Wenger hinting at new midfield combo?

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I am having a terrible week everybody. TERRIBLE. Sad thing about having a terrible week in a foreign country is all you have to support you is YOUR FUCKING BLOG COMMUNITY. Love you guys. Keep being the best kind of digital friends.

What I do take solace in is this… Wenger is probably having a worse time than me at the moment. Comical Ali was let out of his bunker, ready to take on the press. Asked whether he’d announce his new deal soon, he said this:

“What you ask me is to score own goals”

NO ONE ASKED YOU TO DO THAT. Anyway, it’s clear he’s not going to announce his deal until, you know, he actually signs it. So stop wasting questions about it and actually take him to task on the football.

The manager thinks Alexis is going to stay on at the club and now the narrative is starting to switch up… because it’s about what his agent can agree. Man, I can’t make my mind up here, what is REALLY going on. Why would you pay £300k a week to a player who is ‘lazy’, disruptive, and uncontrollable?

I mean, I know why. Because we have next to no hope of signing a better player if he goes. Wenger needs Sanchez to sign on and let’s be fair, he needs a coup like this. I just hope we don’t get desperate and go all Rooney on this and give him a forever deal and right to stink out the club or shit in the physios parking space.

Crazy thing is this… his comments don’t really lend themselves to the notion it’s just about money.

“Looking at everything I’ve done in my career as a footballer, at all the titles, I believe that what’s hugely important is motivation,” “If a footballer is well motivated and has various things to motivate him every day, he will keep achieving his goals.

“If a footballer is well motivated and has various things to motivate him every day, he will keep achieving his goals.”

Proper footballers don’t give a f*ck about the money. You want to be the best at what you do, and if you are, then the cash will follow. I just don’t understand how he’ll convince himself that signing on for us will motivate him? He’s a brat with this team and he’s not learning anything. He certainly won’t win a title with us for as long as Wenger is here.

In better news, Wenger seems to be making some good decisions when it comes to Elneny, a player who looked very promising last season, but is getting the Carlos Vela cold shoulder. The manager had this to say on the Egyptian.

‘He gives us fluency,’

‘Elneny is a continuity player who is a generous player and wants to help the team.’

He can pass, he has an engine, he does the dogs body work and works well next to Xhaka. Don’t mess around, give him more games. So much better than Coquelin. It’ll be telling whether Wenger gives him a game against Palace. Remember, Wenger needs 6 points in the next two games, then he’ll get his ‘NO CHANGES NEEDED’ clause which gives us a great chance to do even worse next season.

Finally, I’ll leave you on this. I’m can’t find the source to corroborate, but the very fact I could full well believe it, is telling.

“If you take the first 45 minutes of the 2 games, we were qualified. But we went out in an emphatic way”

Right, that’s all I have. SEE YOU TOMORROW. x

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  1. Dissenter

    **Wenger has lost his mind.
    The same manager who’s prepared to let his best two players leave for free is now say that the club will suffer “great damage” if Oxlade is allowed to leave.**

  2. Bamford10

    Atletico over Leicester. Monaco over Dortmund. Madrid over Bayern. Juventus over Barcelona.

    Monaco to win it all. You heard it here first. 😉

  3. Bamford10

    Would you be OK with selling Alexis if we replaced him with in a bona fide CF, e.g., Lukaku or Aubameyang?

  4. Bamford10

    I will say again that I think we should be playing 4-4-2 diamond until we get new personnel. Like so:


  5. Mick Kartun

    Fat Sam needs to be reminded that only his team only 3 points difference from the relegation.

    Don’t go soft on arsene or you’re back on the championship.

  6. Redtruth

    Throwing money around isn’t as simple as it once was. For a start their are more teams now who can just as equally throw money around as Man Utd do.

  7. Bamford10

    “Kante? Hazard? Lukaku? Zlatan? Who should be named on the PFA Players’ Player of the Year shortlist? ” – @SkyFootball

    They clearly don’t think any Arsenal players belong on the list — and they’re right. Great work, Arsene Wenger!

  8. Bamford10

    “Borussia Dortmund ‘expect PEA to stay’ as star striker struggles to attract major interest” – @MirrorFootball


  9. Red&White4life

    “I will say again that I think we should be playing 4-4-2 diamond until we get new personnel. ”
    KJW will say again that he don’t give a damn f*ck about your thoughts.
    In other words : he nose best.

  10. Red&White4life

    Not really, but thanks anyway.

    And I guess that KJW will be on the short list for the best manager of the year trophy ??

  11. Wallace


    “Would you be OK with selling Alexis if we replaced him with in a bona fide CF, e.g., Lukaku or Aubameyang?”

    nope. he’s our best player. would prefer him at #9 but don’t mind too much if it’s Welbeck there instead. hope to see the team that started on Wednesday right on through to the end of the season. especially the Elneny/Xhaka combination.

  12. Rambo Ramsey

    The great fat Russian hope speaks!

    “I do not think that the coach alone is to be blamed for what is happening,” said Usmanov.

    “Some continuity is needed. This includes the need to prepare a successor for Wenger, but in a very respectful way. I can suggest that Wenger himself can prepare a successor.”

    “I personally, unfortunately, am fully isolated from decision-making in the club,” he said. “All the responsibility for the fate of the club rests with the main shareholder.”

  13. London gunner

    I can bet that wenger if given the option to
    Choose his successor will choose someone who will fail.

    Wenger cares more about his ego than he would ever about this club.

  14. Redtruth

    4 goals against Bournemouth a hattrick against Sunderland and a brace against Watford and Hull are were the majority of goals scored by Lukaku have been.

  15. Bamford10

    Usmanov is apparently an AKB as well. Given his “Wenger should choose his successor” remark, it is obvious that he would have been no solution for the club either. He’s clearly just as clueless as the rest. He might have spent some of his own money, but he would have left everything in Wenger’s hands, which would have meant continued futility no matter who we had signed.

  16. Bamford10

    BTW, I guarantee AlexanderHenry comes on here to tout Usmanov’s remarks: “see,” he’ll say, “I told you Kroenke is to blame! Who would know better than Usmanov?”

    Yeah, Usmanov knows. He’d have Wenger pick his own successor. Totally clueless as to the central problem at Arsenal.

  17. Emiratesstroller

    The reality is that Arsenal are not going to spend more than £100 million in summer transfer market even if both Sanchez and Ozil were to leave.

    You have to factor in the likelihood that we are not qualifying for Champions League and the loss of that revenue.

    So I suspect that Arsenal will offload some player plus use a limited amount of

    Looking at potential sales apart from probably Sanchez I don’t understand the
    argument of Wenger in keeping his English Core. Gibbs and Jenkinson are
    hardly ever playing in team and Messrs Ramsey, Wilshire and Ox are probably
    competing for one Central Midfield position alongside Cazorla who even if
    injury prone is still a significantly better player on all three combined.

  18. Redtruth

    I am not surprised Man Utd panicked and bought Pogba for such a exorbitant fee when they have to compete with the likes of Chelsea, Man City snd PSG for the top players ……not to mention Bayern, Barcelona and Real Madrid.

  19. nepGunner

    Arsenal FC as a purists’ notion of a football club is doomed for a foreseeable time.

    I understand Wenger is done as an elite football manager, especially considering his output post austerity whereby he’s failed to establish a philosophy or identity with which our game can be associated. He did fantastic with 442 during his early days, but since he’s opted for the 4231 (or its variants), he’s failed miserably both domestically and in Europe. The bad part is he doesn’t want to change or proven wrong. The worse part is he doesn’t want to utilize the resources at his disposal to recruit the right players to make that system work. The worst part is he knows it but he simply chooses to balance the book so he can continue his reign at the helm of the club by profiting the owners at the expense of club’s success.

    But, he’s part of the problem and not the sum of it. Blame resides in the owner, CEO, the Board, and the fans as well for not setting targets and goals for Wenger. All in all, as Pedro repeatedly puts in here, we are in stagnation purgatory.. And for a foreseeable time since I can’t see Wenger bowing out without an ugly farce forcing him out of the club.

  20. Redtruth

    I am not surprised Man Utd panicked and bought Pogba for such an exorbitant fee when they have to compete with the likes of Chelsea, Man City snd PSG for the top players ……not to mention Bayern, Barcelona and Real Madrid.

  21. Carts

    Usmanov, why?!

    Lol, and there was me last week asking why he hadn’t spoken in such a while. Then he comes out with half truths.

    I could’ve accepted and moved on if not for him suggesting that Wenger chooses his successor. I mean, what has Wenger actually delivered in the last 12 seasons to have the right to choose.

    Tbh, I don’t know why I’m overly surprised. Usmanov clearly likes Wenger as a person. And there’s no doubt that Wenger isn’t alone in the dumbing-down of Arsenal.

    But what happens on the pitch and who we’ve signed is all on Wenger. Period!

  22. Carts


    you speak of Utd as if to say we’ve been demanding, with pitch forks, that we imitate Utd’s approach to transfer. This is just wrong and totally inaccurate.

    What we’re saying, from an Arsenal perspective is simply that Wenger doesn’t have what is required to lead this team further. It’s that simple.

    Wenger has spent poorly, and that’s a fact. Wenger has assemble a team so far from what we need that they can not gel into a cohesive progressive team. If you deny that fact then your mental.

  23. WestLondonGoon

    On Saturday lunchtime, Jeff Stelling asked the question, ‘Who at Arsenal this year can say that they have enhanced their reputation?’

    He had to ask it three times because no one could offer an answer; eventually Merse, I think it was, said Walcott, but only because he had scored more goals than previous seasons.

    But don’t worry, all the usual suspects will get new contracts on more money and be allowed to serve up more continued dross for years to come.

    Vive La (Catalyst For) Change!

  24. Carts

    “Wonder how Bellerin is going to cope with Zaha tonight. He’s been struggling at right back recently.”

    All depends what kind of Zaha turns up. He’s about as predictable as the English weather.

  25. Carts


    Haha. I can assure you that all that mob, bar Sanchez will struggle to get the same money and comfort anywhere else in the league.

    Sanchez the exception as he’s a agressive winner. He’s already said he’ll stay next season, but hasn’t suggested he’ll sign on. Arsenal will be forced to sell him without him having to hand in a transfer request. We’d be luck to get £25m for him.

  26. Carts



    Justthat I remember Pardew saying he’s “world class”, shortly after Pardew was then sacked and Zaha did his best league 1 impression.

    His recent form has been good though, I agree.

  27. Redtruth

    21:07 KEY EVENT


    He has been abysmal tonight – think 2/10 bad – and it only gets worse for Neymar as he sees red.

    Second yellow for Neymar -and a stupid one at that – as he jumps in on a Malaga defender.

    The Brazilian walks and gives some verbals to fans on his way off.

    Could be a blessing for Barca how bad Neymar was.

    Reminder his first yellow was for not retreating from a free kick.

    Lol lol lol

  28. Carts


    who would you istal as our new manager; how much do you think we’ll need to spend; who would you sell and buy?

  29. Red&White4life

    “But what happens on the pitch and who we’ve signed is all on Wenger. Period!”

    tell that to AlexHenry, and all his Akb pals lol

  30. Carts

    I think 3 years is fair.

    The problem we’ll have is that the dense people among us will make out as if the WOB expect his successor to come in and win the league in their first season.

  31. GoonerDave

    Usmanov is spot on.
    The manager can be sacked or resign if he doesn’t perform but we cannot sack the owner.
    There is always room for a debate on whether or not the manager is performing, but there is no need for a debate on the owner – figures do not lie. A billion profit and counting…could this have any bearing on our inability to pay top wages?
    AW will leave at some point, but where will we be in 10 years with this owner? We will be barely competitive, spend very little and get told how classy it is to be frugal.
    We need a real over-achiever to replace AW. Dark days ahead for AFC as long as this leech holds the shares and dictates policy.

  32. Carts


    “There is always room for a debate on whether or not the manager is performing, but there is no need for a debate on the owner – figures do not lie”.

    But Wenger has spent a sizable amount in the last 3 seasons and has made no gains. What does this have to do with Stan?

  33. S Asoa

    I might be wrong or wishful thinking.
    But after reading China books on war ,maybe Usmanov is saying something to get Kroenke to react and sack Wenger pronto.
    Yeah ,bit convoluted, but so is the Chinese logic on conducting war


  34. GoonerDave

    Market value of Stan’s shares from when he bought until now. Vast increase mainly due to debt being paid down and increase in profits.

    I would argue that our spending has been conservative. The TV money was spent last season, but cash reserves, wages etc. always remain. Share price is clearly not allowed to fall under any circumstances.
    I think AW spent poorly in the Summer. I also think he has been complicit in Stan’s shoddy ownership. But that does not detract from the fact that Kroenke used the fan’s money to plump up his asset.

  35. China

    Haha probably wishful thinking

    Alas I hope you’re right anyway

    And yeah Chinese logic can be absolutely baffling at times. I’ve been here 3 years and married one and I still am left bemused at the approach to some things lol

  36. China

    We need to remember the Uzbek has always been AKB and when prompted in the last has always come out in wenger’s corner

    Even if he had control of the club he’d let wenger do as he wishes. The only thing that could make things different under him is that perhaps the fan pressure would bother him if he was in charge. Probably not though.

  37. David Smith

    Kroenke is the worst thing that has happened to this club in recent years.
    Zero challenges and pressure on a manager that clearly needs a handily placed rocket, and has done since Dein left.

  38. karim

    Red&White4lifeApril 10, 2017 13:52:15
    Awesome news…
    That’s the only way to explain those ridiculous exclamation points.

    Red&White4lifeApril 10, 2017 15:44:40
    Yaya is the guy who bring KJW’s mail to his house every morning!!

    Lol !

  39. SpanishDave

    My fear is we have three games against the bottom five clubs, we win them all.
    Wenger and Wally Walcott say we have turned the corner, Wenger signs and then we loose the remaining games and end up 6th.
    Hope we loose tonight to stop this happening

  40. vicky

    ““We have Ramsey, Chamberlain, Wilshere, Gibbs. All these players, we have to make decisions and manage to keep them together.”

    The catalyst for change will bring a change by changing nothing. Brilliant !!!

  41. China

    Yaya Sathreegoals just doesn’t have the same ring to it but maybe with more hat tricks forthcoming it could stick….


    Never mind….

    Ps I hope you’re ok Pedro

  42. Confidentgoner

    This man is a cancer to AFC. The way the boys are lazily passing the ball reflects on the coaching.