he certainly has the power to remove Wengers merry men, and if he doesn’t, I would expect him to resign this summer of he has anything about him. One supposed ITK Memz…..claims has already offered his resignation a few weeks ago…and the offer was rejected ..may not be true of course, but might indicate Ivan does have support from above for change.
    If Wenger is allowed to carry on with no change at all, we will know Stan has made him unassailable, we might as well just give up on the club and find a more rewarding pastime, non /lower league football might not have the quality, but offers passion and hope, qualities I suspect will never be seen at arsenal while kroenke is here.

  71. David Smith

    Amazing……..this whole sorry episode started when our manager fell hopelessly in love with a dashing young Spanish midfielder….so much so that he disposed of his club legend and captain, we all know how that turned out. Wenger never moved on

  72. Jay

    Kim Jong Weng on today’s game:
    “We might get there, we might not get there, but the only thing to get there is to believe we can do it and that’s what we have to focus on. It’s not the fear to fail, it’s the desire to make it and that’s the only chance we have to make it.”
    WTF – does that MEAN anything?!?