Death spiral of fixtures about to hit Arsene hard

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I rolled out in summer clothes yesterday and at least three people said my attire looked comfortable. Is that, like, an insult? Have I hit a point in my life where people are more concerned that I look at ease mooching around the office? ‘Comfortable’… I used to say that to my granddad when he started wearing velcro shoes in the home… I really wanted to tell him to put them in the bin because they were offensive regardless of the ergonomics. I hope I’m not dressed like a man heading for velcro.

Anyway, let’s breeze into summer. We’re heading into the death spiral of fixtures. 6 games. 23 days. A lot can go mightily wrong here.

  • Boro (A)
  • City (Cup)
  • Leicester (H)
  • Spurs (A)
  • United (H)
  • Southampton (A)

Look at the absolute state of those fixtures. Boro’ on a Monday night up north against a resolute defence. City in the cup at a neutral ground, against Pep G, with an allocation of tickets that amazingly haven’t sold out yet. A resurgent Leicester that are in title form again. Spurs away, which really could signal a change of the guard and a horrible fan response. United at home with that Jose M record. Southampton away which always seems to throw up a horrible day for us.

The death spiral could be hard. Arsene Wenger’s PR team has been dropping big numbers in the papers. £200m they say! What could make that better? Talk about adding more names to the English core! COMMITTMENT! READY TO FIGHT! HUNGRIER THAN EVER!

All these sound bites are falling on increasingly deaf ears. No one is going to find excitement for a committed deadbeat. No one cares about adding more half baked British kids when we’re struggling to get the most out of our worldies. No one cares for another 2 years of Arsene Wenger, outside Arsene Wenger.

The circle of access has rounded on him. The middle ground of bloggers who kind of, maybe, could be, but maybe not, thought once about Wenger being a problem have turned hard. The fans that go are selling North London out of tiny sheets of A4 paper to wave gently in the ground.

There is nowhere for Wenger to hide, except on the pitch, where the players are downing their shields and swords, dropping to their knees and begging the footballing gods to make the death swift and clean.

Bring on the death spiral…


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  1. Sekard

    This will be the worst time for Arsenal to drop out of the top four as I feel that they will be no guarantee that they get straight back in as all the other teams around are stronger and looking to ruthlessly get that champions league money.Arsenal will be like the new Liverpool talking about the days of the invincibles and glory days of yesteryear.

  2. Dissenter

    “Jack Wilshere left White Hart Lane on crutches and with his left foot in a protective boot after the Arsenal loanee suffered an injury against Tottenham on Saturday”
    He got this injury from blocking a freaking shot.
    I’m done past feeling sorry for him. When are we going to stop throwing money down the drain on sick notes and then refuse to pay truly gifted players appropriately.
    He needs to find another line of work pronto. He’s already made enough money to last two lifetimes.
    The spuds crown were singing “Its happening again. It’s happening again, Jack Wilshere is happening again”

  3. Dissenter

    Danish gooner
    “Europe league qualifiers against some poor norwrgian or icelandic side.”
    You forgot to add …Danish side 🙂

  4. Bamford10

    Dele Alli wouldn’t make Madrid’s bench much less their XI. And neither would Kane. Some of you seem to be a little confused.

  5. Marko

    Forget Jack’s injuries the simple fact is he’s not good enough and we should be looking to offload and bring in someone who we actually need. Unfortunately that won’t happen purely because of the home grown quota. It’s the only reason why someone like City would want him along with someone like Delp.

  6. Dissenter

    You’re the only one who thinks a just-turned 21 year-old English international with 26 league goals in two season from the midfield is only worth 40 million. How much did Raheem Sterling cost again?…two seasons ago.
    Dele Ali’s strong attributes for men are his aggression, arrogant swagger and big-game mentality.

    This kid is going to be the English player of his generation.

  7. gnarleygeorge9

    Just looking at the gaunt, pasty face, watery eyed figure that sits in The Arsenal dug out on game day fighting with his zip, a feather would hit Arsene hard!

    Time to go………& that means you too Stan!!!!!

  8. karim

    Falcao saves Monaco’s bacon tonight with 2 brilliant free-kicks, both in the top corner, in less than ten minutes !
    Monaco are still top, 3 points above psg and 4 points above Balotellî’s Nice who are surprinsingly still in the mix !

  9. Bamford10


    Actually, other than posters who either need their medicine or are crypto-Spurs fans, no one above agrees with you.

    You or some other twat had both Alli and Kane as 80m+ players above. This is complete and total nonsense. I have neither as more than 40m. In time we’ll see who’s correct.

  10. Bamford10

    By the way, Transfermarket has Harry Kane’s current market valuation at £42.5m, i.e., my valuation, not your absurd one.

    They have Dele Alli at £33.9m.

    So looks like I’m a bit more on point here. To no one’s surprise.

  11. WrightIsGod

    I’m excited by the kolasinac deal but it also brings the realisation that Wenger intends to stay and ‘reinvent’ himself.

  12. steve

    Not the slightest excited by this Kolasinac or any other signing for that matter as long as Wenger is here. Will just be more of the same.

  13. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    If you loved the club you would revolt when he signs ….

    The management are no different to the owners of ratners

    We will become a has been

  14. Samir

    Harry Kanes true value may be: £42.5m but if a team were to actually try and sign him Spurs wouldn’t accept less than 60-100M.
    The same can be said about Deli Alli.

    Can see Kane going to Man Utd to replace Ibra/Rooney for about 70M.

  15. goonerboy

    It is clear now that the club has the worst governance model in modern football- the Board operates entirely for themselves and none of them are fit to run an elite EFL football club- least of all Ivan Gazidis..
    This whole debacle now looks like it will end in tears-Stan won’t sell-and will leave Wenger in charge- and this will accelerate our demise.

    We currently have the most deluded and ineffective coach in the EPL.
    .Arsene Wenger’s playing’ system including his philosophy and tactics, training, his player development, player purchasing are as obsolete as the biplane. We’ve stayed totally still -nearly all of our competitors have now overtaken us- where it matters- on the pitch.
    There is only one option- shout him out- stand up for what is right- Wenger Out Now.

  16. PieAFC

    Could do with another loss tbh against Boro, just hope the booing and the stick the players got for the players performance doesn’t kick them on.

    I’m hoping he’s lost the dressing room. Players talk, they have friends and family in and out the game.

    This season is over for us in the league.

    Wright in that video you posted Jeff, when he was asked about Wenger, the biting of the lip. It’s like they’re all scared to say they want him to go. It’s more a indirect way of saying it.

    Everyone know’s he controls that club with an iron fist.

  17. Dissenter

    The value isn’t useful because both players are contracted to Spuds for at least five years. Spuds don’t have to sell and the negotiator is Daniel Levi.
    I’ll eat a rabid bat the day an English international with a 20+ goal / season for three consecutive seasons moves for £35-40 million..
    Anyway only time will tell

  18. Elmo

    “Of course, I’d hoped that Florentino Perez would back down and not punish me for the argument between him and my father. That he’d approach me again. But he didn’t. The relationship had cooled.

    I contacted another club because it seemed to be the only possible way out.”

    Contrast the strong leadership from Florentino Perez at Madrid, where the club acts decisively, with the mess that is Arsenal, where the employees rule the roost and the ownership and board are asleep at the wheel while the club sleepwalks into needless long-term decline.

    If Wenger is staying THEN SAY SO.


    If you want to modernise the structure around the manager, then authoritatively INFORM HIM THAT YOU WILL BE DOING IT.

    If you have a group of players heading towards the end of their contracts, THEN NEGOTIATE WITH THEM EARLY AND IF THEY HESITATE, SELL THEM WHILE YOU HAVE MAXIMUM LEVERAGE ON THE TRANSFER MARKET.

  19. Emiratesstroller

    At this time of year Arsenal are normally linked with at least a couple of mega stars in the transfer market.

    This season we are linked with absolutely zippo.

    That is a reflection not only on our current position outside top 4 and no likelihood of qualifying for CL, but the current turmoil at the club and likely departure of our best player.

    What is absolutely clear to me is that Wenger remaining at the club is absolutely toxic to both our short and long term future.

  20. BillikenGooner

    It’s a simple fact at this point. Wenger is living off of the ability of Bergkamp and Henry. All of his success is off of those 2 players. Once they left, he is worthless.

  21. rollen

    This article is not written by Arsenal Truth.
    Raskolnikov writes:

    Another surgical dissection there AT. Theo Walcott is such a useless waste of sporting oxygen that I’m surprised you afforded this talentless twerp more than a paragraph of your time. As with all things Arsene Wenger, again, the total incompetence comes shining right through. This clown (Walcott – I’ll get to the key jester Wenger in a sec) earns over £130k a week. To put it in context, it is higher wages than Dybala of Juve, you know, that kid who single-handedly demolished Barca the other night.

    Let’s also remember that according to almost every Arsenal fan that has seen the Gunners spanked every time they’ve drawn Barca in the last 16 of the CL, you are simply not allowed to beat Barca! It’s impossible right? You are just supposed to “go out and enjoy the day”, just as Scunthorpe would if they were drawn at Old Trafford in the FA Cup quarters. It therefore shows just how brainwashed and unambitious Arsenal fans are, especially when a manager on half of Wenger’s annual wages can face up Barca – with a Juve team that has a much smaller wage bill compared to Arsenal – and demolish mighty Barca with such ease.

    It’s simply a confirmation of everything AT has repeated ad nauseum since 2011, when our embarrassing legion of apologetic fans continued to claim you “couldn’t compete with oil money”: football is not, and never has been, about having more money to win. It’s always been about managers, tactics and inspirational motivation. Sure, money definitely helps.

    But which imbecile wants to continue to justify Wenger’s pathetic trajectory in a season where Jardim of Monaco has taken an actual “Project Youth” team (one that doesn’t have a £135m wage bill, as Wenger’s vanity project had as far back as 2012)…and is top of the French league against the richest club in Europe, and one foot in the semis of the CL? There are SO many examples everywhere that show you just how easily Arsenal fans have been brainwashed and manipulated by Arsene Wenger’s deception, lies and lack of ambition.

    The chickens always come home to roost, so 13 years after the long con began; it is all unraveling.
    Who can ever forget “Arsene had to build a stadium and one cannot compete when constrained by finances”? There’s some chap called Pochettino over at Spurs. Last time I checked, he oversaw back to back title challenges, with an actual team of young players. Not one Spurs player earns Mesut Ozil’s swindled wages.

    Oddly enough though, that manager has got them hungry, focused and every single player knows that if standards are not maintained, they will be canned. Adebayor, Kaboul, etc. all the lazy, rotten apples from Spuds were rooted out and it took Pochettino just two years to build a youthful team (on the cheap) that challenges for the top prizes.

    Even more embarrassing is that when Pochettino was asked how he felt about finally finishing ahead of Arsenal this season, his response was “I am aiming for bigger things”. This is how ambitious managers think – contrast with our muppet fans who pay £1,400 a season on tickets, celebrating scraping past Spurs on the final day, despite having twice their budget. How small-time, how pathetic. Another oddity, is that I doubt Pochettino will ever attempt to take the credit for “building their new stadium” either. That was funded by the fans investment, just as Arsenal’s was.

    If we focus on Walcott again, it didn’t take long for Wenger to demonstrate just what a sinking ship he is overseeing. His press conference have become a weekly laugh-a-minute. On Monday of this week, he was waxing lyrical about Theo Walcott claiming “He is a leader and can captain England one day”. One 3-0 thrashing at Palace later, and Wenger comes out to the media in his Friday presser and openly lambasts Walcott. Why? Because Theo “Captain, Leader, Bellend” Walcott had the audacity to contradict the “mental strength” bollocks by openly stating that the Arsenal players “weren’t up for it” at Palace.

    Wenger’s anger wasn’t because this comment was incorrect btw, it was because “quiet boy” Theo, exposed him. And this is what Wenger FC is about: protecting his ivory tower and buying loyalty and silence by shelling out extortionate money. Let’s expect Aaron Ramsey to be our next “leader”, he always has lovely things to say about the regime in his media outings eh?

    I think there is one particular thing I want to refer to that you have often talked about AT, and we need to nip this in the bud here and now: Stan Kroenke. Now, let me declare this – I have no love for Stan and yes, his sports franchises in America are mediocre. Yet, I am mystified and amused at how quickly Wenger’s last apologists are attempting to deflect all blame onto Silent Stan. Let us begin with the “his U.S franchises are mediocre”. Yes they are, but football is different. Whereas there is no promotion/relegation in America, there is in Europe, and CL qualification is a significant factor, financially (despite increased TV revenues).

    When Usmanov was on the horizon, Arsenal fans (hello again the feckless AST) overwhelmingly backed Kroenke by going out and protesting against an Usmanov takeover. When they should have been protesting about their incompetent manager swindling an extortionate salary, they protested against “sugar daddy ownership”. So they ASKED for Kroenke to be selected instead and waxed lyrical about nonsense like “class”, “doing things the right way” and “self-sustaining ownership”.

    So Kroenke comes in. Fine. Arsenal move stadiums. Let us please remember that BEFORE Kroenke even showed up, Arsene Wenger conspired to finish 23 points behind Jose Mourinho in the PL. Was that Kroenke’s fault? Oh right. Thought not. Let’s conveniently sweep that one under the carpet.

    So after Kroenke took over, when it became obvious for a few years that Wenger was failing in exactly the same way on the pitch, the narrative changed again. This time, to: “Stan Kroenke is really letting Arsene down. The board are denying him funds and we are not competing because Kroenke is tighetining the purse-strings. Once FFP kicks in we will be in a position to dominate.”

    I always found this narrative odd, because if you were working for an awful employer, who was denying you the opportunity to really be good at your job and your rep was taking a massive hit….if you were as “in demand” as Wenger continues to remind us he once was, surely you would take one of the other lucrative job offers available?? Oh right “loyalty”. Yes. The same “loyalty” the likes of Almunia, Diaby, Denilson, Bendtner, Chamakh, Squillaci, Senderos, Djourou once showed by refusing to leave Arsenal and sitting on enormous contracts. Arsene sure led the way there! It is the same “loyalty” currently being showed by Theo “due a testimonial” Walcott, Carl Jenkinson (wouldn’t join Palace as they would not match his ridiculous wages), crappy Coquelin, joke Giroud and of course, Lala-Yaya Sanogo!

    So Wenger continued to happily manage under Kroenke, as he steadily earned bigger and bigger salaries. And as the Arsenal wage bill went higher and higher, year after year. The evidence is there in black and white on the balance sheet – only deluded fools ignore it (so at least 80% of the Emirates crowd then). And as the directors awarded themselves bigger and bigger salaries each year. Remember though AT: “we were constrained by stadium finances”.

    Funnily enough, the one time that lucrative top 4 spot looked to be under serious threat, Arsene miraculously managed to find £18mil down the back of the sofa, and went out and signed Arshavin – a highly sought-after player at the time remember. In January. A time where apparently, you can’t sign anyone. Must be a “coincidence” eh?

    Let us zip things on Kroenke here: Kroenke is definitely now a problem because he still has not sacked Wenger. This does not absolve Wenger of his special incompetence though, and never will. Stan Kroenke let Wenger spend £100m last summer. He has given Wenger total freedom of the sporting matters at Arsenal, he has not interfered a la Mike Ashley/Abramovich in player recruitment (I wish he had tbh as he would sign better players than Elneny, Xhaka, Mustafi and Giroud). Wenger has been given dream conditions that NO other manager in Europe has. However AT, this is the key point: To all those idiotic excuse-makers now deflecting the blame onto Kroenke. What was he supposed to have done? Sacked Wenger back in 2008? Can you imagine the outcry if after blowing a league that was there to be won in 2008, Kroenke had come in and sacked a manager who had at least 90% fan backing?? Stan Kroenke has simply taken his lead from the Arsenal fans. Arsene Wenger has retained overwhelming majority fan support for 12 of the past 13 years and THAT is where the blame lies.

    As I mentioned before, the AST were giving Wenger over 80% backing as recently as 18 months ago! Wenger lost 8-2 at Old Trafford and the away fans held up a banner saying “In Arsene We Trust”! In 2010ish, after a few searching questions were asked in the media, Arsenal’s embarrassing Imbecile Collective (known as “Red Action”) went on a pro-Wenger demo march! So the only protests seen up until that stage, were pro-Wenger ones! There has not been a single dissenting voice against Arsene Wenger for 12 straight years.

    Anyone that tried to bring it up would be shouted down and treated with hostility and disdain by Wenger’s sheep (i.e. the Emirates crowd) and the mainstream press. Remember the AKB abuse you used to get AT?
    Wenger has always maintained a significant majority of support from the Arsenal fan-base: the first sign of any serious dissent has only taken place THIS year! So frankly, Stan Kroenke has listened to the will of the people all this time. He’s basically guilty of not doing what Leicester owners did with Ranieri (look how that’s turned out eh!) and ignoring the majority of Arsenal fans (who it turns out, have been 100% wrong about Wenger and like rats fleeing a deserting ship are now trying to deflect onto Kroenke).

    So next time some idiot tries to blame Wenger’s inability to set up a team with World Cup winners and a PFA POTY nominee up to beat WBA, next time you see Sam Allardyce giving Wenger a total tactical masterclass (even though Moyes managed to smash Fat Sam 0-4 at Palace); next time you see Arsenal humiliated 10-2 at Bayern (even though Wenger spent far more on summer recruitment than Bayern did), next time you see yet another shit player getting a Galactico contract extension (Giroud, Coquelin), next time you see a wage bill of over £200m but you don’t understand how managers everywhere are outperforming Arsenal with far less resources….look to the real matter here.

    Yes, pressure now needs to turn to Kroenke to sack the muppet. Let us be crystal clear here though: Wenger’s incompetence pre-dates Kroenke. Just because Kroenke has no professional sporting pride, it doesn’t mean Wenger has to be the same – if anything, as an “elite” (LOL) sports personality, he should be the one striving to win. All the other big managers do. Instead, this tit Wenger talks about “share price” and nonsensical “values” (what, like refusing to piss off when nobody rates you anymore eh?).

    Wenger would love nothing more than to hear the discussion turn to Kroenke than apportion blame where it is due. All of this Kroenke deflection is just a further example of what a spineless bunch of fans Arsenal truly have. It’s quite possibly the only club in Europe where a 10-2 thrashing and years of habitual sporting humiliations are blamed on a financial investor who doesn’t pick the team and lives thousands of miles away.

    Kroenke should be sacking Wenger absolutely and the focus should be turned to him once Wenger is gone. But honestly, imagine going into your work appraisal and blaming your repeated shit performance on your CEO’s refusal to sack you?

    Farcenal FC.

  22. Elmo


    Watched that when it was first aired. Of course football has moved on with talent being sourced from across the world, but that documentary really illustrated how the club has lost its roots. From Rocky taking the Tube from south London up to training every day, we now have 18 year olds who have never done anything driving supercars. From Wrighty signing for Arsenal and spending the whole of that night at Rocky’s house talking about the club, the personalities, the history, the fans, to now Wenger’s imported disciples almost to a man authoritatively stating that the club were nothing before 1996 and that he built it almost from scratch. From David Dein going home and telling his wife about how excited he was about a young kid from south London the club had on its books, to now when Stan Kroenke literally has no interest in the game, the traditions of the club, and probably finds the one game a season he attends a tremendous imposition.

  23. Vintage Gun

    “This article is not written by Arsenal Truth.
    Raskolnikov writes:”

    Thanks for posting that up mate.

    Long winded but a VERY good read and more importantly, SPOT ON!

  24. Rambo Ramsey

    Rollen, what that article is is a shower of piss. He goes into a long winded rant about the people who call out Stan Kroenke but is too cowardly to go to Stan’s full defense. Like a mouse he adds sentences here and there like ‘Yeah, look I know Stan is a problem, I can see that…but but…’

    So what are you on about, sunshine? Show some conviction. Why bark like a mad dog at the audacity of those who dare blame anyone other than Wenger when you are going to do the same thing two sentences later?

  25. TitsMcGee

    Signing average players when our squad is already collectively average solves absolutely nothing. Combined with the dazzling development record of late and not hard to see how this will become another waste of a signing.

  26. TitsMcGee

    Imagine that Ozil is probably not getting roasted now and it’s no surprise he’s as lackadaisical now.

  27. Boomslang

    Arsene Wenger on his struggling Arsenal side: I am a religious man, but it’s not time to start praying yet

    For the love of God just fuck off Wengy.

  28. Pierre

    “There’s some chap called Pochettino over at Spurs. Last time I checked, he oversaw back to back title challenges, ”

    There’s some chap called Pochettino over at spurs who’s won fuck all and soon that team will go the same way as arsenal’s team of ces, rvp, cliche, ade, nasri, song….. They will all be enticed away by clubs offering to double or treble their wages.. Money talks..alli or kane will be offered 2/300 grand a week and they will go the same way as bale… . Then Pochettino will leave as he will say that spurs don’t match his ambition,no trophies but at least they can say they finished above arsenal…..

  29. TitsMcGee

    That article is spot on.

    On the bright side Wenger’s legacy has certainly taken a huge hit and we know that bothers the piss out of him.

  30. Pierre

    “Kroenke should be sacking Wenger absolutely and the focus should be turned to him once Wenger is gone”

    Spot on

  31. TitsMcGee

    There’s some chap called Pochettino over at spurs who’s won fuck all and soon that team will go the same way as arsenal’s team of ces, rvp, cliche, ade, nasri, song….. ”

    Typical AKB. The same “fcuk all” that we’ve won the last 12 years?

    They are also obviously trending upwards while we are trending downwards. You can decide to be childish aND bury your head in the sand all you want. The reality of the situation won’t change because you ignore it.

  32. China

    But Rambo he qualified his stance (whether you agree or not is up to you)

    He said Stan should be sacking wenger and deserves blame for not doing this recently but he also says that keeping wenger is exactly what the fans generally wanted up until this season, so it’s not surprising that he didn’t go against the preferences of his entire club (bar the vocal minority as it was at that time)

    He thinks Stan is a problem and acknowledges is but doesn’t think he deserves as much blame as wenger for the reasons he gave – in light of that of course he doesn’t attack them in equal measure

    The same way most of us are sick of our players and attack them sometimes but as obviously softer on them than the manager because he’s seen as the greater evil

  33. China

    I thought cheating on your wife is a sin arsene?

    Or is it just highly intelligent professors of pseudo philosophy who are allowed to cheat without sinning

    There are still fans here talking about this man having some kind of class. Bizarre

  34. Wenker-wanger

    Wenger cheating on arsenal fans is more pertinent.
    He also abuses us by refusing to leave, when that’s the least he could do.

  35. Wenker-wanger

    Let’s put this kroenke, players, Wenger share of culpability to bed.
    Kroenke is a transparent money hoarder. That’s what he is, and that’s what he has always done. Not the best owner, but one that releases enough money to resource a challenging football team.
    The players have downed tools. Not professional. But football is recognised as a partly emotional and motivational sport….. A manager makes a huge difference.
    Now finally, a manager should be tactically competent, able to motivate, provide an arm round the shoulder or a rocket up the arse….Yknow a presence.
    Wenger fails in every area. His job is to win trophies or at the very least challenge hard, with no 6-0 8-2 defeats.
    Arsenals demise is almost entirely wengers fault
    Forget kroenke, he isn’t holding the performance of our team back.
    Remember Wenger spent 90 million this season…..I’m sure kroenke would’ve released more if asked.

  36. Wenker-wanger

    In other words kroenke gives little arsene some money to buy a top football in a toyshop and Wenger comes back with a gross of toilet rolls…..Whose fault is that?

  37. Alexanderhenry


    Doesn’t Kroenke’s record as owner worry you?

    Have you read articles on him?

    Are you aware of how bad his reputation is?

  38. Mick Kartun

    Hull just lost and only six points above Boro. But with 2 games less played, Boro has the chance to catch up with the first one ideal opponent to face on the right time. Couldn’t be much better time especially after they learned the video of crystal palace mauling.

  39. Jim Lahey

    @Alex –

    Seems like a bit of a stretch doesn’t it? To sue a man for comments he made 7 years ago in the press about the future of a team? I mean… if that was the case there are more than a few that should be nervous at Arsenal.

  40. Jim Lahey

    If Kroenke is ever going to sell up, it seems like he should be doing so very soon. Someone mentioned on here the other day that if he was to sell his shares in the club today he would walk away with a profit of just over £300m. That is a tidy sum for what? 6-7 years?

  41. TallestTiz

    So, Wenger actually does tactics…

    Ozil: “We were positively prepared for the game. Arsene Wenger had revealed to us his game plan. He was very clear about his ideas – and they were good ones.
    “Our intention was to go all out for Bayern’s central defender Mats Hummels; to prevent him from opening up the game which he does so brilliantly. We wanted to force him to play the ball to Javi Martinez, who’s also a fine central defender but who isn’t great at opening up the game.
    “In this way we hoped we’d be able to stop Bayern from building up the play at an early stage and disrupt their rhythm.
    “Of course I could go on about why our game plan didn’t work. I could look for excuses. But I’m not going to. What went on between us in the dressing room after the match is nobody’s business, nor is what Wenger considered our failures to be in his post-match analysis.
    “The fact is, we all failed. We were all bad! We played a game that held a mirror up to our faces.
    “It was a performance we can’t just brush aside. No, we have to learn our lessons from it. We all have to ask searching questions of ourselves and accept responsibility for the defeat. All the players, all the trainers, even the management. Because this fiasco also represents a great opportunity!
    “In my footballing life I’ve often fallen flat on my face and been knocked to the ground. But I’ve always got up again and won victories and titles following the defeat.
    “This defeat by Bayern will produce something good at the end too.”

    Wenger out!!!, Players out, Kroenke out!!

  42. Marc

    We don’t know what a post Wenger Arsenal will be under Kroenke and won’t until it happens we can however lay out some solid “facts”

    1) Kroenke is not taking a great deal of money out of the club – £3 million a year is not the reason we are a shambles.

    2) Whilst his investment in Arsenal has appreciated a great deal in value for him to realise that he would have to sell the club.

    3) He cannot borrow against the assets of the club. He can borrow against his shareholding but this would have to be declared somewhere.

    4) His reputation for owning “franchises” in the US is toilet. However can someone provide me with how much money they actually make and how much he takes out of them?

    5) So far he seems more than willing to allow the club to use it’s own resources to strengthen.

    Ultimately there is one thing we can currently judge him on – not pushing Wenger out of the managers chair (in whatever form). So currently is he doing a good job = no. The biggest test will be when Wenger does go which is now sooner rather than later, that test will be who do we go for as a replacement. If we go for an “Eddie Howe” it will be our Moyes moment. If he goes for a Simeone it might not work but at least it shows ambition.

  43. GoonerDave

    Stan Kroenke’s thieving ownership must be a separate debate to the management of the team.
    There are now people online slating the owner while absolving AW. This is as silly as ignoring the factual financial stuff and blaming the manager for everything that is wrong.
    Lets be fair – it doesn’t cost money to instill belief in a team. Or to take pride in your work. Or to be organised and professional. Yet we are clearly lacking these things. These are genuine criticisms of Arsene, More damning for me, is that he toed the company line during the years we were forced to sell.
    But do not bury your head in the sand regarding our owner. The club was on it’s knees financially and with a low interest loan from his coin jar, he could have restructured our entire finances. He chose not to get involved – his share price would have dropped, as would his ability to broker other deals based on our strength. He is not in it for the long haul and clearly does not have sporting interests. It simply cannot work without supporters being fleeced for sporadic success.
    I would sacrifice anyone to get rid of Stan Kroenke – Arsene, Ivan, goodbye Mr Chips, I don’t care. But in the same way money is printed and sold to us above face value, we have to face the truth.

  44. Marc


    If Kroenke’s not in it for the long haul when do you expect him to be selling up after all he’s had a substantial shareholding for almost 10 years.

  45. Wenker-wanger

    Although i am fiercely Wenger out and have kind of treated kroenke as virtually “nuetral” i have to say many fans make a persuasive argument against kroenke s influence in our demise
    Yes to apportion blame I’d say it was 80-90% Wenger..
    And that’s largely down to the fact kroenke won’t sack his profit-generating leach Wenger.

  46. Wenker-wanger

    What do fans think of wengers position if we lose every game now till the end of the season?
    Will he stay then?

  47. Marc


    As I said earlier we just don’t know what Kroenke’s will be like post Wenger but ultimately I look at it as two problems. As an analogy.

    1) I’ve no food in the house and guests turning up in a few hours.

    2) The house is on fire.

    You prioritise – lets focus on the Wenger problem and worry about the rest after.

  48. Wenker-wanger

    Yes it’s worrying to a degree what will happen after Wenger has slithered away…
    But you knock the first wall down before moving on to the one behind it.
    Wenger is directly ruining us…..Kroenke isn’t…The concern is more hypothetical.
    Take everyone’s point he has no ambition for football success and is bad news…..But his damage to arsenal isn’t going to be apparent untill we get a manager that is already proven and isn’t able or hasnt the resources to be successful with arsenal. Then kroenke will be firmly in our sights.

  49. David Smith

    Seems a bit of briefing out there putting Wenger in a bad light…..refusal to pay Alexis 300kpw, refusal to have Henry to help out

  50. kc

    Trollexander Henry, your ignorance astounds. That law suit is a joke. St Louis refused to upgrade their stadium which triggered an out clause for the team. A clause which was last used when St Louis stole the Rams from LA decades ago. Even the NFL is laughing at this. If ignorance is bliss, you must be one happy mofo.

  51. Dissenter

    Truth be told th city of St Louis will accept a small out of court settlement and move on. It’s just city hall politicians posturing to look good.
    Alexanderhenry just keep clutching at straws.
    The NFL has more lawyers and lobbyist that whores in a brothel. I’m pretty sure they crossed all the t’s on the deal.
    Billionaires accept that lawsuits are part of business. Only Wenger zealots think this so-called civil suit means anything.

  52. kc

    There’s nothing to settle. St Louis didn’t keep up their obligations to keep the stadium at top level. It’s in their contract when they moved from Los Angeles. They’ll get nada.

  53. alexanderhenry

    kc and Dissenter

    …. i’m sure you’re right. The lawsuit will probably amount to nothing.

    You never know though. Fingers crossed he has to pay out a large enough sum to make him want to get rid of his troublesome ‘soccer franchise’.

  54. Dissenter

    Kroenke created a pressure free, zero-expectation environment at Arsenal. He’s given Wenger the license to defend mediocrity and as such he carries a lot of blame.
    However he has provided Wenger with all the material resources any owner could possibly give. Our wage bill is one of the top 6 in global football and there’s ZERO proof that he’s actually denied Wenger transfer funds. Wenger has actually said that Kroenke has given him everything he’s asked for.
    I’m of the opinion that you can’t criticize Wenger in isolation because he’s not going to sack himself and walk away from a £10 million p.a job.

    However I passionately disagree with the Alexanderhenry approach which is to use Kroenke as a deflection tool for Wenger.
    For me it’s an all-of-the-above situation: the entire management hierarchy created this mess.
    Wenger does have to go first before we set about fixing this. When he leaves the weak firmament around him will be exposed for the weaklings they really are.

  55. David Smith

    Not having any knowledge of US law, but from some of these articles, wonder if this is going into expensive , out of court settlements to avoid further damage to reputations territory.
    Kroenke having to pay out a shed load of money might work for us, in that he could sell, or just let Ivan and Chips get on with what they proclaim they want to without interference from above. Alternatively, it could be disasterous , and make him even more determined to keep Wenger or a skinflint clone
    Whatever the eventuality of many outcomes, it is clear that Kroenke and people like him should never be let within a million miles of this great club. Those that let him in should hang their heard in eternal shame …on their expensive yachts

  56. Bamford10

    “I will spend my money responsibly. Why should I spend 10m on a player who’s worth 5m?”
    – Arsene Wenger, January 2010

    “Some people tell me, ‘just give [Alexis] what he wants.’ But then you cannot respect the wage structure and you put the club in trouble as well.”
    – Arsene Wenger, Friday

    It is all on Wenger. He is the architect of the wage structure. He is the frugal French economist who refused to spend when spending was required. He is the past-it dipshit who hasn’t spent well since he began spending. He is the person who has passed on countless excellent players while overhyping average and dross ones. He is the team’s “tactician” — one devoid, though, of any tactical ideas.

    It is all on Wenger.

    The only thing Kroenke has done wrong is place blind faith in Arsene Wenger. Wenger is the problem; replace him with a quality manager and a smart DoF and Arsenal will be in excellent shape.

  57. Bamford10


    You still haven’t responded to my request for comment on the Wenger quote from 2010 or from Friday.

    Who, again, is the frugal ideologue in charge at Arsenal?

  58. alexanderhenry

    Got to say, that St Louis Post article is an absolute humdinger.

    Well said Jeff Gordon:

    ‘Kroenkitis’ indeed .

    It’s time for British journalist to get the gloves off:

    These quotes from Gordon are right on the money:

    ‘How can one organization be so bad at multiple major sports? Land-hoarding recluse Stan Kroenke just has a special touch.’

    ‘Rather than hire the best possible executives to run his teams, he employs his kid (Josh, who oversees the Avalanche and Nuggets) or somebody else’s kid (Kevin Demoff, who runs the Rams). And he tolerates futility year after year after year after year.’

    By the way, Josh is on the arsenal BOD as well which is astonishing.
    How can he have any time for arsenal when he’s making such a cock up of the nuggets and avalanche.

    Never mind we’ve got ‘sir chips’ who doesn’t give interviews apparently.

    What a shambles.

  59. China

    Lol talking about the defeat at Bayern as though it was a big deal when the team has put in similar performances and got fucked by shit teams a few times since

    ‘We have to learn from the Bayern game’

    Yeah I saw a lot of lessons learnt at palace hahahahah

  60. crazymady

    Arsene Wenger want to make sure Arsenal suffer a lot after he leaves, just to prove his point, he will take arsenal to the lowest point possible before he leaves. Then he will say I was the one who use to carry Arsenal

  61. alexanderhenry


    “I will spend my money responsibly. Why should I spend 10m on a player who’s worth 5m?”

    Why should he? Are you suggesting that he or any other manager should pay double a player’s value. Maybe you are.

    ‘It is all on Wenger. He is the architect of the wage structure’.

    Absolute nonsense.

    Arsenal fc has an owner and shareholders who devise wage structures and an overall business plan. That’s because it’s their club. As Kroenke has a controlling stake, he has ultimate say in everything.
    Wenger is employed by the club to manage the team not run the business.
    That’s why he is called the ‘manager’.

    ‘Who, again, is the frugal ideologue in charge at Arsenal?’


  62. China

    Bayern wasn’t this watershed moment, it was just one of a dozen similarly humiliating results

    The idea of needing to learn from Bayern as though it was surprising or new

    It’s not. It wasn’t. And we can expect plenty more where that came from just as the palace fuckery showed

  63. S.Asoa

    Left testicle or right both responsible for dry output.
    Earlier posts do not seek to absolve Kroenke. They Just lay the blame on the prime cause, Wenger the fountainhead or anus as one may put considering what is coming out.

  64. Dissenter

    Did Wenger assume the reigns of power with a palace coup or bloody push?
    He is an employee of the club, operationally under a board, CEO and owner.

    Why is he responsible for fixing wages? That’s not part of his brief, surely?
    Someone explain this for me because you keep isolating all the blame on Wenger.
    Who enabled him to become the defacto club administrator?

  65. alexanderhenry


    Well pointed out.
    Overall financial policy is devised by the BOD and more specifically Kroenke himself. Wenger works within those parameters.

    To believe or suggest otherwise is absurd.

    On wenger, I don’t absolve him from blame and I never have. He is complicit and he should have walked when the club sold rvp to man utd.

    He didn’t and now he has only help perpetuate the stagnation and -this season- deterioration of the club.

  66. Bamford10


    The board and owner. Huge mistake. Placing blind faith in, and giving near total power to, Wenger.

    Do you have a point?

    Other than giving partial credibility to dipshits like Alexander who would like to believe that Kroenke, not Wenger, is the problem?

    No one denies the men in charge have made a terrible mistake; that mistake, though, was placing blind faith in Arsene Wenger, nothing else.

  67. Bamford10

    As I’ve said before, not only does Alexander persist with a false narrative, he is dishonest.

    Look at his remark just above: he doesn’t “absolve” Wenger of blame; he then describes what has happened at Arsenal in such a way as to absolve Wenger.

    Pedro – This troll should be binned.

  68. Bamford10

    A “miser” who has allowed Wenger to spend 200m a year on wages and b/t 50-100m in the summertime.

    More dishonesty from AlexanderHenry.

  69. alexanderhenry

    Is there an even more unpleasant character at arsenal than Kroenke?

    The fact that this miserable, arrogant old toff is chairman of arsenal football club is a fucking insult.

    He has no knowledge of football, no respect for the fans and most importantly, no actual say at arsenal.

  70. Pedro

    Alex, as we’ve seen over the years, you really don’t know what you’re talking about.

    Arsene is given a budget on the playing side… he decides how it operates. He is the defacto commander in chief. That’s not debatable.

    Though it is interesting that this might be coming to an end if Ivan is taking a lead on Sanchez and his new deal.