Positive fandom is damaging | Crystal Palace pivot for AFC top 4 trophy run

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Crystal Palace game day. We’ve either been sold a dream of banished cobwebs, or we’re about to bear the brunt of a nasty Sam Allardyce two-footed tackle this evening. Palace have been garbage this season, but as strong as Wenger’s top 4 credentials are, it’s hard to argue Big Sam doesn’t have an equally impressive knack of never taking a team into relegation.

The saaaaarf Londoners – boasting fans that sing loudly – has dropped 4 wins in 5. One of those victories came against league leaders Chelsea. My worry with them stems from their ability to bully and hustle. We’ll have to wait and see which team comes out to play, but the fact we’ve struggled against set pieces this year and we’re always unnerved by aggressive teams that don’t let the midfield play is a concern.

Wenger has plenty of choices this evening. I really hope he doesn’t fall back to his love of Coq in the middle. Elneney offers so much more to the fluidity of our play and he can actually pass more than 5 yards. Xhaka played well against West Ham, which isn’t saying much, but we know his ability to spray the ball around with accuracy can be pretty devastating when our front three are working for the greater good.

Up front, I’m interested to see if Wenger continues with WELBZ. He’s very rusty at the moment and there’s always a fear that the love for him we have is geared around his beaming smile and our secret desire to have beer with him and offer up your sister as he looks like a nice boy who will be a good husband.

It’s hugely important we make this game count this evening. United powered past David ‘just because you’re a bird’ Moyes with ease, dropping 3 goals. Spurs demolished Watford. Liverpool clawed back from being a goal down. Even City managed to grab three points. The top 4 race is firmly on, and this is a chance to show the rest of the league we’ve entered the #WengerZone and nobody competes for imaginary trophies quite like the Frenchman.

Just a short post today, tomorrow we record a podcast, we’ll be flicking through the comments and reading out the best ones.

Finally, take a read of Honigstein’s piece on unambitious fans and how they feed into the problem of average clubs set ups. It’ll help you understand why ‘we’re not entitled to trophies’ and comments about top 4 mediocrity being some sort of unparalleled achievement are misguided and dangerous. Reminded me of how dastardly governments use atrocities to force the sheeple to beg for them to take away their liberties. Parts of our fanbase literally believe that supporting a failed regime is a positive. WRONG!

So what I’m saying here is this, actually, I’m the most positive fan on the web.

Amazing, right?

Have a great day!

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  1. nepGunner

    Guns of Hackney


    As if it matters what you sprout something online matters when you support a system that has enslaved you.. Like cok or alcohol.

    And you expect somehow that addiction is *better”… All the while you giving spun king your weekly wages on something that is” knowingly” screwing you all the way

  2. Bamford10


    Huh? Was that a plea for the overthrow of capitalism? Totally with you, but what the hell does that have to do with Arsenal and Le Grove?

  3. Carts


    Wenger has fucked my head with so many players, Ox being one of them.

    How do you release a fucking sonnet about Ox, then 12 hours later he’s on the fucking bench. What’s up with that?!

    I like Ox’s attributes, but fuck me he’s made as much progress as the US have in Libya. And that goes for many more players.

    Put it this way, of the 15% players that SAID managed would retain, Ox would likely be one of them.

  4. Bamford10


    I might be with you re Mertesacker. We clearly lack organization and intelligence without Koscielny, and Mertesacker would provide that.

  5. nepGunner


    Don’t you think the current AFC incarnation is run the way a contemporary corporation is run?

    All about profit and nothing about value and virtue which human race have strived for so long? At least till my generation? Or at least what we wish AFC to become?

  6. Carts


    I thought i was being trolled when I read on twitter that Sanogo was in savage mode for the u23s.

    Actually thought he was out on loan, all this time.

  7. Mr.J

    With our setup with fullbacks constantly leaving the CB exposed,and with a midfield that simply doesn’t track back, as politely highlighted by Fat Sam, you really think that Mertesacker at CB would be the answer?

  8. Carts

    “I’ve said it a thousand times Wenger relies on his players to play to form rather than setting up his team to perform…”

    I don’t think this is far of the mark at all.

    If a manager just sits there picking shit from the floor of the dugout, whispering sweat nothing to his #2 and randomly berating the 4th offical then that tell me all I need to know.

  9. Bamford10


    Yeah, as poor as Ox’s decision-making has been at times, I think there remains a good deal of potential there. I would keep him. But he needs instruction, and he needs to be played in one and only one position. Believe it or not, I actually think he could make a great second central striker. But that is a different matter.

  10. nepGunner

    “Such a contradiction.While afc corporation is runned by the lust of capitalism, but it has such a moronic Socialist wage structure”

    Modern Tempest! Sadly.. It’s a fact

  11. Bamford10


    No, I’m not down with that analysis. While I am opposed to capitalism as a whole and regard it as the root cause of all of the world’s problems, I do not think Arsenal’s problems are down to it being a for-profit business. So too are many other well-run clubs. The problem is that Arsenal is run by Arsene Wenger. Replace Wenger with a top quality manager and all will be well.

    But yes, post-world-revolution, Arsenal will be a democratically owned and controlled not-for-profit. 😉

  12. Carts


    a couple of seasons ago I remember saying that Ox could probably find success as a forward. I think I repeated this when he was exposed playing CM when Chelsea smashed us 6-1

    He’s quick over short and long distances. He can strike a ball. Wenger has done some mad shit over his tenure, putting Ox up top wouldn’t be so offensive.

    Agreed, under Wenger that boat has well and truly sailed.

  13. Boomslang

    The club is like a decrepit dog limping in seemingly eternal anguish. What other ignominious defeat do we have to endure before the egocentric, self serving vermin quits. I highly doubt the resilient cockroach will quit on his own volition.

    Anyways, nothing changes in Wengtown. If they manage to win the next match, expect slobbering optimism from some fans, and praise for perennially shit players.

  14. Samesong

    Wenger instead of having a go at his players when palace scored wants to remonstrate with the fourth offical.

  15. Redtruth

    Wenger is running rings around the simple fans.
    Wenger will sign his new contract and admit the team suffered for not announcing it sooner thus placating fans and giving them delusional thoughts for next season…

  16. Carts

    Lawd hammercy, Ty’s interview was cringe AF.

    I can’t even knock him at this stage as he’s clearly related to Wenger is another life.

  17. nepGunner


    While I want (not wish) Wenger to be be removed as much as you desire, somehow I sense the root cause are the people who are currently running the club.. Yes, Wenger is a big part of it.. But don’t you think an OWNER, a CEO, AND A BOARD who sets 4th place (CL Money) as a target for the manager as a problem?

    Yes, Wenger has to go. No doubt. But what about the fans aspirations to be part of the best club ever? Do you think we can flourish under a different manager albeit the same owner, ceo, and the board?

    The start of the cull is Wenger, without a shadow of doubt.. But I feel this revolution needs to continue until we get a passionate owner who actually gives a fcuk if we loose or win.. And then all of us associated with the AFC can debate why we lost instead of throwing punching against the likes of Robbie of Arsenal Fan TV

  18. Bamford10


    You’re right; I saw some reason for optimism at season start. Xhaka and Mustafi seemed like good signings and playing Alexis as the CF solved the Giroud problem and made us relatively dynamic up front.

    None of that was enough, clearly. Wenger proved again that he is unable to put a coherent XI together with a coherent approach.

    However, I don’t think my early season optimism — given the factors above — was unreasonable or silly. Far from it.

    That you say the same thing over and over again regardless what you see in front of you does not make you insightful. Sorry. Anyone could do what you do.

    Not to mention your many absurd claims. Remember when I said early on that Coquelin, while not one of the world’s better CDMs, might be our best option? You pushed back against this, asking, “Who is a better CDM than Coquelin?”, as though Coquelin were in fact one of the world’s best CDMs.

    What a complete fucking joke! Thinking Coquelin is a top CDM is a far worse mistake than my being somewhat optimistic about the Arsenal XI (with Xhaka, Mustafi and Alexis-as-CF) at season start.

    You do you, though.

  19. Red&White4life

    “What is KJW ? I totally missed that?”

    Samesong are you kidding ??
    Your have to kiss the feet of the great Kiw Jong Weng!!

  20. Arsene's Nurse

    DT on AFTV, “All we hear is rebuild, rebuild, rebuild. We’ve had more rebuilds than Robocop!”


  21. nepGunner

    I somehow feel Le Groovers are lost in the Wenger maze and have totally forgotten why we entered here..

    We came here because we want the best for the AFC and we want it to be a proper football club. A Football Fcuking Club. Period.

    Somehow we started engaging in side stories of our own and our own trivial sense of righteousness..

    I don’t want war of fans.. I want a club striving for glory and greatness. That’s why I’m here because it’s not happening at present day. I feel Wenger should go not because he a fcuker. But he’s had held the club hostage for his personal vested interest.. But I also want the fcuker Kroenke, Gazidis, and the Board to leave because they done fcuk all to change the current lot. Up the Arsenal. Rest all don’t matter, at least on this blog…

  22. Samesong

    Samesong are you kidding ??

    Honestly I didn’t have a clue. I did a search in google and it came of with guns ; )