Arsenal fans accept the vocal minority were right all along

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Hard not to read around the internetz and feel slightly entertained by the embarrassing switch up you’re witnessing amongst certain sections of the fanbase. Fence sitters de-splintering their backsides to say something pointed and ‘pashunut’ now it’s fashionable and comfortable to do so.

People that hammered the tea-leaf reading ‘WOB’ for being uncouth – with a voice of disdain comparable to PHW barracking a homeless person eating from his hired helper bins –  finally coming round to the idea that they were wrong for 8 years.

Those that graced the intellectual high ground with unreal smug ambiguousness, now want to play the ‘we got this, hold my Miller Lite’ card, with a lukewarm dose of ‘I was just following the good fan middle-ground guidebook.’ The worst thing is people are reading this ‘new’ information and accepting it as permission to be critical of a literal regime that’s been in decay for years.

Fans often refer to the respect Arsene deserves for taking £8m a year combined with total power, whilst the club were destitute and desperate. Here’s a thought, how about some respect for the fans who’ve spent the last 8 years in a haze of fuckery having to preface truth telling about the manager, with a meek apology just in case they landed some abuse from a believer?

‘Here’s the thing, I love Arsene, respect him, would die on a cross for him, would suckle on a third nipple… but 8-2 against United?’

I find it all rather embarrassing. Le Grove and its readers sat on the fringes for years, but as we said all along, we had the most pointed narrative, and we’ve be proven right. People have to now accept that the so-called ‘vocal minority’ were on the money. Anyone that backed the malaise has no right to be a reported voice now things have gone to shit. You were wrong, your weakness through the bad years contributed to the mess we’re in now, and allowed Wenger to call this a blip.

Only in the world of Arsenal fandom is it news that someone finally thought it’d be a good idea to talk seriously about a problem that’s been going on for years.

What can you do though? Bar make a really fun podcast you want people to listen to so they never make a mistake so heinous again. If you want an informed narrative from people who don’t need money from the system, who can give you something to think about, then may I suggest you subscribe to The Arsenal Opinion.

If you want to feel fat, warm and fuzzy – you know where to go.

But be real though, you’re here… celebrate that, then click below and get involved you informed bastard.

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  1. Up 4 grabs now

    Anyone hoping for Overmars as DOF are going to be disappointed.
    According to an interview in the daily mail he’s just signed a new four year deal.
    Also seen dybala has just extended his contract to 2022,
    Another one Wenger could have bought at 20 million now worth 60million.
    And he has a degree in economics!

  2. Red&White4life

    “A salary of 353,546 euros per week, a little more than 18 million euros per year. This is what Arsenal would propose to Alexis Sanchez to convince him to extend his contract. ( London Evening Standard)”

    Time to see if Alexis is more interested by money or trophies…
    KJW can not being more stressed lol

  3. karim

    rollenApril 14, 2017 02:28:48
    Wish Arsenal had some proper hooligans like in Europe. Wenger and lazy players would newer pull that shitshow.
    Instead AKBs singing one arshole wanker

    Hope you were drunk when you typed this, Rollen.

  4. Bamford10

    “We might get there (top 4) or we might not get there. The only way to get there is to believe we can do it.” – Wenger

    A truism followed by a platitude — and a lame one at that. “If we believe we can do it”? FFS, could this guy say anything more empty?

    And btw, the “we might not” is him saying, “we’re not going to get there, I don’t really care all that much, and the fans will simply have to accept all of this because I’m here to stay”.

  5. Guns of Hackney

    Arsene’s press conference was a peek inside the lunacy that surrounds him.


    At least the mighty gunners can mental strength their way out of the hole by walking over a relegated Boro.

  6. Ishola70

    Good article by Mark Ogden.

    He makes mention of the snobbery of many of the Arsenal fanbase which has been mentioned on here before. Many Arsenal fans need to change their mindset which has been influenced by Wenger himself.

    Arsenal do not need a Wenger clone as replacement. They need a change of direction in their football philosophy.

  7. Bamford10

    “I will spend my money responsibly. Why should I spend 10m on a player who’s worth 5m?” – Arsene Wenger, January 2010

    I look forward to looking into the players that were being signed here and there at that time and for what prices.

    Alexander – I ask again: who’s the frugal man in charge of things at Arsenal?

  8. Red&White4life

    “Arsenal must replace Arsene Wenger with Atletico coach Diego Simeone”

    And that’s exactly why the board don’t plans to hire him.
    He wants to go to Inter anyway…

  9. Ishola70

    Re: the change of footballing philosophy at the club it’s been said before that in Wenger’s first/middle period he was adding his ingredients to what was a very good defensive side with grit and put in the necessary offensive aspects to make the team better and more exciting to watch, The longer he has stayed on his style of imprint on the club became too one-sided and that initial defensive quality Arsenal had was lost.

    To me it is only natural now to wish the pendulum to swing back from what we see today.

    As said before certain Italian or South American managers are a good bet to implement this. Also applies to Portuguese managers.

    For Arsenal to want to bring in a manager that will carry on with this play attractive football at all costs to the detriment of actually being capable to win the big trophies would be wrong and ultimately self-defeating.

  10. Batistuta

    Anyone know anything about the new Bosnian kid we’ve apparently signed from schalke for FREE, another one about to ruin his career it seems

  11. Ishola70

    And we know it is very debatable anyway that Arsenal have really played attractive football for quite a few years.

    But the club still promote Wenger and his great football. Noble football.

  12. Dissenter

    “Sevilla boss Jorge Sampaoli has revealed he quit as manager of Chile because he wanted to become Chelsea manager. The 57-year-old held private talks with Roman Abramovich over a move to west London after Jose Mourinho was sacked last season”
    “Chelsea opted to appoint Antonio Conte and will have no regrets given his success during his debut season at the club but Sampaoli has admitted he quit his role with Chelsea to take over at Stamford Bridge”
    Read more:

    To think we [gooners] actually mocked Abramovic. The guy actually gets involved with hiring managers.

  13. SpanishDave

    When the old fart goes we must employ a winner of a manager not a potential winner. The club needs a lift not another ten year project.
    We are no longer in the top ten clubs anymore more like 20th

  14. China

    Lol there you go lads, thatsvthe plan. Believe.

    We’re handing this guy a 25% pay increase to ten mil a year for tactical genius like ‘believe’

    It’s wonderful stuff that nobody else knows about.

    If you asked him why boro are in the relegation zone he’d probably tell you they didn’t believe hard enough this season – or they forgot to express themselves

    The professor is this guy’s nickname. Let’s let that sink in for a bit.

    He gets lauded on for his genius because he got a degree what a fucking joke. As if getting a degree is the hardest thing ever

    Something like 50% of young people these days have a bachelors degree or higher. There are some incredibly clever people in that 50% but there are plenty of guys who get their qualifications despite being pretty pants at their course. Very few courses are rocket science, both figuratively or literally lol…

  15. Ces1ne

    Cringe…….that “Professor” nickname is ALMOST as bad as people calling him “Mr. wenger”. This is a man who wouldn’t look twice at you if in the same room that (attempts to) manage a football club, no need for the “Mr.” to be used when making comments, EVER. It makes me think the minions using that term for him have never had a strong male role model growing up or were (no offense) fatherless so they have latched onto him over all these years for their male support figure. Probably why there are so many limp-wristed Gooners nowadays, looking up to a wet blanket like wenger all these years.